Jobs for College Students at NIU

If you need some extra money in order to have some fun with your friends, you should get a job while at school. This will let you let loose and enjoy your time much more. Here are some great jobs and opportunities for college students at Northern Illinois University!

1. Clerical Employee

The first great on-campus job that you can get is the Clerical Employee position. This is a great job that is very broad and requires you to do a bunch of different things. That being said, this is a pretty competitive position. This means that you should apply as soon as you can. 

some cartoon employees

2. Data Entry

There are also some data entry jobs that are open. These are easy jobs that you can get on campus. This means that this is a pretty low paying job with little room to advance. However, your bosses are really good about being flexible and working with busy schedules. 

a person typing

3. Student Event Coordinator

A more hands-on job that is open right now is the Student Event Coordinator position. This is a much better paying job that you can get. You will work anywhere from 15-25 hours every single week. Be sure to keep this great position in mind whenever you are looking to get a nice job at school. 

An NIU event

4. English Tutor

If you are good at English, you should consider being an English Tutor. You will work with your peers who struggle with grammar and writing. In turn, you will also learn a lot along the way. This is a moderate paying job that is good for any busy schedule. That is a perk for you to keep in mind. 

terms relating to english

5. Career Peer Advisor

Another good desk job is the Career Peer Advisor position. This is a great job that allows you to work with other students and help them get the jobs they need after graduation. The only requirement is that you are a junior or a senior. This ensures that you know how to land a good job for yourself and your peers. 

A graphic of career

6. Art Model

The final on-campus job that you should look at is being an Art model. This is a kind of freelancing job that lets you work as much or as little as you want to. This is also a pretty good paying job. Most of the jobs only require you to stand there. This is one of the easiest jobs that you can get on campus. 

an example of an art model

7. OneClass

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

The OneClass logo


Restaurants & Cafes near or at NIU

Northern Illinois University provides many options for the student’s health. You have to consume food on a daily basis to stay fit and active to study well. If you do not eat well, you can get ill which will miss out on your lectures.

1. Dog Pound Deli

2 wraps in a plate

The location of this cafe is in the Stevenson Towers where you can find sandwiches and wraps. There are baked buns as well for you to start your morning with a cup of hot coffee. Along with that, you can find frozen desserts to enjoy when you feel like eating something sweet. There are also Nescafe beverages which you can enjoy. Also, you can also find natural fruit and vegetable smoothies of your choice if you are diet conscious.

2. East Side Café

Serving of hot chocolate cup

You can find this café in the Gilbert Hall serving coffee blends which are tasty and unique. You can try cappuccino, lattes, chocolate shake, sandwiches and much more. Along with that, there are salads also if you do not want to eat anything heavy during your lunchtime.

3. Ellington’s Restaurant

Serving of heavy meal at restaurant

The amazing restaurant services fresh menu to the students which changes every day. If you feel like eating heavy meals, then this is your kind of place. You can find this restaurant at the Holmes Student Center on the main floor. After the long hours of lectures, you surely want to have something which can fill your stomach, do not miss out on this place.

4. Gilbert Dining

breakfast serving in a plate

You can find all types of meals which you want to try here. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner you can find a variety of meal courses here. Order sandwiches, pizza, burgers, juices, coffee or any other thing which you like. All the fast food is here for you made out of high-quality ingredients and recipes.

5. Neptune Dining

salad bar serving at the restaurant

You can find this restaurant in the Neptune hall within the campus. The homemade style food is here for you to enjoy if you miss your back home. There is a salad bar every day for the students to pick the combination by themselves along with sauces. You can make your salad and then pay for it. Enjoy the amazing custom made food here with your friends when you are hungry.

6. Three Sons Café

Filled bagel serving

Want to try hot coffee but different blends? Here you will be able to find a variety of blends for the coffee and a lot to eat. You can also find BBQ, bagels, sandwiches, burgers and breakfast items to grab and go. Even if you are getting late to class, you can pick your favorite food item and reach to the class on time.

7. Stevenson Dining

Pasta serving in a plate

Amazing Italian food is found here for you to try if you are missing it. Try out the pizza and pasta which is delicious with unique ingredients. Most of the students prefer to eat at this place because of the wonderful ambiance so they can relax from the long tiring day.

Try out all of these restaurants and cafes in the campus, so you do not miss it when you are one with the university. Consider to take out time in the evenings if you are busy during day time to spend peaceful time.

Health and Wellness Services at Northern Illinois University 

Some of the best resources available to you at your school are the ones that relate to health and wellness. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally is very important while getting an education. Fortunately, your school has a few resources available to you in order to ensure that you are healthy. This will make your entire educational experience much more enjoyable. Here are five health and wellness resources offered to you at Northern Illinois University. 

1. Health Services

One of the most basic and popular resources available to you are the health services on campus. This is a facility that has real doctors and nurses that will help you get through some sort of problem. This is a resource that mainly focuses on  your physical health. This is the first place that you should go if you get some sort of illness or ailment. The professionals here will help you get through it and get back to your normal self in no time. Be sure to check out this building on campus.

health services building

2. Disability resource Center

If you are a student with a disability, the disability resource center has a lot to offer to you. This program focuses on giving you the opportunity to get the quality education that you deserve. These professionals also make your life much easier while on campus. The best part is that the services are free to active students. If you need this type of help, be sure to go and use it.

a disability services meeting

3. Counseling and Consultation Services

College students tend to struggle with their mental health on a very daily basis. That being said, the University supplies you with the excess to look at counseling and consultation services. This program has a building on campus that house is professional psychologists and counselors that you can meet with on a regular basis. You can vent or get advice on a problem going on in your life whether it is related to school or not. This is a free resource that is worth a lot of money in the real world, so you should use it while you can.

a group counseling meeting

4. Kishwaukee Hospital

The main emergency response hospital in the area is the Kishwaukee hospital. If you are ever in an emergency situation that relates to a medical problem, this is the place to go. This is a very big hospital that has tons of doctors and nurses that will get you back to your normal Health in no time. This is also a facility that helps both the community and the student body. You will be in good hands at this hospital.

 kishwaukee hospital front

5. Health and Wellness Community 

The final resource that you should take advantage of is the health and wellness community. This community is comprised of a group of students and professors to promote and encourage good behavior in regards to your health. If you ever have questions about your mental or physical health, this is a great place to get some good answers. Although this resource tends to fly under the radar, you can get tons of information from it.

A speech pathologist working with a child

Top 10 Majors At NIU

What are you considering in majoring in? At Northern Illinois University, you’ll find a variety of majors to study and that may pique your interest. Take a look at this list of the top 10 majors at Northern Illinois University.

1. Elementary Education

Student teacher reading a book to students

Elementary Education will definitely teach you the tools to prepare you to teach grades 1-6. You will develop experience in teaching reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies and science through a wide range of learning in the classroom. You’ll learn about child development, curriculum, instruction, classroom management, special education, assessment and a lot more.

2. Communication Studies

Two people having a discussion

As a Communication Studies graduate, you will have gained the skills to go on to careers in social media management, writing, public relations, film, publishing, advertising, marketing, and media production. Their three areas of study include Rhetoric and public communication, to prepare you to become an effective speaker, listener, and writer. Media studies, where you can gain experience in media development and production. As well as Organizational/corporate communication, where you will examine communication systems, training and consulting, advertising and corporate advocacy.

3. Finance

Someone putting a coin on a stack of coins

Are you interested in studying finance? At Northern Illinois University, this program will help you learn how to manage money through courses in investment management, credit management, and financial research and decision making. You may also be eligible to test for certification to become a financial analyst or treasury professional.

4. Political Science

Someone giving a speech

Political science examines the relationships between law and political institutions, economic and political power, and cultural and political identity. There are internship opportunities, travel abroad programs and trips to Washington, D.C. You’ll graduate with the communication, writing, critical thinking and research skills required to succeed in the field.

5. Nutrition, Dietetics and Wellness

Healthy foods and dumbbells 

The Nutrition, Dietetics and Wellness program at Northern Illinois University offers studies for careers in health, nutrition, as well as in food, service, and management. Students have the ability to take the dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian. The major offers two tracks: Dietetics DPD and Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

6. Meteorology

Different kind of weather forecasts

If you’re interested in a career in meteorology, where you’ll make weather forecasts and examine issues surrounding the weather. There are a number of exciting career options such as weather forecasting, climate-impact analysis, and broadcast and research meteorology.

7. Music


A music degree at Northern Illinois University offers three different tracks for students interested in pursuing a career as a musician. The three tracks are music education, performance, and composition. Music education will help you with instrumental or vocal music while getting licensed to become a school teacher. The performance track is ideal for those who are pursuing a career as a musician. The composition track will teach you the tools to write music professionally, They all offer courses in related areas such as recording arts, composition and theory, world music, and music history.

8. Technology

A child using many technologies

If you’re into tech, this program will prepare you to manage, operate and maintain a variety of technological systems. Through real-world applications, you’ll have the capability of applying engineering, mathematics and technical management skills to various technological problems. If you’re prepared to attain a future in technology, this degree is for you!

9. Journalism

The Daily News newspaper

Journalism is an essential part of every campus’ growing education. Whether you’re interested in working in writing, media, advertising, social media or photography/videography, this program will help you get involved on and off-campus as well as in your studies. You’ll be attending courses in writing, photography, electronic media and broadcasting. The program overall will help you develop the skills to gather, evaluate and share information, as well as ethics and the professional standards of journalists.

10. Computer Science

Tools, computers and many aspects of ideas merging together

With a computer science degree, you may work in a variety of areas. If you want a career as a programmer, information systems manager, game programmer or database administrator, this program is for you! You can choose from their three areas including Software development, enterprise software and computational software.

10 Library Resources at NIU

College can be difficult in terms of social life and academics but you don’t have to worry about struggling with academics anymore! Use this guide to learn about the library resources offered at Northern Illinois University and help propel your academic career!

1. Textbook Affordability Guide

someone holding a stack of textbooks

Research shows that many students opt to not buy textbooks for their classes because they’re too expensive. This can make it hard for students to fully understand the material covered in class or get homework done on it. However, this guide provided by the library has information and resources that can help decrease the price of textbooks for both faculty and students.

2. A-Z Database

a cartoon showing how a database works

Finding new information can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to look for it. NIU makes it easier for you by providing an A-Z database that contains 43 different databases, each with hundreds of articles, journals, and more! You’re sure to find all of the information you need here.

3. Research By Subject

a cartoon of different school subjects

This resource is similar to the A-Z database but it makes it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. This resource separates databases and other resources into 9 different topics, each with their own subtopics. Subjects in this database are social sciences, sciences, humanities, health and human sciences, general, fine arts, engineering and technology, education, and business.

4. WorldCat

WorldCat logo

WorldCat is the world’s largest online catalog where you can search for material from libraries around the globe. WorldCat requires you to pay for an account but the good news is that being an NIU student gives you free access to it! This resource is perfect for finding credible primary and secondary sources for you to use and cite in academic papers.

5.  Accessibility Resource Center

row of computers at a library

NIU is dedicated to providing every student with an equal chance to succeed. The university recognizes that some students have difficulty using technology but also that it’s important for a successful academic career. NIU has an accessibility resource center with technology meant blind students or students with low/poor vision so they have access to technology that they can actually use.

6. Quiet Space

a small quiet place

The quiet space is an entire floor of the Founders Memorial Library dedicated for quiet work and individual study. It’s the perfect place to go when you don’t want any distractions while you’re working. The noise level is strictly monitored by library security so you’re sure to get the peace and quiet you need.

7. Reflection Room

a reflection room

NIU recognizes that its students and staff are religious and need a way to express that. The university library provides students with a quiet and safe reflection room where they can do just that. Students and staff are encouraged to use the reflection room to meditate, pray, or just reflect.

8. Scholars’ Den

a scholars' den

While the library is meant to be a place for learning, it often also ends up being a place where students hang out and don’t actually do work. NIU provides the students who wish to use the library to learn with plenty of quiet, distraction-free spaces. One of these spaces is the Scholars’ Den where students are given a quiet and convenient place to browse newspapers and new books.

9. Study Rooms

a private study room

Like the Scholars’ Den, study rooms are meant for students to have a quiet and private place to study and efficiently get work done. The study rooms can be used for you to study individually or with a group of friends and peers. You can reserve rooms in advance to ensure that you can use it or take a room if it’s unoccupied.

10. Librarians

a librarian at work leaning on a stack of books

As far as libraries have existed, there have been librarians, and for good reason! Librarians are the best resource for finding information and learning about the library in general. They are well versed with everything library-related and can aid you with your research; they can guide you to books and other materials that best fit your project or paper.

And here are the best libraries on and off campus!

1. Donn V. Hart Southeast Asia Collection

part of the Southeast Asia Collection at NIU

If you’re a history major or are just curious about Asian history, this library collection is for you. The collection is an open-stack collection that can be visited whenever the main library is open. It’s one of the largest Southeast Asia Collection in the United States and the only one in Illinois!

2. Founders Memorial Library

the Founders Memorial Library at NIU

The Founders Memorial Library is NIU’s main library. Founders Memorial Library has many of the quiet spaces mentioned in the list of resources above. In addition, you can check out or reserve any books, journals, or academic articles that you might need.

3. Faraday Library

Faraday Hall at NIU

The Faraday Library is another library located on NIU’s campus. While it is not the main library, the Faraday Library is the home of all information regarding physics and chemistry. It’s open to all students and faculty who wish to learn about those subjects.

4. Music Library

material from the Music Library at NIU

Similar to the Faraday Library, the Music Library is home to all information about music curriculum. Although it’s intended for staff or students who are music majors or taking music classes, it’s open for anyone who wishes to go! In addition, it’s a good quiet place to study.

5. David C. Shapiro Memorial Law Library

the David C. Shapiro Memorial Law Library at NIU

The David C. Shapiro Memorial Law Library is another small library on campus. Unlike the others, this library is dedicated to the law and has materials to help law students learn and understand the law. This library is located in the Swen Parson Hall and open to everyone.

Not only is the library a good place to study, but it’s also a great place to learn about new information. Use these library resources to further your academic journey at NIU.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University has plenty of diverse, cool clubs that students can choose from. Clubs are a great way to get yourself involved on campus and in the community!

1. Anthropology Club

 evolution of man

The Anthropology Club is an organization of students interested in the study of the past and present history of the human race. This club encourages a multicultural view of the world.

2. Archery Club

man archery

The Archery Club is a mix of a hobby based and sports club. Students interested in learning and/or practicing archery can join and work together with peers!

3. Bread for the World

man giving bread

Bread for the World is a national non-profit organization with a chapter at NIU. Their main goal is to end world hunger through their fundraising and service activities.

4. Camp Kesem

camp kesem logo

Camp Kesem is a national non profit organization with a chapter at NIU. Students can join to become camp mentors who support kids throughout and beyond their parent’s cancer.

5. Campus Live Radio

empty radio studio

Campus Live Radio is a club for students who seek to run the campus radio at NIU. Student members entertain the campus through their fun music choices and podcast topics.

6. Dance Marathon

money raised at dance marathon

Dance Marathon is a national movement led by hundreds of colleges across the nation. This event organized by student committees promotes awareness and fundraises for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

7. Envy Dance Troupe

girls dance team

Envy Dance Troupe is a co ed hip hop style dance team. Dancers of any background can join to show off their talent at the troupe’s many performances.

8. Equestrian Club

girl riding a horse

The NIU Equestrian Club is an organization for students passionate about horses and equestrian competition. Members of any level in equestrian can join to train and compete!

9. Exercise Science Club

man running outside

The Exercise Club is a group of students who are passionate about exercise and the science behind it. Members help each other with homework and career goals, and encourage exercise across campus.

10. Food Panty Club

items in a food pantry

The Food Pantry Club is a service club for students passionate about philanthropy and volunteering. Students collect unused food and donate it to the food pantry to provide families with the food support they need.

5 Great Events at NIU

1. Open House

people on a college tour

Come to the NIU open house in the fall to learn about their majors and minors, their clubs and activities, scholarships and accommodations, and more!

2. Study Abroad Speed Dating

people speed dating

If you aren’t sure if you want to study abroad, come to the speed dating event to meet with multiple students who have studied abroad! This is a great way to learn about real NIU student experiences.

3. Swinging in the Holidays

old jazz band

A fun way to ease into winter in college is through the NIU jazz concert, ‘Swinging in the Holidays’! Come listen to the talents of NIU jazz musicians and students!

4. Internships 101

people at an internship fair

A great, easy way to meet employers seeking student interns is through NIU’s Internship fair. Students can come and meet companies who are seeking to hire interns!

5. NIU Opera Theatre

opera theatre

Another fun way to enjoy the talents of NIU students is by coming to the Opera Theatre! There are plenty of different musical talents from all over campus performing!

10 of the Easiest Classes at Northern Illinois University

Everyone knows that schools offer some classes that are a little easier than others. NIU is no exception to this. If you want a way to make your university experience a little more enjoyable, take some of these easiest classes that are offered at Northern Illinois University!

1. ELE 100- Elements of Electronics

As one of the most basic entry-level classes, ELE 100 is a popular choice for students who need this class as a core requirement. Since this class is in a large lecture hall with a lot of students at the same time, it is easy to take notes and do well on the simple tests and quizzes.

Image result for electronics

2. GEOG 256- Maps and Mapping

Not many students would think of taking a class that revolves around mapping. That being said, this makes the class very simple and laid back. Unlike some of the other classes, Maps and Mapping is very hands-on and in small class settings. This gives students the opportunity to make a relationship with the professor which can make the class much easier.


3. CAHC 211- Career Planning

As another entry-level course, Career Planning is a great choice to satisfy a core requirement. This is another lecture class that does not require a whole lot of class work other than the basic quizzes and tests.

Career Ladder

4. ANTH 102- Rise of Civilization

The Rise of Civilization course is a class that students love because they will actually learn new information, but they will learn it in a setting that is not overwhelming. This is because the information covered was not covered in detail in most high schools, but it is still fairly easy to grasp and understand.


5. BIOS 305- Biology of Land Plants

Biology of Land Plants is a basic class that students from a few different majors can take in order to knock out another requirement. Students with majors relating to Biology and Botany will be able to pass this course with ease. BIOS 305 offers some information that you may have covered in middle school biology courses with a mix of new information to expand on that. This makes the overall material very easy to grasp.


6. ENGL 275 – The American Novel

The American Novel is one of the second level English courses that you can take while you are attending NIU. This is a second level course because it gets a little more specific into the meanings of American literature.


7. KNPE 366- Lifetime Sports and Activities

Not many students would think that a class would be about sports and activities. This makes Lifetime Sports and Activities an excellent choice when it comes to taking an easy class to fit a certain requirement. This course is just as easy as it sounds.


8. MKTG 350- Principles of Selling

If you are going into a business or marketing field, this class would be a great choice for you. Principles of Selling serves as a basic entry class for the students of those majors and it just covers the bare minimum of the selling world. Taking this class will ensure that you get the basics of the industry while getting a good grade to boost your GPA.


9. THEA 203 – Introduction to Theatre

As one of the most popular courses that meet the requirement of basic fine arts, Introduction to Theatre is a perfect option to meet this requirement regardless of if you have prior experience in theatre or not.


10. JOUR 302 – News Reporting 

If you want to go into any field relating to journalism, News Reporting will be a perfect choice to introduce yourself to the basics. This class is a lectured class that holds many students at a specific time. This shows that you do not need to do much work outside of the classroom other than tests and quizzes.


If you are unfamiliar with how the GPA grading scale at Northern Illinois University works, this graph will show you how the Grade Point Average Scale affects students.

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