10 Hardest Courses at NC State University

University courses are challenging because they are supposed to prepare the students for their professional career. Through these subjects, students polish their skills to face the ups and downs that they will face in their professional careers. Every university offers some courses that are hard for the students to study. NC State University is no exception. The ten hardest courses provided by NC State University are:

1. AES 323 – Water Management

Circular water management

This is one of the toughest courses that NC State University offers. The students find it so hard due to the complex management of water systems. Students will be learning about the principles of water management allied to the agriculture, soil conservation methods, drainage systems, hydrologic cycle, pond construction, irrigation, environmental laws, solutions of these problems and much more.

2. BCH 351 – General Biochemistry

a series of biochemical molecules

All living things have complex internal structures that allow them to function the way they do. Through this course, students will be learning about the chemical reactions behind biological processes. So this subject includes all the hard topics from biochemical properties, structures, functions, metabolic processes, protein synthesis, carbohydrates, lipids to the pathways of glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, etc. This course will require a lot of memorization so be prepared!

3. CSC 216 – Programming Concepts – Java

components of java development

Java is a very popular programming language. However, as with most programming courses, it proves to be very difficult for students to get used to this language. Students will learn about software system testing and design. Additional topics also include composition, polymorphism, structures of linear data, encapsulation, inheritance, types, and functions of data, resource management, and many other software technologies.

4. EC 201 – Principles of Microeconomics

Words related to microeconomics

It is another course that seems hard for the students because it includes topics about the principles of Microeconomics. The major topics include demand and supply, pricing system, policies of the government, income redistribution, free trades, free markets, international trading, labor markets and many other streams related to Microeconomics.

5. FLF 212 – French: Language, Culture, and Technology

Eiffel tower

Learning a foreign language is difficult. Students have to learn sentence structures in French, vocabulary and become familiar with technological and cultural issues. But a bonus is that students will be able to go on various field trips to learn how to better communicate in French.

6. GD 310 – Visualization, Representation, and Display

Graphic arts design

You may think that graphic designing only involves visual things. But this course will actually teach you how to use complicated software and innovative technology. Additionally, you will learn how to interpret, document websites send subjects, strategies of image formation, visual essay, panoramas, interviews, and other creative visual displays.

7. ISE 216 – Product Development and Rapid Prototyping

3 processes of product development

It doesn’t matter which stream of engineering you are studying; engineering proves to be difficult for most people. This course is no different. It will teach about the fundamental knowledge about product development, product specification, quality, concept generation, environmental design, prototyping, assembly designs and many other industrial works.

8. MA 242 – Calculus III

Calculus text with equations and graphs

Mathematics has always been a hard-hitting subject for the students, whether you are in elementary school or in university. Students find this calculus hard because it has all the problematic topics include, vector functions, vector algebra, gradients, partial derivatives, Divergence Theorems, Green’s Theorems, etc.

9. NTR 220 – Food and Culture

culture spelled out in cereal in a bowl of soup

Students usually find this course tough because it teaches about many different cultures and traditions of food globally. Also, the flavors, different cuisines, ingredients, history of specific cuisines, and everything related to various food cultures of own regions and internationally are also taught.

10. PP 222 – Kingdom of Fungi

a group of white mushrooms

Studies of fungi could be difficult for some as this is a very unfamiliar topic. However, fungi have a multitude of usage in modern medicines. You will learn about the ecology of fungi, medicines made from fungi, their diseases, molds and mushrooms.

These are ten of the hardest courses that NC State University offers. Due to the complicated topics present in these courses, students usually do not enroll in these courses. Even though these courses have so much worth around the world but it is very challenging for students to pass them.

Coolest Courses at North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University is one of the best public research universities located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Your experience is the best education you will get at NC State. You’ll learn all the skills needed in your field whether it be in classrooms and labs or internships and co-ops, you’ll certainly develop talents, passions, and lifelong relationships as part of their Wolfpack community. Here are some of the coolest courses to make your university experience even more unique.

1. ARC 524 – Building Energy Optimization

This course introduces energy optimization technologies in buildings using computer simulation. The EnergyPlus program, which is a whole-building computational energy simulation tool developed by USDOE, is used. The maximum energy savings potential of Energy Efficience Measures (EEMs) are identified and implemented for the energy optimization process. Students obtain a great deal of information about a building’s potential for energy savings, well before the first brick is even laid.

2. EAC 539 – Teaching in the Online Environment

The course focuses on exploring the issues and considerations in online teaching and introduce students to some of the tools involved in the process. Students will develop strategies for teaching online and for managing the online classroom.

facetiming with a teacher while doing maths

3. GD 210 – Image and Tech Tinkering

GD 210 is an introduction to exploration with imagery and technology. It introduces basic critical and interpretative ideas about images in context and with users in mind. This includes fundamentals of both the reproduction and experience of imagery that are particularly relevant to the Graphic Design curriculum. The course also introduces students to technologies relevant to current and future design practice and nurtures rapid ideation through prototyping techniques.


4. GD 203 – History of Graphic Design

The course involves the events, ideas, movements, designs, and individuals that have historical significance and influence on contemporary graphic design and the graphic design profession. It focuses on the graphic design of the last 100 years.

cartoon of two men diging up an archeological site

5. MUS 115 – State Chorale

Rehearsal and performance of advanced choral repertoire from all eras. The course includes instruction in individual vocal techniques, rehearsal protocols, and discussion of the historical and musical significance of repertoire. The good thing about is that students can repeat MUS 115 for up to 10 semesters!


6. NPS 490 – Service Learning Internship in Nonprofit Studies

This 150 hour (3 credit hour) online service learning internship course provides students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained through their coursework in the Nonprofits Studies Minor to a nonprofit organizational work setting. The online course builds on previous coursework in the minor and focuses learning from these courses on application to a service learning work setting by requiring students to reflect on the applicability of the Five Leadership Challenges studied throughout the minor to their real work experience. Students are expected to be active participants in workplace discussions, lending expertise, ideas and knowledge from their coursework to the organizations and their leaders.

group picture of students posing with certificate

7. ZO 233 – Human-Animal Interactions

This course is designed to explore the relationship humans share with other animals and nature. Students will study the early history of animal domestication and the influence of animals on human culture and religion. They will also explore our relationships with animals as pets, food, research subjects, and wildlife. All subjects will be covered through interaction with guest speaker, assigned readings, case studies, and class discussion.


8. YFCS 547 – Family Life Coaching

Family Life Coaching prepares family science practitioners to meet the growing demands of improving family life through family life and parent coaching. This graduate-level course examines family life coaching as an approach to services for families and youth. Students will be introduced to coaching as a vital service for helping families better communicate and reach goals and will explore theoretical and empirical literature in coaching. Through practice and skill-building exercises, students will learn to coach and will examine the implications for future coaching practice.

NC state advertisement with pictures of graduates

9. MUS 152 – Beginning Bagpiping

MUS 152 is the instruction in bagpiping, including individual practice techniques and traditional performance practices. The course prepares students for advancement into the NC State Pipes and Drums Band. Students will be required to purchase a bagpipe chanter and to provide individual transportation to off-campus performances. The ability to read music is not required upon entry.


10. ID 215 – Introduction to Digital Techniques

This course is an introduction to the computer as a design tool for generating and manipulation of two-dimensional raster and vector imagery; techniques in two-dimensional concept rendering; 2D applications for design and production of presentation documentation; and an introduction to basic 3D digital techniques.

Digital composition of goblin

Health and Wellness Services at NC State University

Searching for resources at schools can be difficult. It’s hard to differentiate options a school offers for help that are worth it, as well as knowing what tuition covers already and what you need to scramble cash for outside of class. This is a short list of the services NC State offers to help you be your best so you can do your best!

1. Student Health Center

The building of Health Sciences

The student health center is a gateway for all students, faculty, and staff experiencing illness or pain. They have doctors and nurses, as well as graduate students on board ready to take care of student needs. They also provide vaccinations, assist with women’s health and have a pharmacy in the center students are able to use.

2. Carmichael Gymnasium

Carmichael gymnasium with its renovations

Carmichael Gymnasium is a working wonder. The area is renovating into a huge masterpiece of exercise, health, fitness, and energy. Students are able to get dietary assistance from certified technicians as well as help from trainers in order to gain a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, using the trainers, though it costs extra money is an utmost resource for students to begin their track to a healthier lifestyle.

3. Student Health Center – Counseling Services

counseling main office at NCSU

The counseling center at NC State is a safe space for all students to come and discuss their problems – big or small. Students can come and let the trained counselors know of their situation as well as if they know of anyone else who is afraid to come but needs help. The counselors can handle any situation, and assist in other ways when their services are not capable.

4. Women’s Center

women's center logo at NC State

The women’s center is a sanctuary for women on campus. Ladies can come in at any time to study, hang out, relax or talk about any important matters. They also have the ability to protect women and teach women how to protect themselves. Women are able to work on projects, attend events and learn how to extend their comfort zones in order to grow and be the best versions of themselves.

5. Multicultural Student Association Suite

MSA at NCSU main logo

The MSA Suite is a place of safety for students of color at NC State. It is a hub of creativity, studying, performing, and event planning in order to make diversity an outright goal at the university.

The college search is a confusing and scary process. Not knowing what classes to take, clubs to join and friends to make is complicated. Having resources at your fingertips to learn and grow is an easy way to guide yourself through the stressful process. These resources can help you find diversity, inclusion, safe spaces and a comforting place to be in your home away from home.

Restaurants and Cafes For Students at NC State University

Being in college and eating dining hall food can be such a drag. It can be fun to change up what you eat and where to go on a daily basis while on campus. Searching for new and exciting college cafes, and restaurants near campus can also show students unique and quietly kept places of their college down. Here is a list that students at North Caroline State University can use as a guide to check out new food options!

NC State University overview of campus.

1. Port City Java

The Port City Java Cafe is an awesome place for students to relax and hangout while in a quaint, coffee shop setting. They have a variety of food such as vegetarian friendly, vegan Options, gluten free options. Any student can come here and find something they love. It is even ranked 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp!

Image of lattes and coffee.

2. Los Lobos Mexican Grill

This cafe is one of the most popular restaurant spots close to campus. They serve famous churros that everyone buzzes about, alongside fresh guacamole. They also have a fairly wide price range of foods to choose from. The style of this cafe is really cool and authentic which is why a lot of people enjoy coming here!

Image of Mexican Food cooked.

3. Tuffy’s Diner

This restaurant, cafe duo serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner for students and locals. Found right outside of campus, this super uniquely decorated diner leaves for great picture opportunities too. They are also very accommodating with any allergies, or lifestyle diet choices like being vegetarian. Word on the street is they have the best late night food in all of North Carolina.

Avocado bagel image with coffee.

4. Brickyard Pizza and Pasta

Brickyard Pizza and Pasta is a very up and coming eatery that serves food from breakfast till dinner, has excellent pizza, and pasta that customers rave about! This restaurant is reasonably priced which is great being so close to campus. The food is really tasty and the waitstaff is said to be so friendly!

Pizza out of the wooden oven.

5. Case Dining Hall

This is the place to be on campus when getting food. Located right on campus, the Case Dining Hall leads for great hangouts with friends while eating. There are also plenty of food choices for students to choose from if they are looking for variety on campus!

How students feel walking into Case after a long day of classes.

6. Smoothie King

The Smoothie King is just what it sounds like, smoothie heaven! Made from all local, organically grown products, this cafe truly uses the healthiest ingredients. All food on the menu is gluten, dairy, soy, free and paleo, all while tasting amazing!

Image of freshly made smoothie bowl.

7. Mitch’s Tavern

This local pub very close to campus is the place to be when it comes to night life. Students come here on the weekend to meet up with friends and have a good time. Aside from the nightlife bar scene, their food is said to be amazing and pool can be played while hanging out too!

Image of waitress serving food during the day.

Overall, these are just a few of the restaurants and cafes around campus for students to check out. Exploring different places can be so exciting and fun. Getting off campus can also be a treat, so try one of these places to dine and enjoy it!

10 Library Resources at NC State University you Should Know

College can be a really great time for students, especially for students at North Carolina State University. Unfortunately, student do have to study while at school. Luckily, North Carolina State University has a library that has some really great resources. Here are 10 resources at North Carolina State University you should know.

1. Ask a Librarian

librarian badge with words on it

One of the worst parts of the library is figuring out how to work the system. Luckily, the university has a great service that helps students navigate the library by asking a librarian. This is an online and in person service that any student can utilize

2. Databases

codes on a computer screen

A lot of projects as well as papers require students to do research using databases. Luckily,North Carolina State University allows students to use the databases which is open to any other research university, and more. This means that students have more information than they would if they only used the research from the university.

3. Loaner Laptops

laptop with a magnifying glass on the screen

Another great service that the university offers is loaner laptops. This is perfect for students that recently broke their laptops, or do not have one at the moment. It is free of charge because students have already paid for it in their tuition, and students can use it for a set number of time.

4. Computers

desktop with montior mouse and keyboard

Another great resource that the library offers is desktop computers all around the library. The is a great resource for the students who like to use desktop computers more than laptops. It is also easier to find the desktops than to have to request the use of loaner laptop.

5. Borrow and Renew

lady borrowing books from the librarian

Similar to any other library, North Carolina State University libraries offer students to borrow any of the books available. Because of how big the school is the library can offer any amount of time for students to renew their books. This is perfect for any student that loves to read, or has a long research project that requires a lot of books.

6. Reserve a Room

room reserve logo with 5 people

While there are many libraries at North Carolina State University, it can still be difficult to find a place for students to relax and study. Luckily, the university offers a service for students to reserve any study spot. There are spots for students that want a completely quiet place where it is required that all students are quiet. There are also spots for students that want a more lively atmosphere for studying. The university understands how hard it can be for students to find a place to study, and has made it even easier with this service.

7. Citation Help

pop art with a bunch of paper on the table

The next resource that the university offers for the library is “Cite a Source”. This service has complete instructions on how to format different citations such as MLA and APA. This is perfect for students that are writing a paper, and do not understand how to cite it.

8. Cafe

interior of the cafe

Another service offers is best place to eat at the library which is the local cage. North Carolina State University Students can get their daily dose of coffee, or even get some food. Students are very lucky to have this facility in their on campus library.

9. Book Drop

textbooks stacked on top of each other

Another great service provided is the book drop. This is any easy way for students to return their books without even having to talk to anyone. The only thing students have to do is drop the book off.

10. Tutoring

being tutored with a tablet and laptop

The final resource available is tutoring for students. Students can go to the tutoring center and request any tutor to help them with certain subjects. This is all free which is great for students having trouble in a class.

3 Libraries at North Carolina State University

1) James B. Hunt Jr. Library

The James B. Hunt Jr. Library Building

The main library at the university is the James B. Hunt Jr. Library. It is open from 7 am until 10 pm Monday through Friday. During finals season it is available 24/7 which is great for all students.

2) D.H. Hill Library

D.H. Hill Library building

The other main library at the university is the D.H. Hill Library. It is also open from 7 am until 10 pm, and again is open 24/7 during finals season. It is a great library when the other main library is crowded.

3) William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine Library

Study space in the Veterinary Medicine Library

The third library on campus is the William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine Library. The university has a great veterinary school, so it’s perfect for students looking to go into that field. It is open from 7 am until 11 pm.


Top 10 Dorms at NC State University

North Carolina State has a lot to offer, but one aspect they are proudest of is the living situation. There are some pretty great dorms you can live in as a member of the wolf pack. Here are the top ten of them:

1. Turlington Hall

Turlington Hall has so much to offer, especially for incoming students. A sense of community is cultivated almost instantly thanks to the artsy feel of Turlington where there are always events. Turlington is also within excellent distance of the student center.

Turlington Hall.

Address: 2710 Cates Ave

2. Tucker Hall

What Tucker lacks in flair, it makes up for in substance. A standard looking dorm, Tucker actually is regarded as one of the most social dorms on the entire campus. You won’t have trouble making friends at Tucker.

Tucker Hall.

Address: 2800 Cates Avenue

3. Lee Hall

Lee Hall is the best dorm at North Carolina state for suite style living. Lee boasts bathrooms for every suite and the rooms are not at all difficult to get to. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to be within spitting distance of the dining hall!

Lee Hall.

Address: 2530 Sullivan Drive

4. Bragaw Hall

Bragaw is an excellent place to live, especially if you’re a sophomore student. You are right next to the dining hall so it makes those late nights studying a breeze. Additionally, the bathroom situation is choice because you don’t have to share with too many other people.

Bragaw Hall.

Address: 210 Dan Allen Drive

5. Alexander Hall

If sociability and culture is what you’re after, look no further than Alexander Hall! Home to the international students, you’ll have no shortage of exposure to people from all over the world. It’s also the only dorm on campus that allows you to have alcohol.

Alexander Hall.

Address: 2700 Cates Avenue

6. Sullivan Hall

At the core of attending college, the point is to expand your experiences in academia. For those scholars at North Carolina State, Sullivan Hall is the most conducive for scholarly college experiences. You’ll definitely be able to get your studying done here!

Sullivan Hall.

Address: 2921 Thurman Drive

7. Carroll Hall

Carroll is one of the towers at North Carolina State and it has a good proximity to some of the campus’ top amenities. Additionally, it’s pretty easy to make friends at Carroll. This is because of the suite style rooms, which can be a little bit on the small side.

Carroll Hall.

Address: 2801 Thurman Drive

8. Avent Ferry

Avent Ferry has some of the biggest dorm rooms on campus. The only downside is its distance from the rest of campus. A walk to the student center would take twenty minutes!

Avent Ferry.

Address: 2300 Avent Ferry Road

9. Wood Hall

A lot of the dorms written about above are key for sociability. Wood, on the other hand, is a bit separated from the rest of campus, which can be a very social environment. If you’re looking for quieter digs, Wood is the way to go.

Wood Hall.

Address: 2541 Warren Carroll Drive

10. Watauga Hall

Watauga is a pretty good dorm if you’re looking for spaciousness. Unfortunately, wide areas are prevalent here. Especially when you consider the wide area between Watauga and the rest of campus.

Watauga Hall.

Address: 2200 Stinson Drive

North Carolina State is an exceptional school. Most students at this school would tend to agree. And you can’t garner a reputation like that without having some pretty great dorms in which to live.


Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at NC State

1. Room Basics

Dorm posters.

– Bedside table
– Sheets
– Area rug
– Posters
– Framed pictures of loved ones

2. Food and Snacks


– Forks and knives
– Refillable water bottle
– Bowls
– Breakfast cereal
– Oatmeal

3. Tech and Entertainment


– Hulu
– Electronic chargers
– MP3 players
– Chromebook
– Apple Watch
– Netflix
– HDMI Cables

4. School Supplies

Dry Erase Board.

– Lined paper
– Pencils
– White board
– Markers
– Erasers
– Agenda

5. Cleaning and Organization


– Fabric softener
– Dish soap
– Towels
– Drain cleaner
– Vacuum

6. Campus Gear


– Sunscreen
– Swimsuit
– School spirit clothing
– Dress clothes
– Headphones
– Backpack

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing


– Pet goldfish
– Toaster ovens
– Wall hooks
– Living plants
– Pocket knives

7 Buildings You Need to Know About at NCSU

Founded in 1887, North Carolina State University—or NCSU as it’s commonly known—is a public research university located in Raleigh, North Carolina. If you’ve been looking for information about residence halls or academic buildings on NCSU’s campus, below are seven university building descriptions as well as seven general facts about the school!

1) Frank Thompson Hall

This is Frank Thompson Hall

If you’re looking for a place to unwind or workout, then there’s no better place than Frank Thompson Hall. Two state-of-the-art gyms, as well as a swimming pool, are housed inside—this place is great!

2) Sas Hall

sas hall exterior

Those students who can envision themselves in a math related profession will do a lot of their studies in this building. The computer and tech lab inside this building is great, especially if you need to print out a paper or assignment last minute.

3) Gold Res Hall

This is outside Gold Res Hall

Underclassmen and transferring students will likely find themselves in this building at least for one semester. Most of the rooms in here are designed for three people, however some individuals get lucky and only get one roommate.

4) Honors Village Commons

Honor students work exceptionally hard while they attend this university, which is in part why they’re given access to some of the nicest housing options on campus. If you’re an honor student, you should definitely look into living here.

5) Harris Hall

An image from out front of Harris Hall

If you’re looking for a place to grab a quick bite to eat, then this is the dining common you want to visit! Harris Hall’s food is some of the best on campus, which is why many students go there multiple times a day.

6) Scott Hall

This is Scott Hall at NC state

Dedicated to the memory of Robert Walter Scott, this building was originally designed to house veterans. Those students studying in a science related field will likely spend a lot of time in this building—it is, by far, one of the most notable on campus.

7) Holladay Hall

This is outside Holladay Hall

This was the first building ever constructed on campus, which means history is in its bricks. If you attend NCSU for any duration of time, you’re going to want to make it a point to see this beautiful feat of architecture.

Interesting facts about North Carolina State University

1) Variety of Living Accommodations

College dorms

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all have the option to choose where they wish to live (of course priority is given by class year). The good thing is, however, that you can live in traditional-style living or apartment-style living, no matter what grade you’re in.

2) Located in a Beautiful Area

NC State's campus from above

The campus is located in a beautiful and spacious part of North Carolina, which means you’ll really get to enjoy a different kind of living if you’re attending this school from out of state.

3) Exceptional Faculty

A professor lecturing

The faculty at this university is one of the most qualified in the country, which means studying under them is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever done before. It makes taking classes here worthwhile.

4) The Old Main Building

This is the Old Main Building

Holladay Hall was once the only building on campus—today, it’s the oldest! It’s named after Colonel Alexander Quarles Holladay, the first President of the College.

5) It’s a Historic American University

An image of one of the school's museums

Although this university was established in the late nineteenth century, it still possesses a rich and unique history. Moreover, a lot of notable and now-famous alumni studied at this school.

6) University Diversity

Students walking through campus

Do you know how good it is to attend a school with a diverse student body? If you do attend, you can really immerse yourself in dialogues with people who may have a totally different background than yours.

7) Can’t Keep a Name

An image that says 'HELLO, my name is' '?'

Since it’s inception, the school has had five different official names—there’s talk that the university’s current name may be its permanent name.

If the information from these lists has given you new perspective into the history and culture of NCSU, then perhaps this is an institution where you should start or continue your education!

Top 10 Clubs at NC State

Having a great, well rounded college experience is a pretty important part of life! Being involved on campus and in extracurricular activities is a great way to achieve this. Here’s ten great clubs at NC State!

1. 4 The World

4 The World

4 the World is a non-profit organization that provides medical and educational assistance to underdeveloped communities, and empowers local people to learn new skills and improve their life quality.

2. Accappology

Accappology Members

Acappology is a student run, co-ed acapella group. They have unique arranging style and they cover a broad array of musical styles. They make new music, CDs, and performances.

3. Agromeck


Agromeck provides a yearly historical record of events from student perspectives. The Agromeck documents any highlights of student, faculty and staff’s lives, ranging from football games, to classes, to greek life.

4. Art Pack

Art Pack

Art Pack’s main goal is to be a creative melting pot at NC State. This organization promotes free thinking and constructive criticism, and encourages students to talk about their creative ideas.

5. College Explosion


College Explosion is a college exposure program which allows marginalized youth from Raleigh to see what college is like. This lets them know is post-secondary education is worth pursuing.

6. Cooking Club

NCSU Waffle

Cooking Club provides a place for experienced and inexperienced students to further their culinary knowledge. Students will learn about different cultures and their food, home cooking, and other things.

7. Cultural Exchange Network


CENet is a co-curricular global learning group on campus. Members experience and perform social, academic and service activities on campus and around the community to interact with students from around the world.



FREEDM Systems Center is the Future Renewable Electrical Energy Delivery and Management Systems Center, an Engineering Research Center that researches and develops the next generation of sustainable technologies.

9. Girl Up

Girl Up

Girl Up empowers students in our local community, while simultaneously engaging students to advocate for young girls. They work to empower young girls to be themselves no matter what.

10. GIVE Volunteers


GIVE Volunteer is an international volunteering program that allows students to see the world and make sustainable changes in third world countries.

5 Cool Events at NC State

1. Entrepalooza

Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepalooza is NC State’s annual festival for entrepreneurship and innovation. It is headlined by the Minute to Pitch It competition, where students have one minute to pitch their idea to a live audience.

2. Family Weekend

NCSU Family

This three-day event invites NC State Parents to campus to spend a weekend of fun and tradition with their student or students. Come enjoy great activities and food with family!

3. Welcome Week

Students walk through Talley Student Union

Welcome Week, during the first week of the school year, is a great time to meet up with old or new friends and enjoy great activities, free food, and the new year!

4. Packapalooza


Packapalooza is a day long block party and festival in the streets of Raleigh. There are live performances, free food, and other fun activities. This event began 7 years ago as a 125th anniversary of NC State’s existence.

5. RecFest


University Recreation kick off the year with an evening of fun with over 9,500 participants! RecFest is an interactive recreational event offering free food, giveaways and entertainment.

Top 10 Professors at NCSU

There are few wolfpacks as worthy as praise as the ones formed at North Carolina State. There may even be some wolfpacks in the faculty of the school because they are just that harmonious. Here are the ten best members of the NC State campus-wide wolfpack:

1. Karen Bullock

NC State Karen Bullock

Professor of Social Work

Rating: 5.0
Department: Social Work

Courses Taught by Professor Bullock:

SW260 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Bullock:

“Today, I was thinking about how important it is to respect differences and I thought about how much I learned when I took this class, as senior majoring in Business. One day I want to own my own business that is inclusive of all people across race, gender, religion, age, language, and much more. I learned how important this is from this class.”

“Good luck with getting into this class. It fills up fast. Took me two years to get into the class. Only 15 students allowed to take the class each time it’s taught.”

“This is the best class to take if you are a senior and need diversity credit to graduate. It’s only 3 weeks and most of the time you’re going into different communities and learning about the health and well being of elderly people.”

2. Larry Nielson

Professor of Wildlife

Rating: 5.0
Department: Wildlife

Courses Taught by Professor Nielson

FW221 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Nielson

“Great professor, great class. Easy A for GEP class, go to class and study summaries. Only takes attendance 9 days, but you’ll want to go to class, he really makes you think about choices in everyday life, guest lectures are cool, and he’s a funny guy.”

“Awesome professor. If you need an easy A in an interdisciplinary course, this is the best option for you. Study the summaries he gives at the beginning of each class and go to the extra credit (10 pts added to total grade) and you’ll have an A+.”

“Professor Nielson is one of my favorite professors I have had here at State. He is really funny and cares about what he does. He is an easy grader, and wants you to pass the class. He gives extra credit (that happens to be worth the same amount you would lose if you skipped every class all semester). The only downside is it is early in the morning..”

3. Naji Husseini

Professor of Physics

Rating: 5.0
Department: Physics

Courses Taught by Professor Husseini

BME510 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Husseini

“Best Professor in BME at UNC and NCSU. Had him for 510 and 150 and he is by far the best. He makes everything fun and tells super corny jokes that will light up the whole classroom and make things fun. Def take!”

“He is the BEST teacher you can ever take. He makes lecture fun, I guarantee laughter each day of class. The subject can be hard but he makes himself available to all of his students outside of class to assist with programming assignments. I would rate him 6/5 if that was even possible, he deserves it.”

“Naji is 100% the best professor you will ever take. He cares about every one of his students and wants all of them to do well. His lectures are super funny and full of valuable information. The class is a tough class because I never had coding experience before but with all the resources and help he gives its not that bad! Use office hours!”

4) Nate Sorenson

Professor of Biochemistry

Rating: 5.0
Department: Biochemistry

Courses Taught by Professor Sorenson

BCH451 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Sorenson

“I LOVE NATE. He’s everything Chuck wishes he could be. Incredible sense of humor and caring. He doesn’t spoon feed you answers but will teach you the material better and how to maximize your pts in the class. He deserves way more than what he charges for tutoring. I owe my A+ to Nate. Thanks Nate!”

“Rogue is essential for passing biochem. Thanks to Nate, I actually understand the material we learned and I felt prepared for all the tests and quizzes. He has a unique sense of “humor”, but very entertaining. There is a lot of camaraderie in the class, which makes a tough class more bearable. Just pay the money, and learn something for once!”

“Nate is the only reason I passed BCH. He cares about everyone in Rogue and will put in a lot of work to make sure you pass. He breaks down concepts so you can actually understand them and is hilarious! Just pay the money – so worth it!”

5) Dean Bruno

Professor of History

Rating: 5.0
Department: History

Courses Taught by Professor Bruno

HI366 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Bruno

“Dean Bruno is one of the best teachers I have had at NCSU. Lectures are incredibly interesting, and the readings are definitely worth the effort. I highly recommend taking his classes.”

“The best teacher at State. you will learn so much and actually care about everything you’re taught. lots of reading but they are all interesting and worth it.”

“Weekly reading evaluations aren’t ideal but they aren’t that hard and you need to read anyway to participate in discussions. The lectures are engaging and interesting. Bruno is one of the finest professors I’ve had at NC State, I can’t recommend any of his courses highly enough.”

6) Juliana Kocsis

Professor of English

Rating: 5.0
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Kocsis

FLE101 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Kocsis

“Such an inspirational individual. She gives awesome feedback, and works hard to help you succeed!”

“But she makes this class interesting and she’s a such nice person!!! She always gives some good feedback and I like the her class a lot!”

“Juliana was my favorite teacher my first semester. Even though FLE had a heavy workload as a class, she managed to make it as entertaining as possible and made the classes more interesting. If you put work in, you’ll get a good grade. I would defiantly take this class again!”

7) R.V. Rikard

R.V. Rikard

Rating: 5.0
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught by Professor Rikard

SOC202 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Rikard

“Great guy who cares about students knowing the material while not making them bored.”

“Awesome guy… Definitely knows his stuff and is always willing to help you out. Fair with grading, doesn’t assign too much reading, and lectures are interactive.. Great professor overall!”

“Very interesting and humorous guy. has a fun approach to teaching, and class is always lively. probably one of the best professors I’ve had so far.”

8) Stephen Neely

Stephen Neely

Rating: 5.0
Department: Political Science

Courses Taught by Professor Neely

PS201 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Neely

“I want to take a class with him again. He’s extremely passionate about teaching, loves his students, is completely hilarious, and is real nice to look at. We had small quizzes throughout the semester, a paper, a midterm, and an online final. Made a B+ with minimal work. Great guy, great teacher. Hope he never leaves!”

“After two years, he’s still my favorite teacher. I never dreaded his class or worried that my work would be graded unfairly. He does a great job of hiding his bias, which is a major plus in a political science class. Absolutely recommend this class!”

“He is the best professor I have had so far! He is funny and always keeps class interesting when the material is boring!! I wish I could have him as a teacher for all of my classes!”

9) Rebecca Ronquest

Professor of Foreign Languages

Rating: 5.0
Department: Foreign Languages

Courses Taught by Professor Ronquest

FLS333 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Ronquest

“BEST teacher!!! She’s so great. I was nervous to take this class because it was my first 300-level, but it was so fun and rewarding. She is an awesome professor, and the material is surprisingly interesting. Tests are easy if you study, and she doesn’t give you busy work. She assigns homework that helps you learn and practice the material.”

“Dra. Ronquest was amazing! Whenever I had concerns, she was always super willing to hear me out and help. You do learn a bit of new material each lecture, but it never seemed overwhelming. Tests and final essay were very straightforward. Wished that she taught other Spanish courses at State!”

“Ronquest is the best Spanish teacher I have ever had!!! I was very hesitant to take this class because my Spanish isn’t at the 300 level yet, but she made the material fun and easy to learn! Super easy to do well, just have to participate, do homework and study a little bit. Take this class with her!!!!”

10) Dean Philips

NC state dean phillips

Rating: 5.0
Department: Communication

Courses Taught by Professor Philips

COM316 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Philips

“Awesome professor! He knows what he’s talking about and has more experience in the field than anyone else you will meet. He can be a tough grader because he expects a lot and wants to get the most out of you. His class is fun and relaxed.”

“Dean is by far one of the greatest professors on NC State’s campus. His teaching method allows students to get really hands on experience and provides immediate feedback. Such a funny person with real world experience.”

“Dean Phillips is marvelous. He is extremely experienced in his field and teaches how a college professor actually should. His expectations are clear and I thoroughly enjoyed his witty, sarcastic humor.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at NC State

1) Female Mosquitoes by Martha Burford Reiskind

Photo of researcher in the lab.

Faculty: Applied Ecology

Professor Reiskind has been studying how female mosquitoes act when potential invasions come to mosquito populations. Particularly, she studied their mating patterns. And she found that they can be very choosy when it comes to finding a mate.

2) Personality Tests by Adam Meade

Holding a cell phone.

Faculty: Psychlogy

From Buzzfeed to Myers Briggs, there is a wide array of personality tests. However, those who take them often attempt to manipulate the results. Thanks to research from Professor Meade, he may have developed a personality test that cannot be manipulated at all.

3) Sucralose Production by Susan Schiffman

A spoonful of Splenda.

Faculty: Xenobiology

Sucralose is also known as a sweetener with the name of Splenda. However, research by Schiffman found that it produces metabolites. This means the substance is hardly ever broken down in the body.

4) Newborn Pig Recovery by Amanda Ziegler

A piglet.

Not every pig has a mucosal environment in their intestines, but those that do are doing favors for their offspring. When adult pigs have these environments, it is found that newborn piglets can recover from intestinal injuries more completely. The research was conducted by Ziegler on two week old and six week old pigs.

5) Plant Proteins by Marcela Rojas-Pierce

Microscopy image of vacuole fusion in plants.

Faculty: Plant and Microbial Biology

Plants grow and develop thanks in large part to vacuole fusion. However, it is always intriguing how plants can adapt in their growth processes. Rojas-Pierce’s research focuses on plant protein complexes that contribute to this process.

North Carolina State is an excellent college in the U.S. and research projects like these help prop it up further.

10 of the Easiest Classes at NC State

North Carolina State University (NC State), a Tier 1 Research institution is not at all known for it’s easy classes. When you’re bogged down with advanced courses, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but here’s a list of 10 courses that can help you get to graduation in one piece.

1. COS100- Science of Change

These intro level courses for the Colleges of Sciences do wonders in lifting a first-year GPA, but don’t expect much after that. With information on how to succeed as scientist, pointless lectures, and take home assignments that are easy to do at the last second, COS100 was designed to be a nice buffer for a struggling first year student. Not that you would have had a choice whether or not to take it – it’s mandatory for all first-year students in the College of Sciences.Image result for science

2. HESO258 – Intro to Rock Climbing

This class is amazing. The only textbook necessary is a $7 course pack that you don’t even fill out until the end of the year! If you’re looking to get a little work out, and test your brain and strength, this is definitely the class for you. With no performance testing at the end of the semester, your grade is determined by a skills test and a written test (that’s really hard to fail.)Image result for Rockwall NC State

3. FLA101 – Introduction to Arabic Language

Intro to Arabic is one of those classes where you can feel good and learn a lot as well. The grading is so lenient, the teachers are patient, and you get to learn a cool new language. With all the Arab influences in Raleigh, the language definitely comes in handy too!Image result for Arabic

4. MIE310 – Management Innovation Entrepreneurship

You may not be able to say the full class title, but you’ll definitely be able to pass. Although I don’t know too much about the class, but I’ve heard it’s a life saver for students in Poole College of Management. Boasting open book class with online exams, it’s definitely a breeze.Image result for Entrepreneur

5. MA103 – Concepts in Contemporary Mathematics

If you’re in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, then you’re going to have to take this class. If you’re dreading math, don’t worry, all you need to know is  how to plot a line.Image result for Math zach

6. PS231 – Introduction to International Relations

This class is kind of controversial. Professors in the past have been opinionated, but nevertheless, it’s so easy. Speed memorizing the text, and looking for the answers in other test questions is the way to go. The only real grade comes from the big essay in the middle of the year.Image result for International Relations

7. ENG101 – Academic Writing and Research

I’ve heard of a couple of professors going a little overboard with some assignments, but for the most part, this course is super easy. With too many students to warrant having incredibly difficult assignments, it’s definitely possible to get a good, if not great, grade.Image result for Writing

8. PY205H – Physics for Engineers and Scientists (Honors)

Don’t get me wrong, this class is difficult, but it is the easiest way to take physics. There are no Webassigns, short answer test, and a loving and capable professor who is only there to see people succeed. If you have option, go for the Honor section!Image result for Physics

9. FS201 – Introduction to Food Science

Come on! Food Science? If you’re already interested in what you’re eating, making it and testing it should just make it more of a breeze! The topics aren’t too complicated to get done, but they’re difficult enough to keep you interested. You’ll love it.

Image result for Food Science NC State

10. HEST269 – Volleyball 1

So easy. If you have seen even only volleyball anime you’ll be fine. But please, you live on a college campus, you can get some extra practice time in.Image result for IM Volleyball NCSUWhether you’re trying to boost your GPA, or just get in some last minute credits, these classes are definitely going to be smooth sailing. That being said, everyone is different.