Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is a public, historically black, research university in Greensboro, North Carolina. The school has a 54% acceptance rate. The school has around 9,000 students. Here are 10 different buildings you need to know at North Carolina A&T State University.

1. Harrison Auditorium

 a guest speaker on stage

Harrison Auditorium is an event center building where students can enjoy live performances. The building normally holds fine arts and theatrical perfomances but also has concerts such as singing. The event space is widely used by various different organizations.

2. Sebastian Health Center

outside view of sebastian health center

The Sebastian Health Center is a non-profit organization that provides quality care for students in a convenient area. This makes it easy for students to get health care if they either don’t have transportation or it is an immediate emergency. They also conduct research that has won accreditations and awards.

3. Campus Recreation Center

Campus Recreation Center outside view

The Campus Recreation Center is where you will go to if you are looking for a spot for exercise and working out. The building has state of the art exercise machines as well as lockers to change and free weights to build muscle. The large building makes it easy to roam and meet new people.

4. F.D. Bluford Library

 shelves of books lined together

The Bluford Library is where you have access to tons of different resources for all your homework assignments and projects. You have access to periodicals, online newsletters, archives and so much more. You can even attend various workshops throughout the year on interesting topics such as data management.

5. Reid Greenhouse

 outside of the  reid greenhouse

The Reid Greenhouse is a 4,000 square-foot greenhouse with rolling benches, automated shade cloth and computerized environmental controls for horticultural research. The building is ideal for researching plants and growing patterns.

6. Corbett Sports Center

inside view of  a basketball arena

The sports center is a recreation and building where students can practice basketball as well as do laps. The building provides students with space for different workout classes. It is a very multi-purpose building and is a great way to spend time with family-supporting the school.

7. Paul Robeson Theatre

 outside view of doors of theater

The Paul Robeson Theater is where the theater arts program is held and has its classes/performances. The theater allows students and parents/friends to enjoy student talent at an affordable price. The average cost of tickets usually is only $10-$20.

8. Student Center

outside view of the student center

The student center is where you will find many different college services such as shuttle service, sports leagues, outdoor adventures, and fitness classes. The building is used by students for event space as well. A few examples of events they hold are conferences and meetings.

9. Dudley Memorial

 outside view of dudley memorial building

The Dudley Memorial Building was named after the second president of the school James Benson Dudley. The building holds the H. Clinton Taylor Art gallery and the Mattye Reed African Heritage Center. If you are looking to learn more about the history of the area, then this is a great building to visit.

10. Morrow Hall

outside view of morrow hall

Morrow Hall is a female, freshman residence hall. The building has 3 floors. The building was named after an old librarian that worked at the college whose name was Alma Morrow. The fact that it is an all women’s residence hall makes it easy for women to meet each other and become friends/acquaintances.

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is a smaller school that has a wide variety of different buildings to visit. You have a choice of various event spaces to hold organizational events, attend perfomances, and even catch a basketball game. The school has everything you could need after your classes, even a convenient trip to the gym for working out.

10 Hardest Courses at North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University offer high-quality education. Besides, it has a cool learning environment where students can concentrate well. However, students still find life hard due to the toughest college classes that ruin their lives. These hard courses make life unbearable making some students to drop out. Here are the hardest classes for students at NCAT State University;

1. AET 201 – Computer Aided Manufacturing

Picture of someone using a computer software

In this course, students learn the use of software in controlling machinery and production. The process of learning and applying software is always a huge challenge to students. Unless students taking this course are committed to excel, they fail terribly.

2. ECON 452 – International Economics

Picture of the globe with the title international economics

Students taking International Economics study the various aspects international finance and trade. This course consists of many theories and concepts that shape international trade. The hardest part of this course is where students have to analyze graphs, theories, define concepts and do multiple assignments.

3. BIOL 451 – Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Picture of the human brain and the internal parts including beins and the brain

If the most challenging course can be ranked, this will definitely carry the day. If you doubt that, ask medical students. The course has both the theory and practical parts. For the theoretical work, students have to learn volumes of notes and books; some exceed 1000 pages. The practical part is all about learning each detail of the human body.

4. PHYS 415 – Electromagnetism I

This is the study of the relation between electricity and magnetism.

Electromagnetism 1 covers topics such as magnetic effects of electricity, magnetic induction, magnetism and matter, circuit theories and electric fields among others. Students term it has one of the hardest branches of physics. This is because one has to apply very many concepts throught the course.

5. SOCI 406 – Criminology

Common terminologies used in criminology in a word cloud

Talk of loads of work, theories, psychology, and policies and laws. This course surrounds all aspects of criminality and the law. There are multiple assignments all through and students feel burdened by the amount of work at hand.

6. BIOL 221 – General Microbiology

This is the study of cellular and multicellular organisms.

The topics covered in this course include; genetics of bacteria, bacterial structures, evolution, ecology and adaptation of bacteria. It also relates bacteria to the human immune system. The course is extensive and students have to master all types of bacteria.

7. MATH 360 – Numerical Analysis

Picture of numerical analysis with avatar pointing to words

Mathematics is and has always been challenging. Students who pursue Numerical Analysis will affirm that. This course entails the study of algorithms in solving mathematical problems. This course requires use of additional software such as MATLAB that many students don’t fancy.

8. PHYS 226 – College Physics II

Picture of a pie chart explaining why one majors in physics

This course entails the application of mathematical concepts in physics. It feels like a combination of physics and mathematics to many students. It covers all branches of physics at once making it a hard one.

9. MATH 111 – College Algebra and Trigonometry

Students need to have a strong mathematical background.

This is always a welcoming blow to freshmen taking mathematics majors. Some of them, especially who don’t have a remarkable mathematics background find it hard. Student cover topics in algebra, variables, equations, and trigonometry.

10. ACCT 443 – Income Tax Accounting

Popular terminologies in Income Tax Accounting in a word cloud

Many students fail to keep pace with the demands of this course. It requires maximum attention and practice. Students learn how tax systems work and how they apply in the real life world. The assignments and case studies to solve are very intricate.

It is evident that student life is difficult with all these challenging courses. In the event of fail, you can retake a course before moving to the next level. However, successive failures in a course might lead to discontinuation of studies. Therefore, students should take these courses as a personal challenge to do well and succeed.

Jobs for College Students at North Carolina A&T State University

Have you been enrolled in North Carolina A&T State University for your graduation? Then you must be willing to join some part time job and collect experiences and some dollars. Here are some of the student jobs you can search, hope this will make your search more specific and shorter.

1. Package Handler

the employees are taking care of the packages in the store room

The job and responsibility of the student is to take care of the product and packages of the store/warehouse. Take all the detailed information about the entry and exit of the product packages. This is great for the students who want to develop the managerial skill and data stats along with some earnings.

2. Phone Operator

the employees are dealing with the clients over the microphone

It is never a big deal for the youths of this generation to handle the phone calls. But this needs to be specific. You must be friendly to the client and deal with their issues properly. You must develop a quality within yourself to connect yourself with all types of personalities and deal with their nature. This is a great opportunity for the personality development along with some earnings.

3. Cleaner

the cleaner is cleaning the floor

Every college and university want their premises to be clean and tidy. So, they hire some students for the daily cleanliness. The same work is done at the North Carolina A&T State University, you can earn extra dollars by cleaning the classroom floors, doors and windows. Making the college premises is the only responsibility for which you will be paid.

4. Juice Maker

the girl is making juice for the customers

This is one of the crowd’s favorite jobs as a part time worker. No previous experiences are mandatory and not any particular skill is needed. So, you can start fresh and immediately begin earning dollars. All you do is prepare a fruit juice or a smoothie out of a smoothie maker. Give it a try, this one will be easier for the start up.

5. Social Media Manager

the employee checking out the social media status through computer

Youths (college students) are the best option for the companies for the post of a social media manager. The most used internet used to people, is the undergrads, so you are given the twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts to manage the followers, posts and news feeds. All above this, you get paid, using Instagram and twitter! Cool? So, seek for the companies and take the social media responsibility over yourself, enhance your skill along with the earnings.

6. Cafeteria Worker

the girls are serving food in the college cafeteria

Get engaged into the college cafeteria, learn the work there and earn some dollars, within the college premises. Every time in your shift, you get to interact with the college students. You may be given different works, serving foods, managing the crowds, helping the cooks, you could be learning any work inside the cafeteria. So this is an opportunity to enroll yourself to earn as well as to learn.

7. Pet Care

the girl is taking care of the dog

Are you an animal lover? If yes, this is your golden opportunity. Do something you love, and make a living out of it. Cool? Many pet owners don’t have enough time to take care of their pets so they hire some individuals for this job paying some dollars. Being a college student, you do have too much leisure time, make this time productively, take care of your loved creature and all above make a living out of it.

8. OneClass Notetaker

the brand name of not only earning but also learning

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Above is some part time jobs you can seek for some earnings and enhancing your skills while you are studying at North Carolina A&T State University for your graduation. Hope this article helps you to choose your student jobs wisely.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at North Carolina A&T State University

Being in college and eating dining hall food can be such a drag. It can be fun to change up what you eat and where to go on a daily basis while on campus. Searching for new and exciting college cafes, and restaurants near campus can also show students unique and quietly kept places of their college down. Here is a list that students at North Carolina A&T State University can use as a guide to check out new food options!

1. Williams Dining Hall

This is the place to be on campus when you are feeling hungry. Located right on central campus, students hangout, study, and work at the Williams Dining Hall. There are also plenty of food and drink choices for students to choose from if they are looking to eat!

How students feel eating here after a long day of classes.

2. Print Works Bistro

This restaurant, cafe duo serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch for students and locals. Found right outside of campus, this super modern decorated bistro leaves for great picture opportunities too. They are also very accommodating with any allergies, or lifestyle diet choices like being vegetarian. 

Image of a fancy breakfast served.

3. Dolce Aroma Coffee Bar

The Dolce Aroma Coffee Bar is an awesome place for students to relax and hangout while in a quaint, coffee shop setting. They have a variety of food such as vegetarian friendly, vegan Options, gluten free options. Any student can come here and find something they love. It is even ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp!

Image of an array of lattes.

4. Tasty Grill

Tasty’s Grill is a close campus staple that serves food from breakfast till dinner, has excellent drinks, and diner foods that customers rave about! This restaurant is reasonably priced which is great being so close to campus. The food is really tasty and the waitstaff is said to be so friendly!

Mood when eating all of the diner food served.

5. A Sweet Success Bakery

This bakery is one of the most popular breakfast spots close to campus. They serve famous croissants that everyone buzzes about, alongside other baked goods. They also have a fairly wide price range of foods to choose from. The style of this cafe is really cool and vintage which is why a lot of people enjoy coming here!

Warm croissants served in a dish.

6. Be Fit Nutrition

Be Fit Nutrition is just what it sounds like, a place that ensures students and other customers nutrition! Made from all local, organically grown products, this cafe truly uses the healthiest ingredients. All food on the menu is gluten, dairy, soy, free and paleo, all while tasting amazing!

Healthy salad image served.

7. Smith and Edge

This local bar very close to campus is the place to be when it comes to nightlight. Students come here on the weekend to meet up with friends and have a good time. Aside from the nightlife bar scene, their food is said to be amazing and games can be played while hanging out too!

Drinks served at a bar.

Overall, these are just a few of the restaurants and cafes around campus for students to check out. Exploring different places can be so exciting and fun. Getting off campus can also be a treat, so try one of these places to dine and enjoy it!

10 of the Coolest Courses at North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina A&T State University is a public, land-grant research university located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The institution offers many courses to cover the academic needs of its over 10,000 undergraduates. Some of these courses may be counted as elective credit and not necessarily towards a student’s chosen course of study. Many students may wish to take electives in order to balance out their academic schedule and ensure that their workload for the semester will be manageable. Here are ten of the coolest courses offered to students at North Carolina A&T State University.

1. PHYS 101: Introduction to Astronomy

In this course, students will learn about the basics of astronomy as they examine the night sky, the seasons, the phases of the moon, eclipses, gravity, light, telescopes, the solar system, stars, and galaxies. Students will be expected to make their own astronomical observations based on the theory they have learned in class.

A telescope set up for stargazing.

2. BIOL 101: Concepts of Biology

This course will introduce students to science and the scientific method, basic biochemistry theory and practices, cell structure and function, energy and metabolism, reproduction, and genetics. Central concepts relevant to the biological sciences will be emphasized during work that students perform in the laboratory.

The double-helix, the structure of DNA.

3. BIOL 369: Human Anatomy

In this course, students will be introduced to general human anatomy, and the various functions of different structures located within the human body. Laboratory work will pay particular attention to the fundamental structure of the human body. Students are expected to participate in all laboratory work.

Several depictions of the human body.

4. BIOL 370: Human Physiology

In this course, students will be introduced to the basic principles of human physiology, with emphasis on basic principles and mechanisms of physiological functioning of body cells, tissues, and systems within the human vessel. Students will be able to apply important physiological concepts in their laboratory work.

Organs of the human body.

5. GEOG 200: Principles of Geography

In this course, students will familiarize themselves with the physical characteristics of the earth’s surface, including but not limited to land forms, climate, vegetation, and soil. The course will focus on variations across the globe, and interactions among these physical characteristics in a physical environment.

A map of the world.

6. BIOL 220: Basic Microbiology

In this course, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of microbiology and the role of microorganisms in daily life. Infectious diseases and immunology are some of the most important topics that will be covered in this course. Laboratory work in this course will introduce students to principles of microscopy, specimen preparation for light microscopy, aseptic techniques, cultivation techniques, and the biochemical activities of microorganisms.

An assortment of different micro-organisms.

7. HIST 208: History of Asian Religions

In this course, students will learn about the origins, doctrines, development, spread, and impact of the most significant Asian religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Taoism. Students will pay particular attention to the evolution of these religions and systems of belief over time.

The Yin-Yang, a symbol important to Taoism.

8. BIOL 665: Evolution

In this course, students will study the genetics of populations and sources of genetic variation; causes of genetic change in populations, including but not limited to evolution by natural selection; speciation; and the general evolutionary history of life on earth. Through these studies, students will gain a more in-depth understanding of how evolution in a species occurs.

Evolution of the human from a common ancestor.

9. HIST 231: Genocide

In this course, students will explore the concept of genocide, which is the purposeful elimination of a specific group of people. After taking a beginning theoretical approach, students will apply their new knowledge to specific case studies of genocide throughout history in order to understand and prevent repetitions of this pattern of violence.

Nazis who committed genocide against the Jews and others.

10. BIOL 668: Animal Behavior

In this course, students will focus on the qualitative and quantitative differences between behavioral characteristics of different animals at different evolutionary levels. Adaptive differences in behavior and the development of behavioral patterns will be given particular focus in this course.

A koala ready for a snack.

Health and Wellness Services at NC A&T State University

North Carolina A&T State University, also known as N.C. A&T or simple as A&T is a public and historically black research university located within Greensboro, North Carolina. With over 12,000 students enrolled in school this year, North Carolina A&T is the largest historically black university in the U.S. The university offers 177 undergraduate, 30 master, and 9 doctoral degrees through its two professional colleges and seven schools. This school is a perfect match for so many students due to the variety of programs and degrees offered. With so many students who have so many unique interests, it is no surprise that A&T has the health and wellness services that meet almost every diverse need.

1. Student Health Center

Like any good school, A&T has an outstanding Student Health Center. The services offered include: general medical care, immunizations and vaccinations, health and wellness education, x-rays, psychiatric care, a full service pharmacy, and, for students who qualify, massage therapy. Their hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, which means that students should have no problem working appointments into their class schedules.

2. Counseling Services

Counseling is provided to students as a service stemming from their regular student fees. With the exception of select testing programs, no additional fees are assessed for services, so students really have no reason to avoid getting the help that they need. Counseling Services offer personal one-on-one counseling, group services, academic skills training, consultations, and even the opportunity for internships for graduate students. In this manner, Counseling Services really does have the potential to help every students on campus.

3. Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC)

The goal of CRC is to ensure that students have the resources and motivation that they need to recovery from any sort of addiction. In order to do this, students are provided with support from peers and licensed mental health professionals. The CRC empowers students to maintain healthy lifestyles by providing activities, peer mentoring, groups, seminars, and services that encourage academic achievement and support ongoing recovery maintenance.

4. University Police Department

All the efforts of the University Police Department are aimed at providing a safe and harmonious environment wherein students, faculty, visitors, and others within the community can thrive. The University Police Department voluntarily sought accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. in order to ensure that they would be providing the community with the best services. Furthermore, in regard to numbers, the University Police Department includes a staff of over 100 sworn and non-sworn personnel.

5. Campus Recreation Center

The mission of Campus Recreation is to provide a broad program of sports and activities that meet the needs and interests of the entire campus community.  Furthermore, the Campus Recreation Center is set up in a manner that encourages physical activity and movement. There are a variety of fitness classes offered that are catered to all levels of skill.

Ultimately, N.C. A&T is a school that aims to reach each and every student in not only academics, but also through health and wellness programs. Students who attend this university tend to be happy, healthy, and excited to come to school!

Top 10 Majors Offered at North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is a public research university located Greensboro, North Carolina United States. It was founded in 1891 as the agricultural and mechanical college for the colored race. In the earlier days, the university offered a limited number of course among them agriculture, mathematics, English and horticulture but at the moment the courses have increase significantly. Some of the top 10 major offered are:

1. Communication

career paths in communication include journalism, broadcast media, and marketing

This is one of the most sorts after major in North Carolina A & T state university, the institution has state of the art studio where students are able to practice. Some of the career paths in communication include journalism, broadcast media, and marketing. Also those not interested in getting employed they can venture into freelance writing as their career.

2. Accounting

accounting include management accounting, auditing, financial accounting, taxation

Accounting is loved by many students who are bright in mathematics. Some of the courses covered under accounting include management accounting, auditing, financial accounting, taxation among others. Accounting offers an opportunity to work as an accountant in governmental accounting, public accounting, corporate and non-governmental accounting. This institution is known to produce the best accountant in the US.

3. Agricultural Teacher Education

Those who have passion and in agriculture and teaching

Those who have passion and in agriculture and teaching this the best major you should consider taking. To enable the North Carolina A & T state university to produce the best student learning takes place both indoor and outdoor. Graduates can venture either in teaching in high school or become agricultural officers who are responsible for educating the farmers in the fields.

4. Psychology

Studt og human behaviuor and mind

This major deal with the study of human behavior and the mind. Some of the career associated with this major includes clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, educational psychologist, a forensic psychologist and more.

5. Mathematics & Statistics

For those who love playing with numbers

For those who love playing with numbers this the best major you should consider taking. North Carolina A & T state university has highly qualified tutors who are able to take you through the course requirement. Some of the common jobs for graduate include data analyst, SAS programmer, and teaching assistant among others.

6. Physics

require more qualification apart from the normal

At North Carolina, A&T State University has a unique program which ensure students are educated, trained and well prepared for careers in physics. Those aspiring, the institution demand that they should ensure apart from general admission requirement they have two units in algebra, one unit in plane geometry and 1/2 unit of trigonometry.

7. Business Teacher Education

This major offers a path in computer technology

This major offers a path in computer technology, economics, and marketing. Each of these prepares you to teach business education at the middle and secondary levels (grades 7-12). Apart from teaching the student can also apply the knowledge learned to run their business effectively.

8. Engineering Technology

good course

The university has several labs to allow practicing of what is learned in the class. The degree programs are accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).  Some of the career paths in engineering technology includes surveying engineering technology, computer technology among others. It is one of the major with the highest paid starting salary.

9. Visual Arts

Have many upcoming careers

With the rise in demand for visual art the university as sort after knowledgeable tutors to handle large number of student taking this major. Some of the careers under this major include art director, book illustrators, and font designers among others.

10. Finance

have many well paying careers

The university has a rich legacy of producing and educating business professionals with a strong comprehension of accounting. Some of the well-paying jobs under this major include private equity analyst, quantitative risk analyst, regulatory reporting account and more.

For the report produced this year show that North Carolina A & T state university gender distribution stand at 43 percent male and 57 percent, female student. At this institution, 42 percent of its population live in the college owned and operated housing while the rest live off campus.


10 Library Resources for North Carolina A&T State University

There are so many library resources at North Carolina A&T State University, so we decided to list them all for you! Next time you visit any library, go check out these resources that are available at your convenience!

1. Databases

Databases are indexes that helps to search for articles within journals. With a wide range of Database available, students can look out for their desired readings in no time.

2. Electronic Books

With the modern era, traditional books have been replaced by E-books. Therefore, Libraries buy books nowadays in electronic format which can be either accessed within the premises of library or can be download on laptops for a certain period.

3. Electronic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Students can browse through the thousands of encyclopedias via the resources provided by the library. And all the materials are categorised based on their respective fields

4. Journals and E-Journals

Journals (or periodicals) are mostly present in all of the University libraries and an increasing number are available electronically both on and off campus.

5. Official Publications

Either it is Government publications or scientists theories, all the proposed work is available in the publication area of the library where students can access numerous other relevant articles.

6. Online Newspapers

Online newspapers are updated in the library on daily basis to keep students aware of law and order situation in the country and  to keep them informed about the recent job postings and internships.

7. Referencing Resources

Libraries provide a personal bibliographical database, which students can access to store their collection of references. Alongside, it provides a guide that helps students to search the major databases and import records.

8. Video, Image & Sound Resources

Libraries provide their students with wide range of videos, images and sound resources for engagement in studies and better understanding of theoretical concepts taught in class.

9. Library Study Spaces

Libraries provide Quiet areas, zones with abundant natural light, collaboration centres, and group study rooms so that students can study at their ease. However, this is a first come first serve basis.

10. A Guide for Every Subject 

Our librarians are academic specialists. Whatever you study, we have an online Research Guide featuring librarian-recommended resources and research tips tailored to your subject area.


Top 5 Libraries for North Carolina A&T State University

1. F.D. Bluford Library 

The mission of F.D. Bluford Library is to support and advance academic scholarship and research at  A&T through services, collections, technologies, staff expertise and spaces.

2. UNCG Walter Clinton Jackson Library

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro University Libraries system has two branches on campus, both located in Greensboro, NC. At UNCG,  we view the modern library as a dynamic centre for change.

3. State Library of North Carolina 

The state library of North Carolina was established in 1812. The State Library of North Carolina is an institution which serves North Carolina libraries, state government employees, genealogists, and the citizens of North Carolina.

4. James E. Shepard Memorial Library

The Shepard Branch, while being the smallest Library in the  Metropolitan Library’s system, is demonstrating it may be having the largest impact on the Shepard Community.

5. North Carolina Government & Heritage Library

A library focused on facilitating public access to  state government information and advancing the study and  understanding of students and appreciation of North Carolina’s cultures and traditions.

Top 10 Residence Halls at North Carolina A&T

North Carolina A&T State University is known for it’s school spirit, and wonderful students. While it is supposed to be a fun time, students do need to find a place to sleep. Of course some places on campus are better than others. Here for the top residence Halls at North Carolina A&T State.

1. Aggie Suites

Aggie Suites building

Address: 100 N Booker St, Greensboro, NC 27401

The first best place to live on campus is Aggie Suites. This is an apartment style complex. It is coed and is located on the East side of campus. It is an easy walk to any sporting event.

2. Pride Hall

Pride Hall building

Address: Greensboro, NC 27401

The second best place to live on campus is Pride Hall. This complex is located, as well, on the East side of campus. It is also a coed apartment complex, or suites.

3. Aggie Terrace

Aggie Terrace building

Address: 1616 E Market St, Greensboro, NC 27401

The third best place to live on campus is Aggie Terrace . This apartment complex is only available for Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students. There are only apartments in the complex.

4. Alex Haley Hall

Alex Haley Hall building

Address: 1601 E Market St, Greensboro, NC 27411

The fourth best place to live on campus is Alex Haley Hall. This complex is located in North campus, and is extremely close to the academic buildings as well as sport events. It is a dorm style building, and it is coed.

5. Aggie Village



Aggie Village building

Address 44 Cunningham St, Greensboro, NC 27411

The fifth best place to live on campus is Aggie Village. This complex is made up of 3 different buildings. It is a coed suite, and it is located on the North side as well.

6. Cooper Hall

Cooper Hall building

Address: Greensboro, NC 27411

The sixth best place to live on campus is Cooper Hall. This hall is also located on the North side of campus. It is a traditional dorm style building, and it is only open to male students.

7. Barbee Hall

Barbee Hall building

Address:Greensboro, NC 27411

The seventh place to live on campus is Barbie Hall. It is a coed suite style complex, and it is located on the south side of campus. It is close to the library and other academic buildings.

8. Curtis Hall

Curtis Hall building

Address:Greensboro, NC 27411

The eighth best place to live on campus is Curtis Hall. It is also located on the south side of campus which makes it very close to important buildings. It is a traditional style dorm that is only for female students.

9. Holland Hall

Holland Hall building

Address:Greensboro, NC 27411

The ninth best place to live on campus is Holland Hall. This is also located on the south side of campus. It is also a female only traditional style dorm.

10. Morrison Hall

Morrison Hall building

Address:Greensboro, NC 27411

The final best place to live on campus is Morrison Hall. It is once again located on the south side of campus, and most first year students end up living here. It is a traditional style dorm that is only available to female students.


Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at North Carolina A&T State University!

1. Room Basics

table full of notes and all

– Bed sheets
– Toiletries
– Shower shoes and slippers
– Pillows
– Mattress pad
– Mattress protector
– Closet organizer
– Mirror
– Desk organizer
– Robe


2. Food and Snacks 

bunch of snacks

– Snacks
– Microwave (ask first)
– Mini fridge (under 3 cubic feet)
– Utensils
– Bowls, plates, and mugs
– Coffee maker
– Box to put food in


3. Tech & Entertainment

desktop with keyboard

– Printer
– HDMI cable
– Extension cords
– Cell phone charger
– Headphones
– TV

4. School Supplies

container for supplies

– Pens, pencils, erasers, and highlighters
– Notebooks
– Stapler
– Index cards and sticky notes
– Laptop
– Bulletin Board

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

bart listening to music

– Lysol wipes
– Bleach
– Laundry bag and detergent
– Stain remover
– Tissues
– Febreze
– Paper towels

6. Campus Gears

all muppets dressed up

– Rain coat
– Umbrella
– Backpack
– Swimsuit
– Water bottle
– Sunscreen
– Extra charger to put in bag
– Sunglasses

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

rules underlined

– Important documentation (passport)
– Financial aid documents
– Student ID
– Debit and Credit cards
– House Key
– Emergency contact numbers


Top 10 Coolest Clubs at North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina A&T State University is a  public research university located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The college was established in the year 1891. Here are 10 clubs you need to visit.

1. Kappa Omicron Nu

 inductee group picture for Kappa Omicron Nu holding roses

Kappa Omicron Nu is a group on campus that is for students and professionals who qualify. The group is committed to growing leadership skills in the school through different conferences as well as a variety of networking opportunities.

2. Fashion X-Cetera

 a fashion merchandising student creating a clothing piece

If you are in the fashion merchandising and design major this is the perfect group for you. It focuses on learning leadership skills as well as becoming ready to hit the ground running for future job opportunities. The group goes to field trips about fashion as well as has professionals speak on the topic.

3. Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS)

 a man talking about natural resources management to spectators by showing plants

This group is meant for those who are in minority groups to be encouraged and empowered to be in the agriculture, natural resource, and related sciences. This is a great way to be exposed to guest speakers,internship opportunities as well as career advancement techniques.

4. Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture

 the greek letters for for gamma sigma delta

If you are a student or alumni who has excelled in the major of agriculture this is the perfect group for you. The honor society looks to recognize those who have put in hard work in their academics. Being on the society means access to special conferences, a resume builder and so much more.

5. Animal Sciences and Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club

 a dog being checked out at the vet

If you are studying animal science or veterinary medicine this is the club for you. The club promotes the major as well as learns about different topics of the major such as animal well-being and the safe practices when you are handling an animal.

6. Honda Campus All-stars Quiz Bowl Team

 the words quiz bowl in front of a brain and music notes

Quiz Bowl team is a competitive game that is played against 2 different teams in a head to head battle of the academics. The questions are on a variety of different topics in school such as history, math or science. The game is competitive because you are going against other schools and are often given very little time for answering the question.

7. Conscious Connection

 a graphic of people in a web connected by lines and dots

Conscious Connection is a group on campus that allows for those students in club to be connected not only with each other but strives for connectedness within the entire student body. The school must feel like a safe area to make new friends and enjoy your classes.

8. Student Union Activities Board

 elements and their pictures for event management wallet and lightbulbs

The student union activities board is the group on campus that holds many different events that are open to all students. The group needs people to help put on these events as well as to promote them. Join this group if you are looking for leadership and event management skills.

9. Saudi Student Association

president trump with a saudi man

While the school on campus is predominantly a school that holds African-American students that does not mean there isn’t diversity within the campus. If you are looking for fellow Saudi students to connect with, this is the club for you.

10. Muslim Student Association (MSA)

 a muslim lady in a cloke with her husband

The Muslim student association is a group on campus that allows for Muslim students to gather together in a safe and nonjudgemental place. It is a great group to join if you are looking to learn more about the culture of Muslim students.

Top Events of the School Year at North Carolina A&T State University

1. Weekend Open Play

 a basketball and a basketball court with the words open gym

Get fit and active with a group of your friends at the weekend open play event in the MOORE gym. You can use this space to play a round of basketball, do some yoga poses, or even run a few time around the gym. This is a great way to energize and stay active.

2. International Food Night

 australian international food featuring shrimp and peas

Are you itching to know what international food is like compared to US food? This is your chance to enjoy a great night of taste journeys. Make sure to come on out with friends and family for a time that is not only delicious but culture filled.

3. Undergraduate Admission

a woman excited to get an acceptance letter

This undergraduate admissions info session is meant for those who are prospective students. If you have any questions about getting into the school or the application process be sure to attend this info session, also come prepared with things to ask.

4. Bible Study

 a bible people taking notes on scripture and a coffee cup

This recurring event happens frequently. The Bethel campus ministry meets up for a bible study to go over the scripture verses in the bible and the meanings behind them. There is a open discussion that is talked about as well as a chance to meet with fellow religious students.

5. Student Athletes Study Hall

 a boy studying and taking notes

As a student athlete it often becomes hard to put academics first when it seems like the sport is the thing that keeps you at the school. This is not the case for this particular school. The school knows you are busy and wants to dedicate time for you to get your homework or studying done.