10 Coolest Courses at Normandale Community College

Involve yourself to the matter that interests you and enroll in a course that will help you mold into the best professional you can be. Normandale Community College promotes goals that help students fulfill their roles as an individual and promises in distributing knowledge in the most effective way. Here are the top 10 coolest courses at Normandale Community College.


woman typing on her laptop

This is an introductory course about computer technology. A student in this course will explore the basics of computer including topics associated with input and output, storage devices, operating system, PC software program, central processing unit, and security.


drugs all over the globe

Environmental Chemistry deals with the issue surrounding the environment and the students will analyze and understand its concepts. This is one of the coolest courses because it explores certain topics such as pollution, energy usage, and recycling and in this way, it opens to the solution of ending these issues.


rat being held by hand wearing plastic gloves

This course introduces the basic concepts and application of Chemistry. A student in this course will be able to learn the role of chemistry in the lives of an individual and on their everyday living; these include food and nutrition, cooking, art, cosmetics, and crime.



This course interprets and evaluates global politics through understanding the global issues of the environment such as the environment, human rights, security, economic development, capitalism, foreign policies, social movement and groups and effects of global affairs of technological innovations. This allows students to develop a global perspective.


two men wearing ceremonial clothing

Cultural Diversity emphasizes the study of understanding the diversity within cultures. Students will be able to understand the differences of cultures, examine the challenges and opportunities they present and their importance in the dynamic contemporary world and this is one of the coolest courses because students will be able to explore these differences and how they function.


man holding her wife on the stomach

This course studies the relationship of individuals that affected society. This includes marriage, gender roles, parenting, family lives, sexuality, cohabitation, and divorce. This is one of the coolest course because it allows students to explore their roles and understand others and they both contribute influence in society and how society affects them.



This course is an introductory class of emerging diseases across the global nation which involves studying the local factors that caused the emerging of infectious diseases. Discussion includes epidemiology, transmission, bioterrorism, sexually transmitted diseases, and food safety.


butterfly sitting on top of a flower

Environmental Biology studies how humans depend on the natural world and how they influence it. A student in this course will be able to learn topics including population growth, natural resources, environmental concerns, pollution, and basic ecological principles.


people doing a fist bump showing solidarity

This course is an introduction to an internationally related business. This is one of the coolest course because this class will tackle the environment of international business which includes how to manage, market, export, import, and finance business successfully; this also includes learning the economic, cultural, legal and political environment of the business industry.


man wearing a suit, fixing his tie

This course is an overview of the field of hospitality, travel and tourism industry. A student in this course will be provided with comprehensive knowledge and will explore the management of hotels, marketing, service companies, restaurant, and functional area.

10 Hardest Courses at the Normandale Community College

Normandale Community College is a located in Minnesota, and is one of the best places to pursue higher education. Also, it’s home to some of the toughest college classes ever. Students walk in expecting simple life but that is not the case. Many students are disappointed by the fact that they have to encounter severe academic challenges. Let’s look at some of the hardest classes in campus:

1. ACCT 2251 – Financial Accounting

Picture of a graph representing financial accounting

Financial accounting is a very difficult course. This is because it’s highly technical, requires maximum practice and is overly mathematical. To pass this course, you need to have mastered all aspects of financial accounting, They are; ledger accounts, bookkeeping, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, etc.

2. CSCI 2021 – Computer Architectures and Organization

A simple illustration of computer architecture.

This course entails the study of the structure and internal working of computer systems. Generally, students fail in this course because they don’t give enough efforts. For such a technical course, students have to be highly focused and prepared to study.

3. DENH 2254 – Clinical Radiology 2

A student learning clinical radiology by looking at xrays of the chest

In this course, students learn the use and application of equipment in treatment. The machines can capture images, diagnose diseases, and offer treatment to some ailments. It’s usually a delicate affair and students have to stay in the labs for hours in order to master the use of these devices.

4. BIOL 2041 – Human Anatomy

Diagram of the human lower leg, annotated with labels of muselcs and bones

The study of human body structures is a hard task. There is loads of work to be covered and many students fail simply because they are no match to the task. The exams are also very difficult, and thus, few students pass.

5. COMT 1181 – Database Management Systems

An illustration of the Database Management Systems

Students learn how to create and manage database in a computer system. Although it seems like a simple task, it is a challenge to many students. In essence, students have to study computer languages like SQL and Oracle which are very difficult.

6. HIST 2111 – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender US History

Oicture of two men at a LGBTQ street festival

If there has ever been a very controversial course, then is has to be this LGBT History course. The is always the fight between morality and freedom on people. Students who take this course don’t like the fact that it is one of the most controversial topics in the world. Besides, some students don’t talk about the topics in this course.

7. MATH 0630 – Survey of Algebra

Picture of a puzzle making algebra tools

Algebra is a wide, comprehensive course. It’s a prerequisite for some mathematical courses and there is no option of failing. The most challenging topics include; linear and quadratic functions, exponents and polynomials, graphs of linear equations, and logarithmic functions

8. CHEM 2062 – Organic Chemistry 2

Organic Chemistry equations and reactions

Do you know why many chemistry major students never graduate? The answer lies in courses like this one. The study of chemical compounds, structures, bonds, and molecules sum up to one of the hardest college courses ever.

9. NURS 2920 – Applied Pathophysiology for Nursing 2

Picture of nurse caring for a patient in bed

Pathophysiology is the study of disordered physiological processes that result from injuries or diseases. It is a mandatory for almost all healthcare related programs. Students have to cover a lot of material work within a very short period of time. The semester is always horrible and the end result is massive failures.

10. CSCI 1202 – Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in C++

An illustration of the Object Oriented Programming

This course is a pillar to software developments, and that’s why students have to perform exemplary. To pass this course, students have to understand data structures, and order functions. Secondly, students have to understand other programming languages such as Java as they go hand in hand.

If you can avoid some of these courses, well and good. However, for some programs, there are some courses you cannot avert. Therefore, you need to rise up to the challenge. Students are advised to choose the programs that they can manage to avoid the risk of failure. Unfortunately, not all them are lucky, some never make it past the first year.

10 Library Resources at Normandale Community College You Should Know

Normandale Community College is a two-year college located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The college has an abundance of library resources available to its undergraduate population of over 10,000 students. Here are ten library resources at Normandale Community College that you should check out.

1. Group Study Rooms

Students can reserve group study rooms for collaborative projects. Reservations can be made online or in person. Students must also present their student ID to the librarian before being given a key to the room. If students are more than 30 minutes late to their booked time, the reservation will be waived.

A study room meant for a group.

2. Interlibrary Loan

Normandale Community College offers interlibrary loan to students. Students seeking materials from other libraries may use this resource. This is a great tool for gaining access to more research sources. Ask a librarian for further assistance.

Materials that can be ordered with interlibrary loan.

3. Library Catalog

Students can use this resource to find materials available in the college’s library system. Searches can be made by title, author, subject, keyword, and more. Students can search for needed research materials, like books and magazines. Ask a librarian for help using this resource.

Materials that can be checked out of the library.

4. Trial Databases

Normandale Community College offers students access to trial databases. Students can access different trial records and use them for research. They can also peruse these materials at their leisure. Ask a librarian for further assistance or information.

A trial that is in action.

5. Article Databases

Students have access to different article databases to help with their research. Articles can be found on a variety of topics, such as education, government, law, and more. Full texts can usually be accessed. Ask a librarian for further assistance.

An article that has been printed.

6. Journal Finder

Students can search for a variety of journals on subjects like health sciences, philosophy, religion, business, journalism, and more. Searches can be made by subject, keyword, author, or title. Students can even search by ISSN or ISBN. Ask a librarian for further help using this research tool.

A graphic of people discussing research.

7. Course Reserves

The purpose of this system is for students to gain access to materials that are in high demand. Items placed on reserve are usually assigned course readings, books, or videos. Loan periods are limited and strictly enforced. Loan periods are determined by faculty.

Materials that have been reserved for a course.

8. Streaming Videos

Students can find many videos for educational purposes. They can use the digital-streaming service Films on Demand to stream videos they need for class. They can choose from over 15,000 educational titles. Subjects covered range from economics to newsreels.

A laptop with a film reel.

9. Citation Guides

Students have access to citation guides to help them cite sources accurately. They can receive help with MLA, APA, or ASA citation styles. This resource helps students to be accurate in their work and avoid plagiarism. Ask a librarian for further assistance.

A bibliography of cited sources.

10. Research Guides

Students have access to customized research guides on a variety of subjects. These subjects include humanities, physical sciences, and more. They also have access to a customized list of research sources, including articles databases, websites, and reference materials. This is a great tool for students trying to start and find a focal point for their research.

Tools that are used for research.

Libraries at Normandale Community College

1. Normandale Community College Library

This is the main academic library on campus. Students can find all of the above resources here. They can also find spaces to study either quietly or collaboratively. The library is closed on Sundays.

Normandale Community College Library interior.

2. Penn Lake Library

This is a public library available to Normandale students. Students can access research materials here provided they open an account. They can also find a quiet study space. The library is open 7 days a week.

The Penn Lake Library exterior.

3. Southdale Library

This library is located in Edina, Minnesota. Normandale students can travel here to find research materials. They can also find a quiet place to study. The library is open 7 days a week.

The exterior of Southdale Library.

4. Little Tardis Library

This is a small community library available to members of the Bloomington community. Normandale students can borrow books from here. There are many authentic materials available. The library is pretty small, so students will not find a study space here, but on the flipside, this library never closes.

The exterior of Little Tardis Library.

5. Augsburg Park Library

This is a library located in Richfield, Minnesota. It is close enough for Normandale students to travel to. Students can check out materials and find a quiet study space. The library is open 7 days a week.

The Augsburg Park Library exterior.

10 Coolest Clubs at Normandale Community College

Normandale Community College is a two-year college located in Bloomington, Minnesota, United States. The school is fairly large, it services about over 10,000 students each year. Here are 10 clubs that you must know about at Normandale Community College.

1. Anime Club

 half of full metal alchemest and half of avatar the last airbender

Anime Club is a club meant for those Japanese style art enthusiasts. If you are already a lover of anime this is the group for you. Not only will you be able to tell others about titles you enjoy but the group will show/play shows you have never seen.

2.American Sign Language Club

 american sign language for the letters a s and l

The American Sign Language club is a great club to join if you want to either brush up on your sign language skills or learn how to sign in general. Once you pick up how to know the basic words and motions you might find a hobby or possible career you enjoy(sign translator).

3.Creative Writing Club

drawings of a plane clouds and people with a house

The creative writing club is a group on campus that gather together to get their creative juices flowing. If you are suffering from serious writers block having a group of minds will be able to get you out of your slump. The group is also great for peer editing.

4.Christian Student Fellowship

 hands holding the sign of the cross in the sky

Christian student fellowship is a group on campus with christian views but nondenominational. It is open to all students and separates students into small group based on categories (usually for bible studies) and then meets up for large group.

5.French Club

 a person holding a french phrase by the eifel tower

French Club is a club on campus that allows the student to read and talk in conversational French. If you have never learned to speak it or just brushing up on your skills this is the perfect club to join. Make sure to check out their events to understand better the  French culture.

6.Japanese Culture Club

rice is the japanese food for everything

Japanese culture club is a club that is meant to better understand the culture of Japan. For how large Japan is, the elements /topics to talk about really are endless. A few key topics to talk about though are : the history, fashion sense, food and how it is made, and festivals.

7.Pottery Club

 a man designing a bowl

Making pottery is more of an artistic approach to making and creating out of clay. The pottery club a very relaxing club to get into, it is also a great way to make hand-made dishes that can look like any way that you want them to look.

8.Tea Club

cookies and tea

Tea Club was an initiative started by a student who wanted to get their homework done with their friends but brought along tea. The tea was a soothing and relaxing touch to the idea of doing homework. Now tea club is  great meetup of students doing homework and chatting as well as drinking tea.

9.Outdoors Club

 a woman climbing a mountain

If you are an adventure seeking nature enthusiast this is the club for you. As a way to get away from the hustle and bustle that homework and work has for you, if only for a little bit, the outdoors club allows students to do outdoors activities such as climbing.

10.Meditation Club

 a woman by the water in a meditative pose

Meditation Club is a club that is meant for students to learn how to fully relax through the ideals of deep breathing as well as clearing out the mind of any distractions. Meditation is usually paired with the act of yoga. Check out this group if you need any help with relaxation.

Top Events of the School Year at Normandale Community College

1.College Visit

 students who are prospective following the tour guide

The Normandale Community College allows prospective highschool students to visit the college and see what the college can offer them. They can explore campus dining options as well as even ask any questions that they might have.

2.Program Board Pumpkin Painting Contest

 pumpkin painting the characters from monsters inc

This event will be in the Kopp Student Center & Zone Area. This event allows students to paint their pumpkin and have people vote on the best one. The winner will get the ultimate bragging rights as well as a prize. This is a creative and fun fall activity.

3.Phi Theta Kappa Golden Apple

 the greek letters or phi theta kappa

The group Phi Theta Kappa has been holding this particular event for plenty of years in the past. The event is meant to honor a faculty member who has been able to make the group great for the year, the faculty member usually changes over the years.

4.NPB/BSA Multicultural Event

 a woman getting a henna design

Attend the multicultural event if you are looking to be more knowledgable about the diversity and culture that the school has. There will be featured a runway show as well as delicious foods from different countries, henna tattoos, and singing.

5.Campus Community Cleaning Project

 a person picking up trash from the ground

The campus community cleaning project is meant to be an event that is about having students clean up the college campus. The event is sponsored by the Normandale Program Board. There will be lunch provided for the event.

10 Easy Classes at Normandale

When it comes to choosing your courses for an upcoming semester, things can get a little stressful.  Trying to meet the credit requirement, filling your schedule with classes that will help you get your diploma, and trying to make sure that they all fit together in a way that will leave you time to do your work and hang out with friends is rough.  So to help out the students at Normandale Community College here is a list of 10 easy courses that will help make your next semester a little less stressful.

1. ENGW1111 – Introduction to Creative Writing

The first class on this list is a fun one.  Creativity is always a fun way to express yourself, and writing is a great way to release any kind of negativity you’re feeling, and when you combine the two magic can happen.  In this course, students will work with different forms of creative writing such as short stories, poems, screenwriting and a few more.  Not only will students read creative works while writing thoughtful responses, students will also get to try their own hands at writing their own kind of creative works.

Half a pencil with all sorts of clip art spilling out of it.

2. ART1114 – Introduction to Digital Photography

Another form of creativity is photography, a form of creativity that’s all about capturing a beautiful moment that you don’t want to forget.  With today’s technology, anyone can be a photographer, but sometimes a picture could use a little more help before it’s truly finished.  In Introduction to Digital Photography students will learn techniques for taking and editing an amazing photo along with learning photography vocabulary.

An image of a camera next to a laptop.

3. ENGC0800 – Fundamentals of Writing

While the word fundamentals doesn’t necessarily scream “Fun” this course will undoubtedly be an easy one.  What will make this course easy is that it’s pretty much a back to the basics course, just refining the writing skills that students have learned starting all the way back in elementary school.  The focus of this class is to work on academic writing by working with grammar, vocabulary, and the basics of writing parts of an essay to create a well written and well-developed essay.

An old-fashioned typewriter.

4. ENGL1175 – Myths and Legends

While the last class focused more on the easy side and ignored the fun side, this course, however, finds a balance for both.  This course will not just be fun and easy, but interesting as well.  This course will focus on myths and legends of the past from all different eras.  Students will learn about different kinds of myths of legends and how they’re passed down and they’ll also be able to see modern re-imagines of these classics.

A dragon.

5. ENGL2060 – Children’s and Young Adult Literature

In this course, students may feel a little bit of nostalgia because they are given a chance to understand literature that they may have read when they were younger.  It focuses on stories that were written for children along with YA novels that usually focus on teens.  Not only will students read these novels, they’ll learn the process in which they’re written, along with how these books act as a form of teaching themselves.

A cartoon earth with cartoon children holding books around and the words "Diverse Children's Books" on the earth.

6.  GEOL1101 – Physical Geology

Courses that are a branch of science can be a bit tough, but this one isn’t.  Physical Geology is a course that seems to be considered easy at almost any college you can think of.  The main point of Physical Geology is to be able to identify different kinds of rocks.

Different colored rocks.

7. WMST1120 – Introduction to Women’s Studies

Introduction to Women’s Studies isn’t just an easy course, but it’s actually a pretty interesting one.  This is the kind of course that students take to diversify their course schedule and just try out because it’s out of the norm.  The course strives to teach the history of women and their roles in society.

A clipart of women with their arms raised.

8. POLS1130 – Introduction to U.S. Politics

Lately, it’s hard to escape politics, especially here in the U.S.  It seems like no matter where you go there’s always someone broadcasting their political beliefs whether you agree with them or not is a different story.  Taking a course that introduces students to U.S. politics seems like a fairly smart decision in today’s society.  This course is meant to show students how our political system came to be and bring it back into our modern political climate.

The elephant and donkey butting heads with the American flag in the background.

9. READ1104 – College Study Strategies

The key to doing well in college is to study, or so I’ve heard, but for some people studying isn’t quite something they have a hold on (me included).  In this course, students will learn effective ways to study different kinds of material.  Learning to study effectively will not only improve the student’s grades but the higher the grade a student gets the better the student will feel.

A group of students studying together.

10. READ0860 – Reading Skills

It’s impossible to avoid reading, if you’re this far in this list then you’ve been reading for a hot minute, but reading really is everywhere.  This course will go back to the basics of reading and will help improve vocabulary while reading longer works of fiction.

Clipart of a cartoon guy with glasses sitting on a stack of books reading a book.

With the 2018 Fall Semester approaching faster and faster each day, choosing classes is more important than before.  Before we know it summer will be over, and classes will be back in session. Hopefully, these 10 classes will make it easier for you to boost your GPA and have a great academic year!