10 Coolest Courses at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is a public university in Socorro, New Mexico. The school has around a 23% acceptance rate for enrollment. The school has around 1,400 students that attend. Here are 10 cool courses to take at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

1. PHIL 389 – Phil Through Film

a table and a script

Philosophy Through Film is a course that goes over the famous films with philosophical messages in them. When it comes to film, it mimics reality when it goes into the meaning and message of life. It is a great course to take if you are looking to study how perspective is captured on the big screen.

2. ACCT 355 – Cost Accounting

calculator and a stack of coins

Cost Accounting is a course that goes over the sector of accounting that looks at how people spend their money when it comes to a business. The business hires a cost accountant to review balance sheets and make good decisions to help the company properly allocate its funds for expenses and revenue.

3. ACCT 201 – Fundamentals of Accounting I

a chart of different statistics and graphs in cartoon

Fundamentals of Accounting I is a course that goes over the basics when it comes to accounting. You will learn about the tools that can be best used in accounting such as Quickbooks and a balance sheet. You will also learn the different types of expenses and liabilities such as building expense.

4. ECON 252 – Principles of Microeconomics

person giving money for an apple in a cartoon that represents microeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics is a course that goes over the small scale factors of how money is circulated in the economy. You will look at different examples such as individuals and on a local business scale. A few local examples to look at are the population of the area as well as the number of jobs.

5. ECON 362 – Managerial Economics

hands counting money and looking at charts in a cartoon

Managerial Economics is a course that goes over the side of economics from a business perspective. When taking on a leadership role it is important to note the ways in which the finances of the company can be improved. It is a great course if you are looking to learn more about the logistics of money handling for a large business.

6. FIN 302 – Principles of Finance

money and trade on a scale in a cartoon

Principles of Finance go over the basics of what it means to learn about finance in the world today. You will learn different terms of meanings such as what equity is. You will also look at what it means to take out loans or to defer (which is financing a specific amount of money over a period of time).

7. BA 315 – Business Law I

the balance used in the court system

Business Law I is a course that goes over the various types of law that has to do when it comes to legalities in business. There are many loopholes and gray areas when it comes to business and it is important to be aware of business law in order to know how to stop bad business practices. It is an eye-opening course if you are looking to run your own business or represent them as clients.

8. HUMA 211 – Media Studies

the different types of streaming apps in a colourful graphic design illustration

Media Studies covers the various parts of media that play into how humans interact or are affected. Media is a large outlet of how people consume information and process how their perspectives are changed. It is important to look at various different media platforms to see the change and groups that gravitate towards the particular media.

9. MKT 335 – Principles of Marketing

a manager in front of a cashier smiling

Principles of Marketing is a course that goes over the different factors that go into marketing a business or a service. There are many sectors and jobs in marketing. You will look at sales, advertisements, retailing and graphic design.

10. CSC 331 – Computer Architecture

two computer screens with design programs

Computer Architecture is a course that covers the capabilities and programming model of a computer. This is not to be confused by how the computer was implemented, however. It is a great course to take if you are looking to understand what the computer is able to do when it comes to programming.

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is a harder school to get into because it is selective on who attends. It is a very specific school that normally caters to those looking to go into a trade or go into emerging tech when it comes to the industry. But the school also provides a wide range of other different topics/courses to take such as business and law.

Top 10 Clubs at NMT

The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is a university located in Socorro, New Mexico. The school offers at least 30 different degrees that cover the subjects of :science degrees in technology, the sciences, engineering, management, and technical communication. Here are 10 cool clubs to visit.

1. Ice Cream Club

 strawberry icecream with real strawberries

Ice cream club is a club on campus that allows students to enjoy the deliciousness that is ice cream. It is a great way for students who enjoy the taste to get to know different brands and flavors. The club puts on ice cream events and social.

2. Waffle Club

 waffles with butter and honey

How do you feel about eating breakfast for every meal? What is your stance on maple syrup. Waffle Club is a group of enthusiasts who are looking to find others who enjoy the taste of waffles as much as they do, the group holds events that are waffle themed and bring the tastiness to the community.

3. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is a group on campus that is committed to living out a faith filled relationship with the lord. It is a great time of merriment and joy and attending the fellowship is a chance to be social with others while enjoying the grace of the lord.

4. Cereal Club

Cereal Club is a group on campus that is interested in all things cereal. Cereal is a fairly broad food. It has many different flavors and textures. The cereal club was made so that enthusiasts. The group holds events that showcase different cereals.

5. Anime Addicts Anonymous

 the anime character luffy

Anime Addicts Anonymous is a group for anime enthusiasts to be able to talk about anime in a nonjudgemental space. It is a great way for students to be able to enjoy being in the company of others who enjoy anime just as much as they.

6. Ballroom Dance Club

 couples doing ballroom dancing

Ballroom Dance Club is a group on campus that allows students to be able to experience what it is like to ballroom dance. Often when you go to a fancier dance the choice of dancing style is ballroom. It is a fairly easy to pick up on dance that is enjoyable for all.

7. Minecraft Club

 the landscape and characters of minecraft

Minecraft club is game that allows students to be able to be in the company of each other while also playing one of their enjoyed games;Minecraft. The game of Minecraft is both strategic in defeating enemies as well as creative by making your own in game space.

8. Parkour

 a guy doing parkour

The act of doing parkour is seen as a dangerous sport that is only to be advised by people who have experience with it. Parkour is a type of extreme street running. It keeps you in shape but you must be careful on your technique with it.

9. PC Gaming Club

 a person playing a pc game

PC Gaming club is a group on campus that plays video games on the pc together. The club is open to suggestions and there is often plenty of different genres and story lines to play. This is a great way to do team games and defeat others.

10. Teas Around the World

Tea club is a group for those who are interested in tasting different teas around the world. It is a great way for students to be able to get to know different varieties of teas as well to be able to show other students the ingredients and properties of tea.

Top Events of the School Year at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

1. Time Management Workshop

 a girl using time management for clocks and cash

The time management workshop is a way for students to be given tips on how they should manage their work load. As a college student they often have to balance the stuggle of going to classes, getting sleep, social life, work, and homework/studying.

2. Bike Repair

 a bike being repaired at a shop

This event is a way for students who need to repair their bike to come in and get help and access to tools to do it. The event is at the Tech Pool and happens once a week. The event is put on by NMT bike Club and it is encouraged to donate money for supplies to be shared.

3. Crane Run

 a person running graphic

If you are looking to be active and show off your conditioning that you’ve worked for, this is the event to do it. The crane run is where you run/jog/walk  for over 13 miles between the Tech gym to The Crane Restaurant in San Antonio, NM.

4. Pre-Registration for Spring

 sign for register for classes

When it comes to signing up for classes it is a priority that you do it as soon as possible. Make sure that the window of time that pre-registration happens is when you sign up for classes. Classes fill fairly quickly so be prepared.

5. Fine Arts Fall Show

 a painting of a bird cage

The Fine arts fall show is a way for students to showcase all their talented art pieces. The show features pieces such as Digital Photography
Photoshop, Pottery, and Clay Sculpture. The event will be a great way to have inspiration on your own art work.

Top 10 Library Resources at NMIMT

A great way to succeed while at school is by using every resource that you can. These resources are usually located through the library. Here are the top 10 library resources at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology!

1. Plenty of Books

With over 600,000 libraries available, you will have plenty of options to help your projects at the library. This is a very large number of books for a college of this size. If you stop in the library, you will find just about everything that you need.

a bunch of books

2. E-Journals

If you need access to scholarly journals, you can read thousands of E-Journals on the library’s website. This will give you to opportunity to access these documents right from your own home. This is a great perk to keep in mind.


3. Email Help Form

If you have a question that needs to be answered, but you can’t make it into the library, you can email in a question. This is super easy to do and you will get a quick response. This adds convenience to your life.

Email icon

4. FAQs

A great way to get answers without having to ask a question is by visiting the frequently asked questions section. You will get some basic answers very quickly. There is a good chance that you can find simple answers without having to visit the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

5. Rent a Room

By renting a room, you will have some privacy while studying at the library. This is a great option if you need to work with a group on a project. You can go online and reserve the room for about an hour at a time.

a study room

6. Newspapers

A cool feature of the library is the huge collection of Newspaper from over the years. This allows you to gov back many decades to get information. There are not many other places that has this big of an index of physical newspapers.

an old newspaper

7. Interlibrary Loan

An Interlibrary loan is when the library will buy you a resource or book to rent if they do not have it. This library offers this feature to you. This allows you to save some money while getting the resources that you need.

Image result for interlibrary loan

8. Academic OneFile

Academic OneFile is a great database that you have access to. This is a site that has thousands of archived documents that you can reference. You definitely need to take advantage of this resource.

Academic OneFile

9. Gale Virtual Library

The Gale Virtual Library is an online library that you can use no matter where you are. This gives you almost as many resources as the physical library. You can see some great resources while in the comfort of your home.

Gale Virtual Library

10. World Bank Open Data

World Bank Open Data is the final great resource available to you. This database focuses on international issues and news. If you need information about different countries, this is the place to look.

Worldbank logo


Top 3 Libraries at NMINT

1. Skeen Library

The main and only library on campus is Skeen Library. There are tons of resources that you can physically use at this location. This is also a great place to meet with your peers and study with peace and quiet.

Address: 801 Leroy

Skeen Library

2. New Mexico Tech Library

Another great library in the area is New Mexico Tech Library. This is a great facility that has a lot to offer to students of this school. If you do not live on campus, this might be a better option for you.

Address: N/A

Students in the library

3. Socorro Public Library

The final great library in the region is the Socorro Public Library. This is a great location that you can go to to use some great resources. You will have a peaceful time hanging out in this library.

Address: 401 Park St

Socorro Public Library

10 Easiest Courses at the NMT

Summer calls for relaxation. It also calls for a time to recover from college, but also prepare for the new semester that lies ahead. This means registering for courses and getting yourself prepared for the stacks of homework that many professors will give you during the first few weeks. However, there are some ways to eliminate the amount of homework you have to do throughout the semester. One way is by taking an easier class. Below are the top 10 easiest classes at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

1. ART 372 Issues in Art History

In this course, students will explore the many issues and topics in art history. Students will learn about the various practices and methods that authors incorporate into pieces and the stories that unfold just by looking at a piece. Students will also learn how many works have portrayed various social and political movements in history.

An image of famous art pieces.

2. ANTH 101 Introduction to Anthropology

How does anthropology help us to figure out the why and the how when it comes to the social interactions within society and the cultural aspects of different communities around the world? This course will explore terminology, theory, methods, and practices in anthropology, Student swill learn about the many discoveries that archaeologists have made, and the cultural traditions that play a role in shaping the world we live in.

An image of woman looking at a skull.

3. CHEM 109 Introduction to Chemistry

In this course, students will be introduced to the basic principles of chemistry. This class will focus on how to classify matter, the laws of chemical combinations, and the atomic theory as it relates to chemical bonding. Students will also learn about the various types of chemicals and their reactions in this course.

An image of tools used in chemistry.

4. BIOL 101 Issues in Biological Science

Have you ever wondered what the underlying issues that the field of biology faces? Maybe you just wanted to learn more about the topics in biology to gain a better sense of what the field brings to the world. This class will explore issues in modern biology. Students will have the chance to learn about issues in biotechnology, biocomplexity, and biodiversity.

An image representing biological studies.

5. COMM 242 Public Speaking

Many college students have a fear about speaking in front of their own peers. This course will help students overcome that fear by giving the basic necessities and principles needed to present a great speech. Students will learn how to prepare for speeches and how to deliver various types as well.

An image of a microphone.

6. HIST 121 Full STEAM Ahead

This course is an introductory into the enriching history of science and technology. Students will learn about history up into the invention of the steam engine and how many of the inventions and discoveries shape our world today. Students will be provided with the fundamental aspects and basic concepts of technology in various regions of the world.

An image comparing STEAM vs. STEM.

7. MUS 105 Fundamentals of Music

Music is something that the majority of the world enjoys. It’s something that allows us all to connect and learn about one another through a universal language. This course will be an introduction into the basic fundamentals and principles of music. Students will learn about tone, musical notation, sight-reading, hearing and playing music, and musical composition.

An image of music notes.

8. HUMA 120 Film Genres

What’s your favorite movie? This course is an introduction into the film industry. Students will explore various genres of film as they learn how to critique many of the films shown in class. Students will also be provided with an understanding of the historical and cultural aspects of film in modern-day times as well.

An image of a film.

9. PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy 

In this course, students will explore the major issues within the field of philosophy. Students will also learn about the historical background of many ideas that are still thought to be true in the world today. This course will touch base on the value of knowledge, political views, reality, fantasy, and the problems that occur when the world is presented with new ideas.

A representation of a new idea.

10. THEA 314 Introduction to Theater

Have you ever thought about wanting to grace the stage? Well look no further! This course will introduce students the practice and basic fundamentals of theater. Students will learn about plays in literature, the basics of acting, costume design, play-writing, directing, and other topics.  Students will have a chance to write and act in their own plays in a group project given to students during the semester as well.

A look inside of a movie theater.

Taking some easier classes will not only help boost your GPA, but it will also help you feel a sense of peace when you leave. It means that you have more time to plan for your life outside of class than to be stuck in the library doing tons of papers.