10 Coolest Courses at the New College of Florida

Located in Sarasota, Florida, New College of Florida is a public liberal arts honors college offering nearly 40 undergraduate programs and a master’s degree program in Data Science. The institution also offers a serene learning environment and ample resources to its students to aid in their success. Below is a list of 10 of the coolest courses offered at the institution.

1. ART 2200 – Drawing I

The human eye drawn on a paper

This art course introduces students to the basic concepts and techniques of drawing. The course will include theory and practical sessions. The practical sessions will involve students drawing various pieces as they practice and implement the concepts taught. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Art.

2. DANC 2100 – Contemporary Dance I

Female dancers performing a dance in white garments

This is a very interesting and fun course. Students in the course will be introduced to modern-day dance styles and techniques. The course is recommended for beginners who want to develop their dance skills. The course is very practical and students will practice various dance moves and techniques throughout the course. Dance major students are recommended for this course.

3. THEA 2500 – Acting I

Two acting masks in front of a theatre curtain

If you love acting, then this course is recommended for you. The course helps potential actors to exploit their creative skills by introducing them to the acting concepts and techniques. The course is highly practical as students spend most of the time practicing to perfect their acting skills. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Theatre Arts.

4. LANG 2410 – Elementary Spanish I

A word HOLA written in colorful letters

If you wish to learn Spanish as a foreign language, this course suits your needs. This course is designed for beginner students with little or no background in Spanish. Students will learn how to speak, write, listen, and read elementary Spanish. Videos and audio clips will be used as study tools in the course.

5. RELI 2270 – Introduction to Islam

A crescent moon and a star beside it representing islam

This course introduces students to Islam as a religious faith. Students are exposed to the traditions, beliefs and practices of Muslims by analyzing Islamic religious books including the Quran. Students will learn very interesting facts about Islam as a religion. This course is recommended for Religious Studies majors.

6. MUSC 2175 – Western Art Music Tradition

A poster written Western Art Music

This music course discusses the traditions in Western music; particularly music in Europe and the United States. Students will listen to and analyze music from various genres from the West. The course seeks to understand the culture and traditions surrounding music production and musicians. The course is recommended for music majors.

7. LITR 2530 – Introduction to Poetry

A half pencil with the words Poetry written on one end

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of writing poetry. Students will learn the concepts and techniques of good poem-writing. Students will also be expected to compose their own poems as part of the coursework. The poems will be evaluated and analyzed during the class sessions by fellow students and the instructor. Students will also evaluate poems from renowned poets around the world.

8. HIST 2200 – East Asian Civilization

A map of the world with the words EAST ASIAN CIVILIZATIONS written on it

This is a fun History course that focuses on the civilization journey of the East Asian region. The course discusses the political, social, economic, and cultural practices of the East Asian community and their contribution to civilization. Students will learn very interesting historical facts about China, Korea, and Japan from the earliest states to the present. 

9. CSCI 2200 – Introduction to Programming in Python

A computer monitor displaying code with symbol for python on top

If you are fascinated by software development, then you should enroll in this course. The course introduces students to the fundamentals of the python programming language. The course is both theoretical and practical. Students will interact with the python language as a programming tool. They will be required to create simple software using the language as part of the coursework.

10. POLS 2300 – Introduction to World Politics

Flags of different countries in the world with the words WORLD POLITICS written under them

Students that like politics should enroll in this course. The course discusses various political systems of various countries around the world. Students will learn a wide range of issues that are related to international relations. Students will learn very interesting facts about the political systems around the world and how they contribute to the global economy and peace. This course is recommended for Political Science students.

Top 10 Clubs at New College of Florida

New College of Florida is a public liberal arts honors college in Sarasota, Florida, United States. The school is fairly small with a little less than 1,000 students attending the school. Here are 10 cool clubs that you need to check out.

1. Animal Interest Club

 a homeless dog on the street

The animal interest club is an initiative to allow students to be able to find internships and volunteer opportunities in the areas of animals in shelters, wildlife conservation and even homeless or disabled animals. It is a great group if you are looking to be a vet tech.

2. Anarchy Deathstick

 a crocheted floor peacock

Anarchy Deathstick is a group on campus that allows students to learn how to knit or crochet. It is a fun club to be in if you are looking to learn how to do either. Knowing how to knit/crochet is a cheap and heart filled gift that allows others to get something customizable.

3. Bullsharks Dive Club

 a man scuba diving

The bullsharks dive club is a group on campus that allows students and faculty to learn the ins and the outs of scuba diving. The event of scuba diving is a fun way to experience all that the ocean has to offer, just be sure to know of the precautions needed to take it.

4. Cinnamon Club

 Tommy Wiseau's cult classic The Room

Cinnamon Club is a group on campus that explores the different type of cult classics there are to watch. Some cult classics got famous not for being good but for being so bad that is it eventually was good to make fun of. The room is an example of the this. The club has discussions after the movie and free snacks.

5. Chess and Shogi Club

 a chess board and game pieces

The Chess and Shogi Club is  group on campus that is committed to teaching new comers the game of chess and the game of shogi. The game of chess is more of a mind game that deals with being able to anticipate the moves of others. Shogi is Japanese chess.

6. Interact

 a cartoon of a person hurt

Interact is the initiative on campus that is meant for students to learn to be better bystanders in a situation. It goes over the safe ways to be able to help someone while also not putting yourself or the person you are trying to help in danger.

7. Magic the Gathering at NCF

 cards from magic the gathering

Magic the Gathering is a popular card game that is actually the most popular and the original card game. It has many new and traditional graphics because still today it is constantly coming out with new cards. Come if you are a rookie or a veteran.

8. Quiz Bowl Team

 a picture of a brain

The school has their own quiz bowl team. The idea of quiz bowl is being separated in teams based on schools and going head to head on trivia questions. The trivia questions are based on a variety of different academic topics.

9. Toastmasters

 a girl doing public speaking

Toastmasters is a group on campus that is made up of students who are looking to improve themselves in the area of public speaking. The group wants to foster confidence within students. It is a resource that gives students the ability to feel more comfortable speaking in front of others.

10. New Travels

Country Santorini Oia, Greece

You might be telling yourself that traveling as a student is completely out of reach from what you can do. This is not true. New travels is a group on campus that shows people who not only is it possible to travel but the group will show you options to travel.

Top Events of the School Year at New College of Florida

1. Gre Prep Meetup

 people taking a test

The acronym GRE stands for graduate record examinations. These are known as the major standardized tests to get into most grad schools. Like any test while you might not know the questions ahead of time this event will teach you the tips and tricks to success.

2. International Games Night at the Library

the game ticket to ride

Come join the gaming fun with all your friends or come and find new ones. There will be games such as trivia, charades and Pictionary. The scores will be taken into account and you could win prizes. There will be food provided and if that isn’t your scene go more casual with games like Ticket to Ride.

3. Pizza with the Provost

 what a mozzarella pizza looks like

The event for visiting with the Provost is to be held in the library. If you are unsure on what a provost is, they are the senior academic administrator of a university. They will be the person who you would go to if you had any concerns or questions.

4. Homecoming

 a group of people tailgating

Homecoming is an event that is meant for those who are students, parents, faculty, and alumni alike. It is a great way to show off your school spirit. It is also a great way for people to enjoy each others company by being able to gather for a tailgate of delicious food and drinks.

5. Welcome Week

 a banner that says welcome week

Welcome week is the week that everyone in the college comes to get their living situation set up and there are no classes during the week. As a new or returning student the time is a way for people to make new friends or visit with old.


10 Library Resources at the New College of Florida

A great way to make the most of your college experience is by using the resources available to you. In fact, a lot of these resources are at the library. Here are the top 10 resources at the New College of Florida.

1. Weekly events

Very cool perks of the library are the weekly events that are held here. There’s events have a range of different categories for you to enjoy. No matter what your interests are, there is an option for you.

a calendar

2. Game night

Another cool event that is held in the library is the weekly game night. Each week a different game is chosen for you to go and enjoy. This will melt the stress away from your schedule.

Game Night

3. Nexus uni

One of the most expensive resources that is available to you through the library is nexis Uni. This database provides you with millions of documents and other resources for you to use. It is also very easy to use this platform.

Nexis Uni logo

4. E-Journals

You also have access to a bunch of archived E journals. These are digital versions of scholarly works that will help you do your research. This is a great perk that you have.


5. Thesis collections 

Once you go to graduate school, you’ll have to write a thesis. This library has a huge collection of theses. By reading these, you’ll have a better idea of how to write yours.

a sample thesis paper

6. Academic Search premier

Academic search premier is one of the best data bases that you have access to. You will be able to access hundreds of thousands of newspaper articles and magazine clippings. This will make your research much more wholesome.

Academic Search Premier

7. Access world news

Access world news is another database that you can use. This database focuses on current events in newspaper articles. By using this, you’ll be in the know.

Access World News

8. Rent a room

If you need a private room for you and friends to study, you could rent a room on the library‘s website. This is a great perk available to you. You’ll get a ton of studying done in a private room.

a private room

9. Ask us

If you have a quick question about something in the library, you can go on the website and ask a librarian. This allows you to ask a simple question online without actually having to stop in the library.

Ask us

10. Education Source 

Education source is one of the best databases that you have access to. If you need information regarding an academic issue, it is on this database. This is a great perk that you need to take advantage of.

Education Source


Top 5 Libraries at NCF

1. Jane Bancroft Cook Library 

The only library on the main campus is the Jane Bancroft cook library. This is a large facility that has a lot to offer to you. Be sure to check out this location in order to get your studying done.

Cook Library front

2. North Sarasota public library 

A library that is near campus is the North Sarasota public library. If you prefer this location, it is a good option. There are still some great resources at this library.

Address: 28-1 Newtown Blvd

The public library

3. Fruitville public library 

Another library in the region is the Fruitville public library. If you live off-campus, it might be easier to go to this library. That gives you yet another good option.

Address: 100 Coburn Rd

Fruitville library

4. Gulf Gate Public Library

another great off-campus library is the Gulf Gate Public Library. This location still offers a lot to the students in the area. You can also go here to get some help on your work.

Address: N/A

public library building

5. Sarasota County Public Library

The final public library in the area is the Sarasota County Public Library. If you live on the coast, this is a great location for you. You will study then head to the beach.

Address: N/A

sarasota county library building

10 Easiest Classes at the NCF

Starting college is always an experience, no matter how you categorize it. In the hectic mess of trying to organize last minute plans, shopping, preparing, and move-in, course registration is another stress that can put a lot of pressure on students. Here is a short list of electives at New College of Florida that can hopefully help.

1. ANTH 2120: Survey of Archaeology

person usin paintbrush at archaeology site

This course will expose students to the basics of archaeology. The structure of the course is divided into three parts, which are the history, the basics of the human past and material culture as well as change, and history from the Homo sapiens to today. it will also cover various other topics, within the categories mentioned. There are no listed prerequisites for this course.

2. ART 2200: Drawing I

A photo of a person drawing.

This course will teach students about the fundamental skills needs when a person is starting to draw. Some of the topics covered by this course include design, observational drawing, collages, research, and much more. This course will operate under the struct of readings, research, and critiques. It should be noted that this course has additional fees for the lab.

3. RELI 2100: Introduction to the Study of Religion

A photo of a person with open hands.

This course delves into the study of religion as well as many topics within the subject as well. Some of the topics that will be covered in this course include various doctrine, rituals, scriptures, pilgrimage, and much more. The course will also touch on some other sectors as well, including that of anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and much more. There are no mentions of prerequisites on the course descriptions page.

4. ART 2100: Painting I

A photo of colourful paint palette

This course will introduce students to the very basics of painting as well as its different techniques and themes. It will cover topics including color theory, various materials of painting, different variations and manners of painting, vocabulary and more. The structure of the course will include homework, readings, and research. The listed prerequisites for this course are college level drawing or permission from the instructor. It should also be noted that there is an additional fee for this course.

5. MUSC 2400: Music and the Environment

A photo of various tapes.

This course will delve into how sound plays a crucial part in our daily lives as well as how the surrounding affects a person. The subjects covered in this course include imitations of nature in sound and music, as well as how musical works are inspired by the environment. There are various authors and composers that will be discussed through this course, as well as many other topics regarding different sounds of nature being represented through works.

6. STAT 2100: Introduction to Statistics

Free stock photo of wood, person, hand, desk

The focus of this course will be to introduce students to how statistics are used in different areas, particularly that of the social and behavioral sciences. The structure of the course will be a conceptual scope, and it will dissect how statistics is applied in many different situations. Some of the topics that will be covered in this course are probability, variability, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression, and much more.

7. SOCI 2100: Introduction to Sociology

Men's White Button-up Dress Shirt

This course will delve into the various aspects within sociology. Such topics include the various infrastructure, social dynamic, and processes of the current world. This course will also look into how certain components of the daily life are missed and/or over looked. Some of the subjects that will be covered in this course include culture, race, class, gender, inequality, and much more. There are no mentioned prerequisites for this course.

8. SOCI 2310: Urban Sociology

Panoramic View of Sea Against Blue Sky

This course is geared to introduce students to urban landscape through the lens of a sociological approach. The geographical location of focus will be the United States, and will have a more conceptual and theoretical approach. It will also look into the mange challenges that sustainable cities face. Some of the topics that will be covered in this course include modernism, gentrification, ghettoization, building process, politics, and culture.

9. BIOL 3100: Ecology

A photo of a person holding a plant.

This course will discuss the relationship dynamics between living things in the environment. It will also look into various layers of living things, including that of populations, communities, ecosystem and much more. Some other topics that will be covered in this course include multiple concepts, including competition, predation, succession, and more. The listed prerequisites for this course are introductory biology course or instructor consent.

10. GEON 2150: Introduction to GIS

Business Newspaper Page Near Black Click Pen and Coffee

This course will examine the various concepts and theories of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Some of the methods that will be used for this course include map projections, data sources, and preparations, amongst many others. This course is constructed to follow a more structured methods of learning, starting from data gathering to visualizations, then to presentations. The are no listed prerequisites for this course.

While this list is definitely just a few of the many hidden gems out there, it is important to also make the most of your college career. This doesn’t mean to have everything figured out, but to enjoy the ride! Good luck!