Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Morgan State University

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Morgan State University (MSU) is a public research university that was traditionally an institution dominated by African Americans. Today, Baccalaureate, Masters’ and Doctorate degrees are offered at MSU. There are many buildings within the campus that support various university functions. Below is a list of the top 10 buildings at MSU.

1. Alumni House

The Alumni House  at Morgan State University

The Alumni House at MSU was constructed in 1922 and was later renovated in 2003. The building is located on South Campus behind Montebello Complex. The Alumni House is home to the office of Alumni Relations and also houses the center for on-campus alumni activities. The building has meeting rooms and overnight guest rooms.

2. Baldwin Hall

The Baldwin Hall at Morgan State University

Baldwin Hall is the oldest residential hall in MSU. The building was built in 1929 and is named in honor of Reverend Dr. Charles Winterfield Baldwin who was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. After undergoing renovations in 1991, Baldwin Hall now houses 84 upperclass male students.

3. Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center

The Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center

The Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center was built in 2001 and is located adjacent to the Montebello Complex on South Campus. The building is named after the late Dr. Carl Murphy who chaired the Board of Trustees between 1953 and 1967. The building has a concert hall, recital hall, and houses the James E. Lewis Museum of Art.

4. Earl S. Richardson Library

The Earl S. Richardson Library

The Earl S. Richardson Library is located on Morgan Commons; where the Murphy Fine Arts Center was formally located. The Earl S. Richardson Library replaced Soper Library and can currently accommodate up to 1,000 patrons. The library has enough resources and collections to support Morgan’s academic and research programs.

5. Hurt Gymnasium

The Hurt Gymnasium at Morgan State University

Built in 1952, and renovated in 1991, the Hurt Gymnasium supports physical education instruction through the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Education. Hurt Gymnasium is named after Edward P. Hurt who was a math teacher and an athletic coach at MSU.

6. McKeldin University Center

The McKeldin University Center

The McKeldin University Center is a stone and glass building named after Theodore McKeldin, the former Governor of Maryland State. The building hosted the University’s center for student activities before a new Student Center was constructed in 2006. Presently, the building houses the Graduate School, Continuing Studies, Retention Services, and Upward Bound.

7. Richard N. Dixon Science Research Center

The Richard N. Dixon Science Research Center

The Richard N. Dixon Science Research Center houses state-of-the-art scientific research laboratories that support the academic and research programs at MSU. The building connects to the Science Complex and is located where the Memorial Refectory was previously located. The center is named after a former state treasurer and a graduate at Morgan.

8. Rawlings Residence Hall and Dining Complex

The Rawlings Residence Hall and Dining Complex

Rawlings Residence Hall and Dining Complex is a residential building that also houses a dining hall. The building accommodates about 205 students. The dining hall in the building is spacious enough to serve the entire campus. There are also merchandising spaces and meeting room facilities.

9. Communications Center

Communications Center at Morgan State University

Located on North campus, the Communications Center houses the School of Global Journalism and Communications Studies, the Media Center, the University’s WEAA radio station, and supports student publications. The building was constructed to replace the activities that were previously housed in the Banneker Communications Center.

10. Hughes Memorial Stadium

The Hughes Memorial Stadium

The Hughes Memorial Stadium was named after W.A.C. Hughes. After being reconstructed in 2001, the stadium now supports the intercollegiate athletics program at the University. The stadium is the home pitch for the Morgan Football team. The facility also includes merchandising and media facilities that support activities during events.

Morgan State University has more unique and iconic buildings that support all its functions. To learn more about other buildings at the institution, browse through the official website. New students are urged to familiarize themselves with almost all the buildings within the campus for a smooth transition and easier campus life.

10 Hardest Courses at Morgan State University

Morgan State University is a premier public urban research university in Maryland, known for its excellence in teaching, intensive research, effective public service and community engagement. They prepare diverse and competitive graduates for success in a global, interdependent society. The University offers innovative, inclusive, and distinctive educational experiences to a broad cross-section of the population in a comprehensive range of disciplines at the baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral, and professional degree levels. Highlighted below are the hardest courses at Morgan State University.

1. ACCT 401 – Advanced Accounting

A picture of a workstation, with a laptop, calculator and charts on paper

This course provides in-depth coverage of accounting concepts, principles, and procedures applicable to partnerships. Contemporary financial accounting theories, practices for complex business entities, mergers and consolidated financial statements are covered in this course. This course is difficult because it has several analytical approaches to solve complex accounting problems.

2. BIOL 205 – Ecology and Adaptations

A picture a green world with windpropellors in someone's hand

This course is an analysis of the environmental factors affecting the evolution, adaptation, distribution and functional processes of plant and animal communities. Considerable emphasis will be placed on the Eco-system Concept. Students must endeavour to attend all lectures and do all class assignments in order to progress in this course.

3. CHEM 314 – Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Image of an Instrumental Methods of Analysis in chemistry

This course covers the fundamental principles of basic electronic and instrument components of use in analytical chemistry, theory and techniques in atomic and molecular spectrometry in chemical analysis, thermal, electrochemical and chromatographic methods. There are several equations of reactions for students to memorize in this course.

4. COMM 370 – Mass Communication Law and Ethics

picture of icons connected together

This course covers principles and case studies in communication law, constitutional guarantees, libel, privacy, contempt, privilege, copyright and government regulatory agencies in the United States and in other nations around the world. The course will introduce students to concepts that will help them make the ethical decisions that are involved while working as journalism, strategic communication and media production professionals. 

5. ECON 414 – Econometrics

The definition of Econometrics explained in two graphs

This course covers the application of mathematical and statistical methods. The course is concerned with estimating economic relationships and forecasting the behaviour of economic variables. Topics include simple and multiple regression and correlation analysis, estimation and hypotheses testing in regression models, the specification of regression models, times series analysis, simultaneous equation models, and forecasting. 

6. EEGR 463 – Digital Electronics

Picture of a Digital Electronics

This course deals with the analysis, design, simulation, and applications of digital microelectronic systems. These include TTL, CMOS, and ECL logic families, A/D and D/A converters, semiconductor memory devices such as RAM, ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, and programmable logic devices. Design projects are the most difficult part of this course.

7. FIN 444 – Bank Management

picture of a man walking through a maze made out of money

This course covers such topics as problems and policies associated with liquidity and solvency, reserves and earning assets, loans and discounts, accounting analysis, income and expense, services, personnel and public relations. This course is difficult because there are so many calculations and notes to memorize.

8. GEOG 307 – Geographic Quantitative Methods

An image showing the geographical layout of the world

This course introduces students to the benefits of using quantitative methods to analyze geographic data. Students will learn traditional descriptive and inferential statistics as well as spatial approaches to statistical analysis. Students need no mathematical training beyond introductory algebra.

9. HEED 410 – Healthcare Finance

A picture of money surrounded with stethoscope

This introductory course focuses on both creating financial information and how to use the information to make better financial decisions in a healthcare environment. To accomplish this, the course will cover the financial environment, financial accounting, managerial accounting, and basic financial analysis concepts. In addition, it covers problems and materials considered basic to the development of positive knowledge, attitudes and practices conducive to efficient financial management.

10. IEGR 470 – Industrial Robotics

A typical example of Industrial Robots

Principal concepts are the organization and operation of microcomputer-controlled manipulators. Experiments include kinematics, manipulation, dynamics, and trajectory planning and programming language for robots. Applications of computer-controlled robots in manufacturing and programmable automation. This is the hardest and the most technical course in Industrial Engineering.

10 of the Coolest Courses at Morgan State University

Morgan State University is a public urban research university located in Baltimore, Maryland. The university offers many courses to its over 6,000 undergraduates that can count for elective credit and not necessarily towards their selected course of study. Many students may wish to take electives in order to balance out their academic schedule and ensure that their workload for the semester will be manageable. Here are ten of the coolest courses offered to students at Morgan State University.

1. AFST 350 – Africana Studies

In this course, students take the Africana studies approach to the study of various aspects of African Diasporic cultures. It focuses on the major developments among and achievements of peoples belonging to the African Diaspora. Students will take a historical and cultural approach to learning in this course.

A map of the continent of Africa.

2. GENL 398 – Seminar in Great Books I

This course focuses on a limited number of literary masterpieces and examines them as a product of the cultures in which they were created. Some aspects of the culture that will be focused on are history, politics, science and technology, art, aesthetics, literature, sociology, and cultural values. This course seeks to expose students to significant literary works, while providing global perspectives and exploring diverse works.

The cover of Don Quixote.

3. GENL 497 – Seminar in the World of Music

This course exposes students to the most significant historical developments in music and the ways that they pertain to human civilization. Students will explore a number of trends and artistic forms present in music as they developed in different various cultures across the world.

The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

4. GENL 397 – Seminar in the Visual Arts

In this course, students will examine different historical developments pertaining to the visual arts and the ways that they have influenced human civilization. Students will identify and analyze artistic trends present in different societies over time. They will also compare and analyze artistic forms present across different cultures.

Sculpture of Thalia, Muse of Comedy.

5. GENL 399 – Seminar in Great Issues of Contemporary Society I

In this course, students will explore the major issues present in contemporary society. Extensive readings and in-class discussions will play a large part in the course. Critical issues that will be discussed in a classroom setting include the environment, science and technology, world hunger, and the arms race.

Climate change as it is occurring in the modern world.

6. GENL 498 – Seminar in Great Books II

The second half of this course, like the first part, focuses on a number of masterpieces of world literature, their major themes, their conception and their reception, and their relationship with the society and greater world in which they were created. The course is reading-heavy, and discussions will play a prominent role in the course.

The cover of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

7. GENL 201 – Computer Literacy, Technology, Society, and Human Values

This course will expose students to the basic components of computing and the use of computing in everyday activities. It also examines modern technology, and the impact that it has had on the greater society, its culture, and its values, as we live in a world more globalized and connected than it ever has been before.

A desktop computer made by Dell.

8. GENL 499 – Seminar in Great Issues of Contemporary Society II

This is a continuation course that focuses on the major issues of our modern society, how they came about, and how we can begin to fix them. The course will include extensive reading and in-class discussion. Issues that will be discussed include those pertaining to the environment, science and technology, world hunger, and the arms race. Issues important to living in an urban community will also be addressed.

People participating in community service.

9. GENL 396 – Service Learning I

The purpose of this course is to provide students with practical experience working in community organizations. Students will select a service organization with previously defined service objectives and learn as they work within that organization for the benefit of the surrounding greater community. After the work is completed, students will compare and contrast their experiences to that of their peers.

A compilation of hands ready to serve.

10. GENL 496 – Service Learning II

In this course, which serves as a continuation of its first part, students will work extensively with a community service organization with pre-existing service objectives in order to learn about the structure and functioning of these kinds of organizations and to gain practical experience in the field. After service work is completed, students will compare their individual experiences to those of their peers.

A community of people picking up garbage.

10 Coolest Clubs at Morgan State University

Morgan State University is Maryland’s designated public urban research university . It is a historically black university and college located in Baltimore, Maryland. Here are 10 different cool clubs that you must visit now.

1. Eat Right Club

 an assortment of food that prevents cancer such as avocados and apples

The eat right club is a club that is meant to help students to live a healthy lifestyle. One way of doing that is eating the foods that will keep you energized instead of groggy. It is a great way to connect with friends over meal ideas.

2. Society of Women Engineers

 society of women engineers logo with a gear to symbolize engineering

The society of women engineers is a group on campus that is meant to motivate and empower women (especially African-American ones) to study the different types of engineering. The career of engineering is seen as mostly a man’s career, this group is meant to change that.

3. Absolutely Beautiful & Confident Modeling Organization (A.B.C.)

 an african american model posing

This organization is meant to be an avenue for confident women and men to strut their stuff. The group hosts different photo shoots as well as runway showing for their own personal style and glam. There will also be social events.

4. AMA

american marketing association

AMA stands for american marketing association. The group gathers students who are interested in learning more about the field of marketing. The group hosts different social gatherings as well as the group invites guest speakers.

5. Chess Club

 two people playing chess

Chess Club is for those who are learning the game to be with others who are interested as well. The group is also meant for those who are interested in meeting others who are competitive with the game. Chess is a highly strategic game of various pieces.

6. Math Club

 a boy racking his brain to remember math equations

Math Club is for those students who have a passion for learning about the different areas of math. It gives students a chance to learn about future career opportunities that can be used from math as well as see who is in your major.

7. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

people protesting for more rights for the african american community

This group is meant for students to be aware of adversary that hits the colored population today when it comes to finding good paying jobs. Often it is colored people who perceived as not being able to hardworking or able to get high-end jobs.

8. Student Art Association

 a woman showcasing her art piece that is abstract

The student art association is a group on campus that allows students to get their creative juices flowing.  The art association is a way to channel different avenues of art such as painting or drawing. Join this if you are looking for relaxing way to create.

9. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc

 a bird and the greek letters for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc

The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc is sorority of historically black women. The group is nationally known as well as creates a sisterhood bond that allows members to feel comfortable around each other. The group takes part in service projects and fundraising.

10. Tau Beta Pi

 a graduate of Tau Beta Pi honors in her cords

Tau Beta Pi is a honors society for engineering. It requires people to have a certain grade point average. There are many different things that you will benefit from in the society, there is online a job board that you can visit for any available positions.

The Top Events of the School Year at Morgan State University

1. Homecoming

 the words homecoming in gold letters

The homecoming game is a football game that allows students and alumni to come out for a great game of football. The homecoming game usually happens at the beginning months of the school year. This is a great way for people to connect and eat tasty tailgate food.

2. Morgan C.A.R.E.S. More Customer Service Training

customer service

Morgan C.A.R.E.S. More Customer Service Training is an event that is reoccurring for faculty and staff twice a year. If you work for the school you must attend the service training. Make sure to sign up for the date that best fits your schedule.

3. Harold T.Pinkett Day

 old newspaper clipping of Harold T. Pinkett

This day is in celebration of the Harold T.Pinkett, he was a famous African-American Activist and historian. He is known to be the first black employee to work for the national archives. In celebration this day you can visit the school’s archives and learn about his history and legacy.

4. Entrepreneurship Curriculum Briefing

 people discussing work flow matters

The Entrepreneurship Curriculum Briefing is an event that allows students who are studying the major of entrepreneurship to learn about the different /new courses that are available. It also allows you to meet the staff and teachers that run the major.

5. Building Social Confidence

 friends meeting up over at a coffee shop

This event will be held in the Carter-Grant Wilson Administration Hall, 202. The event is 8 weeks long and starts during the month of October. It is a great way to learn how to overcome shyness as well as be comfortable in social situation.

Top 10 Residences at Morgan State University

Finding a new place to call home for the next semester can get overwhelming. It’s hard to choose when there are a lot of options to choose from. If you are still having trouble narrowing down your search, we have listed ten of the top residences at Morgan State University below!

1. Baldwin Hall

An image of Baldwin Hall

Address: Baltimore, MD 21251

This residence hall is an all-male residence hall. Students living here will live on one of the three floors and in a double or triple room. Every other room shares a bathroom as well.

2. Blount Towers

An image of a dorm

Address: Baltimore, MD 21251

This residence hall is a traditional style dorm that houses all women. Students living here will live in either a double, triple, or quad rooms. Students will also have a chance to find lounge and study rooms.

3. Cummings House

An image of a dorm

Address: Baltimore, MD 21251

Students living here are all males. Students will live on one of the four floors in a double room. A bathroom will conjoin two rooms as well. Students will also find study and lounge areas here.

4. Harper-Tubman

An image of a dorm

Address: Baltimore, MD 21251

This residence hall is a four-story residence hall. Students living here will live in double rooms with a bathroom that joins two rooms. Students will also find vending machines, lounge areas, and more here.

5. Marble Hall Gardens (Leased Housing)

An image of a dorm

Address: Baltimore, MD 21251

This residence hall is apartment-styled. Students living here are generally co-ed upperclassmen. Each apartment is fully furnished, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a living room.

6. O’Connell Hall

An image of a dorm

Address: Baltimore, MD 21251

This residence hall is an all-male residence hall. Students living here will live in a double room that shares a common bathroom as well. Students will also find lounge areas as well.

7. Rawlings Hall

An image of a dorm

Address: Baltimore, MD 21251

This residence hall is a five-story building that is composed of double and quad rooms. Students living here will find bathrooms, a community kitchen, and living room as well.

8. Thurgood Marshall

An image of a dorm

Address: Baltimore, MD 21251

This residence hall is apartment styled. Students living here are both upper-class men and women. All apartments are fully furnished and have fully equipped kitchens as well.

9. Park Raven Apartments

An image of a dorm

Address: 1806 Ramblewood Rd, Baltimore, MD 21239

Students living here are just a few blocks away from campus. Students living here will find a one or two bedroom apartment. Students living here will find lounge areas, a pool, and a fitness center here.

10. Winston Apartments

An image of a dorm

Address: 1260 Rossiter Ave, Baltimore, MD 21239

Students living here will live in a studio, two, or three-bedroom apartment. Students will also find an outdoor pool and a fitness center here. All apartments are fully furnished.

Here is Your Move in Day Packing List for Morgan State University

1. Room Basics

An image of a dorm

– Pillow case
– Throw blanket
– Comforter Set
– Pillow Cases
– Chair
– Curtains
– Desk Lamp
– Area Rug (white is always nice)

2. Food and Snacks

An image of snacks

– Your favorite candy
– Cereal (Frosted Flakes are the best)
– Your favorite bag(s) of chips
– Pretzels
– Eggs
– Cheese
– Bread
– Meat

3. Tech & Entertainment

two people talking in front of a laptop

– Kindle
– Laptop
– Headphones
– TV
– Tablet

4. School Supplies

An image of school supplies

– Mechanical Pencils
– College-Ruled Paper
– Spiral Notebooks
– Composition Notebooks
– Loose-leaf paper

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

An image of cleaning supplies

– Mop
– Broom
– Dust-pan
– Windex
– Paper Towel
– Storage Bin

6. Campus Gears

An image of earbuds

– Earbuds
– Umbrella
– Light Jacket
– Poncho
– Backpack (obviously)

7. Items You Should Ask first before bringing

An image of a microwave

– Microwave
– TV (if you have a roommate)
– Pots and pans
– Mini-fridge (depending on dorm restrictions
– Cleaning supplies (coordinate with roommate)


10 Easiest Courses at Morgan State University

Being a college student is already stressful enough. Students are having to face challenging classes that come with a heavy workload. However, some classes, although they still allow students to think critically, don’t require as much effort. These are often known as easy classes. Here at Morgan State University (MSU), students are provided with this opportunity. As other classes get more demanding, students want to pick some classes that can take stress away from them. Below are the top 10 easiest classes to take at Morgan State University that can definitely boost your GPA!


This course helps students develop their written communication skills.  Students will focus on essay writing throughout the duration of the semester. They will develop and learn the different mechanics of writing through grammar and sentence structure as well.


Designed to help students improve their college reading and study skills, students will learn how to navigate through college by develop good note-taking and test-taking skills in this course. This class will focus on study techniques, study habits, how to use the dictionary, and general reading comprehension.


In this course, students will learn the basic fundamentals of photography.  This course will focus on developing a sensitive photographic eye with an SLR camera. Students will also learn the basics in film exposure, processing, and printing.


Students will learn about how to manage and run a theatre. Through skills learned in this theatrical management course, students will learn how to apply them to public relations, running a box office, ticket sales, budgeting, and publicity for different shows.


Students will learn about the basic features of the physical environment and locations of different parts of the world. In this course, students will focus mainly on human activities within different parts of the world . Alongside a broad overview of geography, students will also be introduced to historical and current events that have affected the geography within those regions as well.


In this course, students will be introduced to different public philosophies as they relate to academic philosophies. Students will be able to engage in hands on activities and develop skills necessary to contribute good things to the college community.


Students will examine the aging process through a psychological lens. Topics to be discussed are human emotions, the learning process, personality, physical health, social behavior, genetics, and the impact that culture has on a person’s mind and overall attitude.


This course will allow students to explore society in a systematic perspective. There will be an emphasis on the major scientific perspectives of sociology as it relates to social phenomena and theories. Students will gain an exceptional understanding on how to question human relationships and study social and political issues.


Students will engage in learning about the group theory, geometry of complex numbers, symmetries of the plain, and two dimensional crystallographic groups. Students will be able to develop proof techniques as they relate to mathematics that they will be able to apply in real-world contexts.


Students will learn the basics of how to operate a computer for engineering and problem solving. Students will learn about computer mathematics, internal representation, and Microsoft Office Applications.  They will also be introduced to the engineering field, and be provided with a brief overview of different jobs and areas within the engineering world.Offering over 100 academic programs, Morgan State University is recognized as a doctoral research institution. This institution provides students the chance to explore different areas and majors through different classes at the undergraduate and graduate level. Many of which, are thought to help students explore rather than have a heavy workload. The courses listed help students to better understand themselves, while also not causing students to stress out because these classes do not have a heavy workload.