Top 10 Buildings You Need To Know at Mississippi State University

Mississippi State is an innovative school with growing research capabilities. For those students attending MSU, these are 10 of the top buildings to know about.

1. Lee Hall

The 1948 fire at Lee Hall.

This is one of the original buildings at Mississippi State University. It was home to administrators and classrooms until 1948 when it caught fire. In 2014, it was restored to its’ beautiful original condition. It now houses the English Department, Foreign Languages, President’s Office, and Provost’s Office.

2. Perry Cafeteria

Inside the beautiful cafeteria.

The gothic arches and wood beams that support its gabled roof are more suggestive of a cathedral than a cafeteria. A the time it was built, the University Cafeteria was the largest college cafeteria in the United States, which holds 1100 people. It is a great space for students to eat and socialize at Mississippi State.

3. Allen Hall

Outside the front entrance to Allen.

Allen Hall is currently home of the offices of the VP of Student Affairs, the Dean of Students, the Graduate School, the College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the Office of Public Affairs. Allen Hall also includes many academic classrooms. Allen Hall also serves as the home of the Office of the CIO and Information Technology Services.

4. Briscoe Hall

The older outside of Briscoe Hall not hinting towards its' innovative inside.

Briscoe Hall houses faculty offices for the College of Architecture, Art and Design. In addition, there are drawing studios, ceramic studios, printmaking, traditional photography labs, and a new digital photo computer lab. These innovative resources are available to all students!

5. Colvard Student Union

View of the union at sunset.

The Colvard Student Union offers a variety of student programs. The Colvard Student Union serves as the center of university community life. The Event Services office books the Amphitheater, Bettersworth Auditorium, and all the rooms in the Union in addition to most other spaces on campus. Enjoy the many dining options available on the first floor or sit back and relax in one of the many quiet study spaces throughout the building.

6. Joe Frank Sanderson Center

An aerial view of the fitness center.

The Joe Frank Sanderson Center is home to a competition size indoor swimming pool, 3 aerobics rooms, 7 glassed in racquetball courts, locker rooms, a climbing wall, 6 basketball courts, an indoor track, and a 10,000 square foot fitness center with free and machine weights, and cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills, Stairmasters, bikes and cross trainers. All students have access to this state-of-the-art facility.

7. Mitchell Memorial Library

Outside of the front entrance to the memorial library.

The Mitchell Memorial Library includes a large computer lab, study floor, coffee and snack shop, and the Grisham Room, where writer John Grisham’s original manuscripts and notes are on display. It has study spaces for all types of students.

8. The Writing Center

Student and mentor working on their paper.

The Writing Center has recently moved to its new home in the renovated home located on President’s Circle directly across the street from Allen Hall. The new facility features a comfortable, well-equipped work room, computers, and the same quality instruction and assistance. The Writing Center dedicates itself to helping all MSU students to develop as writers.

9. Student Media Center

Outside of the Student Media Center when it was dedicated to the Meyer family.

The Student Media Center houses The Reflector (campus newspaper) and WMSV Radio Station. If you want to be involved, then this is one great way to do it. It also has the Sexual Assault Services. This is an important service to know about.

10. Longest Student Health Center

Top view of the student health services.

The Health Center is staffed by 5 doctors, 3 nurse practitioners, 12 nurses, with a Physical Therapy unit, and an in-house pharmacy offering students prescriptions at reduced rates. The Health Center recently completed renovations which added new waiting rooms, patient areas, and pharmacy space.

Whether you are looking for classes, academic resources or food on campus, this list can help you. It is important to stay involved and look for help when you need it. Some of these buildings are for getting involved, and you really should try some kind of extracurricular out while at Mississippi State.

10 Hardest Courses at Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Science is a public land-grant research university in Starkville, Mississippi. There are 21 353 students – the largest campus enrollment in the state, on the main campus. The university has a lot of notable alumni including John Grisham, Richard Adkerson, and Dak Prescott.

1) CH 4513 – Organic Chemistry

This picture depicts some of the work done in organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry is always one of the toughest courses for science majors. This course at MSU is a three hour lecture with a lab. The course is a systematic study of organic chemistry including aliphatic, aromatic, and heterocyclic compounds.

2) MA 2743 – Calculus IV

This picture shows some of the graphing work that can be done using Calculus IV.

Calculus is one of the math courses that most students dread and Calc IV is no different. The course is a three hour lecture. It will include differential calculus of functions of several variables, multiple integration, vector calculus.

3) BIO 3304 – Microbiology

picture of bacteria in different shapes

This course in microbiology is a general microbiology course, but it is still very difficult because of how tough the field of microbiology is. The course is designed for science majors only and is two hours lecture with four hours of lab. The course teaches fundamentals and techniques in staining and culture of microorganisms.

4) PH 2233 – Physics III

This picture depicts an experiment that one can expect to do in physics III.

Physics III is a two hour lecture, one hour recitation, and two hours lab course. It is calculus-based in simple harmonic motion, waves, optics, and an introduction to modern physics.

5) ACC 2013 – Principles of Financial Accounting

This is a clip art style image of a graph that one would make in this course.

Financial Accounting is a course that almost every business student has to take. It is a three hour lecture course. In this course students will learn the fundamentals of accounting including the accounting cycle, accounting systems, cash flow, assets, liabilities, equity, and forms of business organizations.

6) EC 2113 – Principles of Macroeconomics

This image depicts one of the fundamental principles of macroeconomics.

Macro is a course that is all business students need to take. At MSU students must be a sophomore to take this course as well. It is a three hour lecture that will teach about free enterprise principles, policies, institutions, national income, employment, and much more.

7) GE 3813 – Challenges in Global Engineering

This picture depicts how engineering problems are intertwined throughout the world.

This course is for junior engineering majors. The course is a three hour lecture that dives into the issues of globalization in the engineering profession. Students will also learn about the critical concepts in global engineering projects.

8) FLF 4233 – Modern French Poetry

This picture shows an image of the cover of one of the many French poetry books.

Poetry is an area that a lot of students in the English department struggle understanding. The course is a three hour lecture in which students will learn an introduction to modern French poetry and the literacy movements that epitomize the current time period.

9) MA 1323 – Trigonometry

This picture shows some of the basic trig concepts that students will learn in the course, including sin cos and tan

Trig is a course that can be very confusing if not thoroughly understood. This course is a three hour lecture that students will learn about identities, trigonometric equations, and applications.

10) CH 1051 – Experimental Chemistry

This graphic is a clip art style picture showing some experimental chemistry materials.

This course is three hours of lab that is made to accompany CH 1043. The lab experiments are designed to illustrate the practical aspects of chemistry.

Jobs for College Students at Mississippi State University

Being in university is interesting and can be fun if you have set your campus life smartly. This is where you learn to be a wholesome adult. As much as books are the core agenda, survival and living the moments is also paramount. Landing a student job is a sure way to strike a balance between books and survival. Whether part time or full time, you get a few coins and important life skills. Below are some opportunities convenient for Mississippi State University students.

1. A Cashier   

A scholar working as a cashier

Not only will this opportunity give you some cash but also it will cultivate your integrity. Moreover, interacting with people will be giving you an upper hand on your interpersonal skills. If it is a part time job, you can juggle between school and work. A full time position would require you to apply during school breaks. Some employers would require some experience. Central Station Grill is one of the places that gives the students such an opportunity.  Application are made through ZippyApp.

2. Host or hostess 

A hostess at work

This is a great part time job opportunity. The duties include welcoming guests in restaurants and serving them. Although experience is desirable, you can still get a job without it. Meeting people from different walks in life is amazing. Harveys is one of the businesses that offers this opportunity. Applications are mostly made through ZippyApp.

3. Dishwasher         

A young man cleaning dishes

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, as long as it is legal. That said, as a student, you can get a part time job at Central Station Grill as a dishwasher. All you need is enthusiasm about cleanliness. If you have experience, it is an added advantage to you. Simply submit your ZippyApp application package.

4. Store Clerk       

 A store clerk

Even though not within school, you can apply for a part time store clerk around the university. It will break the school routine. It is also a good opportunity to sharpen your accountability. You will also interact directly with clients. The Salvation Army Corporation could be looking for you. It is easy to get the job regardless of your religion.

5. Peer to peer marketer   

Peer marketing

Good communication skills are all you need to qualify for this job. Basically, you are expected to talk to new students as well as their parents. The job entails influencing the students to join a meal plan. You will also host various marketing events and distribute promotional material. The busiest times are the first three weeks of the semester.

6. Guest service agent 

Young ladies working as guest service agents

It is recommendable to apply for this job during the school holidays.  One of the businesses that gives this opportunity is the Hampton Inn. However, you must be flexible while working on this job position since your shift can be changed. Normally, each shift is four hours long. Your role will be checking guests in and out of the hotel. You have to ensure they enjoy their stay to the maximum.

7. OneClass Note Taker

Have you ever been paid to attend class? Most probably, your answer is no. But it can change to a yes if you register at As you make notes for your own use, you can share them and get paid. You can choose to either receive cash or get gift cards. This will be enough motivation to be keener in class and your grades will absolutely get better. It is a double win for you.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near MSU

Student’s health is important for the administration of Mississippi State University which is why there are many college cafes on campus for them. If you do not want to go to the restaurants near campus, then it is best to try a new place within the campus to pick your favorite spot.

1. The Fresh Food Company

Fresh salad in bowl

The location of Fresh Food Company is in the MSU Dining where you can find a variety of meals to eat. It is an atmosphere of the restaurant style which students love to visit every day. There are more than ten stations for food where you can order the food or pick the already made meals. The meals include salad, pasta, appetizers and more. There is also a seating area with a TV so you can enjoy with your friends after the long tiring day.

2. Pegasus

Chicken tenders serving in plate

You will remember the homemade food taste when you try the food from this café. The savory taste of burgers. Chicken tenders, quesadillas, salad and much more is exceptional. Along with that, there is a soup bar for you to try whether you are a vegetarian or chicken lover. You can get a great meal in less than $5 at this place to fill your empty stomach.

3. Templeton

Pasta serving in bowl

There are a lot of options for you to try at this restaurant. You can eat pasta, grilled favorites, vegetarian options and much more. Also, there are meal plans for the students who like to have heavy meals in the middle of the day. The location of this restaurant is at the north side of the campus with offering premium meals from the expert chefs.

4. State Fountain Bakery

Freshly baked donuts

If you are missing out on bakery stuff such as pastries, bagels, bread, buns and more, then this is your kind of place. Also, you can find amazing coffee blends to try with bakery food items in the morning before running to the classroom, so you do not stay hungry until your break time.


Outside seating area of restaurant

Summer becomes easy when you get fresh smoothies from JUVA in the campus. The location of this café is in the Sanderson Center where you can find any fruit smoothie you wish for. The service is genuine along with natural ingredients in the smoothie to keep you active and fresh all day long.

6. McArthur Café Express

Fresh salad in dish

You can get a fresh salad and on the go sandwiches here at any time of the weekday. Even if you want to have full meals, those are available in the afternoon for the students to try.

7. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Food counter of cafe

You can find amazing Mexican food at this café such as tacos, burritos, rice bowls, quesadillas and more. Along with that, there is a gluten-free diet available for the health conscious students to maintain their standards of lifestyle.

University life is full of hustle which is why you may forget to eat at times. There are multiple options for you to available at the university to grab food items on the go to the class. If you do not have time for full meals, then make sure to grab the bite, so you stay in good shape of health.

10 Coolest Courses at Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University is famous for being an excellent public research institution globally. The worldwide recognition of the university spans from its largest enrollment in the state. Additionally, the campus thinks inclusively of its scholars, thus provides courses of interest to them. Therefore, if you are searching for the coolest university, look no further! Here are the coolest courses at Mississippi State University.

 1. MKT 3213- Retailing

An image of a slide in a Retailing class

2. PSS 2343- Floral Design

If you are a student in the marketing department, the retailing class is among the fascinating classes. Basically, retailing covers the first retailing techniques and skills. Besides understanding the common retailing methods, you will learn the necessary market interlocking activities that are straightforward.

Floral design activity

What can be more exciting than going into a class that engages in activities that are your hobbies! The floral design classes summons scholars with such interests. Moreover, your life on campus will be more fun if you take this course.

3. FLL 1113- Latin 1

An illustration of a scholar searching for a movie in Latin

If you are looking for a foreign language to study in campus, choose Latin. Studying Latin will ease your studies throughout campus, therefore, boosting your GPA easily. The Latin classes are a favorite for many students because they are not only easy but also interesting.

4. EN 3303- Creative Writing

Someone writing in journal about creative writing

What makes creative writing cool is the liberty to express your thoughts. Additionally, this class provides the opportunity for students to share ideas, thus diversifying their mental capability. Creative writing is among the easiest courses to pass in campus without much struggle.

5. PE 1161- Modern Dance

Students in a modern dance class session

If you love outdoor activities like dancing, the modern dance class calls for you! PE 1161 introduces students to the numerous modern dance moves. Modern dance course is among the fascinating courses you can choose at Mississippi State University.

6. PE 2043- Introduction to Sports Studies

Learners in a sports study class

Another cool course for students in the sports department is the introduction to sports studies. Not only does the course keep the learners away from class but also helps in maintaining their fitness. The professors in this class are friendly and understanding. Moreover, you enjoy the class as you raise your grades.

7. KI 2603- Medical Terminology

Resources in a Medical Terminology class

Medical students who choose the medical terminology class find their academic year to be fascinating. The class entails equipping the learners with the relevant terms used in the medical field. Students in this class develop competency in their careers.

8. SO 1003- Introduction to Sociology

Sociology text represented in images

If you want to acquire conventional wisdom about the community, select Sociology! This course allows learners to develop skills in critical thinking. Additionally, it allows the students to comprehend the functioning of the society and the globe in entirety.

9. AAS 1103- African American Music

African American Music class session

This course involves the professor teaching the students to play a variety of musical instruments. Moreover, learners learn diverse musical styles involving world music instruments like the marimba, timpani and drum sets among others. You definitely will enjoy this class besides raising your grades.

10. PSY 4223- Drug Use and Abuse

Drug Use and Abuse class Image

Drug Use and Abuse is the basic course in Psychology. This class focuses on teaching students on the concepts of drug use and abuse. In addition to this, it is an exciting class to learn how to draw the fine line between the use of drugs and their abuse.

Top 10 Majors at Mississippi State University

In order to be the best student that you can be, you need to pick the right major for you. This will allow you to enjoy your time at school. Here are the top 10 majors offered at Mississippi State University.

1. Agribusiness

One of the most interesting path that you can take is agribusiness. As the name implies, this is the business side of agriculture. With this degree, you will truly be the backbone of America.

some crops

2. Medical Technology

A huge business that you can get into is medical technology. You will learn about all the different pieces of technology that are used in the medical field. There is a lot of money to be made with this degree.

a medical personnel handling test results

3. Communication

One of the most broad degrees that you can earn is communication. This is a very versatile program that you can take many ways. This is a great perk for you to keep in mind.

Communication terms

4. History

Another general program offered to is history. You will be able to get a very broad sense of historical events throughout the world. Then, you will be able to focus in on certain period of time to ensure that you become an expert.

history of the world

5. Philosophy

A great way to learn more about the world around us is by majoring in philosophy. A majority of your time will be spent studying the old thinkers of the world. You will then be able to come to your own reasoning about certain issues.

terms of philosophy

6. Political Science

The world is becoming way more political because of recent events in this country. That being said, there are tons of job openings in various branches of politics. With a degree in political science, you will be able to make a good living for yourself.

political terms

7. Mathematics

If you were good at math in high school, and you want to turn that love into a career, you should major in mathematics. There are tons of different jobs that you can get with this degree. For example, you can be an investor, banker, or something else.

equations on a chalkboard

8. Psychology

If you love to help people, you should consider majoring in psychology. You will spend your days making yourself a happier and healthier person while being able to help the people around you as well. This will lead to a very good life for you and your family.

a colorful brain

9. Accounting

A very popular program at the school is accounting. Hundreds and hundreds of students go through this program every single semester. That being said, the curriculum is always being updated and improved upon to ensure that you get the best education possible.

accounting graphic

10. Management

The final great program that you should keep in mind is management. This is a broad degree that can help you make the big bucks later in life. This degree will help you climb up the corporate ladder to success.

managers working

10 Mississippi Library Resources You Should Check Out Right Now

Finding the right support for your research can be a daunting task. Fortunately, at Mississippi State University, there is a plethora of resources you can benefit from.

1. Data Management Services

Data management plans are now a standard part of grant proposals for most funding agencies.

The library can help you plan, preserve, access, and share your research data. Making your data open at the end of your research process makes it more discoverable and increases opportunities for recognition and replication of your research.

2. Distance Education

Visit the Distance Education page for all of your research and resource needs.

The Mississippi State Library has created this information portal for the distance student. They can have access to a wealth of resources to help them with any project including research for their thesis or dissertation.  There also are video tutorials about computer software skills such as Word Formatting Tips & Tricks, Illustrator 101, and InDesign 101.

3. Ask a Librarian

Get the help of an expert who can help.

Are you having trouble finding the resources you need? The Ask a Librarian page gives all the ways to get in touch with a librarian or a reference subject specialist.

4. Instructional Media Center

Visit the IMC website for handouts and videos on a number of topics.

The Instructional Media Center (IMC) offers online workshops and tutorials on a wide variety of topics including Photoshop, PowerPoint, and Blackboard Collaborate.  A list of current handouts and an online archive of videos are available for all distance students.

5. 3D Printing

3D printing in the Library's Instructional Media Center.

The University Libraries’ Instructional Media Center is now offering 3D printing to all MSU faculty, staff and students. Community members may also take advantage of the MakerBot Replicator 3D printer.

6. MSU Library YouTube Channel

Access to videos on topics ranging from research methods to software tutorials.

Find How To videos on topics ranging from research methods to software tutorials, a video tour of Mitchell Memorial Library, and clips from the Charles Templeton Ragtime Jazz Festival. Some of the software tutorials include Camtasia, Microsoft Office Software, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. There are also videos on how to find online articles and books.

7. Online Tutoring

Schedule your tutorial online or visit the Writing Center office.

The Mississippi State University Writing Center offers online tutoring for MSU distance students. Go to the university’s WCONLINE 5 website to register an account.

8. Digital Collections

MSU Libraries produces, preserves, and provides access to digital collections.

Discover sheet music, diaries, correspondence, ledgers, photographs, transcripts, publications, and other unique materials, all through our Digital Collections.

9. Open Educational Resources (OER)

Get teaching, learning, and research resources free of use.

OER can be full courses, course materials, lesson plans, open textbooks, learning objects, videos, games, tests, software, or any other tool, material, or technique that supports access to knowledge.

10. Digital Media Center

Create images, music, and video, work with statistics, and more.

The new Digital Media Center, formerly the Instructional Media Center, is a multimedia collaborative space equipped with technology designed to propel teaching, learning, exploration, and research among Mississippi State University students, faculty and staff.


Top 5 Libraries at the Mississippi State University

1. Mitchell Memorial Library    

All the resources you need under one roof.

The library houses over 2 million volumes in printed publications and provides numerous facilities and services for students such as study rooms, presentation rooms, an Instructional Media Center, reference specialists, research guides, access to special collections, and much more.

2. Bob and Kathy Luke Library

The library is a resource for students, faculty, staff and the community.

The library includes collections of rare materials, periodicals, reserve readings, serials, slides, maps, drawing, and media. Once just a resource for the School of Architecture, the library is now a resource for the entire college with the addition of the art collection from the Mitchell Memorial Library.

3. The Old Main Academic Center

A state-of-the-art multipurpose classroom building.

Located on the southeast corner of George Perry and Barr, the Old Main Academic Center is a dynamic classroom building that will enhance the MSU experience and strengthen excellence in academics with a number of teaching and learning areas. Its Library Commons area includes a combination of fixed and comfortable seating, a 16 station computer lab and a collaboration station.

4. College of Veterinary Medicine Library

Veterinary Medicine resources.

The CVM library supports the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Medical Technology degree programs, veterinary research programs, and the CVM Animal Health Center.

5. Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library

The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant editorial project, and its collections have been at Mississippi State University since 2009.

The library contains 15,000 linear feet of correspondence, research notes, published monographs, artifacts, photographs, scrapbooks, and memorabilia, by and about the United States’ 18th president, covering his early life, Civil War triumphs, the presidency, and beyond.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at MSU

Welcome to Mississippi State! Yes you guessed it we are now in Mississippi.  Home of service, research and learning! Here are some of the 10 coolest clubs at this university and top events to look forward to this year!

1. Agricultural and Environmental Economics Club

A picture of agriculture.

The title kind of explains this one, but you will learn about agriculture and the environment.  You will do hands-on activities with your peer and advance your overall knowledge!

2. Agronomy Club

Man studying agriculture.

The purpose of this club is to increase knowledge about agronomy.  You will work with other students and develop a deep bond about a passion of yours.  Do this if you love this sector of science!

3. American Red Cross Club

Logo for the American Red Cross.

Help the American Red Cross on a national level.  You will participate more than just volunteering for the Red Cross and will learn more and more about the Red Cross.

4. Archery Dawgs

Picture of an archery target.

Hey Dawgs!!! Do you like archery? Do you want to be an Archery Dawg?? This is the only archery club at MSA and you can be a beginner and join! This club is very open and fun for beginners and advanced!

5. Men’s Lacrosse Club

Men playing lacrosse.

Do you like lacrosse? Are you a lax-bro? This club is perfect for you! It is a competitive club focusing on playing lacrosse and accepts all skill levels.  This club competes in the National College Lacrosse League.

6. Ballroom Dancing Club

Couple Ballroom dancing in a dance room.

This club is all about ballroom dancing.  You will learn how to ballroom even if you never have before. This club is perfect of anyone interested in this topic!

7. Bass fishing Club

Man bass fishing on a river.

This club is really focusing on getting the word out about bass fishing to increase their membership.  You will compete in this type of fishing at a competitive level and represent MSU!

8. SCUBA Dawgs

A man scuba diving.

This is a diving sport club of MSU. You will even have SCUBA sessions in the Sanderson Pool! You will also take trips with the club and adventure deep into the sea to scuba dive when you become experienced enough.

9. Sigma Phi Lambda

Flyer to rush Sigma Phi Lambda

This is a Christian sorority that focuses on glorifying God and getting his Word out! However, you don’t have to be Christian, but instead just have a want to get to know God with your fellow peers.

10. Soaring Club

View from flight.

This club involves lightings and involves teaching students about flights and other aeronautics.  You will learn more at their interest meeting, but basically all you need is a passion for flight!

Top Events this Year at MSU

1. Democracy in Crisis

Someone voting in Brazil.

This is an event focusing on Brazil’s current presidential election.  It takes place in the International Center room 303 and Brazil experts will talk to your about their perspectives on democracy and compare their government to ours.

2. Coffee with the Profs

Example of an Ad for this event.

This is a 5 session event that sadly costs money.  However, it only costs $75 for all 5 sessions and includes coffee and parking.  You will get to have some coffee with the professors from your university.

3. The 3M Interest Group

Diagram of a membrane, one of the 3ms.

This is an interest group that is mainly for graduate students. The price is free and ranges over a wide array of dates from September to December.  It is in the Biomedical & physical sciences building and is currently still being planned so all details may not be available.

4. Sigma Sigma Phi Gleaners Volunteering 

Some of the volunteers participating in this event.

This is a volunteering event to pack food for those in need! This is a perfect volunteering opportunity for those who want to help other people around them.  It is sponsored by Sigma Sigma Phi.

5. Studio (in) Process

Students in the studio.

This is a drop-in event on Thursdays to use different art materials and make your own art! You get to experience with daily things that can be made into art! It is only $8 too!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this article helped you decide what to attend and get involved in this semester. Hopefully you will also attend all these events. Thanks, peace out MSU!

Top 8 Residence Halls At Mississippi State University

This public university is a great place to go to for college! It focuses on agriculture and applied science, and has a lot of amazing educational opportunities. The research opportunities here are also amazing. If you are interested in coming to this school, or just want to learn more about living on campus, here are 8 of the top dorm halls at Mississippi State University!

1. Ruby Hall

Image of Ruby Hall

Address: Ruby Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Ruby Hall is one place to live at on campus. It’s located in the North Zone of campus. It’s new construction style and has individual temperature control for each of the rooms.

2. Rice Hall

Image of Rice Hall

Address: Rice Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Rice Hall is another amazing place to live at on campus. It’s located in the south zone of campus. The housing style is traditional, and offers free internet and air conditioning in each of the rooms.

3. Cresswell hall

Image of Cresswell Hall

Address: Cresswell Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Cresswell Hall is a great place to live at on campus. It’s also located in the south zone and has fridges and microwaves in each room. The community here is very inclusive, and it’s a great place for students to live.

4. Critz hall

Image of the outside of Critz Hall

Address: Critz Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Critz Hall is an amazing place to live. Not only is the outside of the dorm hall beautiful, the inside is just as pretty. The rooms are traditional and come with a fridge and a microwave. They also are air conditioned and have free cable.

5. Hathorn Hall

Picture of the outside of Hathorn Hall

Address: Hathorn Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Hathorn Hall is located in the south zone of campus. This hall is a female only dorm. It’s also restricted to upper-class men students, so it’s a very good place to be productive and get to know your peers. This dorm is primary for students in sororities.

6. Hull Hall

Image of the outside of Hull Hall

Address: Hull Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Hull Hall is located in the central zone of campus. It’s a traditional style building with double and singe room types. Each of the rooms has its own fridge and microwave, and it also comes with free wifi and internet.

7. Hurst Hall

Image of the outside of Hurst Hall

Address: Hurst Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Hurst Hall is another great place to live in. It’s an amazing dorm hall with a very close community. Each room has its own private bathroom.

8. Oak Hall

Image of the outside of Oak Hall

Address: Oak Hall., Mississippi State, MS 39762

Oak Hall is in the south zone of campus. This is a great dorm to live in because it’s very close to everything, and the community in this dorm is amazing. A lot of the residents form close bonds and create lasting friendships.


Those are only a few of the amazing places to live at Mississippi State University! This is a very unique place to attend college and it offers a lot of really cool places to live at on campus. If you are interested in this college, it would be beneficial to your high education experience to spend a year or two in the dorms at this awesome college!

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at Mississippi State University

1) Room Basics
Image of a bed

– Pillows
– Comforter
– Bedding
– Slippers
– Robe

2) Food and Snacks
Image of Snacks

– Instant Ramen
– Mac and Cheese
– Fruit snack
– Juice boxes
– Bottled water

3) Tech & Entertainment

Image of Ear pods

– Computer Monitor
– Headphones
– Charger
– Laptop
– Speakers

4) School Supplies

Image of a planner

– Pens
– Planner
– Pencils
– White board
– cork board

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing
Image of hangers

– Clorax wipes
– Hangers
– Closet organizer
– 3 tiered night stand
– Drawer organizer

6) Campus Gears
Image of a bike

– Bike
– Bike lock
– Back Pack
– Keychain
– Lanyard
– Good walking shoes

7) Items you should ask first before bringing
Image of candles

– Internet motem
– Microwave
– Candles
– Hot Plates
– Mini Fridges

10 of the Easiest Classes at Mississippi State University

If you are looking for a great way to get your GPA up while having an easy schedule, look no further! By taking easy courses, you will be able to have an easier schedule which makes your time on campus much more enjoyable. Here are 10 of the easiest classes that are offered at MSU!

1. EN 3303 – Creative Writing

A great elective that you can choose to take is Creative Writing. This class focuses on how to be yourself when you write. This class is also easy because a good imagination is very important. That being said, as long as you try your best and be creative you will be able to get a good grade in the class.creative writing

2. PSY 1021 – Career in Psychology

One of the most basic courses in the Psychology track is Career in Psychology. This class focuses on how you can turn this concept into a career. Also, this class is mainly for psychology majors, but anyone can take it to learn more about this subject.Psych1

3. MA 0103 – Intermediate Algebra

If you went through high school hating math class then this course might be the right selection for you! Intermediate Algebra is one of the most basic math classes offered at MSU. Every student has to take a math course at some point so you may as well this class to put an ease into your schedule.glencoe-algebra-1-online-textbook-help_135772_large

4. KI 2603 – Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology is a class mainly for nursing your medical students. That being said, it is one of the more laid back and easy courses that are offered. You will learn all about the medical terminology that all medical professionals use.medical-appointment-doctor-healthcare-40568

5. MKT 3213 – Retailing

A very niche marketing class that you are able to take is known as Retailing. Retailing covers the very basics of retail techniques and the market. That being said, you only have to learn the very simple aspects of the field and not much more.buyandsell

6. MKT 4113 – Personal Selling

Another marketing class that you should be able to take is Personal Selling. This is a very easy course because a lot of people have already sold things themselves before whether it be at a garage sale or online. Because of this, you will probably already know most of the material taught.1140-yeager-sell-your-used-books.imgcache.rev6feda141288df73e8fd100822bb375ea

7. MA 1313 – College Algebra

If you did okay in high school when it comes to math, you should consider taking College Algebra. This class is still very easy because it mostly expands upon a lot of the subjects you would have learned in high school.Algebra

8. PSS 2343 – Floral Design

A very unique and different class you can take is Floral Design. If you find flower care to be a hobby for you this class is calling your name. You will surely have a good break in your schedule if you take this interesting course!Image result for floral design

9. CO 2213 – Small Group Communication

Another unique course is Small Group Communication. This class is very easy because you have probably been working in groups since elementary school. You will learn about how to effectively communicate to a group of people.Business Communication Duplicate model

10. FLL 1113 – Latin I 

Since some degrees require you to take a couple classes in a foreign language, you should consider taking Latin I. Whether you have much Latin experience or not, this class is designed for beginners to the language. You will be able to get an easy grade and knock out that degree requirement at the same time!Image result for latinIf you choose to attend Mississippi State University, you should consider taking any of these easy classes to boost up your GPA and make your time much more enjoyable!