10 Coolest Courses at Millikin University

The start of the semester is just around the corner. Many college students are both thrilled and tired of their classes that they may have taken previously. However, with there being a load of courses that are hard, there comes a load of courses that are cool as well. Below are some of the coolest courses that you will find at Milikin University!

1. HM 317 – Practice with Diverse Populations

A look at different types of medicine, with pills arranged in a DNA helix

This class will allow students to discover the privilege, oppression, and diverse cultures within the medical field. This includes how many cultures take up the medical field when it comes to the approach of the practice. This also includes learning about the practices among the people with medicine.

2. SO215 – The Sociology of Video Gaming

Two people that are video gaming

In this course, students will study the sociology behind video gaming. Video games are among the biggest forms of entertainment in the world. Students will also learn more about the art of video gaming and how people think when they are entertaining themselves through a virtual world.

3. CO251 – Introduction to Public Relations

Different forms that are used for public relations

Are you interested in learning more about public relations or the art of media? In this course, students will learn more about how media affects the outer world and how the media plays a role in sharing the news. This class will discuss how you, too, can market yourself and how to go about being on social media platforms.

4. PY101 – Stars and Galaxies

A depiction of the stars in space

What is up with space? This class will learn more about the stars and galaxies. This course will also discuss the origins and history of space as it relates to the world around us. This class is a super nova! It’s fun due to the nature and depth of what you will explore while you are there.

5. DA100 – Dance Lab

Three ballet dancers that are prancing

Have you ever wanted to get up and dance? This class will focus on the traditions and origins of dance movements. Students will learn about the different combinations for different styles of dance and to focus in on their body to portray a story when it comes to dance.

6. EN 201 – Introduction to Creative Writing

Imaginative images that are coming out of a notebook

Are you a creative? In this course, students will discover the different components of writing. Students will also learn more about the art of creating on different writing materials in order to enhance the story. This class is created to take students through a narrative and a journey of their own in order to improve their own writing skills.

7. EN210 – Business and Professional Writing

A person writing up a business plan

When conducting business, it is important to remain professional when you are writing. Students will learn more about the art of writing and the art of business propositions in writing. Students will also learn more about how to hone in on their business and professional skills so that their writing can be improved as well.

8. DA 101 – Jazz Dance

A look at different dancers dancing

Who is your favorite jazz singer or dancer? This class will focus on the jazz style of dance. Students will study different movements, floor placements, walks, and poses as they relate to jazz. Students will also learn more about the origin of jazz dance as well.

9. CJ100 – Introduction to Criminal Justice Professions

A depiction of the criminal justice system with a gavel and cuffs

Are you interested in learning more about criminal justice? In this course, students will discuss the problems within the criminal justice system and the roots that stem behind the makings of the laws. Students will also learn more about how different law practices work within the court systems.

10. AR103 – Drawing I

A person drawing an eyeball

In this class, students will discuss the materials that are used in drawing and how art is portrayed when it comes to drawing. Students will also learn more about the experiences of drawing, how to tell a story, and how to use different forms of paintings and pencils to enhance their picture.

10 Hardest Courses at Millikin University

Founded in 1901, Millikin University has been known as an unconventional learning experience. They pride themselves in educating students through theories and practical applications. Located in the heart of Decatur, Illinois. Millikin University ranks the 9th in the Regional Colleges in the Midwest.

1. EV350 – Global Environmentalism

Windmill developed by Millikin University.

First on our list is Global Environmentalism. It teaches students the issues surrounding the effects of economic, scientific, and ethical attributes to the global environment. Various topics are covered, such as the significant causes of the decaying of the environment, and its impact.

2. CH331 – Biochemistry

A Millikin student doing experiment in Chemistry Department.

The course tackles the difference between physical and organic chemistry. Most of the discussions in this course are centered on structures and relationships of biomolecules. So get ready for a lot of laboratory work.

3. CS337 – Algorithms and Data Structures

A computer programming class at Millikin University.

Algorithm and Data Structures gives the students a challenge through problem-solving and logical experiments. It covers most of the fundamentals of computer programming and networking. It would be a great course to take if you are passionate about programming.

4. PS310 – Principles of Psychopathology

Psychology students reviewing psychopathology disorders.

In this course, you will learn about personality development and disorders. The course also focuses on the major theories of psychopathology. This is the hardest course to take in understanding people’s minds.

5. MC312 – Legal Issues in Music

Students of Fine Arts performing at the School of Music in Millikin University.

Most people think that music is a piece of cake, but they are wrong. Music is composed of different principles, theories, and legalities. Legal Issues in Music is a course that introduces the copyright and publishing of music. So be prepared for essays and paperworks.

6. PO305 – Philosophy of Law

Professor doing lecture at a philosophy class.

This course examines the different principles and theories of law. Students will differentiate natural law from legal realism. This is a hard course because it talks about the thin line between legal aspects and moral values.

7. MA304 – Probability

Student solving a mathematical equation.

Probability is one of the hardest course under the Mathematics program. It gives the students a lot of confusion because of the different formulas and factors that can affect the outcomes. In other terms, this course is known for solving the unsolvable. So get your brain ready because you will be constantly scratching your head.

8. PY406 – Quantum Mechanics

Millikin University students at a physics laboratory.

Millikin University is proud of its unique teaching. Quantum mechanics is a challenging course everywhere, but in Millikin, it is twice as hard. You will learn various theories and apply them. As a result, physics will drive you crazy because of this specific field. Get ready for long hours at the laboratory.

9. ET260 – Designing Your Life

Students collaborating for business partnership.

Designing Your Life is a hard course. The course allows students to express themselves, exercise specialists, and discover hidden talents. Designing Your Life will stir up the development of its students and make them explore on which track they are pursuing. This course basically makes you choose to have a direction in your life.

10. AR327 – Computer Art and Design: Creative Concepts

Student studying arts by using a computer.

Not everyone can express their gifts of creativity. Computer Art and Design is a course where students will use their creative skills collectively. Therefore digital concepts and art principles will be honed and afterward be put to the test.

Whatever course you decide to take, remember that college was meant to push you to new heights. Because this is going to be your last years in school, take this chance to broaden your horizons.

10 Best Millikin University Library Resources Students Need To Know

Aside from the football field, the library is one of the places on campus where most of the students at Millikin University have the most interaction. It’s their most essential academic weapon. Here are 10 of the best library resources in MU where students can benefit from:

1. Technology Studio

The Technologies Studio is open to all students, faculty, and staff at Millikin

The new Technologies Studio is a place for students, faculty, and staff to learn about and explore new and emerging technologies, such as Virtual/Augmented Reality and 3D Printing.

2. Research Assistance

Professional library staff assist students as they navigate through their various options.

Conducting a research project for a class project can be both challenging and rewarding. Most of the professors at MU expect their students to dig more deeply into their area of study than what they are able to find through a search conducted on a general Internet search engine. To ensure an appropriate level of precision and depth to their research efforts, they’re going to need to leverage several academic research tools that you may not have any previous experience using. That’s where we the Research Assistance comes in.

3. Writing Center

Get help on areas such as brainstorming, drafting and composing, editing and revision, or even style.

The Writing Center is a relaxed, comfortable space where writers can talk about their writing concerns with trained and experienced writing consultants who are willing to listen, share, and respond.

4. Virtual Bookstore

Browse the virtual shop for hard to find course resources.

The e-Campus virtual bookstore is the place where MU students can order or rent textbooks for their courses, sell their old ones, shop for gadgets, and even purchase the university’s merchandise.

5. Tutoring

The Center for Academic & Professional Performance (CAPP) provides free peer tutoring for Millikin students by appointment-only basis.

Tutors coordinate with faculty and offer students opportunities to review concepts, practice problem-solving skills, develop effective study strategies, improve time management, develop effective test preparation strategies, and network with successful students in their discipline.

6. Moodle

Moodle is an Open Source Learning Management System used by Millikin University.

You will see a list of the courses you are currently enrolled in once you log in to Moodle. There’s also a forum where students can participate in in discussions. Professors have the option of posting assignment grades in Moodle during the course of the semester so that students may track their progress.

7. MyMillikin

All students will be provided by a username, Millikin ID#, and a temporary password they can later change.

MyMillikin is a means to access Millikin applications, discussion boards, and announcements through a single sign-on. Students can even customize their menu  for up to 16 of the user’s most frequently clicked icons.

8. Course Reserves

Reserves are available in print and electronic.

The reserve collection makes easily available to students those materials which faculty members require their classes to use. Print reserves are housed at the library’s circulation desk and organized by professor name and course number, circulate for short periods of time as designated by the faculty member. On the other hand, e-reserves are available online through the Moodle course management system.

9. Computers

Computers and laptops with internet access are available at the Staley Library.

There are 12 public computer workstations with campus network and internet access, including to the library’s own resource-rich website, as well as 5 wireless laptops for Millikin student use within the library.

10. I-Share

Find all the resources you need from the online catalog of I-Share.

Over 189,000 physical items in Staley Library that circulate and are accessed through the I-Share statewide electronic catalog. Anyone with a valid Millikin University ID can use and borrow in person from any of the 90 I-Share libraries.


Top 5 Libraries On and Off the Millikin University Campus

1. Staley Library

The traditional heart of a university.

Staley Library is a tribute to three generations of the Staley family beginning with A. E. Staley, Sr. It has a staff of four librarians, four paraprofessionals, and many student assistants. There are 350 study seats, divided among tables, carrels, sofas, and easy chairs.

2. Decatur Public Library

The library have made improvements in the use of technology in their process of people borrowing materials.

The Decatur Public Library provides a wide range of materials available for checkout including books, DVDs, audiobooks, books in Spanish, large print, and so much more.

3. Macon County Law Library

Free cards are issued to Macon County residents as well as non-residents.

The library provides residents with free popular materials and strives to provide duplicate copies of high-demand titles.  Additionally, it aims to support local educational efforts by providing non-fiction materials, early childhood learning materials, and public access computers.

4. Forsyth Public Library

The Forsyth County Public Library is a consortium of four public libraries in Forsyth County, Georgia.

The library has a varied collection of books, including everything from board books for infants to current best-sellers for adults and everything in between. The collection includes up-to-date non-fiction, fiction, and major reference works, as well as large print versions of many popular titles.

5. Mt Zion District Library

You can download the Mt. Zion Library app once you have a card number to log in.

There are approximately 50,000 plus items in the library’s collection which includes print books, magazines, books on CD, music CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Millikin University

Hey Big Blues! We are now headed to Millikin University in Decatur, IL home of the Big Blue.  There are numerous clubs offered at this university but here are some of the popular and cool ones. Enjoy and join

1. DECA 

Some students in DECA.

This club stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America and is open to all! In this club you can get great business experience in any business-like area.  There are currently more than 13000 students and is also in many other campuses.  You will not only gain experience and meet your own students, but also from numerous universities!

2. Student Senate

Logo for the Student Senate.

This is a great way to get more involved in the overall student body of this school.  You get to represent the school in a fun and positive way, as well as other clubs in the process.  You also will be able to show school spirit and prove how much you love your school!

3. Spanish Club

Some common Spanish phrases.

This is one for many! Even if you are a beginner you can join! You will learn more vocabulary and get to interact with other students that are interested in the Spanish language.  This is a great way to improve your speaking as well as comprehension and speaking!

4. French Club

Common/important French phrases.

This is much like the Spanish Club in that you will learn more about the language. Any level is accepted and welcomed.  You will be welcomed with open arms and learn so much about the language.

5. Model United Nations

Members of this club at an event.

This is a club that is also offered at numerous other universities.  You will be able to represents a certain part of the world and act in part of them in a conference/mock trial. You will gain international experience and knowledge as well as leadership skills.

6. Math Club

Photo showing some love for math!

This club does require an interest in math, but that is about it! If love numbers and have a guilty pleasure when it comes to math problems than this is the club for you!

7. Philosophy Club

Some key phrases and concepts of philosophy.

Do you have an interest in religions? Reality? Existence? Knowledge? Than this is the club for you! Gather with other constituents to talk about different philosophical thought. You will learn a lot!

8. Organizational Leadership Club

Some students participating in this club!

This is perfect for people working on being good leaders or need to brush up on their leadership skills.  Work and meet with other students to organize possible leadership opportunities.  You will not only get to make new friends, but also get to improve your skills overall and become a better leader!

9. Alliance for Active Music Making

Screen used in the process of making music.

This club kind of says it all in the title but mainly focuses on making music.  This one is definitely one of the coolest if you are interested in making your own music! You will have fun and work together with other people passionate in music.

10. Millikin Sapphires

Millikin Sapphires team group photo.

This is the dance team at Millikin.  You can learn and do a variety of styles from hiphop to jazz to many more.  You will meet new people and have fun dancing together!

Top Events During the School Year at Millikin University

1. DAMTA Duet Festival

Students/non-students dressed up in awesome halloween costumes!

This event will take place on October 28th from 1:30 to 6 pm.  Pianists of all ages will be there and is FREE! Anyone can go so you really have no excuse.  Three prizes will also be awards and you SHOULD wear your halloween costumes!

2. Carrie: The Musical

Known scene from Carrie the Musical.

This one is a must see! It runs from October 29 to November 11 at 7:30 and is based on a really popular musical. Supposed to be an amazing production!

3. John O’Conor

Photo of the Irish pianist.

On October 27th at 7:30 John will be preforming a variety of pieces by numerous composers.  This is part of his world tour and we are lucky enough that he is stopping by Millikin.  This will be perfect for any O’Conor fans or just anyone interested in a fun, interesting concert.

4. Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid

Picture from the well-known silent film.

This is a tribute to the 1921 silent film The Kid. It will take place on November 3rd at 2pm.  It will pay tribute to Chaplin as well and interest any fans of his at Millikin.

5. Vespers

Picture from this event.

Lastly, is the 60th Annual Vespers.  It will take place on December 1 and 2nd at 2pm and 7:30 pm.  You will get to listen to a bunch of Christmas music and listen to about 300 musicians.

Thanks so much for reading! Hopefully these events and clubs interest you and you will be attending/participating in these events! While many other events and clubs are at this University, these are some of the up and coming and favorites of the year.

Top 8 Residence Halls at Millikin University

Millikin University is a private college located in Illinois. It’s an amazing place to go to college and has a lot of educational opportunities. It’s a traditional school with a four year liberal arts program. If you are looking into this college, or are interested in living on campus, here are 8 of the top residence halls at Millikin University!

1. Aston Hall

Image of a dorm hallway.

Aston Hall is an awesome place to live at on campus. The building offers air conditioning and in-unit laundry machines. It also is fully furnished and has internet.

Address: 175 N. Oakland Ave. Decatur, IL 62522

2. Blackburn Hall

Image of a decorated dorm 

This dorm hall is called blackburn hall. It’s super close to campus and has a lot of cool study areas. It has community bathrooms and free wireless internet.

Address: 105 N. Oakland Ave. Decatur, IL 62522

3. Dolson Hall

Image of a decorated dorm

Dolson Hall is another really cool place to live at on campus. It has vending machines and ice machines. The rooms are also air conditioned. There are over 200 coed residents in this hall.

Address: 210 N. Oakland Ave. Decatur, IL 62522

4. Weck Hall

Image of a decorated dorm room

Weck hall is a great place to live at. The community in this dorm hall is very close. The residents all have single bathrooms. There are about 50 students living in this hall.

Address: 1211 W Main St. Decatur, IL 62522

5. New Hall 4

Dorm life

This is a two-story dorm hall. The rooms are all suite style. There are around 50 residents that live in this dorm, so everything here is very close and the community is very unique.

Address: 1188 West Wood St Decatur, IL 62522

Off Campus Housing Options

1. Sorority/ Fraternity Housing

Image of a sorority house

Address: N. Oakland Ave. Decatur, IL 62522

One option to live off campus is to live at a fraternity or sorority. This is a great option as many of these houses have a great community and have a lot of nice features. You will be living with friends, and it will provide many opportunities to become closer to your peers.

2. The Woods At Millikin

Images of apartments complexes

Address: N. Oakland Ave. Decatur, IL 62522

These are apartments that you can live on off campus. You have to get approved to live off-campus, and these apartments are very nice. They come with a lot of amenities, such as fully furnished rooms and a lot of unique study spaces.

Those were 8 of the best places to live at Millkin University! There are many more awesome places to live at on campus as well. This school has a lot of cool features, and living on campus would enhance your college experience!

Here is your move in packing list at Millikin University

1) Room Basics

Image of a pillow

– Blankets
– Pillows
– Comforter
– Door Mirror
– Shower Caddy
– Hangers
– Slippers

2) Food and Snacks

Image of pretzels

– Juice boxes
– Granola bars
– Bottled waters
– Instant mac and cheese
– Instant ramen
– Poptarts
– Dried Fruit

3) Tech & Entertainment

Image of headphones

– Charger
– Headphones
– TV
– Speakers
– Printer

4) School SuppliesImage of pencils

– Planner
– Notebooks
– Different colored pens
– #2 Pencils
– Backpack
– Empty binder
– Stapler

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing

Image of broom

– Clorax wipes
– Under bed organizer
– Drawer organizer
– 3 tiered shelving unit
– Dresser
– Kleenex
– Paper towel

6) Campus Gears

Image of hand sanitizer

– Bike
– Bike lock
– Lunch box
– Keychain
– Travel water bottle
– Hand lotion
– Hand sanitizer

7) Items you should ask first before bringing 

Image of candles

– Wifi router/ motem
– Candles
– Toasters
– Hot Plate
– Iron
– Ironing Board

10 of the Easiest Courses at Millikin University

Many college students find it difficult to juggle extracurricular activities, internships, and all their courses at the same time. An easy way to relieve stress and still maintain a decent GPA is by taking easier courses that do not require too much time or effort. Below are 10 of the easiest courses to take at Millikin University.

1. PS130 – Introductory Psychology

This course provides an introduction to study of behavior and mental processes derived from application of scientific method. Topics range from biological bases of behavior, levels of consciousness, development, memory, abnormality to motivation and emotion. The course provides an examination of psychology as a profession and its relevance to everyday life.

An image of the brain composed of different designs

2. SO100 – Intro to Sociology

This course acquaints students with the discipline of sociology and the sociological perspective, with an emphasis on social problems and inequality related to class, race and gender. Students learn how to view groups, communities, societies and major social institutions with what C. Wright Mills termed the “sociological imagination” in an effort to inform personal views and convictions about society within this broader analytical scope.

A drawing of 'Sociology' spelled out by people

3. FI300 – Personal Finance

This course is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge of how to successfully handle their personal finances at all stages of their life. This course covers financial planning, managing money and credit, insurance issues, investing topics, retirement and estate planning and dealing with financial life events.

An image of a man working on finances

4. PH113 – Introduction to Logic

In this course, students translate standard English into symbolic notation, then use both Aristotelian and truth functional techniques to test for validity of arguments. The aim is to understand the rules and relationships that define rational thinking. From logical puzzles to Venn diagrams to symbolic proofs, this course is an excellent preparation for the GRE or LSAT or MCAT.

An image of the human mind filled with questions, gears, and ideas

5. PO300 – Media and Politic

This course explores the vital role mass media play in American politics and democratic process today and how political actors try to manage the news. The course provides students with a set of scholarly and analytical tools with which to critically assess the news and other kinds of media content. Emphasis is placed on the interdependent nature of the relationship among managers of the news. 

An image of voting buttons and social media platforms

6. HI100 – Introduction to the Modern World

This course explores a survey of economic, intellectual, political and social developments in Europe since 1700 as well as patterns of influence and reaction in America, Latin America and Asia. Topics include capitalism as a revolutionary system, Marxism, imperialism, fascism, socialism, national revolutions, and the dynamics of an evolving third world.

An image of a man standing in front of a holograph

7. EV110 – Introduction to Environmental Studies

This course introduces students to the diversity of opportunities in environmental studies. Students engage in contemporary readings in environmental studies and be introduced to possible career choices.

An image of the globe on soil

8. EN201 – Introduction to Creative Writing

This course explores an introduction to writing in three genres: fiction, poetry, and drama. Special attention given to techniques of characterization, dialogue, diction, phrasing, plotting, narration, description and prosody. 

An image of a book under drawings of everyday life

9. CO220 – Introduction to Video Production

This course is designed to provide students with television production techniques as they pertain to single camera, electronic news gathering and documentaries. Storyboarding, editing skills and script writing are emphasized. Production techniques aid the student producers in creating news features and/or a documentary or original design.

An image of a video camera recording two speakers

10. HM200 – Introduction to the Helping Professions

This course offers a comprehensive look into various helping professions allowing students the chance to explore professions and gain perspectives as they investigate career opportunities within the helping field. The course explores topics including personal and professional values, self-awareness, career paths, salaries, supervision, education and credentialing requirements, and demographic information of various professions. 

A drawing of two people leaning on each other

Taking these courses will certainly free up time in your schedule to find an internship, join extracurricular activities, and focus on other courses. These courses can definitely benefit you, your health, and your GPA.