Jobs for College Students at MTSU

The Middle Tennessee State University is a famous public university located in Murfreesboro in Tennessee. It is well-known for its aerospace, concrete industry management, recording industry, and music courses. If you are a student at Middle Tennessee State University, there are some students jobs offered that can help you earn the extra cash. The money can come in handy because of the learning and living expenses incurred by students. Some jobs are off campus but they are flexible enough to accommodate the student’s class hours and academic activities. A few of these students’ jobs are expounded herein;

1. A Library Student Assistant

 A library assistant organizing books

A library assistant job entails helping students locate a book, organize the books, and assist students during borrowing and returning of library books. It is a part-time job where the student is required to work for around 4 hours a day. Application forms are available on the website and with the right qualifications, you can get the job.

2. Resident Directors

 Students at the residence halls

A resident director job is given to MTSU students who have excellent academic performance, a previous experience in the residence hall and a great role model with high leadership skills. The job is fulltime but flexible to allow time for other school activities. Qualified students are supposed to fill an application form on the school website.

3. A Resident Assistant

 A student applying for a job

This job is given to students with high leadership skills, living in the halls of residence, with a scholarship, and with the greatest desire to help other students or people. Students work full time but they are paid well and are given a nice private room at a cheaper price. Applications are done on the school website but only the students with the right requirements secure the job.

4. Housing Tutor

The halls of residence

A housing tutor job is given to the student with excellent academic leadership skills. The students who qualify for the job work for less than 20 hours per week. Application is done on the school website and if the qualifications are met, then the job is easily secured. It is a great way to make money while in school.

5. Desk Assistants

A student working at the desk

Desk assistants are supposed to relay any maintenance requests made by other students, supervise any visitation, and supply information about the residence halls to students and parents. The job is fulltime but it also allows enough time for the other learning and school activities. If interested, you should visit the school website and fill the application form.

6. A Volunteer position as a Student Patrol

High security maintenance

Student patrols are responsible for maintaining the security around the campus. The job requires the student to work a minimum of 18 hours per week. The job gives you the experience and skills which are useful once you are out of school. If you feel that you are qualified, the best way to apply is through the school website.

7. Online job as a Notetaker

Take notes with and get a great paying deal while you go to class. When you take Notes with, you not only gain but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.


Restaurants and Cafes at or near MTSU

Middle Tennessee State University is a big campus where you can find all sorts of food items. If you are in a worry of college cafes on campus, then know that there are immense options for you. You can also try the restaurants near campus, but first, these are worth trying.

1. McCallie Dining Hall

interior of dining hall

The location of this dining hall is in Corlew Hall of the campus. The menu of this place changes on a daily basis depending on what students wish to it. There are many options for breakfast such as pancakes and omelets along with burgers, pasta, and pizza for lunch time. Also, there are desserts variety like ice cream, pie, cookies, pastries and more. You can also opt out for the gluten-free and vegan diet if you wish to. The amazing variety is worth visiting once, and you will surely love it.

2. Raider Zone

staff of cafe serving different food platters

You can get breakfast and lunch meal plans at this café. There is a pizza station, desserts, grill items and much more to select from. The location of the café is in the Peck Hall of James Union Building. If you are passing through the hall, grab the bite and eat it before you reach to the class. You will love the taste because of the different ingredients which keep you active all day.

3. Restaurant Rotation

spicy fries serving

You will be able to find the new menu in this restaurant every day. The ingredients are authentic with a variety of dishes from South American to Latin. You can make a plate of your favorite things by yourself at this place along with trying the signature plate by the chef. There are steaks, burgers, fries, drinks and much more for you to explore here.

4. Far East Restaurant

thai cashew chicken in plate

It is an amazing restaurant to enjoy Asian, Thai and Chinese food. Find the best sushi, chili beef and much more on the menu. Along with that, you can order Manchurian and fried rice under the Chinese menu. So, make sure to try this restaurant if you never ate Asian food items.

5. Asian Express

Asian food servings

Asian express offers you a variety of meals like egg rolls, sushi, fried rice, and others. You will be able to find fresh and great taste of food which is like no other. Additionally, there are drinks of your choice which you can purchase to enjoy with the meal.

6. Brewed Awakenings

entrance of cafe

If you are someone who cannot live without coffee, then this is your place. Get the best tea, coffee, frappucino, cappuccino, and other beverages at this café. Alongside, you can also grab bagels with your favorite filling to keep yourself awake in the long lectures.

7. Happy Tomato

entrance of happy tomato

Want to have something quick, so you do not get late to class after the break? Well, this is a great place for you to try with a variety of wraps, salad, potatoes and much more. The healthy menu is there for you if you do not have enough time to have a full meal.

So, treat yourself well when you are studying at the university with the food you love. Try all the healthy option so that you stay fresh and active to perform well in your classes.

Top 10 Majors at Middle Tennessee State University

If you want to be at your very best while at school, you need to pick the right major for you. This will make your entire college experience much less stressful. Here are the top 10 majors offered at Middle Tennessee State University.

1. Geoscience

The first program that you should consider is geoscience. This is degree that focuses on our earth and the science in the world. The professors of this program are dedicated to your success.

some starfish

2. Animation

If you love to be creative and use computer systems, you should consider majoring in animation. Animated movies are very popular these days. That being said, you can make a good living with this degree.

an animated character

3. Graphic Design

Another great program that is similar to animation is graphic design. You’ll learn about art and how it can be done in a professional setting. You will have a great time later in life with this degree.

art and design

4. Philosophy

A very interesting degree that is available to you is philosophy. The curriculum is based around old thinkers and their views of the world. Later in the program, you will be able to form your own hypotheses about the world.

Philosophy terms

5. Photography

A great way to express yourself and to have fun while at school is by majoring in photography. This is a very versatile degree they can bring you several different ways after graduation. This degree will allow you to have a great time in the real world.

a nice camera

6. Political Science

Political science is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the country right now. This is because of the vast politicization that is happening on a daily basis. You’ll be able to take advantage of this trend and use it to your benefit.

terms of political science

7. Management

A very broad degree offered to you is management. It is no secret that the bosses of the company usually make the most money. That being said, this degree will help you get to the top and make a lot of money.

a person working

8. Media Studies

An interesting way to get into the media is by majoring in media studies. You will see the various forms of media in the world and how it affects society. This will give you a very different view of our country.

different forms of media

9. Computer Science

If you are good with computers, you should consider majoring in computer science. You will be able to expand this knowledge into the real world. You will have a great career with the help of this degree.

a computer lab

10. Social Work

The final great program for you to consider is social work. If you love to help other people, this is a program for you. You yourself will even become more healthy and happy with this degree.

Social Work graphic

10 Library Resources at Middle Tennessee State University

Libraries are an essential part of any student’s college life. Middle Tennessee State University houses five libraries which can provide resources, information, and instructional services suitable to the needs of its students, researchers, staff, and faculty alike.

1. Design to Learn (D2L) Support

Academic and instructional technology services

Desire2Learn or D2L is a full web-based learning environment suite about easy-to-use teaching and learning tools for course development, delivery, and management. It is designed to offer students and faculties with the flexibility to tailor-made the environment to resemble how they approach teaching and learning while providing the necessary tools to facilitate communication, collaboration, and community building further.

2. Group Study Rooms

The space can be reserved by MTSU students, faculty, and staff.

The group study rooms located on the 4th floor of the James E. Walker Library are the only ones that can be reserved on a first come first serve basis. They are equipped with a desktop computer, dry erase board, markers, and erasers for check out from the Service Desk on the 1st floor. Users can utilize the rooms for up to 4 hours.

3. Teaching with Primary Resources

Educators use digitized items at the library to reach out their students in an innovative way.

The MTSU Teaching with Primary Resources is a program by the Library of Congress conducted for Tennessee educators by the Center for Historic Preservation which aims to empower students and educators to develop learning experiences by involving the world through primary sources.

4. Presentation Practice Rooms

These rooms have all the equipment you need to practice and record your presentations.

The Presentation Practice Rooms is a place where students can practice and record their presentations. The spaces are intended for practicing and refining presentations for classes, seminars, conference presentations, thesis defense, and more. It is equipped with a large wall-mounted monitor, ceiling-mounted video camera with a small ceiling-mounted monitor and stereo microphone, desktop PC with video recording software, lectern, and wall mounted whiteboard

5. MakerSpace Green Screen Room

The MakerSpace Green Screen Room lets faculty and students shoot in green screen for up to 3 hours.

The MTSU MakerSpace Green Screen Room is multi-purpose where you can do various activities such as green screen shoots, virtual reality class assignments, and software tech coach sessions. It has both Windows and Mac computers to cater to MakerSpace and Mac Lab software aside from other essential equipment.

6. Technology Services

The Tech Help of the Technology Services can also help troubleshoot technology issues such as printing, file recovery, and more.

MTSU’s Technology services aim to improve the educational experience by encouraging students to use the latest and most innovative technology. It also teaches them to be literate and effective in using more sophisticated educational software, social media, and technology in line with the University’s mission of continuous learning.

7. Meeting Place 2

When not reserved, the space is open for general study use.

Meeting Place 2 is a semi-enclosed space within a larger group space used for meetings and presentations. It is large enough to accommodate 16 people and features flexible furniture and movable whiteboard partitions. A laptop may be checked out from Technology Services and hooked up to a large screen ceiling-mounted monitor.

8. Adaptive Technology Center (ATC)

The ATC is open to the public, with priority given to MTSU students registered with the Disability and Access Center.

The Adaptive Technology Center (ATC) is a campus resource for students that are registered with MTSU’s Disability and Access Center (DAC). They provide alternative formats of print material, adaptive hardware and software, and any other form of access via technology that is within their ability to offer.

9. Computers

Computers are available to students for 4-hour checkout at the Technology Services Desk.

The library computers include Windows desktop PC’s, Windows laptops, Linux desktops, Macs, and VR/AR/3D computers. To use a computer, log in with your MTSU credentials. Guest access is also available for personal laptops on the wireless network, though research database access is unavailable on a guest connection.

10. 3D Printing

You can have your project printed at the Technology Services or do it yourself in the MakerSpace.

Create models, prototypes, mechanical fittings, art, and more with MTSU’s 3D printers. The minimum charge is $4 per hour and $2per hour for academic projects. Charges will be applied to the user’s library account and must be paid online.


Top 5 Libraries at Middle Tennessee State University

1. James E. Walker Library

The library was named after Dr. James E. Walker, the 8th President of Middle Tennessee State University and an avid library supporter.

The James E. Walker Library has a capacity for 800,000 volumes and offers 1,500 general reader seats, 1,000 individual study carrel seats. It has facilities for private study through 31 group study rooms and 60 faculty research studies. The library has an active program of instruction, teaching the use of databases and other resources through two lab rooms.

2. Albert Gore Research Center

The Gore Center houses over 20 political collections.

The Albert Gore Research Center is a unit of the College of Liberal Arts at MTSU, and functions as an institution dedicated to the study of modern American politics, education, and southern history, with an emphasis on the participation of people and organizations from Middle Tennessee.

3. Center for Popular Music

Work with treasures from one of the country's largest music archives.

The center is one of the leading research and programming centers in the country devoted to the full study of popular and folk music in the United States and beyond.

4. Women’s Studies Library

The library offers a wide selection of women empowerment resources.

The Women’s Studies Library is located in the James Union Building and houses a variety of topics related to women and feminism. Anyone with a valid MTSU ID may check out books.

5. Andrew L. Todd Hall

The library was originally designed to hold 150,000 volumes.

The Andrew L. Todd Hall was now designed to hold 225,000 volumes, but by 1996 it held more than 600,000 volumes, almost three times its intended capacity. In April of 1987, a celebration was held to commemorate the half-millionth volume added to the library collection, an identical reprint of the Gutenberg Bible.  

10 Coolest Clubs at MTSU

Middle Tennessee State University is a comprehensive coeducational public university in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The wording of comprehensive means that the state and the school does not solely look at academic merit to get in. Here are 10 cool clubs you should check out .

1.Advertising Club

 advertising being featured on mobile computer and ipad

Advertising Club is a club that is meant specifically for those who are in the advertising major. The club meets up to go to different info sessions with speakers as well as attends events that invite for networking and talking with professionals.

2.Alpha Eta Rho

 the logo for Alpha Eta Rho features a bird and a plane

Alpha Eta Rho is a group on campus that serves as the professional aviation fraternity on campus. This group is meant to be a group that allows aviation students to feel more tight knit. The group does a number of service projects and fundraising for philanthropy.

3.Best Buddies

 a student mentor with the person he is mentoring

Best Buddies is a globally known volunteer movement that is meant to guide those who are intellectually disabled. It allows students to become mentors for those who need someone to not only help them with motor skills but also a listening ear.

4.Biology Graduate Student Association

birds and turtles surrounding the word biology

The Biology Graduate Student Association is a group on campus that is for students who are in the graduate program for the major biology. This a great way for students to get to know who is in the major as well as to get resources for surviving and thriving.

5.Campus Recreation

 students being fit by using the campus recreation building for rock climbing

Campus Recreation is an organization on campus that allows students, faculty and even alumni to all get involved. Keeping the student body fit by holding different information tablings and having different athletic classes is a way that the group achieves this.

6.Campus Outreach

 a beach backdrop with a featured bible scripture verse from proverbs

Campus Outreach is an interdenominational group on campus that allows students to become more intimate with the relationship they had with the lord. This is done through studying of scripture as well as different discussions.

7.Democrats of  Middle Tennessee State University

 a donkey with blue red and white stars represents democrats

This group is meant for those who swing in the democratic wing of politics. The group does however allow students to become more knowledgable of topics within the social and political issues. Join the group if you are interested in learning more about government.

8.Delight Ministries

 a woman with a bible her delight ministries app and coffee

Delight Ministries is a group on campus that is an all women’s faith and fellowship group. The group follows scripture as well as gives their testimonies on how the faith has affected them. “Delight Dates,” are as simple as getting coffee to meet a new friend outside of the group.

9.Fiddle and Banjo Society

 men performing traditional bluegrass music

The Fiddle and Banjo Society is a group on campus that allows people who are interested in learning how to play, study, and learn old-time, bluegrass , and celtic tunes. This is a way to learn a new style of music as well as meet new people.

10.Fermentation Association

 kombucha tea is the fermentation of tea leaves

Fermentation association is a group on campus that studies and takes part in the process of knowing how to ferment and shows the end product. This can be applied to fermentation of tea, creating alcohol, and even fermenting veggies.

Top Events of the School Year at Middle Tennessee State University

1.Career Fair

 students at career fair talking to a recruiter

Career Fair is an event that happens once per fall and winter semester. It is a way for students to be exposed to the possible internship opportunities as well as jobs that there are. This is a great way to meet with professionals and have your resume out.

2.Asexuality Educational Table

 a person who is asexual at a pride walk

The Asexuality Educational Table will be an event that to educate those who are unaware of the term of sexuality that is asexual. It is a topic that is not widely talked about but has stigma as a term that is more often than not misinformed by people.

3.Barre Class

 women in a pilates and yoga studio doing a stance

The Barre Class is a great way for students to get an all over workout that is both fun,upbeat, and fast paced. The Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training. The fast and upbeat music makes the exercise motivating.

4.Buns & Guns

 dumbbell on the floor a 50 pound and 20 pound

If you are a student who is interested in weightlifting this is the event for you. You will be feeling the burn with strength conditioning of various areas such as the arms and the abs. You will be using weights such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbel plates.

5.Study Abroad Info Tabling

 a plane and a world globe with a graduation cap on it

The study abroad info tabling is an event that is meant for student who are considering studying abroad in the near future. Representatives will be there to answer any and all questions, there will be pamphlets on the best programs as well as classes offered.

Top 10 Residences at MTSU

Are you wondering where you will lay your head at night while away at college? There are so many options to choose from but time is running out! Luckily, we have listed the top ten residences at Middle Tennessee State University below!

1. Lyon Complex

Lyon Complex

Address: 414 Alma Mater Dr Lyon HallMurfreesboro, TN 37132

This residence hall is composed of two buildings, both of which are three-stories. Here, students can find a kitchen area, laundry area, and study rooms for students to enjoy as well.

2. Rutledge Hall

Rutledge Hall

Address: 526 Alma Mater Dr, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

This residence hall is located right on the west side of campus. Students living here can find double and single rooms. Students will also find laundry rooms, a community kitchen, and lobby areas.

3. Beasley Hall

An image of a dorm room

Address: 323 Friendship St, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

This residence hall has single and double rooms. Students living here can find lounge areas, a community kitchen, and more. Students living here will also find a common courtyard as well.

4. Gracy Hall

Gracy Hall

Address: 321 Friendship St, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

This residence hall is a quad-style dorm. Students living here will find suite-style dorms that allow up to eight students to live among each other. This dorm is also composed of a laundry room, kitchen area, and a tv room.

5. Monohan Complex

An image of a dorm

Address: Murfreesboro, TN 37130

This residence hall is located right on campus. It is home to over two hundred residence. Students living here will live in a three-story building. Students will also find a kitchen area, study room, and classrooms here as well.

6. Judd Hall

Judd Hall

Address: 217 Friendship St, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

This residence hall is a quad style dorm. Students living here will live in a suite-style dorm. Students will also find many seating areas, lounge areas, a kitchen and TV room as well.

7. Sims Hall

An image of a dorm

Address: 215 Friendship St, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

This residence hall is located right on campus. It offers students a chance to stay in fully furnished rooms. Students can also find a common area, a community kitchen, and a courtyard as well.

8. Smith Hall

Smith Hall

Address: 318 Old Main Cir, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Students living here will live in a double-occupied room. This dorm hall is located in the center of campus as well. Students have access to a 24-hour help desk, lobby area, and many classrooms located throughout the building.

9. Deere Hall

An image of a dorm room

Address: 1619 Alumni Dr, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

This residence hall is suite-styled. Students living here will live on the east side of campus as well. Students will also find a fitness center, study rooms, and lounge areas.

10. Nicks Hall

Nick Hall

Address: 1715 Alumni Dr, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

This residence hall is suite-styled. Students living here will live in suite-styled dorms. Students will also be relatively close to other buildings such as the library and the Campus Recreation Center.

Here is Your Move in Day Packing List for Middle Tennessee State University

1. Room Basics

An image of a dorm room

– Pillow case
– Throw blanket
– Comforter Set
– Pillow Cases
– Chair
– Curtains
– Desk Lamp
– Area Rug (white is always nice)

2. Food and Snacks

An image of snacks

– Your favorite candy
– Cereal (Frosted Flakes are the best)
– Your favorite bag(s) of chips
– Pretzels
– Eggs
– Cheese
– Bread
– Meat

3. Tech & Entertainment

An image of the word tech

– Kindle
– Laptop
– Headphones
– TV
– Tablet

4. School Supplies

An image of school supplies

– Mechanical Pencils
– College-Ruled Paper
– Spiral Notebooks
– Composition Notebooks
– Loose-leaf paper

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

An image of cleaning supplies

– Mop
– Broom
– Dust-pan
– Windex
– Paper Towel
– Storage Bin

6. Campus Gears

A guy wearing a poncho

– Earbuds
– Umbrella
– Light Jacket
– Poncho
– Backpack (obviously)

7. Items You Should Ask first before bringing

An image of a microwave

– Microwave
– TV (if you have a roommate)
– Pots and pans
– Mini-fridge (depending on dorm restrictions
– Cleaning supplies (coordinate with roommate)fal

10 Easiest Classes at MTSU

A great way for you to boost your GPA while improving your college life at the same time is to take some easy classes. Taking easy classes will ease up your difficult schedule which makes your time more enjoyable. Here are 10 of the easiest courses offered at MTSU!

1. HLTH 1530- Health and Wellness

A great class for any student to take regardless of major is Health and Wellness. Especially in college, you need to know how to stay healthy and smart. After taking this class, you will know all there is to know about how to stay healthy at college.

what is public health


2. BIOL 4240- General Ecology

One of the basic Ecology classes that you will take is General Ecology. In fact, this may be the easiest course that you will have to take in this track. This is mainly because it is a lectured class which means that the main chunk of work that you will have to do are tests and quizzes.



3. THEA 3600- Child Drama

A very interesting class that theatre majors can take is Child Drama. This class analyzes how children in Hollywood turn out and make a career at such a young age. This is a very unique opportunity to learn more about the child actors we see every day.



4. PHED 1270- Yoga

A great way to get an easy grade and stay fit at the same time is by taking Yoga. Yoga is a super easy class that is also designed for experienced people as well as those who have never done yoga before!

Yoga GIF-source


5. MKT 3910- Consumer Behavior

One of the more advanced, but still easy, marketing courses is known as Consumer Behavior. This is a class that teaches you all about how a consumer’s mind runs and what they are thinking while shopping. This class does not have very hard content so it is a perfect choice to ease up on your schedule.



6. AERO 2010- Aviation Weather

If you want to study aviation, Aviation Weather will be a very interesting class for you. You will learn about the basic weather systems and how this takes a toll on aviation in general.



7. PHED 1020- Social Dance

It is no secret that a lot of the classes taught in college provides you with the knowledge you might not ever use again in your life. Social Dance does not follow this trend. A great way to stay in shape and have fun with your friends is by taking this class. You will carry the information you learned with your for the rest of your social life.

happy dance


8. DSPM 0800- Elementary Algebra

If you are not a math person, Elementary Algebra is the perfect choice for you. This is because a majority of the information is just reiteration of what you probably learned in high school. This class makes sure that you can get a good grade quite easily.



9. THEA 1030- Intro to Theatre

A great way to knock out a fine arts core requirement is to take Intro to Theatre. This class touches on a lot of different topics within the subject to give you a well-rounded education that does not require too much work to understand.



10. SPAN 1010- Spanish I 

Whether you have taken Spanish in high school or not, Spanish I may be a good choice for you. Depending on your major, you might have to take a foreign language course. That being said, Spanish I might be the best choice for you in order to take care of this requirement!

Spanish 102 at Towson University


Who doesn’t want a higher GPA while having a great time at college at the same time? MTSU offers all of these easy classes and more to keep you busy with easy content!

The Best and Worst Things About Greek Life at MTSU

You’ve seen them in movies, caught them on TV, and heard all about them from your older friends. But which Greek life rumors are actually true? Here’s why pledging a fraternity or sorority could be the coolest and craziest decision you make in college.


1. The letters

Think of all the Greek life swag you’ll get! There are t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and, heck, probably even socks—all with your chapter’s letters on them. Make sure to leave a little room in your closet on move-in day.

2. The friendships

You’ll meet plenty of people at college. However, the friendships formed through Greek life are next-level deep. Pledging brings fraternity and sorority hopefuls together, and, if all goes well, initiation makes them brothers and sisters for life.


3. The parties

Let’s be real—you probably won’t make it through the front door of at least one party this year. (Pro tip: When in doubt, say you know “insert popular name HERE” and hope for the best!) If you join Greek life, though, you’ll get guaranteed access to mixers, theme nights, and some memorable chapter house parties. 


4. The formals

If you missed your high school prom or felt like the night ended too soon, then here’s your chance to do it again! Most fraternities and sororities hold formals near the end of each semester. Grab a date, toss on your dancing shoes, and appreciate the lack of parent/teacher chaperones.


5. The networking opportunities

Remember that bit about becoming brothers and sisters for life? Well, it’s no joke—especially when alumni weekends roll around. Greek life grants you instant access to a network of career people who carry their chapters’ letters with them wherever they go. And who knows? Sharing a CEO’s letters could land you an interview!



1. The price tag

Before joining Greek life, you’ll want to have a serious conversation with your wallet. The clothes, formals, and events are great perks, but each comes at a price. And, on top of those costs, the dues will definitely set you back a bit.


2. The not-so-fun pledge tasks

Just because hazing’s been on the chopping block for years doesn’t mean you’ll be able to make it through the pledging process with your dignity fully intact. You’ll most likely lose sleep, and you might even be forced to wear a mascot suit in the middle of campus. Hope you don’t embarrass easily.


3. The time commitment

Greek life takes up a lot of time. Between the weekly chapter meetings and mandatory events, it may end up feeling like you’re constantly on-the-clock for your fraternity or sorority. Make sure you keep an updated planner or calendar app by your side at all times.


4. The chaos

Hanging out with your Greek life family is fun…until you’re trying to study for a midterm but can’t think straight because everyone’s in the living room playing Super Smash Bros. Weekends are notorious for loud parties, but, unfortunately, weeknights may be just as wild.


5. The Greek life bubble

Some Greek life members get so caught up in their chapters that they miss out on opportunities to spend time with the world beyond the bubble. Sure, your fraternity or sorority is home to some of your best friends. But don’t let that stop you from chatting up your other classmates.


Greek life is unforgettable. The experience has its ups and downs, but, if you think the pros outweigh the cons, go for it!

30 Tips to Survive 1st Year at MTSU

1. Meet your floormates as soon as possible

2. Pick your schedule carefully

3. Picking professors proficiently

4. Study groups are your friend

5. Keep your friends close, and your TAs closer

6. Meal swipes are your friend

7. The Freshman 15 is real

8. Clubs all day, everyday


10. Buy used textbooks or rent textbooks

11. Have enough sleep

12. Make use of Office Hours or Tutorials

13. Don’t’ stress too much

14. Avoid signing up for classes that start before 9:00 am

15. Call your parents

16. Try walking everywhere as much as possible.

17. Learn how not to procrastinate.

18. Keep up with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

19. Take advantage of your campus resources.

20. Get out of your comfort zone.

21. Manage your time

22. Save your money

23. Don’t sweat the small stuff

24. Keep your room clean.

25. Open up to other majors

26. Keep an eye on your stuff

27. Do not wear a lanyard with your keys on it.

28. Know your limits

29. Make sure you set a timer when you’re doing laundry.

30. Enjoy yourself!