Jobs for Students at Miami University

Miami University is an institution committed to preparing students for leadership and life in a diverse, unlimited world. The institution delights in student’s success, and that is why we continue to shape and empower individuals who can lead society into a better future. As the institution progresses to enroll students to graduate and undergraduate courses, it also strives to provide transformational opportunities so that they can grow, learn, and succeed. Here are some openings which are available.

1. Front Desk Secretary

Profile picture of front desk secretary

The Marcum hotel is searching for individuals who are willing to work in the hospitality industry. Your role will be making reservations, answering calls, running in-hours guest requests, and sharing insights of the campus with guests. Hired applicants will earn an hourly minimum pay grade of $5.5.

2. Barista

Barista at work in a cafe

Starbucks is offering positions for young, enthusiatic baristas (shrivers). If you are an individual who can dedicate six hours of your week to assist full time staff with cleaning, packing, and serving, then the job is for you. For all those coffee fanatics out there, here is an opportunity to earn hourly wage of $8. 85, while working close to what you love most- coffee.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic designer doing what he is good at

Howe Writing Center is offering  a full-time job to any individual who has graphic designs skills. You will need to be flexible as well as proficient with Illustrator, Photoshop, and design. You will earn a minimum salary of $70 to handle website graphics and pictures, t-shirts and logo designs, to promote HWC events and servces using posters and fliers, and lastly to print and market (digital) materials which build up the Center’s brand and visibility on campus.

4. Preservation of Library

Picture of two people laughing through bookshelf

This is a full time opportunity for individuals who want to team up with a small yet dynamic group specializing in conservation and preservation of archive and library paraphernalia. The position is especially suited to graduate and undergraduate students who want to gain more insights on lab preservation, and for those who have an interest in history, museum studies, and conservation/maintenance. The job is available to any student who can dedicate 8-15 hours per week for $85.

5. Student Brand Manager

A Picture of Red Bull Student Brand Mangers

Red Bull is looking to hire students who will assist the company in pushing the brand image on their campus. As a student brand manager (SBM), you will be required to excite students, reach new students, manage the brand on campus, and boost sales. Therefore, if you believe you are a social chameleon, charismatic, have connections to influential cliques on campus, creative, and self-driven, go ahead and give this awesome opportunity a try.

6. Talent Ambassador

A picture of talent ambassadors posing for a photo

TikTok, formerly known as, is seeking active and high energy students to assist in identifying peers who have special passions or talents, interested in documenting college life, or those who simply desire to showcase their creativity and express themselves. You will be required to work for 4-6 hours each week and, in turn, you will get a competitive compensation package. If you are interested in this awesome opportunity, apply via Neuvoo.

7. OneClass Notetaker

As a student, you can take advantage of online opportunities to help you make some money on the side. One of the ways you can do this is by becoming a OneClass note taker. This role involves attending your classes regularly, taking notes, and then uploading them on the OneClass site. You can simply think of it as way to get paid to attend class. Aside from making money, you will be in a position to boost your grades, gain valuable experience, and help your fellow students.

Studying while earning is a fun way to keep up with your expenses. You no longer have to worry about paying for your rent or going to that oversees vacation with your pals. You can also skip out on staying indoors as you watch Netflix by engaging in all the fun, adventurous activities you love to do. Students now have an opportunity to get some extra cash by applying for the many jobs available online.

Miami University Past Exams and Midterms 2019

Miami University students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at Miami University.

We recommend adding in your midterm and final exams dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them. Final exam schedule can be found at the official school website.

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the upcoming exams at Miami University, click on the link beside the course departments and special course offerings.

Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and final exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at Miami UniversityPast Midterms and Exams
ACC 221Introduction to Financial AccountingView Now
ATH 175Peoples of the WorldView Now
BIO 115Biological ConceptsView Now
BLS 342Legal Environment of BusinessView Now
BLS 442Business Associations & Communal LawView Now
CSE 174Fundamentals of Programming View Now
ECO 201Principles of MicroeconomicsView Now
ECO 202Principles of MacroeconomicsView Now
ECO 301Money and BankingView Now
ECO 311Examining Economic Data and ModelsView Now
ECO 317Intermediate Macroeconomic TheoryView Now
ECO 361Labor EconomicsView Now
FST 201Film History and AnalysisView Now
FSW 261Diverse Fam Systems Across the Life CycleView Now
GEO 101Global Forces, Local DiversityView Now
GEO 451Urban and Regional PlanningView Now
GLG 111The Dynamic EarthView Now
GLG 141Geology of U.S. National ParksView Now
HST 111Survey of American HistoryView Now
HST 296World History Since 1945View Now
ISA 235Information Technology View Now
ITS 201Introduction to International StudiesView Now
LAS 260Latin America in the United StatesView Now
MAC 143Introduction to MediaView Now
MTH 125PrecalculusView Now
MTH 151Calculus IView Now
MTH 222Introduction to Linear AlgebraView Now
MTH 347Differential EquationsView Now
MTH 421Introduction to Abstract AlgebraView Now
MUS 135Understanding Jazz, Its History and ContextView Now
MUS 185The Diverse Worlds of MusicView Now
PHY 101Physics and SocietyView Now
PHY 191General Physics with Laboratory IView Now
PSY 111Introduction to PsychologyView Now
SOC 153Sociology in a Global ContextView Now
STA 261StatisticsView Now

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Restaurants and Cafes at Miami University

Who said that being an undergrad is all about studying? At Miami University, there are many spots where you can eat , relax and experience the Italian far niente, known as enjoying doing nothing. We have complied for you the best local coffee spots and local eats.

1. Kofenya

It is pronounced koh-fen-yah. If your pinterest page is all about hipsters and coffee, Kofenya is the spot for you. With an aesthetic coffee lover ambiance, you can enjoy a relaxing cup of latte while you write your next English paper. They also sell swag such as coffee mugs and thermoses.

Kofenya customer sipping coffee outside of the local shop. Kofenya website.

2. Patterson Cafe

If a classic American vibe is what you are looking for, head to Patterson! This cafe is a busy spot for a generous American Breakfast such as omelets, bagels and egg wraps. While cramming for exams, a protein rich platter at Patterson with a cup of coffee will fuel your day.

View of the Cafe entrance.

3. El Burrito Loco

El Burrito loco is a wonderful local Mexican spot. There is plenty of seating there and you will find it busy and loco at several times a day. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you will find good burrito options as well as salads and tacos. Yelp reviews reported super friendly staff and exceptional service.

Full meal at el Burrito Loco including chicken, rice and a drink.

4. Quarter Barrel Brewery + Pub (Oxford)

At this spot, you won’t find much fancy food, but rather unique cocktail blend to try with your friends to celebrate exams being over. They have a variety of salads, entrees, and sandwich selections, but the main star there is the beer. It is home and locally brewed, as you get to take a sip from bougie beer with classy french names. cheers!

Pub ad in 2017.

5. Krishna Carry Out

At this local Indian spot, you will find all your vegetarian and non vegetarian variety of curries, naan break and rice. They also have a variety of appetizers and generous portions. The ambiance is family friendly and they also have take out for study nights.

Sample meal at Krishna restaurant including Palak Paneer , naan and appetizers.

6. Paesano’s Pasta House

In this spot, you will be transported to Italy.  In this relaxed and intimate ambiance, this is one of the perfect date spots around the University of Miami. Their menu includes all your favorites from pesto to risotto and white sauce pasta

A sample of the restaurant's alfredo dish.

7. Mac & Joe’s

This tavern surrounded with wood will bring you back to the 50’s America. Mac and Joe’s is a classic sports bar with many flat screen TVs where you can watch the game with your friends on a Friday night. Usually, it is open till midnight and till 2 am at some nights. The menu includes nachos, salads and sandwiches. All the classic bar food!

A view of the tavern including wood chairs and TVs for games.

There are multiple local and original spots around UMiami to eat well and relax. Being an undergrad is not easy, but it gets easier when you are surrounded with friends, and get some down time to relax in chill spots.

Top 10 Coolest Courses at Miami University

Nowadays, It seems like you can get a University course in just about anything under the sun. Here at Miami University (MU), you can choose unique and cool courses that can suit your taste. Check out our top 10 list of coolest courses below:

1) ATH 405/ATH 505 – Food, Taste, and Desire

Food, Taste, and Desire course at Miami University.

Just reading about the title of this course will make you feel hungry. If you love eating and enjoy a variety of food, then this class is perfect for you. Food, Taste, and Desire course explores food consumption in national, social, political, global, economic and local contexts.

2) IES 692 – Namibia: Great Cat Conservation

Cheetah at Namibia.

Do you like traveling and animals? If yes, then take the IES 692 course or Namibia: Great Cat Conservation. This is a summer field course in Namibia, Africa, where you can connect with the global center of Cheetah conservation and Cheetah conservation fund.

3) FAS 332 – Fashion Illustration

Fashion program at MU.

If you love fashion and sketching, take the Fashion Illustration course at Miami University. You can study different sketching techniques from this course. You can also learn about fabric treatments and fashion design silhouettes.

4) ITS 142L – Great European Cities

European cities at night.

Are you planning to travel to Europe and visit different European countries? This course will guide you with your dream travel. If you take this class, you can learn the cultural and historic development of Europe, as well as the diverse aspect of the present European mosaic.

5) IMS 445 – Game Design 

Miami University offers a Game Design course.

With the constant and rapid development of 3D technology these days, 3D gaming is in demand. Attend this course at MU if you love 3D gaming. The Game Design course is made for students who want to develop skills, theoretical foundations, and methods in creating 3D gaming environments.

6) KNH 120E – Self Defense

Learn Self Defense at Miami University.

The primary goal of studying self-defense is to prepare you for any circumstances that may jeopardize you. Keep yourself protected by attending the Self-Defense course at Miami University. This class teaches basic defense skills and precautions.

7) THE 453/THE 553 0 – Costume Design

Costume making at MU.

Included in our list of top 10 coolest courses at Miami University is the Costume Design. This course is about the theories and principles of costume design for theatrical work. If you’re creative and you like making costumes, attend this class at MU.

8) GEO 241 – Map Interpretation

Map of Miami University.

Avoid getting lost and learn how to interpret different maps from around the world. Here at Miami University, a course under Geography degree teaches student map uses, map component parts and symbolization. This course is perfect for students who love traveling!

9) FSW 221 – Sexualities

Sexuality education speech and seminar at MU.

Sexuality is one of the most controversial topics in the world. If you want to explore this topic, you can take the Sexualities course at MU. This course introduces the study of human sexual behavior and sexuality issues.

10) CJS 272 – Forensic and Crime Scene Evidence

Getting evidence from a crime scene.

The last but not the least among the top 10 coolest courses at MU is the Forensic and Crime Scene Evidence. If you love watching detective films or you love playing detective when you were still young, chances are high that you’ll take this course. This class teaches students about crime scene evidence collection and interpretation.

It’s easy to look for coursework that keeps you entertained. Cool and unique classes can be found across disciplines. I hope our list of coolest courses at MU can help you decide what courses to take.





Top 10 Majors Offered at Miami University

Miami University is a highly rated public research university in Oxford, Ohio. The school was established in 1809 and is the second-oldest university in Ohio, and the 10th oldest public university in the United States. Miami University offers more than 120 undergraduate and over 60 graduate degree programs. This list contains the top 10 majors offered at Queen’s University.

1. Accounting (B.S. M.S.)

A pen and a graph showing monthly performance

Miami University offers outstanding accounting programs. The program trains students to works as accounting technicians in all industries. The main objective of the program is to train competent accountants who can handle the best organizations in the future.

2. Biology (B.A. B.S. M.S. Ph.D.)

The major areas of biological studies

Biology majors at Loyola University are in very high demand. The school has a distinguished program in biology and has a reputation for producing generations of skilled biologists who go on to find careers in medicine and health care. At the graduate level, students can choose interdepartmental programs in cellular, structural, and molecular biology, evolution, environmental biology among others.

3. Early Childhood Education (B.A.)

An elementary teacher and her pupils

Miami University offers a great early childhood education program that appeals to many. Students who complete the program are given license to teach pre-kindergarten through grade 3.

4. Finance (B.S. M.S. Ph.D.)

Finance: a pen, a calculator, and a performance graph

The finance department of Miami University is one of the most respected in the United States, and admission to study finance in the school is limited. The program focuses on equipping students with the skills and knowledge required to thrive both in the finance industry and outside.

5. Kinesiology and Health (B.S. M.S.)

Kinesiology: The study of human body movements

The department of kinesiology and health at Miami University houses state of the art laboratories to foster research. The program teaches students how neuropsychological, biological, medical, anatomical, physiological, and biomechanical factors affect human health and performance, and how they can be improved upon.

6. Marketing (B.S. M.S. Ph.D.)

Strategies for a successful marketing campaign

Marketing is the premier program offered at Miami University, it also graduates the highest number of students annually. The marketing degrees offered at the school are internationally recognized by European Universities and businesses.

7. Nursing (BSN)

A nurse and a patient

Nursing is one of the prestigious departments of Miami University. The nursing school has a reputation for training excellent nurses who can take on diverse careers in health care. The school also offers an online RN-BSN program.

8. Pre-Medicine Studies

Health practitioners of different fields

Miami University offers a great pre-medicine studies program. The pre-medicine program is designed to give students a broad science background. It also meets the requirements for students to who want to pursue advanced degrees in medicine and other health care related fields.

9. Psychology (B.A. M.A. Ph.D.)

Virtual representation of a human brain

Psychology is one of the most popular majors at Miami University, and its graduates find jobs easily. The program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge that will help them pursue careers in developmental psychology, social psychology, counseling, biopsychology, and other related fields.

10. Public Relations (B.A. B.S. M.A.)

The major aspects of public relations

The public relations program is one of the finest in Miami, and it is more popular than its general communications program. The program teaches students strategic skills in business communication, personal communication, group communication among others.

Top 8 Residence Halls at Miami University

Miami University is an awesome place to go to school. There are many opportunities to succeed here and many resources for the students. There are many places to live on this campus, and it’s environment is friendly and welcoming. If you’re interested in attending Miami University, or just want to learn more about the school, here are 8 of the top residence halls!

1. Bishop Hall

Outside of Bishop hall

Address:300 East Spring Street
Oxford, OH 45056-3507

One place to live on campus is Bishop hall. It was newly renovated in 2013 and has amazing dorm rooms. It’s also close to a lot of buildings on campus.

2. Ogden Hall

Outside of Ogden Hall

Address:401 East High Street
Oxford, OH 45056-1867

Ogden Hall is an awesome place to live on campus. The dorm has traditional style rooms that are either a single, double or triple. It’s very close to the Armstrong Center.

3. Collins Hall

Outside view of Collins Hall

Address:31 North Fisher Drive
Oxford, OH 45056-1460

Collins Hall is another place to live on campus. It has newly renovated single, double and triple rooms. It is one east quad, and very close to campus.

4. McBride Hall

Picture of McBride Hall

Address:11 North Fisher Drive
Oxford, OH 45056-1459

McBride Hall is composed of traditional style dorm rooms. It’s very close to a dining center and has a lot of study spaces inside the building. The rooms come equipped with XL twin beds, desks, and dressers.

5. Elliot Hall

Picture of the outside of Elliot Hall

Address:101 Irvin Drive
Oxford, OH 45056-1853

This dorm hall has newly renovated dorm rooms. You can either live in a single or a double. It comes with a kitchenette and a living room.

6. Symmes Hall

Image of outside of Symmes Hall

Address:801 East Withrow Street
Oxford, OH 45056

Symmes Hall is also located on east quad and is very close to other campus buildings. It has a lot of cool study spaces. The rooms are either single, double or triples.

7. Brandon Hall

Image of Brandon Hall

Address:385 Tallawanda Road
Oxford, OH 45056-1481

Brandon Hall is located on North quad. It is right next to a dining hall, so it’s very convenient for students. There are single, double, and triple traditional dorm rooms.

8. Hepburn Hall

Picture of Hepburn Hall

Address:355 Tallawanda Road
Oxford, OH 45056-1480

Hepburn hall is another awesome place to live in on campus. It has air-conditioning throughout the building a lot of cool study spaces. There are also game and tech lounges for students to socialize.

Those are only a few of the best dorm halls at Miami University. If you want to go here, there are plenty of places for you to have a unique and exciting dorm experience! The buildings are all amazing and each foster their own inclusive environment.

Here is your Move-In Day packing list at Miami University



– Books
– Bedding
– Pillow
– Robe
– Slippers

Food and Snacks

water bottle

– Mac and Cheese
– Ramen
– Chips
– Candy
– Bottled Water
– Fruit

Tech and Entertainment

– TV
– Headphones
– Charger
– Speaker
– Computer Monitor

School Supplies

– Pen
– Pencil
– Planner
– Notebooks
– Folders
– Backpack

Cleaning up and Organization
shoe rack

– Wipes
– vacuum
– Drawer organizer
– Air freshener
– Shoe rack

Campus Gears


– Bike
– Bike Lock
– Good walking shoes
– Umbrella
– Rain coat

Items you should ask before bringing to campus

– Candles
– Hot plates
– Microwaves
– Irons
– Iron board

10 Library Resources at Miami University

If you are a good student, you will use all of the resources that you can at school. That being said, a lot of these resources are found at the library. Here are 10 library resources at Miami University!

1. Tech Store

If you want to buy some new electronics, you should visit the Tech Store in the library. This store has a huge variety of items. They even give you discounts as a student. 

Computer deals

2. Study Rooms

A great perk is that you can reserve a study room within the library. This allows you to have some privacy while studying. You can also come here to meet with friends for group projects.

A study room

3. Ask a Librarian!

If you don’t have time to go to the library, but you need a question answered, you can send in a chat to a librarian. This person will be able to get back to you with a good answer in a matter of minutes. 

A librarian

4. Exhibits

Every once in a while, the library hosts exhibits within the building. These exhibits focus on random, educational topics. By attending these events, you will learn a lot about an array of subjects. 

An exhibit

5. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a very popular database that is used by college students. This database has hundreds of thousands of good sources for you to use. Plus, it is very easy to navigate.

Google Scholar

6. OhioLINK

OhioLINK is a great resource that you can use. This is an Ohio-based database that has thousands of documents. There are books, journals, and periodicials here. 

OhioLINK logo

7. Reserve a Book

A great way to ensure that you will get the resource you need is by reserving it. By going on the online forum and picking a book, a librarian will put it aside for you to pick up. 

Reserve a book

8. Classic Catalog

If you need to make sure a resource is available to you, you can look on the Classic Catalog. This online forum will show you where books are located and if they have been checked out or not .

Online library

9. 3D Printing

A very cool aspect of the library is the 3D printing lab that they control. If you need to make or reference 3D models, this is the place to do it. This is a very unique feature of the library. 

3D Printer

10. Printing Services

If you need a hard copy of your homework for a class, you should go to the library for your printing needs. There are plenty of printers scattered throughout the library so you have plenty of options. 

A printer

Libraries at Miami University

1. King Library

The main library on campus is King Library. If you need to access thousands of physical resources, this is the place to do it. You have plenty of areas to get some quiet studying in as well. 

King Library

2. B.E.S.T. Library

B.E.S.T Library is a library dedicated to business, engineering, science, and technology. If you are in a field relating to these, you will spend a decent amount of time here. 

Library front desk

3. Wertz Art and Architecture Library

One of the smaller facilities on campus is the Wertz Art and Architecture Library. Although the size may not be big, there are still thousands of archived documents here that you can reference. 

Library shelves

4. Amos Music Library

If you are a music major, you may spend some time at the Amos Music Library. This is a great resource for you to use. In order to get better grades, you will want to use this building to your advantage. 

The music library

5. Scholarly Commons

The Scholarly Commons is another great resource for you to use. This is a section of the library system that is designed to specific projects and documents that are sorted out by department or college. 

The electronic version

Top 10 Professors at Miami University

Not Miami, Florida, no, this school is situated in the great state of Ohio. It is also a very proud school with teachers who are proud to be working there. The ten best professors at Miami University are listed below.

[Read on: How To Build Effective Student-Professor Relationships For Better Grades and Careers Guidance]

1. William Orth

Professor of English

Rating: 5.0
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Orth:

ENG109 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Orth:

“He is the best professor I ever met. He is caring. In his class, you can talk about whatever you want. Take his course if you can.”

“He is one of the most caring Professors on this campus if you’d like to learn English with a positive atmosphere, go and sign up his classes.”

“He is a great teacher!”

2. Carolyn Slotten

Professor of Family Studies

Rating: 5.0
Department: Family Studies

Courses Taught by Professor Slotten

FSW494 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Slotten

“She is an outstanding teacher, always helpful and shares a lot of real knowledge, the stuff you won’t find in a textbook. Very friendly and welcoming when you have questions.”

“I loved her! This class was great and really made me think. My major is now social work!”

“Probably the easiest course I have taken at Miami, but still a fascinating and important topic. I learned a TON in this class, without much pressure at all. Carolyn is an engaging professor and REALLY wants her students to succeed.”

3. Greg Thoelke

Professor of Arts Sciences

Rating: 5.0
Department: Arts Sciences

Courses Taught by Professor Thoelke

GTY154 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Thoelke

“Walked into the class thinking it was not going to be my favorite. However, group work throughout the semester gave me a solid circle, and Prof Thoelke was totally accessible, understanding, and lighthearted throughout the whole course. A very inspirational and wise man who I would definitely take his class again if I had the chance.”

“Professor Thoelke is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. He invests himself into his students and their learning process. He gives great feedback and does a lot of team-based learning. You’ll get the most out of his class through active participation. I would highly recommend taking any of his classes!”

“It seems like this is the last semester that he teaches at MU. He is a great professor, always kind and nice. All my assignments are read and given feedback in detail and he will always encourage students though I’m not good at science classes.”

4) Jared Barton

Professor of Economics

Rating: 5.0
Department: Economics

Courses Taught by Professor Barton

ECON202 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Barton

“Jared is hilarious, eccentric, energetic, and you just might learn something from him.”

“Without a doubt the best professor I’ve had at Miami. He’s interesting, knows his stuff and fun, and does a great job relating everything in economics.”

“By far the best professor here at MU. His class is very interesting because he tells econ “like a story” and as long as you keep up in class, you are golden. Jared is a prof that understands his students and won’t let you fall behind. I HATED econ before his class – now I read up about it all the time in the newspaper! TAKE HIM, you won’t regret it!”

5) Paul Hunter

Professor of Marketing

Rating: 5.0
Department: Marketing

Courses Taught by Professor Hunter

MKT325 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Hunter

“Paul Hunter is a LEGEND. Incredibly knowledgeable, wants his students to succeed, super informative and helpful. Really wants students to understand market research and share his knowledge. Below review nails it. Would take Paul for every class possible!”

“One of the most helpful classes I have taken at Miami. Professor Hunter went out of his way to make sure we had the best resources and feedback to be successful in our semester-long projects. Additionally, his lectures were extremely informative and engaging (especially when some of the topics were tough to make exciting). One of the best.”

“By far one of my fav professors at Miami. He is so knowledgeable and wants his students to do well. He makes class enjoyable and applies the concepts to real-world examples. Projects are actually interesting and relevant to future careers in MKT/IMS. Would recommend him to anyone for both IMS/MKT 419 and MKT 335.”

6) Suzanne Harper

Professor of Mathematics

Rating: 5.0
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor Harper

MTH218 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Harper

“She was an incredible professor who made it easy to want to show up for class. Learning was very hands-on and based on guided discovery, but she can explain anything that isn’t clear in many different ways. She takes a genuine interest in her students lives, and is very helpful with anything you could need. Material is pretty basic also.”

“Ms. Harper was so fun to have as a teacher! We did not use the text at all in class so do not bother buying that, I succeeded with an A without use of it once. Also, the class is relatively easy, but the tests really stretch your thinking. Make sure you know your stuff!”

“She’s cute, enthusiastic, and an all around, talented educator; everything you could ask for in a professor.”

7) Jeremy Jones

Professor of Music

Rating: 5.0
Department: Music

Courses Taught by Professor Jones

MUS100 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Jones

“Arguably one of the best professors I have ever had. He is a brilliant, well-respected man that makes going to class fun. His class is by far my favorite this semester, and I look forward to attending each time we meet. Great professor and music director.”

“Dr. Jones is one of the most passionate and inspiring educators I have worked with He has changed the way I think about music and encourages every student to develop a personal connection to and pride about every note that they sing. Dr. Jones has extremely high expectations of his students, but it shows in the quality of his chorale performances.”

“He’s a really nice guy and will cut up from time to time. He really cares about the music you perform and wants the group to sound good. Plus if you’re interested you should definitely join Collegiate Chorale because it’s FANTASTIC!”

8) Margaret Ziolkowski


Rating: 5.0
Department: Languages

Courses Taught by Professor Ziolkowski

RUS201 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Ziolkowski

“Dr. Ziolkowski is one of the best teachers at Miami. I took Russian 101, 102 and 201 with her. Wish I could have her for 202. Go to class, you’ll really enjoy it.”

“Extremely nice and helpful professor. Take her classes!”

“Awesome professor. Kind and good sense of humor. Some tedious work, which is inevitable in a lower level language class. Very helpful and often available for meetings. Encourages interactive learning. Extremely knowledgeable. Posts homework on the blackboard so it’s easy to get to. Tests are fair; not too hard, not too easy. Enjoyable classes!”

9) Edward Bolger

Professor of Mathematics

Rating: 5.0
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor Bolger

MTH252 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Bolger

“It was an honor to have Professor Bolger for both calc III and game theory. He was one of the greatest instructors I have ever had. His classes are highly entertaining and you learn a lot because of his excellent teaching style.”

“Dr. Bolger makes his class fun and interesting.”

“Funny guy and keeps your attention in class.”

10) Alan Short

Professor of Accounting

Rating: 5.0
Department: Accounting

Courses Taught by Professor Short

BTE111 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Short

“Great Teacher. Explains things very well. He has lots of experience to bring to the floor. The class was kind of easy but you actually learned things.”

“Great teacher!”

“EXTREMELY good teacher. tests are tough but extremely fair. makes the class a blast! by far favorite prof throughout my years here. highly recommended.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Miami

1. Cybersecurity by Valeria Mokrenko

Mokrenko and REU

Faculty: Computer Science

Valeria Mokrenko’s research has been conducted for the entirety of the summer and then some. Not only is she studying how cybersecurity works, but she is also focusing on the laws in place for it. She wanted to survey public opinion regarding the implementation of cybersecurity laws.

2) Older Financial Planning by Jennifer Heston

Jennifer Heston

Faculty: Finances

Financial planning is a skill that many people are taught when they are younger. However, Heston’s research aims to help older people with financial planning. After all, some effects of the recession have left the finances of older populations in flux.

3) Gender Pay Gap by Marc Nachowitz

Marc Nachowitz

Faculty: Teacher Education

The economy is constantly changing and those who are more well-versed in how it functions are, understandably, likelier to succeed. Marc Nachowitz wants to level the playing field with his research, though. He wants all students to succeed in modern economies.

4) Large Hadron Collider Work by Paris Franz

Franz Research in Europe

Faculty: Chemical Engineering

Even though science is based in fact, what scientists learn about it changes every day. Therefore, even some of the most well-renowned manifestations of science are in need of being updated. Franz’s work focused on updating the Large Hadron Collider.

5) Living by Moving by Kevin Ballard

Kevin Ballard

Faculty: Exercise Science

Kevin Ballard’s research has focused on how people manage to live healthier, longer lives. And even though it seems too easy, he’s found a solution that can be helpful even though it might be obvious. If you move more, you live more.

Even though it’s not in the famous beach city, Miami University still has a lot to offer.

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10 Buildings at Miami University You Need To Know

Miami University is based in the Oxford campus, Ohio. Is a public institution founded in 1809. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 17,147, its setting is rural, and the campus size is 2,100 acres. Is ranking 96 in the 2019 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities. Miami University is the second-oldest university in Ohio, and the 10th oldest public university in the United States, having a lot of old conserved buildings. This University has done a big jump since its opening and that’s also shown in its structure of renovated buildings and new facilities which some of them will be listed below.

1. William H. McGuffey House

William H. McGuffey House

This building is a historic house museum. Built in 1833, it was the home of author and professor William Holmes McGuffey until 1836. It is believed to be the site where he wrote the first four of the McGuffey Readers, widely popular instructional texts used to educate generations of Americans. The house was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1965. It is now operated by Miami University as the William Holmes McGuffey Museum

2. King Library

King Library

King Library is the main library of Miami University. It’s the most important of 4 other libraries in the Oxford Campus and it’s the Administrative Center of Miami University. King Library in its collection has: the Miami University Archives, the Center for Information Management (CIM), Government Information & Law collection, Technical Services, Libraries Systems, senior administrative offices, the Libraries’ Preservation/Conservation Lab, and much more. Also it has inside the King Cafe Coffee Shop.

3. Hall Auditorium

Hall Auditorium

This building was completed in 1908, and was renamed in 1969 after Miami’s fifth president, John W. Hall. A total renovation was completed in 1992, replaced old equipment with state-of-the-art light and sound systems and created an amazing acoustically precise venue with a new stage that is bigger than the old facility. Hall Auditorium is where the most of the Music Department’s concerts take place, as well as many concerts from the university’s Performing Arts Series.

4. Millett Hall

Millett Hall

The Millett Hall building is a basketball arena in the Oxford Campus. It’s the home of the Miami University men’s and women’s basketball team and also the women’s volleyball team. It’s named after Miami University’s 16th President John D. Millett. The arena opened its doors on December 2nd of 1968, against Adolph Rupp’s Kentucky Wildcats, 9,135 people saw the Wildcats win 86-77 and Miami’s first win came on December 4th of 1968, an 86-67 win over Bellarmine.

5. Armstrong Student Center

Armstrong Student Center

The renovated Armstrong Student Center, central piece of the student activity, is located at the heart of Miami University’s historic campus. This space is in charge of housing large events and performances, student organization offices, lounges and study areas, and 24-hour food service. The restyling of this space combines two buildings with a new construction with new modern facilities for the joy and use of everybody.

6. Alumni Hall or Alumni Library

Alumni Hall

The Alumni Library, also known as Alumni Hall, houses the university’s Department of Architecture and Interior Design and the Wertz Art and Architecture Library. This Lombardic Romanesque building built in 1910 celebrated its centennial in 2010. The building was inspired by Classical Roman architecture and when it opened in 1910, it consisted of a main reading room for 192 people, a periodical room, a few classrooms, faculty rooms a multi-tier stacks for 150,000 volumes. The next addition came in 1951 where a West wing was added. At the completion of King Library, the university’s current main library, in 1972, the university’s Department of Architecture took residence in the building.

7. Withrow Court

Withrow Court

This building known as the Withrow Court was the intramural sports gymnasium at Miami University. The building consist of the original structure since its construction and the wings that where added on. The main gym consists of 3 basketball/volleycourts. The South Gym was the indoor tennis court and the North Gym is the gymnastic studio. There were 2 aerobics/combative rooms, along with 8 racquetball courts, 2 squash courts, and 2 classrooms. Also it has seats and men’s and women’s locker rooms.

8. Bachelor Hall

Bachelor Hall

Bachelor Hall is a three story brick academic building that forms part of the Hall Buildings on the Miami University campus. This building was built in 1978 and named after Miami University and Harvard University graduate Joseph M. Bachelor. Inside its walls houses the Math and English departments, the Speech and Hearing Clinic and the Chair of Communications and Theatre.

9. Sesquicentennial Chapel

Sesquicentennial Chapel

The Sesquicentennial Chapel is a chapel based at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. It was built in 1959 to celebrate Miami University’s 150th anniversary. The building is 6,341 square feet and has a capacity of 218 people. The design was made with a Colonial Revival and Early American Georgian style in mind. On the main floor there is a sanctuary, office, and choir loft, and in the basement there is a meeting room, restrooms, and Sayles Memorial Room. The chapel contains two pianos and a digital organ.

10. Shriver Center

Shriver Center

The Shriver Center was first opened as the University Center in 1958. Later it was renamed as the Phillip R. Shriver Center, and provided space the great Oxford community. The opening ceremony was held on October 1st of that year, and the ceremony drew in a near 2,000 people. Closing off the ceremony was President John D. Millett who explained why the center was given its name. He declares: “this building is for the use of all members of the Miami family. We acknowledge and welcome the use of the building by them.” The University Center is the basis of Shriver Center, with interior changes and lacking the additional East wing. It was quite a recreational facility, including a bowling alley and a new dining hall with a wide menu variety.

Interesting facts about Miami University 

1. Mother of Fraternities

miamioh fact 1

Miami University students make up three-fourths of the population of the approximately 7-square-mile town of Oxford, Ohio. Freshmen must live on campus, which is also home to more than 400 student organizations. The Greek system constitutes a large part of campus life, with about a third of the student body involved in nearly 50 fraternities and sororities. In fact, the school often gets the moniker “Mother of Fraternities” because the Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Chi organizations were founded at Miami University.

2. Cradle of Coaches

miamioh fact 2

The school was once the most requested of the States by professionals sports coaches and students to go there. That’s the reason that is also known as the “Cradle of Coaches”, for the great number of professional and collegiate coaches who once competed for Miami.

3. M Book

miamioh fact 3

The Miami University is known also for the legacy all its students keep. That’s why, to help ease the transition that is entering the freshman year, the older students of upper levels often create a guide to life at Miami University, called the “M Book.”

4. Miami Mergers

miamioh fact 4

Miami University student couples who marry are known as “Miami Mergers” and are reminded of their alma mater each Valentine’s Day, when the admissions office sends cards to congratulate former students on finding love at school.

5. The most beautiful campus that ever there was

miamioh fact 5

Miami University’s main campus is in Oxford, Ohio; the city is in the Miami Valley in Southwestern Ohio. Development of the campus began in 1818. Miami is renowned for its campus beauty, having been called “The most beautiful campus that ever there was” by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Robert Frost, a friend of then Miami artist-in-residence Percy McKaye, a poet.

The Miami University based in Oxford, Ohio, is indeed one of the most beautiful and bigger campus in the United States. Going from his old buildings and strong history to all the renovations and new additions to the structure, this University is example of keeping traditions alive while going into new eras, allowing all the Oxford Community to enjoy all its facilities and get a glimpse of the past.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Miami University

Having a well rounded college experience often includes being involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, social life, academics, and more. Joining clubs is always a great way to meet people who share similar interests, as well as do something good in your community. Here’s the top 10 clubs at Miami University!

1. Academic Team

Academic Team

The Academic Team aims to promote academic excellence through quiz bowl competitions. They host meetings and attend competitions all across the country.

2. Adopt a School

Adopt a School

Adopt A School is a tutoring program that engages Miami University students in the local community through education volunteer opportunities. Volunteers work in a variety of K – 12 schools.

3. Bacchus


Bacchus Miami is a club that promotes safety and respect for campus and national laws/regulations. Their aim is to keep the community safe and healthy through following the law.

4. Boxing Club


This club’s aim is to promote the art and sport of boxing. They teach students how to box and allow members to participate in national competitions.

5. Break Out

Break Out

Break Out is an organization that seeks to educate and engage Miami University students’ social awareness by providing opportunities for break trips to volunteer.

6. Choraliers


This is Miami’s Women’s Choral Society composed of numerous different talented voices from all over. They have been established since 1908, and are a popular performing group.

7. Claws with a Cause


This club’s aim is to educate people about the overpopulation issue with cats in the Miami community. They foster and seek out homes for abandoned/homeless cats.

8. Dance Corps

Dance Corps

Dance Corps is a dance club that focuses on ballet but also works on other types of dance such as lyrical, contemporary, and jazz. They are open to all seasoned dancing members.

9. e-NABLE


E-nable is a global community and club that uses 3D printing to make inexpensive prosthetic hands and arms for people in need of upper limb assistive devices.

10. Effusions


Effusions is a student run art journal based in Miami’s Art Department. They publish an annual art journal showcasing of all works, visual and written, made by students at MU.

5 Cool Events at Miami University

1. Family Weekend


Like most colleges, MU offers a family weekend for parents to come and visit their college kids. This event is a weekend long and is full of great activities and free food!

2. Library Game Night

Board Games

Miami Library hosts a free board game night for all students to attend and have fun! It’s a great place to meet new people and enjoy yourself for free!

3. Research Fair

Students participating in the research fair

The research fair is a a great place to expand your interests and professional career. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and explore research efforts and opportunities at MU.

4. Homecoming


Homecoming at any college is always pretty fun and eventful. There’s free games, food, friends, and you get to support your school’s football team as well!

5. Walkabout


Walkabout is a great event that welcomes students to the Miami University campus and community. It is meant to bring awareness to student behavior and advocate for healthier actions.