Top 10 Buildings You Should Know at Metropolitan State University

Like many universities, MSU takes pride in its campus and keeps buildings in good shape to best benefit its students. Each building on campus houses different fields of study and it can be hard to keep track of which departments are in each building. Use this post as a handy guide to help you find where to go for all your on campus needs!

1. Saint John’s Hall

Saint John's Hall at MSU

Saint John’s Hall is home to four different colleges and the communications office– the College of Nursing and Health Sciences; the College of Liberal Arts; the College of Individualized Studies; Marketing and Communications; and the School of Communication, Writing, and the Arts. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences promotes the educational advancement of students through programs, community partnerships, activities and more. The College of Liberal Arts focuses on all humanities, social sciences, communications, and art programs. The College of Individualized Studies is designed for students who want authority over their own educations. The School of Communication, Writing, and the Arts offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees based on creating messages to share with others. Lastly, Marketing and Communications allows Enrollment Services to interact with students during their time at MSU.

2. Library and Learning Center

Library and Learning Center at MSU

The Library and Information Services, the Bookstore, and the Center for Academic Excellence Tutoring Services are all located in the Library and Learning Center. This is the place for all your academic needs, whether you just need to find some information or you need help with writing, science, math, etc. In addition, this is the place to get all your MSU apparel!

3. Founders Hall

Founders Hall at MSU

Many different offices and departments are located in Founders Hall: admissions, alumni relations, career center, College of Sciences, facilities, financial management, gateway, Human Resources, institutional research, judicial affairs, student affairs, TRIO programs, veteran services, and public safety. The most useful of these departments for students is arguably the career center and the TRIO programs. The career center provides students with tools and guidance while also allowing them to network with potential employers. On the other hand, the TRIO programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Education and help with student success.

4. Science Education Center

The Science Education Center at MSU

Like the building’s name suggests, the College of Sciences is located in the Science Education Center. The College of Sciences offers students many programs in math, computer science, and laboratory sciences. In addition, the Center for Academic Excellence is in the Science Education Center. Here, students can get tutoring in writing, math, statistics, science, economics, and more.

5. Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship Building

Library and Learning Center at MSU

The Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship, or ICES, aims to help students learn in a non-academic way. Through ICES, students will learn through building partnerships and relationships with the local communities. It is a good way to network and meet new people!

6. Student Center

The Student Center at MSU

If health and fitness are important to you, this is a building you should probably get familiar with. Here, students are able to truly focus on their physical well-beings. All of the services and equipment in the Student Center are open to students, staff, and faculty!

7. Saint Paul Parking Ramp

Saint Paul Parking Ramp at MSU

While this isn’t an academic building, it’s still an important building on campus. If you have a car on campus, you should probably get familiar with this building. The Saint Paul Parking Ramp fits 830 cars for all students, guests, and employees.

8. Art Studio

An art gallery at MSU

Whether you’re an art major or you just like being creative, the Art Studio is a place for you. The Art Studio provides students with a space for them to make art and look at the creations of their classmates. In addition, the Art Studio has all the materials you need for whatever type of art you want to create.

9. Auditorium

Commencement ceremony in the MSU Auditorium

MSU has many facilities for all types of events and occasions, the Auditorium is one of them. Some of the events that take place yearly are dinners, presentations, music programs, film festivals, academic conferences, and even wedding receptions. In addition, after your 4 years at MSU, you’ll finally get to partake in the commencement ceremonies that take place in the Auditorium.

10. New Main

New Main at MSU

New Main is home to the President’s Office, IT services, Computer Science and Cybersecurity, and the Center for Accessibility Resources. The president’s office is where you can find university leadership and the president’s cabinet personnel. IT services provides students will all of their technology service needs. Computer Science and Cybersecurity offers students hands-on experience and teaches them current programming skill. Lastly, the Center for Accessibility Resources advocates for all students and makes the university’s services, spaces, and actives accessible to everyone!

After reading this post, you know about most of the buildings on the MSU campus. If you ever get lost or just don’t remember where you’re going, come back to this guide to figure it out!

10 Coolest Courses at Metropolitan State University

Metropolitan State University is a public university in the Minneapolis–St. Paul, Minnesota.  The school has a 100% acceptance rate as well as has around 7,200 students. Here are 10 cool courses you can take at Metropolitan State University.

1. CJS 339 – Violent Crime Investigation

Crime scene tape blocks of the area of an apartment complex

A cool course to take that is filled with riveting information would be violent crime investigation. You get hands-on criminal justice experience by researching past cases. In the course, you apply your knowledge to best assess how the situation happened and the motivations behind it.

2. BIO 101 – Intro to Life Science

plants in a test tube

Intro to Life Sciences is a course in science that is base level and will most likely serve some type of science credit you will need. This course is especially interesting because you look at the living things around you such as grass or even animals in a more in-depth way. Examples of topics you learn are chemical process and evolution of a said living thing.

3. COMM 361 – Managerial Communication

Two business people conducting a meeting and one lady looking at the clipboard

If you are looking to take an interesting course, that will no doubt be able to be applied in any field, then take managerial communication. Being able to conduct yourself effectively in such a way that you are not only professional but also looked to as someone with authority, will serve you later when you look for the role you want. Learning to act as a manager would make the transition later down the road seamless.

4. COMM 352 – Organizational Communication

group of people having hand out for person on puzzle pieces

If you are looking for a course that will help you to become better at communication then this one is for you. Whether it is making a lengthy speech in front of thousands or even just pitching to a customer a great promotion, you need to organize your thoughts. The organization gives the listener a schedule to follow as well as makes yourself not jumbled in what to say.

5. CJS 370 – Probation and Parole

a family gathered around in front of a prison, hugging a family member who is out

A cool course to take in the criminal justice sector is probation and parole. The course goes over the different (less intense) crimes that would get you into probation or parole. If you are in a probationary period then you most likely are receiving some form of help or get a period to not do the act that you committed. Parole is a temporary time as well and can actually be lessened if you are on good behavior.

6. SOC 305 – Race and Ethnicity Sociological Perspective

group of different ethnic background's hands in a star

Sociology is a large topic as it has to do with how society is structured. This specific course is interesting as it looks at how race and ethnicity affect societal views. It gives you a take on the different cultures, as well as how in cases stereotyping (even unintentionally) can arise from how society views people.

7. SOC 325 – The Body

a beach body ad with woman in a yellow swimsuit that says "are you beach ready?"

A sociology course that is especially interesting to take is one that goes into the topic of the body. In media, as the body is always put in front of us for various reasons, whether that be from an artistic standpoint, sexual, or even in some cases political uprising. Assessing the body on how people perceive it from a societal view, gives insight into any underlying issues such as sexism or control in a larger aspect.

8. BLAW 430 – Marketing and Advertising Law

a calculator bar graph and a sign with the words need a lawyer

Business law is quite a large topic as the law from a business perspective needs to be constantly investigated into for protection of people. Looking into marketing and advertising law is interesting as it looks at how the phrasing of an ad can come across to the general public. This particular type of law needs to be looked at as breaking a promise to the customer (depending on the severity and overall numbers) can have serious legal consequences.

9. ENTR 353 – Finance for Entrepreneurs

hands counting money and looking at charts

If you have ever wanted to be your own boss and start-up that dream company then this course will be especially helpful to you. As an up and coming business owner, you will need to know not only how to allocate your funds accordingly, but how to pitch your idea to get support financially. This course will teach you how to organize your finance and even attain more.

10. ENTR 495 – Developing New Products and Services

flow chart of development with ideas concepts and eventually the product

In entrepreneurship, you get into the stage of developing the product or you might be in a slump to creatively expand what you have. This course teaches you to get into the flow of thinking of new ideas as well as the process you will go in getting said new ideas off the ground. It gives tips on how to conduct the pitch as well as ideation sessions to get the juices flowing.

Metropolitan State University’s small class sizes make it easy to have readily accessible and attentive professors there for you at all times. The school has a wide range of interesting and cool courses to take. You can go from learning to be a successful business owner, all the way to investigating the crime rate and correlation within a designated area.

10 Hardest Classes at Metropolitan State University

College is tough and classes are surely like not high school academia. Knowing which classes to steer clear of at Metropolitan State University can help you as a student succeed and not panic about the hardest courses on campus. Here is a list of the toughest classes at MSU. Let’s get started!

1. PHYS 211 – Calculus Based Physics I

PHYS 211 at MSU has an extremely high percent of students who fail or drop the course before bombing their GPA. The conceptual material is very hard for students to grasp who do not have prior physics knowledge, and passion to learn about this very detailed topic.

Professor teaching students in class.

2. MATH 102- Mathematics of Sustainability

This math course is one of the most difficult for students to pass because of the high level of thinking and story problem exams. This course has many formulas and requires a specific type of calculator for students to complete their homework and exam problems which can be expensive.

This class has very few A's to celebrate!

3. CHEM 231 – Organic Chemistry I

For any medical major, this course is required for degree completion. In this course students are tested to their max with not only lectures but lab experiments as well. This course is weighted heavily on exam scores and this is one of the most frequent courses visited at the tutor center.

Professor helps student in lab.

4. ACT 310 – Financial Reporting

This advanced finance course is very hard for most students entering into college. Since it is a required class for their major, many have no choice but to face it head on or change their major. If a student has no experience with corporate finance, this course is said to be quite the struggle trying to catch up with the professor.

Students learning and taking notes in class.

5. MKTG 300 – Marketing Principles

MKTG 300 is a very detailed class for upperclassman who are interested in this area of study. With plenty of information, this course has hours of extra material outside of class for students to take initiative in doing if they wish to succeed. Many kids are overwhelmed with their other classes on top of this hard course.

Image of character promoting MSU at an event.

6. BIOL 302 – Cell Biology and Histology

This course is the ground level of most science based students who are looking to begin their biology majors. With a variety of topics covered and lots of material expected to be memorized by student, the exams are said to be nearly impossible for most who take this course. Many students pull all nighters to complete each assignment.

Image of cell studied in biology classes.

7. EDU 325 – Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Education

EDU 325 is an upperclassman course that was created for students to do a lot of hands on work. This hands on work is quite difficult for students who are first time writers and readers of books. It takes students practically the whole semester to even begin get the hang of writings in this class.

Image of books because there is a lot of reading in this class.

8. BIOL 105 – Human Biology

For science students, the study of people and functions can be difficult to understand, especially when talking about the ecological makeup of the many types of topics. There is a lot of memorizing in this course, and on top of other science courses this course is dreaded for most kids!

Image of a meme about biology replication.

9. CHEM 301 – Biochemistry

This class does a lot of work off campus and hands on projects. Aside from the heavy course load, it can be difficult for students to fit this class in their schedule with the off campus trips and factoring in other courses, many try but fail to avoid taking this intensive course.

Students working together in a lab.

10. ECON 313 – Labor Economics

Labor economics  is an intensive leveled course for students who are studying business or econ. With this course however in a schedule, there is no such thing as an easy academic year. The exams are nearly impossible as said by students and there is an overwhelming amount of material to be known.

Image of economic graphic design.

Overall, Metropolitan State University has many courses and overall great professors to teach them. Many experienced students say if you try and avoid these classes and can manage on graduating without them, your college career at MSU will be amazing!

10 Easiest Courses at MSU

It is often times nice to know of classes that are easy so that you can incorporate them into your schedule. These classes can give you a break from your hard-core classes in college, and also give you insight about other areas of study. Keep reading to find what the ten easiest courses are at Metropolitan State University.

1. Astronomy 120: Introduction to Astronomy

Astronomy is an extremely interesting class that doesn’t require much work. There is rarely any homework assigned, and the grade mostly relies on discussions, attendance, and exams. The exams that are given are said to have an extensive study guide, so that you are able to get an A and know what to expect on the exam. Like all classes, some effort is required. However, students say that it is a very interesting class, so they end up paying attention most of the time. Additionally, this class can satisfy your electives that are needed in the university.

An image of the stars

2. Art History 1500: Art and Visual Literacy

Art History has no hard exams, which makes it a great class to take if you are looking for an easy A. The exams that are given in the course are essay exams in which you must analyze an art piece. Many students say that as long as you study the notes given in the class and know the characteristics of each art piece, you should be fine and will most likely get an A in the course!

An image depicting prominent figures in art

3. Criminology 1010: Introduction to Criminal Justice System

Criminology 1010 focuses on an introduction to the Criminal Justice System. While the class does have two midterms and a final exam, these exams are open note. Therefore, as long as you take good notes, getting an A in this class should be very easy for you. If you know you aren’t great at taking notes, a good idea is to meet up with a friend and discuss points you may have missed and vice versa. This is a great way to get all the details you need. The class is pretty dependent on notes, so be sure to take good notes and this class will be an extremely easy class!

An image depicting the criminal justice system

4. Dance 1120: African Dance

Dance 1120 focuses on the concepts and movements of African Dance. The course requires attendance, since there are no written exams or finals. Attendance is mandatory since you do a lot of dancing and partner work in the class. As long as you show up and you are actively participating in the class, it should be easy to get an A! Of course, you may need to memorize some dance moves. However, this is still relatively easy.

An image showing African dance

5. Dance 5173: Dance Production

Dance 5173 puts the student in charge and requires the student to be able to put on a short dance production that consists of other students. This is a great way to show that you really know what it takes to not only participate in a dance, but to also organize and direct one. This is a very fun class and the grading criteria is not harsh. As long as you show up to class, this should be a class that flies by quickly and can get you an A on your transcript.

An image depicting dance forms

6. English 1001: Writing Studio

English 1001 is a beginners class to writing. If you need extra units or simply  want to take an extra writing class knowing that you will get an A, this class is for you. Many students say that this class is easy because there are no official midterms or finals. Instead, there are short essays and writing papers that are required from students. The grading on these papers are relatively easy as well.

An image showing a writer's idea

7. Exercise 1020: Resistance Training

Resistance training is a very popular class among students because all you really need to do during class is train! This is a great way to get in shape while still raising your GPA. There are no midterms or finals, and the grade that you get is only based on attendance and participation. Be sure to participate, and you are already on the road to get an A!

An image showing students performing resistance training

8. Gender Women Studies 1001: Introduction to GWS

Gender Women Studies is a great class to take if you want an easy yet informative class! Many students feel that everyone should take at least one gender women studies class during their time in college because it is not only informative, interesting, and a great class, but the class is extremely easy! All you need to do is participate, write a paper, and take a final exam. The final exam is pretty much dependent and copies the notes that are given to students during class.

Women's Studies can be presented in different forms

9. History 1030: World History

World History is an easy class for students because they say that the exams are very easy. The professors that teach it know that most students take the class as an elective, and therefore the material isn’t too heavy. Be sure to take good notes and go to class, since the notes aren’t posted online. Other than that, you are basically set for an A in the class.

A map of the entire world

10. History 1040: World History since 1500

World History since the 1500s is a great class and is similar to History 1030. The only difference is that the subject material is a little bit heavier since it is more specific. Despite this difference, students still believe that this is an easy class. There is one term paper and one final exam, but most students get A’s and B’s on the papers. Be sure to attend class and take good notes, and you are good to go!

An image depicting Colonial America in the 1700s

There are a plethora of classes to take at Metropolitan State University. Be sure to check out these easy classes if you need a GPA boost, or simply want to learn more without worrying about whether or not the class will be hard. Good luck!