10 Coolest Courses at Loyola University New Orleans

Nobody likes a boring class; time goes by so slowly and you’re not even interested in what you’re learning. If you’re looking to take a fun, exciting class that you know you’ll learn and do well in, then check out this list! Here are the top 10 coolest courses offered at Loyola University New Orleans.

1. ARTH O215 – Modern Art

This is an image of two different paintings side-by-side.

Modern Art traces the development of modernism in Western art, following a rough chronology from the late nineteenth century in Europe to the end of the Second World War in Europe and the United States. This course covers the major stylistic movements with which modern artists have been associated (including Expressionism, Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism) and explores the critical and theoretical terms with which this art has been discussed.

2. CMMN A265 – Photography

This is an image of a person holding a camera.

Do you like taking pictures? This course covers the technical skills and the aesthetic understanding needed to produce quality photographs with a digital still camera. Emphasis is given to the composition and content of photographs during regular lab and critique sessions. The course also explores the significance of photography in both historical and contemporary contexts.

3. CRIM A270 – Murder, Mayhem, and the Media

This is a collage of different newspaper clippings.

The Ted Bundy and OJ Simpson trials had some of the highest viewerships of all time. This class explores the relationship of the mass media to our perception of crime, criminals, and the criminal justice system. The mass media generate a “social construction of reality” that influences public opinion, public policies, and general social attitudes toward violence. The print and electronic media, including the internet, are examined as purveyors of social perceptions of criminals, victims, law enforcers, lawyers, judges, prisoners, and the like.

4. DANC M111 – Basic Ballet I

This is an image of four pairs of feet wearing tights and ballet shoes.

If you love to dance or want to take up a new hobby, then check this class out! This course introduces the beginner student to a study of the basic principles of classical ballet according to the Russian ballet technique developed by Agrippina Vaganova. The use of French terminology and the proper alignment of the body through basic exercises at the barre and in the center are covered. This class is the perfect way to improve your dance skills and get college credit at the same time.

5. FILM M215 – Cinematography

This is an image of a person standing behind a video camera.

If you love films and documentaries, then this is the right class for you. This is a hands-on introduction to the art and practice of cinematography. Students will learn the principles, elements, techniques, procedures and equipment that go into shooting digital video and film. Emphasis will be on how to achieve control of lighting, framing, movement, and image manipulation in order to shape mood, convey emotion, and tell story.

6. ENTR B300 – Entrepreneurship

This is a picture of a person facing a chalkboard with drawings of business illustrations on it.

Ever dreamed of being your own boss and starting a business? This course sheds light on the entrepreneurial process, from opportunity recognition to the funding and growth of a new venture. By engaging with case studies and each other, students learn how successful ventures have been created as well as how to create a novel venture from scratch.

7. FOST A211 – Foundations in Food Culture

This is an aerial shot of a table covered in food.

Food is loved universally and is a passion for many people in many different cultures. In a way, food can be used to express yourself and share your culture with others. This course examines the cultures of food, exploring how people use food to define themselves as individuals, groups, and societies, and how cultural concerns shape food. The course investigates the meaning and significance of food in different cultures, and how race, ethnicity gender, socioeconomic status and religion influence food choices.

8. SOCI A222 – Social Networks

This is an image of various social media icons and logos.

Almost everyone today is on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Social media is everywhere you look; it is taking over and replacing TV, radio, and other traditional media channels. This class is a forum for the discussion of the significance of social networks in everyday life. Given the rise of online social networks like Facebook and Twitter we are more aware of connections between people and the diffusion of innovations than ever before.

9. THEA M220 – Acting I

This is a picture of three people on a stage reading a script and acting.

Many people dream of being a famous actor; it looks like so much fun and can potentially pay really well. And who wouldn’t want to be in movies and TV shows with millions of fans? This course concerns development of fundamental skills in the art of acting. Basic acting techniques emphasized with a concentration in the creative process in theatre games and improvisational exercises.

10. VISA A115 – Painting for Non-art Students

This is a picture of a person painting on a canvas.

If you’re looking for a relaxing, creative outlet, try an art class! This course gives students with no art background the opportunity to draw and paint under guidance. There is no right or wrong answer in this class, you can create whatever you want and express yourself through your creations. This fun class is the perfect way to learn a new hobby while getting an easy A for a nice, laid-back semester.

10 Hardest Courses at Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola University New Orleans is one of the Jesuit private universities in New Orleans, Louisiana. In this article we will look at some of the hardest courses at the college:

1. ENVA A498 – Independent Research

picture of an open book with letters arising from it.

Typically, this involves identifying an original question in an environmental topic, collecting and analyzing data, and preparing a written report of the findings. Prior to undertaking independent research, a proposal must be submitted for approval through an Environment program faculty member.

2. ACCT B300 – Tax Accounting I

picture of a table with tax writeen on a white board with papers and calculator

This course examines the concepts and methods of determining federal income tax liability for individuals. Topics emphasized include personal deductions, capital gain and loss provisions, and accounting methods. It is hard because of the advanced mathematics levels involved.

3. POLS A212 – The Legislative Process

current legal systems and process in a chart

National, state, and local legislatures as lawmaking and political bodies are discussed with emphasis on the U.S. Congress. The course also concerns the legislative process including procedures, performance, and the role of the executive and parties and interest groups. You have to be keen on current legal systems and process to fully understand all areas taught in this class.

4. VISA A241 – Printmaking: Intaglio

picture of a painting of buildings in different colours

This course is an introduction to the fine art of intaglio printing. Students will explore metal plate intaglio in traditional and contemporary techniques of etching, soft ground, hard ground, aquatint, engraving, dry-point, multi-plate color methods, and digital/photomechanical processes. It becomes challenging because of the practical work involved.

5. GREK A100 – Beginning Greek I

picture of ancient greek language etched on stone

Language tells us many things about a culture, not only in what people have to say but how they say it. This course introduces students to the world of the ancient Greeks through a study of their language. Understanding and being in a position to write and speak the language is a nightmare and calls for dedication.

6. LGST B205 – Legal Environment of Business

picture of balance in the foreground of a courtroom

This course is an introductory course covering the nature and operation of the U.S. legal system, constitutional law affecting commerce, employment discrimination law, and environmental protection law. Be ready to read vast volumes of notes and cramming them.

7. SPCH A204 – Argumentation & Debate

cartoon of two people pulling strings from a knotted bunch in the middle

This course explores inductive and deductive reasoning of bases of argumentative speaking. Evaluation of evidence is considered as well. Strategies for advocating and arguing positions will be honed. Students will prepare and present classroom presentations. You have to spend a lot of time preparing for this and reading widely to have the best ideas in hand.

8. FRSC A200 – Criminalistics I

picture of a magnifying glass over a fingerprint

An overview of the techniques utilized in crime scene investigation. The student will be given information in the form of lectures and then apply what they have learned through hands-on laboratory exercises.  Students will learn the basic principles of recognition, documentation, collection, and preservation of the crime scene.  The complications attributed to specialized crime scenes give the main challenge in this course. There is no room for guess-work.

9. CRIM A120 – Introduction to Homeland Security

picture of police at a crime scene

The organization and operation of United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is examined in detail covering major topics related to homeland security. This includes the history and organization of DHS, a review of key legislation, laws, and directives, introduction to basic concepts of infrastructure protection, risk management, threat assessment and prioritization, and more. The exams are not easy to pass at all.

10. FOST A497 – Internship/Practicum credits vary

picture of internship sketch

An internship is a supervised practical experience. A practicum is a supervised practical application of previously studied theory. Prior preparations are necessary to pass in this unit which takes a lot of practice.

With the above-mentioned courses among the many, which are considered to be hard – you have a chance to challenge yourself. Enroll in any of these and become one among the few people who have successfully graduated in these disciplines.

Top 10 Library Resources at Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola University New Orleans has library resources that students can use for their benefits for their school work. There are many resources in different formats, you can get it by online links, workshops, and drop-in sessions. There are allot that you can find online, but here is a list of the top 10 library resources.

1. Group Study Rooms

group study room with table and chairs

Sometime it can be hard to find a place to work at in big groups, or you will face some distractions from other students. For this reason there are group study rooms in the library that are available to students. All you got to do is book a room online before hand.

2. Interlibrary Loan

logo of interlibrary loan with open book

Interlibrary Loan is when you get a hold of books from  other libraries when it is not available in your school’s library. This is a great service that students should take advantage of. This would save students a lot of time since they don’t have to travel looking for the books they need.

3. Library Instruction Request

logo of request library instruction

Being first year students it can be hard getting used to the whole school environment and in addition to the library. There is allot that the library provides to the students that you may not be aware of them. So to get knowledge of this you can request a library instruction.

4. Library Liaisons

a group of library liaisons

Library liaisons are the subject specialists specific for a program. Liaisons can help students with instruction, research projects, faculty development, and information resources. These liaisons are professional in these area so they will be able to help in a great way.

5. Media Services

group of people doing work on computers

Media services is responsible for the technology in the libraries. These are rooms that will help students online teaching and communication though web and videoconferencing services. These services provides support for computing and peripheral equipment throughout the library.

6. Course Material

stack of various books with one open

The library offers students with supplemental material in their physical and electrical format. This would be a great service for students to take advantage of. As you make notes during lecture times, those would be great for when you have to study for the tests. But you can use the extra supplemental material the library provides to have an extra understanding of the material.

7. Library Living Room

library living room with couches and books on shelve

Other than the rooms and computer spaces there is a library living room that is comfortable place to sit and relax during your breaks. This can also be used to other purposes such as meetings, group study and revising test material.

8. 24/7 Library Chat

logo of ask a librarian 24/7 chat

The school’s library has a 24/7 online chat. This would be great for students that don’t want to travel all the way to the library just to get their questions answered. There will be librarians on the other side available at all times to answer your questions you have related to the library. You can find the online chat on the library’s website.

9. Computers

group of computers in library

There are computers setup in the library for students to be able to use them. Students can use the computers by entering in their username and password. Access can only be given to the students that attend the school. This would be a great time for students to use the computers to get some online work done.

10. Printers

HP Color LaserJet Pro printer

There are printers setup in the library for the students so they can print the papers they need. Being students printing home can be expensive because of the ink prices, so make sure you take advantage of the cheap prices that is available at the school’s library. There is both black and white printer and also colour printer available.

Top 5 Libraries at  Loyola University New Orleans

1. Monroe Library

outside view of Monroe Library

Monroe library is located in the campus. This is great for students to go and get some work dome and use the resources that is available at the library as mentioned above. There is a lot of great resources that students can use that will benefit them so make t=sure to take advantage of them.

2. New Orleans Public Library

front view of New Orleans Public Library

New Orleans Public Library is an aesthetically pleasing library. There is a few places in the library where students can sit and work. They have free wi-fi, so students that want to work on their laptop can do so by connecting to the wi-fi. The staff at this place is always available to answer questions that people have.

3. Robert E. Smith Library

front view of Robert E. Smith Library

Robert E. Smith Library has a great selection of books and resource materials for students uses. The library is a very welcoming place for everyone in the community. The librarians are very helpful and welcome students to ask them their questions. There is also a databases attached to this library and you can place books on hold.

4. Williams Research Center

study area at Williams Research Center

Williams Research Center is special for the history elements of materials. They have a great collection of books that will be great for students research. This is a research center, there will be a librarian to walk you though the process of checking in and looking at files both from their library and on the computer.

5. Jefferson Parish Library

front view of Jefferson Parish Library

Jefferson Parish library’s a great library for students to take a visit at. There are study rooms for students, they will be able to get some studying done there. Also for the students with children, there is a play place for them to keep them busy. And as an added bonus students can take a break from their students and go set a coffee at the coffee cart in the foyer.

Top 10 Clubs at Loyola University New Orleans

Getting involved can be hard, especially if there are many clubs and organizations to get involved with on campus. Luckily, we are here to help. Below are some of the top clubs and organizations at Loyal University New Orleans.

1. Philosophy Club (LOYNO Phil)

image of sculpture of "think" and says great ideas of philosophy

Are you always thinking about he world around you? The Philosophy Club is designed to promote the views in philosophy and to engage student sin philosophical debate.

2. Solidarity, Empowerment, and Leadership for Females (SELF)

A woman leading

The purpose of this organization is to encourage young women and girls to support one another. This club also offers a mentoring program where college aged students can volunteer to be a mentor.

3. Best Buddies

Best buddies

This organization is a part of an international nonprofit organization that consists of many volunteers who have a chance to mentor and help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students will also be able to learn more about these students as they work one on one with them.

4. Hispanic Music Appreciation (HMA)

latin music with a woman

Students who want to join this club will have a chance to embrace Hispanic culture. Students will also learn more about the different varieties of culture  with in music in South America and around the world.

5. Health Professions Organization

The word health

The purpose of this club is to focus on those with Health Professions. Students who choose to join will be able to learn more about health careers and medicine costs and programs.

6. Jazz Club 

A jazz player

And all that jazz! This club was established by musicians within the Loyola community who share a love for jazz. Students here will have chance to perform with one another and meet new people.

7. Mixed Martial Arts Club 

Martial Arts

What is Martial Arts? This club was designed to teach students about the different styles and techniques when it comes to the basics of Martial Arts. Students of all skill level are welcome.

8. Economics Club


Where does your money go? The purpose of this club is to promote the field of economics on and off campus. Students here will have a chance to learn more about the world economy on a national and international level.

9. Genesis Gospel Choir

Sharing the gospel

Let’s take it to church! This group is composed of a group of singers who serve to sing and spread the gospel of Jesus. This group puts on concerts, socials, and more.

10. College Democrats 

Democrat party logo

What is a Democrat? The purpose of this club is to promote the ideals and values of the Democratic party. Students are welcome to come to meetings even if they do not belong to this particular party.

Top 5 Events

1. Student Organization Fair

Student organization fair

The student organization fair gives students a chance to learn more about clubs and organizations on campus. This fair also gives students a chance to connect with students who share a common interest.

2. Job Fair

The word job

Are you looking for a job that you can work at during the summer or throughout the academic year? The Job Fair gives students an opportunity to connect with employers face to face and to build their circle.

3. Homecoming Parade

Homecoming flag

Get in the football spirit! The Homecoming Parade takes place every year as a way to celebrate the upcoming game and the team. This parade also gives students an opportunity to get into the spirit!

4. Study Abroad Fair

Study abroad

Are you looking to study abroad? Maybe France or Italy has been on your mind for awhile. The Study Abroad Fair is designed to give students a chance to network and learn more about study abroad programs and opportunities.

5. Welcome Week

The word welcome

Welcome back! Welcome Week is the one week of the year where students have a chance to meet new people and hangout with friends without having to worry about class. Free events, food, and fun awaits!

Top 10 Residences at Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola University New Orleans is a private, catholic university open to all students of all faiths. It offers students with a variety of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. In addition to that, students are also provided with a range of housing options to choose from. This includes on campus and off campus accommodation options. This ensures that students are able to concentrate in their studies and give their all in school without worrying about places to stay. This residence facilitates the establishment of long lasting friendships through interactions with students from different backgrounds. Below are the top 10 residences at Loyola University New Orleans.

1. Biever Hall

Biever Hall

Address: 6363 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA

Biever Hall is a residential hall offering accommodation to students. It consists of double and triple occupancy rooms with community bathrooms. There is individual temperature control, a shared kitchen, study lounges, TV lounges, mail boxes, Ethernet and wireless Internet connection, laundry facilities.

2. Buddig Hall

Buddig Hall

Address: 200 LaSalle PI, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA

Buddig Hall is a residence housing upper-class students and first year students. It consists of suite style type of accommodation with each suite having four students in double rooms and a shared bath. There is individual air conditioning and heat control, study rooms, community kitchen, Ethernet/Internet connection, laundry service and mailboxes.

3. Cabra Hall

Cabra Hall

Address: 7214 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA

Cabra Hall is a students’ residential facility just four blocks from the main campus. It consists of apartment style of housing with each apartment accommodating 6 students sharing a living room and 2 bathrooms. There is cable service, heat/air conditioning, wireless Internet, laundry facility, study room, on-site work out room and a conference/study room.

4. Carrollton Hall

Carrollton Hall

Address: 6399 LaSalle PI, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA

Carrollton Hall is a residence hall housing upper-class students. It consists of suites and apartments. The suites are made up of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a common living room while the apartments consist of single rooms. There is also temperature control, basic cable service, community kitchens, Ethernet/wireless connection and movable furniture.

5. Founders Hall

Founders Hall

Address: 540 Broadway St, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA

Founders Hall is a residence hall exclusively for sophomores, juniors and seniors. It consists of suite style community living with each suite accommodating 2 students each in a single room with a shared bath. There is heat and air conditioning, wireless Internet, laundry facilities, dining room, community kitchen, community lounge, study spaces and relaxation areas.

6. 229 Bonnabel Blvd

229 Bonnabel Blvd

Address: 229 Bonnabel Blvd Metairie LA, 70005

This is a residence offering accommodation to Loyola university students. It is made up of a 2-bedroom cottage style of accommodation. There are stainless steel appliances, wood floors, dryer, washer, study space, standard heating and AC.

7. Cypress Creek Apartments

Cypress Creek Apartments

Address: 2001 Cypress Creek Rd River Ridge LA, 70123

Cypress Creek Apartments are designed to provide students with housing in a comfortable environment. It consists of apartment style living with one bedroom and one bathroom. There is a pool, BBQ, tennis courts, a fireplace, balcony, cable access, ceiling fans, satellite dish and a washer/dryer.

8. The Carlyle Apartments

The Carlyle Apartments

Address: 500 Wall Blvd Gretna LA, 70056

The Carlyle Apartments offer a safe and conducive environment to students. It consists of apartment style of accommodation having one and two bedrooms with single and shared bathrooms. There is a balcony, cable access, free high speed Internet, a fitness center, wheelchair accessibility, dishwasher and washer/dryers.

9. Forest Isle

Forest Isle

Address: 5000 Woodland Drive New Orleans LA, 70131

Forest Isle is a residence offering accommodation to students. It consists of apartments as the accommodation style. There is a fitness center, a pool, on-site laundry, cable access, washer dryer hook ups and ceiling fans.

10. 4416 Carondelet St

4416 Carondelet St

Address: 4416 Carondelet St New Orleans LA, 70115

This is a residence accommodating students from Loyola University. It is made up of a house with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms. There is assigned parking, on-site laundry, a balcony, dishwasher, a microwave and standard heating and AC.

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at Loyola University New Orleans

1. Room Basics

Organized bed

Pillow cases
Mattress topper

2. Food and Snacks

food and utensils

Energy bars

3. Tech & Entertainment


Card games
Cell phone

4. School Supplies

School office supplies

Marker pens
Sticky notes
Text books

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

Cleaning Up and Organizing

Flip flops
Clothing hangers
Lysol wipes

6. Campus Gears

Campus Gears

Campus gear like sweatshirt
Walking shoes
Water bottle

7. Items you should ask first before bringing


Big pieces of furniture like sofas
Iron board
Halogen lamps

10 of the Easiest Classes at Loyola University New Orleans

There’s no doubt sooner or later you’re going to have to take some challenging courses in college; it’s inevitable. And those hard classes can really weigh down a student’s GPA! If only you knew which classes were easy, so you could balance out the difficult classes and save your GPA. Well, if you’re a student at Loyola University New Orleans, then it’s your lucky day! Here is a list of the top 10 easiest courses taught at Loyola University New Orleans.

1. CMMN A100 – Introduction to Mass Communication 

This course is a survey of the various fields of Mass Communication taught at Loyola and specific preparation for courses taught in the school. Consideration is given to philosophical foundations, historical development, current trends and status, organizational structure and career opportunities. This is a really fun class where you learn about the media in our society. You watch viral videos, learn about the affects advertising has on us, and discuss how things are spread through different mediums such as internet and television. The topics are very easy, and it would be hard not to pass this class with flying colors.

A post with various signs 

2. ENGL A100 – Expository Writing

Writing; you’ve been doing this since elementary school. This course is an introduction to English composition that focuses on grammar, paragraph and essay structure, and critical reading skills. Students are assigned to the course on the basis of a placement test administered by the English department. This class is an easy A; all you have to do is write a couple essays with minimal grammar errors. Doesn’t sound that bad, right?

Person writing on paper

3. FOST A205 – Introduction to Food Studies  

Who doesn’t love food? This course is designed to give students an overview of important contemporary issues in food studies, and a taste of a variety of ways to approach those issues. Students will study the social, economic, psychological, and cultural impacts of food and cooking, in homes, schools, and professions, and the social contexts for our relationships with food. This is a super fun and easy class all about food! It’s a foodie’s dream come true. Have fun learning about food while simultaneously raising your GPA!

Various foods in bowls

4. MKT B280 – Basic Marketing 

Marketing is a very fun and interesting field of study! This course assists students in understanding the role of marketing from a managerial perspective. It examines how product, pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions are made to satisfy the needs of specific target markets. If you’re interested in sales and/or advertisement, then this is just the class for you! Even if you don’t think this is your forte, this class is simple enough for anyone to understand and do well. This course is an introductory to Marketing, so only the basics will be covered.

A jumble of words related to marketing

5. POLS A100 – Introduction to American Government 

You probably already have a pretty good understanding of the American Government from learning about it in high school or from taking the Constitution test. But for those who don’t have any prior knowledge on the topic; don’t worry! You can still pass this class easy. In this course, structure, development, powers, and limits of the federal government are discussed. This is just an introductory class, so even if you know nothing about American Government, you will be taught the basics in this course.

The US flag, Congress building, and a gavel

6. PSYC A100 – Introduction to Psychology 

Interested in  learning about how your mind works? Look no further! This course is a survey of the major fields of psychology. You will learn about why living things behave the way they do, what your brain does when you’re asleep, and mental illnesses/disorders. This course is super interesting, and since it’s only an introductory course, it’s also very easy! You will learn about the basics, not the more complicated topics. Get that A while you learn about your brain!

A brain with colorful art

7. SOCI A100 – Introductory Sociology 

This introductory course focuses on the key concepts, theories, and methods that sociologists use to understand the social world. Readings, lectures, videos, and presentations are used to examine the role that culture, socialization, social inequality, and social institutions play in shaping human behaviors and human interactions. This class is just an introduction to Sociology, so it only covers the simple basics. You’ll be learning all about society and cultures all the while getting an easy A!

People walking on a sidewalk

8. SPAN A100 – First year Spanish I

Want to learn another language? Then this class is perfect for you! This course examines at the fundamental structure of the language emphasizing the development of the four basic skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.  The cultural elements of the Spanish-speaking world are also presented. This class will teach you the very basics of Spanish, like short phrases, vocab, colors, numbers, etc. Don’t worry, they don’t expect you to already have a grasp of the language, so this class is perfect for beginners.

Person writing in Spanish with marker

9. SPCH A100 – Fundamentals of Speech 

In order to get a good grade in this class, all you have to do is talk! Okay, so maybe it isn’t that simple, but it’s not difficult either. This course is a study of the factors governing good speech content and delivery; an introduction to speech behavior in human interaction. All you have to do is write, practice, and deliver a speech on a given topic. There’s no difficult quizzes or tests; the only hard part is nervousness! But once you get over the nerves, you’ll be smooth sailing your way to an A.

A microphone in front of a crowd

10. VISA A115 – Visual Arts; Painting for Non-art Students 

Arts and crafts in college? Yes please! This course gives students with no art background the opportunity to draw and paint under guidance. This is an extremely fun, easy, and relaxing course. Add this course to your schedule if you want a more laid-back semester and a perfect way to let your creative juices flow. Who said coloring was just for kids? Paint and draw your way to that higher GPA!

Person painting

These classes will allow you to get all the credits you need to graduate while also allowing you to meet your academic goals, such as a high GPA! Challenging courses can lead to a really stressful semester, but adding these easy courses to your class schedule will allow you to be able to relax and breathe a bit more.