10 Hardest Courses at Lock Haven University

There are a ton of courses for students to choose from. Some students choose the easier route rather the challenging route, however, there are courses that students take to challenge their studies. This will allow students to gain a better understanding of how to overcome different challenges when it comes to classes. Below are some of the hardest classes at that students can take at Lock Haven University.

1. PSYC212 – Forensic Psychology

A representation of the field of psychology and tools used with cogs coming out of the brain

This class is an introduction into the field of psychology, more specifically the forensic part of psychology. Students will learn about decision making for juries, eyewitness testimonies, and how psychology plays a part when evaluating a crime science. Students will have to study outside of class as this class is very test-heavy.

2. MATH211 – Linear Methods

A look at a linear graph

Are you good at math? This class is challenging for those who are not good at memorizing equations. Students will have to learn more about matrices, vector spaces, linear equations, and theory practices when it comes to linear methods in math. This class will require students to study for tests.

3. ANTH330 – Japanese Culture and Society

A representation of Japanese culture and society

Students in this class will get a chance to learn about a new culture: the Japanese culture. Students will learn about the anthropological perspectives within Japense society. Students will learn about marriage, family, the economy, popular culture, and group dynamics. Students will have to study hard for tests as much of the content is from the book and lectures.

4. BIOL106 – Principles of Biology 1

Someone holding up a leaf in the lab

This class will introduce students to principles of biology. Students will learn about the chemistry of life, cell structure, and functions. Students will also learn more about data collection, hypothesis testing, and interpretation. Students will have to take notes in class and learn fast when it comes to labs.

5. ACCT333 – Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Entities

Picture of accounting chart on paper with glasses and a calculator

This class will give students a different look at accounting when it comes to government and nonprofit entities. Students will also learn about colleges and universities that have non-profit organizations around them. Students will have a chance to learn more as they study and take notes from lectures.

6. PHYS101 – Matter & Energy

A chart of matter and energy

This class will introduce students to the principles of physics when it comes to matter and energy. Students will learn more about energy conservation, gravity force, tidal power, solar collectors, nuclear reactors, and heat engines. Students will have to learn how to apply equations to real life problems and go beyond just memorizing them.

7. POLI105 – American National Government

Picture representing the American government, with Capitol hill, the flag and constitution

This class is very test-heavy and requires students to study outside of class. Students will learn more about American politics, governing principles that have to do with the US Constitution, and governmental institutions. Students will also learn more public policy and issues within the United States.

8. SCI110 – Science, Technology, and Society

A cartoon of tools used in science

This class will teach students about the principles within science when it comes to physical concepts, harmonic motion, energy, radiation, and basic nanotechnology. Students will also learn ore about the impact of society when it comes to science. This class will challenge students to develop a better understanding of science as whole as well.

9. SOCI300 – Sociology of Deviance

Words that relate to the field of sociology

This class will help students learn more about sociology when it comes to behavior. Students will learn more about social rules and crime, the formation of subcultures and their countercultures, mainstream society, and deviance within society. This class is very lecture heavy so be sure to take good notes!

10. ENGL220 – World Literature

A book in front of the world

This class will help students study world literature when it comes to English and other languages. Students will review various text when it comes to parts of the world, gender differences, social movements, political conflicts, and religion within the world. This class will require students to read a lot outside of class weekly.

10 Coolest Classes at Lock Haven University

For a student, creating your schedule is one of the most important things – the classes you choose will affect you every day. It’s important to balance major courses with fun, interesting ones. Here are ten of the coolest classes at Lock Haven University you could take for electives or general education requirements!

1. COMP225 – Mobile Application Development

This class will teach to build your own apps for your phone! You’ll be introduced to the tools and techniques used to develop software applications for mobile devices and platforms. Course topics include user interface design, application portability, web protocols, sofware services, security and accessibility. You will do hands-on development using Google’s Android platform!

Mobile app development diagram

2. ART340 – Jewelry

This class will teach you how to make your own jewelry!
You’ll be introduced to basic metal working tools and equipment, and a variety of hand fabrication and soldering techniques. There are no prerequisites and you will fulfill three credits of general education requirements!

Jewelry making tools and materialsm including a set of earrings and necklace made with beads.

3. BIOL200 – Marine Biology

This class is all about everything that lives in the ocean! You’ll learn about physical and chemical factors affecting the biota in the intertidal, open water, and benthic habitats. Additionally, you’ll complete laboratory and field exercises to practice the identification, anatomy, physiology, systematics and behavior of marine plants and animals as well as the physical and chemical properties of seawater.

Picture of scuba diver interacting with fish near coral reef

4. CHEM105 – Forensic Chemistry

Want to learn how to solve crime? Now you can! This class gives an introduction to chemical principles as they apply to forensic investigations. You will investigate the role of chemistry in solving crimes and get real laboratory experience by making real world determinations in investigations!

Forensic chemistry tools and powders

5. ACCT 210 – Intro Federal Income Tax

Everyone knows the age-old saying: why can’t school teach something useful like taxes? Well, your question has been answered! This class will teach you all about the federal income tax system. You will be introduced to the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations and interpretations. There will be emphasis on tax planning for businesses and individual financial planning.

US Individial Income Tax form and calculator

6. DANC105 – Basic Ballet Technique

Do you like to get up and move during the day? You’ll learn basic skills in classical ballet and develop an appreciation for dance as an art form. There will be emphasis on understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, proper alignment, increase flexibility, and building technical strength. Some classes will be lecture style, but most classes will be movement based.

A ballet class at barres

7. ECON360 – Current Economic Problems

You may already have a head start in this class if you keep up with this news because this class is all about contemporary policy issues and how economic analysis applies. Topics include costs and benefits of social regulation and problems such as as inflation, poverty and income distribution, environmental pollution, economic growth and technological change, and provision of education and medical care.

Person reading the business section of the newspaper

8. GEOS135 – Geology of National Parks

This class gives an introduction to basic geologic concepts through examples from our national parks and monuments. You’ll discuss how Earth’s internal processes cause earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountain ranges to form. Additionally, there will be topics such as the action of wind, water, and ice at Earth’s surface results in erosion and exposure of older rocks. There is emphasis on the the theory of plate tectonics.

Landscape picture of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska

9. PHIL415 – Ethical Issues in the Health Care Professions

Ethics are always an interesting debate. This class will discuss ethical issues that emerge in the various health care professions in a global world and in multicultural societies. Topics include the being a professional, self and aging, health and illness, and death and dying. Additionally, you will discuss autonomy, truth telling and confidentiality, allocation of medical resources, reproductive technologies, and moral decision making!

Doctor listening to young patient's heart

10. HLTH310 – CPR and First Aid Instructor Training

This class will literally teach you how to save a life! You will learn CPR and first aid skills, and how to teach it to others. There will be practice sessions and detailed training with the CPR manikins. Furthermore, if you successfully complete the class, you’ll receive American Red Cross instructor certification in CPR and first aid!

Person's hands performing CPR on mannequin

If you add some of these cool classes to your schedule, you will be sure to have an interesting semester at Lock Haven University! Be sure to check these courses out for a unique and special experience during your degree.

Jobs for College Students at Lock Haven University

Students have it difficult. They need to work for long hours studying in order to make sure that they get a GPA or grades that will allow them to get a degree and job in the future. Living on campus is not cheap but you also need money. Many students choose to find student jobs on campus or around it in order to earn a bit more money. The following list of jobs for Lock Haven University have low qualifications and can help students get a bit more cash for use.

1. Office Assistant at Powder Corp – Off Campus

An office assistant is mainly responsible for general work around the office including mail sorting etc.

Do you wish to develop general office skills like filing documents and others? This job will allow you the ability to develop those skills along with providing you experience on how to work in an office. Office Assistants are responsible for general work around the office this includes answering the phone, filing documents, running errands on the ground and sorting mail amongst others. The position is entry level paying slightly above hourly minimum wage. Requiring at least a high school diploma and preferred to have some administrative experience, along with a good work ethic. The hours to be scheduled are flexible and a professional appearance is a must.

2. Retail Stocking Associate at Harbor Freight Tools USA Inc. – Off Campus

Retail Stocking Associates will be charged mainly with taking stock of items and marking availability.

Simple and easy is what describes this job most effectively. If you are good at basic math, do not mind a bit of labor and are good at taking stock and other such things then this job is definitely the one for you. Retail Stocking associates are responsible for working as a team to work towards profit maximization. They take part in the company programs and events. Other responsibilities include taking stock of items, making sure they are priced right and maintaining decorum of the retail store. Some customer service experience is preferred and the minimum qualification is a high school diploma. Physically the candidate should be fine with lifting etc. and be able to work flexible hours.

3. Team Member at Tractor Supply Company Mill Hall – Off Campus

Team members need to interact with customers and provide them good service.

Are you good at being a team player and have a good way of talking to and interacting with people then become a Team member today? Team members are responsible for interacting with customers and members of teams. Along with providing good service to the customers of the company. Responsibilities include taking part in cash register operations and using forklifts etc. No experience is required and a high school diploma is preferred. Each working shift is around 4 to 8 hours.

4. Food Service Worker for Aramark- On Campus

Food service workers make finished products out of food ingredients while maintaining food safety standards.

This job will allow you the opportunity of working with good without needing fancy chef skills to do so. You will be responsible for the preparation and building of food items and providing customers good experience. Food safety, handling and sanitation need to be maintained. The candidate is preferred to have worked in food service before, demonstrate skills for customer service and occasionally lift weights.

5. PA Customer Service Representative at Family Dollar- Off Campus

Customer service representatives are responsible for providing stellar service to customers along with greeting them and making them feel comfortable

Some people generally have an in born talent of being able to talk to people and interact with them extremely well. If you have these skills then put them to good use today and become a customer service representative. As a customer service representative, the candidate is responsible for providing the best service to customers. The priorities are greeting and making sure customers feel welcome. Helping them select merchandise and finishing transactions. The completion of a high school diploma is preferred, previous experience in a similar environment is preferred, lifting moderate weights is a requirement as well. The selected candidate will need to work a flexible schedule which may include days, weekends and holidays.

6. Store Driver at Advance Autoparts- Off Campus

Store Drivers deliver items and products to customers of both a retail and corporate nature while maintaining punctuality in delivery times.

Driving is something you do normally, from home to class and then back home again. So why not get paid for it? A good way to do that is to become a store driver today. The position is entry level and requires a candidate who will be responsible for delivering parts to customers. In store work will also be required from the driver. The position can be part or full time. Command over the English language, a high school diploma, valid drivers license and the ability to occasionally lift weights is required.

7. Unit Desk Clerk at Geisinger- Off Campus

Responsibilities are mostly clerical which include maintaining records and solving customer queries.

As a desk clerk you will be the first point of contact for anyone who walks in through the doors of your organization. This will allow you to develop important people skills, learn about functioning in an office environment and also get paid while doing all of this. A high school diploma and basic knowledge of medical terminology is preferred as well as having the ability to work well and cohesively in a team.

8. OneClass Note Takers


A good way to work online and gain some extra cash would be OneClass. OneClass hires you to go to class, and take notes which can then be shared with other students in the same class. This allows you to get paid while studying and also focus during your studies as well. Become a notetaker today by visiting

Restaurants and Cafes at or near LHU

The Lock Haven University does have a lot of college cafes on campus, but there are great choices of a restaurant near campus as well. You could walk to those restaurants quickly and enjoy the time with your friends if you tried everything on campus.

1. Nano Bites

sandwich serving for 2 in a plate

Nano Bites offers you sandwiches which you can customize according to your choice. You can also try other snacks and coffee of this café which you will surely love. The healthy sandwiches are a great bite to your day when you are getting late to class. You will feel light after eating the sandwich and would want to go there again. The location of this café is in the east side of the campus.

2. Robinson

mix salad platter

You can find this café at the Robinson Learning Center. There are many options to try such as sandwiches, soups, snacks, and salad. You can also get on the go sandwiches to eat in your class if you are getting late in the morning. Soups work best during winters so make sure to try it once, and you will love it.

3. Grille Works

food counter of cafe

If you are someone who loves fast food, then this is your place. You can find burgers, sandwiches, fries, drinks and much more. There are chicken and beef sandwiches for you to fill your stomach when you do not want to eat anything else. Grab your favorite drink along with it, so you do not feel hungry until night time.

4. Italian Pizza

Italian pizza serving

Get the brick oven pizzas at this place. There are a variety of pizzas to try such as chicken, BBQ, beef and much more. Also, you can get LaBreadis, strombolis, and calzones at this place. The freshly baked pizza is there for you at all times even if you are hungry in the middle of the night. Make sure to visit this place with your friends to enjoy and make memories.

5. Broken Axe Brew House

Crunchy cheese burger serving with fries

You can find pure American food along with pub here. The hamburgers are popular from this café, so if you did not eat anything since morning, this is a place which you should visit. You can walk to this café from the campus in less than two minutes.

6. Fox’s Market House Restaurant

3 steaks in a dish

This place offers a great sitting area for the students to have a great dining experience. Get the favorite combination of steak, drinks, burgers and much more here. It is one of the top places near the campus which students like to visit if they want heavy meals.

7. Dutch Haven Restaurant

dining hall of cafe

You can find a buffet at his restaurant during lunch and dinner time. There is an immense variety of food such as pasta, pizza, appetizers, desserts, steaks and much more. Usually, students visit there on Sunday because of the weekend so they can enjoy food and have a great time with their friends as well.

Enjoy your time at the university as it passes quickly. Make sure that you intake healthy food so you do not fall ill as it will be difficult for you to study and keep up with others in the class.

Top 10 Majors at Lock Haven University

A great way to make the most out of your time as a student, you should pick a great major. This will make your entire time at school much more enjoyable. Here are the top 10 majors at Lock Haven University!

1. Health Studies

The first great program for you to consider is Health Studies. You will spend your time studying how diseases are spread and how people stay healthy. In turn, you will be able to stay healthy yourself. 

illustration of health and exercise science

2. Accounting

Another good option to keep in mind is Accounting. This is actually one of the most popular programs offered at this school. That being said, the curriculum is constantly being updated and improved upon. 

figures on a paper

3. Data Science

A very interesting program offered to you is data science. You will learn about the transmission of statistics and data across the world. You will then be able to understand how the entire system works.

computer data

4. Biochemistry

Another very advanced field for you to get into his bio chemistry. This field is needing more young employees. This is a great perk for you to keep in mind in order to make the most of your degree.

a test tube and beaker

5. Finance

A very big industry to get into is finance. With a finance degree, you will have the opportunity to make your life and the lives around you much better. This will be to living a happy and healthy life.

scrabble finance

6. International business

Another very large industry to get into his international business. This is where a lot of the money is made in the business world. This degree will allow you to have enough money to make a very good living for yourself.

flags of different country

7. Journalism

If you want to become a member of the media, you should major in journalism. This degree focuses on journalistic style and integrity. You will learn how to become a great writer with this degree.

printer newspapers

8. Management

A very general program offered at this school is management. This degree will allow you to climb the corporate ladder and reach great success. This ensures that it is well worth getting the degree.

Man managing his data

9. Political Science

If you are good at contemplating ideas and arguing your points, you should consider majoring in political science. This is a growing industry that thrives off of young people. By getting this degree, you will have the opportunity to have a great living after graduation.

political science terms

10. Secondary Education

The final great option that you should consider is secondary education. If you want to become a teacher, this is the degree for you. You will be able to give back to the programs that helped you succeed.

a teacher helping students

Top 10 Lock Haven University Library Resources You Need to Know

The library can be one of the best academic resources for college students.  Whether you are studying for a test, working on a research project, or meeting with a group of classmates, university libraries have something for everyone!  Students at Lock Haven University are fortunate to have a wonderful library on campus with access to a plethora of resources.  See below to learn about library resources you can find at Lock Haven University.

1.  Wollock Learning Commons

Two people working at the Wollock Learning Commons

The learning commons, located on the second floor of Stevenson Library, are home to the writing center and tutorial center.  At the learning commons, students can find small group tutoring rooms, computer workstations, a scanner, comfortable seating, and Internet service.  This is the perfect place to go study or to receive some help from a tutor.

2.  Databases

Various connected databases

Databases are an important part of any research assignment.  Students can access 111 databases online via the library website.  The databases are searchable by subject to help students narrow down the resources they need to find.

3.  News Sources

Colorful newspapers

Students have access to many different news sources via the library website.   The available news databases include Ebscohost Newspaper Source and Nexis Uni.  Students can also view local newspapers online and news RSS feeds.

4.  Group Study Spaces

Study rooms on the second floor of the library

The library has a variety of spaces where students can meet as a group to study or work on a project.  The library contains second floor study rooms for 2-8 people, ground floor study rooms for 2-6 people, and a 24 hour group study area.

5.  Equipment Loans

A laptop computer, cell phone, and notebook

Stevenson Library has a plethora of equipment for students to borrow.  Equipment available includes laptops, GPS, webcams, tripods, and more!  The equipment can typically be borrowed for 3 days.

6.  Citation Guide

Adding citation visual

Providing citations can be one of the most difficult aspects of research.  The library citation guide is designed to help students create accurate citations.  The library website gives students guides to citing resources in many different styles including APA, MLA, and Chicago.  Students can also get citation help at the tutorial center.

7.  Interlibrary Loan

Different types of books on a library shelf

This service provides students with access to materials that are not available at the Lock Haven libraries.  Students can request items including books, articles, DVDs, dissertations, and microfilm.  Requests are made online.

8.  Printing, Scanning, and Copying

A printer

Printing, scanning, and copying services are available to students at the Stevenson Library.  Students can print from library computers or from their own laptops.

9.  Ask Us Anything

Question mark and thought bubble.

The Ask Us Anything chat feature is on the library website.  This service provides students with the opportunity to ask any questions they have about the library.  There is also a list of most popular questions for students to view as well.

10.  Research Guides

A person doing research

The research guides are extremely helpful to students working on research of a specific topic.  Students can go online and search the guides by topic and will be given a list of resources they can use to help with their research.  The guides cover a wide range of topics from art to physics, and everything in between!

Libraries at Lock Haven University

1.  Stevenson Library

Stevenson Library

This is the library on Lock Haven’s main campus.  The library provides students with many print and digital resources, places to study, and tutors to provide help.  The library opens Monday through Friday at 7:30 AM, on Saturday at 10:00 AM, and on Sunday at 2:00 PM.

2.  Clearfield Campus Library

A student at the Clearfield Campus Library

This library is at the Clearfield campus.  The library collection includes print and online books and journals, DVDs, and audiobooks.  The library is open Monday through Friday at 8:00 AM and is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

3.  University Archive

Old, historical library books

The University Archive is located on the second floor of the Stevenson Library.  The goal of the archives is the preserve the history of the university.  Students who want to view archived material need to make an appointment.

4.  Children’s Library

The curriculum section of the Children's Library

This library is located on the ground floor of the Stevenson Library.  The purpose of the library is to provide support for education students.  The library includes children’s books, curriculum kits, and puppets.

5.  Ross Library

Ross Library

While not an on-campus library, the Ross Library is a great local resource that students can use.  It is a part of the Clinton County Library system.  Students can go to the physical library, access e-books, or attend events and programs such as the Book Brigade Club.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Lock Haven University

It is very important to join extracurricular activities like clubs in college and university. It’s a great way to expand your horizons, meet new people, and get involved! Here’s ten great clubs at Lock Haven University!

1. Early Childhood Education Club


A teacher in front of a group of preschool students 

The purpose of this organization is to communicate with and involve Early Childhood Education majors in the community through volunteer work and interaction with local school children.

2. Marine Science Club

Fish Swimming by the Coral

The purpose of this organization is to promote the awareness and understanding of Marine Science to students and the community through events such as guest lecturers, trips, awareness programs, and other activities.

3. Nanotechnology Club

Nanotechnology at a Microscopic Scale

The purpose of the Nanotechnology Club is to increase awareness, interest and understanding of nanotechnology.  They do so through projects, presentations, lectures, and field trips as well as the creation of an information database for all students.

4. Recreation Society

Recreational Activities including Swimming, Skating and Playing

This group was organized to provide students with the opportunities to gain knowledge in the field of recreation by sharing ideas and experiences through clinics, workshops, speakers, meetings, and conferences.

5. Sports Administration Society

Word Web of the Business of Athletics

This club is dedicated to the students who are interested in furthering their knowledge and educational opportunities in the Sport Administration Field.  Events will be geared toward Sport Administration Majors.

6. Dance Consort

Kids Dancing in a Dance Studio

The Dance Consort gives students pre-professional experience in dance, while studying various forms, such as classical, historical, and cultural.  They seek to enrich the creative and artistic climate on campus.

7. No Label Royalty

Models on the Runway for Fashion Shows

The purpose of this organization is to bring creativity and excitement of the fashion world to the campus through activities like fashion shows, informational workshops, and other events.

8. British TV Appreciation

British Broadcasting Company Logo

The purpose of this club is to organize and promote activities related to British television and film appreciation through viewings, reviews, discussions, and analysis of associated cultural influences.

9. Coding Club

Coding Computer Screen Example

The Coding Club has the aim of promoting students to work together to develop computer programming language skills through workshops and tutorials.

10. Colleges Against Cancer

Stop Cancer Sign in Red Marker

The purpose of this organization is to have a national collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to fighting cancer by volunteering for the American Cancer Society.

5 Cool Events at Lock Haven University

1. Homecoming

Homecoming Game Tailgate for Fun

Homecoming is always a super fun weekend long event for students, family and faculty alike. There’s a huge football game pared with tailgates, and other cool activities to enjoy!

2. Pep Rally and Fireworks

Fireworks Exploding in the Sky at Night

After Homecoming Weekend, there is a massive pep rally hosted by the Lock Haven concert band. Along with the performance by the band, there is a night filled with beautiful fireworks!

3. Health and Wellness Fair

Different Aspects of Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Fair is a great learning opportunity for those at Lock Haven. Students and staff can come to the event to learn about how to be their healthiest self.

4. Yappy Hour Dog Walk

Walking Two Dogs Outside with Leash

Dog owners and dog lovers alike can come down to the dog walk hosted by Lock Haven University! Students or staff with dogs can come together to walk their dogs, and dog lovers can come and admire their fluffy friends!

5. Art Exhibit

Art Exhibit at a School

Lock Haven University hosts multiple different art exhibits to show off the talents of the campus and local community. Students, faculty, staff and the public can come and enjoy the art shown.

Top 10 Residences at Lock Haven University

Choosing the right housing that works best to fit your needs can be stressful if you are new to looking through your options. No worries though! Below we have listed some of the top residences that you can choose from here at Lock Haven University!

1. McEntire Hall

McEntire Hall

Address: McEntire Hall, Lock Haven, PA 17745

This residence hall is a traditional style building. Students will be able to live in a double room with bathrooms that are located throughout the building as well.

2. North Hall

North Hall

Address: North Hall, Lock Haven, PA 17745

This residence hall is traditional styled. Students living here will live in a double-occupancy room. There are community bathrooms that are located throughout the building. Students will also find lounge areas too.

3. Smith Hall

Smith Hall

Address: Smith Hall, Lock Haven, PA 17745

This dorm houses students who will live in a double-occupancy room. Students living here will also find community bathrooms that are also located throughout the building as well.

4. Woolridge Hall

Woolridge Hall

Address: Woolridge Hall, Lock Haven, PA 17745

Even though students will live in a traditional styled dorms, they can still be able to find other amenities. This includes community bathrooms, study rooms, and lounge areas as well.

5. Fairview Suites

Fairview Suite

Address: Fairview Suites, Lock Haven, PA 17745

This residence hall is one of the newest on campus. Here, students have the option of living in suite-style dorms. Students will live in a two-bedroom o one-bedroom suite that shares a bathroom.

6. Campus Village

Campus Village

Address: Campus Village, Lock Haven, PA 17745

This residential building is reserved for upperclassmen. Students who lie here will live in single, double or triple occupancy apartments. All apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped as well.

7. Evergreen Commons

Evergreen Coomons

Address: Evergreen Commons, Lock Haven, PA 17745

This complex houses students who will be living in a two or four bedroom apartment. Students will also be able to enjoy other amenities such as a fitness center and an outdoor pool.

8. 321 N Hanna St

An image of an apartment

Address: Lock Haven, PA 17745

This apartment complex houses students who want to live off of campus. Students will be able to live in a two or three bedroom apartment. Students who choose to live here will also find lounge areas and a fitness center here.

9. 215 E Water St

An image of an apartment

Address: Lock Haven, PA 17745

This residence offers students the chance to live in a one, two, or three bedroom apartment. Students who choose to live here can also find other amenities such as a fitness center and a lounge area.

10. 143 E Main St APT 2A

An image of an apartment complex

Address: Lock Haven, PA 17745

This apartment houses students who want to live off campus. All units come with a laundry unit and a fully equipped kitchen. Students can choose to live in a one or two bedroom apartment as well.

Here is Your Move in Day Packing List for Lock Haven University

1. Room Basics

An image of a lamp

– Pillow case
– Throw blanket
– Comforter Set
– Pillow Cases
– Chair
– Curtains
– Desk Lamp
– Area Rug (white is always nice)

2. Food and Snacks

An image of pretzels

– Your favorite candy
– Cereal (Frosted Flakes are the best)
– Your favorite bag(s) of chips
– Pretzels
– Eggs
– Cheese
– Bread
– Meat

3. Tech & Entertainment

mac computer with tablet

– Kindle
– Laptop
– Headphones
– TV
– Tablet

4. School Supplies

An image of school supplies

– Mechanical Pencils
– College-Ruled Paper
– Spiral Notebooks
– Composition Notebooks
– Loose-leaf paper

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

An image of cleaning supplies

– Mop
– Broom
– Dust-pan
– Windex
– Paper Towel
– Storage Bin

6. Campus Gears

A guy wearing a poncho

– Earbuds
– Umbrella
– Light Jacket
– Poncho
– Backpack (obviously)

7. Items You Should Ask first before bringing

An image of a microwave

– Microwave
– TV (if you have a roommate)
– Pots and pans
– Mini-fridge (depending on dorm restrictions
– Cleaning supplies (coordinate with roommate)

10 Easiest Courses at Lock Haven University

Every student wants a perfect GPA and great grades. But with all the difficult classes you have to take, it can be hard to reach those goals! Thankfully, there are easy classes at Lock Haven University you can take to lighten your course-load and raise that GPA! Here are the top 10 easiest courses students at Lock Haven University should take.

1. ADAC101- Introduction to Academic and Personal Development

This class is probably one of the easiest- if not the easiest- course offered at Lock Haven. This course explores the psychosocial development of college students with a focus on self-awareness along multiple domains including academic skills, interpersonal relationships, career interests, and technological and communication skills. Students are acquainted with university resources, diversity issues, and the connection between student learning styles and college success. Take this class if you want a easy schedule and easy A.

2. ANTH101- Intro Anthropology

This class is not only fascinating, but it’s easy! This course gives an overview of what anthropology has discovered about our biological and cultural evolution in physical anthropology and archaeology. Students will also examine contemporary societies from a cross cultural perspective. This class is just an introductory course, so it’s very surface-level learning. It doesn’t go super in depth or discuss difficult topics. Take this class for an interesting and easy A!

3. ART103- Introduction to Art

Even those who aren’t “artistically gifted” can enjoy this class! This course is a survey of art history that serves as an introduction to aesthetics, perception, art criticism, and the art heritage of humankind. It is designed to help students develop appreciation and understanding of the visual arts. Fulfills General Education Requirements. You don’t need to be Picasso to pass this class. It’s an easy, enjoyable class that also fulfills General Education Requirements! A course that will raise your GPA and fulfill a requirement? Two birds with one stone!

4. BIOL101- Basic Biology

This is a basic, introductory biology class, so it won’t be very difficult. This course covers topics across the biological hierarchy from atoms to issues of global ecology including genetics, molecular biology, and evolution. Humans may provide the focus of some discussions; however, emphases include broader aspects of biological phenomena. Students will also work in a laboratory to gain hands-on experience. How interesting does using a microscope to look at cells sound? How interesting does a high grade with minimal work sound? If these intrigue you, then this is the course for you!

5. ECED101- Cultures of Childhood

Do you like children? Are you interested in learning more about them? This class is an introduction to the complex social and cultural factors that influence children’s development and learning as well as the ethical guidelines that determine professional conduct and development. This is an extremely fun and easy class where you can channel your inner child.

6. ENGL110- Introduction to Literature

If you like to read, then this easy class is perfect for you! This course is an introduction to fiction, poetry, and drama that seeks to develop the student’s understanding of literature. Not only is this class an easy A, but it also fulfills General Education Requirements. Who knew all you needed to do to raise your GPA was a little reading?

7. PSYC100- Intro to Psychological Science

Who doesn’t love learning about how the mind works? This course introduces students to the field of psychology, the scientific study of behavior, including actions, thoughts, and feelings. You’ll learn about how the mind functions while you’re asleep, how mental illnesses and disorders develop, and much more. This course is enthralling, and since it’s only an introductory course, it’s also very easy!

8. RECR110- Intro to Recreation & Leisure

One of the most fun and easiest classes you can take at Lock Haven. This course is designed to give the student an awareness and understanding of the parks and recreation field. The course includes an overview on the importance of play, history, and the influences of mass leisure. A class all about having fun and relaxing? You’d have to try to get a bad grade in this class! Students will learn about parks, entertainment, and how people use their free time to have fun!

9. SOCI101- Introduction to Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture. This course emphasizes the concepts and methodology by which the sociologist investigates the relationship between groups, institutions, cultures and the individual. Race, gender, class, religion and other forms of difference receive special treatment as mediating variables in this relationship. This class is just an intro to Sociology, so it only covers the simple basics. You’ll be learning all about society and cultures all the while getting an easy A!

10. SPAN101- Spanish 1

This class is an introduction to Spanish speech sounds, the vocabulary in context and basic speech patterns, and development of essential grammatical concepts. Conversation and readings. This course studies the development of basic skills in listening and reading comprehension, speaking, and writing of Spanish. You don’t even have to know any Spanish going into this course, because this class starts with the very basics. You’ll learn elementary Spanish, such as colors, numbers, and basic vocabulary and phrases. It’d be difficult to not get an A in this class.

Look no further Lock Haven University students, these classes are the keys to getting great grades and a higher GPA! Put these courses in your class schedule for guaranteed relaxed, easy-going semesters. Might as well take classes you enjoy while working to get that degree!