10 Coolest Courses at Lander University

Lander University, a public university in South Carolina, has a ton of classes students can take for their majors or personal interests. Creative minds can take a break from vigorous unrelated courses and vice versa. Next time you’re looking for new courses take a look at the 10 coolest courses on campus:


Letters of the alphabet in an art deco typography

Typography is created when the written language is placed in a legible, readable, and appealing way. You can select point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing, letter-spacing, and adjusting the space between pairs of letters. Students will complete different projects to gain an understanding of the universal qualities of typography. The only prerequisite to take ART 260 is ART105.


An ecosystem with animals and people

This Biology course studies the biological, physical, and chemical characteristics of specific freshwater systems. This includes lakes, streams, and rivers. There will be laboratory exercises and three-hour lectures each week. The only prerequisites to take BIOL 415 are MATH 211 and BIOL 303 or BIOL 306.


Chemistry of beer in an image

If you’re over the age of 21, this class can give you some cool history on beer that you can surprise your friends with. You’ll study the chemistry of the brewing process, major developments in process, the chemistry of the fermentation process that converts the wort into a finished beer, and so much more. There’s so much to learn and it would definitely give you some cool talking points by the end of the semester.


Cartoon of a human speaking

Students in all majors are required to take English courses. The ones you take are mostly up to you. This ENGL 345 course will be great to enroll in because you’ll study how language is interpreted, tools used by linguists, and how language reflects social issues such as gender, power, and ethnicity. The only prerequisite is ENGL 102.


US senator speaking to the press

If you enjoy learning about the early history and the global impact of the Office of Strategic Services and the Central Intelligence Agency (1942-1963) or are fascinated by the CIA, then this course will give you that background. A course like this isn’t found everywhere. Students will discover how fiction writers and Hollywood have shown espionage and counter-intelligence units. It will mention the Second World War and the early years of the Cold War.


A lightbulb is drawn with ideas surrounding small businesses

Thinking of building your own small business while still in college? May students are! MGMT 320 focuses on management strategies and issues facing small businesses every day. You’ll discuss how to develop systems for small or family businesses, the challenge of developing financing strategies, succession issues, and critical strategic decisions.


Different components of digital marketing

Understanding how marketing works has become more and more important to society as the growth of social media has become bigger. Prepare yourself with successful marketing tactics that you’ll learn through this course. Topics include the understanding of digital marketing channels, how online and mobile platforms grow to be successful through marketing campaigns, usergenerated content, search engine optimization, email marketing, viral marketing, and paid and organic search advertising.


The human skeleton turning into a full muscle body

Interested in working in a fitness-related field? Majors including courses like this one will prepare you to become more knowledgeable about the human body. The course studies the structures and function of the organ systems related to the study of kinesiology and exercise physiology. You’ll become more familiar with the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, and
respiratory systems as you continue throughout the semester.


Person swimming in a pool

Swimming is a great form of exercising and stress reliever! If you like to swim or are interested in learning, PEES 111 will teach students the elements of good swimming. This includes stroke mechanics for the front crawl, back crawl, and elementary backstroke. You will understand basic water safety skills while performing tests and knowledge tests used to evaluate your progress. It’s never too late to learn to swim and it’s a very important skill to have!


The human brain in various colors

People interested in how psychology works will definitely benefit from this course. Students will investigate current scientific research about the states of consciousness as well as the practical implications of the research. Topics mentioned in class will include sleep, hypnosis, meditation, mind-altered states, and drug states. The only prerequisite is PSYC 101 or PSYC 102.

Are you convinced that these classes are cool yet? College is all about finding your passion and turning it into a career. You’ll never know where your interest lies without taking a chance on a random course that is bringing you the credits you need. Give it a shot and see where you might end up!

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Lander University

Lander University is a public university in Greenwood, South Carolina. With around 2,600 students that attend this university, it has a wide range of courses to satisfy its population. We have compiled few of the hardest courses to take at Lander University down below.

1. MATH 311 – Mathematical Statistics

a large bar graph with an arrow going upwards

This math course is seen as hard as it deals with being able to compile information/data into an organized way. There are many different graphs used to represent the data. Just a few that are taught in statistics are: stem and leaf, bar graph, and pie charts.

2. MATH 121 – Mathematics for Business

a target and a person holding a calculator with money signs

Mathematics for Business is a course that can be seen as difficult because it looks at formulas that were learned in math and applies it to real world scenarios. A few different mathematical questions would normally deal with finding percentages of sales or looking at gross profit margins compounded over time.

3. CIS 300 – Numerical Analysis

magnifying glass over numerical data

This is a branch class of computer information systems that looks at algorithms and how numerical data works together to solve complex problems. It is seen as hard by many as it combines mathematics with an understanding of how it is applied to the inner workings of computers.

4. CIS 343 – Computer Forensics

Computer key with fingerprint. 3D render.

Computer forensics is a course that teaches students how to obtain information from a computer that can be used as evidence for criminal activity. The course can be difficult as it requires knowledge on coding, attention to detail, and being able to analyze files in a timely manner.

5. FINA 310 – Investments

a cup with coins and a person watering it to be a tree

Investments is a course in finance that teaches students what investing means. The hardest part of the course is the ability to administer the best financial decision making for potential client investments. This can be difficult as investing is the idea that with current figures of sales/profit margins, the numbers of said sales in the future will continue to grow.

6. POLS 386 – State and Local Government

securities within the different state governments on the map

This is a political science course that teaches students the various similarities and differences within the state and local governments. The course is seen as hard as it deals with how the governments work together to represent itself so that the good of all is brought forth. It is text heavy when it comes to rules and regulations.

7. POLS 391 – Homeland Security

the official homeland security logo

Homeland Security is a course in political science that teaches students what the branch does for the government. The hardest part of the course is simply applying what homeland security does to the decision making of the government and how it can be improved. Homeland security deals with border control, terrorists, cybersecurity, and much more.

8. PHIL 302 – Ethics

ethics and other definitions on white pieces of paper

Ethics is a course in philosophy that looks at how people judge from right and wrong and apply morals to their everyday life. Ethics is something that often people find difficult to understand because not everything that is legal is right. Ethical dilemmas are common and this course looks at key examples to show what not to do in situations.

9. PHIL 103 – Introduction to Logic

logic through puzzle pieces in the mind

Introduction to logic is a course that teaches students the sector of philosophical thinking that uses logic. Logic is used to show someone in an argument from start to finish the reasoning within their statements. The course is seen as hard as it mostly requires students to create their own logical arguments and defend them.

10. LPLP 101 – Leadership Development 1

a persons head with other people as the pieces in his brain

Leadership Development 1 is a course that teaches students how to become leaders in whatever fields they chose to go with. It is a very hands on learning experience and is seen as difficult because it forces fast and smart decision making.

Lander University is a school that allows students to experience the rigorous courses that allow for success in whatever field they chose to be in. The courses are varied and give plenty of relevant work to prepare the students for the next step.

Top 10 Majors Offered at Lander University

Lander University is a publicly funded baccalaureate institution that was founded in 1872. Lander University was the first liberal arts collect to be county controlled. The school is often ranked as one of the best value institutions in South Carolina. This list contains the top 10 majors offered at Lander University.

1.   Art (B.A.)

An artist painting

Lander University is a great place to sharpen your art skills. The art program of the school is designed to help students understand arts, decide where they want to concentrate in arts, and help them specialize and develop their artistic interest.

2.   Business Administration and Management (B.S.)

Business plan

Business administration and management is one of the premiere majors offered at Lander University. Students who major here are trained with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to thrive in the global business environment.

3.   Early Childhood Education (B.A.)

A child care specialists teaching children

Early childhood education is the biggest education department at Lander University. The program is designed to train students in special teaching methods appropriate for young children. Students also take courses in general education, specialized education, professional education, and field practice.

4.   Elementary Education (B.A.)

An elementary class

Elementary education is another great education major offered at Lander University. Students are taught practical methods appropriate for elementary school (Grade 2 – 6). To maintain a standard curriculum, the school work closely with public school officials.

5.   Kinesiology and Exercise Science (B.S.)

Physical Exercise Education

Lander University excels in sports and physical sciences. Kinesiology and exercise science is one of the most desired majors in the school. A major in exercise science are adequately equipped to study in areas like cardiac rehabilitation, exercise physiology, physical therapy.

6.   Liberal Arts and Humanities (B.A.)

Major subjects in Liberal arts

The department of liberal arts and humanities of Lander University graduates the highest number of students after business administration. The program covers a broad range of courses to give students who want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree a variety of options to choose from.

7.   Nursing (BSN, MSN)

A nurse and a patient

Nursing is one of the prominent programs offered at Lander University. William Preston Turner School of Nursing (Lander’s nursing school) is committed to training individuals who can provide quality nursing care in different organizations in the health care industry.

8. Psychology (B.A. M.A.)

Virtual representation of a human brain

Lander University school has a standard department of psychology which is quite popular among students. The program focuses on training students to understand scientific analysis of human personality, cognition, behavior, psychopathology, and emotion. The baccalaureate degree prepares students to take on pursue careers in psychology and outside of psychology.

9.  Sociology (B.A.)


Sociology is a rewarding career, with a variety of occupations to choose from. The sociology program of Lander University teaches students the science of human condition, the analysis of society and social relations, and prepares them to take on specialized occupational opportunities in social works, law enforcement, survey research, counseling, human service e.t.c.

10.   Special Education and Teaching (B.A.)

A Class for special children

Lander University has a great special education and teaching program that is designed to train adolescent generalists in special education who can teach, inspire, and motivate students undergoing special education.

Top 10 Lander Library Resources You Need to Know

The library can be one of the best academic resources for college students.  Whether you are studying for a test, working on a research project, or meeting with a group of classmates, university libraries have something for everyone!  Students at Lander University are fortunate to have a wonderful library on campus with access to a plethora of resources.  See below to learn about library resources you can find at Lander University.

1.  Book a Room

A group of students studying

Bookable study rooms are available at Jackson Library.  The library has 11 study rooms that can be reserved for a maximum of 4 hours at a time.  Reservations can be made online.

2.  Appointment with a Librarian

Question mark and thought bubble

If you have questions about the library, you can reserve time to meet one-on-one with a librarian.  Appointments can be made Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  The meetings last from 30-60 minutes.

3.  Interlibrary Loan

Books on shelves at a library

If a resource is not available at Jackson Library, students can request it through the interlibrary loan service.  These resources come from other states or even other countries!  Books arrive within 1-2 weeks while articles are available within 3 days to one week.

4.  Library Instruction

The library instruction room at Lander University

This part of the library focuses on instructing students how to use library resources for research.  The library instruction lab has computers for each student to work on.  The lab works closely with freshmen English classes to provide new students with library research skills.

5.  Printing

A printer

Students can print from the library lab computers.  There is a small fee for printing that is deducted from the student’s print allowance.  Students can also send faxes at the library free of charge.

6.  Affordable Learning Opportunities (OER)

A flier encouraging professors to be a part of the affordable learning program

This program is designed to reduce the cost of course materials for students.  Instead of having students buy expensive textbooks, professors can link/embed library materials such as e-books or electronic journal articles that are already paid for and no cost to the students.

7.  Research Databases

Various connected databases

Having access to numerous online databases is very helpful for students who are working on research.  Students can search 134 databases to find the information that they are looking for.  The databases can be searched by subject to help students easily find information.

8.  Online Library Catalog

Library books on an iPad

The online catalog provides students with the opportunity to search for library books without actually being at the library.  Students can search by keyword, title, author, subject heading, or call number.  The online catalog will tell students whether books are available for check out.

9.  Archives

An example of a resource find in the archives

The Archives contains Lander University Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections, and the Self Family Foundation archives.  Students can do research work in the archives by appointment only.  Appointments are available Monday through Friday during the academic year.

10.  Web Guides

A person accessing information on an iPad

The web guides are designed to help students find resources under their area of study all in one place.  For example, a student could click on the business web guide and gain access to the electronic and print items that are available related to business.

Libraries at Lander University

1.  Jackson Library

A student reading at Jackson Library

This is the on-campus library at Lander University.  Students can come to Jackson Library to access print materials, print projects, or find places to study with a group.  The library also has a plethora of digital resources.  The library opens Monday through Friday at 7:30 AM and on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 PM.

2.  Greenwood County Library Main

Greenwood County Library Main

While not an on-campus library, Greenwood County Library Main is a great local resource that students can use.  It is part of the Greenwood County Library System.  Students can visit the physical library to check out materials or attend classes and programs.  The library opens Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM, Saturday at 12:00 PM, and Sunday at 2:00.

3.  Self Regional Healthcare Medical Library

Health icons

While not an on-campus library, Self Regional Healthcare Medical Library is a great local resource that students can use.  This library provides visitors with access to health information.  Students can visit this library if they need information on diagnoses, medications, treatments, procedures, and more.  The library opens Monday through Fridays at 8:30 AM.

4.  Ninety Six Branch Library

Ninety Six Branch Library

While not an on-campus library, Ninety Six Branch Library is a great local resource that students can use.  The library is part of the Greenwood County Library System.  Students can visit the library for interesting events and programs such as book discussions.  The library opens Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM.

5.  Ware Shoals Community Library

Ware Shoals Community Library

While not an on-campus library, Ware Shoals Community Library is a great local resource that students can use.  The library is part of the Greenwood County Library System.  Students can visit the library for interesting events and programs such as a knitters and crafters book club.  The library opens Monday through Friday at 8:00 AM during the school year.


Top 10 Clubs at Lander University

It’s important to make sure you’re involved on campus. Joining extracurricular clubs and activities is a great way to make friends and get involved! Here’s the top 10 clubs at Lander University!

1. Animal Advocates

A Dog Looking Through a Cage

Animal Advocates is the student arm of the Humane Society of Greenwood. They work with the local shelter to provide animals love and support. In the past, they’ve held fundraisers and blanket drives for the winter months.

2. Art Alliance

A Woman Painting a Colorful Mural

The Art Alliance is open to all students who enjoy art and are passionate about it. Students of any major can come and appreciate artwork and its meaning!

3. Dressed to Trill

A capella Group Performing on Stage

As Lander’s main a capella group, they make music using only their voices and expand/stretch their talents through practice and recitals. They also hold many performances for the school.

4. Lander Rockettes

The New York Rockettes Performance on Stage

The Lander Rockettes are a student organization that gives technically trained dancers an opportunity to perform at a collegiate level! Dancers perform in a Rockette style.

5. Film Club

A Director's Cut and Film Wheels

The Film Club gathers on a regular basis to watch and discuss movies on campus. They also go to the local movie theater together, and put on filmmaking workshops for the Lander community.

6. Visions of Women

A Scientist Woman in her Lab

Visions of Women is a student organization that gathers Lander University women to come together and speak their minds. These women are passionate about their voices.

7. Ducks Unlimited

Duck Swimming in a Pond

Ducks Unlimited is a student chapter of the national Ducks Unlimited organization. Ducks Unlimited is the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.

8. Bearcat Nation

Nation Symbol in Yellow

Bearcat Nation serves Lander Athletics by providing a strong student section at all home games to cheer on our student athletes. They are Lander’s pride!

9. Anime-niacs

Anime Background Text for Anime Club

Anime-niacs is a group of students who are passionate about anime style shows. They gather together to discuss, watch and enjoy different types of anime shows!

10. Lander Spectrum

The Spectrum of Colors

Lander Spectrum is Lander University’s very own LGBT+ alliance. Students who are LGBT or allies are welcome to come together and have a safe space to hang out and talk.

5 Great Events at Lander University

1. Trivia Night

trivia night

Trivia Night is a great opportunity to have fun with friends while playing games! Along with the trivia games, there’s also free food and snacks to enjoy!

2. College Night

Prospective College Students on Tour

Prospective college students will have the opportunity to interact with recruiters from colleges and universities across the state.  Representatives will be on hand to answer questions.

3. Chemistry Magic Show

Chemicals in Test Tubes and Beakers

There are many scientific explanations to magic. This event focuses on the chemistry involved in various color-changing, fire-producing and exploding reactions in Celebration of National Chemistry Week.

4. Movie Night

Movie Night Clip Art

Movie Nights at Lander University are super fun, free ways to enjoy some time with friends or on your own! Lander hosts free movie nights with food for their students.

5. Global Cafe

Coffee with Foam Art on a Plate

Global Cafe is a fun event co-hosted with the university by Starbucks. Along with good coffee, students can come and meet people from all over the world and chat!

Top 10 Dorms at Lander University

If you want to make the most out of your college experience, you need to stay in a good residence hall. This will make your time at campus much more enjoyable. Here are the top 10 dorms at Lander University.

1. Bearcats Village

The first great option that you have is Bearcats village. This is a fairly large complex has a lot of rooms. This is also a coed and excepting space.

lander university bearcat village area

Address: N/A

2. Brookside Hall

Another good option is Brookside hall. This is where a lot of freshman tend to stay. If you want to be surrounded by other freshmen, this is the place to be.

Brookside building

Address: 320 Stanley Ave

3. Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall is one of the older dorms on campus. Although the age might be old, there are still some great resources here for you.

apartment building

Address: N/A

4. Chipley Hall

A great option that you have is Chipley hall. This is a coed space that is friendly to all. This is also one of the cheaper options that you have on campus.

Chipley building

Address: N/A

5. New Hall

If you want a little more peace, you can stay at New Hall. As the name implies, this is a newer hall on campus. However, it is located on the edge of campus to give you a little more quiet.

New Hall building

Address: 320 Stanley Ave

6. Lide Apartments

If you desire some more freedom, you need to stay in the Lide apartments. This is a great way to have way more room on campus. The rooms are bigger and the rules are fewer.

Lide building

Address: N/A

7. McGhee Court

McGhee court as one of the larger complexes on campus. Over 400 students stay here every single year. This means that there are plenty of things to do here for you to enjoy.

McGhee bridge

Address: N/A

8. Thomson Hall

A popular freshman dorm is Thomson Hall. If you need help getting acclimated to college life, this is the place to live. There are  always events going on here to help you get involved.

Thomson Hall buidling

Address: N/A

9. University Place

One of the more expensive places on campus to live is University Place. This is because this building has some of the best amenities available to you. Some examples include computer access and printing capabilities.

University place

Address: 320 Stanley Ave

10. Williamston Hall

The final great place to live is Williamston hall. This is a building open to students of all ages. This is also a coed and friendly space.

Williamston Buidling

Address: N/A

Here’s your packing list for Lander University

1. Room basics

an area rug

– mattress topper
– sheets
– pillows
– area rug
– desk lamp

2. Food and drinks

a glass of juice

– bottled water
– Gatorade
– juice
– granola bars
– fruit

3. Tech and entertainment

hulu logo

– Hulu
– Netflix
– movies
– TV
– computer

4. School supplies

colored pens

– pencils
– pens
– highlighter
– calculator
– note cards

5. Cleaning and organization

a vacuum cleaner

– doormat
– vacuum
– wet wipes
– disinfectant spray
– napkins

6. Campus gear

a black bike

– backpack
– bicycle
– water bottle
– walking shoes
– umbrella 

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a silver fridge

– alcohol
– refrigerator
– space heater
– air conditioner
– printer

10 Easiest Classes at Lander University

Lander University is a public university located in Greenwood, South Carolina. And, though it is one of the smaller schools in South Carolina, it has a wonderful range of courses, spanning a variety of disciplines and smaller schools. Students who attend Lander University and want to take a few of the easier courses offered should look no further, as what follows is a list of the ten easiest classes for students here.

1. EDUC 202 – Education in America

This three credit lecture style course provides students with a broad introduction to the historical, social, and philosophical foundations in education. Moreover, students who plan to become teachers in the future have an opportunity, thanks to this course, to explore the demands and expectations in various teaching fields.


2. ENGL 101 – Writing and Inquiry I

This course is a General Education class, and in other schools, can be titled the First Year Writing Experience. In this course, students learn the most effect ways to write for a variety of situations, for various audiences and purposes. Moreover, there is a strong emphasis placed on the relationship between writing and thinking.


3. SPCH 101 – Speech Fundamentals

This course that is open to all students, but is required for Theater Education majors is three credit hours. This class assists students in developing a increased accuracy in the basic elements of the communicative process. Because this course is based primarily on speaking, it can be easy to succeed and pass.


4. BIOL 112 – Principles of Zoology

Though this course is a continuation of the introductory biology sequence for science majors, it is still a very popular course among students, and it has a high success rate. This is likely due to the fact that this course reviews information already covered in high school courses, such as anatomy, reproduction, development, behavior, and evolution as it pertains to animals.


5. PEES 204 – Teaching Team Sports

This course is worth two credit hours, with one credit being gained through lecture and one through a lab portion. Within this class, students primarily  learn the best ways to determine appropriate development of content according to game strategies in a variety of team sports for different age levels and abilities.


6. BA 101 – Introduction to Business

This course is open to all students interested in a survey of the activities that occur in a business organization with an emphasis on the dynamics of how business influences the consumer, nation, and world. And, because this is not a major specific course, it is easier for students to pass and succeed at.


7. JOUR 303 – Introduction to Web Design

This lecture style three credit course is an introduction to and practical experience in the use of web design software. Ultimately, the course emphasizes for students both creative design theory as well as applied technology.


8. CIS 240 – Introduction to Data Comm

This course covers networking and telecommunications concepts and standards, providing students with broad information on many topics. Such topics include wired and wireless transmissions, signal encoding techniques, digital data communication techniques, data link control, and multiplexing.


9. PSYC 314 – Psychology of Childhood

This course gives a detailed examination of human development from conception to adolescence. This course will focus on psychological development, with particular emphasis on cognitive, social, and emotional development. And, though it requires a fair amount of prerequisites, this course is still regarded as one of the easiest among college students at Lander University.


10. HCMT 290 – Computers and the Elderly

This course gives students the opportunity to serve as a peer tutor, thereby giving them the practical experience of helping others to learn. Such experience will enhance the student’s knowledge of skills and concepts relevant in the discipline in which the student is tutoring. And, because the student is already fluent in the subject that they are tutoring in, this course is very easy.


Overall, there is a large variety of easy courses available for students to take at Lander University ranging from tutoring to psychology to journalism. This allows students to focus on succeeding in the courses that they are in, as well as focusing on a life outside of simply academics, which is widely held as extraordinarily important in college.