Kutztown University Online Tutoring Services

If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Kutztown University, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in Pennsylvania. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at Kutztown University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around Pennsylvania.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHM 20Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 100General Chemistry I
CHM 102General Chemistry II
CHM 204Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
CHM 214VLOrganic Chemistry I
CHM 216WlOrganic Chemistry II
CHM 230QLWlAnalytical Chemistry I
MAT 3Intermediate Algebra
MAT 17Introduction to Mathematics
MAT 40Geometry
MAT 103Fundamentals of Mathematics I
MAT 104Fundamentals of Mathematics II
MAT 105College Algebra
MAT 106Trigonometry
MAT 115Precalculus Mathematics
MAT 122Applied Calculus
MAT 123Discrete Mathematics
MAT 181Calculus I
MAT 182Calculus II

Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Kutztown University

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is a public university in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The school has an 80% acceptance rate. The undergraduate enrolment is around 7,500 students. Here are 10 different buildings you need to know about at Kutztown University.

1. Student Recreation Center

outside view of recreation center

The student recreation center is where students go to get a good workout in their everyday routines. The center holds an indoor basketball court as well as an indoor track center. You are able to place racquetball as well as enjoy a tasty snack after your game.

2. O’Pake Fieldhouse

O'Pake Fieldhouse exteral view

The O’Pake Fieldhouse is the place where students are able to practice indoors. The fieldhouse holds a track center inside as well as basketball courts and, tennis courts and volleyball. When the fieldhouse isn’t being used for sports, it also is used for large special events.

3. Campus Store

inside of the campus store with sweatshirts

The Campus Store is where you will find students browsing for their books and school spirited wear. It is a convenient place to be at because you can find everything in one place and you don’t have to worry about books shipping to you on time. The campus store has plenty of apparel, books, and school supplies to keep you prepared for the year.

4. Kemp Building

outside view of kemp building

The Kemp building serves as the school’s human resources department. This is where students will go if they have any particular questions about their employment. If you have any issues with management or time off, you would also contact the human resources department.

5. Maple Manor

outside view of maple manor

Maple Manor is where the Kutztown university foundation lies. The building is where someone would go if they were looking to find out about alumni events as well as who to call for any type of donation or pledge. The manor has plenty of staff to help students and alumni come together in engaging events.

6. Boxwood House

front outside view of boxwood house

Boxwood house is the building for students to go when they decide they want to take graduate coursework. The house holds the graduate admissions office inside and is a great resource for students to gauge whether graduate school is for them. You can find a list of courses as well as majors and paperwork requirements.

7. Old Main

front outside view of old main

Old Main is a very multipurpose building. The building is a historic building that now houses a wide variety of different majors and offices. There are classrooms for criminal justice, sports management, political science and so much more. The building also has a large room, named the Georgian Room, that is used for public events.

8. Bonner Hall

Bonner Hall is one of the many residence halls that are on the campus. The hall is co-ed and has four floors. The building has a recreational area for students to work out as well as study lounges and free events during the year. The hall also has a community kitchen, which makes it easy to try out late-night recipes with friends.

9. Honors Building

outside view of the honors building

The honors building is an apartment-style on-campus residence. The building has rooms with full functioning bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry. The honors building is a small area for students to all be in close proximity in order to meet each other and study. The small size makes it ideal for students looking to be in a space that allows for independence as well as quiet.

10. Health and Wellness Center

outside view of wellness center

The health and wellness center was built to nurse students to health. It makes it easy to walk in and get checkups as well as diagnosed if you are seeing some symptoms coming on. This is the place to go for all your needs such as flu or stomach viruses.

Kutztown University is a smaller-sized school that makes it optimal for students to have time with teachers for questions in-office hours. The smaller size also makes it easy to meet new people and form lasting bonds. The size ideal as it gives students a campus size that is easy to navigate from building to building.

10 Coolest Courses at Kutztown University

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is a public university in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The school has around 8,000 students and an acceptance rate of around 80%. Here are 1o cool courses to take at Kutztown University.

1. BIO 106 – Intro to Zoology

 Rhinoceros and zebras walking in the wild in the Ramat Gan Safari. The Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan is the largest collection of wildlife in human care in the Middle East.

Intro to zoology is a course that teaches students the basics of what it takes to run a zoo. A zoo has a large assortment of different animals. In order to maintain a zoo, it is important to have a good amount of knowledge on the different animals and species, as well as how to properly take care of the animals.

2. BUS 131 – Business Law I

handcuffs and a mallat

Business Law I is a course that is fun to take as it shows you the different aspects of the law that normally you would not think about. On a business perspective, you learn about what laws are applicable to keep things on a legal basis for the protection of the worker and protection of the company.

3. POL 10 – American Government

the green party symbol of a green world.

American Government is a course that teaches students to look at the different political parties that the government has. You will learn about the green party, the republican party, and the democratic party. It is an interesting class as it gives you different perspectives on the same topics.

4. ECO 12 – Principles of Micro Economics

a scale with money in it and the word trade

If you are looking for a good base level course that teaches you about business and how money works then this is the course for you. Microeconomics teaches students to look at the small scale cycle of money such as trading of money and items, or even the business structure of a local shop.

5. Accounting 121 – Financial Accounting

a person crunching numbers using a calculator and pencil

If you are looking for a cool course that you can take with you for any type of job or lifestyle down the road, then financial accounting is the course for you. Financial Accounting looks at financial statements for a company. You will analyze the expenses and the revenue that a company has.

6. CFT 151 – Wood Design

a building completely made out of wood

Wood Design is a fun course to take as it is a very hands-on course that allows your imagination to come into play. With wood, you can learn to make anything such as but not excluded to furniture, artistic decor, and even buildings in general for construction. The class is easy if you want to learn a skilled trade without the worry of sit down memorization tests.

7. CFT 131 – Weaving I

weaving a blanket with purple and blue string

Weaving is a craft course that is hands-on and easy going. It is a helpful course to take if you are looking to create pieces that can be applied to either making art or possible decor. If you want to learn to make blankets or spice up a canvas, then this is a fun course to take. The grading scale is based on showing your creativity and willingness to learn.

8. CTM 206 – Masterpieces In Film History

 scene from the movie space odyssey

If you want a cool course to take then try Masterpieces in Film History. It will teach you not only the progression of different films but give you insights on how acting, cinematography and writing style has changed over the years. You get to watch scenes from memorable movies and analyze different perspectives.

9. CTM 250 – Engineering and Troubleshooting

person on a computer making changes to a site

If you are looking to be in the entertainment industry, but more so on the side end of it, then this class will be the one for you. In many cases, technology can only go so far and there are issues that happen on set. In such cases of cameras not working the for certain things, or even lighting not being right you will need a person to troubleshoot. This course is very hands-on and puts you right into the heart of the job.

10. WGS 285 – Gender Communication

the male and the female symbol for representation

Gender Communication is a topic that is fairly new as the topic what is defined as gender and labels are in general only recently being talked about. The course is helpful to take as it gives perspectives from people throughout history on the definition of what gender truly is. Gender Communication will help students to pave the path for truly understanding one another and their choices of identification.

Kutztown University offers students education while being able to be in a concentrated small environment. It allows students to be able to get to know people of their similar interests without feeling overwhelmed. There is plenty of variety in classes from entertainment to corporate accounting and everything in between.

10 Hardest Courses at Kutztown University

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is a public research university in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. It is one of the 14 schools in the Pennsylvania state school system. Here’s ten of their hardest courses!

1. BIO 216 – Genetics

dna chromosomes genetics

Genetics is a pretty tough biology class where students learn about genetic inheritance, inheritance patterns, DNA translation and transcription, and more. There is a lot of reading needed to do well on the many exams in this class.

2. BIO 111 – Anatomy and Physiology

human anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology is usually hard no matter what campus you go to. Students in this class have to memorize organs, muscles, bones, veins, and more in the human body. This makes tests extremely difficult.

3. ECO 345 – Econometrics

graph econometrics

Econometrics is a class about the application of statistical methods when applying them to economic systems. This class is conceptually difficult. There is a lot of homework and testing required.

4. CHM 100 – Organic Chemistry I

symbols for chemistry

Organic chemistry is another class that’s usually hard on any college campus. This is a two part course with a required lab, so it takes up a lot of time throughout the semester/year. The concepts are very difficult to understand, making tests super hard.

5. PHY 20 – Introductory Physics

graph thermodynamics

Physics is another class that’s usually hard throughout college campuses in America. This class has a lot of information that’s hard to understand regarding matter and energy, thermodynamics, gravity, and more. Tests are pretty hard.

6. PSY 240 – Social Psychology

colorful brain with two halfs in two different designs

Social Psychology is a class about how humans function in society, why we act the way we do, how our behavior in societies has evolved over time, and more. This class has a lot of reading and writing.

7. SOC 246 – Globalization and Development

pixelated earth

Globalization and Development teaches students about how human society has expanded in different regions of the Earth and how we have globalized. This class is hard because of the volume of information learned, as well as the many essays.

8. GEL 210 – Environmental Geology

person in a cave

Environmental Geology is about the composition and structure of the Earth and how it has changed over time, geological functions, natural disasters and more. Students have to spend a lot of time reading and writing for this class.

9. CSC 111 – Computer Forensics

computer fingerprint key

Computer Forensics is a class about digital evidence found in computers and technology. This class is an intersection between criminal forensic science and computer science, making it hard to understand. Students need prior knowledge in both subjects to take this class.

10. CHM 310 – Biochemistry

picture of 3 dna strands

Biochemistry is a class about the chemical, biological and physiochemical processes that occur in living organisms. This class is super difficult because it is so specific and hard to understand. Because of this, tests are rather difficult.

Restaurants and Cafes at Kutztown University

Kutztown University is a public university in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. It is one of the 14 schools in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Here are 7 of their local college cafes and restaurants!

1. Sunnysides

sunnyside up egg

Sunnysides is a self serve pantry in South Dining Hall. They have a breakfast nook with different cereal, yogurt and waffle/hot breakfast options. They also have salad and sandwich options for later in the day, all at good prices.

2. Avalanche

coffee and breakfast

Avalanche is a popular on campus breakfast spot for KU students. They have all day breakfast including a grill for breakfast sandwiches. Avalanche also makes specialty wraps, salads and sandwiches. Students can use their food money at this cafe!

3. Kafe

coffee cereal and oatmeal

Another on campus food and drink spot is Kafe. Kafe sells specialty drip coffee, espressos, desserts and pastries. Students love coming to this quick stop cafe to get affordable drinks and snacks.

4. Hearth

fresh pizza

Heart is an on campus KU cafe that makes specialty subs, pizzas and more customized meals. This is a great lunch and dinner spot for students to stop by between or after classes. They have great prices, too!

5. Chop

basket of fries

Chop is an on campus restaurant/cafe that sells meat and potato goods such as fries, tater tots, sandwiches, wraps, and more. They are super affordable, and students love their food!

6. Sushi and Sear

plate of sushi

Another on campus food stop is Sushi and Sear, a Japanese style restaurant at KU. They sell tons of different Japanese meals including miso soup, sushi, bento boxes and more. They have a ton of variety at great prices!

7. Fresh Market Smoothies

row of smoothies

Inside the Student Recreation Center is Fresh Market Smoothies. This is a great place to grab some fuel before or after your workout. They make freshly blended fruit/veggie smoothies and juices at great prices!

Top 10 Majors at Kutztown University

There are a bunch of majors that students can choose from. Students may even feel overwhelmed because there are a bunch to choose from. Luckily for you, we have narrowed these down. Below you will find a list of ten of the top majors at Kutztown University.

1. Applied Digital Art

The symbol for photoshop

Are you an artsy person? Do you like to work on the computer? This major deals with digital art software. Students will learn about designing on Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe Art Products. Students will also be able to utilize these products to learn more about techniques used in graphic design.

2. Accounting

A person typing on an accounting site

Students will be able to learn more about accounting and how it works in the world we live in. Students will also learn about the language of business, the principles and methods for record-keeping, how to handle money, and the trends in accounting.

3. Biology

An illustration of the word biology

Are you a true biologists? Students in this major will learn about the field of biology. Students will learn about living organisms and life on earth, physical structures of different organisms, chemical processes, molecular interaction, development, and evolution.

4. Chemistry

Tools that are used in chemistry

Do you like to study how chemicals work? Are you thinking about becoming a doctor one day? Students will be able to study the world of chemistry with this major. Topics in this major that will be discussed include the periodic table, chemical reactions, and more.

5. Leadership

leadership banner

Are you a natural born leader? Students will be able to learn more about leadership styles and how to enhance their own leadership skills. Students will also be able to learn about leadership in business relations and how leadership works in favor for different people.

6. Music

These are music notes on a staff

As a music major, students will be able to learn about the art of music and performance. Students will be able to enhance their conducting skills, music theory skills, music history, and musical composition. Students will also learn about big musical influences as well.

7. Entrepreneurship

Tools that are used in entrepreneurship

Are you always thinking about building your own brand or company? This major will explore the art of entrepreneurship. Students will be able to learn more about business ethics, how to market and brand your own business, and the techniques for successfully building your brand.

8.  Business Administration- Marketing

The words business and marketing

As a business and marketing major, you will be able to learn all about the world of marketing and how marketing effects many areas. Students will also be able to learn all methods and techniques used in the field of marketing and business.

9. Psychology

A graphic of a brain

What are you thinking about right now? Do you want to know how the brain functions as a result of these thoughts? As a psychology major, you will study the behavior of  humans and their mental and physical processes. Students will learn about how humans maintain knowledge and how humans interact with one another.

10. Philosophy

Common terms in philosophy

What are your values? Students in this major will be able to learn more about philosophy and how to think critically about the world around them. Students will also learn about creativity and skills that are needed for learning more about values and the history of philosophy.

Top 10 Kutztown University Library Resources You Need to Know

The library can be one of the best academic resources for college students.  Whether you are studying for a test, working on a research project, or meeting with a group of classmates, university libraries have something for everyone!  Students at Kutztown University are fortunate to have a wonderful library on campus with access to a plethora of resources.  See below to learn about library resources you can find at Kutztown University.

1.  Study Room Booker

A group of students studying

This service allows groups to book a study room at the library.  Available rooms come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of groups that have 3 students to groups that have 10 students.  Students can book the rooms online and also see a study room calendar indicating availability of rooms.

2.  Interlibrary Loan

Different types of books on a library shelf

This service provides students with the opportunity to get items that are not available at Rohrbach Library.  Students can request items online.  The turn around time is usually 3-7 business days and typically students can keep the item for 28 days.

3.  Off Campus Access

Off campus library access page

Having off campus access to library materials is a wonderful resource for students.  Log in using your KU credentials to access the materials from the comfort of your own home!

4.  STEAMworks

STEAMworks logo

STEAMworks is an open access maker space at the Rohrbach Library.  The makerspace includes tools such as a 3D printer, a cricut machine, 3D pens, drawing tables, 3D scanners, and more! Teamworks also hosts a variety of events where students can come explore and learn more about the makerspace.

5.  Computer Labs

Computer keyboard

The library contains multiple computers labs for students to use.  The labs have computers and printers.  University computers also contain various software programs for students to use like Microsoft office, Adobe Creative Suite, and Skype.

6.  Citation Guides

Adding citation visual

Understanding how to properly cite materials can be difficult.  Thankfully, the Rohrbach Library website provides citation guides to help.  The citation guides provide help for MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE, and Legal styles.

7.  E-Reserves

A keyboard with a pen


E-Reserves provide students with access to materials they may need for their classes.  Students can search by instructor or course to see if their professor places any items on e-reserve.

8.  Databases A-Z

Various connected databases


This resources provides students with access to a variety of different databases.  Students can search the 253 available databases for information. The databases can also be searched by subject to help students narrow down  what they need.

9.  Digital Collections

An example of an item in the digital collections

The Digital Collections are rare and special resources that have been digitally preserved.  The collections include things such a prints, newspapers, postcards, and more.  Students can search for particular items via the digital collections website.

10.  Ask Us a Question

Question mark and thought bubble.


There are many ways to get in contact with a librarian if you need help.  Students can call, text, email, or live chat for answers to their questions.  There is also a list of FAQs online that students can check as well.

Libraries at Kutztown University

1.  Rohrbach Library

Rohrbach Library


This is the on-campus library at Kutztown University.  Visit the library to check out books, print papers, or study with a group.  The library also has a plethora of online resources that students can access from their personal devices.  The library opens at 7:00 AM Monday through Friday, at 9:00 AM on Saturdays, and at 2:00 PM on Sundays.

2.  Kutztown Community Library

Kutztown Community Library

While not an on-campus library, Kutztown Community Library is a great local resource that students can use.  Students can go to the physical library or access e-books online.  The library opens Monday through Saturday at 9:30 AM and is closed on Sundays.

3.  Brandywine Community Library

Brandywine Community Library

While not an on-campus library, Brandywine Community Library is a great local resource that students can use.  The library contains many books, online resources, and hosts various events.  The library opens Monday through Wednesday at 10:00 AM, Thursday and Friday at noon, and on Saturday at 9:00 AM.  The library is closed on Sundays.

4.  Fleetwood Area Public Library

Fleetwood area public library

While not an on-campus library, Fleetwood Area Public  Library is a great local resource that students can use.  The library is located on the second floor of the Fleetwood Community Center.  Students can go to the physical library or access e-books online.  The library opens Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM and on Saturday at 9:00 AM.  The library is closed on Sundays.

5.  Hamburg Public Library

Hamburg Public Library

While not an on-campus library, Hamburg Public Library is a great local resource that students can use.  This library is the oldest library in Berks County as it was opened in 1903.  The library contains many books, online resources, and hosts various events.  The library opens at 10:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 12:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday, and at 9:00 AM on Saturday.  The library is closed on Sundays.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Kutztown University

Joining clubs and activities in college is a great way to expand your horizons and make new friends. You can get involved in your interests and meet new people at the same time! Here’s the top 10 clubs at Kutztown University!

1. Applied Digital Arts Club

An animated picture of a person looking into the mountains with a plane behind him.

Applied Digital Arts Club serves as a magnification of important concepts within the Applied Digital Arts major. This group encourages further exploration of basic themes within the program, introducing specialized techniques and exercises.

2. Eckhaus

Art Gallery of Different Styles of Artwork

Eckhaus is a student-run art gallery. Students curate and install shows, run summer art camps, create publicity, manage the business, and plan visual arts events with the regional community.

3. Sketchbook Club

Sketchbook Drawings of Clothing Ideas for Models

Sketchbook Club meets weekly to sketch personal and group projects, rather than doing class assignments. Students from all majors are welcome to drop in and participate!

4. American Marketing Association

A Megaphone and All Aspects of Marketing

The main goal of KU AMA is to provide an important platform for students to grow both personally and professionally. They encourage our members to get involved in multiple fundraising events that facilitate exposure to the marketing world.


Sports Management Businessman and a Soccer Ball

Sport, Leisure and Athletic Management (S.L.A.M) is an undergraduate student-directed organization which is comprised of students majoring in Leisure and Sports Studies.

6. Community Service Committee

Students taking part in the Community Service Day

The Community Service Committee provides service opportunities for members to participate in throughout the year. They provide at least 3 opportunities each semester that benefit the program and community.

7. Public Relations Committee

Megaphone and Different Aspects of Public Relations

The PR committee is a division of the Honors Club that provides advertisement and promotional services to the Club and the program. It publishes monthly newsletters and informs members of upcoming events.

8. Programming Committee

A White Calendar on a Red Background

The Programming Committee provides social opportunities for Kutztown students. They host at least 4 social opportunities per semester. Snow tubing, movie nights, and trips to a local corn maze are few examples.

9. Quidditch Club

Quidditch Team Members Competing Together

The Quidditch Club is a fun club sport group that plays the fantasy sport of Quidditch from Harry Potter. They practice together, play together and compete together.

10. Outdoors Club

Women Taking a Nature Walk Together

The Outdoors Club is a great club for students passionate about outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, kayaking and more. Members go on many outdoor excursions each year.

5 Cool Events at Kutztown University

1. Bearfest

5 of the Best Restaurants in the Towson area

Bearfest is a super fun annual event at Kutztown University for new students. There’s free food, carnival games, bouncy houses and more! This event encourages students to meet new people and make friends.

2. Homecoming

Tailgate Pickup Truck with Snacks and Food

Homecoming is a fun weekend at any college campus across the nation. There’s great tailgates with food and friends, fun activities, and many performances held by the school!

3. Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad at Kutztown University is a great opportunity for students to not only show off their scientific prowess, but also engage in many science activities and learn about different fields!

4. Welcome Weekend

Welcome translated into different languages

Welcome Weekend is a fun packed weekend at the beginning of each school year. It is meant to welcome new students to campus, as well as welcome returning students and staff.

5. Career Path Design

a person taking a path

At this event you can learn how to gather information about career options, know how to access the latest career resources, and discover the value of career exploration during your years at KU and beyond.

Top 10 Dorms at Kutztown University

Universities have a lot to offer to you as a student. One of the biggest factors in your college life is where you live. Here are the top 10 dorms at Kutztown University.

1. Beck Hall

One of the biggest halls on campus is Beck Hall. This is where a lot of freshman tend to stay. You will be in good hands if you stay here.

Beck Building

Address: S Campus Dr

2. Bonner Hall

Another great Hall is Bonner hall. This is another first year dorm. This is also a coed space that is very accepting. 

Bonner Hall area

Address: 15200 Kutztown Rd.

3. Dixon Hall

Dixon Hall has a lot to offer to you as a student. If you live here, you will be able to take advantage of great resources. Some of these resources include laundry facilities and printing access.

Dixon hall dorm room

Address: N/A

4. Golden Bear Village South

If you desire a bit more freedom, you should stay at the Golden bear Village south. This is a popular apartment complex on campus that has a lot to offer to you.

Golden Bear grounds

Address: N/A

5. Golden Bear Village West

The sister building to the Golden bear village south building is the golden bear village west. This building is outfitted with great resources such as computer labs and laundry rooms.

kutztown university golden bear village west

Address: N/A

6. University Place

If you want a little more room, you can stay at University Place. This is a dorm that offers suite style rooms for you to enjoy. These rooms are a bit bigger than the regular dorm rooms.

The greens of the Place

Address: 15200 Kutztown Rd.

7. Berks Hall

Another freshman dorm is Berks hall. This hall holds hundreds of students every year. You will be in a tightknit community if you live here.

Berks Hall building

Address: 15200 Kutztown Rd.

8. Lehigh Hall

One of the smaller dorms on campus is Lehigh hall. Sophomores usually pick to live here. This will get you away from some of the annoying freshmen on campus.

Lehigh Hall complex

Address: 15200 Kutztown Rd.

9. Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall is another great option you have. This is a coed building that is inclusive to everyone. This facility is made up of single and double rooms. 

Johnson hall building

Address: 15200 Kutztown Rd.

10. Honors Building

The final great hall that you can take in is the honors building. If you are an honors student, you can apply to live here. You also have access to some great resources here.

Honors building

Address: 15200 Kutztown Rd.

Here’s your packing list for Kutztown university

1. Room basics

desk lamp

– garbage can
– area rug
– desk lamp
– paper plates
– utensils

2. Food and Drinks

a red bowl

– bottled water
– cup
– bowls
– coffee
– groceries

3. Tech and entertainment

an IPhone

– cell phone
– computer
– external hard drive
– portable charger
– cables

4. School supplies


– calculator
– highlighters
– text books
– pencils
– pens

5. Cleaning and Organization

an organized closet

– doormat
– vacuum
– all purpose cleaner
– paper towels
– closet organizer

6. Campus Gear

a red backpack

– walking shoes
– umbrella
– bicycle
– backpack
– skateboard

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a black printer

– guests
– alcohol
– big furniture
– space heater
– printer

10 of the Easiest Classes at Kutztown University

If you are wanting to know a way make your GPA go up and your college experience much better, there is a solution for you. There are tons of easier classes you can take to make your schedule much better. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Kutztown University!

1. ACC 121 – Financial Accounting

If you want to go into business or accounting, Financial Accounting is a great choice to ease up your schedule. This class takes place in a lecture classroom with a lot of students at one time. This means that there are not many assignments that you will have to complete.HEAD-accounting-app-trends1-1024x559

2. ART 120 – Intro to Product Design

If you are an artistic person then Intro to Product Design could be a great choice for you. This is a very easy class because it allows you to be openly creative. This is a great option for you to have some fun and knock out a fine arts core requirement.graphic-design-courses

3. THE 015 – Intro to Theatre

Another one of the fine arts core classes is known as Intro to Theatre. This class is fairly easy because it touches on many different topics within the world of theatre. This means that there is not much time to go very in-depth on all the different topics.Cutler-Majestic-Theatre-interior

4. FIN 200 – Introduction to Finance

If you want to pursue a degree in finance, the first class you will have to take is Introduction to Finance. This class is another lectured class where many students are taught at the same time. This means that if you pay attention and take decent notes you can earn a good grade.finance-banner

5. FRS 1 – Freshman Seminar

There are many universities in America that make all freshmen take a short course on how to acclimate to college life. Kutztown University is no exception to this trend. Students will have to go through a little bit of work to see what the school expects from them and what the students can expect from the school.Freshman Seminar

6. HIS 120 – History of Pennsylvania

A very niche and unique course you can take is the History of Pennsylvania course. The name of this course is very telling and it goes over exactly what it implies. This is a good opportunity for students to learn more about the state and get an easy grade while doing it.History-Cloud

7. CMP 100 – Effective Composition

Effective Composition is an easy course that you will actually take with you into the real world. This is a very basic English class teaches all you need to know about writing and composition.b32e4115093b3a4e710516e955ec4b28_composition-writing-clipart-clipartxtras_640-503

8. CRJ 101 – Introduction to Policing

Although Introduction to Policing is a fairly niche course, any student with any major can take this class. Since this is an introductory course, you will not be challenged too much. This class is more introducing you to this subject.uw-madison-campus-police

9. POL 115 – Public Administration

One of the basic Political Science courses offered is Public Administration. In fact, this is one of the easiest classes you would take on the Political Science track. You will learn about how local and national governments work.government-clipart-cliparti1_government-clip-art_03

10. LIB 130 – Folk Literature and Storytelling

A very interesting option that you have is Folk Literature and Storytelling. This class is very unique because the material involved can actually be fun and not super boring. That being said, as long as you do the material that you need to you can pass with flying colors.StorytellingIf you choose to take any of these classes at Kutztown University, you will be able to bring your GPA up a lot and make your time there much more enjoyable!