Kent State University Online Tutoring Services

If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Kent State University then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in Ohio. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at Kent State University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around Ohio.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHEM 00020Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 10030Chemistry in Our World
CHEM 10031Chemistry in Our World Laboratory
CHEM 10050Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM 10052Introduction to Organic Chemistry
CHEM 10053Inorganic and Organic Laboratory
CHEM 10055Molecules of Life
CHEM 10060General Chemistry I
CHEM 10061General Chemistry II
CHEM 10062General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 10063General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 10970Honors General Chemistry I
CHEM 10971Honors General Chemistry II
CHEM 20481Basic Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 20482Basic Organic Chemistry II
MATH 00020Pre-Algebra
MATH 00021Basic Algebra I
MATH 00022Basic Algebra II
MATH 10040Introductory Statstics
MATH 10041Introductory Statstics
MATH 10050Quantitative Reasoning plus
MATH 10051Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 10675Algebra for Calculus Boost
MATH 10771Basic Mathematical Concepts I Plus
MATH 10773Algebra for Calculus Stretch I
MATH 10774Algebra for Calculus Stretch II
MATH 10775Algebra for Calculus Plus
MATH 11010Algebra for Calculus
MATH 11012Intuitive Calculus
MATH 11022Trigonometry
MATH 12002Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH 12003Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
MATH 12011Calculus with Precalculus I
MATH 12012Calculus with Precalculus II
MATH 12013Brief Calculus II
MATH 12021Calculus for Life Sciences
MATH 12022Probability and Statistics for Life Sciences
MATH 14001Basic Mathematical Concepts I
MATH 14002Basic Mathematical Concepts II

10 Hardest Courses at Kent State University

Kent State University is a public research university with the main campus located in Kent, Ohio. Kent State University is an institution where you need to have the knowledge of all the courses in your major.  Some courses at this institution are quite challenging while some are an easy ride. Many students struggle to get good grades in these classes, but knowing which classes you’ll need to focus your attention on will definitely give you an upper hand. Here’s a quick rundown of the hardest courses offered at Kent State University.

1. ID 34013 – Interior Design Business and Professional

Work of interior design professional

This course covers the study of business and professional practices of interior designers. Topics covered include: opportunities within the design profession, types of business formations, legal and ethical responsibilities, business operations, and project management. Students develop a business plan, write resumes and cover letters, and develop a design services proposal.

2. CHEM 30105 – Analytical Chemistry I

Image of apparatus used in Analytical Chemistry's laboratory

This course covers the fundamental theory, experimental methods, and applications of analytical chemistry principles in chemistry as well as other related disciplines such as life sciences and environmental science. It also covers analytical measurements, experimental error, statistics, chemical equilibrium and titration, spectrometry as well as analytical separation techniques.

3. CS 33101 – Structure of Programming Languages

Image of common programming languages

This is one of the hardest programming language courses that gives students of Kent State University headache due to its volume. This course introduces students to syntax, semantics, behaviour and implementation issues in imperative, functional, logic and object-oriented languages.

4. ARCH 20601 – Computer Applications in Architecture I

This is a very nice architectural design

This is one of the toughest courses in department architecture. This course provide a basic understanding of two-dimensional CAD operations, parametric building design and building information modelling (BIM).

5. BTEC 40210 – Case Studies in Biotechnology

Image of an experiment in biotechnology

Case studies treated in this course are used to explore biotechnology practice and the application of various technologies in industry and medicine. More emphasis is placed on developing problem-solving, information gathering, inductive reasoning and technical communication skills.

6. HORT 26046 – Landscape Design I

Image of a beautiful Landscape Design

This is a three (3) unit course that requires more practical work. It is an introduction to landscape appreciation and history, the landscape industry and elements of the landscape design process. Students will assess proper plant placement and uses, develop graphic communication skills and present a project. Field trips and project site work as required in this course.

7. SOC 32762 – Deviant Behavior

Image showing the agents of Deviant Behavior

This course gives the overview of classical and contemporary theories and perspectives on the nature, causes and societal management of deviant behaviour. It also entails the application of theories and perspectives to modern and historical social problems, methods of punishment and policy trends in social control.

8. ANTH 38490 – Quantitative Anthropology

This is an image representing anthropology

This course introduces students to the quantitative description of numerical data, provides an understanding of the basis of probability theory and statistical inference and acquaints the student with the role of computers in anthropology.

9. MATH 32044 – Ordinary Differential Equations

An example of Ordinary Differential Equations

This course is an introduction to ordinary differential equations and applications. Topics covered include solution methods, series solutions and singular points. Laplace transforms and linear systems. Applications include population dynamics, forced oscillations and resonance.

10. NURS 20030 – Foundations of Nursing Interventions

The fundamentals of Nursing program

Foundations of nursing interventions focus on selected aspects of nursing care to improve the health of individuals within families and groups. Utilizes principles of the interpersonal process, nursing process and professional nursing. Students must be admitted to the Professional Nursing Sequence to be able to register for this course.

10 Coolest Courses at Kent State

A huge part of your college life is picking classes every semester. That being said, it is important for you to pick some of the more interesting classes in order to make your time much more enjoyable. Here are the ten coolest courses at Kent State University!

1. ACCT 33004 – Introduction to Accounting Systems

Introduction to Accounting Systems is the first cool course that you should take while at school. This class focuses on the interesting systems that make our world run in the background. You will learn a lot of information about stuff many people do not know about. 

an accounting computer

2. CCI 10095 – Photography 

Another very interesting course offered to you is Photography. You will spend your time learning how to make great photos in order to improve your photo-taking abilities. This will give you the chance to spend some time having fun and learning a ton. 

a person taking a photo

3. GEOG 17063 – World Geography 

World Geography is a class that will give you a whole new view of the world. This allows you to get valuable knowledge about the world while getting the credits you need. You will get a new view of people while getting a good grade with your peers. 

a map of the world

4. OTEC 16625 – Business Presentations 

One of the most unique classes available to you is Business Presentations. This is a class solely devoted to giving you the knowledge to make the best business presentations that you can. This information will keep you engaged and will give you an edge on the competition. 

a professional business presentation

5. POL 10004 – Comparative Politics

If you want to get into politics, the easiest way to do that is to take Comparative Politics. This is a class that will show you all sides of the political spectrum. This allows you to have a good time with your peers while staying in touch with today’s society. 

a person giving a speech

6. SPAD 15000 – Introduction to Sport Administration 

Introduction to Sport Administration is the perfect class for sports lovers in any field. This is a super fun class that will show you how sports teams run and operate on the other side of the business. This will show you information about knowledge that not many people have. 

a bunch of sports equipment

7. UD 55705 – Forces that Shape Cities 

Forces that Shape Cities is a cool and interesting class that centers around urban design. If you want to see how big cities take shape and operate, this class is for you. The material is super intriguing and engaging which allows you to have a fun time in class. 

the city of Chicago

8. SPSY 60094 – College Teaching

If you want to become a teacher, one of the more interesting classes that you can take is College Teaching. This is a class that is specifically for people who want to become a college professor. You will have a great time while getting a quality education at the same time. 

a college professor

9. RPTM 26030 – Recreation Group Leadership

Recreation Group Leadership is a class that will give you some of the best information possible about being a leader. This allows you to strengthen your leadership skills which can help boost your resume. Be sure to consider taking this class in order to have a great time.

a leadership graphic

10. PH 10000 – Exploring Careers in Public Health 

The final cool class that you should check out is Exploring Careers in Public Health. This is a great introductory course in order to find out what jobs you can get in the future. That makes this a super interesting course that is available to you. 

terms relating to public health

Health and Wellness Services at Kent State University

In the United States, there are few schools with as much as history as Kent State, but there is no denying the immense strides that the school has taken to improve their history and their legacy, en route to becoming one of the premier schools in the nation. Now, there is not even a doubt in the minds of the administrators for how important student health and safety is. They have a plethora of services that students would be foolish to not take advantage of when they need to. Whether the ailments are physical or mental, emergency or otherwise, Kent State is a great school to alleviate them.

1. Health Center

The Health Center is aptly labeled in front of the building

The Health Center is the prime location on campus for students who are aiming to feel better as quickly as possible and with the best medicines and procedures possible, as well. With an exterior that is reminiscent of many other hospitals and doctor’s offices, students will be able to feel some modicum of comfort and familiarity when approaching the exterior of it, even if they are feeling nervous. Any straggling nerves and anxiety will be quickly quelled by the friendly, competent, and efficient staff inside.

2. Student Accessibility Services

Students communicate in American Sign Language

There are many services at Kent State that aim to make sure that students with disabilities are taken care of on campus and afforded the same opportunities every student has. The community of students who are deaf and hard of hearing are one of the main factions in the realm of disability services. For example, there are even ASL translators on hand at Kent State to help deaf students receive the education they are paying for.

3. Mental Health Department

The university department for mental health has its own banner

The mental health topic is such an important aspect of student life at Kent State University. The specialists focus on it to a great extent because they know how college life can really take its toll on students and make them feel very stressed from time to time. The services are ever-present and students can even text in if they just want someone to whom to speak.

4. Police Services

police car

The Kent State emergency response team is comprised of a great many service members of the police force and other such emergency response groups. They are committed to making sure the needs of students, faculty members, and other people on campus are always a top priority. With this safety protocol in place, students will never have to fear for their own senses of security.

5. Student Recreation and Wellness Center

A lifeguard carefully monitors the swimming pool

The student recreation center encompasses a lot of the tools that students need to make sure their entire body is being taken care of. From exercise equipment to swimming pools to yoga spaces to basketball courses, it’s all present at Kent State. Additionally, students, for a fee, can have personal trainers help them with their workouts and make sure what they’re doing is effective for keeping them in shape.

Kent State is one of the strongest schools when it comes to all elements of wellness. Students will never worry about their safety or their health. Because it’s all taken care of by the school.

Kent State University (KSU) Fall 2018 Final Exam Schedule

Kent State University’s Fall 2018 exam schedule is now available. Please check the schedule carefully to ensure you have the correct date and time for your examination.

We recommend adding in the exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

Please make sure to bring the following items with you to your final exam:

-Student ID

-Pen, pencil, eraser

-Calculator (if permitted by instructor)

If you’re looking for additional KSU material to help you study for the final exam, click on the link beside the departments and special course offerings.

***Please note that exam dates/times are updated on a regular basis. Please consult with your Kent State Exam Schedule to ensure the highest degree of accuracy***

Special Courses Link
BUS 10123
GEOL 11040
MATH 00021
MATH 00022

*The above can cover more than one section

M W Class Exam Date Exam Time
8:00 Monday, Dec 10 8:00
9:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 8:00
9:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 10:30
10:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 10:30
10:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 10:30
11:00 Monday, Dec 10 10:30
12:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 1:00
12:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 1:00
1:00 Monday, Dec 10 1:00
2:00 Monday, Dec 10 3:30
3:00 Monday, Dec 10 3:30
3:20 Wednesday, Dec 12 3:30
3:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 3:30
4:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 3:30
5:00 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
5:05 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
5:10 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
5:30 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
5:55 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
6:05 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
6:55 Wednesday, Dec 12 6:00
7:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 8:30
7:15 Monday, Dec 10 8:30
8:20 Monday, Dec 10 8:30
M W F Classes Exam Date Exam Time
8:00 Monday, Dec 10 8:00
9:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 8:00
10:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 10:30
11:00 Friday, Dec 14 10:30
12:00 Friday, Dec 14 1:00
1:00 Monday, Dec 10 1:00
2:00 Monday, Dec 10 3:30
T R Classes Exam Date Exam Time
8:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 8:00
8:15 Tuesday, Dec 11 8:00
8:30 Tuesday, Dec 11 8:00
9:00 Thursday, Dec 13 8:00
9:15 Thursday, Dec 13 8:00
9:30 Thursday, Dec 13 8:00
10:00 Thursday, Dec 13 10:30
10:45 Tuesday, Dec 11 10:30
11:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 10:30
12:00 Thursday, Dec 13 1:00
12:30 Thursday, Dec 13 1:00
1:00 Thursday, Dec 13 1:00
2:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 1:00
3:00 Thursday, Dec 13 3:30
3:30 Thursday, Dec 13 3:30
4:30 Thursday, Dec 13 3:30
5:00 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
5:05 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
5:10 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
5:30 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
6:00 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
6:55 Tuesday, Dec 11 6:00
7:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 6:00
8:20 Tuesday, Dec 11 8:30
MT Classes Exam Date Exam Time
9:00 Monday, Dec 10 8:00
M T W R Classes Exam Date Exam Time
8:00 Monday, Dec 10 8:00
9:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 8:00
10:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 10:30
11:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 10:30
12:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 1:00
1:00 Monday, Dec 10 1:00
2:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 1:00
3:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 3:30
M T W R F Classes Exam Date Exam Time
9:00 Friday, Dec 14 8:00
10:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 10:30
11:00 Thursday, Dec 13 10:30
Monday Only Classes Exam Date Exam Time
8:00 Monday, Dec 10 8:00
8:30 Monday, Dec 10 8:00
8:50 Monday, Dec 10 8:00
9:00 Monday, Dec 10 8:00
9:30 Monday, Dec 10 10:30
10:00 Monday, Dec 10 10:30
10:45 Monday, Dec 10 10:30
11:00 Monday, Dec 10 10:30
12:00 Monday, Dec 10 1:00
12:30 Monday, Dec 10 1:00
2:00 Monday, Dec 10 1:00
3:00 Monday, Dec 10 3:30
3:30 Monday, Dec 10 3:30
4:00 Monday, Dec 10 3:30
4:30 Monday, Dec 10 3:30
5:00 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
5:30 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
6:00 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
6:30 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
6:45 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
6:55 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
7:00 Monday, Dec 10 6:00
7:15 Monday, Dec 10 8:30
Tuesday Classes Only Exam Date Exam Time
8:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 8:00
8:30 Tuesday, Dec 11 8:00
9:30 Tuesday, Dec 11 10:30
11:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 10:30
12:30 Tuesday, Dec 11 1:00
2:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 1:00
2:30 Tuesday, Dec 11 1:00
2:40 Tuesday, Dec 11 3:30
3:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 3:30
3:30 Tuesday, Dec 11 3:30
4:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 3:30
4:30 Tuesday, Dec 11 3:30
5:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 6:00
5:10 Tuesday, Dec 11 6:00
5:30 Tuesday, Dec 11 6:00
6:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 6:00
6:55 Tuesday, Dec 11 6:00
7:00 Tuesday, Dec 11 6:00
7:15 Tuesday, Dec 11 8:30
7:30 Tuesday, Dec 11 8:30
Wednesday Classes Only Exam Date Exam Time
8:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 8:00
8:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 8:00
9:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 8:00
10:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 10:30
10:45 Wednesday, Dec 12 11:00
12:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 1:00
12:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 1:00
1:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 1:00
2:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 1:00
3:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 3:30
3:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 3:30
4:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 3:30
4:45 Wednesday, Dec 12 6:00
5:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 6:00
6:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 6:00
6:30 Wednesday, Dec 12 6:00
6:55 Wednesday, Dec 12 6:00
7:00 Wednesday, Dec 12 6:00
7:10 Wednesday, Dec 12 8:30
7:15 Wednesday, Dec 12 8:30
Thursday Only Classes Exam Date Exam Time
8:00 Thursday, Dec 13 8:00
8:30 Thursday, Dec 13 8:00
9:00 Thursday, Dec 13 8:00
9:30 Thursday, Dec 13 10:30
11:00 Thursday, Dec 13 10:30
12:00 Thursday, Dec 13 1:00
12:30 Thursday, Dec 13 1:00
2:00 Thursday, Dec 13 1:00
3:30 Thursday, Dec 13 3:30
4:00 Thursday, Dec 13 3:30
4:30 Thursday, Dec 13 3:30
5:00 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
5:30 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
5:45 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
6:00 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
6:55 Thursday, Dec 13 6:00
7:00 Thursday, Dec 13 8:30
7:15 Thursday, Dec 13 8:30
Friday Only Classes Exam Date Exam Time
9:00 Friday, Dec 14 8:00
10:00 Friday, Dec 14 10:30
11:00 Friday, Dec 14 10:30
11:15 Friday, Dec 14 10:30
12:00 Friday, Dec 14 1:00
1:00 Friday, Dec 14 1:00
2:30 Friday, Dec 14 1:00
Saturday Only Classes Exam Date Exam Time
9:00 Saturday, Dec 15 8:00

More exam study guides are available below ordered by department

Department Name Exam Guides
Applied Conflict Management
Art History
Athletic Training
Biological Sciences
Communication Studies
Computer Science
Fashion Design and Merchandising
Interior Design
Journalism and Mass Communication
Modern and Classical Language Studies
Political Science
University Libraries
Visual Communication Design
Women’s Studies

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Top 10 Library Resources at Kent State University

Kent State is an iconic school in the United States. The excellent library resources help the school achieve this status. Here are the ten top services provided:

1) Interlibrary Loan

A student walks towards the library

Libraries near Kent State work in conjunction with the school. This way, students will always have access to the best books around. The process is a breeze, too, and students won’t have to worry about a headache.

2) Book Delivery

A faculty member works at the delivery desk

Students do not even have to travel to the library to check out books. Kent State has a system that delivers books to the dorms of students. And it’s available from Monday to Friday!

3) Chromebooks

A Chromebook is open to Kent State students

Chromebooks are an excellent resource for students. They are light, sharp laptops that are used frequently in academic settings. They’re available to be checked out of the library.

4) Communications Office

A Kent State marketed banner flies high

The Communications Office at Kent State can be found in the library. There, students can study marketing and development. The lens through this for students is how Kent State harnesses the abilities of both.

5) Distance Learning

A Distance Learning key is on a keyboard

Many students take courses at Kent State online and from afar. The resources available to students for these are found from the library. Many assistance services are provided for students learning at a distance.

6) Electronic Theses and Dissertations

A student uses a laptop at home

This is a similar service as what is provided for students writing physical papers. However, the assistance comes in a digital space. Through computers, assistance for crafting theses and dissertations is always readily provided for digital students.

7) High School Outreach Program

High school students engage with the Kent State library

College recruitment is a never-ending process. The library at Kent State takes part in it, as well. The library has a service that reaches out to high school students in the area to further develop their educations.

8) Citation Services

A student studies performing arts

Citation services are provided to students who are struggling with the proper citation methods. There are also manners for citing things more complicated than books. An example of such an item are the theatrical recordings as pictured above.

9) KentLINK

The KentLINK discovery tool bar is circled

KentLINK is an exceptionally sharp research tool for Kent State students. It allows for students to search the entire library database for a resource they need. That way, if they don’t have it, students can put in an Interlibrary request as soon as possible.

10) LaunchNET

An accounting seminar service poster was developed by LaunchNET

LaunchNET is a well-rounded service provided by Kent State libraries. It is an organization that helps students study specific topics. There are frequent meetings and seminars provided by LaunchNET, as well.

Kent State is a tremendous school to attend for all students. These library resources help provide students with the best avenues for learning. You won’t struggle with these options by your side.

Library and Services of Kent State

1) University Library

The University Library stands tall

This library is the main library on the Kent State campus. It houses many of the materials listed in the above portion of the article. It also plays host to a lot of resources for classes at Kent State.

2) Performing Arts Library

A student sits at a desk in the Performing Arts Library

This library is a source for the theater and drama students on campus. It also plays host to many theatrical festivals during the year. Without its sponsorship, many plays would not be able to come to fruition.

3) Architecture Library

A shelf of books resides in the Architecture Library

The architecture library also works in conjunction with Cleveland’s architecture facilities. This is open to all students. However, mostly architecture and design students visit this library.

4) Fashion Library

The lobby is empty at the Fashion Library

The Fashion Library plays host to the fashion students of Kent State. Additionally, it is open to the public. People in Ohio who love fashion can just visit to read up on the subject.

5) Stark Library

Stark Library has benches outside

The Stark Library is the final library on the Kent State campus. It is home to the maps on campus. There are a great deal of maps for academic research and more available.

Top 6 Residence Halls at Kent State

At Kent State, there are 25 residence halls. You have the ability to choose from whichever hall you want, so it is important to know every little thing about each of the halls. Each hall offers a living-learning community, and some even have a dining hall inside! These are the best five halls to live in at Kent State University!

1. The Centennial Courts Buildings A-F

The Centennials are the newest and nicest halls on campus. They offer the biggest rooms, and even your own bathroom. There are six buildings in the centennial court, and each building has four floors and is co-ed. Each room is carpeted and includes air conditioning, a microwave, and a mini-fridge! There are glass lounges, common areas, and kitchen facilities.

 College students hanging out in their dorms.

2. Tri Towers: Koonce, Wright, and Leebrick Halls

The Tri-Towers were just recently renovated, and are the most updated on campus. Koonce Hall has ten floors, Wright Hall has twelve floors, and both are co-ed. The third hall, Wright Hall, offers single rooms. It has nine floors and is co-ed. All three of the buildings are connected by a Rotunda. Inside of the rotunda is Rosie’s Market. It is made up of a small convenience store, and made to order food. There is a computer lab on the first floor of the rotunda, and a gym on the second floor of Wright Hall. The gym is open to all Kent State students.

Young people exercising in a gym on treadmill. Focus is on foreground.


3. The Twin Towers: Beall and and McDowell Halls

Beall Hall and McDowell Hall are connected by a building in the middle, and are located across the street from the Eastway Center. Each building is co-ed, and houses 250 sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Each room in Twin is a suite. Each suite consists of two bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom. All of the rooms have carpeting, air conditioning, a microwave, and a mini fridge.

A decorated dorm space.


4. The Honors College: Johnson Hall and Stopher Hall

Johnson Hall is the honors dorm. It is very nice, especially if you are fortunate enough to live there. It houses 220 honors college students of each class. It is co-ed and has three floors. Each room has air conditioning, carpeted floors, a mini fridge, a microwave, and a private bathroom. Like most halls, there are lounges, fireplaces, study areas, and a kitchen. Stopher Hall is also an honors dorm, and has the same features and amenities.

A decorated dorm space.


5. The Eastway Center: Manchester, Fletcher, Allyn, and Clark Halls

There are four dorm buildings that make up the Eastway Center: Manchester, Fletcher, Allyn, and Clark halls. The center is made up of mostly freshman students. Each room is a double and has pod style bathrooms. Clark and Allyn Halls are connected on one side of the building, and Manchester and Fletcher Halls are connected on the other side of the building. Each building has a kitchen, a lounge, and study areas. All four buildings are met in the middle by the Eastway Cafe, and the Eastway Market. Next to the market is the Eastway Bowling Alley which also includes pool tables, and ping pong tables.

A decorated dorm space.

6. Engleman Hall

Engleman Hall is a popular residence hall for upperclassmen students. The rooms in the hall consist of fully furnished apartments, either one bedroom or four bedroom. Inside the apartments is a full kitchen, and one or two full bathrooms depending on the number of bedrooms.

An apartment floor plan.

Kent State is an amazing campus that offers great housing for their students. It is so important to have the dorm that will work best for you. Research all of the dorms before deciding where to stay at Kent State!

Your Packing List for Move-in Day at Kent State University

Thankfully, the dorms come with all the furniture and appliances you will need, but there are some things you should still bring yourself!

1. Room Basics

A basic dorm room

-sheet set
-pillows and pillow cases
-decorative pillows
-misc decor

2. Healthy Snacks

Assorted snacks

-Granola Bars
-Water bottles or a Brita Filter
-Cereal Brand

3. Technology

A MacBook and iPhone

-Your phone
-Kindle e-reader

4. School Supplies

Assorted school supplies

-Pens and pencils
-Scotch tape
-Post-it notes
-Loose-leaf Paper

5. Cleaning Supplies

A girl vacuuming

-A vacuum
-A swiffer
-A duster
-Clorox Wipes
-Laundry detergent

6. Outdoor Apparel

Rain jacket

-A Rain jacket
-Rain Boots
-Snow Boots
-Winter Jacket


The 8 Best Clubs to Join at Kent State

Kent State offers over 400 clubs and organizations for students. The categories consist of special interest, service, media, academic and professional, greek, honorary, educational, military, cultural, international, sports and recreation, graduate, political, religious, and student government. Clubs and organizations are debuted at Black Squirrel Fest and KSU Blast-off at the beginning of each semester.

1. 4 the Love of Paws

4 the Love of Paws is one of the best organizations at Kent State. It is a group of animal lovers who volunteer at animal shelters and train service animals. Dues are five dollars each semester, and meetings are once a month on a Thursday evening.


2. Students Against Sexual Assault

Students Against Sexual Assault is a group on campus dedicated to raising awareness about sexual assault. They work on campus and also in the Kent community. Meetings are every Tuesday night at 7 pm. Follow their twitter at @KSUSASA and their instagram at @kentstateasa.


3. NAMI on Campus KSU

Nami is an acronym for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI on KSU is a student-run organization that inspires hope, encourages self-advocacy, and awareness about mental health disorders and illnesses. The organization also provides support based on personal experiences and the resources on campus.


4. Operation Smile

Kent State’s Operation Smile Organization is dedicated to kids all around the world with cleft palettes. The organization works to make sure the kids in need have the surgical care they deserve. The club meets every third Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. They can be found on Facebook as: Operation Smile Kent State.


5. Body Acceptance Movement

The Body Acceptance Movement at Kent State is an organization that helps people love their body. They are dedicated to educating, promoting, and supporting students on creating a lifestyle rich in body acceptance. The organization is affiliated with National Eating Disorders Awareness. They meet every other Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Kent Student Center. Their Twitter is @KentBAM, Instagram: @Kent_BAM and Facebook page: KSU’s Body Acceptance Movement.

healthy body healthy mind get ripped pick up women workout wellness frugal fitness health diet mind body connection

6. Commuter and Off Campus Student Organization

This organization is for people, who obviously, do not live on campus. The point of this organization is mostly to discuss housing and parking. However, it is a really good way for people who are not living in dorms to meet new people. They do not have set meetings, but they meet on the third floor of the Kent Student Center. They can be followed on Twitter at: @KentStateCOSO.

The main building at Emily Carr University

7. Student Recreation Council 

SRC is a liaison between the student employees and administration within the Department of Recreational Services. They also work on connecting the surrounding communities through community service opportunities. The club meets weekly as needed.

Rolfs Sports Recreation Center

8. Kent State Students for Life

This organization is affiliated with Students for Life of America. They aim to promote the message of love and life throughout the Kent State campus. The organization provides support for pregnant students, and students who are parents. Meetings are on the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m.

Group of friends making jokes at each other

There are many great clubs and organizations to join at Kent State University. Honestly, there are too many to choose from! These are some of the best organizations at Kent to help you get the most of your four years here!

Cool Events Happening at Kent State

1. Child Health Day

two young children writing on their artbook

This event is happening on October 1st from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the M.A.C. Center. The event is taking place to help spread awareness about Childhood Cancer.

2. FlashBash


This event is happening October 1st from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the Student Green. The university is going to be kicking off Homecoming Week with the Student Homecoming Committee. This is  going to be a carnival themed event to get students ready to celebrate Kent State all week long.

3. Styling Competition

Rockwell Hall at Kent State

The styling competition will be happening in Rockwell Hall in Room 00231 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m on October 1st. It is a fashion show where students will style a decade-themed collection of looks. Prizes will be given.

4. Fall Festival

Kent State fall festival sign

On October 2nd, there will be a fall festival at Manchester Field from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Flash Activities Board (FAB) will be hosting it. There will be pumpkin painting, bonfires, s’mores, and more!

5. College Late Night Skate

Ice rink at Kent State

From 10:30 p.m. to midnight on October 3rd, there will be ice skating at the Kent State Ice Arena. The event is for Breast Cancer Awareness. The cost to get in is $5 with your FLASHcard, or 50% off if you dress the theme!

6 Buildings You Need to Know on Kent State

Kent State is a huge campus with a bunch of buildings. It is easy to get lost in them, and you may not even see most of them throughout your four years here. However, there are some buildings that you just have to know. Here are some buildings you definitely need to visit at Kent State University.

1. The Kent State Student Center. 

The Kent State Student Center is a big focal point of the campus. There is so much to it, and it is one of the most important buildings on the entire campus. Let’s start on the basement. The basement houses the ID center, the LGBTQ+ center, and the famous Quaker Steak and Lube Quick Service.

The main floor of the Student Center has so much to offer. Two important staples to the university are housed there: the bookstore and the hub. Of course, the bookstore is essential to campus because it has university apparel, accessories, technology, and obviously books. The hub is the main food court on campus. There is an Einstein’s Bagels, a Fresco Mexican Cafe, a Subway, A ramen bar, a health food cafe, and an Auntie Anne’s. The first floor of the student center has a PNC Bank and ATM, a post office, and a market.

The third floor has a ballroom and a dining hall.Kent state student center

2. The Library

The library is the tallest building on campus. The library has a multimedia studio equipped with Adobe cloud on the first floor. There are also computers and printing services on that floor. A Starbucks Coffee is also available. As the library goes up, the floors get quieter so that everyone can find their perfect study space. Inside the library is also the tutoring center and math emporium.

Kent state library at night

3. Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall is a super important place to visit at Kent State. This is where the May 4th visitor’s center is. It is important to know when attending Kent State what exactly May 4th means to the university. Directly outside of the visitor’s center is the May 4th memorial.

Taylor hall kent state

4. The Deweese Health Center

The health center is located directly behind the Eastway Center. Hopefully you will not need to visit frequently, but it is good to know where the building is and the services that it offers. You are able to schedule appointments with doctors and physicians assistants, they offer emergency and after-hour care. There are even courses offered for students such as alcohol abuse, college binge drinking, etc.

Kent state Health Centre

5. The Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center (M.A.C.)

The M.A.C. Center is a staple to campus. It is located right next to the Kent State Student Center. This is the home for Kent men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, gymnastics, and the university’s club sports. It holds over 6,000 people and was named after the students and alumni who lost their lives fighting in World War II.

Kent State Mac building

6. The Stark Recreation and Wellness Center

The Campus Rec Center is a great place to visit on while at Kent. There are basketball courts, a dance studio, a yoga studio, an outdoor track, a pond trail, tennis courts, and baseball fields. The center is open to Kent State students, staff, and alumni at no cost. However, the center is open to the public. There is also a gym and a pool inside of the center.

Image result for kent state rec center

Kent State is a great, big campus. There are so many buildings worth visiting, but these are the best ones. Make sure to make the most out of your four years at Kent!

Interesting Facts About Kent State University

1. Franklin Hall for Tech Gurus

Franklin Hall

Franklin Hall on Kent’s campus was originally built in 1926 as a teacher’s education building. Franklin was eventually renovated, and a 20,000 square foot addition was added. The hall is now the home to the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. It is now equipped with a television studio, interactive classrooms, and a newsroom.

2. Kent State’s Airport

Kent state university airport

Kent State has an airport about 15 minutes away from main campus in Stow, Ohio. Before it was open to the public in 1920, it was used in 1917 during World War I to land planes coming from Canada to the United States. Kent State purchased the airport in 1943.

3. Athletics Fun Facts

Dix stadium at Kent State

The first sport played at Kent State was football in 1920. Dix Stadium opened in 1963 and holds 25, 319 people. The university’s school colors are blue and gold, and the mascot is the Golden Flash. Since 2014, Kent State’s Athletic Department received 22 conference awards, 26 team awards, 59 individual awards and 13 academic awards.

4. Kent State has multiple campuses

kent state ashtabula

In addition to Kent main campus, there are seven other locations in Ohio. The Ohio locations are Ashtabula, Twinsburg, Geauga, East Liverpool, Salem, Stark, Trumbull, and Tuscarawas. There are also four campuses abroad. The locations are Florence, Italy; Geneva, Switzerland; Beijing, China; New Dehli, India.

5. Random Fun Facts

Kent State LGBTQ office

Kent State was named one of America’s top employers in 2018 with over 10,700 employees. The university also earned the Top 10 Most Active Employees Honor. Kent’s campus is LGBTQ+ friendly, with a ranking of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the campus pride index. Kent is also one of the healthiest universities in the nation.


Top 10 Professors at Kent State University

Kent State University has climbed its way to the top of the ladder in terms of prestigious schools in Ohio and in the United States. The school has no one but its stellar teaching staff to thank for that feat. Here are the ten best:

1. Craig Zamary

Professor of Business

Rating: 5.0
Department: Business

Courses Taught by Professor Zamary:

BUS10195 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Zamary:

“Amazing class. Wish I had earlier. Learned more about entrepreneurship and finding my path & purpose than any other class I ever had.”

“This professor is AMAZING. He gives such practical information useful for every facet of your remaining semesters and eventual careers. He has authored work that is useful in every course you have, are, or will take. Personality is genuine; he truly wants to get to know his students. Make a connection; he will be your greatest resource.”

“Super easy class. Show up, listen to a speaker, go write a one page paper, do it again next week. Unless he cancels class, which in that case you watch a video instead of physically going and watching a speaker. Can’t get any easier. Really caring guy, wants students to succeed in life.”

2. Kristine Pytash

Professor of Education

Rating: 5.0
Department: Education

Courses Taught by Professor Pytash

CI47504 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Pytash

“Special Education is a hard subject. Dr. Pytash understands that and really tried to meet the needs of the students. Focuses on the understanding of literacy learning specifically in middle childhood. Knows a lot and it shows. Tough grader on written work and projects w/ a lot of suggestions on how you can improve. Even gave chances for revision!”

“Very helpful and informative class useful for the revision of your final portfolios. She really wants everyone to be prepared for their full-time student teaching semesters. Have questions? She’ll gladly answer them for you. The class is listed as a lecture course but takes on a tutorial format with a lot of in-class discussion.”

“Dr. Pytash is everything you could ever want and more. My experience with her has transformed my education for the better and really opened my eyes to new perspectives on various issues. Facilitates AMAZING discussion, both in and out of class. She requires various short written responses and thorough interpretation of readings. No slacking here.”

3. Don Swekoski

Professor of Philosophy

Rating: 5.0
Department: Philosophy

Courses Taught by Professor Swekoski

PHIL11009 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Swekoski

“Don is awesome. Super funny/cool/smart guy. Explains things using clear examples and his informal teaching style made it so easy to learn. Gives helpful study guides you can complete using the book. Attendance isn’t required and I’ve been experiencing some hardcore senioritis but I come to every lecture just because it’s such a fun class.”

“He is definitely the best teacher I’ve had yet. He makes everything easy to understand. You don’t necessarily need to read but it does help so you know what he’s talking about in class and participating makes it easier to understand. The class consists of a midterm, final and final paper. Make sure you study the material and the tests will be easy.”

“Amazing teacher. Made Philosophy interesting. You were able to relax and be yourself. You got a good laugh in while still learning everything there is. Definitely take him!”

4) Christine Balan

Professor of Education

Rating: 5.0
Department: Education

Courses Taught by Professor Balan

SPED4303 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Balan

“Dr. Balan really cares about her students and wants them to succeed. She teaches you what you need to know, is very clear and provides great examples. Dr. Balan provides clear expectations, great feedback, and grades promptly. If you have not taken any classes with her you are missing out.”

“Fantastic. Willing to work with me always. Had her for three graduate classes and wish I could take more!”

“The best teacher I have had…very clear on what was expected and made learning everything so much easier with all her awesome stories, I had a great time learning in her classroom and only hope that she keeps teaching at KSU because she is one of the best teachers they have at this university! Take her if you can you wont be disappointed!”

5) Phil Sloan

Exterior of Satterfield Hall

Rating: 5.0
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Sloan

ENG101102 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Sloan

“Amazing prof, but why does this site still have him at Kent State? Phil taught me more than all my other writing teachers combined. He knows writing and doesn’t treat composition like a lit course. You write a lot, but there are no tests or quizzes. I found the essay topics kind of hard, but he will give you as much individual help as you need.”

“Best writing course I’ve ever had. Great prof – will do anything to help the students. Fun class discussions – lots of video and interactive stuff. I actually enjoyed going to this class. You write a lot, but it’s not all big papers.”

“Really nice guy! Comes up with good discussion topics. If you participate and put forth an effort you’ll do well in his class. He has a good sense of humor also.”

6) Richard Hansen

Professor of Physics

Rating: 5.0
Department: Physics

Courses Taught by Professor Hansen

PHYLABS – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Hansen

“Great instructor – wish they were all this good.”

“Helped students to learn. Wanted them to do well.”

“Class was a lab that was required with the lecture. He was better then the lecture instructor and I wish he had done both.”

7) Turan Koptur

Professor of Computer Science

Rating: 5.0
Department: Computer Science

Courses Taught by Professor Koptur

CDAG34001 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Koptur

“This class in particular is very workload heavy because it is a semester long group project class but Turan manages to still help whenever possible. As a professor he is always willing to help and is always passionate about helping teach his passion. He continues to be the best professor I’ve had, really wanting to spread his knowledge with us.”

“Turan is one of the best professors Ive had throughout college. He will make you work hard, but he expects the most out of you and wants you to succeed. The assignments are good portfolio pieces, grading is fair, and hes always willing to help you and talk to you. You can that tell he is passionate about the material and cares for his students.”

“Turan is an incredible professor. I’ve had him for the majority of my classes the last 4 years and he has never disappointed. He is always available to help and discuss anything. His assignments help teach at any skill level. The assignments are always meaningful as well, doubling as portfolio pieces. Turan never fails to push his students.”

8) Christine Olding

Professor of English

Rating: 5.0
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Olding

ENG11011 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Olding

“Professor Olding is one of the best professors that I have ever had! Her class was so much fun. She based her class around music; she applied writing to the history of alternative rock music. I have learned so much about myself both as a student and as a person in her class. She’s always available if you have any questions. TAKE THE CLASS!”

“I love her! She is so funny and the class is a lot of fun, it’s about rock music which is cool. I hate writing but writing her papers were nice. She lets you write in different formats such as making a PowerPoint or a website instead of just a traditional paper.”

“She’s an amazing professor who loves what she teaches. Get ready to learn about things that you probably didn’t know about.”

9) Michael Criscione

Professor of Nursing

Rating: 5.0
Department: Nursing

Courses Taught by Professor Criscione

NURS40030 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Criscione

“Mike was a awesome instructor. Very helpful in the assignments for the clinical portion of the course. Easy to talk with and goes out of his way to help students learn. As he teaches a psych clinical where many are nervous he makes it a very enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“Mike was an amazing clinical instructor. Seriously take him! He gave us “quizzes” that we went over that were related to the material we learned in class which was really helpful in understanding concepts. Psych can be intimidating for some, but Mike makes you always feel comfortable and is available to talk about things all the time. He is awesome.”

“Michael was a very refreshing instructor to have because he made clinical a lot of fun while still teaching you a lot. He made discussions inclusive to all students and is very caring and nonjudgmental. I am very lucky to have had him as an instructor!”

10) Md Amiruzzaman

Rating: 5.0
Department: Management Info Systems

Courses Taught by Professor Amiruzzaman

TECH46411 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Amiruzzaman

“I’ll keep it simple: TAKE HIS COURSES! GREAT PROFESSOR! That’s all you need to know!”

“This guy is awesome. He’s really friendly and you can tell he really cares about his students. He wants everyone to succeed. I would love to take his class again.”

“Dr. Amir is a class act all the way! Great professor that is ALWAYS reasonable and understanding. Really explains material well and has interesting lectures. He’s definitely down to earth and enjoys seeing students succeed. Take his class! Kent State needs more faculty like him!!! Definitely a professor you’ll remember!”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Kent State

1) Fashion Marketing by Jihyun Kim

Faculty: Fashion School

Kent State University boasts one of the top researchers on fashion marketing in the world. Her work has been both published and celebrated. She is always understanding new ways for her research in fashion to lend an understanding to how they can be marketed.

2) Cancer Cell Growth by Hanbin Mao

Photo of Hanbin Mao

Faculty: Chemistry and Biochemistry

To study how cancer cells grow, Professor Mao established an unconventional method. He created an entire environment that was microscopic. His understanding is being found in the study of DNA.

3) Podiatric Medicine by Nilin Rao, Ellen Glickman, and Craig Verdin

Kent State University students Nilin Rao (left) and Craig Verdin (right), and Exercise Science and Physiology Professor Ellen Glickman, Ph.D. (center), have invented an insole to help people with ulcerations on their feet.

Faculty: Exercise Science and Physiology

The above researchers have developed a new podiatric product that will help all sorts of people. They have invented an insole that will help those have feet ulcerations. This includes people with diabetes and athletes, as well.

4) Architecture and Comics by Jon Yoder

Jon Yoder, Ph.D., associate professor of architecture at Kent State, teaches a seminar in the new Center for Architecture and Environmental Design.

Faculty: Architecture and Environmental Design

Because of the art backgrounds that mostly contribute to fields like architecture, design, and graphic novels, Jon Yoder’s research has a lot of intersections. His visual content has been immensely beneficial for his students to understand and for his university to prop up. He even received a ten thousand dollar grant for his research.

5) Heart Attacks and Depressions by Melissa Zullo

Image result for Margaret Heldman

Faculty: Epidemiology

Melissa Zullo’s research took to patients who had heart attacks and depression diagnoses. She found that they were more likely to enroll in rehab programs for their heart than those who were not depressed. This definitely goes against conventional wisdom.

These research projects and so many more like it have helped Kent State University rise above its past controversy to become something so much more.