10 Buildings at Indiana University – Southeast You Need to Know

Indiana University – Southeast is home to over 5,000 Grenadier. This university is a public university and a regional university of Indiana University. As a student here, there are a number of buildings that students should familiarize themselves with which is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the ten buildings that you need to know at Indiana University – Southeast.

1. University Center North & South

A look at University Center North

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-6405

The University Center is the hub of campus life and student activites. Here, students will find Campus Life, the Academic Affairs Office, the Adult Student Center, the campus bookstore, ballrooms, university classrooms, meeting spaces, and various dining grab-and-go choices

2. Library IUSE

Outside view of Library IUSE

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-6405

This library is the main campus library which houses thousands of library material. Here, students will find a cafe, student meeting rooms, student study rooms, technology center, tutoring and writing centers, and classrooms. Students will also be able to use the computers, printing, and copying services here.

3. Life Sciences Building

The outside parking lot view of Life Sciences Building

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-6405

This building is home to the School of Education, School of Natural Sciences, and the School of Social Sciences. This building also houses part of the Nursing department. Mostly, this building holds general classrooms and university spaces.

4. Physical Sciences Building

The front of the Physical Sciences Building

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-640

This building is home to lots of general classrooms, lecture spaces, and university spaces. Students will also find part of the School of Natural Sciences department and some other administrative offices that are there to serve the campus and greater outer community of the city.

5. Knobview Hall

A look at Knobview Hall

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-6405

This building is home to many offices that work to help students succeed. This includes the Campus Academic Affairs Office, the School of Arts & Letters, and the Vice President Information Technology. This building is also home to academic classrooms.

6. Paul W. Ogle Cultural and Community Center

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-6405

In this building, students will find the Cultural & Community Center and part of the School of Arts & Letters offices. This building also houses many of the university’s academic classrooms, lecture halls, university spaces, study rooms, and meeting rooms.

7. Crestview Hall

Image result for crestview hall ius
A look at Crestview Hall

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-6405

This building houses, like many of the other buildings on campus, classrooms buildings, university spaces, meeting rooms, and study spaces. Students will also find the School of Social Sciences and other Interdisciplinary Studies.

8. Hillside Hall

The outside of Hillside Hall

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-6405

This building is home to the Campus Academic Affairs offices, the School of Business, and the School of Education. Students will find many resources that are geared towards helping them succeed in their major such as library collections, study rooms, equipment checkouts, and computer labs.

9. Gerald D. Ruth Observatory

The field that overlooks the observatory in the back

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-6405

Do you have a dream? Do you aim and shoot for the stars? The sky is the limit! Well, if you’re one of the many students who is truly wanting to look into the galaxy, check out the campus observatory. Here, students will find the campus telescope where they can what’s really out there.

10. Activities Building

The front of the Activities Building

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany , IN 47150-6405

Students will find some state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Students will find many of the Athletic offices for the school as well. This building is also home to a huge multi-purpose rooms for students to utilize, general classrooms for athletics, and university spaces.

IUS is a university that is good for any student who is looking for a school that is smaller. The campus, although has many buildings, is ideal for a student that is looking for a campus community that is familiar with just about everyone. If you’re knew, everyone will surely know you soon.

10 Hardest Courses at IU Southeast

Southeast is one of the least prominent campuses in the Indiana University system, but it is no less important. Many of the courses here are the ones that help create a foundation for lifelong learning among the students in attendance. The ten listed below are unquestionably some of the most challenging for students to endure!

1. GEOL-G 180 – Dinosaurs

A large dinosaur is roaring

In addition to being one of the coolest courses, Dinosaurs is also one of the hardest. Paleontology is a popular field of study at Southeast so it is not just for those who love the Jurassic Park movies. Rigorous requirements are present in this course and students will be expected to exceed them.

2. PHYS-P 105 – Basic Physics of Sound

Sound waves going to the ear

Physics courses are always going to be exceptionally difficult. There’s just no getting around that when it ends up being the field that you choose to study. However, courses about the physics of sound are a cut above and they have often weeded out many students who were just on an exploratory track.

3. PHIL-P 100 – Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophers are ancient thinkers

For students interested in philosophy, this course will test them to see if they can make the grade. They will be required to do a great deal of reading and critical thinking. A lot of the ideas presented in the course are thick and dense so it will definitely take more than a couple tries to fully understand everything.

4. CHEM-C 100 – The World as Chemistry

Beakers are filled with chemical concoctions

Chemistry courses are hard enough. But this class puts everything in the world through the lens of how it intersects with chemistry. This world science that can tend to go to macro and micro levels is not an easy one and students should expect to put a great deal of work into the subject.

5. ENG-L 102 – Western World Masterpieces II

The	Western	World is seen	as	the Americas

A lot of English courses deal with texts from Romantic and Medieval periods of Europe. They tend to specifically focus on British and Irish literature. But this course refuses to let the masterpieces from South America and Australia be forgotten!

6. FINA-A 102 – Renaissance through Modern Art

Renaissance music is a form of art

All forms of art are difficult to understand, for different reasons. Renaissance art is definitely among the most challenging, though, because of how it demands an even greater knowledge of historical context among its pupils. Renaissance art involves more than just statues and paintings, though; it also pertains to music.

7. MUS-M 174 – Music for the Listener

Music can be heard through headphones

Music courses are often presumed to be among the easiest, but this is not true. You might be able to listen to music every day, but critically thinking about it requires an entirely different set of skills. This course also requires students to evaluate the effect that music has on listeners.

8. CHEM-C 125 – Experimental Chemistry I

Symbols of chemistry and science

Chemistry is hard enough without students having to think about different directions the course could go. Shouldn’t that be for the scholars to know, after all? But experimental chemistry doesn’t give students all the answers. Instead, it expects students to think critically about the subject while also exploring what is possible.

9. AST-A 100 – The Solar System

The Solar System has planets

Solar system courses, on the surface, are definitely very cool. However, the astronomy elements can quickly fall by the wayside. This would give way to a strong emphasis on the math that goes into astronomy, which can be exceptionally difficult for students to comprehend, including myself!

10. FINA-F 100 – Fundamental Studio Drawing

A black and white sketch of a studio

Fundamental studio drawing is a very particular art course that demands a lot of its students. Precision is key here and it’s not like high school art skills. Real artistic merit is evaluated in this course and the standards are high.

They may be a hard set of courses listed below, but the students would not be at Southeast if they were not more than capable of knocking these courses out of the park.

10 Coolest Courses at Indiana University-Southeast

Indiana University-Southeast provides students with high-quality programs that promote student learning and progression to better life. The university offers students with a lot of classes to choose from. Some of these classes are fun, enjoyable and offers a cool learning experience for students. It is the best way to gain knowledge. These classes are easy to pass and therefore helps you to boost your GPA. Below is the list containing the 10 coolest classes at Indiana University-Southeast.

1. MUS-E 241 – Introduction to Music Fundamentals

A page of music sheet

Music is a special art with a lot of applications. In this MUS-E 241 class, you will learn about the basics of music, the notations, rhythms and chords. Basic music theory will be taught as well as the piano.

2. ENG-L 103 – Introduction to Drama

Word cloud about drama

The ENG-L 103 is a class to look forward to. It is an exciting class as it is easy. In this class you will be introduced to plays from different places and times. Emphasis will be on the works of Ibsen, Shakespeare, Shaw, Miller, Albee, Strindberg, Moliere and Sophocles.

3. ENG-W 231 – Professional Writing Skills

close up drawing of a hand writing on a book

The Professional Writing Skills class is another interesting class offered at this university. Topics such as organization, research methods, writing techniques and preparation of business and professional documents.

4. JOUR-J 200 – Reporting, Writing, and Editing I

A picture of a page of a report with a red pen on top

This is an interesting class that aims to equip you with skills in reporting, writing and editing. In this class you will learn how to gather information, develop stories, to combine both verbal and visual messages, to write and edit news.

5. CHEM-C 100 – The World as Chemistry

Lab chemicals in flasks

Get to learn about the different aspects of life and how they relate with chemistry. Chemistry in the context of politics, environment and social life around us will be explored.

6. MATH-M 122 – College Algebra

A worked solution of an algebraic problem

College Algebra is a class that has been tailored in a simple way to equip you with skill in solving problems in calculus. The professors are experienced and the teaching methods are student friendly. The needs of the students are emphasized. Topics such as linear and nonlinear as well as logarithmic functions will be explored.

7. HIST-H 231 – Women, Men, and Family in History

A black and white picture of a family

This is another class that brings you joy and relief just by the thought of attending it. It is an easy class as it is cool. The topics are quite unique. You will learn about family relationships and how the roles of the family in the society are changing. Topics will include marriage, inheritance, courtship, birth control, changes in in gender roles among others.

8. SOC-S 163 – Social Problems

Word cloud about social issues

Why spend all your time in all those hard classes when you can easily enroll to the SOC-S 163. In this class you will look at the social problems in family, religion, race, crime and civil rights

9. JOUR-C 200 – Introduction to Mass Communication

Close up picture of hands holding microphones

This JOUR-C 200 class introduces you to the concepts of mass communication. It is a class that is well structured and has great instructors. The influence mass media, the functions and responsibilities will be explored.

10. ECON-E 101 – Survey of Economic Issues and Problems

Drawing of a hand holding a phone. Illustrating phone survey

By enrolling to ECON-E 101 you are signing in to one of the coolest class with unique and interesting topics. The different economic issues and problems will be highlighted in depth in this class. topics will include pollution, national debt, inflation, social security, unemployment, crime and food prices.

With this list, you are better placed to pick out the coolest classes of your choice. These classes have easy and interesting topics which you will enjoy to study. Register and become part of the unique experience at the Indiana University-Southeast.

Restaurants and Cafes at IU Southeast

If there is a place full of dining life, it’s the Indiana University Southeast. You are assured of all types of quality foods and styles of your choice in the college cafes. As a student, you don’t have to feel the pinch of parting with a few dollars; Everything is cheap and available. The restaurants near campus are favorite spots for visitors and parents. Here are a few college cafes to dine in;

1. University Grounds Coffee Shop

The University Grounds Coffee Shop offers meal plans for students.

If you want splendid coffee drinks, then you need to visit the University Grounds Coffee Shop. You will be treated to well blended drinks, teas, espresso, snacks, smoothies, and bottled soft drinks. Students can purchase meal plans and get smooth supplies of dishes throughout the semester.

2. Commons Food Court

Inside the Commons Food Court

There are varieties of grab-and-go options available for students at the Commons Food Court. Get well cooked Panini sandwiches, salads, soup of the day, snacks and desserts. Since it’s a student-centered cafe, food and drinks sell at reasonable prices.

3. Onion Restaurant and Tea House

Types of foods offered at the Onion Restaurant and Tea House

Prices at this restaurant are favorable for students. With $8 you have a full lunch, soup and egg roll. It is a favorite for students of Asian origin especially the Chinese. Students love this place because it’s cheap and the staff are attentive and friendly. If you want to treat your friends with a meal, this is a nice place.

4. Fireside Bar and Grill

Outside the Fireside Bar and Grill

The Fireside Bar and Grill has a wonderful menu, cozy atmosphere, and dedicated staff. Students get home-cooked dishes at reasonable prices. For guests, there is a warm feeling that welcomes you to New Albany. There is also a warm environment for late night drinks

5. Mark’s Feed Store

Grilled Chicken Finger Salads at the Mark's Feed Store

This restaurants serves desserts, BBQ, pork, salads, and fish all in a casual vibe. With as low as $10, you have a full lunch of any kind of food. Many students love this place because of the amazing waitresses who serve tirelessly.

6. Coffee Crossing

You can use a CrimsonCard at the Coffee Crossing cafe

It’s all about creating an amazing coffee brewing experience and offering products at reasonable prices to students. It’s located just 400 yards away from the university and it’s a perfect breakfast spot. It doesn’t charge exorbitantly and students love it.

7. Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken

This restaurant is famous for Chicken Meals

If you want to eat a flavored chicken, this is the joint you get into. It has a reputation of preparing legendary chicken dishes that can rival any brand in the country. The prices are as famous as the chicken and students take turns in this restaurant. They offer Classic Chicken, Jumbo Dippers, and Breast Strips alongside other meals.

These eateries will offer you the most amazing meals, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In most cases, you have all what to eat without going to far away from the university. It’s breathtaking for students since the meals aren’t too expensive to purchase. Get into one of these joints and treat yourself fully.

Jobs for College Students at Indiana University – Southeast

Are you a student looking to make some extra cash? Well then we have some jobs for you! Many jobs in college don’t require work experience because many students have never had any experience. College is about making those experiences come to life after all. Below are some jobs for college students that you will find at Indiana University – Southeast.

1. Resident Adviser

A person showcasing a welcome home sign

Are you interested in free housing or a meal plan? Resident advisers are given just that! They are also able to interact with students on their floor in which they are assigned to. Resident advisers serve in a year long position where they are the role models who advise students in their halls.

2. Librarian Assistant

Someone that is putting books away

Are you wanting a job that doesn’t that much work? As a library assistant, students will get to do their homework and study on site. All you have to do is conduct simple tasks as needed and check in students. Some students may also come up to the front desk to answer questions.

3. Housing Help Desk

A graphic of different houses

Housing is in need of people to work the front desk. Sure they have resident advisers, but they have classes too so they have holes to fill. Students in this position perform simple administrative tasks such as working with students in different halls, signing in students, and other tasks as needed.

4. Qkids Tutor

Characters from the Qkids website

Are you good in a specific subject? Why not get paid to teach that subject? Qkids is offering students a chance to set their own schedules and be their own boss. To apply, just go and fill out their application on their website. They will notify you if they would like to proceed further. A minimum of four hours a week is required.

5. OneClass

The logo for OneClass Blog

Are you a good notetaker? Want to get paid for doing so? Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

6. Best Buddies

The logo for Best Buddies

This is a year long program that consists of volunteer work. Volunteers will be paired with a student with an intellectual or physical disability. Students will have a chance to develop close relationships and bonds with one another throughout the duration of the program. Students will also go on trips with one another as well.

7. Inbox Dollars

The logo for Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars will pay YOU to take surveys. Surveys are relatively short and pay out depending on the duration and longevity of the activity. Students must collect at least $20 before they can cash out. This is a great way for anyone to make passive income!

Top 10 Majors at Indiana University – Southeast

Located in New Albany, Indiana, just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky, Indiana University Southeast is a comprehensive university founded in 1941, and ever since providing high-quality educational programs and services, preparing students for productive citizenship in a diverse society and contributing to the intellectual, cultural and economic development.

1.  Business

Indiana University - Southeast_Business

The world today feels a desperate need of ethical leaders. IU Southeast creates catalysts to change with strong, knowledgeable, ethical leaders, preparing them to be successful in today’s competitive world of business.

2.  Nursing

Indiana University - Southeast_Nursing

This department in IU Southeast generates competent, professional nurses to meet current and future societal health care needs through courses like general education and clinical nursing courses. Besides, the degree comprises of BSN and RN – to – BSN.

3.  Communication

Indiana University - Southeast_Communication

Your dream of a career in communication could come true with a course like this. The course prepares students for best possible careers, mainly three, yet versatile targeted areas, namely speech, organizational communication, and strategic communication.

4.  Liberal Arts and Humanities

Indiana University - Southeast_Liberal arts and Humanities

As the name itself suggests, the course prepares one in an excellent multidisciplinary manner for the future in the Arts and Humanities, providing them the freedom to  concentrate and select areas of their own interest, both personally and professionally, yet making them skilled in research, communication, team project, innovation, computer and multi-media competency, and critical thinking.

5.  Psychology

Indiana University - Southeast_Psychology

Depending on your career goal, whether you choose the BA or BS degree, both the degrees prepare you for all areas (clinical, developmental, etc.) of graduate level study in psychology, and hence, similar employment opportunities. The best degree for you depends on the graduate program you apply for.

6.  Criminal Justice and Safety Studies

Indiana University - Southeast_Criminal Justice and Safety Studies

The course deals with the study of the origins, nature, and causes of norm-violating behavior, as well as societal reactions to this behavior. One can train to be a professional in criminal justice with the provided advanced study, research course and legal course. Besides, career prospects include positions in police agencies, courts, correctional agencies, and as prosecutors, and defense attorneys.

7.  Elementary Education

Indiana University - Southeast_Elementary Education

The School of Education at the IU Southeast aspires to generate high quality, caring professionals who would become leaders and shall continuously improve schools and their systems within the diverse society we live in.

8.  Biology

Indiana University - Southeast_Biology

This department is updated with high quality and current laboratory equipment training students with the same equipment and techniques as in commercial and research laboratories. It also provides opportunities for research as part of faculty research programs in a wide variety of specialties. Students can also gain professional experience as laboratory assistants, aiding in the preparation of laboratory classes, research assistants, working with professors in basic research, and also internships with local employers.

9.  Computer Science

Indiana University - Southeast_Computer Science

The primary goal of this department is to train and generate human resource in engineering principles and the use of software development tools. Students taking this course are free to choose to emphasize either on Mathematics and Science or Business and Information Systems in their course.

10.  English

Indiana University - Southeast_English

The course focuses on generating a human resource that is skilled in analytics and communication skills which they shall need to compete in the evolving world market of critical ideas. The department assumes itself large enough to offer Literature and Writing courses on a broad range of topics. However, it is still small enough for students to make personal connections with their peers and professors.

The above mentioned are the top 10 Majors, one can undertake at the Indiana University Southeast. Any other majors other than this will also help you to set a good career track. Explore and research more about this university for more information.

10 Great Clubs at IU Southeast

Expanding your resume and meeting new people is easy to do when you join different clubs on campus, not to mention it’s super fun! Every school has a wide array of different clubs, so here’s ten of them at IUS!

1. Theatre Club

picture of an old theatre

The Theatre Club is for students who love theatre and drama. The Theatre Department produces two to three productions each year for the campus and community.

2. Advertising Club

advertising club logo

The Advertising Club is a club for business and advertising students. Members discuss advertising strategies, intern opportunities, and more career development in advertising!

3. The Horizon

man typing on computer

The Horizon is the official student newspaper at Indiana University Southeast. Members brainstorm, edit and publish articles about world news, campus news, and local events.

4. Dirt Bags Art Club

man painting baseball player

The Dirt Bag Arts Club is for students passionate about the arts. They bring artist visitors and lecturers to campus, as well as organize group activities for students to improve their knowledge in the arts

5. French Club

eiffel tower

The French club helps students maintain their French skills while also learning more about the the French language and its origin. Students of any level in French can join.

6. International Student Organization

group picture International Students

The International Student Organization is a club for international students or those interested in learning about the world. Members learn about other cultures by socializing with people from other countries.

7. Model United Nations

model un students

This club is a team of students dedicated to the competition of Model United Nations. Student groups are assigned countries to represent to discuss solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

8. Biology Club

woman holding plant

The Biology club is for students interested in the science of biology. People interested in any aspect of biology can join to learn more about it, as well as learn about career options.

9. Women in Computing

picture of woman telling a speech at a women in science event

Women in Computing is a club dedicated to promoting awareness for women in the science fields, particularly in computer sciences. Women of any computer related major can join.

10. Informatics Honors Society

students sitting together

The Informatics Honor Society recognizes and awards academically outstanding upperclassmen Informatics students. This is a great club to join for networking opportunities.

5 Fun Events at Indiana University Southeast

1. Breakfast, Books and Business

people at a business meeting

This event is a great opportunity for students to be trained as small business employees for free. Free breakfast is also offered with the training workshop.

2. Moonlight Breakfast

breakfast burritos

Right before finals is the Moonlight Breakfast, which is meant to relieve student stress. Come enjoy hot catered breakfast food for free at the student center to wind down.

3. Symphony Orchestra Concert

 symphony orchestra

A great way to support your peers and their musical talents is by attending the Symphony Orchestra Concert! The hard work of these musicians is shown off in beautiful songs that they perform.

4. Part Time Job Fair

people at a job fair

The Part Time Job Fair is the perfect opportunity for students seeking jobs to learn about local openings. Students can meet with employers and find out what’s the best fit.

5. Etiquette Dinner

people at a business dinner

The Etiquette Dinner is a wonderful chance for students to practice their etiquette with peers and professionals. During a three course dinner, students practice conversations while networking.

Top 10 Library Resources at IU Southeast

The Southeast campus at Indiana University is one of the best. The great state of Indiana understandably has one of the great American schools. And this school boasts some stellar library services:

1) Government Publications

A scholar peruses the academic shelves

In addition to standard library materials, Indiana Southeast boasts more documents. Official government documents are available for students and faculty to reference. They are available at the state and federal level, as well.

2) Ask a Librarian

The Chat Live bubble is frequently available

The Ask a Librarian service is widespread. Students can flock to the help desk for librarian aid. However, they can also make use of live chat and active texting options.

3) Book a Librarian

Courtney Block is a librarian on call

You can do more than just ask questions of a librarian at this school! You can also book them for sessions. These sessions are built around the goal of helping you with the research you are doing inside and outside of the classroom.

4) Recall Requests

This flyer calls for the return of books

Recall requests are available at Indiana Southeast. Here, if students have checked a book out for a while, other students can request its return. Sometimes, it works out, because those who had the materials initially simply forgot they had them.

5) Reference Services

A reference book is flipped open

The reference services are wide-ranging at this library in Indiana. They are almost mirroring the aesthetics of a town hall. Voter registration forms, among other such materials, have been made available here.

6) Adaptive Technology Center

Students inhabit the technology center

This center does not only have technology services available to students. It also makes use of itself for the sake of training students. There are so many software platforms that students can be taught how to use by professionals on hand.

7) Library Instruction Program

A learner uses his cell phone

The reach of the LIP is wide across academic realms. Students who participate in this can be better serviced through their classes and their volunteer work. Many courses are sponsored by information sessions in the LIP.

8) Purchase Request

Accountants evaluate the purchase requests

In addition to borrowing books and materials, those who attend the library can also make purchase requests. For students, purchase requests have a bit more hoops to jump through. But faculty members have this skill boasted as a job perk for teaching here.

9) Interlibrary Loan

The logo for requesting books from elsewhere is gold

Indiana has one of the finest interlibrary loan services in the country. This is largely because of the wide range of libraries that are present on Indiana campuses. The books and materials can be checked out, but there are also other sources like cassette tapes that are available.

10) Borrowing and Circulation

The library's circulation center features lounge chairs

This desk at the Indiana Southeast library is so much more than just a check out station. It also features the help desk for librarians to assist you. The course reserve books can also be found here.

The library services at Indiana Southeast are among the best. Because of these top attributes, students practically look forward to studying. The library is a pivotal institution of any school, including Indiana.

Library and Services of Indiana Southeast

1) Indiana Southeast Library

The main library on campus stands proud

This is the main library on the Southeast campus. Not only is it newly renovated, it’s the newest building on campus. There are no better places to study on the campus than Indiana Southeast.

2) Jefferson Township Public Library

The trees of winter stand in front of the JTPL

The Jefferson Township Public Library is a public library in the local area. However, it is still a top resource for Indiana students. It is the top library in the area that is off campus, so students still manage to find themselves visiting JTPL frequently.

3) Louisville Western Branch

The Louisville Western Branch exists in the afternoon

The Western Branch is a crucial library in the Louisville system. It is also a historical achievement, too. It is also the first African-American centered library in the local area.

4) Louisville Free Public Library

Louisville Free Public Library

This is the main library from the Louisville system. It is about to reopen after being renovated. One of the top local libraries in the area will soon be available for access once again.

5) Floyd County Library

A statue is erected in front of the Floyd County Library

Another library close to the local Indiana area is the Floyd County example. They also play home to a local digital library. This digital library is recently opened and has a slew of librarians who excel in the digital region who work there.

Top 5 Dorms at IUS

Indiana University Southeast is a public university located in New Albany, Indiana. It is located close to Louisville Kentucky right across the Ohio River. Indiana Southeast is the regional campus of Indiana University. Here are some of the best dorms on campus.

1) Forest Lounge

This high-rise will be a comfortable home away from home.

Address: 4201 Grant Line Rd, New Albany, IN 47150-6405

This apartment style living area consists of 3 or 4 bedroom suites with fully furnished kitchen and hardwood floors. There is a Great Hall for recreational events. In 2013, a new food court with 9 dining options opened for business.


2) Willkie Lounge

Address: 7505, 150 N Rose Ave, Bloomington, IN 47406

This residence hall features the perfect mix of both privacy and company. Suite-style rooms and private bath options give students added privacy and independence, but company is always within reach! There is a large convenience store right inside the dormitory where students can buy items with meal points.

The formal lounge at Willkie Lounge.

3) 3rd And Union

Address: 290 S Union St Bloomington, IN 47401

This is the budget option for those who are stretched for change. Average rent is about 75% cheaper than other dorm options. However, you aren’t skimping on amenities. You still get air conditioning , a game lounge and computer lab! Oh, and you’re also steps from downtown, closer than any other dorm in fact!

Honestly this isn't too bad for only $800 a semester!

4) Ashton

Address: 1800 East Tenth St

This is a residential complex of 7 buildings surrounded by the Barnes Lounge building. There is generous room store in these single room units as well as a chill studying environment. Another plus is the access to the food market and food court.

The gardening is one reason to live here!

5) Briscoe

Address: 1225 North Fee Lane

This is the most expensive dorm of the bunch at over $8,600 a semster but it makes sense because it’s right next to the football stadium. Gresham Food Court and the McNutt Hoosier Store and Café are just down the street for lunch on the way to class or late-night snacks. You get private bathrooms and spacious floor plans. No wonder every student dreams of being able to live here!

You get the best of the best for paying the most money.

Packing List for Indiana University Southeast

1. Basics

This is the image of a Desk lamp

  • Desk lamp
  • Storage Bins
  • Bulletin Board
  • Picture hangers
  • Alarm Clock

2. Food and Snacks

These are rice cakes

  • Rice Cakes
  • Cereal
  • Tea bags
  • Hummus
  • Salsa
  • Chips

3. Tech and Equipment

This is the image of a memory card

  • Memory cards and flash drives
  • HDMI cord
  • Ethernet cable
  • 3-2 Prong adapters
  • Extension cord

4. School Supplies

This is the image of sticky notes

  • Notebooks
  • Folders with pockets
  • Printer paper
  • Stapler
  • Sticky notes

5. Clean up and organization

This is an image of comb and brush

  • Comb and brush
  • Nail clippers
  • Dish soap
  • Plastic storage bags
  • Wet wipes

6. Campus Gear

This is the image of fingerless gloves

  • Water bottle
  • Turtleneck
  • Car decals
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Drawstring bag

7. Ask before bringing

this is the image of ninja blender

  • Ninja blender
  • Printer
  • Medication
  • All your clothing from home
  • Air purifier


10 of the Easiest Classes at IUS

It’s two in the morning and you’re still in the library, poring through your biology notes and revisiting your comparative literature essay. At some point, you realize that you’ve only been taking major requirements – it’s time you added some spice to your life! Whether you’re looking for a survey course in a totally unrelated field, a class that offers a different perspective to your own major, or just an easy course to boost your GPA, consider the following list of 10 easiest classes to take at IUS.

1. ECON-E 101 – Survey of Economic Issues and Problems

If your major requires you to take one Economics course, considering using this one to foot the bill. Topics include inflation, unemployment, wage and price controls, welfare, social security, national debt, health programs, food prices, pollution, crime, mass transit, revenue sharing, multinationals, population, and energy. In other words, you’ll be applying basic economic principles to many of the current socioeconomic issues we face today. A good primer, especially to those without college-level economics experience.

Basic graph charting interest rates and inflation


2. SPCH-S 121 – Public Speaking

Note that you do need to have taken or are currently taking ENG-W 131 in order to register for this class. Despite the requirement, learning the theory and practice of public speaking is crucial to succeeding in the real world. Work on effective delivery and language in a contained environment!

Painting of Cicero


3. GEOG-G 110 – Introduction to Human Geography

This course explores the intersection between social and cultural phenomena and the spaces in which these events arise. If you find geography or discussions ranging from population and migration to political and religious divisions dry, this class probably isn’t for you. Otherwise, these topics are pertinent to a better understanding of the world.

Map detailing migration of modern humans


4. JOUR-C 200 – Introduction to Mass Communication

A survey course covering the functions, responsibilities, and influences of various forms of mass communication media. Since this is an introductory course, expect a greater focus on how mass media is consumed and produced over any deeper criticism and analysis of the form.

A newspaper's front page

5. BIOL-L 110 – Insects: The Alien Empire

Although insects are commonly understood in the form of cockroaches skittering in the bathroom and spiders in the bedroom, the relationship between humans and insects is far more profound. This course explores the negative and positive impact of insects on the human condition, from the potential use of insects as weapons of war, to pest control measures, to insect influence on human art, religion, and entertainment. Never see that ceiling centipede the same way again.

Ladybug on a flower

6. FINA-H 100 – Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture

Note that there is a pre- or co-requisite: ENG-W 131. Students in this course are acquainted with tools to appreciate and understand curated works of art. Since this does not count toward the Fine Arts major, students can expect that the course wouldn’t go too deep into the purposes, techniques, forms, and content of discussed art – perfect for the interested student looking for a survey in art history and visual culture.

'Fountain', Marcel Duchamp, 1917

7. MUS-M 174 – Music for the Listener

An introduction to the art of music, from symphonic music, to the opera, among other types of classical music. Become acquainted with the great classical composers. Since this is not meant for music majors, students can expect to explore their interests in classical music without being overburdened by in-depth analysis.

Conductor Karajan leading an orchestra.

8. CSCI-A 211 – Word Processing Applications

This course introduces students to word processing techniques used in creating letters, forms, and reports. Since most of us probably have changed styles, modified outlines, created tables, and tampered with field codes in documents and templates at some point, this course should be familiar with even the mildly tech-savvy. If anything, this class is a good review of popular word processing applications, with the occasional nugget of insight.

Icon for Microsoft Word

9. CSCI-A 212 – Spreadsheet Applications

This course is similar to 211 in that students are introduced to techniques useful in creating professional-level worksheets. Students will be introduced to formulas, functions, charts, graphs, and logical functions, and data processing and visualization techniques such as importing data, creating pivot tables, database functions, and integrating Excel with other software applications. If you’re familiar with Excel, this class should be a good review (and GPA booster.)

Excel spreadsheet with latitude, longitude, altitude, distance, speed, and fix features.

10. CMCL-C 202 – Media in the Global Context

This course focuses on the present and the future of global media and international advertising: understanding worldwide markets and strategic communication practices in very different cultural, regulatory and competitive conditions.

College is the best time for you to specialize in a certain skill, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time on your major. Branch out and take a survey course in a field you’ve never heard of, or kick back and take an easy class to fix up your GPA. As you consider your courses, refer to the list of 10 easiest classes to take at Indiana University – Southeast!