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If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Indiana University Purdue, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in Indiana. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at Indiana University Purdue.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around Indiana.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHEM-C 101Elementary Chemistry I
CHEM-C 105Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM-C 106Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM-C 121Elementary Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM-C 125Experimental Chemistry I
CHEM-C 126Experimental Chemistry II
MATH 00100Introduction to Algebra
MATH 11000Fundamentals of Algebra
MATH 11100Algebra
MATH 12300Elementary Concepts of Mathematics
MATH 15300College Algebra
MATH 15400Trigonometry
MATH 15900Precalculus
MATH 16500Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH 16600Analytic Geometry and Calculus II

10 Hardest Courses at IUPUI

The Purdue Campus of Indiana University is one of the premier academic institutions in the entire state. It also has a major reputation of having some rigorous academics. Here are ten of the most challenging courses that prove this.

1. AERO-A 102 – The Air Force Today II

The Air Force logo is blue

The Air Force is a major commitment and we will talk more about that later. The Air Force is a rigorous organization and one can expect course-based assignments that focus on preparing students for the requirements of the faction of the military. One is never fully prepared for all that it entails!

2. INFO-I 303 – Organizational Informatics

A web of informatic icons

Informatics is one of the hardest subjects to begin with. Organizational informatics just takes it to the next level. In addition to the consumption of a great deal of knowledge and information, students are also required to synthesize the readings into a project to create a unique class experience around group work.

3. AFRO-A 369 – The African American Experience

Black culture is important to study

Not only is this a challenging course because of the rigorous syllabus and required texts, but it is also an important one. For students studying anthropology, culture, sociology, history, or any related topic, it is absolutely critical.

4. EDUC-K 490 – Research in Special Education

Cutouts of children with special needs

Special education teachers are definitely among the most impressive workers in the world. The strides they make in the subject are simply remarkable. It all begins in this class, too, which would definitely weed out some of the ones who just cannot crack it. Students will have to take some time to work in classrooms, as well.

5. AERO-A 202 – The Development of Air Power II

An airplane takes off

It is amazing that planes fly! I mean, how can they do it when it is a cylinder that is coasting through the air when many socks that fall from a washing machine just drop on the ground? That is what this course aims to unpack! Students will be expected to analyze flight patterns and have a general understanding of engineering and history.

6. GEOL-G 135 – Indiana Geology

A person tours a geological location

Geology is a very challenging course because of the amount of memorization it demands of you. But Indiana geology is even harder because there’s very little general basis for the subject beyond what is known about Indiana. For out of state students, this course becomes an even more challenging endeavor. Many field studies are included in this course.

7. BIOL-K 357 – Microbiology Laboratory

A hand holds microbiological petri dish

Microbiology lectures are very hard to parse because of the deluge of information emanating from the professor’s discussion. What’s even harder than that is the laboratory portion of the class, though. This requires hands-on experience from students and it has not been kind to many unsuspecting academics in the past.

8. CHEM-C 430 – Inorganic Chemistry

The molecules of inorganic chemistry

Chemistry often has a reputation as one of the hardest subjects at any school. Organic chemistry made a name for itself as the hardest course in the entire realm of chemistry. Inorganic chemistry is marked as one course that is just as difficult. Students will be expected to complete textbook-based and lab-based chemistry work.

9. AERO-A 302 – Air Force Management and Leadership II

An Air Force leader speaks with Air Force members

The Air Force is a big commitment! It is very difficult to partake in such a field, but it can be even harder to be a leader in it. Leadership and management is hard to come by because it is a difficult subject to learn especially through coursework. Students will experience real-world field routines with this course.

10. ASL-I 370 – Healthcare Interpreting

Three hands sign the ASL acronym

American Sign Language is one of the most fun subjects for students to learn at the institutional level. This is especially true because of an entire field it opens up to students. Healthcare interpreting is crucial for the well-being of the world, but it is also quite daunting to be able to use a basis of ASL in such an extended manner.

It can be clearly seen that Purdue definitely has some challenging courses offered, but they are nothing that Indiana students are unable to handle!

10 Coolest Classes at IUPUI

College is meant for you to explore and find out what you really want to do with the rest of your life. Part of doing this is taking classes that interest you and are out of your major. If you’re looking for some cool classes to take at Indiana University-Purdue, continue reading this post!

1. CLAS-C 205 – Classical Mythology

some Greek sculptures

Classical mythology is a topic that has inspired many movies and books such as the “Percy Jackson” series. If you’re someone who’s intrigued by classical mythology, this class is for you. Here, you’ll be introduced to Greek and Roman myths and legends with focus placed on those that have an important place in Western cultural tradition.

2. EMER-E 213 – Paramedic as Team Member

paramedics in front of an ambulance

This class is a cool way to experience all aspects of the medical field. If you take this class, you’ll get to use interview and physical exam technology that doctors and paramedics use to assess patients in both pre-hospital and hospital environments. Students will also have supervised trips to learn about different medical and paramedic things such as advanced life support ambulance, the 911 communications center, the emergency department, anesthesia, and pediatric care.

3. AST-A 100 – The Solar System

map of constellations

The solar system is such an interesting concept and yet very few people know much about it besides the fact that it exists. Students will learn about topics such as celestial objects, eclipses, astronomical observations, comets and more.  Most importantly, students will also learn about the history of astronomy and theories of the solar system’s origin!

4. BIOL-56010 – Neurodegenerative Diseases

a brain with parts lit up

What is a neurodegenerative disease? It’s when someone experiences the loss of structure or function of neurons. This course focuses specifically on the molecular and clinical parts of these diseases. Students will be introduced to important brain structures, neurons, glia, and the molecular mechanisms that cause protein aggregation and the death of cells

5. CGT 24100- Introduction to Computer Animation

characters from the popular movie Toy Story, an example of computer animation

Computer animation is a fun thing to learn for fun or even for professional reasons. The class focuses on teaching students how to develop a working knowledge of the mechanics of 3D geometric formats, spline-based modeling, rendering methods, hierarchical linking, and more. You’ll be a pro a computer animation after this!

6. AMST-A 101 – Introduction to American Studies

North America made up of different words

The purpose of is class is for students to better understand American cultures and ideas. To do this, students will learn about and discuss topics such as race, ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, and religion. Taking this class is a good way to learn about the things you can experience and learn from around you.

7. CGT 10100- Introduction to Computer Graphics Technology

computer graphics of the classic game Pacman

Computer Graphics is always a cool thing to learn in case you ever want to design your own game or website. In this class, students will be introduced to a wide variety of topics within computer graphics. These topics include the application of computer graphics, the history of computer graphics, and technologies and careers within the field.

8. ANES-B 533 – Anesthesia Simulation III

a doctor placing an anesthesia mask on a patient

This class is a continuation of Anesthesia Simulation I and II. In this class, students will continue to learn, practice, and demonstrate anesthesia skills. This class specifically places emphasis on patient care skills, teamwork, critical thinking, and decision-making, all in the context of anesthesia.

9. GEOG-G 303 – Weather and Climate

a weather forecast depicting partly cloudy weather

Weather and climate might not seem like very interesting topics but they’re actually extremely important in the context of global warming. Students will learn about the processes and interrelationships within in the atmosphere and will focus on understanding the basics of weather and climate. Specific topics include ration and energy balance, atmospheric circulation, and the effect humans have on the climate.

10. CIT 41100- IOS Application Development

the Apple logo

Although this post has already mentioned some cool classes on computer graphics and animation, this one might just be the coolest. This class teaches students all of the skills they need to develop different Apple apps. All you need is beginning programming experience! Indiana University Perdue even provides students will the Apple student developer accounts and even Apple Macbooks if you need one.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone by taking classes you think are cool to explore different types of professional fields. Make the most of your college education by taking classes that you like, it may change your life!

Top 10 Majors of IUPUI

Termed as Indiana University-Purdue, in short IUPUI is a public research centre or university located at Indianapolis. This University was established in the year 1969 and is managed by a Chancellor named Nasser. H. Paydar. The University, to date, is providing more than 350-degree programs that cater to students at an undergraduate, graduate and a postgraduate level.

Below is a list of ten majors at an undergraduate level that the university is known for:


Accounting Studies

This program is suited for those who show an interest towards numbers and financial reporting for a business. Through this degree, a student learns to analyse the financial strength of a business. The degree is very comprehensive focusing on classroom learning and real-world experience in the form of internships.



This school provides undergraduate and graduate program of business in major. It was established in 1920 and having the enrolment of 8,990 students. It also giving online programs of MS and MBA of Business and administration. Another name of this major is Kelly School of Business KSB. They provide quality education and expertise professional teachers to their students.



This degree is offered at the School of Liberal Art’s campus. In this program, one learns about human biology, human culture and their overlap across place and time. It studies the past, present and the future thus shedding light on cultures, human evolution, diversity, and human growth.



Are you interested in computers? Does the latest android update excite you? If yes, this is the degree you have been looking for. The degree combines both applied and a theoretical coursework thus laying the ground for those who want to excel in the field of technology. The program is a well-rounded one that also focusses on other electives like language, liberal arts, communications, and social sciences thus creating holistic-minded individuals.



A degree that studies life by the observance of the stricture. In this program, one studies the basic human features such as growth, reproduction, evolution, behaviour and learns to connect it with the modern-day biology foundations. The program includes science along with arts and humanities hence opening doors to various career options in fields of business, environmental science, lawn, policy making, dentistry, and other health-related occupations.


BUSINESS studies

One of the leading programs at the university that has given the world many leaders in the field of business. The degree not only gives theoretical knowledge about the running of businesses operations but also includes practical learnings through travelling, networking, mentorship programs, and internships.



A program that is recommended for pre-dentistry and premedical students. A highly valued degree that provides knowledge in areas such as dentistry, business, law, politics, medicine, and even environmental science.



Through this degree, one educates themselves in the field of health. It is a society focussed program through which one learns about illnesses, the diverse populations that exist and the risks of diseases that they withhold – a program fully committed to increasing the quality of life for communities.


Criminal Justice

A very interesting field of study through which individuals learn about law enforcement, the constitution, the judiciary system, and national security. Students learn about law and crime in America, both in the present and the past. Modern-day topics such as cybercrime are also a part of the course.


Childhood Education

This degree is aimed towards those who want a career as childhood educators. The program equips students to transform themselves into educators who can understand a diverse level on of education amongst learners yet empower, educate and engage them.  Starting from educating children at a one on one level, the program empowers students to be able to effectively manage a classroom.


Top 10 Library Resources at IUPUI

Students have access to many resources on campus right at their fingertips. Some, however, may not know what those resources are. Below we have listed some of the top resources that are available to you at IUPUI.

1. Ask a Librarian 

a librarian.

Do you have a question about the library?  The Ask a Librarian Feature allows students to ask a librarian a question about anything that is related to the library.

2. Printers & Copiers

a Canon printer.

The library has printers and copiers that they are able to use on any floor or level of the library. You can print in color or in black and white!

3. Computer Lab

a computer.

The computer labs allows students to have access to computers right on campus. Whether you forgot your laptop or would rather work from a desktop, the computer lab is just a step away!

4. Quiet Spaces

a quiet space.

The library offers spaces for students to study and chill without any disturbances. Quiet spaces are located in a variety of places around the library.

5. Technology Help Desk

Different forms of technology.

Do you need help with your computer? The Technology Help Desk allows students to get help with electronic issues that they are having.

6. Reference Desk

a reference desk.

The librarians are here to help you. You locate staff members at the Reference Desk who will be happy to help you!

7. FREE Wi-Fi

wifi symbol on paper with a background of a body of water

Who doesn’t like free wi-fi? There’s no doubt about this one! The library offers students the chance to surf the internet with free wi-fi and data usage.

8. Study Rooms

A look inside a study room.

Do you need a study room or two for your group? The library offers students the chance to reserve or walk right into study rooms. These are located around the library on a variety of floors.

9. Online Database

Google Search

Do you need access to e-books or online resources you may not find anywhere in-person? The library offers students the chance to checkout from its online database and search through a variety of resources.

10. Electronic Checkout

computer hardware.

Do you need a laptop or another digital device for a class? The library allows students to checkout electronics on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don’t miss out on this one!

Top 5 Libraries

1. Herron Art Library

A painting of a cat.

Are you majoring in art? The art library holds many guidebooks and resources for art students  and other art related fields. Here, you can also borrow art tools as well!

2. Joseph and Matthew Payton Philanthropic Studies Library

The definition of philanthropy.

Are you interested in the field of philanthropy? Have you always been someone to give? This library holds many collections that relate to the field of philanthropy. Students can also find guidebooks and archives here.

3. Ruth Lilly Law Library

picture of library

The law library is home to many of the law students. Students can find documents that range from the local to the state level. Students will also find many study spaces if they are studying for big tests and exams!

4. Ruth Lilly Medical Library

a doctor.

Are you interested in the medical field? This library holds many collections that relate to the field of medicine. You can also find many patient documents and guidebooks here as well!

5. IU School of Dentistry Library

A dentist cleaning teeth.

Are you interested in working in the field of dentistry? Here, students will have access to hundreds, if not thousands of resources that relate to the field of dentistry. You can also find many archives and special collections here as well!

Top 7 Residences at Indiana University-Purdue

Do you need help finding the perfect dorm to meet your needs? Everyone wants to have a good place to live during their first year, but knowing where to look first can be tricky. Luckily, we have listed some of the best housing options available at Indiana University – Purdue.

1. Canal Square Apartments

An image of Canal Square Apartments.

359 N West St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

The Canal Square Apartments give students a chance to choose from a one or two-bedroom apartment. Students share a bathroom in their unit and also have access to a fully-equipped kitchen area.

2. The Avenue

A look inside The Avenue Apartments.

900 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

The Avenue is an off campus apartment that allows students to choose between a studio, one, two, or four bedroom apartment. Students also have access to a full-size kitchen in their unit, a pool, and a fitness center.

3. Riverwalk Apartments

An image of Riverwalk Apartments.

These apartments are some of the newest on campus dorms. Students living here can enjoy their own privacy in the comfort of their own room. All rooms are full furnished. Students can live in one or two bedroom apartments.

4. The Townhomes

An image of a townhouse.

The TownHomes house around 60 residents. Students can live in a two or one bedroom house. Students have a chance to share a bathroom with each other and shared spaces as well.

5. North Hall

An image of North Hall.

North Hall was first built in 1969. It was later renovated to give it a more modern feel. Here, students can live in a traditional style dorm while enjoying a computer lab, fitness area, and the laundry facilities that are located throughout the building.

6. University Tower

An image of University Tower.

The University Tower is a co-ed dorm hall. Over 600 students occupy this building. Students can live in a double or triple room. Bathrooms are shared with everyone on the same floor who is your gender, meaning they are single-gender bathrooms.

7. Ball Residence Hall

An image of Ball Residence Hall.

This hall features twin XL beds. Students can live in a double room here. However, some rooms are limited to sharing a bathroom while others offer students the chance to share a communal bathroom.

Here is Your Move-In Day Packing List at Indiana University – Purdue

1. Room Basics 

An image of a dorm room.

  • Desk Lamp
  • Chair
  • Under-bed storage for food and other things
  • Pillows
  • Comforter Set
  • Pillow Cases
  • Decorative Pillow
  • area Rug

2. Food and Snacks

An image of chips and candy.

  • Chips
  • Spring Water Bottles or Gallons
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Your Favorite Cereal Brand
  • Granola Bar
  • Fruit Snacks!

3. Tech & Entertainment

An image of the laptop.

  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Cell phone
  • Kindle
  • iPhone
  • iPad

4. School Supplies

An image of school supplies

  • Calendar
  • Sticky Notes, Pencils
  • Push Pins/Thumbtacks
  • Sticky Notes
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • College-Ruled Paper
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Erasers
  • Highlighters

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

An image of house cleaning products and supplies.

  • Windex
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Washing Power
  • Dish Detergent
  • Stove Cleaner
  • Sink Cleaner
  • Dustpan
  • Broom

6. Campus Gears

An image of an umbrella.

  • Student ID
  • Umbrella
  • Earphones
  • Jacket
  • Coat
  • Poncho
  • Key-chain

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

An image of the microwave.

  • Desktop
  • Microwave
  • Mini-fridge
  • Pots and pans
  • Heater
  • Fan

10 Buildings You need to know at Indiana University – Purdue

Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis is a public research university in Indianapolis, Indiana. The term public means that is gets funding from the government. This school when you arrive on campus can seem overwhelming. Here are 10 to get you acquainted with.

1.Office of Sustainability

This is the main place on campus to know about how to live sustainably. They educate people on waste, and pollution. They will even help you sort your trash.

 for sustainability

2.Community Engagement Center

This is the center that is how the school functions with integration of the community. They hold various events throughout the year. Many of them are volunteer related.

 community engagement

3.Science Building

The science building is the major building for science classes. There are also plenty of faculty offices. This is a great place to go to for any help in your classes.

 for science


The library is the key tool to research. There are plenty of computers to use. As well as librarians eager to help you find information on your topics.

interior of library

5.Campus Kitchen

This is a key place that services those in need. It is a food rescue operation that uses unused food from the dining halls. It collects the food and is given to those in need.

 campus kitchen

6.Central Garden

This building houses a campus garden. The garden is harvested for veggies and herbs. The food is then used to give campus dining locations a local feel.

 tasty veggies

7.Produce Market

These are temporary mini buildings that allow students great food. It gives them easy access to local and fresh produce. There also happens to be some recipe demos depending on the date.

 produce market

8.Riverwalk Apartments

This is mostly used by upperclassmen. It gives students an apartment style feel. The apartments are fully furnished but make sure to bring things to decorate your new space.

picture of exterior apartments

9.Ball Hall

This is a dorm style living for first year students. You can opt to live in a single,double, or triple room. The building is co-ed but separated.

 ball hall Indiana University - Purdue

10.Center for Service and Learning

This building is for those looking for volunteer opportunities. They help you every step of the way. They give you different resources or places to visit online that you can use.

 service and learning

Interesting Facts about Indiana University – Purdue


Sustainability is a huge part of the school. So much so that the school looks to educate those on proper waste disposal. The school was even given LEED certification which is high marks for good uses for sustainable practices.

 sustainability buildings

2.Science of Students

There are many students who study some form of science. In fact 30% of them are a form of minority group. 88% of the students who graduate from the program get a job post grad or continue their education.

 science aspects

3. Nine

The school is high ranked for employment in the sciences. This is a great way for students to get employed in their majors. They are the 9th largest employer.

 science elements


The school of science gets a lot of money for their research endeavors. To be exact they make around 6 million a year. The numbers can only increase from here.

 grant funding


Of the school of science the school looks to give a intimate feel. That means it is accessible for students to have a chance to talk with their teachers about projects and assignments. Which is why the class sizes are usually no larger than 17 students.

 student learning

10 of the Coolest Clubs at IUPUI

Apart from achieving your academic goals in college it is important to engage yourself in other recreational activities in order to learn new things. The time in college is very limited and most a time it flies without even the students realizing. These recreational activities are offered within clubs and organizations around the university. They are also a good way to meet new people and make new friends. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs at Indiana University – Purdue.

1. Applied Computing Club

Blogs, social media sites, websites; we all access them in a day to day basis. Do you ever wonder how they came to be? Well, wonder no more! In the Applied Computing Club, members learn how to design such websites and apps. Interestingly, no prior knowledge on programming is required to join the club.

Computer with application icons

2. Art Therapy Club: Hold The Space

Art is form of expression. The Art Therapy Club, is a registered club that intends to educate students about art therapy. Members get to engage and interact with other students sharing the same passion for art therapy.

=Painted face

3. Freestyle Hip Hop Club

Are you interested in learning about Hip Hop dance styles? The Freestyle Hip Hop Club offers you an opportunity to learn street dance styles which include krump, breakdancing and poplocking. Members, irrespective of their dancing skills will be trained on dance movements and choreography.

People dancing

4. Capital Investment Club

The Capital Investment Club intends to make your business and academic goals a reality. Members are taken through networking and learning both in a very unique way to suit your goals and ambitions. Topics in finance and management are discussed.

capital investment

5. Club Tennis at IUPUI

Club Tennis at IUPUI is welcome to all members of the IUPUI community irrespective of skill level. New members are taken through basic skills and techniques to be able to understand the sport and play it. Members have the chance to visit other campuses for events and tournaments.

People playing tennis

6. Climbing Club at IUPUI

Have you ever wanted to learn the sport of rock climbing? The Climbing Club at IUPUI gives you an array of climbing choices to choose from depending on your interests. Members have the option to going for mountaineering or bouldering among others.

People climbing a big rock

7. English Club at IUPUI

English Club at IUPUI lets you meet other students who have the same love for writing, reading, watching and making films. Here your skills in reading and writing are developed and enhanced. Membership is open for all students within the IUPUI community.


8. Gamers Hall

Are you a gamer? Gamers Hall presents you with a great opportunity to participate in events, gaming competitions and other student initiatives. The club promotes gaming within the campus and brings together students with the same interests.

Gamer 4 life

9. Motorsports Club @ IUPUI

If you have an interest in the field of Motorsports then you have a club to associate with, the Motorsports Club @ IUPUI. Members get to attend racing events and apply the knowledge on racing principles taught in class. Check it out and become a member.

People standing outside a sport car

10. Give Kids a Smile

This is a club determined help children in need by offering education and free oral healthcare. It is a national organization, and currently they are commencing a IU chapter to assist local Indianapolis community. Membership is open to all students.

happy Kids

Top Events During the School Year at Indiana University – Purdue

1. Chinese Culture Hour

This is an event open to all students who world love to expand their global connections. A variety of topics relating to Chinese culture such as art, medicine, history, festivals among others will be discussed. Refreshments and live entertainment will be available.

Chinese culture

2. We’re Here, We’re Queer, Now What?

This event gives you a chance to learn about the different opportunities that college has to offer. Coming to college allows you to grow personally, academically and socially. This event helps you grow and develop your professional and personal skills.

Get together

3. Yoga for Joyful Living Seminar

This is an open and free event for all IU students. Students will learn about the fundamentals of yoga including the history, yoga postures, meditation as well as breathing exercises. It is a fun and interactive event!

Women practicing yoga in a class

4. Major Career Information Day

This is a casual event that is open and free to all IU students to learn about different academic programs offered at the institution. Students will get free T-shirts when they participate in exploration activities. There will be free food.

A 3d image of career ladder. Isolated on white.

5. Saddle Bound

Are you interested in learning about horses? This is an interactive event that gives you a chance to learn about horses, how to take care of them and also know about the food they eat. Check it out and show up!

horse ridding

Top 10 Professors at Indiana University – Purdue

Having a dream as a child is what leads us to choose the path we will follow in our future but sometimes that path to our goals can be difficult and makes us doubt our decisions. A good idea to solve this and to keep our minds in the right path is wise to find a guide, and who better guide for the future we want that a professor who has been in the same position not too long ago. They are in their actual position because they failed and tried again. So that’s why, for all the advices and lives they change that here is the Top 10 Professors at the Indiana University – Purdue that will help you keep your priorities in order and reach your goals.

1) Michael Yard

=Michael Yard. Professor of Biology.Rating: 96%Department: Biology.Courses Taught by Michael YardBIO261 – Learn MoreBIO216 – Learn MoreBIO217 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of Michael Yard“My absolute favorite professor and class. He made anatomy fun and super interesting. He cares about everyone, and will do anything to help you. One of the only science lectures I actually liked going to. He talks about crazy stories and always has everyone’s attention. Dr. Yard puts things in the grade book super fast and offers great extra credit”“Professor Yard is the best professor I have yet to run into at IUPUI. You can tell he generally cares about his students. Literally will stop during lectures to say this will be on the test. He also offers trips to the cadaver lab, extra credit, and opportunities to accompany him on autopsies. I would recommend his Anatomy class to anyone.”“He is an all around amazing professor. He will make you work for your grade, but he will reward your hard work. It the best class I have ever taken. He is inspirational and makes the lectures fun, don’t skip class because of Kalturas. Go to mentoring and relisten to Kalturas, do your condensed notes and lab books. If you try you will have no probs.”

2) Christopher Dona

Christopher Dona. Professor of Math.Rating: 96%Department: Mathematics.Courses Taught by Christopher DonaMATH118 – Learn MoreMATH153 – Learn MoreMATH119 – Learn MoreMATH111 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of Christopher Dona“The guy is hilarious, and understands that math is hard for some people. He tells jokes and puns that make it easier to remember things.”“By far the best math professor I have had. One of the easiest classes I have taken, and not because it is an easy subject, but because of how Professor Dona chooses to teach it. He incorporates teachings that are fun and very informative. Throughout the whole class, I never found one thing hard about this class. He tells you how to study for tests.”“Christopher Dona is a great instructor gives out many opportunities to get extra points in his class. He is also very helpful and makes sure we know and have the resources to pass his class. Overall, the class is well organized and structured. Definitely recommend taking his class.”

3) David E. Steele

David E. Steele. Professor of Business.Rating: 96%Department: Business.Courses Taught by David E. SteeleBUS105 – Learn MoreBUS100 – Learn MoreBUS311 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of David E. Steele“Professor Steele is the by far the best professor I have had in the Kelley School. He doesn’t teach to the text book; he teaches you things that will make you a better business professional and relates that to the generic text book readings. Take initiative, stay engaged, and you will learn a ton! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be honest!”“Professor Steele is the best professor and mentor I have ever had. He is well respected, caring, knowledgeable, and great lecturer. He was intimidating at first, but he should be. Be active in class and talk to him, he will invest in you to make you the best you can be! Travel with him as well, to both NYC and London. He is so very insightful.”“Professor Steele is one of the best professors at Kelley hands down. He’s a practitioner, not an academic, and it shows in how he runs his class. His experience as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, and venture capitalist create a wealth of knowledge for him to pull from. He’s the closest thing to “the real world” as you’re gonna find at Kelley.”

4) Kathleen Marrs

Kathleen Marrs. Professor of Biology.sRating: 94%Department: Biology.Courses Taught by Kathleen MarrsBIO100 – Learn MoreBIO101 – Learn MoreBIO102 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of Kathleen Marrs“Great professor! She was so helpful when it came to feedback for tests and material. She usually gives back points on tests. Lab and recitation attendance was mandatory while the lecture was not, but they still used Tophat as an attendance tool. Great overall!”“Shes a gem. So so so sweet. The class is hard but it is supposed to be, and she makes us practice exams and makes power points over what we got wrong on the test and how to fix it for the future.”“Very interesting lectures and easy to understand. That’s all I could ask for.”

5) Joan Rainey

Joan Rainey. Professor of Math.Rating: 94%Department: Mathematics.Courses Taught by Joan RaineyMATH118 – Learn MoreMATH119 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of Joan Rainey“Amazing teacher and you will get a good grade or you didn’t even show up and try.”“Rainey will do what she can to help her students succeed. Try your hardest and this class will be easy. There is a take home quiz to do over the weekend and turn in on Monday.”“Really not a single problem, just turn in the quizzes and print the notes and you will pass. Be prepared for really corny jokes that you laugh at bc she laughs at her own jokes. Very fun prof.”

6) Maan Omran

Maan Omran. Professor of Math.Rating: 92%Department: Mathematics.Courses Taught by Maan OmranMATH111 – Learn MoreMATH118 – Learn MoreMATH119 – Learn MoreMATH153 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of Maan Omran“Maan Omran is one of the finest professors I have ever encountered. Twenty-four years after taking his Finite Mathematics class, I still remember his name, his teaching style, and, more importantly, how much I really enjoyed learning math while in his class. His teaching style is very much “Festina Lente” (make haste, slowly).”“He is awesome. I had an A- and he even boosted my grade to an A. He is very helpful if you don’t understand things and is also hilarious.”“He always extends assignments to help give the students as many chances as possible to pass and he goes over examples that will be on the test. He is also very funny!”

7) Jeffrey Watt

Jeffrey Watt. Professor of Math.Rating: 90%Department: Mathematics.Courses Taught by Jeffrey WattMATH163 – Learn MoreMATH164 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of Jeffrey Watt“I love Dr. Watt! I thought he made his classes difficult enough for students to learn yet easy enough for students to pass by giving lots of points for homework/quizzes/and by giving lots of tests. Tests get curved and he even gave some quiz points for attendance some days! His student do way better on the final than any other prof!.”“This guy is amazing. The workload in this class is much larger, it’s the only one that comes w/ a recitation but man oh man is he worth it. He makes some of the tougher ideas seem perfectly manageable. I’m taking him again for 166.”“He is a great Calc 16500 prof and makes you earn your grades.”

8) Kevin Robbins

Kevin Robbins. Professor of History.Rating: 90%Department: History.Courses Taught by Kevin RobbinsHIS113 – Learn MoreHIS114 – Learn MoreHIS355 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of Kevin Robbins“Awesome teacher, a lot of reading but nothing too heavy, allows rewrites on papers.”“Best professor I have ever had. He is a tough grader and there is a lot of reading, but the content and the conversation is worth it. He inspires me to be a better human and works to give us the best education we can have. The conversations could last hours. Easily one of the most inspirational men I have met and hope I can study more with him.”“Dr. Robbins is the best professor I’ve ever had. It was a challenging and rewarding class. Professors like these are why I came to a university.”

9) Andy Baker

Andy Baker. Professor of Geography.Rating: 90%Department: Geography.Courses Taught by Andy BakerGEOG107 – Learn MoreGEOG108 – Learn MoreGEOG110 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of Andy Baker“One of the best instructors I’ve had at IUPUI. Lectures are always to the point and easy to follow. His quiz questions are always very straightforward, as are his assignment instructions. Even when teaching an online class, he had a lot of personality in his lectures. My only complaint was that he was sometimes distrusting to students in his tone.”“Professor Baker is by far my favorite professor! He makes everything super clear, answers questions, responds quickly, and makes everything fair. His online class could be a lot of work at times, but as long as you took notes for the weekly quizzes (on Sundays) it wasn’t bad. Would definitely recommend him to anyone!”“He is the greatest. Never takes attendance, yet I came everyday. How can he know so much about the world? He answers emails like none other and is so pro-student. By far my favorite prof at IUPUI.”

10) Shahrokh Towfighi

Shahrokh Towfighi. Professor of Economics.Rating: 90%Department: Economics.Courses Taught by Shahrokh TowfighiECON201 – Learn MoreECON270 – Learn MoreStudent Reviews of Shahrokh Towfighi“Best econ professor ever.”“He was a great professor to have for Econometrics! I took this class the semester after I completed his E270 course. He is very willing to help you understand the content outside of his class. You need to do the homework to do well on the tests. Tests weren’t too difficult, and he gives extra time to complete them. I would really recommend.”“AWESOME PROF, one of my favorites to IUPUI. Literally just show up to class, pay attention to his semi boring lectures – he makes them funny because he wants you to learn and pay attention. If you don’t show up, you’ll do bad on hw and there isn’t many grades in the class.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at IUPUI

1) Research Project by Lin Zhu

Lin Zhu. Professor of Chemistry.Faculty: Chemistry at IUPUIProfessors Zhu’s research interests in the chemical field are about development and evaluation of online version of Peer-led Team Learning (PLTL) program. He is also the author of publications about principles of chemistry, general chemistry and biological and organic chemistry.

2) Research Project by John McCormick

John McCormick. Professor of Politics.Faculty: Political Science at IUPUIProfessor McCormick’s research interests in his expertise field lie mostly in the environmental policy, politics and policies of the European Union, and comparative politics, making most of his works and publications about the politics and policies of the European Union. Also, he was the organizer and founder of the annual Midwest Model European Union (1993-2012).

3) Research Project by Keith Anliker

Keith Anliker. Professor of Chemistry.Faculty: Chemistry at IUPUIProfessors Anliker’s areas of interest, expertise and research are chemical education and public outreach. He seeks to develop and implement methods for improving performance in introductory chemistry, evaluate emerging technologies for their use in the classroom and for distance education, develop demonstrations of chemical phenomena, and design and test experiments for the undergraduate laboratory curriculum. Also, he is interested in improving strategies for training and coordination of teaching assistants.

4) Research Project by Matthew Condon

Matthew Condon. Professor of Religious Studies.Faculty: Religious Studies at IUPUIProfessor Condon’s studies and research interests are about religion and violence, religious identity and ethics, religion and literature, and modern religious thought. He takes very serious his investigations about violence and religion and its implications. Also, he serves in the teaching and advising committee in the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI.

5) Research Project by Kathryn C. Glidden

Kathryn C. Glidden. Professor of Anthropology.Faculty: Anthropology at IUPUIProfessor Glidden’s research interests in the anthropology field are about historical archaeology, bioarchaeology, osteology, and archaeological and physical anthropology laboratory methods. She also makes studies in human origins and prehistory, which she teaches at IUPUI.

10 of the Easiest Classes at IUPUI

Are you looking for some easy classes at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis to boost your GPA next semester? IUPUI has a wide variety of courses that any individual can find enticing. But here are 10 of the easiest ones available.


This class is about the origins of Man and his evolution through the Stone and Metal Ages. Nothing super difficult, since it’s a gen-ed History course that will captivate anyone who takes it.

Image result for cave paintings


If you’re not planning on doing anything else with Chemistry during college, this class is made for you. It covers the basics of chemistry, atomic and molecular structure, bonding, properties and reactions of elements and compounds, stoichiometry, solutions, and acids and bases.

Image result for chemistry


For most teenagers, this class should be mostly common knowledge about some of the topics. It dives into media ethics and the media construction of social institutions, while also explaining the role mass media plays in the digital age. Social media is a form of mass media, so that can be something we’re familiar with.

                                                                                                                              Image result for mass media


All you have to do for this course is keep up with the readings of the poems, novels, and dramas you’re assigned to analyze. The professors are happy as long as you give your own interpretation of the work, so essentially there aren’t many wrong answers.

                                    Image result for literature


This is another one where you just have to stay on top of the readings given and pay attention to the different kinds of folklore. The role of folklore in the life of mankind is a main focal point for the course.

                                                                                                  Image result for folklore


This is all about an introduction to geology through discussion of geological topics that show the influence of geology on modern society. It’s studying the planet we live on. Nothing hard about that. It’s a lot of hands-on learning, but easy to get into.

horseshoe bend


For this one, attending the lectures is basically a necessity, but the professors make sure to give you all the information you need there. The material is about how the American criminal justice system plays a role in society today.

Image result for american criminal justice system


It is designed specifically for freshmen, this class is for anyone interested in some sort of teaching position later on in life. It gives them all the information they need for any sort of job related to teaching. 

special education learning class


While this course might seem daunting for people not comfortable with forensic science, it’s actually quite welcoming and easy to adjust to. During this laboratory course you will learn basic techniques used to analyze forensic evidence. This will start with concepts in evidence documentation and collection. You will then learn concepts used in pattern recognition, forensic chemistry and biology, and trace evidence.

fingerprint scanning


What else can be said? This is basically gym class. There will be beginning instruction in basic skills and incorporation of basic routines in trampoline, tumbling and vaulting. Showing up to class is a lot of the points, so just go and you’ll be fine.         

Image result for gymnastics

Even while college itself isn’t necessarily a effortless experience, you can rest easy knowing that these 10 classes at IUPUI will be sure to grant you the grade you’re looking for, as long as you follow the advice given and go into the class with an open mind and a willingness to adapt.