10 Buildings You Must Know at Husson University

Husson University is a private university in Bangor, Maine.  The school has an 80% acceptance rate. The undergraduate enrolment is around 2,700 students. The average cost of the school with financial aid is around 20k. Here are 10 buildings you need to visit at Husson University.

1. Gracie Theater

 inside gracie theater  with chairs

Gracie Theater is a theater that seats over 500 people. The theater is used throughout the year for a variety of different events. The theater has events going on such as plays, musicals, concerts, and live tapings. It is a great place to take visiting family and friends for inexpensive entertainment.

2. Quirk House

outside view of the quirk house

The Quirk House is the financial services building. This means that the building serves as the place you would inquire about any paystubs or possible questions about payroll in general as a campus staff member. It is a smaller building and has the outside exterior as a house.

3. Wellness Center

Students walking near the wellness center

The wellness center is where you will find the health and counseling services. The wellness center overall is meant for students to be at their peak performance mentally and physically in order to go through their day. The health center is for students to get affordable checkups and advice on any health needs.

4. Newman Gymnasium

inside of the basketball court

Newman Gymnasium is where students practice basketball and volleyball. Both men’s and women’s sports occur here and is also the main area for home games. This is the perfect building to visit in the off-time if you want to get in a game with your friend.

5. Peabody Hall

a table with paper cranes in a library

In Peabody Hall, this will be the main building for you to visit during the year. The hall holds Sawyer Library where students can go when they are looking to gather information. The building also holds the student center and an auditorium for large scale events and performances.

6. Dickerman Dining Center

inside of the dining center with chairs and salad bar

Dickerman Dining center is where students go-to for a majority of the means on campus. The dining center serves all three meals and is open from the time period of 7:15 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. The center holds a pizza station, grill area, pasta area, salad bar and has changing menus for the freshest ingredients.

7. O’Donnell Commons

Robert O’Donnell Commons outside view

The O’Donnell Commons is where you will find the student services office. It also holds the school of health and the school of education. The building has plenty of offices rooms, study areas, and lecture halls for students to use and occupy.

8. Wildey Communication Center

wildey communication center outside view

The Wildey Communication Center is the building for students to take any and all communication classes. There are also different rooms that are meant for students to get real-life experience doing the job such as an audio engineering room, newsroom, editing room, radio hall, and a TV production room.

9. Hart Hall

  hart hall outside view with trees

Hart Hall is the main residence space for first-year students. It has 9 different floors. The largeness of the building makes it ideal for meeting new friends and people in your classes. There are always events happening so that you are able to socialize with your fellow classmates. There are lounge areas with TV’s and study rooms for optimal quiet time.

10. Bell Hall

 a typical dorm

Bell Hall is a residence hall for students to stay that makes it convenient so that your classes are nearby and you don’t have to worry about a long commute. The hall holds students of all different majors and years. There are two floors for first-year students and the rest are primarily upperclassmen.

Husson University is a small school that allows students to take their classes while having smaller sized classrooms. The smaller enrolment size makes it ideal for students to get the most out of the class. The smaller size allows students to meet with their professors. The smaller campus allows students to visit all their favorite buildings without having to walk far distances.

10 Coolest Courses at Husson University

College is a constant stress of finding the right courses, studying and completing all work on time. In addition to our outside duties, school can sometimes seem like a drag. One way to spice up your education is by taking classes outside of your major that can spark an outside passion. Luckily for students attending Husson University, students have amazing options of elective classes to take. Take a look at this article to help you find your next fun course this upcoming school year.

1. CJ 215 – Police Operations

Police officer on duty, using ipad

In this course, you will learn more about the duties and scenarios police officers are met with on a daily basis. You will focus on their everyday problems and operations of the police department. You will also study the importance of police service. This course will help you learn more about the behind the scenes actions that police officers must encounter.

2. FA 101 – Art and Human Experience

this is a person drawing cartoons

If you have ever wanted to learn more about art, or simply want to take a relaxing course, this is the perfect course for you. In this course, you will learn more about the different methods and ideas that play a role in art. You will learn more about how art can be produces and how art has impacted history. You will also get the opportunity to learn more about expressing your creativity through art.

3. EP 111 – Introduction to Theatre

the inside of a crowded theatre.

In this course, you will focus on how theatre has revolutionized throughout the years. You will study the history of theatre along with the modern day changes that are happening today. Along with this, you will study theatrical techniques. Lastly, a part of the class will put focus on how the theatre industry functions.

4. HU 102 – Introduction to Film Studies

Picture of elements found on a film set, including a camera, chair, film and lights.

If you love the movies, this is a great behind the scenes course. Here you will study more about the meaning behind movement, scenery and many other factors in film. This class will also include many videos and recordings that you will watch to study the progression of film over time.

5. SM 101 – Intro to Sport Management

a sport manager overlooking the field.

In this course, you will focus on the history of sport management and how it impacts current day issues. You will learn more about different career opportunities in this field. You will also study current day issues that occur in Sport Management and how to fix them.

6. CJ 101 – Intro to Justice & Pub Safety

The courtroom hammer displaying justice.

Have you ever watched a crime show and wanted to learn more about criminology? If so, this is the perfect class for the future criminology major or just someone interested in learning more about the social reality of crimes. Here you will study the role of law enforcement along with the court system. You will also study different facilities and working law enforcement agencies. This is an interesting class as you will get the opportunity to join the class on arranged visits to places such as detention facilities.

7. FA 113 – The Art of Cartooning

a person drawing a cartoon.

In this course, you will learn more about the fundamentals of cartoon drawing. This is a very rare class in many colleges and you should take advantage of being able to enroll! In this class you will use different types of writing elements to evaluate different cartoon presentations. You will use items such as pencils, markers, pens and ink.

8. EP 122 – Entertainment Design & Technology

different types of entertainment technology apps.

This course focuses on the basics of the design in theatre. You will learn how to use basic equipment and the fundamentals of film-making. Along with this you will study the designs and operations in theatre everyday. Some examples of topics will include lighting, projecting and scenery.

9. HU 111 – American Sign Language

a person using sign language.

If you have ever been interested in learning ASL, this is the perfect opportunity for you. In this course, you will get to learn the conversational skills necessary to communicate in ASL. This course will require working with others and also a videotape for recordings.

10. SY 205 – Addiction: Insights and Issues

a hand surrounded by drugs symbolizing addiction.

This is a very unique class home to Husson University. You will focus on alcohol and other drug substance abuse. You will be required to study how alcohol dependence impacts individuals and society today. This is a great way to learn more about the struggles behind alcohol and drug abuse that often go unseen. You will also get the opportunity to learn more about assessment and treatment for these causes.

College can be a fun experience if you allow yourself to take the right courses. Although you may be taking difficult classes, it is important to give yourself a breather or an elective to relieve your mind from this stress. This article has introduced you to 10 of the most fun classes available at Husson University. Let this article guide you to your next elective course today!

10 Hardest Courses at Husson University

The hardest courses at Husson University are challenging to pass, but through constant dedication and effort, students will be able to get through them. It is vital to maintain complete focus and pay attention to get the most out of these difficult classes.

1. AC 253 – Accounting Internship III

A man doing accounting work on computer

This course is experiential which means students intern for an accounting related positions in a non-profit organization or a business. Students will learn about multidisciplinary accounting elements along with finding their placement site during the internship. This course is hard because it requires students to apply accounting concepts to real-life situations. Along with that, they have to report to the internship director daily with their progress report which can be quite challenging.

2. AC 471 – Accounting for Nonprofit organizations

Accounting Cycle for non-profit organizations

This course deals with fund accounting and financial statements of universities, hospitals, and local government entities. Students will learn about the general financial principles, and operations, general funds, capital improvements and revenue fund. Along with these, they will also discover debt service funds, agency funds, and propriety funds. This course is hard to manage due to multiple concepts and students have to excel in each to pass the subject.

3. BA 210 – Economics Overview for Non-Business Majors

Economics and related theories and concepts

This course is an overview of macroeconomics and microeconomics concepts for the non-business majors. It includes topics such as the intro to American capitalism, elasticity, supply and demand, price and output determination and consumer demand. Moreover, the course will be difficult to pass because of other topics inclusion like inflation, government fiscal policy, and national income account details.

4. BA 440 – Small Business Management

sign boards showing success and failure

This course deals with current small business managers and their concepts for starting small businesses. Topics covered in this course are problems arising for small business startups, management of operations, administrative control and financial control. It has strong emphasis over the financial picture of the business with the combination of discussion and lecture during class hours. The challenging part of the course is when the students will have to present their own experience by interacting with multiple small businesses.

5. CJ 101 – Intro to Justice & Pub Safety

Picture of 2 policemen

This course may be difficult at first for the students as it introduces the students to criminal behaviors, the social reality of crime and uncountable laws related to criminal justice. Moreover, students will exercise the roles of prosecutions, the role of law enforcement, the court system, defense, and juvenile justice. It will be a hard course to pass due to frequent visits to courts and working with the law agencies to understand the criminal justice system.

6. HY 111 – United States History

Historical painting of government of USA

Students will discover the social, economic and political growth of the US from the time of the 1620s till the Civil War in this subject. There will be a wide view of colonial settlements, revolutionary war, the war of 1812 and Jacksonian Democracy. Moreover, students will learn about the causes of civil war and the obstacles during the reconstruction era. It will be a hard course to study because of detailed history to remember.

7. FA 120 – Drawing I

drawing of human eye

Drawing I may seem to be an easy course, but it focuses on the details of the drawing. It is an introductory course which focuses on the fundamentals of white and black drawing. Students will explore the direct observation regarding the principles of Design and elements of Arts. It is necessary for students to draw accurately and according to the rules to pass this course.

8. MS 141 – Contemporary College Algebra

Algebra formula

This course teaches students about algebra, functions in modeling and problem solving, quantitative literacy and other mathematics disciplines. The challenging part of this course is when students have to present real-world situations by interpreting mathematical models. It will be hard for the students to formulate problems, validate them and analyze them through algebraic techniques.

9. LC 101 – Foreign Language Level One

names of foreign languages in a word cloud

This is an introductory course for language. Students will develop the basic competency for communication of a certain language they prefer. Moreover, they will have to understand the culture and basic grammar. The course will focus on student’s listening, reading, speaking and writing skills of the language. To pass the course, students will have to present the best pronunciations of the language through their aural skills.

10. HU 102 – Introduction to Film Studies

A girl recording the scene in film camera

This course deals with feature films history from the silent era until the age of digitalization. The special emphasis of this course is on the directors and films which are the best of both eras. Students will have acquaintance with the film theory and hone skills like critical thinking and clear writing. Along with that, they need to develop solid interpretation skills by engaging in conversations.

Thus, courses are hard to pass, but when students attend classes regularly and take notes, it will surely help them. It is important to stay up to date with every course to pass with distinction in all the courses.

Top 10 Majors Offered at Husson University

Husson University is the only private university in Bangor, Maine. It was established in 1890. Husson University originally began as a business school but became a university in 2008 when it began offering Bachelor of Schools. This list contains the top 10 majors offered at Howard University.

1.   Business Administration (B.S. MBA)

A business meeting

Husson University has a very prominent college of business and is one of the most sought-after majors at the university. The school of business specializes in preparing students to pursue a variety of career in the public sector, private and corporate sector.

2.    Communication Technology (B.S.)

Digital communication

Husson University may excel in its arts and business programs but also offer an excellent communication technology program. Students who major in communication technology can concentrate on audio engineering, live sound technology, and video production.

3.   Finance (B.S.)


The department of finance at Husson University is shared with business and is just as large and prominent. The school’s program concentrates on personal and corporate financial management issue.

4.   Health Care Administration/Management (MBA)


Majors in the health care administration are growing proportionately to the health care sector. Husson University offers a unique MBA program for health care management. The goal is to train students who can identify and solve management issues in various health care organizations, as well as take on financial management positions in health care organizations.

5.   Homeland Security

Homeland security badge

Homeland Security is one of the fastest growing majors at Husson University. The school prepares students to take on professional careers in security service agencies and other related protection services. Students are given a fundamental background to understand law enforcement, the military, and corporate security agencies.

6.   Law Enforcement (B.S.)

Security operatives practicing shooting

Husson University stands out for its programs in security and protection services, and its law enforcement program is no different. The program is structured to give students the fundamental knowledge needed to excel in leadership, law, and justice.

7.   Marketing (B.S.)

Strategies for successful marketing

Marketing at Husson University is handled by its Business College which is highly respected for maintaining a standard of excellence. Students who concentrate in marketing are taught the components, importance, and structure of the market along with modern concepts of marketing.

8.   Nursing (RN – BSN)

A nurse checking a child

Nurses make up the largest fraction of the health care industry, which shows just how important they are to society. The school builds students in knowledge, intelligence, confidence, competence, and an understanding of professional relationships. The nursing program of Husson University is over 100 years old and is committed to building competent professional nurses.

9.   Pharmacy (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.)

A pharmacist is a drug shop

The Husson University’s school of pharmacy is often referred to as the regional leader in collegiate pharmacy. The school’s program in pharmacy is committed to advancing the practice of pharmacy and rural health care delivery.

10.  Psychology (B.S.)

Major topics in psychology

Psychology remains one of the most sought-after baccalaureate majors even at Husson University. The school has a standard department of psychology which applies modern research and clinical methods to teach students the mental processes and behavior of humans.

10 Library Resources at Husson University

Husson University is located in beautiful Bangor, Maine. Husson has an on campus library, as well as many resources off and around campus. Students should take advantage of the resources listed below during their years at Husson.

1. Articles

Husson University

The articles section can be found on the Husson University Library website. It has books, articles, and other media for students to utilize. These articles can be beneficial to student research projects.

2. Archives

Library Archives

The Husson Library has university archives and collections. These archives hold rare books, photos, manuscripts, and other documents that would otherwise not be available. The students are able to access both digital archives and physical archives through the library.

3. Databases

Library Databases Logo

Databases are a great resource for student research or for extending knowledge on a subject. The online databases have scholarly articles in nearly every subject that the students are able to explore. Go to the Husson University Library website to see what is offered.

4. Journals

Some of the things that is offered in the library

The Husson Library has a collection of journals and other media for its students to access online. Journals are an excellent supplement to in class learning and research. Students can visit the Husson Library website, and click on the journals link to search for material.

5. Study Guides

Library Study Guide

Research and study guides can help students conduct research on specific subject areas or to prepare for tests. On the Husson University Library Website, there are research guides for STEM, History, Government, and more. Be sure to check out this resource before beginning your research or when studying for an exam.

6. How To Guides

Students in Husson Library

The How TO Guide on the library website is a guide on how to find and access materials from the library. It is often overwhelming for students when faced with everything that the library has to offer. How to guides allow students to have a better opportunity of accessing everything that the library has to offer.

7. Books

Students Studying at the library

Students are able to check out books from the library. Often times, textbooks could be able for rent as well. This can be a huge resource, especially when you are trying to save money on books.

8. Interlibrary Loan through WorldCat

Inter Library Loan Logo

If the on campus library does not have the book that you need, you are able to access it through an ILL request form. An ILL request form allows you to get the book on loan from another library. You will be able to check the book out at your campus, and then they will return it to the library after your loan is up. Go on the website and visit the WorldCat link to learn more.

9. eBooks

Using an ebook at the library

Books are available in the library, but are also accessible to students online. eBooks allow for easy check out and return, and allow you to have all of your resources in one place. Visit the website to learn more about eBooks or go talk to a librarian today!

10. Ask a Librarian

Students studying at the library

Students are able to talk to librarians to discuss research, finding resources, and picking what books would be right for them. Students can either walk in or schedule an appointment with these professionals. There is also a link on the library website for librarian assistance.

Libraries on and near campus

1. W. Tom and Bonnie Sawyer Library

Students enjoying the Husson Library

The W. Tom and Bonnie Sawyer Library, or the Sawyer Library, is Husson’s on campus library. It is opened until midnight Sunday to Thursday, and closes at 7 on both Friday and Saturday. The resources in the section above are offered through Sawyer Library.

2. Bangor Public Library

A librarian at Bangor Public Library

Bangor Library has much to offer to the community. The most unique options that this library has are seminars and book readings. Participating in these events is a great way to become part of the greater Bangor community.

3. Moulton Library

Moulton Library

The Moulton Library is home to the Bangor Theological Seminary. It is located extremely close to campus. It is a privately owned and run company in Maine, but it has resources to offer to students.

4. Bangor Public Library eBooks

Bangor Public Library

Bangor Public Library also has an eBook option that can be utilized by members of the community. It is an excellent option for students who do not have a car to visit the branch in person. They have books on the website that may be useful for classes or personal learning. To access these books, you can get a Bangor Public Library Card.

5. Nottage Library

A student at Nottage Library

The Nottage Library is the library on the University of Maine campus. Being another college library, it has a great amount of resources for students. If something is not available through the Husson Library, students should investigate and see if it can be found at Nottage.

Libraries are a good resource for students on a budget. With online reserves, there are free articles, books, and journals at the tip of your fingers. Both the on campus libraries and the off campus branches have infinite resources for schools.

Top 10 Dorms at Husson University

Bangor, Maine is one of the top vacation destinations in the state of Vacationland. However, it also has a strong academic sense. For those Husson University students, there are ten solid places where they could live listed below:

1. Carlisle Hall

This is an image of the welcome desk at Carlisle Hall

Address: B106, 1 College Circle

The diversity of Carlisle Hall is its strongest aspect. It even manages to stand out amid the slew of traditional and high-concept features of an average college dorm. For example, every floor has a different perk to it and a different study focus for residents, including one that is a twenty-four hour study floor!

2. Bell Hall

This is an image of a dorm room in Bell Hall

Address: 104A, 1 College Circle

Bell Hall typically tends to be a residence hall for upperclassmen. However, there is an opportunity for some first year students to get their feet wet on the lower floors. Not only could an excellent sense of community develop out of this, but so could a strong bond of mentorship.

3. Darling Learning Center

This is an image of the steps outside of the Darling Learning Center

Address: Darling Learning Center 222

The Darling Learning Center is a fairly unconventional place for students to live because of its very nature. Classrooms are located on the lower floors with dorm rooms on the higher ones. This provides a strong sense of academic identity to the Husson student population.

4. Husson Townhouses

This is an image of the Husson Townhouses

Address: 150 Husson Avenue

The strongest non-dorm option on the Husson campus has to be the townhouses. Mostly reserved for upperclassmen, they are a great way for students to transition off campus. Utilities are included, too, so there are far fewer bills to pay than usual!

5. Hart Hall

This is an image of a dorm room in Hart Hall

Address: 401A, 1 College Circle

Hart Hall is a widespread living area and the last on campus option on the list. The dorms come fully furnished, which is an obvious plus to Hart. Additionally, meal plans are considered one of Hart’s top priorities as students tend to flock towards food items like quesadillas and ice cream sandwiches.

6. Columbia Apartments

This is an image of a room in Columbia

Address: 72 Columbia Street

The best off campus option is also the cheapest one for Husson students. It does not come fully furnished, so that is worth keeping in mind, but it hardly matters when the rent is so low! Additionally, it’s just a short walk from the best of the Bangor nightlife.

7. Cumberland Court

This is an image of Cumberland Court

Address: 323 Husson Avenue

Cumberland Court is the off campus option that is closest to the Husson campus as it comes in on the same street as the school’s townhouses. Just a quick walk from campus, students will never have a tough time getting to class. There is also plenty of room for parking here, as well!

8. Garland Apartments

This is an image of the back of Garland

Address: 9 Garland Street

A very small option for off campus housing, Garland ranks so high because of its affordability. If it’s community and bonds you’re after, Garland is not the one for you. If you’re looking for plenty of quiet time to study, then Garland is the best possible choice!

9. Forest Avenue Apartments

This is an image of a kitchen at the Forest Avenue Apartments

Address: 157 Forest Avenue

The space at Forest Avenue is very minimal. If you don’t mind a studio apartment, then surely you won’t mind living here. However, if you need plenty of room or are looking for roommates, then Forest Avenue is not necessarily your best choice.

10. Merchant Plaza

This is an image of the kitchen in Merchant Plaza

Address: 22 Merchant Plaza

The style of Merchant Plaza is not newly renovated, but it does have a certain Maine charm to it. Additionally, if you’re living in Maine you’re going to have to deal with the bitter cold during the winter. Fortunately, heating is included in the rent at Merchant Plaza!


Husson has so many great living options for you, as you can now see. It doesn’t need to prove itself, but it more than has with the above list. It carries its weight for what students can expect in terms of living situations at school.


Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Husson

1. Room Basics

This is an image of V-neck t-shirts

– Extra clothes
– Blankets
– Waste baskets
– Trash bags
– Electronics charger

2. Food and Snacks

This is an image of a bread box

– Crockpot
– Refillable water bottle
– Bread box
– Toaster
– Butter

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of a telescope

– Audio visual cables
– Computer games
– Telescope
– Binoculars
– Bird watching book

4. School Supplies

This is an image of glue sticks

– Post It Notes
– Glue
– Scissors
– Paper clips
– Clothespins

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of a vacuum with a charger

– Vacuum
– Tissue box cover
– Vacuum charger
– Dustpan
– Broom

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of winter attire, including boots and mittens

– Snow boots
– Snow shovel
– Mittens
– Earmuffs and winter hat
– Scarves

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of dorm room keys

– Room keys
– Bedside table
– Oven top utilities
– Refrigerator
– Mounted television

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Husson University

If you are looking for a way to get involved at your university, joining a club is a great option. Clubs are a good way for students to meet peers who share similar interests.  Husson University has a plethora of student clubs and organizations to choose from.  See below for a list of 10 interesting clubs at Husson University.

1.  Accounting Society

A calculator, an open pen and a financial statement
This club is designed for accounting students.  The society aims to teach members about opportunities available in the accounting field post-graduation.  The society hosts luncheons, guest speakers, and campus recruiters.  The club takes an annual trip to Boston to see the city and an accounting firm.

2.  Criminal Justice Club

A courtroom gavel

This club is designed for students interested in the field of criminal justice or law enforcement.  Club members get to visit agencies like the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  The club also teaches members about the interview process to help them prepare for their future careers.

3.  Delta Sigma Delta

Hands coming together in a circle to show community and unity

This is a female community service organization.  Historically, the group has had the highest GPA and most community service awards out of the Greek organizations on campus.  If you are interested in making friends and doing community service, then this is the club for you!

4.  Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity club members at Husson

The goal of this organization is to build affordable housing for families in need.  The Husson University chapter participates in alternative spring break programs where they help build these affordable houses.  The organization has traveled from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to Missouri.

5.  Hospitality Association of Husson

Hudson University Logo

This group provides community service through charitable events.  Club member participate in events both on and off-campus and work on their networking skills.  The association also organizes and attends fine arts outings.

6.  International Student Association

People representing flags of various countries around the world

The goal of this club is to welcome students of all different cultures and help make the transition to Husson easier for international students.  The club also provides opportunities for members to share their culture.  Members are also given the chance to network and socialize.

7.  Outdoors Club

A walking trail through the forest

This club is designed for the active student.  The Outdoors Club participates in adventurous activities both on and off-campus.  The club recently created trails in the woods on campus for students to use.

8.  Psychology Club

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

This group is open to all health-related majors and minors.  The goal of the club is to create awareness about psychology and increase public knowledge of the subject.  The club hosts many fun events including movie nights, annual dinners, and open mic nights.

9.  Student Veterans Organization (SVO)

An American Flag

This club is open to students who are military veterans.  Club members get the opportunity to work on community service projects, fundraise, participate in the Veteran’s Day parade, and more!  This group has bi-weekly meetings.

10.  WHSN 89.3 FM

Radio Microphones

This student-run radio station can be played on campus and in the surrounding Bangor area.  The station focuses on playing alternative rock music.

Top Events During the School Year at Husson University

1.  Homecoming

Hudson football team taking the field

This annual event is perfect time for alumni to come back to their alma mater.  Both current students and alumni can spend the weekend celebrating Husson University through a variety of events.

2.  Sporting Events

Husson Eagles Logo

Husson University is a NCAA Division III school in the North Atlantic Conference.  The university has a combined total of 23 men and women’s sports.  Come cheer on the Eagles at various games and competitions throughout the school year.

3.  Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend Volunteers

Welcome weekend is the perfect way for students to kick-off a new school year.  This year, welcome weekend began on Sunday, September 2nd and ran though Monday, September 3rd.  The weekend is full of activities and programs to help prepare students for the upcoming semester.

4.  Attending a Show at Gracie Theatre

Gracie Theatre at Husson University

Gracie Theatre is in its 7th season.  This beautiful theatre has a variety of performances throughout the school year.  Some upcoming shows include a Fleetwood Mac tribute, Black Violin, and Stray Cat – Lee Rocker

5.  2018 Sports Hall of Fame Ceremony

Husson Sports Hall of Fame

This alumni event will occur on Friday, December 7th.  The event will include a dinner and ceremony to honor new sports hall of fame inductees.  10 former student athletes will be getting inducted to the hall of fame in December.

10 of the Easiest Classes at Husson

If you want to know a way to have an easier college schedule as well as a higher GPA, look no further. By taking the easiest classes that you can, you will enjoy your time on campus much more. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Husson University!

1. AC 120 – Introduction to Accounting

If you want to see if accounting is a good path for you, Introduction to Accounting is for you. You will be learning about a couple major aspects of this broad subject. Since this is an introductory course, you will not be challenged too much.An accountant crunching the numbers

2. CT 100 – Introduction to Video Production

Introduction to Video Production is an entry-level class that you can breeze through. You will learn the ins and outs of the video production industry and how it runs. This is another easy class because it only covers the basics without challenging you too much.The filming of a music concert

3. SC 101 – Introduction to Nutrition

If you want to learn more about nutrition and health, you should take Introduction to Nutrition. You will learn about the basic aspects of nutrition and how it affects everyone. This class will be a breeze because a lot of the material is common knowledge.Fruits and vegetables spelling eat right

4. PY 111 – General Psychology

One of the most popular options you have to fulfill a social sciences core requirement is General Psychology. You will learn the bare minimum of this rather complex subject to give you a well-rounded view in a lectured setting with not a lot of work.A human brain exploding with color

5. MC 406 – Media Law and Regulation

If you want to go into a field relating to the media, you should take Media Law and Regulation. This class dives into the legality of aspects of the media. This is another lectured class so you will not be required to do too much classwork.A national courthouse

6. IT 111 – Introduction to Microsoft Office

Introduction to Microsoft Office is one of the easiest options you have to get some more computer credits under your belt. You will learn about all of the aspects of Microsoft Office and how it works. You probably already know this information so this will put a good break in your schedule.The icon for Microsoft Word

7. HE 111 – The Husson Experience

Thd Husson Experience is a class that is similar to a freshman seminar. You will learn about how to stay healthy and thrive in college. This will be the easiest class that you can take because it is all common sense.The logo of Husson University

8. FA 142 – Modern Dance I

A great way to stay in shape and get a good grade is by taking Modern Dance I. You will learn about the basic technique of dancing and how to dance in a modern fashion. This is an easy class because it is built to teach students at all skill levels.A dancer breakdancing

9. EH 301 – The Modern Novel

If you need to get some more English credits on your resume, you should consider taking The Modern Novel. This class goes over and into some of the most popular novels that are circulating today. Fortunately, a lot of the works that you will cover you have probably already read before.A lady writing a novel

10. DA 210 – Data Analytics

Data Analytics is an introductory class to the world of analytics and data comprehension. This class will teach you about how analytics and data reading is done and performed. You will fly through this class because of how basic the information is.A stickman drawing a graphBy taking any of these classes at Husson University, you will have a higher GPA and a more enjoyable time on campus!