10 Coolest Classes at Housatonic Community College

Housatonic Community College is a two-year public community college located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. With over 75 majors and program offerings, there is an abundance of courses available at Housatonic Community College. In addition to taking classes to fulfill your major requirements, there are a lot of fun classes you can take in school. Here are the 10 coolest courses at Housatonic Community College.

1. ART* E155 – Watercolor I

person painting watercolor of oranges

Taking an art class is sure to lighten the intensity of your course load and offer you a creative outlet for stress. In this class, students will develop skills in challenging medium of watercolor by employing fast-drying transparent paints. Skills include a full range of watercolor techniques from traditional procedures to contemporary experiments. 

2. ART* E250 – Digital Photography I

person holding disposable digital camera

If you’ve thought about pursuing photography as a hobby or have interest in it, this is a fitting class for you to take! This course delves into the study of digital photography as a fine art and as a means of communication. Students will learn about the fundamentals of digital camera operation and digital darkroom procedures. 

3. BIO* E208 – Forensic Science with Laboratory

forensic scientist matching fingerprints

At the core of solving crime cases, forensic science aids heavily in uncovering concrete evidence to tie a perpetrator to a particular crime. In this class, students will be introduced to the principles of forensic science with an emphasis on logical and scientific thinking as it applies to biological and chemical physical evidence. As a part of this course, you will also participate in a laboratory section where you will engage in hands-on experiments regarding forensic science. 

4. CSC* E105 – Programming Logic

person programming on computer with a monitor screen

In today’s modern day and age, knowing how to code and program is an extremely important skill that should be learned. This course is designed to provide beginning programming students with an understanding of the fundamental logic principles used in the writing of computer programs. For instance, you will learn about topics such as input/output, variables, data types, conditional structures, and so on. 

5. CSC* E262 – Programming Mobile Devices I

illustration of mobile interfaces

App development encompasses nearly all fields, whether it be finance, game development, education, or healthcare. In this class, students will be introduced to the platforms, technologies, and programming techniques used to develop apps for mobile devices. Furthermore, students will be able to develop mobile apps using specialized platform-specific software-development tools. 

6. ENG* E277 – Science Fiction and Society

man on satellite overlooking earth and moon

If you are a science fiction enthusiast, this class might be a good fit for you. In this course, students will develop skills in understanding and appreciating the genre of science fiction. Critical methodologies will be applied to investigate relationships between science fiction and society. 

7. MUS* E141 – Guitar 1

person playing guitar

The guitar is played in virtually any trending pop song, and is one of the most played instruments. This class provides a basic foundation in guitar performance and musicianship. You don’t need to have any previous experience in playing to take this class!

8. PSY* E243 – Theories of Personality

illustration of thoughts coming out of person's mind

One of the most curious topics that people try to understand is personality, particularly that of their own and those around them. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the structure, dynamics and development of personality. There will especially be a focus on psychoanalytic, ego-psychological, behavioristic, humanistic, cognitive-developmental, and Eastern perspectives. 

9. SGN* E101 – Sign Language I

American sign language for "love" in alphabet

Knowing sign language is a valuable skill that connects the Deaf Community together, as well as connects the hearing community to the Deaf Community. In this course, students will learn about American Sign Language. The fundamentals of the basic structure of ASL grammar, vocabulary, finger spelling/numbers, visual-gestural communication, and information related to Deaf Culture will be covered. 

10. SOC* E213 – Human Sexuality

illustration of multiple symbols for female and male intertwining

Particularly in a classroom environment, human sexuality is seldom discussed, and is a rather controversial topic. In this class, students will learn about human sexuality from a biological, psychological, and sociological standpoint. This class approaches human sexuality as a comprehensive and integrated policy topic by viewing sexual behavior in an evolutionary, historical, and cross-cultural perspective. 

10 Hardest Classes at Housatonic Community College

Welcome to Housatonic Community College!  Here in Bridgeport, Connecticut, you have the chance to work hard and play hard on a gorgeous campus.  Get ready for a great start to your college years! When it comes to academics, though, you may want to consider balancing your workload. Here are the top 10 hardest classes at Housatonic Community College – make sure you don’t take more than one of these classes at a time!

1. ART101 – Art History I

A picture of a mural representing ancient times

This class is about ancient art in the earliest civilizations.  It seems like a fun elective, but beware of the difficult readings and workload.  The papers and quizzes are said to be difficult.  However, there is an option for extra credit.  Students overall do not recommend this class.

2. MAT167 – Principles of Statistics

A cartoon of the normal distribution with a woman examining the graph on a tablet.

This class is an introductory statistics class that covers all the basic concepts you would expect in a stats class.  However, students warn that the professors in this department often don’t clearly teach or explain the concepts in a way that students can understand.  It is therefore very difficult to pass this class.

3. PHY221 – Calculus-Based Physics

Physics equations on a board.

In this class, students learn foundational concepts they’ll need for higher level physics classes.  Many engineers are required to take this class.  It is difficult because while class activities cover basic concepts, the tests and quizzes cover more complex concepts, leaving many students unprepared to solve the problems.

4. ENG101 – Composition

A person writing with a pen on a notebook.

This class teaches students how to communicate ideas through writing.   Students warn about the heavy workload and the narrow range of essay topics.  They express that it is difficult to ask for help in this class and that there is often a lack of understanding when students struggle in the class.

5. HIS101 – Western Civilization

ancient painting of two men studying a globe

This class is about Western civilizations throughout various time periods.  Students write that it is difficult because of the lack of review by professors, as well as the difficult and unpredictable tests.  They also say that lectures are difficult to pay attention to.

6. ECE101 – Introduction to Early Childhood Education

young kids doing puzzles in daycare

In this class, students learn about the way early childhood education has developed and changed over time.  They are required to do ten hours of fieldwork as part of the course.  Students note that it is difficult because of the lack of clarity regarding expectations from professors.

7. BFN202 – Principles of Finance

Someone holding money in a large  open briefcase

This class teaches students the basics about finance and the stock market.  The concepts covered in this class are extremely useful for students.  However, they write that the class is extremely lecture heavy and that those lectures are not useful in relation to the tests.

8. BIO105 – Introduction to Biology

A closeup of DNA strands.

This class covers the basic principles about living organisms.  Students say it is difficult because of the way the content is presented by professors.  They write that the course is very lecture heavy, with lectures being extremely difficult to pay attention to and with repeated information that is not useful or relevant to tests.

9. HLT103 – Investigations in Allied Health

A doctor in a white labcoat and stethoscope and his patient talking

This class aims to help students prepare to go into health-related areas of study.  Students learn about clinical work and the rigors of careers in this area.  Many students write that this class prepared them for such fields; however, they feel that it is very difficult in terms of heavy workload.

10. MAT172 – College Algebra

person's hand solving algebra problems on the whiteboard.

In this course, students learn about the concepts in algebra that will be necessary in calculus.  Students feel that this course is very difficult especially due to the fact that all homework assignments must be completed online.  In addition, the material is covered quickly and without clarity.

So now you know the hardest classes at Housatonic Community College!  Choose wisely and remember to have fun.  As long as you balance your courses and stay on top of your assignments, you’ll be just fine! 

Top 10 Library Resources at HCC

Housatonic is a community college in Connecticut that features a lot of transitional students. Many of these students frequent the library. And this library has many great resources that are listed below.

1) PsychoTherapy

Videos are available at PsychoTherapy

Psychology students will have a lot to make use of in Housatonic’s library. There is an entire video streaming network dedicated to those who are majoring in psychology. With PsychoTherapy, educational videos are at the fingertips of all psychology students.

2) The New York Times

<em>The New York Times</em> is a premier newspaper in the U.S.

Many schools provide free access to The New York Times to their students. Housatonic Community College is one of the schools that has free access available with student enrollment. This way, students can always stay up to date with some of the best available information.

3) LibGuides

Librarians are always developing new LibGuides

Librarians are always on hand at HCC to help students with their research. But they have also worked tirelessly to create a slew of guides for students to use in their research. This way, their learning can be self-directed if the students so desire.

4) ProQuest

ProQuest specializes in providing eBooks to students.

The Housatonic Community College has access to the ProQuest service and it is given back to their students. eBooks are always available to parse through the ProQuest benefits. Some textbooks are available here, too, and can be reserved by professors.

5) Digital Educational Video

Films On Demand

Many community colleges have their own streaming services in the library. Compared to the psychology based streaming service, the Films on Demand service is more wide reaching. The best in educational video is provided through this.

6) ArtCyclopedia

ArtCyclopedia is available for all students

Digital resources are abound at the HCC library. However, they are also grouped by subject for the easiest search possibilities for students to utilize. ArtCyclopedia is one of the best digital services provided to HCC art students.

7) FastWeb

FastWeb focuses on financial services

FastWeb is the best library resource from HCC for students who need financial assistance. The service specializes in finding the best modes of financial aid for students to apply for. There are scholarships, loans, and more available through FastWeb.

8) One Book, One College

This common read program helps bring the school together

One Book, One College is basically a common read program for all HCC students to partake in if they want to. By having one book that students can read, this helps bonds form through the discussions that can be had on the book. It also provides for a common ground for students who are nervous about making a collegiate transition.

9) Presidents Archive

This brochure provides information on the Presidents Archive

The Presidents Archive houses the history of HCC. Many documents and newspapers chronicle the history of the school. Materials in the Presidents Archive are always available for research purposes for students.

10) Interlibrary DVD Loan

Two students look at media on a laptop

HCC boasts many different Interlibrary Loan systems, including two based on books and on magazines. However, the DVD loan system is a very unique perk for a library to have. DVDs can be just as academically important as books and magazines.

Housatonic Community College is a two year institution. A public university, it has become one of the best schools for Connecticut college students. These library resources help make the decision even easier, too.

Library and Services of Housatonic

1) Housatonic Library

The Housatonic Library is lined with bookshelves

The main library at the Housatonic campus is the one most often visited by students. Many of those who study will be found dotting the halls of the library. The top resources listed above are found within this institution.

2) Wahlstrom Library

The Wahlstrom Library looks majestic during the day

The Wahlstrom Library can be found at the University of Bridgeport. It is an institution that is shared by students in the state. Many can share the resources made available to Connecticut students.

3) North Branch

The main library at North Branch is lined by pillars.

The North Branch is the main library in public for Bridgeport. Students who go off campus will want to make use of this institution the most. There will be just as many, if not more, resources available at this library.

4) Newfield Branch

This Newfield concept art illustrates the goals for the renovations

The Newfield branch is an instrumental part of the Bridgeport library experience. Recently renovated, many aspects of the building are of the highest quality. Students will find the some of the best resources in the entire region here.

5) Old Mill Green Library

A path leads to the Old Mill Green Library

Old Mill Green is another branch of the Bridgeport public libraries. It is one that is most distant from the Housatonic campus. However, it is still a relatively short travel distance that should take no longer than fifteen minutes.

10 of the Easiest Classes at HCC

Fall semester is well on its way as summer break nears its end. It’s time to start thinking about which classes you are taking next semester if you haven’t already! Here are the top ten easiest classes recommended by the students at Housatonic Community College for you to boost your GPA. Get your laptop or pen and pencil out to start taking some notes!

1. THR M110 – Acting 1

Just like any performing arts class, this one is as easy as showing up to class to earn that A! You will learn a variety of tips and trick of how to act in this theater class as it prepares you to perform monologues and little snippets of scenes from famous plays!

Image of two masks-classic theater

2. COM M173 – Public Speaking

Giving a speech is one of the most useful way to convey a message to the wider audience and this class will prepare you for just that! Comparing with other classes, you will have little to no work outside of class (besides researching topics and reading a little) since you will be practicing the art of rhetoric in class.

Image of a man speaking in front of a crowdImage of a man speaking in front of a crowd

3. SOC M240 – Criminology

Ever wanted to be a criminologist after watching CSI? Chances are, it has at least intrigued you a bit or you have at least considered it once. Many, if not all professional criminologist working today started right here-taking the very basic class of criminology to learn the fundamentals of how, what, why, when with everything that concerns crime!

Photo of a yellow tape from a crime scene and a gavel

4. SOC M101 – Principles of Sociology

In this introductory sociology class you will learn how the basic fundamentals of how societies interact. Topics like societal interactions, social patterns, and social cultures will be covered among many others. It is one of the most versatile and easy classes you will take while at HCC!

Photo of a "society"

5. ART M123 – Design 1

This introductory design class is apart of the art department and is one of the best classes to take your creativity to the next level! If you like having a bit of freedom and flexibility in what you do in class (as well as out of class) this class is for you!

Image of an artistic design of Japan

6. FIN M8015 – Successful Money Management

Every college student, regardless of their specialized area of concentration or study should leave college with some basic financial literacy. This class will cover all the basics (and a bit more) so that you won’t be in debt all your life! Since this finance class does not concern complex math as it does with investment banking etc, you will have a easy time grasping both the concepts and the numbers!

Photo of numerous $100 bills and a cap on top

7. PSY M111 – General Psychology

General psychology is one of the easiest classes available at any university, but also one of the most thought provokingly interesting class. Many students like the class so much that they decide to switch majors to psychology! Take one class and see for yourself.

Image of a brain-split hemispheres

8. MUS M141 – Guitar 1

Do you already play the guitar? Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Do you want to get better at playing the guitar? Regardless of how you answered any of those questions, if you have interest in a guitar (who wouldn’t) this class is worth considering. Plus, it’s almost like cheating to be able to play an instrument and get good at it for college credits!

Photo of a guitar

9. DGA M123 – Digital Photography

Just like with the guitar class above, this class is another class that has very practical, real life application. As long as you have access to a digital camera, you will be able to take amazing photographs after this class. Whether you take photos for your Instagram only or professionally on the side, there are definitely a thing or two that you will learn from this class.

Photo of a hand holding a camera

10. PSY M212 – Health Psychology

With no time at college from hanging out with friends, studying, and other extracurricular activities, students tend to acquire unhealthy habits like eating fast food more often or not going to the gym! This health psychology class is not only quite easy but it will help you re-think your strategy when it comes to personal health and the health of your loved ones!

Assortment of fresh produce

There you have it, the ten easiest classes at Housatonic Community College! Hopefully this sheds a bit of light on some of the prospective classes you could take next semester. One way to stay ahead of your classes before you’re back in college is to e-mail your professors beforehand and ask them what exactly you should expect. Asking them which textbooks you will need for their class is also another great way to stay ahead since you do not have to wait for your textbooks to arrive-often weeks later than you need to start reading them. Good luck!