10 Buildings You Need to Visit at Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University is a public research university in the U.S. state of Georgia. The acceptance rate is around 65% and the school has around 17,000 students. Here are 10 different buildings you need to visit at Georgia Southern University.

1. Ceramics and Sculpture Building

outside view of ceramics and sculpture building

The ceramics and sculpture building gives students access to a variety of different classrooms specially made for learning crafts and trades. The building has a 3D printer, wood carving room, glaze lab, and ceramic studio. The building is a great learning experience for being able to make different types of art and be your own boss.

2. Arts Building

the outside view of the arts building

The Arts building is made for students to go into for various types of art majors such as graphic design, painting, and animation. The arts building contains the student resource center. The student resource center is for students who are looking for information on different buildings and events going on.

3. Center for Art & Theatre

front view of the center for art and theatre

The center for art and theatre is a staple place to visit when you are looking for entertainment or scouting out student talent. You will find various performances happening as well as a box office to come in and pick up tickets. The building also has a sculpture garden which makes a fun day out with fresh air and unique art.

4. Health Services Building

inside view with chairs and an office

The health services building is meant to serve as a more affordable way for students to get the care that they need. It works for a majority of health insurance and the best part is that it is conveniently located so that students in any situation can make in. The building holds regular health care, an eye clinic, and a pharmacy.

5. Planetarium

 georgia southern university planetarium students looking at the stars

This planetarium is loved by students of all ages for various different events and programming. The planetarium is an ideal place to learn more about the world and space as well as in general makes for a beautiful sight. The planetarium has plenty of free events going on during the year and changes events depending on the season.

6. Recreation Activity Center

Recreation Activity Center (RAC) outside view

The recreation activity center is the place to go to for anything fitness and sports. The center features a rock climbing wall, basketball courts, aquatics areas, fitness center and so much more. The fitness center gives students access to free weights and plenty of machines to get people active and building muscle.

7. Lakeside Dining Commons

inside view of dining area with tables and chairs

The lakeside dining commons is a go-to place for students to get in their food for the day. You are able to eat all three meals which make your life worry-free. You can enjoy a two-story dining experience which means you and your friends have access to plenty of open seating as well as a changing menu. A few different types of foods they have is pizza, stir fry station, and salad and yogurt bar.

8. Botanical Gardens

georgia southern university botanical gardens with plants and trees

This building is where you will find a garden outside that has access to plenty of beautiful blooming flowers and plants, many of which are endangered and need to be preserved. The gardens are a great area to go to with friends and family for an affordable thing to do. The gardens are open to visit usually from 9:30am-5:30p.m.

9. Biological Sciences Building

 georgia southern university biological sciences natural science building outside view

The biological science building was made so that students have a building that has all their biology classes under one roof. The building teaches students sustainability which is a helpful skill when learning about how plants and natural forms. Sustainability is needed for students to help make the planet more eco-friendly.

10. Solms Hall

front view of solms hall

Solms Hall is the building that holds digital photography, graphic design, and art history classes. The hall contains plenty of mac computers that are open to students to go do their projects or edit videos/photos. The hall also has printing stations so you don’t have to worry about owning your own.

Georgia Southern University is a medium-sized school that has access to plenty of different buildings to satisfy all student needs. You have theaters, gardens, gardens, gyms, study areas, and plenty of resources to get the most out of your projects and homework. It is a school that gives you not only a well-rounded education but a well-rounded campus experience.

10 Coolest Courses at Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University public research university located in the gorgeous state of Georgia in the US. With it’s more than 100 different degree programs and world-class researchers and professors, students can be sure to find some amazing and unique classes to quench their thirst for knowledge. For everyone who wants to explore something new, gain a new skill or hobby, or just take a fun and easy course, here are 10 of the coolest courses at GSU.

1. ANTH 3130 – Fire, Stone, Hide and Bone

An atlatl is a spear-throwing tool that increases the velocity of a dart. Many early civilizations invented sophisticated hunting tools such as the atlatl, contrary to the belief that early humans were more primitive.

In the modern world, the latest and greatest inventions are considered the newest iPhone, the new video game with life-like graphics, or the new robot-vacuum that’s weirdly human. But in ancient times, our ancestors crafted the basics with fire and stone, hide and bone. This class will cover ancient inventions that have propelled humanity to the modern age. From the discovery and maintenance of fire, the tanning of animal hides for clothing, and the use of bones, stones, and wood to make unique hunting tools that are still mechanistic marvels, the “cavemen” of the past were more like Steve Jobs than we might realize.

2. ART 1536 – Animation I

The zoetrope, a device that emulated animation by rotating images on a cylinder quickly enough to trick the eye into thinking it was a moving object, was invented in 1834.

Animation has existed for centuries – from the earliest flipbooks and zoetropes that tricked the eye into seeing the figures on the page dance and move around, to the marvels of modern motion capture and digital animation. For students who dream of working at Disney or following in the steps of Youtube creators like theodd1sout, ART 1536 gives you an introduction to this amazing art form, covering basic 2D concepts, stop-motion, and the use of sound in animation.

3. ART 2230 – Ceramics: Introduction

picture of person in a pottery class, making a ceramic creation

For the artist who prefers to work more directly with their hands, ART 2230 gives students a great understanding of pottery-making and ceramics. An art form that goes back to the earliest human civilizations, ceramics can be a fun hobby, new skill, or the beginning of an artisan career. In this introductory course, students are introduced to clay-shaping techniques, wheel throwing, and firing.

4. CRJU 3160 – Corporate Crime

An example of high-power crime is the recent college admissions scandal, where wealthy parents bribed crooked Ivy League college officials into admitting their exceedingly underqualified children.

White collar crime is a term that’s thrown around quite often in the media, and it seems that every year, another billionaire is thrown in jail for defrauding a broken system. CRJU 3160 explores the laws, enforcement, causes, and devastating outcomes that white collar and corporate criminals have on their victims. For anyone who can’t get enough of the American Greed re-runs on television or listens to a bit too many true-crime podcasts, this class was made for you.

5. ENGL 3150 – Mythology

Picture looking a bit different than Marvel's re-imagining, Thor is the Norse god of thunder and the son of Odin.

While modern pop culture may have you believe that Thor is an alien from a distant other-dimensional planet, and Nike is just the name of a shoe company, these names and characters have ancient roots. In ENGL 3150, you’ll learn about the plethora of godly figures and epic stories that humans all over the world worshipped and regaled to each other. In addition, you’ll start realizing how much of ancient mythology we still reference daily. Legends truly never die.

6. ENGL 5030 – Television Theory and Criticism

What were the social implications of Ross and Rachel getting together? And WHY did they get back together?!

Though this class isn’t necessarily a good excuse to binge-watch the latest season of Stranger Things under the guise of “homework”, it does cover interesting topics relating to some of your favorite television shows. Students will critically analyze the genres, social implications, and historical significance of various iconic TV shows.

7. HIST 3532 – The Modern Middle East

The towering domed structures of the middle east are architectural marvels that date back centuries and are full of history.

It’s a buzzword we often hear in media – and not necessarily in a positive light. But how much of what we know about this tumultuous region is true, and how much is media spin and narrow understandings of a different culture. What political, cultural, and social causes set in motion the chain of events leading to today’s Middle East? In HIST 3532, students will explore the major events that have affected this region since World War 1 and lift the veil on some of the causes of modern conflict in the Middle East.

8. MUSC 1315 – Guitar Class Non-Major

Picture of a guy holding a guitar and playing while sting on a freen lawn

If you want to learn to play more than “Wonderwall” and actually impress at that summer campfire, MUSC 1315 is the class to take. This introductory guitar course is designed for students who aren’t music majors, but still teaches them the basics of guitar technique that can be expanded on individually. It’s a fun and relatively easy course to take for a lighter semester load.

9. PSYC 3095 – Drugs and Behavior

While many don't think of alcohol has a hard drug, it's been named the most dangerous drug globally, killing more people last year than opioids did.

Many people already know that drugs are bad (don’t let down your DARE officer, kids), but what exactly do they do to people? What parts of the brain do they stimulate or dampen, and how does that change a person’s behavior, and even gradually cause them to become addicted? In PSYC3095, students will undertake a scientific exploration of these questions from a biological and sociological lens. After taking this class, maybe you’ll think twice before picking up that vodka martini next Friday night.

10. FILM 2200 – Introduction to Cinema

Screengrab of the movie The Shape of Water with a woman kissing the creature

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly that peach was all about in Call Me By Your Name, or asked yourself what the purpose of that slimy fish monster bathtub scene in The Shape of Water was, then don’t worry – you’re in good company. Fortunately, FILM 2200 offers students a chance to explore and dissect these films and try to reach an answer, so say goodbye to those countless nights you spent awake, pondering the symbolism of the ending of Fight Club.

10 Hardest Courses at GS

Georgia Southern University is a public research university in Statesboro, Georgia. There are multiple other Georgia Southern locations as well. Here’s ten of their hardest college courses!

1. ANTH 4336 – Medical Anthropology

word web for medical anthropology

Medical anthropology studies the social, cultural, biological and historical factors in our lives that affect our health. There is a lot of term memorization needed for this class, which makes testing very difficult.

2. ASTR 1010 – Astronomy of the Solar System

images of solar system

Though Astronomy of the Solar System is an interesting class, it is also very difficult. Students learn about how the solar system came to be, what it is made up of, what theories are involved in it, and more. There is a lot of reading and testing.

3. BIOL 2240 – Microbiology

bacteria microscopic microorganisms

Microbiology is a difficult biology class that studies microorganisms. Students learn about the history, functions, lives and anatomies of different microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, amoeba, and more. There is a lot of homework and hard tests.

4. BIOL 1110 – Concepts of Bio

dna strands

Concepts of Bio may sound like an easy class, but it can get pretty difficult. There is a lot of information that students need to learn about different biological elements such as evolution, genetics, anatomy/physiology, etc., and cram it all into one semester of learning.

5. CHEM 3010 – Chemicals in Medicine

pills medical chemistry

Chemicals in Medicine is an interesting but difficult chemistry class about medicine made using different chemical processes. Students need to have extensive prior knowledge about chemistry to be able to take this class. The tests are usually pretty hard.

6. CHEM 3441 – Organic Chemistry

test tubes for chemistry

Organic Chemistry is a class that’s usually hard on any college campus you go to. Students in this class learn all about the importance and use of carbon in chemical processes. There is a lot of concept and theory learning needed, which makes tests very difficult.

7. COMM 1110 – Public Speaking

microphone and crowd public speaking

Public Speaking isn’t hard in the traditional sense you might be thinking of (tests, homework, reading, etc.). Instead, this class is hard because of the many memorized speeches and presentations students need to do in order to develop good public speaking skills.

8. GEOL 3541 – Mineralogy

gems and minerals

Mineralogy may seem like it’s an easy geology class, but it really isn’t. This class is all about all the different minerals and rocks on the Earth. Students have to memorize all of these rocks and minerals for tests and papers, which gets pretty hard.

9. MATH 1441 – Calculus

blackboard of calculus

Another class that’s usually hard on any college campus is calculus. Many students struggle in this class due to the complex and abstract concepts and equations evolved. This class takes a lot of effort to do well on homework and tests.

10. PHYS 1111 – Introductory Physics

students in a physics lab

One last class that’s hard no matter what school you go to in America is Physics. Physics has a lot of tough concepts to learn about matter, energy, thermodynamics, gravity and more. Students struggle on tests and homework in this class.

10 Library Resources at Georgia Southern University

The University Libraries support Georgia Southern University’s mission by providing access to information, collections, and services designed to meet the scholarly needs of the University and its diverse community.

1. GIL-Find

GIL-find logo

GIL-Find is a single search tool to find books, eBooks, journals, videos, government documents, and more.

2. Library Liaisons

Library Liaisons wordArt

The faculty of the University Libraries serves as Library Liaisons for various entities within Georgia Southern University. They facilitate consistent, ongoing, two-way communication between the Libraries and Georgia Southern students, staff, and faculty; to gather input from Georgia Southern entities which will be vital in continually refining the Libraries’ provision of access to information, collections, and services; and to ensure that everyone within these areas is aware that they have their very own dedicated librarian as a resource.



GALILEO stands for GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online, an initiative of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. GALILEO is an online library portal to authoritative, subscription-only information that isn’t available through free search engines or Web directories. Participating institutions may access over 100 databases indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals. Over 10,000 journal titles are provided in full-text. Other resources include encyclopedias, business directories, and government publications.

4. Microform Access

Microform scanner

There is a special lens available for microform reader/printers designed to magnify the reader screen so that persons with limited vision should be able to read enough of an article to know whether they want to make a copy. The lens is available through the Access Services Department on the second floor.

5. Telecommunications For The Deaf

Ultratec Minicom IV TDD

The Henderson Library has an Ultratec Minicom IV TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) at the Checkout Desk on the second floor. The number for the TDD is (912) 478-1314. It is a portable version with a printing option and includes a bright, 20-character display tilted to increase viewing comfort, and a 4-row keyboard specially designed for easy typing. An 8000-character memory allows messages to be saved, and a built-in voice announces that an outgoing call is being made by TDD. TDD access is available during all Library hours.

6. Ask a Librarian

Research Services at the libraries are available through a variety of convenient options such as chat, text, ASK Desk, by Email, telephone, and consultation from the librarians

7. Reserve Rooms

A study room in a Library

Group Study Rooms in Henderson Library are available on a first come, first served basis on the first and third floors. Groups of two or more have priority over individuals, Georgia Southern students have priority over all other Library users. Four study rooms on the fourth floor and two on the third floor are reserved for graduate students only.

8. Computers, Printing & Software

A printer in a library

Access to computers and necessary software are provided by the libraries on both campuses. Use of most computers requires an authorized user login. Printing for currently enrolled students is provided by the Student Technology Fee. All other uses must pay for printing.

9. GIL Express

GIL Express logo

GIL Express is an initiative whereby circulating books may be ordered directly from any University System of Georgia Library. In most cases, materials are sent to and checked out from the patron’s home library, but patrons may ask that their items be sent to any University System library for pickup. All faculty, staff, and students in good standing are eligible to use the service

10. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan logo

ILLiad is the system used to manage Interlibrary loan requests. Via ILLiad, one can borrow books, microfilm, and DVDs,  from all types of libraries and also get electronic delivery of articles and chapters. ILLiad is the system used to manage Interlibrary loan requests.

5 Libraries at Georgia Southern University

1. Lane Library

Lane Library

The renovated library reopened for service on June 5, 2006. Renovation improvements; both functional and aesthetic include new furniture throughout the building and the addition of a foyer with comfortable, upholstered seating; new, brighter lighting on both floors; smooth plasterboard walls in place of exposed cinder block; energy-efficient windows; group study rooms and more individual study carrels; the relocation of Media Services to the first floor and of bound periodical volumes to the second floor; and the addition of new computers—equipped with Microsoft Office and available for database/web searching.

2. Zach S. Henderson Library

Zach S. Henderson Library

The Zach S. Henderson Library serves more than 4,000 people daily with resources that support a comprehensive array of degrees, disciplines, research activity and learning objectives. With more than 400 hard-wired computer workstations, access to archives of data and information, and an innovative storage solution, the Henderson Library ranks as one of the most technologically advanced in the Southeast.

3. Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library

Located in Savannah, GA near the Amstrong Campus, the library provides excellent, responsive services to enrich people’s lives, support lifelong learning and build and enhance our communities. The library ensures all users receive attentive, timely and courteous customer service.

4. Statesboro-Bulloch County Library

Statesboro-Bulloch County Library

Statesboro-Bulloch County Library is the Headquarters library of the Statesboro Regional Public Libraries. The library offers free Wi-Fi during operating hours. Its services include public computers, photocopying, document scanning, and fax.

5. Oglethorpe Mall Library

Oglethorpe Mall Library

The library is part of the Live Oak Public Libraries and is located in Savannah, GA. The library serves students and civilians from Savannah and its environments. It is fully equipped with recent resources and offers the necessary services that aid research and information gain.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Georgia Southern University

If you are looking for a way to get involved at your university, joining a club is a great option. Clubs are a good way for students to meet peers who share similar interests. Georgia Southern University has over 300 student clubs and organizations to choose from.  See below for a list of 10 interesting clubs at Georgia Southern University.

1.  Bowling Club

4 Bowling pins being struck by a bowling ball

If you enjoy bowling, then this is the club for you!  If you are one of the top 8 bowlers in the club then you get to travel with the tournament squad.  This club is a great way for avid bowlers to meet peers who share their love of the game.

2.  Climbing Club

Climbing club members at a competition

This club participates in both indoor and outdoor rock climbing.  Club members get to compete against other college students, travel for climbing trips, and develop their technical skills through practices every Tuesday and Thursday.

3.  Cycling Club

A bike symbol on the ground

This club is designed for students who love cycling!  It includes a mountain team, a road team, and a group for anyone who just wants to ride to get in shape.  The cycling club also participates in community services events.

4.  Dodgeball Club

2016-2017 Dodgeball Club Team

This group is known as True Blue Dodgeball.  The team competes in the NCDA (National Collegiate Dodgeball Association) and hosts their campus-wide tournaments.

5.  Film Club

Members of film club taking a group shot

This club is perfect for students who are interested in watching and creating films.  The group hosts workshops, discussions, and panels about the film-making process. The club meets every Thursday evening.

6.  Outdoor Adventure Klub

Outdoor Adventure Club Logo
The goal of this club is to bring students together to participate in various outdoor activities such as backpacking and camping.  The group hosts trips and socials and participates in skill clinics and special events related to the great outdoors!

7.  Paws N Claws of Southern

Club members holding their dogs

This club is perfect for the animal lover.  The goal of this club is to promote the wellness of animals in the campus community.  The group works to reduce any suffering of animals caused by issues such as cruelty or neglect.

8.  Quidditch Club of GSU

Quidditch Club
If you thought Quidditch was just a made up sport in Harry Potter, you were wrong!  Quidditch is being played all over college campuses including at Georgia Southern University! Come join this club to learn the rules of Quidditch and compete against teams all across the United States.

9.  SAE Eagle Motorsports

SAE Eagle Motorsports Club
This club designs and races a Formula and BAJA style race car.  Members get to compete against around 120 engineering schools from around the world.

10.  The Vegetarian Society

A bowl of Vegetables
This unique club aims to bring GSU vegetarians together.  The group hosts  various events including movie nights and potlucks.  The club also supports students who are looking to reduce meat in their diet or cut it out completely.

Top Events During the School Year at Georgia Southern University


1.  Homecoming

Homecoming 2018
This annual event is the perfect chance for current students and alumni to come together to celebrate GSU.  This year the event occurred between October 1st and 6th and was a southern masquerade them.  Homecoming events included a campus tailgate, a masquerade ball, a parade, a 5K, a football game, and more!

2.  Sporting Events

GSU Eagles logo

GSU is a NCAA Division I school in the Sun Belt conference.  The university has a combined total of 15 mens and womens’ sports teams.  Come cheer on the Eagles at various games and competitions throughout the school year.

3.  A Day For Statesboro

Event sign for A Day for Statesboro

This event will occur in downtown Statesboro on Friday, November 2nd.  The event is designed to celebrate the Statesboro community.  The event includes live music and food trucks.

4.  Graduate School Fair

A graduation cap symbol
This event is designed for students exploring graduate school options.  The fair will be on Thursday, November 1st in the Russell Union Ballroom.  Students will have the opportunity to discuss graduate programs with college and university representatives from across the region.


5.  International Fashion Show

Models walking in a fashion show wearing white

This is the fourth year GSU is putting on an international fashion show.  Come to the event to see fashion around the world and performances by GSU students.

Top 10 Dorms at GS

A great way to be a good student is by living in a good dorm. This will allow you to use all of the resources you can which will boost your GPA. Here are the top 10 Dorms at Georgia Southern University!

1. Centennial Place

A great place for you to live is centennial Place. This complex houses over 1000 students every single year. This is also where the honors students live.

Centennial Hall buildings

Address: 98 Georgia Ave.

2. Eagle Village

Another good option you have is Eagle Village this dorm is designed for freshman students. There are single and double deluxe rooms that are offered here. This gives you a little more breathing room in the dorm.

Eagle Village Area

Address: 410 Georgia Ave.

3. Freedom’s Landing

If you are an upperclassman, you should stay at Freedom’s Landing. This is an on-campus apartment building. This gives you much more freedom at school.

Freedom Landing buildings

Address: 211 Lanier Dr.

4. Kennedy Hall

Kennedy Hall is a very unique building. This is a unique location because it is a mix of regular dorm rooms and apartment rooms. Kennedy is a hall that gives you plenty of options.

Kennedy Hall Building

Address: 191 Knight Dr.

5. Southern Courtyard

Southern Courtyard is another good dorm that you can live in. This is a coed space that is very accepting to everyone. This adds a good sense of community throughout the halls.

Southern Courtyard area

Address: N/A

6. Southern Pines

Another dorm designed for freshman students is Southern Pines. This building houses over 600 freshmen every year. There are constantly events going on here to help you get involved. 

Southern pines area

Address: 1824 Chandler Rd.

7. University Villas

The University Villas are home to apartments and townhouses on campus. This area is open to both first-year students and upperclassmen. If you live here, you will have plenty of options. 

University Villas complex

Address: 1777 Chandler Rd.

8. Watson Hall

One of the oldest dorms on campus is Watson Hall. This building is home to about 150 freshmen every year. Traditional dorm rooms make up this residence hall. 

Watson Hall building

Address: 6083 Forest Dr.

9. Windward Commons

The newest building on campus is Windward Commons. This means that you will be exposed to the best resources possible. Some examples include laundry facilities and computer labs. 

Windward Commons area

Address: 11935 Abercorn St.

10. Compass Point

The final great dorm on campus is Compass Point. This is a smaller dorm that is very ecofriendly. This means that you will be environmentally conscience while at school. 

Compass Point buildings

Address: N/A

Here is your Packing List for Georgia Southern University

1. Room Basics

clothes in a closet

– Clothes
– curtains
– mattress topper
– pillows
– doormat

2. Food and Drinks

a plate of food

– Bottled water
– coffee
– fruit snacks
– granola bars
– tea bags

3. Tech and Entertainment 

a scanner

– Computer
– cell phone
– chargers
– scanner
– extension chords 

4. School Supplies 

colored note cards

– Text books
– calculator
– note cards
– papers
– pens
– pencils

5. Cleaning and Organization

a broom

– Paper towels
– bath towels
– shoe rack
– cleaning spray
– broom 

6. Campus Gear

a basic backpack

– Backpack
– walking shoes
– rain coat
– bike
– water bottle

7. Things to Ask About Before Bringing

a basic skateboard

– Pets
– skateboards
– microwave
– printer
– guests

10 Easiest Courses at Georgia Southern

Easy courses always add joy to our schedules, and provide us with a sense of relief when it is midterm and final season. Easy classes are the classes that students know that they will get an A in if they put in the work. Be sure to keep reading to find what the ten easiest courses are at Georgia Southern University.

1. Anthropology 1102: Introduction to Anthropology

This introduction to Anthropology class focuses on the study of human societies and cultures. Many students feel that this class is easy because it is extremely interesting and it is heavily based on group work. This class consists of two different group projects, a group midterm, and a final presentation that must be given in front of the class. The grading criteria is also fairly easy. Therefore, students feel that this class is an easy A.An image depicting human evolution

2. Anthropology 2331: Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology is a very interesting class that goes over the different cultures of humans throughout different areas and times of the world. The class consists of a midterm, final, and a course paper. However, the course paper is very short and easy- which makes it less stressful for students that have a lot of work in their other classes. The midterm and final material come straight from the notes, so there is no need to buy a book according to students that have already taken the class.An image depicting wall paintings of culture

3. Art 2135: Painting Introduction

Art 2135 has no midterms and no finals, which makes it a great and non-stressful class for students. Be sure to attend class because attendance is 100% mandatory for students if they want to do well in the class. This class consists of a lot of painting and learning about different painting techniques. As long as you are proactive in the class, you should be able to get an A.A painted elephant

4. Communication 1110: Public Speaking

Public speaking class introduces students to the way to communicate to other students and an audience about different types of topics. The class has no midterm and no final, but students are required to make speeches about different topics each week. The class does consist of different types of research that are required for the speeches, but nevertheless it is still an extremely easy class.Microphones associated with public speaking

5. Criminology 3233: Introduction to Criminology

Introduction to Criminology is a class that meets once a week for about three hours. Often times, the class does not go for the entire three hours so you can usually leave early. The class has a group midterm and final, so if you take good notes and have a great group of students, you should have no problem getting an A in the class.A fingerprint from a criminology lab

6. English 3400: Introduction to Poetry

Introduction to Poetry does not require any midterms or finals. Instead, it requires students to write poetry every week that is then compelled into a portfolio that is turned in at the end of the semester. Be sure to attend class because attendance in mandatory and can have a big impact on your grade. It is a great class to take if you need to take classes for writing requirements.Words of poetry arising from a pen

7. English 5590: Studies in African American Literature

Students say that English 5590 is an easy class because there are no midterms or exams. Instead, the class only has class papers that are required of students. All of the information needed for these paper can be found online, in notes, or in the textbook. Therefore, it is a straight forward class that students really like to take in order to satisfy their general education requirements.Women in African American Literature 

8. Nutrition 4130: Introduction to Nutrition

Nutrition 4130 is a class that has no midterms or finals, and students are required to participate in a lot of group projects and presentations. If you are a student that likes working in groups, then this class is definitely for you! It is a very easy course and many students take this class to satisfy their general education requirements.Nutritional foods

9. Public Health 7133: Public Health Policy and Ethics

Public Health Policy and Ethics requires students to participate via discussion and message boards that are set on by the class. There is no midterm or final exam, and many students feel that it is an extremely easy class to take. It covers the different policies that public health officials have to learn and sometimes deal with. The class also introduces different scenarios that students that will continue to go on in Public Health may have to deal with.Public Health icons

10. Kinesiology 1412: Swimming

Swimming is an easy class for students to take because it is solely based on participation. Be sure to show up to class and to be actively involved, and you will get an A. This is also a great option since students can get a workout in if they don’t have time for it anywhere else. Students also enjoy this class because the pools are heated and warm, so you’ll always want to be in the pool.A student swimming in the pool

There are many easy classes to choose from in Georgia Southern University. Be sure to sign up for these classes early, because they tend to fill up pretty quickly! These classes are easy and great to take if you are looking to boost up the amount of units you are taking, or to improve your GPA. Happy learning!