10 Buildings You Need to Know at Georgia Gwinnett College

Are you the type of person who doesn’t have a good sense of direction? Do you rely on knowing your surroundings? We’re here to help those of you who do. It is vital to know a college campus for any student or visitor who walks on the space. Here are ten buildings you should know at Georgia Gwinnett College.

1. Student Center

A look at the Student Center

The student center is the hub and home for campus life. Students will find the campus bookstore, the Career Development and Advising Hub, a dining hall with multiple food options, a game room, LVIS, and the Office of Student Affairs.

2. Wellness and Recreation Center

The Wellness and Recreation Center

Do you want to get fit or do you have a cold you need to get rid of? This building features the Wellness and Recreation Center where students will find fitness equipment, outdoor adventures/activities, and a small health facility.

3. Grizzly Athletics Complex

Sky view at Grizzly Athletics Complex

Do you like sports or like to watch sports at least? The Grizzly Athletics Complex is home to the Grizzly Baseball field, the Grizzly Soccer field, and the Grizzly Softball field. It also features administration and staff office and the Alumni Office.

4. Allied Health and Sciences

The Allied Health and Sciences Building

This building is home to Allied Health and Sciences. This building houses the School of Health Sciences and the School of Science Technology. Here, students will find classrooms, faculty offices, laboratories, nursing classrooms, and clinical areas.

5. Daniel J. Kaufman Library & Learning Center

Daniel J. Kaufman Library & Learning Center

This building is home to the Daniel J Kaufman Library and Learning Center. It serves as the main library for campus and currently houses books, online databases, a Starbucks cafe as a dining option, the Center for Teaching Excellence, computers, and study spaces.

6. Building A

The Chick-Fil-A in building A

Building A houses a number of classrooms and faculty offices. This building also features a help desk for technology, Panda Express, Chick-fil-A, laboratories for research and teaching, and student computers. Students will also find study areas here.

7. Building B

A look inside Student Commons

This building is home to Building B. It houses the Accreditation and Certification Office, classrooms, the Office of Advancement, Einstein Bros Bagels, executive offices, human resources, Student Commons, and Legal Affairs.

8. Building C

Someone performing in Building C Cisco Auditorium

This building is home to Building B which houses a number of resources for students, faculty, and staff to use. This building features the Cisco Auditorium, a number of classrooms for classes, faculty offices, and the School of Liberal Arts.

9. Building D

A look inside the Student Financial Aid Office

This building is home to Build D. It features the Admissions and One Stop Services Office, the Mentoring and Advising Center, Claw Card Office
Admissions and One Stop Services, the Office of Financial Aid, Parking Services, the Registrar, and Student Accounts Office.

10. Building I

Digital Communications students working on computers

This building is home to the department for Digital Communications. It also houses Educational Technology. Students will also find faculty office, the Plans, Policies, and Analysis Office, and the department for Public Relations within these walls.

Georgia Gwinnett College is home to over 12,000 students. This public college is located in Lawrenceville Gwinnet. It first opened in the fall of 2006 where it tremendously grew from a little over 100 students now 12,000 students as of fall 2019.

10 Coolest Courses at Georgia Gwinnett College

Georgia Gwinnett College is a public college located in Lawrenceville, Georgia and part of the University System of Georgia. It is a fairly recent college opening in 2006, but there are now over 12,000 students on campus. Georgia Gwinnett offers 42 concentrations in 16 majors. Here are 10 of the coolest classes you can take at Georgia Gwinnett College!

1. MATH 4700 – Real Analysis II

Diagram of topology with peaks labelled

Did you think math was just about numbers? In this course, it is more about 3D space! You will explore multi-dimensional space, topology and integration and differentiation in 3D space. There are proofs in this course and theorems you will have to memorize and restate. However, it’s a cool class that proves math is not just about calculations!

2. SCM 4330 – Supply Chain Management Applications

Cartoon that represents the supply chain

Managing a supply chain can be tough work as many decisions have to be made on the spot. This course will teach you how to make those decisions through discussions and real projects. All work is done in teams and each team will produce a project proposal, analyze data, and presents a project report. In addition, students have the opportunity to network with professionals in the field.

3. BIOL 3510k – Ichthyology

A megalodon hunts its prey deep in the ocean

This funny sounding class deals with the biology of fish! You will learn about the taxonomy, biology, evolution, reproduction, and conservation of fish among other things. You will learn in the lab component how to collect and identify fish. By the end of the course, you will have learned about the origins of fish, how they have evolved, and their role in the ecosystem.

4. ENGL 4880 – Digital Rhetoric

Word cloud diagram of words related to digital rhetoric

Learn about all the ways technology can influence rhetoric in this exciting course! You will explore the ways texts, community, and identity can be shaped by technology. Students will focus on social media, VR technology, and how media can influence social and political understanding. Assignments may include working with technology to produce original work and to conduct research into the impacts on social, political, individual and community values.

5. ECON 4102 – Labor Economics

A store hangs a Now Hiring sign on the window.

Sure you might have heard about the economics of a particular sector of the workforce, but have you ever considered the economics of the workforce itself? In this course, you will learn all about the labor market. Learn about supply and demand, wage structure, and human capital. You will also discuss current and future trends as well as the rise of unions.

6. EDUC 4600A – Instructional Adaptation in Grades 6-12

A teacher plays with two students.

If you ever go into teaching, you might experience students who learn at a slower or faster pace than average. For those students, this class may prove helpful. Here you will develop skills gathered through data to tailor instruction based on individual needs. Specifically, exceptional students and students who learn English as a second language will be candidates for training.

7. ENGL 3505 – The Novel

Painting of Jane Austen in the front cover of a book containing all her novels

A novel is a piece of writing of book length representing character and action with some degree of realism. In this class, you will examine the novel as a genre. Students will examine how societal, historical, and cultural changes led to the creation of this genre. In turn, they will also learn how the genre has influenced Western ideas for the past 400 years.

8. GLOB 2111 – Special Topics Abroad I

a picture of multiple famous landmarks around the world including the Eiffel tower, Big Ben, Taj Mahal, Notre Dame, etc.

Have you ever wanted to study abroad? You can take this class as a component of your study abroad program! This course is intended for freshman and sophomores in an approved program. It’s an easy A for anyone doing study abroad.

9. HIST 3427 – Modern Germany

Citizens relax in front of the German parliament.

This course is for the person who wants to learn more about Germany since 1848. It covers German nationalism, reunification, the First World War, the Weimar Republic, the Nazi dictatorship and WWII, and East and West Germany after the war. It also explores the second German reunification in 1990 and problems associated with it. It’s a must take for history buffs!

10. ISCI 2002 – Integrated Physical Science

Young children take turns looking through the microscope.

Do you want to teach kids about science after you graduate? This course will give you the skills needed to make it happen! It combines concepts in science with teaching techniques so that you will be able to teach P-5 grades. One of the major goals of the course is to appreciate the value of curiosity, skepticism, honesty and openness when it comes to science concepts.

Those were 10 of the coolest classes you can take at Georgia Gwinnett College! If you want to become a science teacher, consider taking the integrated physical science course where you will learn all about teaching science appropriately to kids. Or take the history class on modern Germany to gain insight into one of the strongest countries in the world. Combat fake news with the course on digital rhetoric. It’s all under one roof!

10 Hardest Courses at Georgia Gwinnett

Georgia Gwinnett College is one of the best public colleges in Gwinnett County, Georgia. GGC combines proven student engagement practices with small class sizes, individual attention, remarkable facilities, diverse and inclusive culture and advanced mentoring to enhance their success. They offer great courses in both undergraduates and masters level. Here are the top 10 hardest courses offered at Georgia Gwinnett College.

1. MATH 3350 – Applied Mathematics

solution to mathematical problems

This course will focus on theories and applications of mathematical modelling techniques such as partial differential equations for a variety of problems in the natural sciences. Technology will be used to numerically and graphically interpret results of real-world problems. At the end of the course, students should be able to apply mathematics to problems in discipline-specific areas such as Biology, Finance, Physics, in terms of differential equations.

2. CHEM 4400 – Computational Chemistry

An image representing Computational Chemistry

This course is an overview of the varieties of computational tools. The list of topics discussed in this course includes electronic structure theory, molecular mechanics, and chemical dynamics. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to apply chemical simulations employing a variety of theoretical models to problems of scientific interest, and also explain the fundamental principles underlying the mathematical, molecular modelling and computational methods investigated and apply them to real-world problems.

3. GEOG 3330 – Geography of the World Economy

The Geography of the World Economy

This course investigates the changing locations and spatial patterns of economic activity, including production in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, communications, and services. The course examines the relationship between the globalization of economic activity and regional development. Additionally, this course examines the causes and geographic patterns of social inequality worldwide.

4. ITEC 3550 – User-Centered Design

several approaches of User-Centered Design

This course develops an understanding of the user-centered design process. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to discuss the variety of user interfaces including websites, graphical user interfaces and embedded systems, using industrial applications illustrating how UI design issues have been addressed within different organizations and practices using different media.

5. CJCR 3210 – Organized Crime

An image of Organized Crime

This course will examine the nature, extent and social awareness of the organized crime. It will emphasize the theoretical explanations of organized crime, the business of organized crime, and the perceived ethnic components of organized crime and will explore the means being taken to combat organized crime in the United States and abroad.

6. ECON 3400 – Public Sector Economics

Comparison between public and private sector

This course investigates how government spending and taxation impacts individuals, markets and the economy in general. It covers the different methods used to evaluate these government policies and aims to increase students’ awareness of the impacts of current policies. The spending policies covered include education, social security and health insurance with revenue policies include income, property and corporate taxes.

7. ENGL 3050 – Modern English Grammar

Several aspects of Modern English Grammar

This course exposes students to the rhetorical study of modern English grammar with an emphasis on how purpose, context, and style influence writers’ grammatical choices. Through a systematic study of sentence structure, language use and function, and the principles that organize the English language, students will refine their skills at analyzing written texts, as well as improving their overall composing processes by recognizing how their grammatical choices affect their readers.

8. ANTH 4000 – World Prehistory and Archaeology

Picyure of World Prehistory and Archaeology

This course introduces students to archaeology as a method of scientific investigation and a way of studying human and the causes of human behaviour. Particular emphasis is placed on the archaeological study of the environment, technology and demography, and how those factors interact with social organization and worldview to produce distinctive cultures throughout the world. It is a very tough course.

9. ARTS 2200 – Survey of Western Art II

A typical image of Western Art

This course is an art history survey of the visual arts produced by Western civilization from approximately the 17th century to the 21st century. The major artistic monuments and movements of each time period will be examined in context with the cultural, political and philosophical currents of each era. It is a broad course with bulky course contents. Students will be required to do more researches and assignments.

10. BIOL 3900 – Biotechnology

An image of Biotechnological process

Students are taught the study of current topics and issues in biotechnology. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to explain commonly used biotechnology techniques and their application, explain the major types of biotechnology including forensic, medical, microbial, agricultural and animal biotechnology, and discuss the ethical issues related to applications of biotechnology.

Top 10 Library Resources at Georgia Gwinnett College

Kaufman Library is focused on supporting the goals of Georgia Gwinnett College. This library and learning center serves both the research and information needs of the faculty, staff, and students of the college. Apart from just helping the university system of Georgia, Kaufman Library also extends its services to the Gwinnett County community. This facility provides various services that enhance a conducive environment for study and research. The following are top 10 Library Resources at Georgia Gwinnett College.

 1. Course Reserve

Course reserve request | Georgia Gwinnett College

Staff and faculty can put their course items on the reserve to be used by the students. The library has a circulation desk that holds the course reserve materials. Typically, checkout duration differ though most take two hours. Fines are imposed on reserve materials that are handed in late.

2. Borrowing

A librarian and alumnus of GGC

GTC faculty, students, and staff are allowed to register a Kaufman Library account. By this, they can borrow books on proving their membership by the school ID at checkouts. The checkout duration is 14 days with a single renewal. Qualified students can check out to a maximum of fifteen GGC materials simultaneously.

3. GIL Express

GIL Express & the GIL-Find Catalog |UGA Libraries

Items not found in the GGC bookstore can be applied for, from other library institutions. Such request is made through GIL Express. This is a sharing initiative for resources not available in a local collection. The process requires you to find the items using the GIL-Find Catalog and logging into your library account to activate the request.

4. Interlibrary Loan

 Inter-library loans Manager

A request will not be effected if the stuff is missing at Kaufman Library. Besides, some items may not be provided through GIL Express. In this case, a request has to be made through the inter-library loan. The library rules require you to first confirm with the USG or GGC systems before making your application.

5. Research Help

The Den (Bldg. A) – Information Commons at Kaufman Library

The reference desk provides research help during library sessions. This point of inquiry is sited on the second level of the main building. The Reference Librarian offers further assistance. You are free to check with the research guides for any inquiry.

6. Print/Copy/Scan

Printing//Scanning – Information Commons at the Kaufman Library

Students use the funds on their Claw cards to access library printing and photocopying services. Black and white print costs ten cents for each page. Color printing is charged at twenty-five cents per page and only black, and white photocopying is done at ten cents per page. Students can scan materials and send to their respective emails at no charge.

7. Disability Accommodations

Disability accommodation in the library

Kaufman library is focused on accommodating all clients including those with disabilities. All library sections have enough housing to support this group of users. Clients who require additional help are requested to contact the service desk. The Disability Services of the library takes full consideration of the students with disabilities.

8. Library Instruction for Classes

Librarian helping students in research

Kaufman library offers special instruction programs to enhance both classwork and course curricula. The instructional classes are tailored to equip the learners with the practical application of electronic sources and print in research. The library facility prides in developing class assignments to incorporate library resources and literacy skills in information. The library instruction booking form is provided for requesting the instruction.

9. Materials/Resource Purchase Requests

Bookstore - Kaufman Library

You are expected to fill the material request form for the library to collect your resource purchases. The head of Collections responds to all questions concerning resource purchase requests. Policies state that you inform the library once you have published items you intended to include to the collection. You are also required to specify in the request items that are for faculty publication.

10. GGC Scholarly Digital Archive

Digital Media Lecture 1: Basic Concepts Georgia Gwinnett College

Staff and faculty members are allowed to forward their scholarly work to the library’s institutional repository. Additional questions on how to deposit work in the General Space are submitted to Catherine Downey. She is the head of information commons and access services. All intellectual and creative outputs by faculty, students, staff, and student organizations are available at the General Space.

Top 5 Libraries at Georgia Gwinnett College

  1. Daniel J. Kaufman Library & Learning Center, Lawrenceville

Georgia Gwinnett names Library for Founding President

Kaufman Library holds 37 study rooms both for project and group work. Besides, the facility has a tutoring program alongside with a Teaching Excellence Center for the faculty. The Access service department at this university library is the main point of inquiry for several library patrons. The main entrance of the building has the circulation desk that makes it easy for patrons to check out DVDs, books, iPad, laptop and other items.

2. Gwinnett County Public Library, Lawrenceville

Gwinnett County Public Library 2780 Five Forks Trickum Rd Lawrenceville

This Gwinnett County Public Library is an excellent place for acquiring skills and fun. Perhaps you intend to read, listen, or watch it; every day is a new experience. Apart from just accessing the books, the facility offers you a chance of checking out the entire world through magazines and movies. Besides, the library introduces you to various languages, with a realization of family history and other job-related skills.

3. Gwinnett County Public Library, Grayson Branch

Parking space outside Gwinnett County Public Library, Grayson Branch

This library offers a conducive environment of researching on topics. The facility has a real-time reference system that enhances the access of text databases. Hop into the Grayson Branch from 6.30pm to 7.30 pm for a quick tour. The database has a lot of useful stuff to offer.

4. Gwinnett County Public Library, Snellville

Front view of Gwinnett County Public Library Snellville

Gwinnett County Public Library Snellville Branch is an associate of the LibraryThing for Libraries. This membership promotes the facility’s catalog with LibraryThing features and content. Snellville library facility offers help in career planning as well as coaching on job readiness. Other services provided here include an introduction to photocopying, computer workstations, and printing.

5. Gwinnett County Public Library, Hamilton Mill Branch.

The Hamilton Mill branch of the Gwinnett County Public Library

This library allows you to check and renew materials on the identification of your library password and card number. The checkout period for all items is three weeks unless other issues are arise. The facility allows you to check out 75 items at a time. You are required to check out and submit the items to a GCPL location. Renewal of an item may be done up to two times on conditions that the account balance is below $15 with no pending requests.

Top 10 Dorms at Georgia Gwinnett College

One of the newest academic institutions in the country, Georgia Gwinnett College is the pride of the south. Fortunately, the school has an array of wondrous places to live, as well. Here are ten of the best:

1. Student Residence

Image result for student residence georgia gwinnett

Address: 1000 University Center Lane

The only on campus option at GGC, the Student Residence makes the most sense for students to live in. Opened less than a decade ago, it offers many sleek, modern finishes. It also will be the closest location to all academic buildings!

2. Sugarloaf Summit

This is an image of a room in Sugarloaf Summit

Address: 1887 Duluth Hwy

As should be expected with such a nice living situation, the cost will be a bit high. Some rooms even approach two thousand dollars for rent! This can be a hard sell for a college student, but if they can make it work, there’s no better off campus option.

3. Anzio Apartments

This is an image of a kitchen in Anzio

Address: 3100 Sweetwater Road

The Anzio Apartments have a similar level of quality to Sugarloaf. The plus side is that the rooms tend to run a little bit less expensive, too! And if you can find more off campus GGC students, the cost can be split among you, making it even simpler!

4. Parc at 980

This is an image of the pool at Parc 980

Address: 980 Walther Blvd

Not many college residents can say that a pool is located right on property. But for off campus students at Parc, they have this privilege and then some! For those who want to take advantage of the weather in Georgia, Parc 980 is a solid choice.

5. Sweetwater Apartments

This is an image of cars parked outside of Sweetwater

Address: 2800 Herrington Woods Court

Sweetwater has the potential to be far and away the most expensive option for off campus residents GGC. But when utilities and parking spots are included, it kind of balances out. You may not even need a parking spot with how close the location is to campus, too!

6. Cedargate Apartments

This is an image of Cedargate Apartments with a sign

Address: 401 Cedargate Commons

Maintenance is the claim to fame for Cedargate. There are a lot of great amenities, but none of them would be worth their weight in salt without a solid crew keeping them in working order. And with Cedargate, the top professionals are always on call.

7. Retreat at Riverside

This is an image of the living room at Retreat at Riverside

Address: 1000 Duluth Highway

The Retreat at Riverside option is the best one for students to live in if they are looking for the cheapest choice. It’s also one that will give students a great feel of what it’s like to live in Georgia. The college experience doesn’t get much better than that!

8. Wesley Place

This is an image of the lake in front of Wesley Place

Address: 3250 Sweetwater Road

The cost is very effective at Wesley, although some of the more private rooms are a bit more expensive. The views are incredible, too, with a southern lake looking pristine right outside. And it’s located very close to the GGC campus, making many aspects of it convenient for college students.

9. The James

This is an image of a bedroom at The James

Address: 5375 Sugarloaf Pkwy

The James looks and sounds like the ritziest hotel in all of New York City. But it’s actually quite the affordable option for GGC students. And it doesn’t hurt that it puts an emphasis on ensuring value for all students.

10. Reflections on Sweetwater

This is an image of the pool at Reflections on Sweetwater

Address: 3405 Sweetwater Road

Another extremely close to GGC’s campus option is Reflections on Sweetwater. There is even a business cafe located inside of the residence. This makes it a pretty convenient option for all off campus GGC students.

Georgia Gwinnett is one of the best schools in all of Georgia. And students can really get the full Georgia experience when they wind up living on campus, as well. It is made easy for them, undoubtedly, with the choices presented above!

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Georgia Gwinnett

1. Room Basics

This is an image of a desktop computer

– Fire detector verifier
– Desktop computer
– Photo albums
– Picture frames
– Towel bar

2. Food and Snacks

This is an image of a box of oatmeal

– Oatmeal packets
– Soups
– Can opener
– Spoons and forks
– Napkins

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of <em>The Office</em> cast

– Blu Ray movies
– Blu Ray player
The Office on Netflix
– Kindle
– Kindle charger

4. School Supplies

This is an image of index cards

– Index cards
– Quizlet
– Laptop
– Book light
– Bulletin board

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of a closet organizer starter kit

– Shoe rack
– Closet organizer
– Pillowcase
– Bed sheet spray
– Dish towel

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of galoshes

– Umbrella
– Galoshes
– Rain coat/poncho
– Lint roller
– Book bag cover-up

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of a hot plate

– Non-prescription medication
– Hot plate
– Television
– Extra drawers
– Wireless printer

10 of the Coolest Clubs at GGC

If you are looking for a way to get involved at your university, joining a club is a great option. Clubs are a good way for students to meet peers who share similar interests. Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) has over 100 student clubs and organizations to choose from.  See below for a list of 10 interesting clubs at Georgia Gwinnett College.

1. The Globe

The Globe Logo

The Globe is the student-run newspaper at GGC.  Students who are interested in a career in journalism or who just enjoy writing should come write for The Globe.

2. The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN)


This club is for the student with an entrepreneurial mindset.  The club aims to create a network of students who are entrepreneurs or who want to be entrepreneurs.  Creating a network helps students advances their own businesses.  The group is led by an assistant professor of marketing and global business and an assistant professor of legal studies and management.

3. Marketing Club

Marketing Platforms

This club is designed for students who are studying marketing.  The club helps students prepare for their future marketing careers.  Club members gain knowledge and tools that can help them be effective leaders in their field.  This club is led by an assistant professor of marketing.

4. National Society of Leadership and Success

Leadership Icon

This academic club is invite only.  Students can be invited based on the criteria of GPA, student classification, and leadership potential.  This organization provides students the opportunity to grow as leaders through experiential learning, professional guidance, and knowledgable speakers.

5. Golden Key

Key Club service project

Golden Key is an international honor society.  This club is reserved for students who are in the top 15% of their class.  Club members aim to experience achievement and growth in the areas of academics, leadership, and service.

6. C.O.V.E.R.T.


C.O.V.E.R.T. stands for  Coalition of Veteran Engagement, Readiness and Trust.  This club is designed for veteran students and is a chapter of the Student Veterans of America.  The goal of this organization is to encourage veterans to get involved on campus and help them be ready and prepared for the college environment.

7. Film Club

Film Club Logo

This club is perfect for students who are interested in making or watching films.  Club members can share their short films with their peers to receive feedback.  Members also meet to watch movies and then discuss them afterwards.

8. Student Government Association (SGA)


This group is designed for students looking to take on a leadership role at the college.  The SGA advocates for student rights by listening to the concerns of the student body and developing fair policies.

9. WIT @ GGC

WIT Logo

WIT is a group of female IT majors.  Members have the opportunity to learn leadership and networking skills.  The club also works to recruit women who with undecided majors to study IT.  This club puts on various events such as a WIT Summer Boot Camp and a Fall Kick-Off event.

10. Sigma Beta Delta Honors Society

Society Logo

This club is invite only.  Students who rank in the top 20% of their class as a junior or senior can join this club.  The club aims to recognize the academic achievement of business students while encouraging professional and personal growth.

Top Events During the School Year at Georgia Gwinnett College

1. Sporting Events

GGC Grizzlies

GGC is a part of the NAIA Division of college sports.  The school has 3 men’s teams and 3 women’s teams.  Come cheer on the Grizzlies at various sporting events throughout the year.

2. Grizzlyfest – A GGC Homecoming


This event is a great time for current students and alumni to celebrate GGC.  This year the event occurred on October 20th.  Grizzlyfest activities included a chile cook-off, campus tours, faculty presentations, and family activities.

3. Tipsy Tuesdays Kayaking


This fun event occurs every Tuesday.  Come to this event and learn basic kayaking skills taught by a certified kayaking instructor.  Students of all kayaking levels are welcome.

4. Thursday Night Climbing


This adventurous event occurs every Thursday.  Students can come to participate in indoor climbing activities at Stone Summit.  Certified climbers attend each event to help out.

5. IEW 2018: International Thanksgiving Feast and Study Abroad Fair

IEW Logo

This event will be on Thursday, November 15th.  Students can attend to try food from all around the world while also learning about study abroad opportunities.

10 of the Easiest Classes at GGC

By taking the easiest classes that you can, you will be able to have a higher GPA and an easier class schedule. In turn, you will enjoy your time on campus much more. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Georgia Gwinnett College (GCC)!

1. CJCR 1100 – Intro to Criminal Justice

If you want to see if criminal justice is a good fit you for, you should consider taking Intro to Criminal Justice. You will cover the very basics of this rather broad subject. Since you will only be scratching the surface, you will have no problem getting a good grade.Police Crime Scene Tape

2. ECON 2105 – Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Macroeconomics is an interesting class that you can take to get some credits in economics. This class examines the basic rules and elements of macroeconomics. You will defiantly be putting a good break in your schedule with this class!Terms related to macroeconomics

3. PHED 1101- Choices for Life

Choices for Life is a very unique class that you can take to have a break from other stressful classes. You will learn about how to make the correct choices that will positively impact your life. Since a lot of this material is common sense, this will not be much of a challenge for you.A man making a choice in a store

4. FILM 1005 – Introduction to Film

If you are a lover of movies, Introduction to Film is a great option for you. You will learn about the basic elements that make good films and how they are perceived by an audience. Who wouldn’t love to watch movies for college credit?A gif of Seinfeld watching a movie

5. MATH 1111 – College Algebra

If you did not do well in high school math classes, College Algebra is the right choice for you. You will only have to cover a couple different topics which means that you will not be challenged too much and will have a good view of basic algebra.Math equations on a chalkboard

6. ITEC 2110 – Digital Media

If you are going into a field relating to media, you will need to take Digital Media. This class focuses on the digital aspect of media and how it influences in a technological world. You will have no problems with this class because you will probably already know about media.Social Media sites on a keyboard

7. RELN 1100 – World Religions

A great way to learn more about religions is World Religions. You will be covering a bunch of different religions from a lot of places in the world. This will give you a good look into cultural faiths in an easy and accepting manner.Various symbols of religions

8. ARTS 2010 – Drawing I

One of the most popular options to satisfy a core requirement in fine arts is Drawing I. You will learn the basic techniques of drawing and how to discover your talent. This is an easy class because it allows you to be creative.Business man hand drawing graph

9. BUSA 3200 – Global Business

If you are going into the business track, one of the easiest classes that you will have to take is Global Business. Since this is a broad subject, you will only be scratching the surface of how business is dealt internationally.Men of various countries making a deal

10. HIST 1121 – Survey of Western Civilization 

If you need to get some history credits, Survey of Western Civilization is a perfect choice. You will learn about how the Western world was created and evolved over time. This is a lectured class so you will only have to take notes and prepare for tests.Evolution of manIf you choose to take any of these classes at Georgia Gwinnett College, you are sure to have a higher GPA and a more enjoyable experience on campus.