10 Buildings You Need to Know at George Mason University

Getting from place to place on campus can be hard for some. This is especially true if you’re new. Don’t fret, though! There’s plenty of time to familiarize yourself with campus itself. This is why we are here to help! Below are ten of the top buildings that you need to know at George Mason University!

1. Donald and Nancy de Laski Performing Arts Building

Donald and Nancy de Laski Performing Arts Building  from the outside

Address: 4375 Mason Pond Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030

This venue is home to the College of Visual and Performing Arts. Here, students, staff, and faculty perform recitals or small ensemble performances. Students will have a chance to hear from performances ranging from senior solo recitals to Percussion Ensemble to Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

2. Skyline Fitness Center

Outside of the Skyline Fitness Center

Address: 4400 University Drive MS 6C10, Fairfax, VA 22030

This building is home to the campus recreational center where students will find fitness equipment, studios, multipurpose rooms, cycling studios, a rock wall, lockers, and a swimming pool. Here, students will also find a lounge area for after or even before their workout!

3. Southside Dining Hall

Outside of the Southside Dining Hall

Address: 4353 Chesapeake River Wy Fairfax, VA 22030

Are you hungry? Grab some food at the Southside Dining Hall! Here, students will find all their food needs! Plates will range from vegetarian, gluten-free, meat, dairy, and more. No matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a snack, grab some food from this cafe to stray away your cravings.

4. Music & Theater Building

View of the Music & Theater Building exterior

Address: 4379 Mason Pond Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030

This building is home to the music and theater departments. Here, students will find practice rooms, a small rehearsal space for theater practices, and classrooms. Students will also be able to check out lockers that are situated in various places throughout the building.

5. Peterson Family Health Sciences Hall

View of Peterson Family Health Sciences Hall during construction

Address: Fairfax, VA 22030

This hall is the home of the College of Health and Human Services. In it, it houses all six of the academic departments for the college into one facility. Students will find an amphitheater, nutrition kitchen, wet labs, classrooms, faculty offices, study rooms, and a health clinic.

6. Long and Kimmy Nguyen Engineering Building

View of Long and Kimmy Nguyen Engineering Building

Address: 4511 Patriot Circle, Fairfax, VA 22030

This building is home to the College of Engineering. Students in this facility will have access to a number of resources to help them throughout their college careers. This includes research labs, engineering labs, study rooms, classrooms, and more!

7. Mason Enterprise Center

View of the Mason Enterprise Center

Address: 4031 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030

In order to take your business to the next level, you need to have access to the right resources! The Mason Enterprise Center is a university-based learning center that enhances intellectualism, skills, energy, and high energy focuses on enhancing enterprise creations.

8. Innovation Hall

Innovation hall on the outside

Address: 4699 Mattaponi River Ln, Fairfax, VA 22030

This four-story, 104,000 square-foot building houses a number of facilities to help accommodate courses from across a wide range of curriculum. Students will find a number of technology integrated classrooms, computer labs, and study rooms here.

9. James Buchanan Hall

A pond view of James Buchanan Hall

Address: Fairfax, VA 22030

This hall was built in honor of one of the greatest economists of all time, James Buchanan. He also contributed a large part of his work to GMU. Here, students will find facilities for the Department of Economics. This includes classrooms, faculty offices, study rooms, and more.

10. George Mason Stadium

The sky line view of the GMU Stadium

Address: 4400 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030

George Mason Stadium is an outdoor facility. It’s home to the men’s and women’s soccer, field and track, and lacrosse teams. This stadium went under renovation in 2009 and can now hold 5,000 people within. Gather your friends and kick it at a game or two!

Although George Mason University is a rather large campus, there are still some buildings that students can use to utilize in order to know their way around. Take some of the buildings we’ve listed above into account as these will help you along the way!

George Mason University (GMU) Past Exams 2019

Looking for George Mason past exams, old exams, and practice exams? This list includes past exams and solutions at George Mason University. Feel free to check them out and be sure to share them with your fellow GMU peers.

Course CodeCourse NameView Exams
ACCT 203Survey of AccountingView Exams
ASTR 111Introductory Astronomy: The Solar SystemView Exams
ASTR 302Foundations of Cosmological ThoughtView Exams
BINF 690Numerical Methods for BioinformaticsView Exams
BINF 730Biological Sequence and Genome AnalysisView Exams
BIOL 104Introductory Biology IIView Exams
BIOL 305Biology of MicroorganismsView Exams
BIOL 308Foundations of Ecology and EvolutionView Exams
CHEM 211General Chemistry IView Exams
CHEM 313Organic Chemistry IView Exams
CHEM 314Organic Chemistry IIView Exams
CHEM 321Quantitative Chemical AnalysisView Exams
CHEM 331Physical Chemistry IView Exams
CHEM 336Physical Chemistry Lab IView Exams
CHEM 423Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis LaboratoryView Exams
CHEM 441Properties and Bonding of Inorganic CompoundsView Exams
COMM 335Organizational CommunicationView Exams
CS 112Introduction to Computer ProgrammingView Exams
CS 211Object-Oriented ProgrammingView Exams
CS 325Introduction to Game DesignView Exams
CS 367Computer Systems and ProgrammingView Exams
CS 455Computer Communications and NetworkingView Exams
CS 482Computer VisionView Exams
CS 483Analysis of AlgorithmsView Exams
CS 571Operating SystemsView Exams
CS 682Computer VisionView Exams
CS 685Autonomous RoboticsView Exams
CS 700Quantitative Methods and Experimental Design in Computer ScienceView Exams
CS 773Real-Time Systems Design and DevelopmentView Exams
CS 990Dissertation Topic PresentationView Exams
CSI 701Foundations of Computational ScienceView Exams
CSI 702High-Performance ComputingView Exams
CSI 761N-Body Methods and Particle SimulationsView Exams
CSI 771Computational StatisticsView Exams
CSI 789Topics in Computational PhysicsView Exams
ECE 220Continuous-Time Signals and SystemsView Exams
ECE 331Digital System DesignView Exams
ECE 437Principles of Microelectronic Device FabricationView Exams
ECE 447Single-Chip MicrocomputersView Exams
ECE 448FPGA and ASIC Design with VHDLView Exams
ECE 521Modern Systems TheoryView Exams
ECE 545Digital System Design with VHDLView Exams
ECE 590Selected Topics in EngineeringView Exams
ECE 635Adaptive Signal ProcessingView Exams
ECE 645Computer ArithmeticView Exams
ECE 646Cryptography and Computer Network SecurityView Exams
ECE 732Mobile Communication SystemsView Exams
ECE 746Advanced Applied CryptographyView Exams
ECON 103Contemporary Microeconomic PrinciplesView Exams
ECON 104Contemporary Macroeconomic PrinciplesView Exams
ECON 310Money and BankingView Exams
ECON 340Introduction to Mathematical EconomicsView Exams
ECON 345Introduction to EconometricsView Exams
ECON 360Economics of Developing AreasView Exams
ECON 385International Economic PolicyView Exams
ECON 403Austrian EconomicsView Exams
ECON 415Law and EconomicsView Exams
ENGH 201Reading and Writing about TextsView Exams
ENGH 452Critical Study of Children’s LiteratureView Exams
EVPP 741Advanced Topics in Environmental Science and Public PolicyView Exams
FNAN 301Financial ManagementView Exams
FNAN 421Money and Capital MarketsView Exams
GEOL 101Introductory Geology IView Exams
GOVT 300Research Methods and AnalysisView Exams
HAP 301Health Care Delivery in the United StatesView Exams
HAP 360Introduction to Health Information SystemsView Exams
HIST 100History of Western CivilizationView Exams
HNRS 122Reading the Arts (Topic Varies)View Exams
HNRS 230Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Topic Varies)View Exams
INFS 515Computer Organization Course and Operating SystemsView Exams
INFS 612Principles and Practices of Communication NetworksView Exams
INFS 614Database ManagementView Exams
ISA 562Information Security Theory and PracticeView Exams
ISA 652Security Audit and Compliance TestingView Exams
ISA 656Network SecurityView Exams
ISA 764Security ExperimentationView Exams
IT 106Introduction to IT Problem Solving Using Computer ProgrammingView Exams
IT 214Database FundamentalsView Exams
IT 300Modern TelecommunicationsView Exams
IT 342Operating Systems FundamentalsView Exams
IT 441Network Servers and InfrastructuresView Exams
MATH 105Precalculus MathematicsView Exams
MATH 106Quantitative ReasoningView Exams
MATH 108Introductory Calculus with Business ApplicationsView Exams
MATH 110Introductory ProbabilityView Exams
MATH 111Linear Mathematical ModelingView Exams
MATH 112Discrete Mathematics for ITView Exams
MATH 113Analytic Geometry and Calculus IView Exams
MATH 114Analytic Geometry and Calculus IIView Exams
MATH 123Calculus with Algebra/Trigonometry, Part AView Exams
MATH 125Discrete Mathematics IView Exams
MATH 203Linear AlgebraView Exams
MATH 213Analytic Geometry and Calculus IIIView Exams
MATH 214Elementary Differential EquationsView Exams
MATH 290Introduction to Advanced MathematicsView Exams
MATH 301Number TheoryView Exams
MATH 313Introduction to Applied AnalysisView Exams
MATH 314Introduction to Applied MathematicsView Exams
MATH 315Advanced Calculus IView Exams
MATH 316Advanced Calculus IIView Exams
MATH 321Abstract AlgebraView Exams
MATH 322Advanced Linear AlgebraView Exams
MATH 325Discrete Mathematics IIView Exams
MATH 351ProbabilityView Exams
MATH 400History of Math (Topic Varies)View Exams
MATH 413Modern Applied Mathematics IView Exams
MATH 431TopologyView Exams
MATH 442Stochastic Operations ResearchView Exams
MATH 493Topics in Applicable MathematicsView Exams
MATH 494Topics in Pure MathematicsView Exams
MATH 621Algebra IView Exams
MATH 631Topology I: Topology of Metric SpacesView Exams
MATH 675Linear AnalysisView Exams
MATH 677Ordinary Differential EquationsView Exams
MATH 685Numerical AnalysisView Exams
MATH 740Differential TopologyView Exams
MIS 310Database Management SystemsView Exams
MIS 330Systems Analysis and DesignView Exams
NCLC 121Science, Mathematics, and Technology in SocietyView Exams
NCLC 202Public Speaking and Critical Thinking SkillsView Exams
OR 335Discrete Systems Modeling and SimulationView Exams
OR 542Operations Research: Stochastic ModelsView Exams
OR 635Discrete System SimulationView Exams
OR 645Stochastic ProcessesView Exams
PHYS 103Physics and Everyday Phenomena IView Exams
PHYS 160University Physics IView Exams
PHYS 243College PhysicsView Exams
PHYS 262University Physics IIIView Exams
PHYS 263University Physics III LaboratoryView Exams
PRLS 501Introduction to Natural Resources LawView Exams
PSYC 325Abnormal PsychologyView Exams
STAT 250Introductory Statistics IView Exams
STAT 344Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists IView Exams
STAT 663Statistical Graphics and Data Exploration IView Exams
SWE 645Component-Based Software DevelopmentView Exams
SYST 473Decision and Risk AnalysisView Exams
SYST 680Principles of Command, Control, Communications, Computing, and Intelligence (C4I)View Exams

10 Hardest Courses at George Mason University

George Mason University is one of the best public research universities in the United States. This institution was named after politician George Mason and it is located in Fairfax County, Virginia. They have several departments which offer quite a number of amazing courses. It might be interesting to know that some of these courses are very easy to pass while some are very hard. Here are the top 10 hardest courses at George Mason University.

1. GOVT 302 – American Political Development

This is a graphic design image of American Politics

This course examines American political development, both in itself and compared to other nations. It also addresses the extent to which the United States has or has not been exceptional in its development as a nation state. Students must be willing to do in-depth research in order to have a good grade in this course.

2. IT 102 – Discrete Structures

Image of discrete and computational geometry

This class introduces ideas of high-level program design and discrete structures. It focuses on problem-solving and includes an introduction to programming, Boolean algebra, symbolic logic, digital circuits, set theory, combinatorics, discrete probability, mathematical induction, recursion and a basic introduction to trigonometry.

3. MATH 203 – Linear Algebra

A picture depicting geometric algebra rotation of vectors

Topics treated in this course include partial differentiation, multiple integrals, line and surface integrals, and three-dimensional analytic geometry. Students need to be apt in calculations and should be ready to be prepared ahead of lectures.

4. ME 231 – Dynamics

Image of simple dynamics models

This is one of the toughest course for 200 level student of Mechanical Engineering department. Topics treated include vector algebra and calculus, kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies, as well as energy and momentum methods. Extensive problem solving involving particle and rigid body motion is required in this course.

5. ARTH 370 – Arts of the United States

old map of US

This course introduces students to high art (painting and sculpture) and popular material and visual cultural forms (prints, furniture, textiles) through a chronological and thematic survey of U.S. This course also explores changing roles of arts, artists, craftsmen, issues of gender, race, class, and formation of national identity through the arts.

6. BINF 403 – Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Lab I

An image of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Lab

This laboratory course will introduce students to bioinformatics tools designed to answer research problems in the topics covered in lectures, such as sequence alignment, sequence pattern recognition, structural conformation modeling, phylogenetic analysis methods and image comparisons. It’s a 1 unit course but very hard to pass.

7. CHEM 211 – General Chemistry I

A cartoon image of reagents and chemical reactions on the blackboard in the background

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of atomic and molecular structure; chemical bonding, basic concepts of chemical reactions and thermochemistry, properties of gases, liquids, and solids. Students must be ready to read extensively in order to pass this course.

8. ECON 105 – Environmental Economics for the Citizen

A picture representing someone explaining environmental economics

This is an introduction to economic concepts and how they can be applied to environmental policy issues such as air and water pollution, climate change, natural resource use, and sustainability. It also focuses on concepts, policy, and case studies rather than formal modeling exercises.

9. FRSC 200 – Survey of Forensic Science

This is an image of Forensic Science, represented by a handprint

This course will familiarize students with the basic principles, professional practice, quality assurance, and quality control measures employed in the practice of forensic science in the American system of justice. It is a 3-unit course, so students need to prepare hard in order to get good grades.

10. GEOL 303 – Field Mapping Techniques

An image of Field Mapping Techniques

This is a 3-unit fieldwork course. This course teaches students the basic techniques for collecting, recording, and plotting spatial field data including use of topographic maps, compasses, transit, alidade, and global positioning systems (GPS). It is also designated a Green Leaf Course.

Top 10 Coolest Classes at George Mason University

George Mason University is an incredible institution, known for its unique teaching and amazing classes. We’ve listed out top ten picks of the coolest classes available. What do you think of our choices?

1. Finding New Worlds


Finding new planets outside of the solar system, new developments and new theories are an important part of our astrological life. This class is especially cool because it focuses on a student-led investigation.

2. EVPP 318 Conservation Biology

the green globe

Science is used to identify which species are in need of conservation, with particular focus on the techniques used to protect organisms. This class has the potential to really change the world we live in.

3. MKTG 353 – New Product Development

Words associated with e-marketing

Insight, inspiration, designing and product launch. This class teaches you the basics of creating and marketing your own new product. This class also explores innovation management, something really sought after in the business world.

4. THR 539 – Aesthetics for Theater

A dancer in a play

This is a really cool, creative tasks which encourages students to explore new areas in theater. Research and design projects could easily become one of your favorite classes, developing multiple different skills in the process.

5. UNIV 306 – Preparing for a Career

A person writing on a piece of paper with two computers

It’s one of the biggest questions on student’s minds – what will I do after University? This class helps students to solidify major career decisions, help with job hunting and gain workplace skills. It’s great the University offers this.

6. TOUR 445 – Restaurant Management

A fancy restaurant

The tourism industry relies quite heavily on restaurants. This class will give students all the knowledge they need to manage all parts of a restaurant, in a hands-on and exciting way. This unique class is super special.

7. nutr 583 – Food and Culture

A person selling fresh fruits off the streets

Why do people choose what to eat? This class explores every angle, from cultural, range and cost. It also looks at how diets have changed, why they have changed and the implications on culture this has caused.

8. MLSC 402 – Leadership and Ethics

Army person with a dog

This class is super distinctive, making it one of the coolest ones on the list. It examines the ethics behind the military environment – including customs, ethical chose, decision making, appeals to moral principles and constraints.

9. ITRN 602 – Global Financial Crises and Institutions

Fluctuations in the stock market

A look into the modern financial sector, one of the most complex, interesting topics to study now. This class also considers the role of multilateral and regional financial institutions in crises.

10. PSYC 614 – The Psychology of Aging

Stack of books

There are functional, personality and intellectual changes that come with aging. This class studies those changes directly, from minor to major and understands the affects they can have on somebody.

George Mason University is a great choice for all those looking for interesting, unique and positively cool classes to choose from.

Health and Wellness Services at George Mason University

There is no university that does not care about its students well being. That being the case, George Mason University is always in the front line to ensure that it values the health and wellness of its students and will do much to ensure that is achieved by providing amenities that provide health services and facilitate wellness. Here are some of the services provided:

1. Fairfax Clinic

Fairfax Clinic Logo

The clinic provides preventive and diagnostic healthcare services to all the mason university students. That includes physical examinations, lab testing, health, and nutrition counseling, diagnosing and treating all the minor injuries like cuts and burns, rashes, sleep problems, and other health conditions. The student health services can also refer students to other health clinics within the community when the care required is beyond their capabilities.

2. Disability Services

A person with physical disability receiving therapy

The disability services at George Mason University are under the office of university life. The disability services aim at providing the disabled students in all the academic and non-academic programs in the university equal access to resources. Also, the services empower the disabled students so that they can fully participate in the university community thus fostering partnership for diversity and inclusion.
The disability services also offer accommodation based on individual needs such as functional limitations and the need for assistive tools. Hence the provision of assistive technologies, smart pens for audio recording during lectures, furniture modification and the reduction of barriers to physical access such as classroom and facilities within the university.

3. Counseling and psychological services. (CAPS)

The counseling and psychological services logo

Physical health is as vital as mental health. Mental health is important in the lives of students as it allows them to fit in within the school’s community and also prosper in their academic life. The university offers free counseling and psychological services to everyone that is part of the George Mason community. With the help of qualified staff, individual and group therapy and community education programs are offered to enhance the livelihood of student academic and personal performance.
Additionally, CAPS has introduced online interactive web-based programs known as therapist assisted online (TAO) that provide educational interventions to the students, staff and the entire faculty and provide solutions to the different mental health concerns.

4. Fair Oaks hospital emergency center

Fairfax hospital emergency center

The emergency center offers interventions to life-threatening cases such as poisoning, heart attacks, stroke, and severe cuts and bleeding. The fair oak hospital is equipped with 34 emergency bed services offering their services to both adults and children. It has child-friendly patient rooms and a waiting area with pediatric specialists who handle children with care thus reducing the tension felt when they visit the hospital.

5. Inova Trauma center

The Inova Trauma centre

The Inova trauma center is the only center handling traumas in northern Virginia. The center treats all the traumatic injuries that come as a result of car accidents, industrial incidences, all acts of violence and falls. Patients are transported from Fairfax County, far and wide from West Virginia and Maryland to get the services at the center. It also provides the public with prevention education and support the survivors of the injuries since traumatic injuries can be managed or prevented to reduce the number of deaths.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at George Mason University

George Mason is not just one of Virginia’s best schools. It is one of the best colleges in the entire nation. Here, GMU officials understand how important college life is for students, especially as they aim to find a good balance between work and school. Student jobs are offered in spades at George Mason. The students here will never have a hard time finding a place to work, especially because of all the companies that outsource jobs on campus!

1. Bookseller

An employee holds a stack of books

George Mason has its own campus bookstore, but it also plays host to a Barnes and Noble. Here, students can get a job as a store associate who helps people find what they’re looking for and helps them check out the books, as well. This job is a perfect one for bookish, literary loving undergraduates!

2. Bread Baker

Bread is baked and cut

Just as they did with a Barnes and Noble, George Mason also opened its doors to a Panera Bread on campus. And the same jobs are needed as they would be at any Panera. Many students apply for jobs as bread bakers in the form of bread bowls, loaves of breads for sandwiches, and so much more.

3. Athletics Mascot

George Mason's mascot is a patriot

It is definitely a job with very few openings, but, hey, someone has to do it! George Mason students can help support their athletic teams by applying to play the role of the mascot. The George Mason mascot, which belongs to a lot of prominent athletic events, is well known to be a patriot.

4. Chipotle Crew Member

Chipotle has a restaurant on campus

Chipotle is another quick service food location at George Mason, much like Panera. Here, students can apply for jobs that see them preparing food and taking orders. It would never hurt to have an expert burrito builder and wrapper on campus, among other necessary Mexican food based positions.

5. Sodexo Worker

Sodexo has a large presence at George Mason

In addition to the many third party quick service locations at George Mason, many of the normal campus food services are run through Sodexo. Sodexo is a company that hosts food courts, convenience stores, and more. Students can apply for the company in order to be exposed to a plethora of different potential roles.

6. Work Study Tutor

A tutor helps a pupil

Tutors are always needed at George Mason and they can even have the potential ability to get paid for these services. If students are eligible for work study, they can get paid for this through different campus regulations. It wouldn’t hurt to fit into this equation of student jobs for those who are academically intrigued!

7. Professor’s Assistant

Assistants help their professor teach

Typically, when people think of professor’s assistants, they think of those who help the classes run smoothly. But sometimes, a professor just needs clerical work to be completed. These professor’s assistants help make copies, grade homework, and provide tech support to some who are more averse to the services.

8. Notetaker for OneClass

OneClass logo, it offers online employment for students

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Top 10 Majors at George Mason University

Do you know what you are interested in studying? There are hundreds of majors and even minors for students to choose from. Below are just a few of what you can find at George Mason University! Hopefully one or two sparks your interest.

1. Accounting

calculator and charts with accounting written on top

If you like to do math in your head, then this one is for you! This major is all about the money and the math as well! As an accounting major, you will learn the ins and outs of banking, trends in the economy, and how to handle cash and transactions.

2. Astronomy

A person looking at the stars

Let’s take a look at the stars. This major will discuss all things astronomy. Students will learn about the solar system, technology that is used to uncover the many hidden depths of the solar system, and the earth itself.

3. Biology

Different areas of biology

As a biology major, students will learn about the basics of biological sciences. Students will learn about the biological make-up of ecosystems, how DNA works, the basics of biology, and how it relates to other disciplines within science.

4. Chemistry

Tools used in the field of chemistry

Do you have chemistry with someone? This movie will discuss the basics of chemistry. Students will learn about how chemicals work, atoms, compound structures, ions, and molecules. Students will also learn about the elements of chemistry.

5. Criminology, Law, and Society

A person that is holding crime scene tape

This major will explore the criminal justice system. Students will study how society is affected by the law and criminal justice system and tactics. Students will also explore many legal cases and different careers within the criminal justice system.

6. English

A graphic of the word English

Do you know how to speak English? What about analyzing it? Students will learn about grammar and rhetoric within the English language. Students will also learn about how English works around the world and the most popular books around the world.

7. Economics

A graphic of the word economics

This major will explore the world of economics. As an economics major, students will study how money and banking world all around the world. Students will also learn how economics helps to shape the world economy and trading between countries.

8. Music

A graphic of the word music

Are you a music person? As a music major, students will learn about a number of things that will help to improve their their sense of musicianship. This includes learning about writing and aural theory, the history of music, and the art of performance.

9. Management

An inside look at management

This major will explore management in the business world. Students will study how managers play a vital role in any job and the tactics that managers use to manage their own employees. Students in this major will also learn how to develop leadership skills.

10. Philosophy

philosophy's definition in the dictionary

What are your values? As a philosophy major, students will study the history and world of philosophy. Students will learn how philosophy works to help shape and change the world we live in based on different viewpoints from some of the world’s most greatest minds.

10 George Mason University Library Resources You Need to Know

The George Mason University, named GMU for short, is a public research university in Fairfax County, State of Virginia. It was founded as a branch of the University of Virginia in 1949; it has to wait until 1972 to become an independent institution. The university owes its name to the founding father George Mason, a Virginia planter and politician who authored the Virginia Declaration of Rights.  As its own conviction, the George Mason University libraries are leaders in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and are dedicated to improve and offer all their services to their students. So here´s a list of the 10 George Mason University library resources you need to know.

1) Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

library loan

Mason Libraries have cooperative partnerships with universities regionally, within the state, and worldwideñ everything just to help  the student getthe research and classroom materials that they need. If they don´t have a special matterial you just have to enter the request and wait a few days.

2) Borrowing


The George Mason University libraries are open to members of the University community and the general public for onsite use. All of them can use the borrowing services such as books, articles, and even technological equipment to use for their classes and projects.

3) Group Study Rooms

group study

The George Mason University Libraries provide a large variety of group study rooms in all their buildings for George Mason University students, faculty, or staff only. The security is important so you have to show a valid Mason NetID because it is required to reserve a study room.

4) Special Collections Research Center


George Mason University Libraries has a Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) that supports the research and teaching missions of the University. The SCRC collect, preserve and provide access to archival and rare book collections. As part of its commitment to access, they are digitalization program to make priority collections freely available on the Internet.

5) Mason Publishing Group


The Mason Publishing Group provides support and resources to the George Mason University community for creating, care, and disseminating scholarly, creative, and educational works. The George Mason University Press supports the academic mission of George Mason University by publishing peer-reviewed, scholarly works of distinction.

6) Archival Repository Service


The Mason Archival Repository Service (MARS) provides a stable, managed, and permanent archive for digital scholarly and research materials of enduring value produced by Mason faculty, staff, and students. Electronic theses and dissertations by Mason students are deposited and freely accessible in MARS, as well.

7) E-Journal Publishing

e journal

George Mason’s E-Journal Publishing is a service that provides advice as well as a platform for those interested in producing an e-journal. The university libraries offer opportunities enabling departments, centers, and units to publish open access journals.

8) Computers and Printing

Printing Documents From Your Computer To Your Printer

Computer stations and printers are available at all University Library locations. You can also check out a laptop to work with it anywhere in the library. Wireless printing is also available in the buildings. and the necessary softwares can be downloaded from University Print Services

9) Wireless Access


Inside all George Mason Libraries´buildings, wireless internet is available in some areas for the use of all of the Mason students, faculty, and staff. This free service is a great resource for those who try to do their projects and researches inside the libraries. Making it easy for all to access the information.

10) Audio/Visual Equipment


Mini projectors can be checked-out for in-library use at the university. Also Information Technology Services (ITS) has computer labs and multimedia equipment.  Staffed computer labs are available at each campus with software including data, audio-visual and design tools.  ITS also has multimedia production stations, a video production studio, and video production equipment that can be checked out or used for classes.

Libraries of George Mason University

1) Arlington Campus Library

Arlington Campus Library

The Arlington Campus Library (ACL) support the research needs of  the School of Public Policy, the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and the Master’s programs in Nonprofit Management and Arts Management. The Arlington Campus Library is designated as a European Union (EU) Document Depository. The library has nine study rooms designed for collaborative group work and studying. Also provide publics computers and complementary free Wi-fi.

2) Fenwick Library

Fenwick Library

Fenwick Library is George Mason University’s main research library and houses the majority of the University Libraries’ 1.5 million volumes. In addition, Fenwick Library houses the state-of-the-art Special Collections Research Center (SCRC), the unit within the University Libraries charged with acquiring, documenting, preserving, and providing access to primary research collections and documents. SCRC also manages the non-current and archival records of George Mason University. Group study rooms throughout Fenwick are equipped with white boards and monitors, and a handful of MediaScape collaboration study rooms allow up to four students to share their laptop screens simultaneously.

3) Gateway Library

Gateway Library

The Gateway Library provides a dynamic environment for undergraduate learning and research. The library has flexible study spaces where all users can view laptop screens on a big screen in group study rooms. The Library also provides access to a popular reading section that includes recommended reading, popular magazines, and newspapers.

4) Mercer Library

Mercer Library

Mercer Library provides access to all GMU print and electronic resources, specializing in Health Sciences, Biodefense, Bioinformatics, Criminology, Gaming, Security, and Computer Science. Also offers in-person consultations with library staff for scientific writing and research support and group study rooms.

5) Law Library

Law Library

The George Mason University Law Library is an academic research center that supports the information needs of the faculty and students. This Library is open only to GMU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The library has public computers that provide access to the library’s online catalog and others services.  And also have reference Librarians that are available to assist student’s needs.


Top 10 Residences at George Mason University

George Mason University is an institution making a mark as a great university and in meeting the changing advancements in the world. At this university housing services are taken very seriously. Quality housing ensures that students stays in secure and conducive spaces to achieve their personal and academic goals. It also facilitates socialization and learning of new things every day. Listed below are the top 10 residences at the George Mason University.

1. Dominion Hall

Dominion Hall

Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

Dominion Hall is a students’ hall. It is made up two wings with the second floor to the fifth being residential. There is Wi-Fi and cable, study lounges, elevators and it is non-smoking.

2. Commonwealth Hall

Commonwealth Hall

Commonwealth Hall Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

Commonwealth Hall is a residence for freshman students. It consists suite style doubles rooms with the second floor to the fifth being residential. There are study lounges, TV lounges, elevators, laundry facilities Wi-Fi and cable.

3. The Commons

The Commons

The commons Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

The Commons is a residential facility for freshman students as well as the members of the Living Learning Communities. It consists traditional style single and double rooms. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited. There is Wi-Fi, study lounges, TV lounges, classroom space, a kitchen and vending facilities.

4. Presidents Park

Presidents Park

Braddock, VA, USA

Presidents Park is a residence for freshman students. It consists of singles, doubles, triples and quad bedrooms. There is WiFi, study lounges, TV lounges, a kitchen and vending services. It is a non-smoking and alcohol free space.

5. Eastern Shore Hall

Eastern Shore Hall

4400 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

Eastern Shore Hall is a residence for the upper class honors and the INTO Mason students. It consists of suite style housing that has up to four students sharing a bathroom. There are common living rooms, study lounges, a kitchen, Wi-Fi and cable.

6. Hampton Roads Hall

Hampton Roads Hall

4401 Patriot Circle

Hampton Roads Hall houses upper class students. It consists singles, doubles and triples in suite style. There is Wi-Fi, study lounges, TV lounges, vending and laundry facilities.

7. Mason Global Center

Mason Global Center

4352 Mason Pond Dr.

Mason Global Center is a residence for the upper class domestic students and international students looking to learn additional language and prepare academically. It consists of only doubles with private baths. There is Wi-Fi, study lounges, TV lounges and a dining hall.

8. Whitetop Hall

Whitetop Hall

4402 Aquia Creek Lane

Whitetop Hall is a residential facility for students. It consists of three and four person suites. There is Wi-Fi, study lounges, TV lounges, common areas, a kitchen vending and laundry facilities.

9. Liberty Square

Liberty Square

10440 Presidents Park Dr.

Liberty Square is a residence for upper class students. It consists of apartment style accommodation with two and four person apartments. Each apartment has a single bedrooms and two students share a bathroom. There is Wi-Fi, study lounges, a dining\living area and a kitchen.

10. Northern Neck Hall

Northern Neck Hall

4401 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

Northern Neck Hall is a residence for students. It consists of triples, doubles and singles in suite styles and with at least one bathroom. There are study lounges, TV lounges, Wi-Fi and cable.

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at George Mason University

1. Room Basics

Organized bed

Mattress topper
School supplies

2. Food and Snacks

food and utensils

Water bottles
Energy bars

3. Tech & Entertainment


Cell phone
Alarm clock

4. School Supplies

School office supplies

Sticky notes
Text books

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

Cleaning Up and Organizing

Face towels
Paper towels
Lysol wipes

6. Campus Gears

Walking shoes
Campus gear like sweatshirt
Water bottle

7. Items you should ask first before bringing


Halogen lamps
Big pieces of furniture like sofas
Iron boards

Top 10 Clubs at GMU

The stress of college can be an overwhelming experience. Most students forget that it is importance to balance a healthy social life with college work. Luckily for students of George Mason University (also known as GMU), they have worked hard to create a wide selection of clubs and events to suit every interest. Let this be your guide to ten diverse clubs that may become your new home at GMU.

1. Ballroom Club

In Ballroom Club, you will get to meet other fanatics of love the art of ballroom dancing. No experience is needed as they encourage everyone to try an learn something new. So if you want a way to socialize and learn a new skill, Ballroom Club is just for you.

These are people dancing.

2. Chase Dreams Not Boys

Chase Dreams Not Boys was created for any individual to feel empowerment from others. Everyone is welcome and the atmosphere is expected to be very fun and uplifting. So if you are looking for a place where people are extremely welcoming, this is the club for you.

This is a woman who has "woman empowerment" in her head.

3. Chess Club

If you are interested in club, don’t be afraid to join Chess Club. In Chess Club, you will get the opportunity to learn more about chess as a game. Like most clubs, all are welcome and no experience is needed.

These are chess pieces.

4. George Mason Triathlon Club

If you are looking for a way to get fit or meet others who love exercising as much as you, the George Mason Triathlon Club is just the place for you. Here you will get to join activities to help you train for marathons or other events. So join this club so you can get fit while gaining new friends too.

These are people in a triathlon.

5. GMU Anime and Gaming Society

If you have a love for anime or gaming, then this is just the club for you. Here you will get to discuss with others about your passions. You can also play or watch together during meeting sessions.

This is an anime character.

6. GMU Entrepreneurship Club

If you are a business major or anyone interested in starting their own company, GMU entrepreneurship is the place for you. Here you will get to learn new skills that will help you in the future. It is an amazing way to gain beneficial skills while gaining friends as well.

This says Entrepreneurship with words associated with it.

7. K-Pop Dance Club

If you have an interest in dance, K-Pop dance club is a different way of starting your hobby of dance. Here you will learn a new style of dance often recognized with K-Pop music. It is a different and fun way to meet people.

These are people dancing.

8. Knit Club

Knit club is an amazing way to meet others who also have a passion for knitting. You will be introduced to new styles of knitting and also perfecting your techniques. Of course, no experience is needed to join the club.

These are women knitting together.

9. Mason Spirit Club

If you want to help raise spirit at your school, Mason Spirit Club is the place for you. Here you will meet other energetic students who hold their school pride in their heart. You will get to come together to help plan pep rallies or other school events.

This is a group indulging in school spirit.

10. Music Productions Club

If you are a future music producer, Music Productions club is the place for you. Here you will get to learn more about the industry and possible careers. You will also gain experience with necessary equipment to work in the music production industry.

This is a man creating music.

Top Events During the School Year at George Mason University

1. Cookies & Consent

This event was created to help raise awareness about consent and date-rape. Here you will learn more about statistics of rape in a college zone. It is a great way to learn more about defense and overall become more aware about the severity of the topic. There will also be free cookies.

Image result for These are cookies.

2. Better Friends, Better Women

This event was created to help spread women empowerment. Here you will get to meet other women who want to help and listen to each others stories. Free food will be provided.

Tis is a group of women.

3. Contemporary Music Arts Festival

At the Contemporary Music Arts Festival you will get to listen and see a variety of different vendors and music artists. Individuals in the community and not apart of the school are also welcome to become a vendor and attend. It is a great way to go to a festival at the convenience of your own school.

This is an arts festival.

4. The Cookout 2018

If you love barbecue, this is the event for you. Here people will be able to test their barbecuing skills and try to win the event. Come and try different styles of barbecue and see which one suits you best.

This is a barbecue.

5. Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness Practice was created to help students find different ways to relieve stress. There will be workshops and different stations available for students to participate in. Best part is this event is free to all students.

cartoon for mindfulness

If stress is getting to you, take a break and join a club or attend an event. Balancing a healthy social life and school work loads are the key to a calm and happy lifestyle in college. Let this be your guide to different clubs and events so that you can have the best time ever while in college.