10 Easiest Classes at Gateway Technical College

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of credits you were taking or the difficulty of your classes? A good solution is considering taking a couple of easier classes to balance out the difficult ones. Listed below are the top ten easiest classes at Gateway Technical College.

1. [809-188] – Developmental Psychology

This class is designed to examine the theories behind human development and the psychological changes that occur in the individual throughout his/ her lifespan. Specifically, this class reviews factors such as gender, ethnic, and cultural factors can influence development.

This image shows the growth process from childhood to adulthood.

2. [851-769] – Writing/ Pre-college

This class helps students develop the writing skills necessary for future college writing courses. There is a focus on concise writing that involves cohesive and effective sentences.

This image is of a quill pen writing to symbolize the writing done in a writing course.

3. [625-123] – Workplace Safety-MSSC

This course reviews safety protocol and why it is important in the workplace. This class also encourages students to develop safety/health programs of their own according to Federal and State mandated regulations.

This road sign indicates that safety is of utmost importance in the workplace.

4. [533-100] – Deafness/Intro to

This class aims to encompass a range of topics that impact the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities and teach students more about individuals in this community. This course gives students an opportunity to understand beyond the scope of ASL alone but to understand the community life of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

This illustration demonstrates that the voices of the deaf community need to be heard.

5. [601-147] – Control Circuit Applications

This class is an introduction to circuit terminology and control systems. Students will learn the workings of control systems operation and design. The ideas learned in the prerequisite class Electrical Controls and Systems will be applied.

This image shows the complexity of circuitry.

6. [605-107] – Fundamentals of Electricity/ Electronics

This course is set to introduce students to the various characteristics of electricity and how to study items such as voltage and resistance. There is laboratory work involved to apply this knowledge in troubleshooting circuits.

This image shows power lines and the electricity that runs through them.

7. [605-178] – Electrical Code Interpretation

This two- credit class is designed to go over the basic overview of the National Electrical Code and analyze some of the basic ideas presented in the code. This class serves as an introductory lesson into more complex article analysis that occurs in the work space.

This image shows that the electrical code is complex and involves permits, inspections, and licenses.

8. [606-144A] – Technical Drawing 4A

This class is a beginner’s course to assembly drawings. Students will be taught how to decide what standard parts are necessary for basic assembly drawing.

This image is a general representation of what an assembly drawing looks like.

9. [606-159] – Manufacturing Processes

This class examines modern manufacturing  processes and how fabrication methods differ in welding, anodizing, hydraulic systems, etc.  The goal of the course is to help students understand how the different characteristics of a product, such as its shape and cost, can affect the decision of how it will be manufactured.

This image shows that there are multiple steps involved in manufacturing processes.

10. [620-105] – Wiring Fundamentals

Students will be taught how to wire various equipment such as switches and light fixtures. This course is meant to be an introduction to basic electricity, national/state codes, and wiring techniques.

This image is of different colored wires to demonstrate how each have a particular function.

One of the benefits of college courses is that there is some flexibility in which classes you take each semester. It may be a good idea to take this opportunity to curate a schedule that is both challenging but manageable. Keep these ten easy courses at Gateway Technical College in mind before your next semester!