10 Coolest Courses at Furman University

Furman University is a private, liberal arts college located in Greenville, South Carolina. They werre founded in 1826 and named after the clergyman Richard Furman. Here’s ten of their coolest courses.

1. ANT 360 – Psychological Anthropology

evolution outlined from human anthropology

Psychological Anthropology is a class about how culture influences the behavior and beliefs of people. This class discusses different cultural views regarding health, wellness, mental illness, child rearing, and more.

2. BIO 140 – The War on Cancer

cancer cells in blue background

The War on Cancer is an interesting biology class that discusses the origin of cancer and its basic biology. Students learn how cancer is diagnosed, prevented, cared for, and examined.

3. POL 235 – Healthcare, Public Policy, and Law

doctors drawn out in digital art

This is a cool public policy class that discusses the relationship between healthcare and policy making. There is an important distinction between health policies and health laws that need to be learned in this class.

4. PSY 218 – Abnormal Psychology

gears in human head beside an interrogation mark beside

Abnormal Psychology is an interesting psychology class that discusses abnormalities in human psychopathology. This class discusses mental illness, disorders, etiologies and more.

5. PSY 450 – Memory and Metacognition of Learning

rainbow brain art

Memory and Metacognition of Learning is another interesting psychology class offered at Furman. Students learn all about the origin of memory and how we store it, and how we use our memories to learn new information.

6. PSY 415 – Placebo Effect

digital art that represents placebo effect

One last cool psychology class at Furman is the Placebo Effect. The placebo effect is a popular, well known effect in science that causes people to feel the effects of something when it isn’t actually there. It’s a really cool topic to learn about!

7. SOC 234 – Medical Sociology

pills lined up

A cool sociology class offered at Furman is Medical Sociology. In this class, students learn about applications of sociology related to medicine. There are a lot of sociocultural aspects related to the medical field.

8. MXP 150 – Sociology of Harry Potter

harry potter poster

A super cool and fun class at Furman is the Sociology of Harry Potter. Students in this class learn how to apply sociological theories to the Harry Potter world (ie; race, gender, class, etc.). This is a pretty fun and interesting course to take.

9. BIO 252 – Oceans and Human Health

blue waves in the ocean

Oceans and Human Health is an interesting course at Furman all about how ocean processes affect human health. Students learn about the contribution of the ocean and marine life to medicine and research.

10. HSC 151 – Current Issues in Public Health

stethoscope on a clipboard

Current Issues in Public Health is a cool public health class at Furman. Students in this class learn about modern health related issues and epidemics, and learn solutions to them.

10 Hardest Courses at Furman University

Students at Furman University enjoy a serene learning environment and high-quality liberal arts and sciences education in an internationally recognized institution. The institution offers majors and programs in 42 areas of study. Of all the courses offered at the institution, the list below showcases 10 of the hardest.  

1. ACC 370-Advanced Financial Accounting

A word art written FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING and other related topics

This financial accounting course focuses on the study of business combinations and related consolidated financial statement issues, accounting for foreign operations, and accounting for derivatives.  Students will study very complex concepts related to financial accounting throughout the course. Students will also be required to solve financial accounting problems that involve very challenging calculations.

2. BIO 460-Neurobiology

A computer-generated image of the human brain

This advanced course in biology discusses the structure, function and interactions of neurons and supportive cells of the nervous system. Students find this course hard because of the technicality of the topics. They will also be required to engage in various lab sessions that are challenging and time-consuming. This course is recommended for biology majors.

3. PHY 452-Atomic and Nuclear Physics

A poster written Atomic and Nuclear Physics

This advanced course in physics discusses advanced concepts related to atomic and nuclear physics. Throughout the course, students will learn about very technical and complex topics. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Physics.

4. MTH 350-Complex Variables

A Complex Variables Textbook Cover

Complex variables is an advanced course in math. As is the case with many math courses, this course is considered hard by most students. It involves a lot of complex calculations and computations that most students find challenging. This course is recommended for students who have a strong mathematical background and those that wish to pursue a major in Math.

5. CHM 465-Advanced Biological Chemistry

A poster written Biological Chemistry

This chemistry course focuses on advanced topics in bio-organic chemistry. The course is considered hard because of the complexity and technicality of the topics involved. The course also involves very demanding and time-consuming laboratory sessions throughout the course.

6. CSC 363-Programming Language Structures

An image of a computer monitor displaying program codes

This course involves the study of several programming languages including specification of syntax and semantics. Students will learn how to write code using different programming languages. The course also involves several programming projects that students find challenging and time-consuming.

7. ART 321-Graphic Design III

A poster written Graphic Design

This is an advanced course in graphic design. Students will learn very technical and complex concepts related to graphic design. The course also involves a series of practical sessions where students will implement what they learn. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Art.

8. EES 402-Geochemistry

An image of the earth in a round-bottomed flask

This course discusses the distribution of the elements and geochemical evolution of the earth and solar system. The course is considered hard because of its technicality. Students will have to study very technical topics and engage in a series of field works where they will collect and examine various specimens.

9. PSY 415-Placebo Effect

A poster written PLACEBO EFFECT

This is an advanced course in psychology that focuses on concepts related to the Placebo effect. The coursework involves student-led presentations and class discussions based on literature reviews and empirical journal articles. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in psychology.

10. ECN 357-Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics

A Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics textbook front cover

This course in economics discusses mathematical operations and methodology within the context of market models, models of the firm, national income models, and models of economic growth. Students find this course hard because they have to solve very complex mathematical problems related to economics throughout the course.

10 Library Resources You Can Use at Furman University

Getting into Furman University is an achievement as it is one of the outstanding universities in Greenville. With such a stellar reputation, it’s no surprise that Furman University is well-equipped to cater to the students and faculty with a well-rounded library.

1. Pascal Delivers

South Carolina's approach to making books accessible to any individual.

This system was set up to aid students request books that aren’t found in the James B. Duke Library, which is the inhouse library of Furman University. Students can order books and have them sent to the university library. Best of all, Pascal Delivers services are free.

2. eBook Database

Books aren't limited to their physical copies thus caters to a wider populace.

To go in hand with modern technology, Furman University offers eBooks for the students to use and peruse.

3. Research Assistance

Librarians and library staff can help students out thus building a better picture of the library.

Students can ask their librarians for aid in getting research material or they can also access the library website to be able to sort through the various information and media that the library can provide.


The Furman University academic body can access content that their fellow students, teachers and alumni have conducted in the past.

FUSE or Furman University Scholar Exchange is a collection of scholarly works, be it research or creative output. The collective composition is open access and contributed by any individual who has or is a part of the Furman University academic community.

5. Use Study Rooms

These rooms make for great areas to brainstorm.

The open spaces of the library is a great place to work but bad for discussions. You can make use of the library’s study rooms to conduct group meetings or discussions without disturbing others.

6. Inter-library Borrowing

Borrowing books can be done with ease without having to go to varying libraries.

This gives students the chance to borrow books and material from neighboring libraries without having to worry about going from one place to another.

7. Scholarly Communications

Furman aims to provide students every resource to make them move forward.

This is the university’s approach to label all the information that groups open access content, the FUSE and other source material. This paves way to an easier management of information that students can sift through.

8. Research Guidance

Guides and guidelines on proper research are provided for the students to peruse.

The Furman University library staff can guide students to conducting proper and good research. Unlike study groups, the research instruction initiative guides students by mentoring them with a specific librarian that can guide them to the best source material.

9. Personal Librarian

Having a personal librarian breaks the stigma of librarians being unapproachable individuals.

Freshmen of the Furman University are assigned to a particular librarian that tackles their major. This is a vital step to ensuring students learn to appreciate the campus library while also promoting a good experience to the student in tackling coursework.

10. Scan and Deliver

Scan and Deliver makes citations and specific coursework much easier to deal.

The Scan and Deliver approach is a book, chapter, and article delivery service catered to students. The contents must be from the Furman University libraries and delivered electronically to the students via their campus account.

Libraries in Furman University

1. James B Duke Library

Furman University's main library which contains much of the books and media for any major.

The main campus library of Furman University. Much of the books and academic composition can be found here. It houses much of the coursework done by students.

2. Maxwell Music Library

As the name goes, this library is dedicated to the musical arts and provides a lot of media for music majors

The Maxwell Music Library contains much of the university’s aide in the musical majors. From researching to musical scores, the pieces of media are provided in the music library.

3. Sanders Science Library

The Science library prides in its varied disciplines that cater to various sciences.

This particular library houses much of the materials to support the science majors. From Astronomy to Public Health, the Sanders Science Library does not shy from providing reliable materials to support coursework.

4. Berea Library

With numerous desktops, students can conduct their coursework and research with ease.

Despite being a small county library, Berea Library provides a quaint place for students to study. Smaller than the campus library, it still provides the necessary services that a library should cater.

5. Travelers Rest Library | Sargent Branch

This library caters to a more relaxing pace and provides a great atmosphere for leisure reading.

Despite its name, the Travelers Rest Library provides a great place to study and helpful library staff that can help you on your coursework.


Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Furman University

Looking to join a new club? At Furman University there is a variety of organizations available for you to look through and possibly join. If any of these peaks your interest, get involved and attend a meeting!

1. Swing & Shag

A scene from La La Land of the couple dancing

If you enjoy dancing, Swing & Shag is an event-focused dancing organization where you can freely dance and learn new steps. Furman’s Swing & Shag offers monthly lessons for anyone interested in dancing as well as hosts live music events. With this organization, you’ll have the opportunity to go into the surrounding area and dance in other swing clubs.

2. Furman University Culinary Club

Woman cooking a dinner

All Furman students interested in food are welcome! The Furman Culinary Club offers several free cooking workshops throughout the school year to sharpen your cooking techniques. You can create your own meals, even if you can’t cook that well.

3. Admission Ambassadors

An acceptance letter in front of a student's face

Apart from the admissions department on campus, the Admission Ambassadors helps recruit prospective high school students. The ambassadors create and engage in activities with the high school students in campus tours, informational lunches, student panels, and on-campus events. It’s a great opportunity to share your Furman pride while making a difference in a high schooler’s life.

4. Powerlifting Club

Someone lifting a heavy barbell

The Furman Powerlifting team competes in a variety of competitions throughout the state. They’ve developed many champions in both the men and women’s powerlifting events who have also participated in the National and World competitions. The club is open to all students who have an interest in learning how to power lift.

5. Super Smash Brothers Club

super smash bros ultimate

Playing video games as a group is a way of fostering a community on the Furman campus. The club will help you make friendships, learn new tricks, and practice to eventually compete in national tournaments. Regardless of your skill level, you can join the club focused mostly on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

6. Canterbury of Furman

A Canterbury church

The Episcopal Canterbury Fellowship of Furman welcomes any student to its meetings. Be prepared to ask questions and bring your curiosity to the meetings as they provide an open space for everyone.

7. American Chemical Society

Image of chemistry and aspects of the study

The American Chemical Society represents many professionals within the science fields, including chemistry. Furman’s chapter of ACS holds monthly meetings for their members, social events with other organizations and outreach opportunities around the community.

8. Furman Dance Company

A group of people dancing together

The Furman Dance Company exists for people who dancing anywhere! Within this team-building environment, students go through regular training meetings, rehearse for upcoming events and perform on campus and in the community. Bring your passion and enthusiasm for their next meeting!

9. Furman University Gospel Ensemble

Group of gospel singers

The Furman University Gospel Ensemble brings people together through the power of gospel music. They promote religious and cultural awareness and diversity to the campus and the Greenville community when they perform on campus, nearby churches, and throughout the community.

10. Furman University Responders

Image of the EMS club's logo

Furman University Responders is an EMS Club that helps Furman Students become EMT certified. The university offers the classes needed to get certified and help interested students get a part-time job during the school year. The EMS club can also help you gain summer opportunities while you’re on break, make connections with hospitals, and find job opportunities if you don’t already have one. This club is all about the hands-on experience that can allow you to learn as you finish your undergraduate degree.

Top Events During The School Year At Furman University 

1. Hispanic Heritage Month – The Latinex Shades of Furman Panel

Image of the National Hispanic Heritage Month

The Latinex Shades of Furman Panel brings together alumni, students and faculty members to discuss their experience at Furman. They dive into how their time on campus impacts them as part of Furman’s Hispanic Heritage Month.

2. FUSAB presents HAVOC

Students during the football game

HAVOC is a week-long competition during the week of Homecoming where attendees can compete with each other in physical, intellectual, and creative challenges. Throughout the entire time, they’ll be fundraising for a charity of their choice. Participants can dress as a Hollywood-themed character of their choice as they run through these challenges and sleep in tents for the entire week!

3. Family Weekend Talent Showcase

Graphic of a talent show header

The Student Talent Showcase is a big highlight of Furman University’s Family Weekend. Furman students share their talents and compete for cash prizes. It’s a fun way to get involved with the campus and watch other people show their talents.

4. Moravian Love Feast

Image of a church

Lovefeast is a celebration of creating a bond with the Christian community surrounding the campus. They celebrate the Christian season of Advent and primarily concentrate on listening to music from the organ and the choir.

5. TedXTalks

TEDXFurman's set up on stage

Furman University host several speakers during their TEDx events. In 2018, they had their sixth TedX. The TEDxFurmanU organization is run by students in affiliation with another student organization, Furman Creative Collaborative. This year, TEDxFurmanU2018 featured speakers who were students, professors, and guests as they discussed climate change, criminal justice, health care, and addiction.


Top 10 Residences at Furman University

Founded in the heart of the South, Furman University is a private liberal arts college located in Greenville, South Carolina, one that is very popular with students from in and out-of-state. The school, which is the oldest private university in South Carolina, enrolls close to 3,000 students on an annual basis, most of whom are undergraduates. Also, Nobel Prize winners have come from this school. If you’ve been looking for information regarding residence halls and off-campus living around Furman, then you should read through the following list of residence descriptions.

1) Brookside Pointe

A dining room inside one of the units

1600 Brooks Pointe Cir, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Location and convenience: those are probably two priorities you have in mind on your quest to find the perfect off-campus housing. Expect all the latest and greatest amenities when you enter your room for the first time—the associates at Brookside want you to feel right at home.

2) Oak Crest Apartments

Outside the complex

250 Little Texas Rd, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

The peace and quiet necessary for intense studying is something you will always find if you live at Oak Crest. Between neighborly curtesy and the units being a good distance apart, there’s little doubt you’ll always be able to find that unbroken silence you need to get your work done.

3) Harmony Ridge Apartments

A kitchen in one of the units

49 Brookside Dr, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Do you like stainless steel kitchen appliances and elegant hardwood flooring? Then you’ll love an apartment at Harmony Ridge Apartments. Don’t waste your money on a shabby shoebox when you have the opportunity to live at a vibrant apartment community.

4) Spring Park Apartments

An image of an empty unit here

60 Maple Ln, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Looking for a place that’s ideal for college students? Look no further than Spring Park. Elegance meets modernism at this beautiful complex, and you’ll come to realize what this means the second you walk through the door. As far as amenities go, you’ll have only the best of them here! Best of all: it’s so cheap!

5) Colony North Apartments

This is a living room in one of the units here

300 N Hwy 25 Bypass, Greenville, SC 29617

Don’t waste time and money in some rundown shoebox that a sketchy landlord somehow passed off as an inhabitable  piece of real-estate. Instead, live here! All the amenities you could ask for and a community that’s first-rate; it simply doesn’t get better than this!

6) Stratford Villa Apartments

A kitchen inside one of the units here

200 Eunice Dr, Greenville, SC 29617

The traditional woes and worries associated with renting an apartment for school will not be found here. When you elect to live at Stratford, you’ll be choosing to live in a vibrant and loving community where neighborly kindness is so potent, you may start to think it’s in the air.

7) Mosby Poinsett

The workout room here

6001 Hampden Drive, Greenville, SC 29609

Don’t drop a dollar or a cent on some shoebox apartment you couldn’t have imagined in even your wildest of nightmares. Instead, elect to live here. Comfort, luxury, and satisfaction are three qualities you’ll come to be real familiar with. You’ll never want to leave.

8) Vinings At Duncan Chapel

A dining room in one of the units

421 Duncan Chapel Rd, Greenville, SC 29617

Wouldn’t you give the world to have an enjoyable experience at college? Well it starts with where you live. Don’t go into the fall semester living far from campus, far from the action and from the life you can feel. Live at Vinings: you’re only a few miles from campus.

9) Crestwood Forest Apartments

This is outside Crestwood

100 Crestwood Forest Dr # 800, Greenville, SC 29609

Forget living on campus. When you go here, the real party is off campus! And when you sign a lease to live at Crestwood Forsest, you’ll know what college fun is all about from the moment you walk through the door of your very own apartment!

10) Boulder Creek Apartments

This is Boulder's lobby

300 Furman Hall Rd, Greenville, SC 29609

Ring for an attendant, for your satisfaction is the priority here! Do you like sophisticated living? What about all the amenities you can think of? If you want to really experience luxury, live here!

Here’s Your Move-In Day Packing List at Furman University

1) Room Basics

An organized dorm

– Toiletries
– Chairs
– Air Freshener
– Cottonballs
– Posters

2) Food and Snacks

Snacks such as lays chips, doritoes, chocolate and crackers

– Paper Plates
– Plastic Bags
– Water Bottles
– Crackers
– Plastic Utensils

3) Tech and Entertainment

An assortment of devices

– Chargers
– Headphones
– Laptop
– Power Strips
– Portable Speakers

4) School Supplies

Basic school supplies

– Binders
– Tab Dividers
– Glue
– Writing Utensils
– Daily planner

5) Cleaning and Organization

Cleaning products

– Windex
– Bleach
– Detergent
– Surface Cleaner
– Drier Sheets

6) Campus Gear

An image of apparel
– Flipflops
– A Swimsuit
– Sweatshirts
– A Winter Coat
– Boots

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

An image of candles

– Fans
– Illegal Substances
– Weapons
– Lighters
– Candles

With this list at your disposal, you should now be able to find the perfect residence for your time at Furman. College is a lot harder if you don’t have a comfortable place to come home to; find your dream living-space now!

10 Easiest Courses at Furman University

Though Furman University is not an extremely well-known school to those who have not grown up around or near it, it offers an abundance of classes that span a range of topics. Because they have such diverse course offerings, there are easy courses and more challenging courses! So, for students searching for those easier courses, the following is a list of ten of them:

1. ACC-111 Principles of Financial Accounting

This four credit course explores that theory and practice of accounting in the various ways that it can be applied to business organization. Students will also study and analyze business transactions as well as learn the valuation of assets and liabilities, and, finally, how to determine of income. Though these topics may sound complex, in reality, they are simple, as will be demonstrated through this course.

2. COM-111 Argumentation

This class is not only easy, but is also extremely useful for all college students. In order to learn and perfect the specifics of argumentation, students write argumentative essays, present argumentative speeches, and engage in class debates. In addition, students study of the theories, strategies, and ethics of argument and how it can be done effectively.

3. EDU-111 Perspectives on American Education

This course is very hands-on, which can make it easier for students, as twenty hours of off-campus fieldwork at a local public school are required. Further, this course provides an introduction to teachers and teaching, to the American school in a diverse society, and to the historical and philosophical foundations of education.

4. REL-214 Apocalypse

This class is not only interesting and unique to this campus, it is also an easy one for students to succeed in! Specifically, this course includes an examination of the apocalyptic genre, with a focus in its literary, cultural, and historical features. A specific focus is on apocalyptic texts in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Scriptures–both of which are theological and well-studied documents.

5. REL-200 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

This four credit course provides students with an introduction to the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of biblical Hebrew. The focus of this class is specifically on learning how to translate texts from the Hebrew Bible into modern day Hebrew through the use of electronics and tools.

6. SOC-120 Farm to Fork: Sociology of Food Systems

This two credit course is specifically offered in May for students who wish to continue their education over the summer. Students within this course will analyze the food system of South Carolina from a sociological perspective. This includes students receiving an overview of local food production, distribution, and consumption trends today, in order to help students develop a better understanding of how tastes are heavily influenced by a much larger social system.

7. SOC-211 Introduction to Criminology

This class gives students an introduction to the field of criminology. There are a large variety of topics covered within this one course, which include the criminological enterprise, measuring criminal behavior, and crime typologies–both violent and property.

8. PSY-152 Discovering Psychology’s European Roots

This is a two credit May course, which includes the study the history of psychology by visiting the original laboratories and cultures that gave rise to the discipline of psychology. This includes students reviewing and analyzing the culture and historical context that played a role in the formation of psychological theories and the relevance of these theories for psychology today.

9. POL-103 Introduction to Political Thought

This class primarily includes a survey of major political philosophers. Within this class, students will consider alternative conceptions of reality as they study in the ancient, medieval, and modern political orders.

10. PHY-101 Physics for Non-Science Majors

Physics is always considered by non-science majors to be extremely complicated and scary. However, this class provides a philosophic and conceptual examination of fundamental principles of physics. Even more important, no prior knowledge of physics is assumed.It is clear that Furman University does not only have easy classes and GPA boosters for only a small subset of course types. Instead, they offer courses that are easier for students in every subject from Religions to Physics to Political Science.