10 Coolest Courses at Fresno Pacific University

There are many courses available to students that students are unaware of. Some of these courses include the most fun courses available to take to students. One of the best ways to learn more about what is available to you as a student is by doing research. Luckily for students at Fresno Pacific University, we have done these research for you. In this article you will find the top ten coolest and most fun courses that are available for any student to take at FPU.

1. ART 110 – Art Appreciation

dirty paint brushes on a canvas

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at Art, then Art Appreciation is the perfect course for you. In this course, not only will you learn more about art but you will get to learn the history, media impact and methods that have impacted society. This class will also focus on the different art movements and cultures that surround Art as a whole.

2. COM 140 – Understanding Media

different forms of media outlets on signs

If you are a business major, this is a fun class that can help you in your future career. In this course you will focus on how social media impacts the different cultures, industries and trends that affect society. You will look at social media from a business perspective as well as how it shapes the communities around us. This is a highly beneficial class to anyone who wants to learn more about how social media affects our lives without us knowing.

3. THTR 105 – Theatre Appreciation

the front view of a theatre

THTR 105 is a very fun and easy course that is great to take between your difficult courses. This course focuses on the production elements in theatre. You will pay special attention to different roles that everyone plays behind stage. This is a great way to learn more about the production that goes behind shows that many people overlook. This is a great way to not only look at the history of theatre but also modern day theatre.

4. MUS 102 – Music Appreciation

a woman playing guitar in front of a pink screen

Music Appreciation is a fun way to learn more about the history of music. You will not only study the history but also the literature that has impacted music. You will be expected to create your own understanding and perspective of human artistic expression. This is a great way to learn more about music than what most people take the time to know.

5. MUS 103 – Introduction to American Popular Music

a night music concert with a large audience

Another fun class that is unique to this institution is MUS 103. This class will take a different look at American Popular Music and how it has changed throughout the different cultures. Not only will you look at American music but you will look at how different cultures have influenced American music. Such cultures will include Caribbean, Brazilian, Latino and African.

6. PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy

cartoon of a person thinking, with their brain outlined on their profile and bubbles representing thoughts and ideas

Philosophy is a very fun course that can be very uplifting between your difficult classes. You will look at the different topics that make up Philosophy; including human nature, metaphysics and ethics for example. You will read about different philosophers and choose your own stance on your philosophical lifestyle and view.

7. SOC 120 – Introduction to Sociology

stick women and men outlines in different colors

Sociology is another fun course that many students of any major are allowed to take. This course will look at the different principles of Sociology and how they affect students today. You will get to look at this concept in a modern day perspective and learn not only about the past but how it has affected us today. This is a very good class for any major to take as it will teach you more about how society functions and why.

8. KIN 120 – Concepts of Wellness

different parts that make up wellness in a circle diagram, including physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, spiritual and financial.

In this course, you will focus on the different dimensions of wellness. You will look at how our personal choices and responsibilities link to the wellness of not only ourselves but others around us. You will study health risk and different destructive behaviors. And you will also look at how you can change your own wellness with positive thinking and attitudes.

9. THEO 434 – Following Jesus Radically

the shadow of a cross representing christianity

One class that is available to all students is THEO 434. You will look at what it means to follow Jesus and the historical context that comes with different religions. You will look at the different theology and radical movements from history that now affects contemporary day religion. This course is available for anyone to take, you do not have to be a part of a specific religion to take it.

10. ENV 150 – Introduction to Environmental Studies

a clear globe sitting on a bed of grass

In the current day climate regarding Environmental Studies, it could be very beneficial for anyone to take this course. In this course you will focus on the relationships between peoples actions and the environment. You will look at the history of Environmental Science along with the current day issues. You can learn how to change your lifestyle to help the environment today.

If you are looking for a fun way to get credits, taking different courses outside of your major is the answer. There are a wide variety of classes available to students that many people are unaware of. This article gave you ten amazing courses that you can take at Fresno Pacific University. Do not be afraid to enlist in one today!

10 Hardest Courses at Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific University (FPU) is an accredited Christian university providing its students with unlimited opportunity for professional, personal and ethical growth. FPU offers more than 100 areas of study to undergraduate, graduate, and seminary students. Below is a list showcasing some of the hardest courses offered at the institution.

1. CHEM 460 – Physical Chemistry

A scientsist performing experiments in a lab

This advanced chemistry course discusses the physical principles underlying chemistry, including quantum mechanics and spectroscopy, thermodynamics and kinetics. These concepts are very technical and are considered hard by most students. The course also involves a series of lab sessions.

2. CSSE 366 – Computer Game Design & Development

A game developer using a computer

Creating computer games involves the integration of a series of very technical skills and concepts. This course aims at providing students with the scientific, technological, and artistic aspects of computer game design. The topics in the course are very complex and require the students to pay very close attention to understand the concepts.

3. MATH 454 – Complex Analysis

A graph associated with complex analysis

This advanced course discusses very complex concepts in math including the algebra and geometry of complex numbers, analytic functions, Cauchy Riemann Equations, and harmonic functions and many others. Students find this course difficult because of the series of complex and time-consuming calculations associated with it. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in math.

4. BIOL 450 – Genetics

An image of gene strands

This is an advanced biology course that is considered hard because of the technicality and complexity of the topics discussed. Throughout the course, students will discuss very technical terminologies and learn about concepts related to genetics. Students will also be subjected to a series of lab sessions that are time-consuming.

5. CIS 380 – Database Management Systems

A computer-generated image of a database management system

This course teaches the management of data and information using a database system. Students will learn very technical concepts related to database management. Emphasis will be on concepts such as relational databases and queries, joins, views, indexing, sequences, and security. Students will also be required to implement individual class projects using the concepts taught throughout the course.

6. ACCT 425 – Accounting

A poster written Advanced Accounting

This course in accounting focuses on advanced concepts related to accounting. Some of the topics discussed in the course include corporate mergers and combinations, partnerships and international accounting issues. These topics consist of various formulas, theories and, calculations that generally make the course hard.

7. ART 430 – Advanced Graphic Design

A Poster written Graphic Design

In this advanced graphic design course, students work with longer documents, multiple layers and styles, and three-dimensional illustrations. This course is considered hard because students learn and apply very complex skills and concepts to deliver very advanced designs. Students taking this course need to have basic graphic design skills.

8. KIN 401 – Biomechanics

A computer-generated image of the human skeletal system

This course involves the study of selected mechanical principles as well as musculoskeletal structure and function as they relate to human movement. Students find this course hard because of its technical nature. The topics in the course involve very technical terminologies and concepts that require time to grasp.

9. MATH 362 – Mathematical Statistics

Mathematical Statistics Textbook cover

This is an advanced course in math that focuses on complex statistical concepts and theories. Students find this course hard because of the difficult calculations involved throughout the course. They will learn various functions, theories, and formulas that they will use to solve statistical problems. Students taking this course need to have a very strong mathematical background.

10. CHEM 350 – Analytical Chemistry

A scientist performing experiments in the lab

This course discusses chemical equilibria as applied to the analysis and quantitation of chemical species. Students will study very technical and complex concepts related to the field of study. The course also involves very demanding and time-consuming lab sessions.

Top 10 Dorms at Fresno Pacific University

A great way to be at the top of your educational game is by living in the right residence hall. This allows you to be the best that you can be. Here are the top 10 dorms offered at Fresno Pacific University!

1. Jost Hall

Jost Hall is the first option that you have available to you. This is a basic dorm that actually has a lot to offer to you. If you choose to live here, you will be in a great community.

Jost building

Address: N/A

2. Strasbourg

A similar hall on campus is Strasbourg. This is a dorm that is actually dedicated to first-year students. The school has incorporated a lot of good resources that will help you get used to college life.

Strasbourg building 

Address: N/A

3. Nachtigall Village

A larger complex at school is Nachtigall Village. This is a facility that houses hundreds of students every single year. This gives you the opportunity to be a part of a tighknit community.

Nachtigall area

Address: N/A

4. Warketine village

Warketine Village is a very similar space to Nachtigall Village. This is mostly where a lot of upperclass students tend to live while at school. This offers you an environment that is free of the know-nothing freshmen on campus.

Warketine Village

Address: N/A

5. Krause village

Krause Village is yet another complex located in the same area. These buildings are home to mostly freshmen so you will not be too stressed out in a foreign environment. You will always have the help necessary to succeeding as a freshman.

fresno pacific university krause village

Address: N/A

Village area

6. Schlichting village

Schlichtung Village is the final village-style area where you can live. This is another large area that houses hundreds of students here every single semester. You are offered single and double rooms here.

Village area

Address: N/A

7. Kriegbaum Apartments 

If you need a little more space to live your life, you can live in the Kriegbaum Apartments. This is an area on campus that has a lot to offer to you. There are even much fewer rules that you have to follow.

fresno pacific university kriegbaum apartments

Address: N/A

an on-campus house

8. Jost Apartments

An off-campus option that you have are the Jost Apartments. By living here, you will have much more freedom to live your life. The rooms are bigger and the rules are fewer.

Jost apartments

Address: N/A

9. Willow gardens 

Another off-campus complex that you can choose is Willow Gardens. The best perk of this location is that it is less than 3 miles from campus. This adds a lot of convenience to your busy life.

Willow Gardens

Address: N/A

10. University house 

The final housing option that you have is University House. This is an on-campus facility that offers apartment-style rooms for you to enjoy. You will stay here with two or three of your closest friends.

University House

Address: N/A

Here is Your Packing List for Fresno Pacific University

1. Room basics

Some colored shirts

– Mattress topper
– pillows
– sheets
– garbage can
– clothes

2. Food and Drinks

 red cup

– Bottled water
– groceries
– bowls
– cups
– fruit snacks

3. Tech and Entertainment 

a cell phone charger

– Cell phone
– computer
– chargers
– extension cords
– adapters

4. School Supplies

Colored pens

– Textbooks
– pencils
– pens
– notebook
– calculator

5. Cleaning and Organization 

a doormat

– Wet wipes
– bath towel
– doormat
– shoe rack
– hangers

6. Campus gear

a red umbrella

– Walking shoes
– water bottle
– umbrella
– bike
– campus map

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a printer

– Dogs
– alcohol
– big furniture
– printer
– space heater

Top 10 Clubs at Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific University is a Christian university in Fresno, California.  The school has a small enrollment of about less than 3,000 students. The school has a high acceptance rate of about 63%. Here are 10 cool clubs you need to check out.

1. Art Club

 the art piece starry night

Art Club is a club meant for students who are studying art and media . Artistic space can be in a number of different avenues such as advertisements and museums or even showcased in a restaurant/hotel. The club makes trips to local museums.

2. Cheer

 people in different cheer positions

If you are a male or female student who is looking to show off their school spirit this is the club for you. This is a great way to get to know other people as well as have your voice heard among an audience. If you have dance or gymnastics experience that is a plus.

3. Asian Flavor

 a traditional asian noodle recipe

Asian Flavor is a group that students can join to get a taste of the asian culture. The culture that is being explored is the different food that is enjoyed as well as their traditions. It allows students to educate others on their culture.

4. Classics Club

 the ancient buildings of greece

Classics Club is open to anyone who is interested in learning about the classical world through exploration of ancient Greece and Rome. The group hosts different event to classical themed museums as well as study parties and historical movie nights.

5. Sunbird Conservatives

 red white and blue star elephant

The Sunbird Conservatives are a group on campus that is dedicated to keeping the world alive and full to its ultimate potential through governmental topics. As a conservative the group is one for limited governmental control with a strong hold on individual freedom such as on market trade and business.

6. Pre Health Association

 image of the globe and a stethoscope

The pre health association is meant to be a tool for those who are studying to be a doctor nurse ect. The group is meant to be for networking as well as opening students up to different career opportunities such as research and volunteering.

7. Missions Club

 the lord holding a cane by some sheep

The missions club is a group on campus that is dedicated to making sure to the mission of Christ in the world is being carried out for good.The organization takes part in service projects and talk about the mission of the lord through mainly social justice topics.

8. International Club

 a school a globe and international students

International club is meant for those international students to feel more comfortable and willing to share their unique culture with fellow students. It is a great way to participate in events that showcase your culture such as through food and music.


 african american soul food chicken and collared greens

This group on campus is meant for African-American Students to learn more about their culture. This is done through events that are meant to educate others on the culture as well as seminars and guest speakers that will talk on a variety of topics such as historical events.

10. History Club

 a map of the world with a compass

If the topic of history excites you this is the club for you. History is shown and learned in this club through exciting and fun ways. The group talks about history in order to have it alive in future generations of people to be handed down.

Top 5 Events of the School Year at  Fresno Pacific University

1. Resume Blitz

Two people sitting in empty classroom sharing laptop

Resume Blitz is an event that is made for all students and majors.The event is held at career services and offers 30 min appointments that you can schedule ahead of time to meet your time needs. It is a great way to get advice on possible changes to your resume.

2. Fall Mainstage: Falling

 a man who is autistic with his family member holding a marble

Come on down to North Hall, Room 123 for a time of watching a brilliant play that was written by Deanna Jent. The play’s main story is about how a family is under the test of love and affection through the life struggles of having a child who is autistic.

3.  FPU Symphonic Band Send-off Concert

 a group of people with their instruments in symphonic band

The symphonic band will be having a concert before they go off to their competition at the Western International Band Clinic. This is a great way to preview what they are going to perform at a cheap price(the event is only $5 ).

4. A Festival of Lessons & Carols

 three purple candles and one pink

This annual event will be put on at First Presbyterian Church by the visual and performing arts community of the school. This is a celebration of the time of Advent. It is a great event to go to get into the holiday spirit of what Christmas time means.

5. Resume Writing Tips Workshop

Adult students smiling in classroom

Are you completely lost on how to create a resume? Do you need help polishing the one you have? This workshop will allow you to do all of that and more. The workshop will cover different formats most resumes are used in.

10 Easiest Classes at Fresno Pacific University

You may need to have an easier time at college. If this is the case, you should take some of the easiest classes that you can. By doing this you will have a higher GPA and a better time on campus. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Fresno Pacific University!

1. COM 111- Academic Writing

It is no secret that you will have to write quite a bit in college. That being said, you need to take Academic Writing. This class will teach you how to write for college professors. Fortunately, you probably already know how to write so the class should not be too hard.Serious male student writing in a laboratory

2. ART 111- Art Appreciation

One of the most popular options that you have to satisfy a fine arts core requirement is Art Appreciation. You will study famous works of art and make your own inferences about them. This is an easy class because you can be creative and hold your own opinions.An array of colors

3. MATH 250- Introduction to Statistics

Introduction to Statistics is the perfect class for you if you are at all interested in statistics. You will learn about a variety of topics within the broad subject. Since this is an entry-level class, you will not be challenged too much.A bar and line graph

4. PSY 121- Human Learning

A basic psychology class that you should take is Human Learning. You will dive into how human beings function and work in our society. This is a very easy course because the material is mostly common sense.The evolution of man

5. ENV 151- Environment and Humanity

Environment and Humanity is an easy environment class that you can take to learn all about how humans impact the natural world. Since this has been a big issue lately, you probably already have a good idea of this concept.Human hands tending to a plant

6. BIOL 125- Introduction to Biology

One of the most popular choices you have to fulfill a science core requirement is Introduction to Biology. This class dives into areas like cell structure, DNA, and many others to give you a general view of the subject. You have probably already learned all of this information in high school!A strand of DNA

7. CHEM 100- Introductory Chemistry

Introductory Chemistry is another first level class you can take to get some more science credits under your belt. You will just scratch the surface on a lot of topics to get a general view of the subject without stressing you out too much.Beakers and test tubes

8. MGT 362- Nonprofit Management

A unique marketing class that is at your fingertips is Nonprofit Management. This class will give you an insight on how some of the biggest nonprofits in the world function efficiently. The material of this topic is not challenging so you should have no problem.A meme of Michael Scott from The Office

9. SOC 350- Marriage and Family

If you want to dive deeper into family values, you need to take Marriage and Family. You will learn how to maintain a healthy marriage and family life. You should have no problem, with this course because of how straightforward the content is.The trees of the seasons

10. BLIT 310- Biblical Literature

IF you want to learn more about religion, Biblical Literature may be the class for you. Although this sounds like it would be a very challenging course, it is designed to only cover the very basics so any student can take it with ease.A open bibleIf you need to change up your campus life a bit, take any of these classes at Fresno Pacific University to raise your GPA and have a better time at school! Good luck planning your schedule for the next semester and hopefully this list helped you out a little!