10 Coolest Courses at Florida Keys Community College

Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) is a community college in Key West, Florida.  The institution has its main campus in Stock Island and has other two campuses in Marathon and Key Largo. FKCC offers two-year associate degrees in various programs and associate degrees for transferring students. Below is a list of some of the coolest courses offered at the institution.

1. AMH 2010 – History of the United States to 1876

An USA flag with the words "A HISTORY OF THE United States" written on it

This History course focuses on the historical events of the United States up to 1876. Students will through readings learn very interesting facts about the Colonial period and the American Revolutionary period amongst other topics. Also, the constitutional development process and the political, social, economic, and cultural activities of the American natives will be discussed.

2. ART 1750C – Ceramics I

Ceramic bowls and bottles placed on a table

This is a very practical art course that introduces students to the fundamental concepts and techniques of ceramic making. Students will spend most of the course’s time in the studio creating various ceramic pieces as they practice on their skills. The course is the first in a sequence of skill-building courses in ceramics. Art students are recommended for this course.

3. CET 1174C – Advanced Computer Repair

A person repairing a computer's motherboard

This course equips students with advanced computer repair skills. At the end of the course, students will be able to individually solve various hardware and software computer issues that are advanced in nature. The course is both theoretical and practical. Students will interact with the hardware system of computers are they try to diagnose and repair them.

4. CRW 1001 – Creative Writing I

An open book on a table with the words Creative WRITING written above it.

This course seeks to develop the writing skills of students and to improve their creativity. Students will study and apply the techniques of writing fiction, poetry, drama and the essay. Students will write creative pieces throughout the course that will be evaluated and analyzed by their fellow students in the presence of their instructor. The course is recommended for Creative Writing students.

5. EMS 1344C – Aquatic First Aid

A first Aid team attending to a person in a swimming pool

This is a very practical course that teaches students the techniques related to aquatic first aid. Students will learn various life-saving procedures such as CPR among others. Students will also receive training on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of life-threatening conditions and injuries.

6. FSS 1246C – Baking and Pastries I

An assortment of baked cakes, bread, and donuts on a table

This is yet another practical course that teaches students practical techniques of basic baking and making pastries. Students will spend most of the course’s sessions baking various products such as cakes, bread, cookies, buns, etc. Students will be expected to perfect their baking skills and master a number of recipes.

7. HFT 2276 – Resort Management

A poster written RESORT MANAGEMENT

This course teaches students how to manage major resort operations including overall resort management, financial management, guest treatment, hospitality services, and other aspects related to the resort industry. The course consists of practical sessions where students simulate different management scenarios.

8. MUL 1010 – Music Appreciation

A poster with  a music G clef written "Music Appreciation"

This is a music course that seeks to appreciate music in general. Students will listen to various types of music genres and discusses the musical elements, forms, historical periods, and the lives and representative works of major composers. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Music.

9. PEN 1136C – Basic Scuba Diving

Two scuba divers in water

This is a very practical course that equips students with the elementary skills for scuba diving. Students will interact with the scuba diving equipment and learn the basic movements and safety precautions related to diving. At the completion of this course, students may earn
internationally recognized scuba certification.

10. PGY 1401C – Introduction to Creative Black and White Photography

A person holding a digital camera in his hands in black and white picture

This photography course introduces students to the concepts and techniques of black and white photography. Students will practically learn how to operate a camera and use it to capture black and white images. Students will be required to complete a series of photographic assignments that emphasize their creativity skills.

Top 10 Library Resources at FKCC

Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) is situated in Key West, Florida with its main campus on Stock Island. With its Key West location, FKCC is the southernmost post-secondary school of any type within the contiguous United States. The college offers various different degrees and is home to over 5000 students!

1) Easybib

This picture showcases a teacher trying to look at a student's citations and making sure it is correct.

Do you need to complete your citations but don’t know how to? This website is for you! Easybib is an amazing resource provided by FKCC which helps students with different citations in various formats including; MLA, APA,  and Chicago! This resource truly makes things so much easier so, make sure to utilize this website well!

2) Open Education Resources (OER)

This picture is a clipart of what is normally associated with graduating like books, healthy snacks, and a graduation cap.

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are any type of educational materials that are in the public domain or introduced with an open license. The nature of these open materials means that anyone can legally and freely copy, use, adapt and re-share them. OERs range from textbooks to curricula, syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, tests, projects, audio, video, and animation. These are all available for students to use at full access!

3) Smart Thinking

This is a picture of a boy who is trying to think thus he has his "thinking cap" on.

Smart Thinking is an amazing program and resource provided by the library at FKCC for all students! Smart thinking is an online tutoring service available to all current students at no extra cost! Upload any of your writing assignments to the Online Writing Lab and receive feedback within 24 hours! This is an amazing resource/service for students who need pro-reading or would like some help on their assignments.

4) Google Books

logo for google books

This is one of the most beneficial and amazing resources for all students! Google Books is a website in which certain novels, books, journals, and articles can be found online. Most of the books also have additional free pages which can be read or sometimes the whole book is available online for free! Trust me, check this website out before buying your books!

5) WorldCat

This is the official logo for OCLC website called WorldCat!

WorldCat is a union catalog that itemizes the collections of 72,000 libraries in 170 countries and territories that participate in the Online Computer Library Center global cooperative. It is operated by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, and there is a direct link to the website found under the Library section of FKCC’s website!

6) Computer Labs

This image shows a computer lab with various desks which are aligned with Computers.

Did you forget your laptop at home? Don’t worry, because FKCC provides two computer labs aligned with various computers! The computers are available for all students, faculty, and also staff members. So, if you need to print something, work on your assignments, or reply to emails, come to either one of the computer labs!

7) Study Rooms

This picture showcases how a study room would commonly look like with various chairs, desks, and whiteboard.

FKCC provided students with an amazing resource known as study rooms! The library has two study rooms available for academic purposes. The rooms are equipped with a long conference table and chairs, and a whiteboard.  Rooms are kept locked and opened by library personnel.  The rooms are very popular and FKCC wants to make them available to as many students as possible! So hurry on and reserve these rooms!

8) NewsBank

This image shows the official logo for Newsbanks, a world of information!

NewsBank is a news database resource which provides archives of media publications as reference materials to libraries. FKCC provides direct links to this resource that can be found on the college’s website! This is an amazing resource for all students who want to gain access to media publications!

9) Course Reserves

This image shows various books that are aligned together under the title of course reserves

Are you in desperate need of a specific book but don’t have time to renew it! Well, FKCC provides this resource known as Course Reserves.  Faculty may place books and other course-related materials including textbooks, library materials, and personal copies on reserve for student use! This way you can make sure that you can issue out the book you want without worrying that someone else may!

10) Columbia University Press

This image showcases the official logo for the Columbia university press

Columbia University Press is a leading publisher of scholarly and trade books in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. The best part is this resource can be accessed by all students through FKCC and you can gain access to various trade books, journals, and articles by leading publishers!

 Top 5 Libraries Near FKCC

 1) FKCC Library

This image shows kind of a side view of the florida keys community college library

The FKCC library is the official on-campus library available for all students! What’s great about this library is that it has an abundant number of resources for all students and it is a great place to study and complete your assignments!

2) Monroe County Public Library

This picture shows the front-side view of the Monroe county public library

This library is dedicated to reading, learning, connecting, and creating! It provides several different books that can be utilized by students. This library also provides computers and free WiFi so students can come in and take advantage of all of these services!

3) Friends Of Key West Library

This image shows the official logo that represents the friends of key west library

The Friends of Key West is a very popular library that provides various resources, materials, and equipment while volunteers assist with various library tasks. Their popular free seasonal lecture series and book sales also serve to build community support!

4) Big Pine Key Library

This image showcases the inside of a library with various shelves covered with books.

The Big Pine Key Library is actually part of the Monroe Public Library branch! Physically the smallest of the branches, the Big Pine Key Branch has a lot to offer everyone! This library provides amazing resources and carries a variety of different books!

5) Key-West Memorial Library

This is a picture of the inside of a library where there are several shelves aligned with various different books.

The Key West Library is the southernmost branch of the Monroe County Public Library and one of the oldest libraries in the state of Florida.  This library is amazing for a place to study and relax. It is a great location to complete all assignments and catch up on homework! So, if you need a quiet place to study, go here!

10 of the Coolest Clubs at FKCC

Florida Keys Community College, or FKCC, is a community college located in Key West, Florida. This school’s main campus is located on Stock Island, but it also has two additional campuses–one in Marathon and one in Key Largo.  It is interesting to note that with its Key West location, FKCC is the southernmost post-secondary school of any type within the contiguous United States. In addition, FKCC offers two-year associate degrees in a variety of programs for students planning to later transfer to four-year institutions. Students come to this school not only for the location and academics, but also for the amazing clubs and organizations!

1. Aquaculture Club

This image begins to demonstrate the Aquaculture industry.

This club is a member of the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America, also known as MASNA. The purpose of the organization is to bring the benefits, activities, and news of MASNA to students. In addition, Aquaculture Clubs strives to provide increased opportunity for student involvement and to provide increased opportunity for students to organize and participate in activities that encourage the ethical growth of the marine aquarium hobby.

2. Book Club

This is an example of a book that may be read during the Book Club meetings.

The Book Club’s purpose is to expand members’ personal literary experiences, to provide an open forum for exchange of ideas and opinions, and to strengthen and inspire the Florida Keys Community College. Book Club is a growing organization on campus; however, it is very popular!

3. Environmental Club

This is the logo for the Environmental Club on campus.

The Environmental Club’s purpose is to create student awareness of environmental issues in the community and on campus. Especially because of their location in Florida, maintaining the natural environment is extremely important for the students on campus. In addition, for some individuals, the club may help them to develop an appreciation for the environment through outdoor activities and education.

4. Fellowship of Christian Students on Campus (FCSC)

The cross is often used to represent students of the Christian faith on campus.

The Florida Keys Community College Chapter of FCSC is a part of the movement of around 28,000 college students with the mission to reconcile students to Christ: transforming the university, the marketplace, and the world. Students in this organization feel that they have a religious home and place to practice their beliefs.

5. FKCC’s Special Olympics College Club

This is the national logo for Special Olympics.

FKCC’s Special Olympics College club exists with the goal to support Special Olympics athletes and to be cheerleaders and friends for those with disabilities. Their vision is to have a unique group of students working together as a team in order to support each other and ultimately become mentors and to build lifelong friendships.

6. Scuba Club

This image shows a student participating in this club.

It should come as no surprise that this is one of the most popular clubs on campus. Students in this club are able to take part in exciting club activities and field trips. Member benefits include air fills, use of equipment on club dives, reduced price dives with the club, and some access to discounted equipment!

7. Student Government Association

This poster is used to advertise for meetings across campus.

The Florida Keys Community College Student Government Association provides guidance and direction to the student body, develops student programs and activities, promotes student involvement, develops positive working relationships, and provides students with opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills. The Student Government serves as a resource for both students and faculty members on campus.

8. International Student Organization

This image demonstrates the inclusivity and diversity promoted within this organization.

The International Students Club allows people from around the world to meet, make friends, and offer each other support while on campus. Students from the United States are also able to join in order to learn more about a variety of places and cultures.

9. Mud Pi’s Ceramics Club

This image shows a student making a piece of ceramic art.

This organization is working to enhance the ceramic awareness of the island community. So much of the culture of this island pertains to art, ceramics, and expression, and this club aims to promote an awareness and foster a deeper understanding of those aspects of culture.

10. FNSA: Florida Nursing Students Association

This image shows a registered nurse, which is the ultimate career goal for nursing students.

This club is dedicated to promoting community service, as well as offering support to FKCC nursing students. Students within this club not only have the opportunity to work closely with those in need within their community, but also to create lifelong friendships.

Top Events During the School Year at Florida Keys Community College

1. Book Club Meeting

This poster is used to advertise for Book Club around campus.

With Book Club being one of the most popular organizations on campus, a meeting is not something that anyone wants to miss out on! The Book Club’s purpose is to expand members’ personal literary experiences, to provide an open forum for exchange of ideas and opinions, and to strengthen and inspire the Florida Keys Community College. This free event is a great way for students to unwind and discuss a good book with peers.

2. Disney Meeting

This image shows Disney World!

This meeting is specialized and directed towards students and faculty members who have a passion for Disney! This passion would make sense given the close proximity of the school to Disney World, too.  Members of this organization learn about about everything Disney, such as rides, movies, and theme parks.

3. Movie Night

This poster is used to promote the event and movie around campus.

This movie follows the character of Megan who has it all: She’s popular, pretty, a model student, dates the captain of the football team, and she’s a cheerleader. Then everyone starts wondering whether she really likes boys the way she should. Her parents her to a special camp to “reform” her,  but the outcome is not what they expected. This movie is meant to make sure all students feel included in on campus activities.

4. Peace Flag Project – Celebrating International Day of Peace


This image shows some of the flags used in this project.

In honor of International Day of Peace, and to unite the many cultures that make up the FKCC community, students and staff are invited to participate in the month long Peace Flag Project.  The Peace Flag Project is based on the 2000-year-old tradition of Prayer Flags of Tibet. Mantras and symbols were printed on flags as blessings to be sent out to the world and to benefit all those who passed underneath.

5. Coral Disease Presentation

This image shows the coral reefs that are in need of help.

An outbreak of stony coral tissue loss disease began in 2014 and, according to NOAA, has since affected half of the stony corals in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The research coordinator from NOAA will be visiting Florida Keys Community College to educate our staff, students, and the public on this important issue. This issue hits close to home for many students, as they live on the coast.

Ultimately, FKCC is a school where all students can thrive. Diversity is encouraged, and students participate in as many activities as possible. In addition, academics here are sure to set up a student for success later on in life.

Top 10 Living Areas at FKCC

A great way to succeed while as school is by living in the right dorm. This allows you to be with your peers and succeed academically. Here are the top 10 dorms at Florida Keys Community College.

1. Lagoon Landing

The only on-campus option that you have is lagoon landing. This area on campus houses about 150 students every single year. If you live here, you will be very close to the rest of your classes.

Lagoon Landing

Address: N/A

2. Bakers Lane

The first off-campus option available is at Bakers Lane. This is a small little house that you can rent with two or three of your friends. This will save you a lot of money.

A small house

Address: 709 Bakers Ln

3. Truman Ave

There is another great building on Truman Avenue. This is one of the more expensive options that you have. That being said, you have some great resources at your fingertips.

Truman Ave building

Address: 906 Truman Ave

4. Flagler Ave

Flagler Avenue is home to a great rental property for you. This house is located only about 2 miles away from main campus. This is a great perk for you to keep in mind.

Flager house

Address: 1430 Flagler Ave

5. Emma St

Emma Street is a little further away from campus. That being said, the cost is a bit lower here than the other houses. However, you’re still not too far away.

Emma street building

Address: 717 Emma St

6. Pohalski St

Pohalski Street has a great piece of property for you to rent. Your save a lot of money if you choose to live in this house. This will make your life much better while at school.

Pohalski house

Address: 909 Pohalski St

7. Seaside Dr

If you want to be right next to campus, you should check out the property on Seaside Drive. You will be less than a mile away from most of your classes. This is a big factor to keep in mind.

Seaside pool

Address: 3625 Seaside Dr

8. Roosevelt Blvd

One of the more upscale places to live is on Roosevelt Boulevard. This location is a little more expensive but the amenities here are much greater. Some examples include a gym and computer lab.

Roosevelt house

Address: 2601 S Roosevelt Blvd

9. Southard St

Southard Street has a property that can be great for you to take advantage of. If you live here, you’ll be in good hands. This means that you will be able to make the most of your educational experience.

Southard house

Address: 918 Southard St

10. Angela St

The final living option that you should consider is on Angela street. This is a small house that you can share with a couple of your friends. By splitting up the rent, you will save a lot of money.

Angela st building

Address: 120 Angela St

Here is your packing list for Florida Keys Community College 

1. Room basics

a stack of sheets

– desk lamp
– area rug
– clothes
– sheets
– pillows

2. Food and drinks

a cup of tea

– bottled water
– coffee
– tea
– groceries
– fruit snacks

3. Tech and entertainment

a white cell phone

– cell phone
– computer
– tablet
– chargers
– movies

4. School supplies

black and blue pens beside red covered notebook

– text books
– pencils
– pens
– paper
– folders

5. Cleaning and organization

a roll of paper towels

– all purpose cleaner
– wet wipes
– paper towels
– bath towel
– shoe rack

6. Campus gear

a blue water bottle

– bike
– walking shoes
– water bottle
– back pack
– skateboard

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a black printer

– pets
– big furniture
– space heater
– printer
– alcohol

Packing for college? Read on here on how to start packing and shop judiciously: Shopping & Packing List for College Dorm here.

You can also download the list below:

10 of the Easiest Courses at FKCC

Challenging yourself is rarely a bad thing. After all, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” (Neale Donald Walsch) But as a college student, it can be quite difficult to juggle all your responsibilities at once. A jam-packed schedule filled with tough classes is probably not as beneficial to your education if you’re spreading yourself too thin. Below are some of the ten easiest courses available at Florida Keys Community College, for those of you in need of a little break.

1. ART 1300C – Beginning Drawing

In this course, drawing will be used as a means of visual organization. Fundamentals of art such as proportion, perspective, composition, and layout will be explored in an attempt to have students first establish and later improve the basic skills necessary for drawing. Emphasis is placed on creative expression through the use of various techniques and materials, allowing students room to experiment with a variety of visual tools.

drawing of human eye

2. CCJ 1010 – Introduction to Criminology

This course is strictly an online course, which may be more convenient for those wanting to work on their own time. This class consists of an examination of crime as a whole, as well as by category and its impact on society. It will consider a number of theories on crime causation, along with supporting research. Overall, it is a good choice for students with a busy schedule looking to learn more about the justice system.

A gavel infront of the American flag

3. ENC 1101 – English Composition 1

Development of clear and organized writing skills among critical thinking will be established through this course. Students will be required to read, analyze, and write in a number of descriptive forms using standard American English. Those wanting to improve their general quality of writing will benefit from the material provided in this class.

A pencil laying in an open book

4. WOH 1012 – World History 1

This is both a face-to-face, and an online course. It takes on an exploratory approach to the evolution of civilizations, from ancient times to the modern era. Students will consider the development and progression of various civilizations as well as their political, social, and economic views of the world.

A map of the globe

5. LIT 2020 – Introduction to Short Fiction

The main objective of this course is to learn about the necessary tools and elements that go into writing short fiction. Heavy emphasis will be placed on reading, writing, and the critical discussion about fiction throughout time. Overall, the information offered in this course is not only insightful but fundamental to those wanting to improve their writing skills while acquiring historical information.

"Once upon a time" written in a notebook

6. MUL 1010 – Music Appreciation

Students wanting to discover the origin and evolution of music in the Western European and North American tradition will benefit greatly from this class. This course explores the history of influential composers and performers from all eras, beginning at 450 A.D up to present day. No prior music experience is required, making it a good choice for students simply looking to explore their love for music.

Black and white music notes

7. PHI 2010 – Introduction to Philosophy

An introductory course that considers some of the major philosophical theories. Mastery of skills such as communication, critical thinking and analysis, and independent learning will be an objective of this course. This class will also encourage students to apply the theories discussed to contemporary thinking through the use of the skills mentioned.

philosopher aristotle sculpture

8. PSY 2012 – General Psychology

PSY 2012 is a general course that aims to provide an overview of the major areas in the psychology field. Major models and principles, the biological bases of behavior, personality development, stress and its effects on health, human development, as well as psychological disorders will be explored. Through a critical thinking approach, this course investigates the constantly expanding and evolving subject while enabling students with the ability to effectively communicate within the classroom.

a brain with gears rotating

9. SYG 1000 – Introduction to Sociology

Another introductory course, Introduction to Sociology provides an overview of the fundamentals of sociology, some of its theories and methodologies, basic concepts and structures. This course offers students information on how we create and change the world in which we live in, and how we ourselves are influenced and changed by the society around us. Ultimately, this course will encourage students to use sociological imagination while critically evaluating how their personal lives interact with the society in which they live.

Picture of humans circling the earth

10. SPN 1120C – Beginning Spanish 1

Looking to expand your language capabilities? Beginning Spanish will offer students both spoken and written forms of the Spanish language, teaching them how to understand and speak through good pronunciation and a solid vocabulary. Basic skills such as correctly employing and incorporating grammar and vocabulary will be established while exploring the culture of the country.

Cartoon map of Spain

Listen, there’s no reason every class you take to be super difficult. Sometimes we need that one easy course that’s going to give our GPA a boost, especially if you’re just trying to enjoy the Florida weather. So, if you’re enrolled in Florida Keys Community College and trying to find a class that won’t completely ruin your grades or fun in the sun, consider taking one of the courses listed above.