10 Coolest Courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology

If you’re at FIT, chances, are you know exactly (or, approximately) what you want your career trajectory in life to be. Still, many students want to explore or try something new in college, whether it be picking up a new hobby or craft, learning an interesting new subject, or exploring their own passion from a different perspective. For anyone looking for a fun new challenge, here are 10 of the coolest courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

1. TY 313 — Soft Toy and Doll Design

Many soft toys are manufactured overseas in factories such as this one.

If the thought of Chucky coming to life didn’t scare you that much and Toy Story’s strange world of anthropomorphic toys seemed exciting, then FIT’s toy design program may be just the right place for you. TY 313 goes over the basics of toy design, with a specific focus on stuffed animals and toys, as well as dolls. Just hope your creations don’t come to life with a vengeance.

2. PL 431 — Philosophy: Ethics

Picture of a balance with the word ethics on it.

Life often throws choices at us – blue shirt or red dress? Chai latte or vanilla frappe? – those are easy decisions. Occasionally, though, and especially in the world of business, we are faced with a more ethically challenging and ambiguous decision. PL 431 goes over the philosophical literature concerning ethics and ethical decision making and even brings up real-life examples of ambiguous ethics for students to puzzle through.

3. SS 202 — Bollywood and the Making of India

Poster for a revolutionary Bollywood film, Ek Ladki ko Dekha toh aisa laga looks at the complex issues of gender roles, following your passion, and LGBTQ rights.

Through the rise of global and more cross-cultural media, people from all over the world are being exposed to the unique TV shows, movies, and music of many different cultures – from anime and Kpop to One Direction and Bollywood. Bollywood, and the Hindi film industry, has not only revolutionized media in India, but it has also changed cultural practices and views through the nation, often portraying more “western” ideas of love, sex, and fashion. Students in this course will explore how Bollywood has changed and shaped the modern societies of India.

4. SS 309 — Tattoos and Body Modification: Social Stigma and Acceptance

Picture of man's back covered in tattoos. In many Polynesian cultures, these beautiful and intricate designs carry great social and cultural  significance.

Before it was a rite of passage for drunk college students who got their two-month boyfriend’s name inked permanently on their bodies, tattoos and body modifications were often linked to major social practices in many cultures around the world. For example, in many Polynesian cultures, tattoo designs signified social hierarchy, with priests and warriors often bearing intricate designs that showcased their respected status. Students taking this class will get a more in-depth understanding of the cross-cultural meanings of tattoos and gain an appreciation for the ancient art of body modification.

5. FR 132 — French in Paris

Picture of the beautiful and historic city, Paris is the capital of France, and often considered the City of Love and Light.

What’s cooler than learning the language of love in the city of love? In FR 132, students will undergo a truly immersive study of the French language in the capital city of France. Known for its beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architectural landmarks, amazing historical art museums, and mouthwatering food, Paris is sure to be a city you’ll fall in love with.

6. CL 131 — Fashion in France and Italy

Picture of a model walking on the runway.

Often considered pinnacles of style in high fashion, French and Italian designers battle it out on the runway annually at world-famous fashion shows. Another chance to hop across the pond, CL 131 takes students to the iconic European fashion capitals of France and Italy. From Paris to Milan, you’ll gain firsthand experience in the industry of fashion, exploring haute couture shops and establishments, fabric mills, design studios, and museums.

7. HI 207 — Hollywood: A History

This 1964 James Bond movie was part of a movement of "Red Scare Cinema", which played a part in engendering fear about Russian espionage at the height of the Cold War.

Hollywood has had an undeniably integral place in American culture. Iconic films – including Casablanca, Citizen Kane, and the Godfather – have stood the test of time, as many people still find them to be valuable pieces of art. On the flip side, students in this course will also explore how Hollywood perpetuated political and social norms and stereotypes. Why were so many of the baddies in 60s action flicks vaguely Eastern European (looking at you, James Bond)? Here’s a hint: The Cold War definitely had something to do with it.

8. MC 207 — Devouring the Screen: Food in Film

Picture of Da Vinci's famous painting, many filmmakers use scenes of characters "breaking bread" to pack their films with religious symbolism.

What’s better than a food scene in a good movie? You can practically taste the delectable delights the characters are eating (or, depending on the context, feel absolutely disgusted at the prospect of eating the same thing). In many movies, food is more than just food – clever filmmakers used it as a medium to symbolize things Hollywood wasn’t ready to take on, like sex, drugs, and rock and roll (okay, maybe not the last one). Students taking this course will explore how food is portrayed in different films, both from a domestic and global standpoint. Make sure to eat lunch before the lecture though!

9. MU 202 — Latin American and Caribbean Music

PIcture showring three women dancing to Caribbean music, which have both Latin and African influences.

The music of this region is just as rich and diverse as it’s plethora of different cultures. From bachata and bossa nova to samba and salsa, there are so many different styles of music, singing, and dance, and many have had unique influences on Western music. Jazz, R&B, and country music have all grown from Latin beats and African-inspired rhythms from the Caribbean and Latin America. Students in this course will have a chance to listen to all these styles of music and gain an appreciation for the cultural diversity of the region.

10. SC 149 — Chemistry for Cosmetics and Fragrances

PIcture of person in lab making perfume.

It takes hard scientific work to bottle up a scent, and many of the high-end perfumes sold in stores started out in test tubes at a laboratory. We often hear the phrase “don’t buy anything that has ingredients you can’t pronounce”, but what chemicals are actually in our cosmetics and fragrances, and why are they there? In SC 149, students will be able to understand the chemistry behind cosmetics and perfumes, and learn the purpose behind many of the “unreadable” chemicals in these products. They’ll also be able to put their new knowledge to the test in the lab!

10 Hardest Courses at FIT

Fashion Institute of Technology is one of New York City’s premier public institutions. The FIT is an internationally recognized college for design, fashion, art, communications, and business. They are known for our rigorous, unique, and adaptable academic programming, experimental learning opportunities, academic and industry partnerships, and commitment to research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Highlighted below are the hardest courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

1. CG 224 – Programming for Artists

a designer with a coder that says "a designer who codes" at the top

This course entails computer programming for designers and artists using open-source programming language. Students, with no prior experience, learn to write their own programs using graphics and interactions to master basic programming concepts. Examples will be shared that highlight the increasing interaction between programming and real-world art and design projects.

2. BL 343 – Introduction to Business Law

An image of Business Law

This course is an introduction to basic legal principles relating to branches of commercial law, with special emphasis upon the laws of contracts, sales, agency, and other areas relevant to the career aspirations of fashion industry students. It is a 3-unit course, therefore, students must prepare well in order to get good grades.

3. CM 424 – Fragrance Knowledge

Basic concept of Fragrance Knowledge

Students learn about olfaction and the role played by the sense of smell, students examine how fragrances are created and manufactured for the marketplace. Natural and synthetic raw materials used in the manufacture of fragrances are studied. Students are also trained on how to classify fragrances into odour families, evaluate the marketability of fragrances, and review the regulatory issues related to the business.

4. FM 116 – Fashion Business Practices

Image of a fashion outlet

This is one of the toughest courses in the FM department. It is a comprehensive introduction to the modern fashion business environment with insight into the structures, finances, management, leadership, organization and ethical responsibilities of varied global fashion enterprises. Emphasis is placed on careers, job descriptions and the preparation necessary for a successful career in the fashion business.

5. ID 253 – CAD I

A practical example of  computer-aided design

This course introduces general concepts of computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), with emphasis on two-dimensional drafting applications such as floor plans, furniture plans, reflected ceiling plans, and elevations. Students create, store, modify, and plot drawings. Students are taught to generate hard copies of their work. 

6. JD 141 – Introduction to Diamonds

Image of Diamonds

This introductory course provides an overview of diamonds, how crystals form, the physical and optical properties of diamonds, and mining techniques throughout history from ancient times to the present day. Other topics include a review of mining locations and techniques and the cultural, environmental, financial, and global economic impact of diamonds. The course content is bulky, students are advised to commence an early preparation.

7. MA 321 – Data Analysis for Business Applications

multiple boxes with someone pointing at data analysis

This course covers intermediate statistics topics with applications to business. Students graph, manipulate, and interpret data using statistical methods and Excel. Topics include data transformations, single and multiple regression, time series, analysis of variance, and chi-square tests. Applications are from the areas of retail, finance, management, and marketing.

8. PH 242 – Advanced Projects and Portfolio Development

Procedures for Portfolio Development

The relationship of advanced studio lighting set preparation techniques, and digital image captures are explored in conjunction with colour theories that apply to model and still-life photography for the printed page. Students complete industry-level assignments and personal interest images in the studio and on location. This course emphasis on preparation of an individualized portfolio presentation.

9. CT 300 – Typography for Digital Content Design

Pictorial representation  of Digital Content Design

This course focuses on fundamental typographic elements, theories, and skills unique to screen-based media that enable students to create holistic and experiential typographic designs which move beyond the limitations of print. Touch-screen-based typographic layouts and responsive editorial design principles and techniques will be explored. Expressive screen-based typography experimentations, including the integrations of type, sound, motion, and interactivity are included in this course.

10. EP 311 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Image showing the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

This course introduces students to entrepreneurship and its applicability to the creative arts. It examines some of the legends of the industry and identifies the characteristics necessary for achieving success as an entrepreneur. It also reviews today’s creative arts and business landscape and introduces students to the significance of entrepreneurship and its opportunistic position at the cutting edge of this industry.

Restaurants and Cafes at the Fashion Institute of Technology

The Fashion Institute of Technology is a public university in Manhattan, New York. It focuses on the art, business, design, communication and technology in the fashion industry. Here’s ten of their college cafes and local restaurants!


momacha nyc

MOMACHA is a small cafe in Manhattan that has a wide array of different matcha drinks. They have mainly matcha teas both hot and iced, as well as matcha coffees and regular coffees/teas. They have pretty reasonable prices!

2. A Little Taste

a little taste nyc

A Little Taste is a modern European style cafe near campus in downtown Manhattan that has tons of food and drink options. They have freshly baked pastries and goods, hot/iced coffee and tea, and other great items at a good price!

3. Cafe Hanamizuki

bowl cafe hanamizuki nyc

Cafe Hanamizuki is a Japanese style cafe/restaurant near campus that sells a bunch of Japanese meals and drinks. Students love this cafe for their great prices and portion sizes, and the instagram worthy plating!

4. Luna Coffee Shop

luna coffee shop nyc

Luna Coffee Shop is a cute, authentic cafe in downtown Manhattan that sells tons of different baked goods and drinks. They have delicious breakfast bowls, bagels and other pasty meals, as well as fresh coffee and tea at reasonable prices.

5. Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company

brooklyn bagel and coffee

Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company is a popular bagel shop that’s just a short drive away from campus. They sell amazing bagels with all sorts of different toppings, as well as great iced and hot coffees. Students love their prices!

6. Ramini Espresso Bar

ramini espresso manhattan

Ramini Espresso Bar is a small coffee shop in downtown Manhattan with delicious coffee and espresso drinks. They have all sorts of hot/iced coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, teas and more! Students love coming here for a fresh cup of coffee!

7. Rustic Table

rustic table manhattan

Rustic Table is a beautiful little cafe in downtown Manhattan with tons of fresh baked breakfast and pastry goods. This place is popular among students, locals and tourists for their delicious breakfast and coffees, as well as their good prices!

Jobs for College Students at FIT

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is a well-known public college that focuses on mass communication and technology, art, design, and business courses that are related to the fashion industry. The school has all the right equipment and academic facilities such as photography studios, exhibit design rooms, painting rooms, a graphics laboratory and more for students. FIT also has a museum that exhibits a collection of accessories, clothing, and textiles. It has produced great fashion designers such as Norma Kamali and Calvin Klein as well as film directors and interior designers. If you are a student at Fashion Institute of Technology, you should worry less about financial constraints while studying because there are many job opportunities for you. Such students job at FIT include;

1. A Fashion Designer

 A fashion designer  at work

A fashion designer studies the trends in the industry and draws the original design of the clothing or accessory. Most fashion designers working in a design firm or company are required to be at work from 9 am to 5 pm. The best way to secure such a job is by networking and getting to know people who are already in the industry. Once you meet and associate with enough people then it becomes easy to secure such a job.

2. A Jewelry Designer

 An exquisite design in the making

This job entails different sectors such as professional design, craftsmanship as well as digital literacy and all of these are offered in FIT. Working hours are approximately 8 hours. In school it would be easier to meet up with people who are successful at this job. A student can also apply for the job in school since they offer such positions.

3. A Wardrobe manager

 A wardrobe in need of extra touch

This job involves supervising all activities regarding the wardrobe. The job is somehow full time including night hours. If you are a student at FIT, then securing this job is quite easy because of the exposure. FIT provides all the needed skills in such a job.

4. A Style Editor

 A display of a style editor’s work

The job involves managing the whole process of inventing, developing as well as presenting of content for a magazine in the fashion department. A style editor can even work up to 40 hours per week or more depending on the activities related to the magazine. It should be easy to get the job even while in school as long as you are dedicated. It also involves a lot of networking.

5. A Fashion Stylist

 Stylists at work

A stylist deals with how a celebrity appears during concert performances, music videos and other activities. The job is also full time including night hours because celebrities need to look good at all times. Networking is the best way to go when applying for such a job. Knowing people in the industry makes it easier to secure a job.

6. A Volunteer Accessory Designer

 A student creating accessory design

Accessory designers come up with the ornaments that complete as well as complement an outfit in the fashion industry. FIT offers such position and a student can apply for one in order to gain the experience. The hours of working are around 4 to 6 hours per day.

7. OneClass Note Taker

Take notes with https://oneclass.com and get extra money while you go to class. When you take Notes with https://oneclass.com, you not only earn well but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Top 10 Library Resources at FIT

FIT prides in supporting the research and academic requirements of the entire campus community. To achieve in this, the institution has a well-equipped library facility that serves the faculty, staff, and students. The FIT library has well organized large volumes of both print and non-print materials to support the instructional programs in various fields of study. The following are top 10 library resources at Fashion Institute of Technology.

1. Research Help

Librarian offering research help to students

The FIT library has professional staffs who help in finding information, searching through the library’s site and class assignments. The fifth floor of the facility has the research inquiry desk ready to meet your needs. This staff responds to your chat, text message or email throughout the library working hours. The FIT library allows for interactive research appointments with the existing employees and students of FIT.

2. Computers in the Library

Computer section of the library

Library computer rooms usually are opened during regular library hours. The labs close down earlier than other library departments. The three library spaces are fixed with computer workstations, print release stations, printers, scanners, and copiers. All the floors have wireless connectivity, and all public computers are controlled by the library’s wireless network (FITAIR).

3. Inter-library Loan (ILL)

Inter-library Loans and document Deliver services

Most patrons benefit from the inter-library loan by getting items that are not found at FIT Library. They are expected to present an official FIT ID and a functional email account. The ordering of FIT materials, particularly reserve items are not allowed through inter-library loan. You are advised to read through the ILL FAQs for answers to some of the inquiries regarding potential costs and speed of delivery.

4. Library Instruction and Workshops

Librarian offering instructions to two students

All staff and faculty members have to compete the library’s online request form to request for a session in the library. The library management enters your request into their instruction calendar and assigns a librarian to your class. The librarian keeps coordinating with the class one week before the material date as planned. You will be informed on negotiating for new time and date in case a disagreement arises about the requested time and date.

5. PrintFX

Librarian organizing printout sheets

PrintFX is FIT’s most famous center for digital output. Experts here fulfill your expectations into reality. PrintFX continually produces high-quality output for highest standards of satisfaction and service. The facility produces excellent digital production at low prices including budget posters, portfolio prints, button pins, vinyl cutting, laser cutting, 3D printing, fabric printing and more.

6. Special Collections & College Archives

Sample Library collection featuring two women

The special collections and college archives are focused on a variety of objectives. SPARC gets, maintains, and offers access to various items for leading researches in their original state. The materials preserved cover several languages and geographical setups in the format of digital and print forms. All acquisitions are tailored to enhance FIT’s curricula at large.

7. Visitors at the Library

A visitor being oriented to the library materials

The FIT library works towards supporting the learning, teaching, study and research needs of the entire FIT College members. Visitors are expected to make an earlier appointment to qualify using the FIT library. Appointment for current FIT and SUNY students is not a guarantee. However, a valid FIT or SUNY ID is required from these students for access to the building. All FIT library visitors must complete the library’s online appointment form. Appointments by email or phone are not allowed.

8. Faculty, Staff or Administration

Two members of staff using library material

The entire library plus its specific units provides materials and resources to boost classroom faculty alongside the shared goals. FIT Library Faculty Liaison Program creates a dialogue between classroom faculty and library faculty. This synergy defines fundamental interactions in the library for all academic departments. The library’s goals are steered towards high curriculum support, delivery of library resources to FIT community and collaboration in support for curricular initiatives.

9. Services for Students

A student studying from the librar

FIT’s library staff and faculty are centered and focused on the achievement of the students. They assist students in general research, topic research, access of library DVDs and books, and borrowing services. All Students are guaranteed free assistance on the renewal of library DVD and books. The library offers the Graduate Studies Programs that help graduate students who are aspiring to cross over the walls of the physical library in their research.

10. Forms

A student completing a library form

All inquiries about research assistance are submitted to the “Ask the Library” page. The FIT library provides an interactive research form for schedules regarding one-on-one consultation with librarians. An instruction request form is offered for requests concerning any library research instruction lesson. You may use the purchase request form to suggest a book or a periodical title for the library to include in its purchases.

Top 5 Libraries at Fashion Institute of Technology

  1. Gladys Marcus Library

Students studying at FIT Library

The FIT library has a collection of over 197,000 print materials and more than 300,000-combined print, electronic and non-print. Other selections available in this facility include professional digital and electronic documents. These resources are hardly found in ordinary academic libraries. FIT library newspaper and periodical collections range to over 400 extensive back issue runs and current subscriptions.

2. New York Public Library

Students playing in front of the New York Public Library

This library has various dedicated locations that are entirely based on research. In addition, this facility has other libraries that offer borrowing services for most items. The library locations act as study and research spaces for learners and the public. FIT students who need more answers to a variety of library-based questions are offered assistance in this library.

3. Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library, Flatbush Branch

Brooklyn Public Library is one of the most famous borough’s institutions supporting patrons from all the occupations. Founded in 1896, this facility has been ranked as the sixth largest national library system. The library currently serves about 700,000 cardholders. BPL’s card is offered freely to any resident of New York State. Individuals aged 13 years and above are eligible for applying for a library card online. Get a Library Card.

4. Queens Library

Residents crossing the zebra crossing towards the Queens Library

The Queens library caters for the needs of 2.3 million patrons from 62 regions. The facility also serves seven centers tailored for adult learning and two literacy centers for families. This library distributes large volumes of books and additional library items in the entire nation. QL is an established learning and research system governed by a board of 19 trustees appointed by the New York City Mayor.

5. Metro

Staff at Metro Atlanta Library easing out some books

Metro is an independent consortium of several institutions. The facility comprises of museum, academic, research alongside corporate libraries in the region of New York City. Current FIT employees and staff have an opportunity of getting passes to explore these libraries. They are only permitted when their requirements are not provided at the FIT library (Borrowing is not allowed at Metro facility).


Top 10 Dorms at the FIT

Located in the heart one of the world’s most bustling cities, FIT may not look pretty, but it does exude beauty from within. Obviously, it can be very hard to find a place to live in Manhattan, too. For FIT students, this list will be very accommodating.

1. Coed Hall

This is an image of Coed Hall

Address: 230 27th Street

The primary option for both men and women to live in at FIT is Coed Hall. Aptly named, there are also doubles and triples available in this dorm. One of the best options for college students in Manhattan, it also comes with a traditional meal plan.

2. Alumni Hall

This is an image of Alumni Hall

Address: 270 27th Street

Alumni Hall is one of the best options for community-based students. Those who are looking for lifelong bonds should look no further than Alumni. This is thanks in large part to the fact that the rooms at Alumni can fit four roommates in them!

3. Nagler Hall

This is an image of Nagler Hall

Address: 240 27th Street

The all-female option on campus, Nagler boasts a lot of traditional and renovated amenities. Students just have to be cautious if they plan to live in Nagler during months like April, May, or September. Not all of the rooms are air conditioned here!

4. Kaufman Hall

This is an image of Kaufman Hall

Address: 406 31st Street

Kaufman is the best option for upperclassmen at FIT. It can give students a good taste of what it’s like to live in an apartment of their own. Living in a city like Manhattan, there is no better transition into adulthood than Kaufman.

5. River Place Apartments

This is an image of the River Place Apartments

Address: 650 42nd Street

Let’s just get this out of the way now. When you’re living off campus in Manhattan, the prices are going to be astronomical no matter where you go. With the potential of six thousand dollars for rent, River Place is no exception, but it does have the nicest amenities of any non-FIT location.

6. Rivers Edge

This is an image of Rivers Edge

Address: 1500 Avenue at Port Imperial

Still exorbitantly expensive, Rivers Edge is the best option for students who can only manage to swing nearer to two thousand dollars per month. It’s not ideal, no, but it is a better option in Manhattan than most. There are full concierge services here, too, so it can somewhat feel like a hotel experience at college!

7. Silver Towers

This is an image of the Silver Towers

Address: 610 42nd Street

Silver Towers soar above Manhattan with gorgeous views from the balconies. They’re move-in ready, too, with full furnishings. Thanks to this aspect, students will shed the headaches that come with transitioning to college.

8. The Eugene

This is an image of a bedroom at The Eugene

Address: 435 31st Street

The Eugene may look extravagant and this is partly why it is so expensive. Obviously, the prime location in New York contributes to this, too. But the room itself is actually quite small and is great for privacy if students tend to prefer this sort of spacial feature.

9. The Capitol

This is an image of the lounge at The Capitol

Address: 776 Sixth Avenue

The Capitol is an absolutely stunning apartment complex in Manhattan with some of the best features of any building. It’s not really practical unless you are an upperclassman, though. And definitely look for some of the rooms on the lower end in terms of cost.

10. Avalon Riverview

This is an image of the kitchen at Avalon Riverview

Address: 75 48th Avenue

You’ll be hard pressed to find any view better than Avalon Riverview’s. It is a gorgeous look at the beautiful New York City skyline. And it’s just a quick trip to FIT, making it one of the best locations for off campus students who want convenience!


FIT is a fairly unconventional school, that is for certain. However, it does boast many of the great amenities that students have come to expect from attending a school. Don’t let the exteriors fool you, FIT belongs in Manhattan!

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at FIT

1. Room Basics

This is an image of beanbag chairs

– Desk lamp
– Beanbag chair
– Robe
– Fan
– Hangers

2. Food and Snacks

This is an image of tea bags

– Hot pot
– Water pitcher
– Water filter
– Tea bags
– Keurig machine

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of a portable video game console

– DVD player
– DVDs
– Video games
– Video game console
– Portable video games

4. School Supplies

This is an image of a graphing calculator

– Printer paper
– Library card
– Flash drive
– Graphing calculator
– Ruler

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of a lint roller

– Paper towels
– Air freshener
– Wet wipes
– Dish soap
– Lint roller

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of a lunchbox

– Travel mug
– Lunchbox
– Bicycle
– Skateboard
– Bike lock

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of a color printer

– Bookshelf
– Full length mirror
– Microwave
– Extra storage containers
– Printer

10 of the Coolest Clubs at FIT

If you are looking for a way to get involved at your university, joining a club is a great option. Clubs are a good way for students to meet peers who share similar interests.  Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) has over 60 student clubs and organizations to choose from.  See below for a list of 10 interesting clubs at Fashion Institute of Technology.

1. Ad At FIT


This club helps students learn leadership skills.  Club members have the opportunity to attend creative workshops and exhibitions  in the advertising and design industries.

2. Art Collective

Art Display

This club is perfect for the student looking to share their artwork.  The Art Collective group puts on a student art show for club members to display their work.  The group also gets the opportunity to experience art in New York City.

3. Ceramics Club

Making Pottery

At Ceramics Club, students get to create their own pottery from scratch.  Club members learn the entire process of making pottery from forming to glazing.

4. Champion Your Achievements

This club focuses on branding yourself

The goal of this club is to empower FIT students to brand themselves.  Club members attend educational events, lectures, seminars, and get access to professional advisors.  This club is perfect for students looking to promote their skills and be desirable to future employers.

5. Drawing Club

Drawing Club

Students in this club get to draw on location all throughout New York City.  From Brooklyn to Manhattan, students have the opportunity to practice drawing people, buildings, and landscapes.  Club members will improve their drawing skills while meeting friends who are interested in drawing as well.

6. Film Club


The goal of this club is for students to come together to share their appreciation for film.  This club takes advantage of the thriving New York City film scene and aims to increase students’ knowledge of film.

7. Hoop Troop Dance Club

Dancing with a hula hoop

This club is open to all student who are interested despite level of experience.  Club members do hula hoop tricks through dance.  This creative form of dance can help students with their physical and mental health.

8. IN.dusTRY Club

Sewing Machine

This club provides members with the opportunity to shadow professionals in the fashion and art industries.  The club gives students the opportunity to learn about professional responsibilities from a mentor in the field.  Club members also attend events such as lunch and learns, mentoring programs, guest speakers, and industry visits.  Students of all majors can join this club.

9. Runway27

Fashion Show Runway

This club provides students with the opportunity to produce a fashion show.  Students can use their personal expertise and knowledge to help with the merchandising, design, styling, promoting, and producing of the fashion show.

10. Textile and Surface Design


This club is designed for students interested in the textile industry.   The club invites guest speakers to come share their experiences in the industry with students.

Top Events During the School Year at the Fashion Institute of Technology

1. Sustainability Week

Sustainability Week Logo

This event occurred from October 1st through 5th.  The week included many events related to sustainability such as a talk on the history of sustainable fashion, a green roof tour, and the NYC Fair Trade Coalition Sustainable Fashion Panel.  This event is a way for students to learn how fashion and design can be sustainable.

2. Attend an Exhibition

Flier for a past exhibition

FIT has various running exhibitions throughout the school year.  For example, from October 20th through November 10th, students can attend an exhibition titled: “The Italian Way, Lessons From the Masters for Our Time”.   These exhibitions help students to learn more about the world of fashion and design.

3. Athletic Events

FIT Tigers

FIT competes at the Division III level in the National Junior College Athletic Association.  Come cheer on the FIT Tigers as they compete in nine different sports.

4. Film and Media Screening Series

Film and Media Screening Series

This recurring event provides students with the opportunity to view different documentaries.  The films are on a variety of subjects.  On November 13th, the film shown will be ‘We the Animals’ by Jeremiah Zager.  After the film, Zager will be present for a Q&A.

5. Career Fairs

Students attend career fairs at FIT to find jobs and internships

FIT provides two career fairs for students each academic year.  One fair will be held in the fall and one will be held in the spring.  The next career fair will be held on October 25th.  The career fair is attended by many employers looking to hire students for internships or full-time jobs.

10 Easiest Classes at FIT

Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is a well-known university for fashion, design, and arts. In this college, you’ll find both easy and fun classes. Some classes they offer are online which makes it even more easier. Here are some of the easiest classes that they have. Most of this classes are not online but they are still very easy.

1. CD 123: Basic Bookbinding

Students will learn different techniques involving the skill of bookbinding. Some other the techniques that students will learn from this course are sewing, accordions and many more. The goal of this class is to allow students to bookend while focusing on the art and crafts used. For someone who likes arts this is basically scrapbooking and it should be easy.


2. AP 242: Haute Couture Sewing Techniques

Students will learn and practice techniques that are used by the famous haute couture ateliers around the world. Some of the techniques that students will learn are hand stitching, cutting, pressing and finishing. The class should be fun and easy because students are getting inspiration from famous designers.


3. PM 121: Patternmaking I: Misses’ and Women’s Wear

In this class students will learn to make patterns. First, students will make a paper pattern and they will transfer this pattern on a fabric as a final sample. Students will also learn to match different patterns to each other and how to make a high-quality pattern. The class needs a little creativity from its students but the class is easy specially because there is no limitations to the patterns that students can make.


4. TD 101: Experimental Screen Printing

Students will create their own design using a computer and they will print this design on a fabric. They will learn how to pair patterns together, color matching and some fabric printing techniques. While doing this, students will also be exposed to an actual workshop surrounding. The class is very easy specially because students create designs in computer and making mistakes is easier to re-do.


5. TS 111: Fundamentals of Textiles

Students will study the basics of fabrics and learn how these are processed, manufactured and launched in the marketplace. Students will also examine a wide range of fabric and their features in the market place, such as their color, yarns, texture and many more. The class is easy because everyone have at least a basic knowledge of fabrics.


6. SXS 100: Introduction to Fashion Styling

This class helps students who want to be a future fashion stylist to get an exposure to the daily practices of this occupation. It basically teaches the student how to pull an outfit together from the stores or shopping malls and match with the accessories or decorations together. The class basically allow the students to learn and shadow the main role of a professional fashion stylist. Because on how the class is set-up it will be both easy and fun for students as long as they apply creativity in their work.


7. SXG 140: Life Drawing Basics for Costume Design

This is a class for students who are passionate about making costumes. Students in this class will draw a various design of costume to different people in different events. Students will learn and will use art materials such as charcoal, pencil, acrylics, watercolor and many more. This class is fun and easy specially because students are exposed to various types of costume from movies and it will be easy to get inspired by those.


8. SXW 100: Collectible Jewelry

Students will learn how to make an elegant jewelry using European techniques. Some of the techniques used are knitting and weaving. The class also focuses on proper materials used for jewelry making and patterns and color pairing. The class allows students to show their creativity by putting different materials together. It will be easy because the only limit in designing these jewelry is the student’s imagination.


9. SXM 230: Beginning Digital Photography

Students will learn how to take pictures using a digital camera for better quality pictures. The class will teach students how to control light, color and movement in pictures and how to properly edit pictures to achieve the picture an individual want. Since students nowadays are exposed to taking pictures this class will be very easy.


10. CTD 613: WordPress 101

Students will learn the basics knowledge and usage of blogging. They will specifically use WordPress and learn how to make their own website through it. Students will learn how to connect their website to their social media, how to post and add images and videos on both the social media and their website. There are influential bloggers every where in social media and students can get inspiration to this and by doing this the class will be easy for them.


Those are the easiest classes. Some can be taken for credit and some other can’t. Either way, these classes are easy and fun especially for students who like fashion and design. Some of the classes can also be very useful in general, so check them out.

5 Ways The Fashion Institute of Technology is Unique

As some of you may know, the Fashion Institute of Technology is not just any ordinary university. It’s filled with creative minds, minds that want to build up the fashion world and leave their mark., minds that want to develop new styles that have never been developed before. And with the location that the school has as well, every single student is striving in a competition with one another to get that good job or internship. Here are a few points that give the Fashion Institute the uniqueness that some universities don’t have:


1. Academics

The Fashion School’s strong focus on fashion, design, arts, and advertising distinguish it from most other SUNY schools in the system. While other colleges focus on the differences of their majors in both sciences and liberal arts, The Fashion School’s degree programs, including Toy Design, Business in the Fashion Industry, Computer Animation and Interactive, help students more specifically explore the type of work they will encounter post-graduation. And every program is based on a foundation in the liberal arts.

two opened books on the library

2. Diversity

There is a very large diverse amount of students attending the Fashion School, which makes this school so great and unique. A large amount of diversity is a good thing because it gives the students the opportunity to express themselves and find a community with other people who believe in or like the same things. The fashion school achieves a large diversity rate because of their acceptance to many multi-cultural faculty, staff, and students as well. Even though its made up primarily of females, the diverse amount of ethnicities and such make up for the lack of males.


3. Location

The location of this school doesn’t really get much better than how it is. The great thing about being located in New York City is that once you walk out of your dorm building, you find yourself in the middle of all the action. The school is located at 7th Avenue on 27th Street which is just a few city streets away from Madison Square Garden/Penn Station, and also just a short walk from Time Square. There are so many things for the students to do such as maybe attend a museum/art gallery that’s right around the corner, which is also free to the public. This is great because students can receive some extra motivation/inspiration to be more creative with their designs.

Picture of new york city building

4. Tuition and Programs

As of somewhat recently, Ex-President of the U.S set up different programs and changed the tuition for all SUNY colleges. The FIT is one of them, the tuition decreased while the programs increased. The tuition, being one of the largest changes, wound up cutting the price to go to a SUNY school in half for people who live in New York State.  This right here helps all students who want to pursue their fashion and design dreams (or even business) while not drowning in debt and loans and receiving one of the best programs in the entire state.


5. Connections

The FIT has a huge amount of connections out there, as it is one of the top fashion schools in the entire world. It has connections with companies such as L’Oreal, as even some of the professors had once worked for them as well, which is a great company to do business with. These connections are awesome because as you may know, connections can travel a long way in life. These connections that the school has with other companies could put you right infront of someone who works for a major company, then you might find yourself interning for that company and potentially working there as well. The connections are endless and your opportunities to strives and succeed are as well.

Business Communication Duplicate model

The Fashion Institute of Technology is a top fashion/business school in the entire country which makes this school stand out to employers a lot, which will really help all students in the long run. All of these subjects listed above is what diversifies the FIT with every other school in the country. Not only is this school one of the best choices you can make as a fashion/business student, but in the long run it can really pay off with a great job at an awesome company. Keep your mind open and give FIT a shot if your an incoming college student, you won’t regret it!

5 Off-Campus Places to Study for FIT Students

The Fashion Institute of Technology’s campus definitely has a few of its own study session spots, like the on-campus Starbucks, library and multiple lounges. When it comes time to study for tests and you want an off-campus location, the following are some must-try places!

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

Brooklyn Bagel has the best bagels in Manhattan. Get a bagel and a coffee and work on some schoolwork with their free Wi-Fi and 8th Avenue view (Chelsea location). The Chelsea location is an under 5 minute walk from FIT. Note: They have freshly squeezed orange juice too!

La Colombe

La Colombe is the place to go if you like a relaxed atmosphere and good coffee. There’s no Wi-Fi, which makes it a great place for reading and writing. People will stop in and out to grab some coffee and others will spend a few hours here reading their favorite book. It’s the best place to review your notes before a test!



As Starbucks can be found on almost every corner in Manhattan, it’s an obvious answer for where to go when you need to study. Starbucks locations all over Manhattan have an atmosphere where you can go to grab a coffee and stay to work on your laptop with their free Wi-Fi. Starbucks is the place to go if you need to spend a large part of your day working/studying. Note: You get free coffee refills with the Starbucks App!

Bean & Bean

Bean & Bean is another great coffee shop to bring your laptop and books to. It’s located right around the corner from FIT on 26th and 8th. It’s an under 5-minute walk from FIT, and the perfect location to study on a rainy day with their floor to ceiling windows! And yes, there’s free Wi-Fi.

Think Coffee

Lastly, Think Coffee is a great place to study. It’s atmosphere is a true local coffee shop, with free Wi-Fi to work on your laptop with coffee and friends. There are multiple locations close to FIT, as it is a New York City based business. A great one is on 8th ave between 13th and 14th street!

Next time you’re on campus and you need a coffee break, to review some notes or to study, you should definitely try one of these places! The coffee and the quietness will be sure to keep you focused.