10 Buildings at Farmingdale State College You Need to Know

A college campus can be difficult to maneuver around if you don’t know your way. One way to know your way is by knowing your surroundings. To help you do so, we have compiled a list of the buildings that you should know at Farmingdale State College.

1. Lupton Hall

A look inside a classroom in Lupton Hall

Lupton Hall is home to many classrooms and instructional spaces. Here, students will be able to take classes that range from their major to general educational courses. Classrooms include projectors, desks/tables, and chairs for the class.

2. Whitman Hall

A look at Whitman Hall

Address: Farmingdale, NY 11735

Whitman Hall is home to a number of classrooms and human resource facilities. Here, students, staff, and faculty will also find payroll, offices for human resources, career services, and advising offices for special departments within the school.

3. Roosevelt Hall

Inside the Little Theater in Roosevelt Hall

Address: Farmingdale, NY 11735

Roosevelt Hall is the home to many of the college’s activities. Students will find a number of event spaces which includes the Little Theater, the Ram’s Den, Flab Factory, Loft Lounge, Room 111, and the multi-purpose room. The Office of Student Activities is also housed here.

4. Laffin Hall

The front of Laffin Hall

Address: Farmingdale, NY 11735

Do you have questions about your admissions process or maybe you just need services that are geared towards students? Laffin Hall is home to the Office of Admission and the Student Services Office. Students will find a number of lounge areas here too.

5. Health and Wellness Center

The sign for the Health and Wellness Center

Address: Farmingdale, NY 11735

The Health and Wellness Center is home to the campus services that provide primary care and health information to anyone with a current Farmingdale ID. Students will be able to get x-rays, receive primary care, receive physicals, pick up prescriptions, and get immunizations here.

6. Campus Center

The Farmingdale Campus Center Building

Address: Farmingdale, NY 11735

The Campus Center is a 50,000 square-foot facility that features a number of dining options, ballrooms, lecture spaces, special events, student lounges, and other resources. Students will also be able to find a recreational room and an information desk here too.

7. Nold Athletic Complex

Players in the Nold Athletic Complex gym

Address: Farmingdale, NY 11735

The Nold Athletic Complex recently went under renovations. It is home to both the men’s and women’s basketball teams and is where fans gather to cheer on their favorite players. Athletes will also be able to find weight rooms, equipment for exercise, and locker rooms in this building.

8. Greenley Library

Outside of Thomas d. Greenley Library

Address: Farmingdale, NY 11735

The Thomas D. Greenley Library is the main campus library where students can find a wide range of books, online databases, and other resources to utilize at their convenience. These resources include study rooms, meeting rooms, computers, printing services, copiers, a cafe, and quiet areas.

9. Memorial Hall

The front of Memorial Hall

Address: Farmingdale, NY 11735

Memorial Hall houses the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Here, students will find an advising hub, classrooms for liberal arts and sciences, and various study rooms. Students will also find lounge areas throughout the hallways.

10. Hale Hall

Inside of the Hale Hall building

Address: Farmingdale, NY 11735

The Hale Hall building houses the Offices of multiple Deans and the department for Visual Communications. Students will find a number of advising hubs and offices, faculty offices, study spaces, a digital and media center, classrooms, printing, and a computer lab.

Farmingdale State College is home to over 8,600 students. This college is located in East Farmingdale, New York. It is a public technology college that houses a number of majors that help to develop the leaders, innovators, and creators of tomorrow. Stop for a visit if you can to familiarize yourself with the campus!

10 Coolest Classes at Farmingdale State College

Farmingdale State College (also known as SUNY Farmingdale) is a public technology college located in Nassau County of New York State. Typically, students take classes with the intent of satisfying major requirements. However, some of the more memorable classes you take in college are also the ones you are taking out of interest or for fun. Balance is necessary between pursuing your major and enjoying your college experience! If you’re looking to try something new and fun, here are the 10 coolest college classes at Farmingdale State College.

1. EGL 216 – Creative Writing

open book with empty pages. There is a digital edit overlapping the pages of the book, almost as if the animations are standing up. From left to right, the animations are doodles of a tree, a car, a family of three, a bar graph with a cloud, sun, heart, and plane above it, a house with two clouds above it, a network of computers, and two people with graduation caps on and thought bubbles with a lightbulb and piggy bank inside them.

After finishing your writing requirements in the beginning of your college career, you might not encounter many more writing oriented courses in your major-related courses. This class offers an introduction to a variety of written formats, in fiction and poetry particularly. Students can take this opportunity to express their creativity in writing and create a myriad of written pieces and a final major project in a genre or area of their choice.

2. EGL 255 – Children’s Literature

This is an animation/depiction of various children's stories. It is very colorful. Some of the characters depicted are a green worm with a red face (from the Hungry Caterpillar picture book), a frog and a toad sitting together atop a tree reading books (from the Frog and Toad Together series), and many other fictional characters.

Children’s literature often has more meaning to it than we think. In this class, students will be able to explore the historical and psychological development of the notion of “childhood” by studying various works of children’s literature. There is a wide range of genres in classic and contemporary children’s literature that will be explored in this class, from fairy tales to picture books. You might even revisit your own childhood; talk about a blast to the past!

3. FRE 101 – French I (Elementary)

a hand writing on a black chalkboard with white chalk. The words say "je suis" and "tu es".

Learning languages is not only a useful tool for your travels or for understanding other cultures, but it’s also very fun. In this class, you will develop your basic French listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This class focuses on communicative competence and cultural awareness.

4. HOR 275 – Italian Gardens: Art and Nature

the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. These marvelous gardens are located directly behind Pitti Palace. There is a pond in the middle of the picture, with a statue at the center. The palace is behind the pond, and the background consists of the rest of the buildings in Florence, accompanied by a bright blue sky and many fluffy, white clouds. The sight is paired with many trees and shrubs all around the garden.

One of the coolest things about this course is that you get to travel to Italy! This class is held in conjunction with Florence University of the Arts for a three-week summer semester in Italy. Students will be able to study, visit museums, and experience the rich history of Italian gardens, their landscapes having been conceived and constructed back in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries.

5. PED 115 – Introduction to Self Defense

Red and black gradient silhouettes of two men fighting each other. The man on the left is in the middle of a high kick, and the man on the right is defending himself from the kick with his forearm.

Self Defense is a necessary skill to protect oneself, including those around you. This class will teach you about the history of Self Defense, and several physical techniques and skills that can be used against attack. Not to mention, you also get to learn some Karate and Judo!

6. PED 121 – Introduction to Weight Training and Fitness

a woman carrying a dumbbell against her back, mid squat. The background consists of a class of men and women doing the same exercise in a gym studio.

One of the many challenges of a college student is getting the motivation to hit the gym. Stress no further! In this class, you will develop weight training skills and techniques with assistance. By taking this class, you can get in that weekly workout and go to class at the same time.

7. PHY 120 – Physical Sciences: Extraterrestrial Phenomena

one big-eyed, green alien at the front, with two aliens of similar features in the back. They look rather realistic, with a small triangular nose and a slight frown.

Do aliens really exist? In this class, students will examine and discuss extraterrestrial life through arguments drawn from astronomy to electromagnetic theory, and even archaeological views. Explore the possibility of existence for our green-skinned Martian friends in this class!

8. VIS 260 – Graphic Design for Non-Majors

a pile of papers and posters, atop a scattered flat pile of more posters and papers. Each paper has a different design on it, with the image at the top of the pile saying "GRAPHIC DESIGN" in all caps against a solid yellow background.

Graphic Design can be especially useful in your college experience. In this class, students will learn the principles and processes of graphic design. Whether you are designing a marketing advertisement or a club poster, the skills learned from this class can be applied to other aspects of your college career. Better yet, you don’t need to be a Visual Communications major to take this class.

9. VIS 105 – Introduction to Photography

a woman taking a picture of something with her camera. The background is difficult to see, as the lines between objects is faint.

Interested in picking up a new hobby? This class introduces the history, art, and technique of photography. Learn the necessary skills to produce well-composed and properly exposed creative photographs.

10. VIS 104 – Introduction to Calligraphy

A white piece of paper on a brown desk with the alphabet written on it using calligraphy. All lower case letters, in black ink.

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at calligraphy? Well, here’s the perfect chance! In this class, students will gain insight into the history and development of hand-lettered communication. This knowledge will be applied to their own calligraphy projects.

10 Hardest Courses at Farmingdale State College?

In East Farmingdale you will find the State University of New York at Farmingdale, in the U.S. state of New York. Also known as Farmingdale State College or SUNY Farmingdale, it is a public technology college of the State University of New York. Some of the hardest course at this university include:

1. AVN 104 – Private Pilot Ground

first year on the fundamental aspects involved in aviation.

Students will get the chance to demonstrate abilities they have acquired in class in mathematics, science, and the applied sciences as professional pilot. The methods used in learning on how to interpret data relating to aviation and function on multi-disciplinary teams as a professional pilot is the biggest challenge of this course.

2. ECO 250 – Quantitative Analysis for Economics

world economics work in running of the world businesses

In order to explain how the world economics work in running of the world businesses, students in this class have to use various methods to calculate equations which can quantify them. Applying how the equations from lectures relate to the actual economics is the hard part.

3. CON 161 – Materials & Methods of Construction I

materials and methods of construction fully is the hard part

Have you ever hated sitting at the same place for a lengthy period of time doing the same thing? Well, in this class students spend most of the class time working on the definition of different materials and methods of construction. Cramming the names of the materials and methods of construction is the hard part of this course.

4. ARC 255 – Architectural Design I

architectural designs on top of putting them on paper as individual projects

In this class be prepared to spend most of your time learning the different architectural designs on top of putting them on paper as individual projects. One cannot miss a single class session for it will make them lag behind and spend a lot of time catching up. The exams are not easy too.

5. EET 111 – Electric Circuits I

connecting electric circuits and get them to work.

A lot of time is spend by the students in the lab wearing aprons as they work on connecting electric circuits and get them to work.  They have to weld and bind different joints to get the circuits to work as expected. It is a struggle to get the expected laboratory results and one has to repeat the steps over and over till they get it right.

6. CON 302 – Soils, Foundations & Earth Structures

Soil definitely is not an exciting substance

Soil definitely is not something that can excite any student in the class. They are expected to spend time in the class learning about the different soil compositions, foundations and all the various earth structures. Collecting soil samples and analyzing them in the labs is the main stress of the unit.

7. CRJ 410 – Senior Project.

This takes time and a lot of corrections from the lecturers.

At the end of every course, the students are required to come up with a unique research project in their related areas of study. They are faced with the challenges of having to collect data, analyzing it, and putting it into a meaningful report. This takes time and a lot of corrections from the lecturers.

8. DEN 105 – Dental & Oral Anatomy

the dental and oral anatomy was a challenge to many

In the lower school levels learning on the dental and oral anatomy was a challenge to many. Then in this unit the nightmare is advanced as the students have to go deeper in expounding the dental and oral anatomy. The scientific medical terms used makes it more complicated.

9.VIS 336 – Advertising I

projects and a lot of brainwork is involved in coming up

This is a hands-on type of a course. Students have to be fully involved in creation of advertisement models which are unique and eye-catching at the same time. Thus, more time on the projects and a lot of brainwork is involved in coming up with all this.

10. HOR 211 – Woody Plants I

plant identification, botany, entomology, soils, and horticulture

Students receive training in plant identification, botany, entomology, soils, and horticulture. Students may elect courses such as: greenhouse management, plant propagation, and arboriculture. The laboratory hours provide students with valuable “hands-on” experiences in our extensive greenhouses and Teaching Gardens.

All these and much more can beaccessed via the school’s portal. Get yourself enrolled in any of the abovecourses if you are interested even if they are seen as hard by many of thestudents.

Top 10 Library Resources at Farmingdale State College

Are you always looking for good resources to utilize on campus? Well you are one step away from them! They’re located right in the library or online! Check out the list of the top ten library resources at Farmingdale State College below.

1. Interlibrary Loan

A colorful depiction of Interlibrary Loan

Are you not finding something in any of the campus library’s resources? No worries! The library allows students and faculty to borrow materials from other libraries, whether they be locally or even internationally.

2. Wi-Fi

A black and white symbol of Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t like free wifi? This is essential for any college student who is working on homework and online! Students will have FREE access to the internet here at the library

3. Ask a Librarian

The symbol for ask a librarian

Do you have a question but aren’t in the library? You can ask right on your smartphone or even your laptop. Just get on the library’s website and click on the Ask a Librarian option to ask away!

4. Help Desk

A silhouette of a person at a help desk

Do you have a question and need help in person? The help desk allows students and staff to go up to workers at the help desk who will be able to answer any of their questions in person.

5. Online Databases

A group of computers collecting data from a database

Do you need to search for something online but need credible resources? Students here will have a chance to search the online databases that are only available to students, staff, and faculty.

6. Special Collections

Special collections in a library

Special collections holds many history books and special artifacts that students and faculty can look through. The purpose of this collection is to allow people to look through archives as well.

7. Course Reserves

Books stacked on top of one another

Course reserves are the materials that faculty and professors leave behind. These materials enhance the learning of the students. They also allow them to study beyond the textbook.

8. Study Rooms

A table and tv in a study room

Are you in need of a private space to conduct your studies? The study rooms are located throughout the perimeter of the building. They’re available on a first come, first serve basis or you can reserve them.

9. Computers

A windows laptop that is open

Computers are located all throughout the library. You can reserve them or sit down at the next available one. There are usually a lot available for the public to use.

10. Electronic Checkout

Different electronic devices that are utilized everyday

Do you not have access to an iPad or need a charger? The library allow students and faculty to checkout electronic devices alongside accessories that they can utilize for a short amount of time.

Top 5 Libraries at Farmingdale State College

1. Thomas D Greenley Library

A table in a library

Address: 2350 Broadhollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735

This library is the only library on campus. Students will have a chance to utilize any resources in this library. There are study rooms, books, special collections, and more that is located throughout the library.

2. Farmingdale Public Library

These are people in a library

Address: 116 Merritts Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735

This library is one of the biggest and holds thousands of books and databases. Coming here will allow you to really be able to utilize meeting rooms, study rooms, and conference rooms.

3. The Bryant Library

People studying in a library

Address: 2 Papermill Rd, Roslyn, NY 11576

This library is home to thousands of books and databases. People will have access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, and study rooms here. They will also be able to utilize computers and printers here.

4. The Merrick Library

An aisle of a library

Address: 2279 Merrick Ave, Merrick, NY 11566

This library is one of the biggest in town. Students and the general public will be able to utilize the space here and checkout many resources as well such as books and electronics.

5. Syosset Public Library

The inside of a library

Address: 225 S Oyster Bay Rd, Syosset, NY 11791

This library is open to the public. Here, students can utilize any of the resources available to them. This includes conference rooms, study rooms, and computers.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Farmingdale State College

If you are looking for a way to get involved at your university, joining a club is a great option. Clubs are a good way for students to meet peers who share similar interests.  Farmingdale State College has over 60 student clubs and organizations to choose from.  See below for a list of 10 interesting clubs at Farmingdale State College.

1.  3D Printing Club

A 3D printer creating a project

This club is designed for student interested in learning more about 3D printing.  Club members collaborate to create models and then print them using the 3D printer.  Come learn more about this technologically advanced resource!

2.  Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Campus Activities Board Logo

This club is perfect for students who are seeking leadership roles on campus.  The Campus Activities Board provides different entertaining activities for students on-campus.  These events are either free or discounted.

3.  Farmingdale E-Sports

Video Game Controller

This club is designed for the video game lover!  The club provides students with education about video games allowing members to further grow their game skills.  Club members also have the opportunity to compete in gaming at the collegiate level.

4.  Health Awareness Club

Health Awareness Club Logo

Knowing how to be healthy is such an important life skill to have.  This club allows students to discover the many aspects of healthy living.  It also provides members with the platform to teach their peers about the importance of being healthy.

5.  Hugs Across America Club

Teddy Bear

This service club aims to help traumatized/underprivileged children.  The group raises money to donate teddy bears to these needy children.  Club members also participate in various other volunteer projects throughout the year.

6.  Psychology Club

Psychology Image

This club is designed for students who are studying or interested in psychology.  Club members learn about the role psychology plays in our society while also exploring career options in the field.  Students will learn about the responsibilities of working in the psychology field and about the education they need to obtain jobs.

7.  Ram Nation Radio

Ram Nation Radio

This student-run radio station is for students and local community members.  The club gives interested students an opportunity to learn about the operation of radio stations.

8.  Ski & Snowboard Club

Students at Farmingdale enjoying skiing and snowboarding

New York can have cold, snowy winters so why not take advantage of the season and join the Ski & Snowboard Club.  The club is a perfect opportunity for students to meet peers who share their interest in winter sports.

9.  Student Government Association

Farmingdale SGA Logo

This organization is designed for students looking to take on a leadership role on campus.  This group promotes education, advocacy, and enrichment of the student body.  The group also is in charge of distributing the Student Activity Fee.

10.  UAV Club


Do you have an interest in drones?  This club joins students together who want to learn more about drones.  Club members get the opportunity to develop skills in building and flying drones.

Top Events on Campus During the School Year at Farmingdale State College

1.  Athletic Events

Farmingdale State Rams

Farmingdale State College is a member of the NCAA Division III Skyline Conference.  The college has a total of 18 teams.  Come cheer on the Rams at various games and competitions throughout the school year.

2.  2019 Multicultural Gala Celebration

Performers at the Multicultural Gala in 2017

This annual gala celebrates many different cultures!  Students can submit their art or writing to be displayed at the event.  Clubs can reserve tables at the gala.

3.  Welcome Back BBQ

BBQ Grill

This event was the perfect way for students to kickoff the new school year.  On September 13th, students enjoyed free food on the Great Lawn.

4.  Karaoke Night Halloween Party


This Halloween night event will be on October 31st at the CC Ballroom B/C from 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM.  Students are invited to the mic to show off their karaoke talents.  Refreshments will be provided and the person with the best costume will win a prize!

5.  LOL Night


This fun event provides students with a night of comedy.  Come join other students for an evening of laughs and refreshments.  This event will take place on November 27th in CC Ballroom A from 9:00PM to 10:30PM.



Top 10 Places to Live at Farmingdale State College

Located in New York, Farmingdale State College is an amazing place to go to for college. It’s a public college and focuses and specializes in technology. The campus spans over 380 acres and has over 30 buildings. If you are interested going to this college, here are the top 8 places to live at Farmingdale State College!

1. On campus Housing

Image of a decorated dorm room

Address: 2350 Broadhollow Road, Farmingdale, NY 11735-1021

Living on campus is a great way to gain educational experiences. There are so many opportunities for students to enhance their college career by living on campus. This college offers an inclusive environment for those that want to remain on campus.


Off Campus Housing

2. The JeffersonImage of a lounge area

Address: 148 S Front St, Farmingdale, NY 11735

If you don’t want to live on campus, there is an apartment complex called the Jefferson. This is very close to campus and offers many cool amenities. The rooms are fully furnished and there are unique study spaces in the building.

3. Robinelle Gardens Picture of a kitchen

Address: 168 Fulton St, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Robinelle Gardens is an amazing place to live at off campus. It provides a very modern style, and many larger bedrooms and living spaces. It’s not that far from campus, and has air conditioning and heat throughout.

4. Westwood Village Image of the outside of Westwood Village

Address: 110 Westwood Dr, Westbury, NY 11590

Westwood Village is another place to live. This apartment complex is very close to campus. They offer large bedrooms and bathrooms, and have a lot of interesting spaces to work and socialize.

5. Fairfield Corner Stone

Image of a lounge space

Address: 40 Elizabeth St, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Fairfield Corner Store is a unique place to live. It’s not very far from the campus buildings, and it offers amazing rooms and styles. There are many places for students to work on homework and meet with their peers.

6. The Lofts

Image of a living area

Address: 285 Eastern Pky, Farmingdale, NY 11735

The lofts are an amazing place to study as well. The rooms and living spaces in this apartment complex are very spacious. The walk from campus is also not very far.

7. Avalon Court Image of Avalon Court bedroom 

Address: 100 Court North Dr, Melville, NY 11747

Avalon Court is another great place to live off campus. This apartment complex is incredibly modern. It offers 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments.

8. Greybarn AmityvilleImage of a bedroom at Greybarn

Address: 40 Greybarn Ln, Amityville, NY 11701

Greybarn Amityville is another apartment complex by this college. This complex is a little farther away than the other places to live, but offers privacy. It offers 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments.

 9. Southwood Luxury ApartmentsImage of the outside of the apartment complex 

Address: 25 Brefni St, Amityville, NY 11701

This is a great place to live at on campus. It only offers one bedroom apartments, so you will get a very private living experience. It also has some very cool study spaces for students.

These are only a few of the places you can live at on campus. There are so many more cool places to live that would enhance your college experience. If you want to get the educational and social experiences of college, you should definitely think about living at one of these places.

10. Norwich GateImage of the outside of this apartment complex

Address: 600 Pine Hollow Rd, East Norwich, NY 1173

This apartment complex is another great place to live on campus. It offers apartments with one or two bedrooms. It also always pets in the building!

Here is your move in packing list at Farmingdale State University 

1) Room Basics

Picture of a pillow

– Blankets
– Pillows
– Comforter
– Door Mirror
– Shower Caddy
– Hangers
– Slippers

2) Food and Snacks

Picture of pretzels

– Juice boxes
– Granola bars
– Bottled waters
– Instant mac and cheese
– Instant ramen
– Poptarts
– Dried Fruit

3) Tech & Entertainment

Picture of headphones

– Charger
– Headphones
– TV
– Speakers
– Printer

4) School SuppliesImage of pencils

– Planner
– Notebooks
– Different colored pens
– #2 Pencils
– Backpack
– Empty binder
– Stapler

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing

Image of broom

– Clorax wipes
– Under bed organizer
– Drawer organizer
– 3 tiered shelving unit
– Dresser
– Kleenex
– Paper towel

6) Campus Gears

Image of hand sanitizer

– Bike
– Bike lock
– Lunch box
– Keychain
– Travel water bottle
– Hand lotion
– Hand sanitizer

7) Items you should ask first before bringing 

Image of candles

– Wifi router/ motem
– Candles
– Toasters
– Hot Plate
– Iron
– Ironing Board

10 of the Easiest Courses at Farmingdale State

One of the most rewarding experiences in college is trying out new things. Whether you’re trying to fill up your schedule with enough credits or just looking to try something new, college is a great time to take classes that you have never taken before. In the long run, these easy courses at Farmingdale State College may not determine your career, but it will certainly enrich your learning experience to expand your horizons. Each class will add something new to your perspective on life, and you may even find a new passion in the process.

1. ANT 100 – Introduction to Anthropology

Taking this course will introduce you to Anthropology, the study of human-kind. In this course you will learn about the four major sub-fields: Biological Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistics, and Sociocultural Anthropology. This is ideal for students who seek to understand the whole human experience, or just want to try something new. Credits: 3 (3,0)Teacher saying

2. ART 123 – Art History

This course uses description and evaluation to provide a comparative analysis of visual art in various modes of expression. The course explores media, historical movements, language, and stylistic identity. Taking this class will encourage you to see art in both a personal and cultural context. It is a great fit for students who have an eye for art or simply enjoy learning about the meaning behind art.Famous portraits in succession

3. BUS 111 – Introduction to Business

For students who are interested in business and learning about its impact on our society, this is an awesome beginner course. This course will explain how businesses are formed, and how they are influenced by global trends and internal management. You’ll be introduced to business concepts and principles that are relevant to the American Business. Credits: 3 (3,0)Man typing

4. CRJ 100 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course is great for students with an interest in law and history, as it will explore the philosophical and historical background of law enforcement. Topics like these are applicable for everyone who lives in a society that is influenced by British and American policing. By taking this course, you will have a more clear understanding of American justice and gain perspective on the interaction between law and society. Credits: 3 (3,0) Cartoon man on a lawn mower, captioned

5. ECO 110 – Introduction to Personal Finance

This introductory course is useful for students of all levels of experience in finance. These critical concepts are relevant to each individual as we navigate a world where we must develop financial literacy skills for career success. In this course, you will learn how to make informed decisions related to budgeting, banking, credit, insurance, spending, taxes, saving, investing, inheritance, and living independently. Credits: 3 (3,0)Man holding a soda captioned,

6. FRX 101 – The Freshman Experience

Limited to matriculated freshmen only, this course is meant to transition students in order to successfully adapt to college life. This is relevant to all incoming students and will explore academic social, economic, health, and interactional factors that influence collegiate success. This course is open to all majors, but priority is given to Liberal Arts students. Credits: 1 (1,0)Little girl putting on a helmet

7. PED 115 – Introduction to Self Defense

This course is useful for all students who are interested in learning about Self-Defense and want to apply these concepts in real life. In this class you will learn about the history of Self-defense and the basic skills needed to defend against attack using principles of prevention and some forms of Judo and Karate. Credits: 1 (1,0,2)Man kicking down bricks

8. SPE 130 – Public Speaking

This course will prepare students to effectively and persuasively speak in public. By learning about concepts like audience analysis; topic selection; appropriate use and documentation of supporting material; students can learn how to apply this life skill in the future. This is good for students who enjoy collaboration and plan on working on self-improvement in communication. Credits: 3 (3,0)Man telling woman,

9. STS 101 – Gateway to Science, Technology & Society

In this course, students will be introduced to the field of Science, Technology and Society, noting the relationship between science, politics, economics, religion, and culture. Great for students interested in social and technological aspects, this course integrates the position of science in society. This class will provide insight to career development within the fields of Science, Technology and Society. Prerequisite(s): EGL 101 Credits: 3 (3,0)Man talking into speaker captioned,

10. VIS 101 – Introduction to Drawing

This introductory course shows examples from various artists and provides, “an opportunity to apply this knowledge in the studio and in outdoor settings. Students use two and three dimensional work to apply these concepts in this class. This class is perfect for creative students who enjoy working with art and understanding how to interact with art in real life. Credits: 3 (3,0)Drawing of a face fadingIn conclusion, introductory classes give you a taste of what it is like to study those subjects, and it is a useful way of gaining enough credits. It’s beneficial to balance your challenging courses with classes that are easier so that you have a schedule that keeps you engaged as a student. Taking easy classes is a great way to explore while still being kind to your GPA.