10 Coolest Courses at Evergreen State College

Evergreen State College is a public liberal arts college located in Olympia, Washington. Although most of the classes students are expected to take in college are in a major or degree track, it is extremely valuable to take a few electives that you are truly interested in, or that are just fun and easy. For any students looking for a bit of a break, here are 10 of the coolest courses at Evergreen State College.

1. 10011 – Audio Recording 1

Picture of person in studio at the audio booth, while recording and producing music

Audio production is the process of producing sound effects and music (including studio recordings and backing tracks), usually using electronic and digital means. Students taking this class will get an inside look as to how their favorite pop radio hits are made, and the sound engineers behind it all. For their final project, they’ll even get a chance to make their very own multi-step music project with their fellow classmates.

2. 10078 – Anthrozoology

Different types of animals

Why is it okay to eat a pig, but absolutely awful to eat a dog? What animals do we consider ripe for the slaughter, and which ones do we hold dear to our hearts and think of as our kin – and why does this happen? Anthrozoology seeks to explore these questions and understand the historical and current relationship between humans and different animal species. Students will partake in field trips and interviews to understand how animals are viewed in many different cultures.

3. 10033 – Broke: Poverty in the US Today

Picture of a protest, with signs that say Fight Poverty NOT the Poor.

An incredibly timely and important class, 10033 – Broke, offers students an in-depth understanding of the extreme wealth disparities present in the US, and which groups are disproportionately affected. In addition to statistics and sociological studies, students will also listen to artists who have dealt with poverty in the US and gain a more personal perspective on what it’s like to be broke.

4. 20103 – Ceramics: Foundational Skills

A person throwing on a ceramics wheel

For a fun new hobby that involves working with your hands and the hot burning fires of a kiln, look no further than Ceramics. This introductory course puts students in the studio and teaches them the basic forming processes and hand-building techniques needed for pottery-making. The best thing is that you can finally make your own dishware – no more trips to HomeGoods’ sale aisle!

5. 10142 – Clones and Mutants: Genetics and Photography

Digital illustration of  DNA in abstract background

10142 explores the themes of the individual and what constitutes an “individual”. In the new scientific era of genetic engineering and cloning, there are suddenly infinite possibilities to changing our own biology, and it can be harder to define who “we” truly are. This is a highly philosophical course – the kind that’ll make you stop and wonder “who am I? What is an individual? Do we even really exist?”. Your existential crises will definitely be fun at parties.

6. 10269 – Creative Writing: Short Fiction and Poetry

Picture of ink pen on a notebook with some cursive writing on the page.

For all the aspiring J.K. Rowlings and George R. R. Martins, this course is… probably not the one for you. But if you want to follow in the likes of Edgar Allen Poe’s horrific short stories or Lord Byron’s drawling romantic poetry, consider taking 10269. Students will be assigned various short writing and poetry assignments and be offered feedback on their work. At the end of the course, the class will host a community open mic to showcase their final projects.

7. 10092 – Farm to Table

Ever looked at that bottle of organic, locally-produced, farm-fresh, lactose-free, GMO-free, free-range, fat-free milk at your local Whole Foods and wonder what that glaringly obnoxious “Farm-to-table!” sticker truly meant? Wonder no more – 10092 will expose students to the realities of modern-day farming and food production, both through exploring the biology and anthropological history of agriculture and human-plant co-evolution and through field trips to local food banks and farms.

8. 10176 – Forests

Picture of a forest with light coming through and moss everywhere

Want to take your next biology course on the damp floor of the lush Pacific Northwest forests, surrounded by unique wildlife found nowhere else? 10176 is the perfect course for you! Through both lecture and field trips, students will explore the ecological, biological, chemical, and environmental aspects of the forests in Washington State, and will even partake in their own fieldwork in the Cascade Mountains.

9. 10263 – Island Ecology and Evolution

Empty hammock strung from palm trees overlooking a blue ocean on an idyllic tropical island

Maybe forest life just isn’t for you, but you still want an amazing ecological adventure to spice up your course list. 10263 has got your back with its exploration of the coastal Washington islands, which allows students to take field trips to multiple of these islands and partake in fieldwork. Students will look at the ecology and biodiversity of islands and how they can be protected from human impact.

10. 10200 – Madness and Creativity: The Psychological Link

Van Gogh's STARRY NIGHT painting

Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear? Why did Picasso find it funny to fire blanks from a revolver to random people he found distasteful? 10200 will explore the lives and mental states of many eccentric artists and explore these questions, along with a more fundamental one: Is there a psychological link between mental illness or psychological disturbance, and high levels of creativity? Students will learn from more than textbooks, using real-life art and media from the artists discussed in class.

?10 Hardest Courses at ESC

Established in the year 1967, Evergreen State College (ESC) is a public college of liberal arts and sciences. Evergreen’s nationally recognized approach to learning emphasizes close student-faculty interaction and hands-on, experiential learning. Some of the hardest courses in this college include:

1. 10194 – Principles of Financial Accounting

marketers, brokers, social-media managers, logistics personnel and advertisers.

The course deals with the introductory areas of accounting. Topics such as the accounting cycle, preparation and analysis of financial statements, liabilities, receivables, depreciation and more. You have to be present for each lecture so as not to miss the steps taught on how to handle the different topics. All these topics are hard to tackle fully at once.

2. 40015 – Criminal Law

It involves studying the basic legal aspects

All the concepts of criminal law such as history, philosophy, legal structure, case law analysis, court system in the U.S, and classifications of crime. Examinations are set from these areas which are vast and large volumes of notes to read in order to pass.

3. 20326 – Introduction to Astronomy

 system, and more. It is hard to explain all the scientific

This is an introductory science course meant for non-science majors which covers all major topics of modern astronomy. Origins of the solar systems, motions of the sky objects, origins of the solar system, and more. It is hard to explain all the scientific methods and fundamental concepts of astronomy.

4. 10046 – Automotive Systems 

Students get a chance to be introduced to the automotive industry

Students get a chance to be introduced to the automotive industry in class in order to get a basic overview of the eight areas of certifications as specified by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The board’s exams make this course hard to pass for they are never that easy.

5. 10004 – Forensic Biology

It is a lecture-only based science course

It is a lecture-only based science course which aims those students who have an interest in the application of biological concepts to forensic sciences. The hard part comes in by having to study several criminal cases to demonstrate how the principles of science are used to analyze physical evidence.

6. 10068 – Fundamentals of Business & Biodiversity

Statistics which heavily emphasis on business applications

Statistics which heavily emphasis on business applications is taught in this course. Topics covered include how to collect, analyze, interpret, and present the numerical data for the purpose of making more effective decisions. The use of all quantitative skills from intermediate algebra and finite math make this unit so hectic.

7. 40084 – Fundamentals of AutoCAD

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design in which the basic fundamentals

It is a Computer-Aided Drafting and Design in which the basic fundamentals of using AutoCAD software. The challenging part of this course comes in on how to go about drawing, editing, screen manipulation displays, writing texts and more using the software.

8. 10074 – General Chemistry

Chemistry is a hard subject for many

This is a requisite course for all biology, chemistry, geology, physics, forestry, pharmacy, veterinary, medicine, dentistry, and medicine. One has to study seriously in order to pass and get a chance to be enrolled in any of the above-mentioned courses, which is crafted from all areas of basic chemical principles.

9. 10148 – Asian/Asian-American Literature.

vast volume of notes to read and understand.

Students are introduced to a variety of literary works that originate from the Asian and Asian-American culture. This assists in the illumination of the cultural experiences of communities from these cultures. The challenged faced by the students comes from understanding the experiences and literary works of these cultures.

10. 10092 – Java Programming

Programming has never been an easy task.

Development of Java applets and stand-alone applications is what is entailed in this unit. Creating Java interfaces, class inheritance, and exceptions will be covered. It is so hard if you don’t have prior knowledge in programming.

Withthe above-mentioned course among the very many considered to be hard at thecollege you have a chance to challenge yourself. Enroll in any of these andbecome one among the few people who have successfully graduated in thesedisciplines.

10 Library Resources at Evergreen State College

The many resources and services offered at the library at Evergreen State College assist students in their everyday study and research needs. Here are some of the resources available at the library.

1. Computers

Computers in a library

Computers are available for public, student, faculty, and staff use on the second and third floors of the Library. We also have Chromebooks available for checkout for a week, with no renewals. Visit the circulation desk for availability.

2. Study Rooms

A Study Room

There are more than a dozen study rooms available with tables, chairs, and whiteboards. About half are first-come, first-served while the others can be reserved ahead of time by students, staff, and faculty. There are four media viewing rooms include DVD, VHS, and flat-screen monitors. They’re comfortable for up to six people. There is one larger room accommodates 10 people and has a computer and larger monitor. This room is reservation-only.

3. Assistive Technology (AT) Lab

Assistive Technology (AT) Lab

Assistive Technology includes software, hardware, and strategies to help students succeed academically. We are located on the main floor of the Library in room 2318. Assistive technology includes Screen Reader or Text-to-Speech (TTS), Speech Recognition or Speech-to-Text (STT), Executive Function Support Software, and Screen Magnifier Software

4. Language Lab

Language Lab

Language lab is a center for language study, conversation groups, and interaction among those interested in languages. It has computers for individual language study, each equipped with headphones and a microphone. Each computer space is confined within a carrell-style desk, providing students with privacy and focus.

5. Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center (QuaSR)

 A session on quantitative reasoning as part of the QUASR center initiative Math Across the Curriculum.

QuaSR promotes retention and equitable outcomes across gender, race, socioeconomic status, and background in science and mathematics. The center creates an environment where students can develop and expand the analytic skills they need to be successful in their academic programs and in their lives. We are a community of scholars built around promoting excellence and empowerment in math and science that leads to social justice.

6. The Writing Center

Writing center logo

The writing center supports Evergreen writers of diverse abilities and identities by cultivating confidence, skills, self-awareness, and agency at every stage of the writing process through peer-to-peer collaboration.

7. Zotero

Zotero Logo

Zotero is a free and open-source reference management software to manage bibliographic data and related research materials.

8. Research Databases

Logical representation of a Database

Research databases help find articles, journals, and other databases that aren’t in the library catalog, and are organized by subject area.

9. Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan logo

The Interlibrary loan allows students and staff members to request items that are not available at Evergreen or through Summit. Users need to log in to their interlibrary loan account.

10. WorldCat

WorldCat logo

WorldCat is an application that is used to search for materials in a catalog from libraries all over the world.

Top 5 Libraries at Evergreen State College

1. Daniel J. Evans Library

Daniel J. Evans Library aerial view

Daniel J. Evans Library is dedicated to the best possible service to the interdisciplinary programs, students, staff, and faculty of The Evergreen State College. It strives to seek new and innovative ways to provide information in all possible formats in order to meet the ever-changing research and academic needs of our patrons, provide quality instruction in the use of the materials available through the Library, and serve as a repository of unique titles and collections for patrons, the community, and the Pacific Northwest region.

2. Olympia Timberland Library

Olympia Timberland Library

In 2000, the building was recarpeted and painted; a meeting room was converted to additional space for the children’s area; and new public computers, computer stations, a teen area and shelving for about 10,000 additional items were added.  In 2008, the circulation and information desks were replaced, the building was recarpeted and painted in bright, warm colors, the lounge furniture was replaced, and the computer stations were refurbished.

3. Lacey Timberland Library

Lacey Timberland Library

The Lacey Library began in a bookmobile in 1966, moved into rented space in Market Square in December 1966, and expanded to 4,800 square feet in the Lacey Village Shopping Center in 1976. A new 20,000 square foot library adjacent to Lacey City Hall opened in March 1991. Lacey has annexed to Timberland for its library services

4. Tumwater Timberland Library

Tumwater Timberland Library

The Tumwater Library began in 1965 in a storefront library in the Southgate Shopping Center.  The current library, constructed adjacent to Tumwater City Hall, opened in March 1995.

5. Washington State Department of Transport Library

Washington State Department of Transport Library

The WSDOT Library and affiliate libraries at the Materials Laboratory and Washington State Ferries exist primarily to serve the information needs of agency employees and WSDOT contractors. In addition to providing information services within WSDOT, professional library staff is involved in a cooperative effort with transportation librarians nationwide to coordinate the development of a national transportation knowledge network.

Top 8 Residence Halls at Evergreen State College

Evergreen State College is a very unique university located in Washington. It’s goal is to strive to be non-traditional while enhancing the experiences of the students. There are many opportunities for students to gain educational and social experiences. There is also an amazing community on campus. If you want to learn more about this college, or are interested in attending this university, keep reading to learn more about the top 8 residence halls!

1. Multicultural Scholars Hall Community

Image of a decorated dorm room

Address: 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, Washington 98505

This is an amazing place to live if you want to be submerged in a diverse environment. Living here will create a safe space for students to learn and grow. You must be a part of this theme community to live here.

2. Substance Free Housing 

Image of a decorated dorm room

Address: 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, Washington 98505

This dorm option offers support for students who are not yet over the age of 21. Living here provides a safe space for students who have made a consciousness decision to not participate in drugs or alcohol intake. Residents will find less peer pressure and more support to remain sober.

3. Outdoor Interest (TOP)

Image of a decorated living space

Address: 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, Washington 98505

Living in this community is mainly for students who are interested in nature and the environment. Members of this community need to be invested in exploring nature. This is specifically designing for incoming first year students.

4. Legacy Hall

Picture of a dorm room

Address:  2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, Washington 98505

Legacy Hall is another place you could live at on campus. This hall promotes diversity and cultural experience. Living here will enforce inclusivity. It will enhance educational opportunities for minority students.

5. Over 30 House

Image of a living space

Address:  2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, Washington 98505

This is a place to live at on campus if you are an older student. If you are 30 and older and are getting a degree, Evergreen State College offers housing for you. This is a great place to be around people your age and get a more mature learning environment.

6. Rainbow Fort

Image of a decorated room

Address: 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, Washington 98505

The Rainbow Fort is an amazing place to live at on campus. People here promote inclusion of people from the LGBTQ+ community. Separation based on biological differences are not made here, and it’s a great place to foster a good and kind community.

Off Campus Housing

1. Apartments E-U

Image of a studio apartment


You could also live on apartments closer to campus. These are around the Housing Community center. They are three story buildings that hold around 30 students. There are 6 different communities you could live in.

2. Mods

Image of a living space


If you do not want to live on campus, the Mods are a great place to live at. They are smaller buildings with larger bedrooms and two bathrooms. Although they are father from campus, they offer parking and are closer to the forest.

Those were some of the best places to live at on campus! Evergreen State College is definitely a unique experience and it would be an amazing place to get a higher education. The community at this college fosters inclusiveness and values education over grades. There are many cool place to live that would enhance all of these aspects of college!

Here is your Move-In Day packing list at Evergreen State College

1. Basics

Image of a robe

– Books
– Bedding
– Pillow
– Robe
– Slippers

2. Food and Snacks

Image of granola bars

– Mac and Cheese
– Ramen
– Chips
– Candy
– Bottled Water
– Fruit

3. Tech and Entertainment
Image of technology graphic

– TV
– Headphones
– Charger
– Speaker
– Computer Monitor

4. School Supplies
Image of notebook

– Pen
– Pencil
– Planner
– Notebooks
– Folders
– Backpack

5. Cleaning up and Organization
Image of broom

– Wipes
– vacuum
– Drawer organizer
– Air freshener
– Shoe rack

6. Campus Gears


– Bike
– Bike Lock
– Good walking shoes
– Umbrella
– Rain coat

7. Items you should ask before bringing to campus

– Candles
– Hot plates
– Microwaves
– Irons
– Iron board


10 Easiest Classes at Evergreen

Any college student can tell you that college is a balancing act. Between schoolwork, internships, jobs, and a social life, there are times when college can be very stressful. Luckily for most college students, there are easier classes at any university that you can take to help boost your GPA. Here are some of the easiest classes at Evergreen State College straight from their course catalog.

1. Africa is Not A Country 

This course was created with the purpose of educating people on the various cultures and nations that are in the continent of Africa. This course will explore many different countries through their culture, with examples such as religion, cuisine, and popular culture. 25% of this course is reserved for underclassmen.

A picture of the African savanna.

2. Art of Helping 

Art of Helping is a course offered to students from their freshman to their senior year. Through the duration of the course students will understand  how to better relate to others an communicate with others through a more caring demeanor.

An image of a woman helping an elderly man.

3. Botany- Plants and People 

For any students that have an interest in nature, or are choosing to major in environmental sciences, this class will not only be informative and helpful, but a great GPA booster. This course is an introduction to botany, the study of plants, and how  humans interact with them.

An image of a man kneeling down to garden.

4. Ceramics- Hand Building 

If you are looking for a way to relax while learning all about art. ceramics is the perfect course. This course is taught through a series of projects that will help the student understand the art of ceramics and how to make beautiful art pieces.

A picture of a man sculpting a clay sculpture of a head.

5. Core Ballet 

This course is an introductory to ballet as an art form and an exercise. The course is open to all students, from freshman to seniors, as well as any dance ability. Through the fundamentals of ballet in this course students will gain better flexibility and core control.

picture of many ballet dancer's shoes

6. Drawing: Foundations

Drawing: Foundations, is a course offered for students in their sophomore to senior year of college. The course teaches students principles and techniques in fine art drawing. Students will use real life examples and studies of perception to understand and learn how to improve their artistic abilities.

drawing of human eye

7. Food Chemistry 

Half of the seats in this course are saved for freshman, but this class size is slightly larger at 50 seats. Food is an important aspect of life, considering we spend hours preparing, cooking, and eating it every single day Food chemistry will give students a better understanding of the science behind food.

A picture of a desk covered in vegetables and science equipment.

8. Forest and Farms: The Systems that Sustain Us 

This course is open to freshman and sophomore students, and will teach students about the ecosystems and how they help humans every day. Weekly field labs will help students learn through observation of nature.

An image of the forest landscape.

9. Photography: Digital 

Photography: Digital is one section of photography offered to any student. This course will introduce photography to students of any area of academic study through digital means. Photographers of any caliber are welcome to join this class to learn and develop their skills. The course explores image-making with digital cameras and work with computers, scanners, inkjet printers, and studio lighting.

An image of a man using a digital camera to take a photo.

10. The Practice of Writing 

This course is open to any student from their freshman to their senior year. The practice of writing gives students a broad overview of writing and will also help them broaden, deepen, and improve their practice. This course tackles common problems in writing like procrastination and writers block.

An image of a hand using a pen to write on a piece of paper.

There are hundreds and sometimes even thousands of course to choose from at any school. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Try exploring different classes such as these to make sure you have an enjoyable semester.