5 Ways of Preparing Yourself for CHM 111 at Elon University

The first level of general chemistry may be a beginner level course, however, the material taught is no walk in the park. However, there is no reason to be worried or have fear of failing as long as the student applies him or herself slightly beyond standard starter-level expectations. By getting to class on time, putting the work, and being prepared, any student has a good chance at receiving a passing grade.

1. Have the Appropriate Materials

Have many pencils available as well as note paper organized in a binder or a folder to hold in-class handouts and review sheets. A scientific calculator is also usually required, if not then recommended. Write down all homework assignments and their due dates, as well as the dates of exams and quizzes. Keeping on top of the workload becomes more and more necessary as the semester progresses.                                                    


2. Know Professor’s office hours

Jotting down the times and days each week for when your professor is available can come in handy. Whenever something is unclear or does not make sense, it becomes easier to grasp an unfamiliar concept by to asking your professor individually. Most professors can also often explain material and answer questions over email. If your professor is unavailable when you need them, there are a number of tutors and other resources available at Elon University. 


3. Have the book

The textbook is a great resource when either studying alone or when in need of referencing a specific problem or concept. All of the material taught during a class period will have a connection to the textbook. In addition, keeping a separate set of notes from the book can lead to more connections being made based on one specific concept.                                             


4. Take Notes

In-class and outside-of-class notes are equal in value. Be sure to review the book and take notes on each section before each class period. This way the material taught during class will become more familiar as it is being lectured. This habit makes nearly all material taught more easily understood, making for a great use of class time.  In addition, these notes can be used for great reference when completing homework assignments, as well as making a study guide and/or flashcards for an upcoming exam or quiz.                                                            


5. Prepare for Exams

Creating a study guide by reviewing notes and knowing all testable sections of each chapter will lead to a satisfactory or better grade on an exam. Review and practice chemistry each day for at least five to seven days before each test, this will create new and strengthen old connections made on course material. In chemistry, memorization is key so it would be wise to take advantage of certain websites. Always be prepared for each exam by staying energized and getting sleep the night before.



Even as a complete novice, there are a number of ways to being a successful chemist. Getting into the habit of staying on track for such a rigorous course load is not easy, it would be wise to listen to any tips provided by others.

6 Ways to Stay On-Track at Elon University

Often students forget ways that will help them stay academically successful inside of the classroom. There are a number of steps to take that will prevent a student from falling off course as they study any sorts of course material.

1. Stay Organized

Always have a backpack and the appropriate materials for each of your courses this semester as well as those for each class period. This includes textbooks and readings that relate to the current course material. Organizing a binder to keep track of all information from each section or chapter throughout the course will help keep things in the right direction. Don’t forget to have a plethora of pencils and pens available. 


2. Keep a weekly class schedule

Make a schedule that keeps track of where and when each class and activity is for each day of the week. Creating a schedule online on a website such as https://schedulebuilder.org/ is a healthy step to take, this schedule can be kept as an image on a desktop or set as a screen-saver. Doing so can lead to eventually memorizing your schedule, ensuring consistent preparation and arrival to each period.                                               


3. Be on time

A primary reason for keeping a schedule is to know exactly where you have to be and when throughout each day of the school week. Being on time to class shows the professor that you are taking the class seriously and it ensures that you do not miss any information provided at the beginning of class. Be certain to be on time to each class if a professor has a set attendance policy.


4. Have a planner

Get a planner and write down everything that you have to do for each week. This includes all homework assignments, exams, and other things to get done outside of the classroom. Doing this will allow you to manage time exceptionally well and space out those long projects. Knowing what you have to get done and by when will surely free up time for other activities and assignments.


5. Keep-in-touch with your professors

Always either send your professors an email or meet with them outside or after/before class to go over any misunderstood material. Don’t forget to keep in mind that maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with your professor can go a long way.


6. Tutors

At Elon, there are many tutors inside and outside of the library for nearly every subject taught at the school. Looking online or inside of each academic building, a student can view when and where a subject is to be tutored at their subject-related-building. Or, in the library, there are set times for students to meet with a wide range of knowledgeable tutors.                


There are many tips, including these six, that can help the overall success of undergraduate students at Elon University. By maintaining academic structure and healthy connections, the journey will come with much greater ease. The road to getting a college degree can be turned into a much less complicated effort by staying on track.

Top 5 Tips to Succeed in PHS 302 at Elon University

Global Health is one of the public health required courses. The class is generally filled up and has consistent discussions throughout each chapter. Much of the class is based on in class activities supplemented by a large project that accounts for 50% of your final grade. It is a 300 level course so it is not the easiest, but with some decent effort, and time management you can do great.

1. Don’t Procrastinate

In some classes, you can wait till the last minute and still receive a solid B or A, but not in this course. You need to genuinely do the research for the papers in advance so you can lay out your essay in a good format as well as be knowledgeable on the topic. There are weekly due dates for ‘articles in the news’ and ‘weekly summaries’ which highlight the fact that you should knock these out in advance as they become repetitive and easy to forget compared to some of the big projects. 

2. Pay Attention in Class

Many students tend to doze off or space out in this class as much of it is discussion based. You can still succeed without paying attention, but it will be extremely hard to get over a B… By going to and paying attention in class you can understand the specific health issues within each subtopic that the professor personally prefers, allowing you to take advantage of this in your writing. You will also get a lot more out of this class if you stay engaged as global health and public health are constantly changing, and listening to the current events presented in every class helps you gain an incredible amount of knowledge in this subject area. 

3. Use the Textbook

The textbook for the class is fairly dense. As there are no tests or quizzes, it is easy to get lazy with the reading. Regardless of doing the reading or not, the book should be used in your essay writing at the least. Quoting or at least using the ideas from the book will drastically improve your paper/essay grades. The textbook for this course has a great index and allows you to look up specific health issues around the world. Take advantage of this and try to reference the book as much as possible as the professor for this course tends to really appreciate that. 

4. Participate

This is a tip you’ll hear for many Elon courses due to the smaller class size where the professors learn everyone’s names. They know who is paying attention or not, and if you can make 2-3 comments a class, they’ll remember that as well. Not only is this relevant for the teacher appreciating your work more as they acknowledge your respect for them, but it accounts for 10% of your grade. Discussion is a key aspect of this course, not only for your grade, but for your understanding. By participating in the discussion you will build your world view on global health, and ultimately learn a lot of information you wouldn’t have known otherwise. 

5. Writing

As 50% of your grade comes from that portfolio previously mentioned, the writing in this course is extremely prevalent for your grade. The portfolio is a combination of essay based question ideas surrounding a country you select. Take your time on these, go to the writing center, and reread them. Again, these account for a large chunk of your grade so you should use the resources at your disposal in order to do the best you can for these large chunks of your grade. Global Health is not one of the hardest courses at Elon, but it requires a consistent level of effort to exceed a B. Be sure to take your time on your work and go to class consistently as you can guarantee yourself a solid grade with these two tips in mind. By using all of these tips you can pretty much expect to see an A- or better as much of the information out there is easy to access, it just takes some time to do. Good luck in the world of public health, be sure to care about what you’re saying, and if you don’t fake it till you make it. 

5 Tips to Succeed in BIO 106 at Elon University

Biology: The Science of Life work, counts as a lab credit, fulfilling one of the mandatory aspects of an Elon degree. This course specifically can only be taken by non-science majors. The course then predictably, is taught on a more basic level covering multiple basic science topics very generally. The course is not easy as there is a decent amount of busy work, and to exceed expectations one must show up consistently and do all of the work correctly. With that said, here are 5 tips to succeed in BIO 106.

1. Work in a Group

This is probably the best tip on this list as the work and projects for this class are all uniform in nature. The professors encourage working in groups to complete work, but it is not required outside of class. It is HIGHLY recommended that you find at least 1-2 classmates to do the homework and out of class assignments with. This will allow you to hopefully catch more tricky questions and get all of the easy points that you can for this course.

2. Do the Homework

This may seem obvious, but science is a major chunk of your grade in this course (15-20%), and is graded harshly. Doing the homework in this class isn’t just sitting down and putting what you think is right, you have to get everything exactly right or you get no credit for the problem. This isn’t to say that the homework is extremely difficult, it’s not, but often there are tricky questions that the whole class miss, and the professor will not be lenient.

3. Show Your Work

As previously discussed, if you get the final answer wrong, you lose credit for that entire problem. This is not the case for exams, as the professor is more lenient seeing as you cannot use outside resources during a test. Your professor will give partial credit for problems that you either followed the correct process with the wrong numbers, or rather got half of the problem right, and then wandered off to get the wrong answer at the end. Be sure to show your work to get the most possible points on your exams, which do account for over 50% of your grade.

4. Go to Class

Another tip that may seem obvious in any class, for BIO 106, there is a lot of work done in each class. There are labs done on a bi-weekly if not weekly basis depending on the subject at hand. On top of this there are daily assignments, smaller in nature, but all going towards participation and homework grades, which combined account for 30% of your final grade. Going to class won’t necessarily prepare you for the exam more as the information is basic, and repetitive, but you will miss A LOT of assignments.

5. Check your work

Again, in any class it is a good tip to check your work and review your essays ext. For this course though there are often small mistakes as you may know the right formula or answer, but slip up as there is a decent amount of work /questions on the homework and exams. As these mistakes are relatively easy to catch, you should be sure to always check your work, and a good way to do this is by using the earlier tip and forming a group and checking one another’s work.

Biology and science in general is not an easy course for many students. This course is purposefully dumbed down for non-science majors, but it is fair to assume that if you’re not a science person you will struggle a little. Be sure to follow these tips and do all of your work, and you will hopefully get an A!

5 Dating Activities to Do Around Elon University

Elon is often referred to as a bubble for its student mentality, but also because right outside of the college town in Burlington the atmosphere and development is nothing like Elon itself. While Burlington is known for its fast food and big box stores, there are some great places to go with your special someone for a nice night out. Here are 5 dating activities to do around Elon University:


This may not seem too romantic, and frankly it’s not, but it’s a damn good time. Going bowling is a great activity to do especially in groups if you want to go on a double date or with a group and your girlfriend/boyfriend. Country Club Lanes West is located right next to the ABC liquor store on Church St. which is about a 5-10 minute drive from Elon. Every Wednesday they have 3-dollar bowling per game!


This is a classic activity no matter where you are in the world as a nice romantic and or action movie is always a great time. Southeast Cinemas by Alamance Crossing is right next to BJ’s and is pretty affordable (with a student discount). There is also a deal Elon runs that allows you to pay $8-10 a month and you get a ticket per week of your choice to see any movie. If you’re a movie goer, then this is highly recommended.


This is the classic ‘date’ as it should be. Taking your special someone out to dinner is something that must happen to have intimate one on one moments and to keep one another happy. There are some incredible places within 10-15 minutes of Elon, but if you are really committed to a nice fancy night out there are 25-30 incredible places in Greensboro. If you haven’t gone on a one on one date with your loved one recently, why not do it now!

Conservators Center

The Conservators Center is a well kept secret around Elon. While the center itself wishes this wasn’t true, many students don’t know about its existence, but those who do rave about it. It’s basically a zoo for exclusively exotic animals. Sure you’ll get your llama’s and tigers, but there are some weird animals here. This isn’t the most romantic place to go, but it’s affordable and extremely unique!

Downtown Burlington

Downtown Burlington is home to the infamous Co-op, but also to some incredible unique and cool shops. It’s an extremely trendy town, with a population one fifth the size of a normal town like this. Due to recent investment in the area, some shops have opened up such as a Vinyl store, a Comic store, multiple smoke shops, local barbers, a small theatre, a crepe restaurant. The list goes on as these ‘cute’ fun activities are all encompassed in an afternoon in downtown Burlington. It’s a nice change of scenery and is highly recommended to try if you never have.

Next time you’re planning a date, check out one of these activities listed above. Try something new if you feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over. Feel free to go on double dates if you’re not quite sure, but it is fair to say you’ll have a great time if you go to any of these places. Enjoy!

5 Reasons to Join a Club Sports Team at Elon University

It is important to be involved on campus at Elon. This is true at any school, but as a smaller university there is an extremely high percentage of students involved with clubs and sports. This includes chess club, political groups, and more, but sports stand out as their own category. Intramurals are taken fairly serious by a lot of guys at Elon as there tend to be about 30 teams for men’s 7v7 flag football with about 15 people on each team. That’s upwards of 450 guys, showing that Elon is an active sports school, and the club teams are no exception. Without further adu, here are 5 reasons to join a club sports team.

1. The Sport Itself

Anyone who played a team sport in high school, whether it be JV or Varsity, knows that being a part of a team is an incredible and unique feeling. Your individual performance matters of course, but if the team doesn’t win, it doesn’t quite feel right. Going into college, only about 3% of high school athletes end up continuing that sport at the collegiate varsity level. For the other 97%, you don’t have to stop playing the sport you love, join club sports!

2. Social Life – Friends

Like what was said in the introduction, Elon’s students are highly involved in clubs and athletics. By joining a club sport team you automatically have a connection with 20-80 new possible friends. Regardless of your comfort zone, over time there is no doubt some of these teammates will turn into your good friends. Club sports is a great area to bond with other students through similarities as many Elon kids tend to have homologous backgrounds.

3. Social Life – Parties

More specific to Elon are the parties that come along with club sport teams. It is hard if not impossible to ‘go out’ at Elon prior to being 21 or if you are not involved in a frat (or don’t have a connection to one). You can absolutely talk around and find out what’s going on, but there’s a big difference between being a part of something and consistently wandering around campus. Club sports at Elon have mixers with sororities pretty much every week and this allows for all students on campus to mingle. So join a club sport team!

4. The Teams Don’t Cut

While this is not guaranteed for every club sport, the vast majority of club sports teams do not cut. Of course, there is a roster and only so many people can travel to away games, but the practices are extremely relaxed in comparison with the varsity level. For many student’s club sports is a way to play the sport they love in a calm environment simply to have fun. If that’s you, go for it, get involved for all the reasons listed here.

5. It’s a Work Out

Time is limited at Elon, especially with the extracurricular activities that students so often have. It is hard to make it to the gym or go on a run every day, so whatever club sport you play can now become your workout. Most sport teams practice 2-3 times a week with a game or two on the weekends depending on if you’re on the roster. This is a strong way to maintain cardio in a world where it’s harder and harder to stay in shape as there is fast food all around Elon’s campus.

Even if you’ve never played a sport and you just want to be involved socially on campus, club sports are for you. Club sports serve as a connector between students across campus, while still maintaining a competitive mentality for those who so choose. Join a club sports team, go to their social events, and get a good workout in, you won’t be disappointed.

5 Places to Go Out at Elon University

Elon University has a reputation for partying, and if you asked most students they’d say that the experience lives up to its reputation. That being said, the reputation and experience is often referring to off-campus parties, but there’s a lot more to do than these parties within walking distance of campus. Depending on the day it is actually preferred by many to go to a bar, and while there are only 2-3 bars around campus, the atmosphere is extremely lively and see students returning every week. Here are 5 places to ‘go out’ at Elon University.

1. West End

One of the most devastating stories of 2017 was the closing of West End. West End is known for its incredible Thursday night atmosphere and underrated for its consistent food. A solid bar to go to any day of the week West End has a great setup with a lot of space and affordable prices. Well GREAT NEWS, West End is being renovated and re-opened in the next couple of months. There are rumors of what will come, but it is known that a bar will be incorporated and it will certainly be a place to ‘go out’ for all Elon students as long as you’re willing to pay the cover if you’re under 21.


2. Fat Froggs

Fat Froggs is an incredible venue with pool, a stage used for small bands, karaoke, and trivia. Karaoke and trivia are the keys to Froggs’ success. Every Tuesday hundreds of students pack in the decent sized bar and play trivia with small prizes. The atmosphere is great, and it is a nice break from party life that can get repetitive. Thursday’s are similar, not as packed, but still an incredible atmosphere especially if you go with a good group of friends.


3. Paulie’s (Ex-Tony’s)

Pauly’s recently entertained a shift in management as it used to be called Tony’s, but for reasons that are relatively unknown, the name has changed as well as the leadership. Pauly’s tends to be a post-Froggs event or a secondary option. While it is not quite as large as Froggs, there is a solid backside to get some food that is delicious. There is some dancing here, but its mostly socializing. Again it is recommended that you come in a group because Pauly’s is the one bar where there will be some locals pretty much every day of the week.


4. Frat/Sport Parties

At the end of the day, Elon is ranked fairly high in terms of being a party school, and that is because of the consistent parties thrown by Greek life and Sports teams. While the bars and bowling are activities consistently seen throughout the week, once Friday hits (and Thursday’s for mixers) the night life turns to houses. These parties tend to start out slow but peak for a couple hours as music is blasted and everyone dances. Much of this partying is done by the younger crowd, but you’re sure to see some juniors and seniors too.


5. School Sponsored Events

This may seem lame, and frankly many students talk about such events this way, but until you’ve gone to the Elon Ball you should bite your tongue. These events can be smaller sometimes, but when they’re big alcohol is sold and many professors and leadership come and interact with the students in a mature party scene. The Elon Ball specifically should be taken advantage of as it is an event that pretty much everyone goes to and there is consistent dancing throughout.


No matter what year you are in school there is a place for you. All of the bars are 18 and up with a cover charge until you hit 21. Don’t be scared to try a new place, a new venue, a new crowd… You’d be surprised at the new friends you can make and experiences you can have. Worst case you have a terrible night and you at least know what and where you like to go. Go out and have some fun!

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants Around Elon University

Burlington has the most fast food restaurants per-capita than any other city in the U.S. Some are not proud of this statistic, but regardless of how you feel, this opens up a lot of options that may have not been available to you in the past, specifically if you’re from the North. With that said, here are the top 5 Fast Food restaurants by Elon University.

5. Bojangles

Bojangles sounds southern, and it is. This is one of the fast food restaurants in the area that are unique to the south which serves as a nice treat for many students coming from other regions. Bojangles Chicken Supreme is their staple dish and you get your monies worth to say the least. This is about a 5-7 minute drive from campus and is certainly an Elon favorite. Similar to Taco Bell, many people knock it before they try it, and it is highly recommended that you try it once as the chicken is delicious and again you are certainly getting your monies worth with Bojangles coming in at #5.

4. Taco Bell

Coming in at #4 on this list is the famed Taco Bell. People often describe Taco Bell as disgusting and claim that they use fake meat. These people have likely never tried Taco Bell. Plenty of Elon students rave of the incredible amount of food you can get for just a few dollars. Always remember to order off the cravings menu as you can truly get a little bit of everything. Another huge positive for Taco Bell is it’s late closing time. Open till 1am, your options are limited, and if you’re not feeling the classic Cookout, then Taco Bell is a great way to change it up.

3. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a staple in the American fast food industry. There are no shortages of them within a 10-mile radius as you can find 4-5, some within a mile or two of another one. While McDonald’s prices have increased to a certain extent in recent years, it’s quality has improved as well. You can combine a delicious milkshake with some delicious burgers, nuggets, fries, and even a breakfast burrito. McDonald’s will always have a special place in Americans heart for one reason or another, and its vast reach touches us all.

2. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A has risen to the top as an Elon favorite. There is actually a Chick-fil-A on campus at Elon (that is currently being renovated) but the options are limited. With that, there are then two Chick-fil-A within a 8-10 minute drive that see as many cars from New Jersey as they do from North Carolina. Chick-fil-A is beloved by those in the North as it simply doesn’t exist there. The curse of not being open on Sunday certainly effects their business here as Chick-fil-A serves as a hangover cure. The fries our beloved and Elon students will continue to love it as it comes in at #2.

1. CookOut

It should come as no surprise that CookOut takes the number one spot on this list. While some students go there for dinner, it is fair to say that 95/100 students at Elon have gone to CookOut after 2am for one reason or another. Cookout combines amazing taste, with low price. If you’re not getting a tray, you’re not doing it right (seriously it’ll cost a lot more money). What puts CookOut way over the top are their milkshakes. Not only do they have a vast array of options, but they taste incredible too. Cookout will forever be Elon’s favorite fast food restaurant.

Elon is surrounded by incredible Fast Food options. Burlington can be partially defined by its Fast Food and this should be taken full advantage of. If you haven’t already make sure to check all of these places out, specifically CookOut, because not only is the food amazing, but the experience genuinely creates memories that last forever.

5 Cool Clubs to Join at Elon University

Elon University has over 250 unique clubs for students to join. Each fall and spring, students run a club fair where they line central campus with tables to describe their clubs and encourage new members to sign up. Here are just 5 of the cool clubs that Elon has to offer!

1. Elonthon

Elonthon is Elon’s annual 24-hour dance marathon. All proceeds benefit the Children’s Miracle Network but more specifically the kids of Duke Children’s Hospital. Elon students form committees to put on this amazing event and raised $280,396.68 just last year. Each year, miracle children from the hospital get to come and participate in the event alongside all of the students. It is very fun, rewarding, and full of great activities to make the 24-hours fly by! Also, it’s not to late to sign up to participate in this year’s event happening in April!

happy dance


2. Cooking Club

Do you love to eat? If you answered yes, then Elon’s cooking club is definitely for you. Elon’s cooking club is good for anyone because it does not require a huge time commitment. There are events scattered throughout the semester, and students can learn about these events by joining the email list. Example events include guacamole making and cookie baking. Eating is often a great stress relief so next time you need a homework break, go to a cooking club event!

food gif

3. Elon Volunteers

Elon Volunteers is a great way to get involved in Alamance County initiatives and learn more about the local community. Elon Volunteers has so many opportunities at different organizations, so it is also a great way to fulfill service hour requirements. You could volunteer at the local animal shelter or even help elementary school kids with vocabulary words and after-school tutoring. Elon Volunteers is a very rewarding experience so it is definitely recommended that you get involved!

giphy (1)


4. Elon Outdoors

Elon Outdoors is a club that offers field trips in the local community but also throughout the state of North Carolina. Hiking, ice skating, and rafting are just three examples of activities that are offered as a part of Elon Outdoors. Elon Outdoors also sponsors weekly smores bonfires outside of the gym. Elon Outdoors will also give you a great reason to take amazing pictures of your trips, spend more time with your friends, or even meet new people, so sign up for the next trip now!


5. I Am That Girl

I Am That Girl is a large group of fun and friendly girls who offer a safe and welcoming environment to share your experiences and opinions. There is a new topic of discussion every week to promote self-confidence and help with all aspects of college life including social and academic activities. This club is a great option for girls of all years and it really helps with connecting to other girls on a deeper, meaningful level.


Overall, Elon University is an amazing school with many opportunities to get involved on campus. Whether you hold a leadership position in the club or are just a general member, your college experience will definitely be enhanced if you join clubs that interest you. The spring club fair is coming up so definitely take some time to explore your options!






Top 5 Women’s Sports Teams at Elon University

Women’s sports are continuously growing at Elon and their attendance is on the rise. As teams start to make the playoffs and lead their divisions people are starting to take notice. Similar to other top 5 or top 10 lists, this is subjective and does not reflect the opinions of all. That being said this is a general look at the top women’s sports teams here at Elon and reflects their recent history, current records, and game atmosphere.

5. Cross Country

Cross Country isn’t the most entertaining of sports to watch as it takes more than a couple minutes to develop and well… they keep on running. That being said Elon’s Women’s XC team has risen to the forefront of their division and are a force to be reckoned with. Winning recent races and receiving CAA awards and accolades recently, this team comes in at #5.



4. Volleyball

Elon Women’s Volleyball went 16-16 last season having a 11-3 record at home and 4-10 away. Similar to many of the boys sports they’ve struggled on the road and specifically within the conference on the road. The Volleyball games have an incredible atmosphere and have seen recent success in history. The game is interactive as all the fans are close to the action, and every point is filled with it. Volleyball comes in at #4.



3. Soccer

Women’s Soccer at Elon consistently made it to the playoffs when they were in the SOCON division. Moving to the CAA was a big step for Elon as a school, but it’s taken a couple years for the sports teams to get adjusted to the change. As the coaching staff is experiencing a change in leadership, many are hoping that the girls can start to make it back to the playoffs where they belong. The atmosphere is always strong at women’s soccer games making them a strong contender for #3 on this list.



2. Lacrosse

Elon didn’t have a Women’s Lacrosse team until 3 years ago. The program is literally brand new and they just had an incredible season. As one would expect it took the girls a couple years to mature and develop their ability as other teams have been playing for years together. Once this clicked the girls went 10-7 (3-3 in conference) and then 13-7 (4-2 in conference) in the last two years respectively. This success is largely due to the coaching staff, recruiting, and incredible talent the girls have bringing the Lacrosse team in at #2.



1. Basketball

It comes as no surprise that the Basketball team is #1. After one of the most exciting seasons for any Elon team they are currently going 8-0 at home and planning on making it to the NCAA tournament for a second year in a row. This did not come out of no where this year as they went 27-7 the previous year. Elon fans need to keep coming out as the girls have a lot of games coming up in a short amount of time and thrive off of the home crowd’s support.



Elon Women’s teams continue to see success on the field and in the classroom. Elon prides their athletic teams on their academic success and specifically on the women’s side, every team averages a GPA of 3.0 or above. These girls are true athletes and those on this list hope to build off of recent success and ultimately win some championships!