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If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Elon University, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in North Carolina. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at Elon University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around North Carolina.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHM 111General Chemistry I
CHM 112General Chemistry II
CHM 130Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 211Organic Chemistry I
CHM 212Organic Chemistry II
MTH 116Applied Calculus
MTH 151Calculus I

10 of the Hardest Courses Offered at Elon University

Elon University is a private liberal arts university located at Elon, North Carolina. It is almost inevitable for students to come across one or two challenging courses while in college. Here are 10 of the hardest courses students of Elon University offer.

1. BIO 327 – Immunology

Immunology model for Devil facial tumor disease

Immunology is considered difficult by many students because of the complex concepts. Miss a lecture, and the whole course becomes even more difficult. In addition to four class hours per week, students are expected to read current research papers, participate in discussions, and also write a review paper and give a presentation.

2. CHM 351 – Biochemistry I

Illustration of the DNA cells

There is a lot of information inCHM 351, and students will also be required to memorize many of these. Thecomplexity of some chemical pathways also addsto the difficulty of this course. Some topics covered in this class includebiochemical methodology, buffers, proteins, enzymes, bioenergetics, anabolismand catabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.

3. ENG 312 – Visual Rhetorics

An infographic of visual rhetorics

This course introduces students tothe specialized study and practice of visual rhetoric and document design. For students,this entails learning a new method of thinking, design, and skill. This courseintroduces students to a variety of theories and design approaches in visualrhetorics.

4. EGR 310 – Engineering Thermodynamics

Relationship between a reversible engine and Carnot cycle.

This study emphasizes thermodynamicproperties and the First and Second Law analysis of systems and controlvolumes. This course is littered with many complex calculations. Also, students will learn to integrate theseconcepts into the study of basic power cycles is introduced.

5. GEO 250 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Simple description of GIS

This, like many introductory courses, can be quite tricky. In this course,students will be introduced to the concepts of visualizing, exploring andanalyzing spatial data. Through hands-on lab exercises and research projects,students will gain broad experience with analysis and mapping using the latestArcGIS software.

6. MTH 430 – Abstract Algebra

Calculation in Abstract algebra

This class introduces students to abstract algebra concepts including functions, groups, properties of groups, rings, fields, isomorphisms, real and complex numbers, and polynomials. While many students rank this as the hardest math course, hard work and a good foundation of proof construction will straighten things out.

7. PHY 411 – Quantum Mechanics

Depiction of Quantum Energy and its orbitals

Quantum Mechanics would have been an enjoyable class if it wasn’t for the complex mathematical concepts. In this class, students will be taught to use the fundamental mathematical underpinnings of quantum formalisms. The problem of hydrogen-like atoms and lasers are also taught in depth.

8. PST 336 – Comparative Justice Systems

Lady Justice and a lawyer

This is one course that keepsstudents occupied throughout the semester.There is a lot to remember in this course. In this class, students will explorethe theoretical legal foundations, law enforcement practices, court systems,sentencing practices and innovative methods of punishment in a variety of settings.

9. PSY 242 – Cognitive Psychology

Aspects of cognitive psychology by Nicole Conner

There is more to study in thisclass that meets the eye. In this class, students will study the fundamentals of cognitive process and how humansrepresent and process information about the environment in their role asthinkers, planners, language users, andproblem solvers.

10. STS 256 – Applied Nonparametric Statistics

Research result in nonparametric statistics

This is one of the most advancedstatistics course students offer. It focuses on data-oriented approaches tostatistical estimation and inference. Topics include classical rank-basedmethods and modern tools (permutation tests and bootstrap methods). Studentsmay use advanced statistical software such as SAS or SPlus.

10 Coolest Courses at Elon University

One of the biggest aspects of your college life is how you pick classes each semester. It is important for you to pick some interesting and cool courses in order to keep yourself sane at school. Here are the 10 coolest courses offered at Elon University!

1. FNA 211- intro to fine arts

The first cool course that you should take a look at is Intro to Fine Arts. The fine arts are very interesting and broad, so you will have tons of different options to stay interested. This is a great option for you to consider when making your decisions. 

a person painting

2. GEO 346- Natural disasters 

One of the most interesting and cool classes offered to you is Natural Disasters. This is a science class centers around exactly what the title of the class implies. There are tons of cool pieces of information that you will learn when you take this class. 

a tornado in a field

3. LED 210- Foundations of leadership studies

Foundations of Leadership Studies is an excellent class for you to take to boost up your resume. It is very important to have leadership skills, so this class may be a great fit for you. This is also a very cool class because the information being taught can be used every day in the real world. 

picture of leadership represented by cartoon characters going up mountain

4. MKT 416- Global Marketing

One of the best marketing classes that you can take is Global Marketing. This allows you to get a good view on how the world of business works across the borders. You will have a ton of fun while learn some very interesting information about our world. 

terms relating to marketing

5. POL 116- Local government simulation 

Local Government Simulation is one of the more interesting classes that is offered to you. You will truly see how important local government is and how it runs. This is a very unconventional class that has a ton to offer to you. 

American Government and Politics

6. THE 125- acting for nonmajors

Acting for Nonmajors is your opportunity to hone your acting skills if acting is not your path in life. This allows you to destress some of your schedule while still being able to get the credits that you need. This will make your whole time at school much more enjoyable. 

a person acting

7. HST 313- Modern Africa

One of the coolest history courses that you can take is Modern Africa. Africa is a huge place that is full of history and culture. That being said, it will be fun to learn more about a place that not many people know a lot about. 

a map of Africa

8. BUS 303- intro to managing 

Intro to Managing is the perfect course for you if you want to enjoy yourself and go into business at the same time.  This is a class that has devoted and intelligent professors that want you to succeed. The material is fun and will give you lots of good knowledge. 

a person managing

9. ARH 321- issues in American art

If you have always been into art, Issues in American Art is a great option for you. You will dive into controversy and other aspects of art in America. This class will make you think while showing you sides of art that you may have never seen before. 

a work of American art

10. AMS 210- concepts in American studies

The final cool course that you should consider taking is Concepts in American Studies. This class is very broad and has a ton of different topics that can give you awesome information. Be sure to take advantage of the interesting material taught in this class. 

terms relating to American studies

Jobs and Opportunities at Elon University

Elon University is a private liberal arts university in Elon, North Carolina with a 57% acceptance rate. Elon has tons of opportunities an jobs available for their students to take advantage of, so here are 7 of their best student jobs!

1. Tutoring 

tutor teaching a kid

Tutoring is a very easy job to get at most colleges if you have a deep understanding of a certain subject. Students with knowledge about a class/subject can be hired to tutor other students at the tutoring center. This job has mostly flexible hours that depend on your schedule.

2. Lab Assistant

people in a lab

The lab assistant job requires students to help the lab technician with data, lab prep/cleaning, lab reports, and more. Students applying for the lab assistant position should have previous experience in laboratories. It requires around 10-20 hours per week.

3. Food Services

dining hall

Students who work in the EU food services help maintain and clean the dining halls, prepare and serve food, and set up the dining halls. This job requires 20 hours per week, and is relatively easy to get due to its lack of many prerequisites.

4. Dorm Security

dorm lobby lounge

As a dorm security monitor, students should watch over dormitories at Elon University. Students are assigned to one dorm at the start of their job and help sign students in and give out mail, as well as work with the security guard after hours. This job requires at least 15 hours per week.

5. Teaching Assistant

math teacher pointing at board

This job requires a lot of hours weekly due to class attendance and office hours, as well as a lot of dedication and work. As a teaching assistant, students help professors with grading, scheduling, office hours, recitations and more. This job can get pretty selective.

6. Writing Center

writing an essay

Like the tutoring job, the writing center job is for students with proficient writing skills for assignments, essays and projects. Students work in the writing center and assist others with their essays through editing and advice. Students work on their own schedule and choose their hours.

7. One Class Note Taker


A great paid opportunity in college is a job with OneClass. You can take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class! When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing in lectures. Become a notetaker today! 

Top 10 Majors Offered at Elon

Elon University is a private university in North Carolina. The institution was founded in 1889 and is often referred to as the premier in Northern California. The business school of Elon University is ranked as number 1 in the Southern Region. This list contains the top 10 majors offered at Elon University.

1.    Accounting (B.S. M.S.)

A pen and a graph showing monthly performance

Elon University is an interesting place to study in the field of accounting. The accounting program of the school gives students a strong background in liberal arts to broaden their scope. The goal of the department is to give students the foundation necessary to succeed in just about every career in the business world.

2.    Business Administration (B.A. MBA)

A Business management and administration program

Business administration is the oldest and most prominent major offered at Elon University. The business program is designed to thrive in the vast multifaceted business environment. The program focuses on training students to become leaders and productive citizens.

3.    Communications (B.A.)

Various forms of digital communication

Over the last decade, the communications program of Elon University has been growing in popularity and demand. The program focuses on the development of the communication skills of students, and students are taught how to interact effectively with others.

4.    Finance (B.A.)

A pen, a performance graph, and a calculator

Finance is one of the premier majors offered at Elon University, and the department graduates the highest number of students. Students who complete this program are expected to have a strong background in analytics, financial principles, and practices.

5.    Kinesiology and Exercise Science (B.S.)

Kinesiology: The study of human movement

Elon University is a great place to pursue a major in kinesiology and exercise science. The kinesiology program of the school is of the highest class. Through classroom and practical, students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed in the health and fitness sector.

6.    Marketing (B.S.)

Strategies for a successful marketing

Every year, Martha and Spencer Love School of Business produces a number of marketing graduates. Students who concentrate in marketing are taught the components, importance, and structure of the market along with modern concepts of marketing.

7.    Political Science and Government (B.A.)

Background text pattern concept wordcloud illustration of political science

Political science ranks among the top 5 programs offered at Fordham University. The program focuses on American politics at the national, state, and local government levels, as well as the politics of other countries, and classical theories of politics.

8.    Psychology (B.A. & M.A.)

 Virtual representation of a human brain

Psychology remains one of the most sought-after baccalaureate majors at Elon University. The school has a standard department of psychology which applies modern research and clinical methods to teach students the mental processes and behavior of humans.

9.    Public Administration (B.A.)

Major aspects of public administration

Elon University offers a great, rigorous public administration curriculum. The program explores other fields to give students a broader reach of the field and make them more flexible. Students are also kept abreast with the latest technological resources used for research in the field.

10. Public Relations (B.A.)

Communication: An illustration for corporate discussion

Public Relations is one of the biggest and most prominent majors at Elon University. The school has a number of collaborations which serves as places of learning and internship for students.

Top 7 Dorms at Elon University

Going into college is intimidating, but most people find their own throughout their first and second year. Where you live, specifically at Elon, will have a drastic effect on who you become friends with and the activities you do. This list will describe the top 7 dorms at Elon based on the dorm itself, and the reputation/realities surrounding your social life if you end up there.

1) Station at Mill Point

This is by far the nicest dorms on campus. You can only live here your Junior and/or Senior year, but if you get the chance and can afford it, it’s the way to go. With colorful vacation looking houses, you’ll be sure to love the spacious room you get as well as a community pool. Sure, you’re not the closest to campus, but Elon’s small enough to where you’re within walking distance from the farthest academic building. Mill Point is not easy to get into, so if you have a good connection, keep it close.

2) Oaks

Another set of dorms for older students the Oaks isone of the most populated areas on campus. The rooms themselves are massive, along with a large common room and kitchen. Usually students will try to move in Sophomore or Junior year, and often end up staying due to the high quality. You’re in a solid spot on campus similar to Colonnades but on the other side, making everything you do and everywhere you go a reasonable walk away. There’s also a sand volleyball and outdoor basketball court, which is great for the Fall.Like Millpoint, this isn’t the easiest spot to get into, so if you have an older friend that’s graduating, make sure to bring it up early.

3) Global

Global embodies a ‘new’ feel that isn’t felt in any of the other freshman dorms. Built in 2016, these dorms tower Elon’s campus by the Varsity fields. There are 5 buildings with a little under 600 students living in these halls with classrooms attached. There aren’t many courses taught in these buildings, but there are great amenities in each building with a solid amount of ‘common room’ space, which tends to be an issue elsewhere. Living in Global pretty much isolates you to lakeside’s dining hall, but you can be sure that you’ll have one of the best rooms on campus for a first-year student.

4) Colonnades

You’ll often hear people referring to Clohan, the new dining hall as Colonnades, but don’t get it confused with Colonnades dorms. Sitting in between KOBC and the Danieley commons, this is a great location as you can walk to anywhere on campus within 15 minutes, but still be separated from ‘the action’ if you so choose. You’re also right next to Clohan hall and QDoba/Einsteins, so you’ll never run out of food, but if you want more variety, you might have to take a walk.

5) Park Place

Park Place is brand new. Literally students have lived in it for one year, in which half of it they had to move to hotels due to a structural/overlooked problem. That being said, the 2018/2019 year one can expect little to no issues, and a cleanly renovated room. The dorms themselves aren’t too big, but it’s affordable, solid part of campus, next to a lot of food, and tends to have a lot of athletes (as it is close to the athletic facilities. This is a great place to live with a tight knit group of friends.

6) Smith

Located in the ‘Historic’ part of Elon’s campus, Smith is a male only dorm, but it has to be on this list for its reputation and the reality of the kids that live there. Going into college, you may not think you’re a fratty kid, but then you live in Smith and something changes. Smith is in the heart of campus, so location wise it’s perfect, and there’s plenty of pre-games to say the least. The reputation comes in the destructive nature of these kids, as every year sinks are ripped out, fire alarms are pulled, and Smith consistently wins the prize for most damage $$$ and tickets handed out by the end of the year. That being said, if you’re down for a good time, Smith’s a great place to live freshman year.

7) Danieley (flats and apartments)

One of the more underrated dorms is Danieley, for many reasons. First off, there’s a brand new gym and basketball court(s) within 1-2 minutes of every Danieley flat. Second, you’re constantly surrounded by people, and you get to know everyone in your building very well (some people don’t like this, but if you embrace it, it’s great). With 8 flat buildings (80 kids each) and about 8 standard house-dorms (16 each), Danieley is comprised of mostly first and second year students, but you’ll be find to find some Juniors here as well.

No matter where you end up living, you can be sure that you’ll find someone similar to you and make a long-lasting relationship. Every dorm on campus forces you into small communities and shapes your Elon experience, but make sure to make it your own. Venture out and don’t eat at the same dining hall every time, hangout with only your hall when you go out, and most importantly make sure to jump in BOTH fountains, not just the one closest to where you live!

7 Buildings you Need to Know at Elon University

Elon is known as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Part of this beauty comes in the way that the buildings have a historic yet modern feel in their brick stature. New buildings seem to be added at a rapid pace, and yet never seem out of place. Depending on where you live around campus you will interact with these buildings more or less, but you’ll definitely spend some time in each. Here are the 7 buildings you need to know at Elon University.

1. The Mosely Center

Students Studying in bean-bag chairs

Mosely is the heart of campus. You’ll see people walking in and out throughout the day whether they’re going to the mail room, heading to Lakeside Dining Hall, or the Student Professional Development Center. The Mosely Center is where you’ll go for food and packages, but also if you want to study on some bean bag chairs, play some ping-pong, or attending a professional event. Make sure you know where The Mosely Center is and how to get around it because at some point you’ll be walking in circles in Elon’s biggest building on campus.

2. Alamance Building

Flags at half mast in front of Alamance building

Often referred to as the English building, Alamance functions as a centerpiece of a pavilion as well as a reference point to most academic buildings. Alamance has religious, philosophical, ethnic studies, and a lot of miscellaneous courses that do not fall directly into a ‘school’ (Business, Poly Sci, Comm, etc.). You’ll also see yourself going to Alamance to visit the registrar’s office or meet with many of Elon’s upper management and facilitators.

3. Ernest A. Koury, Sr. Business Center

Koury Business Center

The Koury Business Center is usually referred to as KOBC, and hosts the most courses per day for any building on campus. You can be sure that you’ll have your fair share of courses here as all 3 levels are filled with classrooms and lecture rooms. Keep in mind that an Elon lecture room can have no more than 33 students per the Elon rules, allowing for many classes to occur at once. Like Alamance, KOBC serves as a landmark often referenced as it is the midpoint from Danieley & Einstein’s to main campus.

4. Koury Center

Koury Athletic Center Side Entrance

Following the Koury Business Center, we have the Koury Center. Instead of being mad at the confusing names, we should appreciate that the Koury family provided us with such beautiful facilities. That being said, this can get confusing, and make sure to clarify if someone is referring to the ‘business’ center or not. The Koury Center is where the main Gym (work out) is, accompanied by 4 racquetball courts, a squash court, ping-pong tables, and a basketball court. The basketball stadium is also a part of the Koury center, but this has recently been moved to the massive Scharr center, so we don’t yet know what this will be turned in to (likely an auditorium).

5. Clohan Hall

Boars Head Eating Area

This building is one of the most important on the list for non-first and second years as Clohan Hall is actually old Colonnades. This building incorporates Elon’s second largest dining hall (this may change as the old McKewen dining hall has been redone) with a Greenworld (upgraded salad bar), and Boars Head as well. Often referred to as DNades (Downstairs Colonnades) there is a small market place where you can buy anything from yogurt and cheese, to chips and nuts, to toilet paper and deodorant. You’ll certainly find yourself checking out Clohan Hall no matter where you live on campus.

6. Belk Library

Entrance to Belk Library

This is the only library on Elon’s campus, but it’s a damn big one. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in here, and whether that’ll be a couple hours every night, or all-nighters the week of finals, there’s no doubt that you’ll see everything Belk has to offer. There is a classroom within Belk that is often used for research teaching purposes, but the rest of the library is filled with private study rooms, cozy chairs, and tables for whatever works best for you. The higher you go, the quieter it gets, be sure to check out all of Belk as there are some hidden corners and rooms you might not know exist.

7. Dwight C. Schar Hall

Grand Atrium of Dwight C. Schar Hall

Connected to the old Comm building, the new Schar Hall is the most modern looking building on Elon’s campus. With a brick fill, matching the rest of Elon’s buildings, the front exhibits a ‘Grand Atrium’ which truly is stunning, and the first thing you see entering Elon’s campus. Redone in 2017, there is a Turner Theatre, Studio, and a good amount of classrooms as well. Political science and Communication classes will be the courses taught in this building, but you will find yourself wandering through this building on a cold day or attending an event and or movie.

These buildings have their nicknames, and have their stories. Hopefully you can make your own as you travel through your college experience. BE SURE to use the incredible facilities and amenities you receive as an Elon student. You only go to college once, take advantage of your time!

Interesting facts about Elon University

1. Elon is a Registered Botanical Garden

Freshly planted flowers in front of Mosely

Many people actually choose to go to Elon after simply visiting the campus once due to its beauty. There are 2 main fountains supplemented by 4-5 smaller ones throughout campus. Across the 575 Acres of Elon’s campus, you are always surrounded by trees and greenery as either flowers are blooming or the yearly snowstorm is whitewashing the paths. Elon truly is one of the most beautiful campus’ in the country.

2. 75% of Elon students are from out of State

Sections of U.S. divided by region

Elon has become an ever more diverse school over time, specifically as it relates to students hometowns/home countries. Elon’s out of state population is 75% ranging from 49 states and 58 countries! These are tremendous numbers as Elon’s total population is 6,045. Be sure you like northern culture, because while the workers may be slow like the South, the students generally are from the NorthEast.

3. 33 Student Cap per Class

Classroom with small class size

This is one of Elon’s unique features that truly benefits the students towards their education and grasping of concepts. No matter how basic the course, or what percentage of first-year students are taking it, there can be no more than 33 students per class. This encourages student-teacher relationships, and you can be sure by the end of the semester that every teacher will know your name (for better or for worse).

4. 81% Four-Year Graduation Rate

2017 Graduation wideshot

This percentage isn’t that high, but compared to the average of 60% in the U.S., Elon isn’t doing too bad. 81% also ranks amongst the top 10% of U.S. private universities in the country. You can look at this number in a good or bad way, but you got a 4 in 5 shot of graduating if your just playing a numbers game!

5. Elon is #1 in Study Abroad for 14 years straight

General advertisement for study abroad

Don’t believe this stat? Well, 79% of Elon students study abroad before they graduate, and the university is pushing for this number to go up to 100. Sports teams have recently transitioned to studying abroad (generally in their Junior year) instead of stipends, and new programs are being opened up every year. There are many scholarship opportunities as well, so be sure to apply if you think you couldn’t afford such an expense!

6. 42% of Undergraduate Students are part of a Greek Organization

Rock found in front of On-Campus Greek houses

Elon is a very Greek-based school. This isn’t to say you can’t have a great time without being affiliated, but rather there are communities formed within Greek life that tend to be exclusive. 42% is a higher number than it may sound, as state schools such as UGA tend to hover around 22%. People take Greek life seriously, and you may find yourself forming relationships and or breaking them based on affiliation, so be weary of the GREEKS.

7. Elon is Ranked the 6th Most Attractive School in the Country

MyPlan top 10 lest of attractiveness of students

With an 89.7 rating, Elon is ranked the 6th most attractive school in the country according to myplan.com. While this does account for both girls and guys, it is referring to the females as they are known across their country for their barbie stature. An Elon 6 is an 8 out in the real world, and with a 60-40 girls to guy ratio, guys better be trying to find a wife.

7 Best Places to Study at Elon University

Elon has been ranked one of the most beautiful campus’ by multiple sources for years now. This translates to some beautiful studying spots that are surrounded by nature as Elon is a registered botanical garden. Where someone studies can alter their success, so here are 7 best places to study at Elon University.

1) Belk Library

Belk Library is a great place to sit down in peace and quiet and grind out some studying. In the heart of campus, this library serves every purpose with level one being the only non ‘quiet’ level, filled with computers and tables for groups to meet up. As you go up to level 2 and 3, the atmosphere deafens to the point where you can only hear the occasional sneeze or chuckle. There are countless study rooms scattered throughout the library (specifically on the upper levels), and with millions recently invested for renovations, Belk is certainly the go-to place on Elon for studying.


For students, Belk Library is open 24/7 – 7 days a week

Community Hours vary during holidays, but remain from 8am-9pm throughout the year

2) Dwight C. Schar Hall

This massive new communications building shot up over the last 2 years. Entering Elon’s campus, this is the first building you see, with its modern architecture, yet classic brick feel. Schar Hall is filled with classrooms that go unused after 6 during the week, and naturally are empty on the weekend. There are study rooms and atriums that are almost always empty as well, and with a little bit of determination, you can find an entire room to yourself.


Monday – Friday: 7am – 9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 6pm

(As a Comm major, you have 24/7 access to this facility)

3) The Inman Reading Room

Located in Linder Hall, the Inman Reading Room, nicknamed the ‘Harry Potter room’ is a massive study room, that is underused by the Elon community. Accented with dark wood and antique brass fixtures, this room is dedicated for studying, and will give you the perfect peace and quiet needed. This is the first location on this list that encompasses the beauty of Elon’s campus as there is a massive window letting in natural sunlight, and giving you a beautiful view of Elon’s greenery.


Monday – Friday: 7am – 9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 6pm

(As an Elon Student, you have 24/7 access to this facility)

4) Koury Business Center (KOBC)

Almost exclusively referred to as KOBC, the Koury Business Center can comfortably hold 200 students during finals week. This study location often fills quickly, but offers comfortable seating, and great private areas to study with a friend or two. It’s also worth noting that the rooms tend to open up late during the week, and throughout the weekend allowing for almost twice as many students to comfortably study in KOBC.


Monday – Friday: 7am – 9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 6pm

(As a Business Major, you have 24/7 access to this facility)

5) Lawn in Front of the Mosely Center

Often referred to as ‘the humps,’ the lawn in front of the Mosely Center is freshly cut every morning, and tends to sit in the beautiful sun throughout the fall. While they’re may be some tanning girls distracting you, the lawn in front of Mosely serves as a beautiful, nature filled, studying spot. Bring out a towel, or just sit on the grass, you’ll never be more relaxed than you are sitting on the majestic humps in front of the Mosely Center.


Monday – Sunday: It’s outside, so there is no ‘closing time,’ but when the sun goes down (8am-7pm)

6) Lake Verona

Accompanying her husband, Verona and Earl Danieley are legends amongst the Elon community. Lake Verona, located in the Danieley neighborhood is fairly large and has benches and swings around the border. This is a much more quaint version of the lawn in front of Mosely as Danieley isn’t connected to the main campus. This is the quietest ‘outdoors option’ as working in the grass or by the benches can help you ace your next exam in peace.


Monday – Sunday: It’s outside, so there is no ‘closing time,’ but when the sun goes down (8am-7pm)

7) Global Commons

The Global Commons are a great escape from main campus, while remaining indoors. The Global Commons are located at the northern most part of campus, next to the athletic stadiums. These rooms are massive and tend to remain quiet. With giant glass windows, you will have an ample amount of natural light combined with a beautiful view. This is a great place to go during finals or other popular study times, as you will almost always have a place to sit.


Monday – Friday: 7am – 9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 6pm

(Open 24/7 to Global residents)

Whether you like studying indoors or outdoors, in a populated or unpopulated area, there’s something for you at Elon. Where one studies can be vital to a successful exam period. These 7 sites hopefully will allow you to find some quiet, beautiful, and most importantly open places to study outside of your dorm room.

Top 10 Professors at Elon University

Ever wonder who the best professors are at Elon? This list will cover the highest rated professors based on student reviews, combining teaching ability, workload, and enjoyment of the teacher themselves. You should be encouraged to take the classes these professors teach but know that their classes tend to fill up quickly. Here are the top 10 professors at Elon University rated by you, the people.

[Read on: How To Build Effective Student-Professor Relationships For Better Grades and Careers Guidance]

1) Kelly Furnas

Kelly Furnas

Rating: 100%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught by Kelly Furnas

COM 350 – Learn More
COM 450 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Kelly Furnas

“Professor Furnas is definitely one of the best professors at Elon. He is very respectful of students and accessible in and out of class. Not too many assignments and he cancels class to have individual meetings with students to go over writing before assignments are due. No tests either! I can’t say enough good things about Kelly, would take again”

“Kelly Furnas is hands down, HANDS DOWN, the best professor at Elon. I would take every single one of my classes with him if I could.”

“He’s not so much a teacher as much as someone who shows us how to teach ourselves. He doesn’t spoonfeed us anything, we even have to come up with our own assignments.”

2) Gene Medler

Professor Gene Medler

Rating: 100%
Department: Performing Arts

Courses Taught by Gene Medler

DAN 100 – Learn More
DAN 205 – Learn More
DAN 214 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Gene Medler

“Gene is an incredible human, and he was born to teach. I am twice the tap dancer I was before I took his class. He gives individual feedback and will sharpen your technique.”

“He is by far one of the best men I have even known. Cares so much for his students and the most tallented tap teacher in the nation.”

“I love Gene and so will you!!”

3) Chris Harris

Chris Harris

Rating: 96%
Department: Finance

Courses Taught by Chris Harris

FIN 413 – Learn More
FIN 419 – Learn More
FIN 498 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Chris Harris

“Chris Harris is probably one of the best professors that I have had at Elon. His lectures are applicable to real life. Although this class was extremely difficult, I am so glad that I took this class with him!”

“I loved this class. It was really hard, but I learned so much I decided to switch my major to finance. I would say that if you go to class you will learn to actually look at things different.”

“Loved this class and this professor. Wish I could take more classes with him.”

4) Jen Dabrowski

Jen Dabrowski

Rating: 96%
Department: Science

Courses Taught by Jen Dabrowski

CHM 112 – Learn More
CHM 131 – Learn More
CHM 499 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Jen Dabrowski

“She is the best teacher I have had at Elon. On the first exam I thought I failed but she gives so many points if you understand how to do the problem even if you get all the numbers wrong.”

“She is the best teacher I have ever had. One of the only chem teachers that gives guided notes which helps so much.”

“I had Dr. Jen for CHM 111 and CHM 112. She is amazing!!! 8am’s are worth it when you know Dr. Jen is there to wake you up.”

5) L.D. Russell

L.D. Russell

Rating: 94%
Department: Religious Studies

Courses Taught by L.D. Russell

COR 110 – Learn More
REL 110 – Learn More

Student Reviews of L.D. Russell

“LD is the best, and so is his class. You will think deeper than ever before and walk out of the room glad you came to class. LD cares so much about each of his students and their learning experience. He calls his lectures “conversations” because he wants to hear everyone’s voice.”

“LD is more of a life coach than a professor. I ended up with him by chance my first semester at Elon and continued to take more of his classes throughout college. He is so incredibly engaging.”

“LD may be the best professor I have ever had. He cares about his students and lets them voice their opinions.”

6) Sharon Eisner


Rating: 92%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught by Sharon Eisner

IDS 115 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Sharon Eisner

“She is the best! She truly cares about the success of all of her students. You can tell that she is so passionate about helping others overcome their fear of public speaking. She tries to make you feel as comfortable as possible and always builds you up rather than tough critiques.”

“She is one of the kindest and most passionate professors I’ve ever met. SO understanding – she’ll give you an extension on a deadline if you need it and her consideration towards you in and out of the classroom really makes you want to do your best.”

7 ) Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Rating: 90%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught by Tom Nelson

Com 100 – Learn More
COR 110 – Learn More
COE 310 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Tom Nelson

“Prof Nelson is great. It is a paper-based class, so there wasn’t a ton of work outside of class. However, he grades vaguely and usually gives everyone a B. But, if you put in a lot of effort and show improvement he will give you a higher grade.”

“Tom is a crazy guy no doubt. He likes to go off on tangents and talk about his life and make jokes during class.”

“Favorite teacher ever! Such a great guy and really cares about his students. Will help you out with whatever you need; teaches as well as gives a lot of life lessons.”

8) Damion Blake

Damion Blake

Rating: 90%
Department: Political Science

Courses Taught by Damion Blake

POL 161 – Learn More
IDS 222 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Damion Blake

“Dr. Blake is AWESOME! I loved taking IR with him. He doesn’t tell you up front, but he’s done a ton of awesome stuff outside of school has a lot of experience. Do the readings before class and talk and you’ll be fine. Lectures very easy to follow and listen to”

“Damion Blake is one of the best professors I have ever had. I took his Contemporary Politics class and it is immediately obvious he has an incredible amount of knowledge and insight about the world and politics.”

“One of the best professors I’ve ever had. Do the readings and participate and you will really have your perspective changed on the world.”

9) David Bockino

David Bockino

Rating: 84%
Department: Communications / Sport & Event Management

Courses Taught by David Bockino

COM 319 – Learn More
SPT 352 – Learn More
HNR 498 – Learn More

Student Reviews of David Bockino

“He is my favorite professor of all time. All of the lectures were extremely interesting and engaging, he finds ways to make the class enjoyable and creative. Be sure to do the readings for class but they’re pretty enjoyable anyway. Very fair, very enjoyable, really nice guy.”

“AWESOME professor. His lectures are clear and easy to understand, and you get the idea that he really knows what he’s talking about. He was fun and friendly with all of the students but did a good job of keeping things professional. His grades were very fair. Not necessarily super easy, but fair.”

“Professor Bockino is the best teacher I have ever had. He is such an interesting man, and he uses his professional knowledge (from working at ESPN) in the classroom, and comes up with creative and engaging assignments.”

10) Laurin Kier

Lauren Kier

Rating: 84%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught by Laurin Kier

COR 110 – Learn More
GBL 190 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Laurin Kier

“You can tell she really cares about her students and wants them all to participate. She doesn’t care so much about grades and assignments as long as she can see you’ve put in effort into thinking deeply.”

“I thought I was going to hate her class. She is very liberal and I initially thought there would be a lot of bias and disrespect as I’m very conservative. However, I never felt so respected and valued for my opinion in such a polarizing environment.”

“Kier is a great teacher and as long as you show interest in the class, she will like you. Class discussions are great and make her happy.”

It is worth noting that some professors on here have lower percentages but many more reviews. These professors have incredible reputations, and while some students may have had bad individual experiences, these professors all received a 4.2 (out of 5) or higher on ratemyprofessor.com, and you will enjoy them all!

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Elon University

1 ) Research Project by Jeff Carpenter

Faculty of Education: Connecting and Engaging with Students Through Group Me

This research done by Jeff Carpenter hones in on the advanced reliance students have on social media techniques to get ahead in school. With a brief description of what GroupMe actually is, Carpenter then goes into the possible educational uses a professor can utilize. Not only does he recommend this be used in the classroom, but also for internship communication from student to their respective professor. This research is unique and is the first of its kind!

2 ) Research Project by Karl Sienerth

Faculty of Chemistry: Ruthenium Centered Organometallic Catalysts For Benzimida Synthesis

Elon has more notable chemistry based faculty research than many people are aware of. This research specifically dives into human catalysts and the ability of new carbene complexities to possibly have a new function. While Sienerth isn’t the primary researcher, he was an integral part of this notable piece of work that could potentially change the chemistry field as it related to key human synthesis. The details can be seen by clicking on the link itself.

3 ) Research Project by Adam Aiken

Faculty of Finance: Hedge Funds and Discretionary Liquidity Restrictions

Aiken has a lot of experience with hedge funds, and it shows in his research. This specific research focuses on the liquidity restrictions (DLRs) on investors sharing during the financial crisis. There is an in-depth analysis that shows why DLR funds do not reduce illiquid stock sales and how DLR families face difficulties, and often end up cutting fees. Aiken has published in more than 3 financial research journals and is known throughout the community.

4 ) Research Project by Haya Ajjan

Faculty of Entrepreneurship: Social Media Use to Support Entrepreneurship in the Face of Disruption

This research dives into the international use of social media. Focusing in on Egypt, this research aims to see the practical use of social media for entrepreneurship in the midst of a country undergoing disruption. Contextually, this is compared with the U.S., as there is political hysteria in the States as well, and drawing comparisons almost always strengthen a point. In essence, what is social media’s role in promoting entrepreneurship, specifically when there are institutional voids.

5 ) Research Project by Steven Bednar

Faculty of Economics: Are Female Supervisors More Female-Friendly?

Published in the American economic review, Bednar examines if female supervisors are more favorable to their female counterparts/employees. The research strives to show that there is no link between a demographic such as gender, by specifically focussing on NCAA D1 programs (seeing if women head coaches are hired/retained for longer). The research tends to agree with Bednar’s hypothesis, and there should be more research done on attributes of individuals rather than demographics to determine who benefits from others being in power.

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10 Easiest Classes at Elon

College can get stressful, but depending on the classes you take, you can make it easier on yourself. Every university has classes that you can easily pass and take as electives to boost your GPA. Being a smaller institution, Elon usually caps classes at around 33 students so there is more individualized attention and time available to ask questions for your success. Here are some of the easiest classes at Elon to help you get through your next semester.

1. ECON 203 – Statistics for Decision Making

This course is simple because it is partly your own opinion and choices. You gain the knowledge and understanding of probability and analyze decisions by testing them and learning about the statistics. This class has written and oral presentations through a standard spreadsheet program.

2. COM 220 – Digital Media Convergence

In this course, you will learn how to create new media. This is relevant is today’s society and something that most of us are already very familiar with. You will gain the skills of how to put together text, sounds, and images to make media, as well as learning aural and visual theories. You will also make your own Web page.

3. COM 225 – The Process of Communication

This class is super easy because it is just explaining how and why we communicate the way we do. You go into theories that explain the effects of communication. This focuses on human interaction as well as news, media, and entertainment.

4. REL 236 – Religion and Racing

One of the more unique classes at Elon, this course takes you into the world of NASCAR. You get to learn about how culture, history, and religion impacts car racing in American society. It also focuses on the role of minorities, ministries, racing fans’ obsession with speed, danger, and death.

5. GST 364 – Technology and Society

This class focuses on the invention and technology in society. It delves into technology becoming a reflection of cultural identity and social change. Also going into videogaming, it teaches students the impact of technology in our lives and how it has affected our culture.

6. MUS 413 – 20th Century Techniques

This course is a study of music in the 20th century. It discusses the changes of techniques that are used in electronic music, which include the study of the sounds and development.

7. CLA 171 – Classical Mythology

This course is about some of our favorite books, such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and Clash of the Titans. It reveals how classical mythology still shapes our culture and how ancient stories of gods, mortals, monsters, and quests play a part in literature still today.

8. COM 230 – Media History, Media Today

This course examines media in America and how it has changed over generations. It is an insight into trends, technology, personalities, and society that impact media. New developments have changed our world, and this is an easy class that explains those changes.

9. ESS 342 – Sport Psychology

For all the sports fans, this class is for you. It simply covers the behaviors and research of sports. It introduces the psychology of the decisions players make, such as motivation, personality, goal setting, and burnout. This course will examine performance enhancement through applied theories.

10. ENG 362 – Film Criticism

This is basically a class about movies, so how much better could it get? This course teaches you how to think critically about cinema and how to dissect films.Give yourself a break and take some of these classes to lighten your load and still boost your GPA.  Enjoy your time at Elon!