10 Coolest Courses at Edison State Community College

Edison State Community College is a community college in Piqua, Ohio. It was established as Ohio’s first general and technical college. The school has around 1,700 students that attend the school. Here are 10 cool courses that you need to check out.

1. CTSS 2334 – Microsoft Windows Server

the logo for microsoft

This course is especially interesting because as the internet is always expanding and changing so is Microsoft Windows. Many people still use PC devices. So having an understanding of the new updates that Microsoft has to offer is key to learn. It makes helping others and IT navigation a breeze.

2. ART R1231 – Beginning Yoga Class

a woman by plants in a meditative state in a cartoon

If you have never taken a yoga class then this is a fun way to reap the benefits of it without having to navigate how yoga works by yourself. If you are stressed out by your core classes then this makes for a fun destresser. You will learn relaxation poses and how to make the most of being in a zen mindset.

3. ART R0041 – Jewelry/MetalSmithing

picture of hands using tools to make jewellry

Jewelry and Metalsmithing entail learning the techniques of how to use metals in order to create art. It is a fun course to take as it can lead to a possible entrepreneurial opportunities. Jewelry making can be especially profitable when you are looking to sell to large retail stores or even at art and crafts fairs.

4. FIN R0014 – Lifetime Income Strategies

human resources with benefits over employees heads in a cartoon image

Lifetime Income Strategies cover the various types of ways that you can start saving money for the future. It goes over bonds, loans, stocks, and different ways that you can have money put aside for your retirement or any other major life event. One of the major sources of income talked about is a 401k which is usually something an employer will match a certain percentage of (which can be accessed during retirement age).

5. FIN 2100 – Personal Finance

hands counting money and looking at charts in a cartoon image

What makes Personal Finance so important and cool is that it is relevant to everyone, when it comes to how you manage your money. Taking this course ensures that you will learn skills in organization and budgeting. If you are looking to be a financial advisor this course is for you.

6. REE X0001 – Sales Assoc Pre License Course

a house in a gift box

This course is for those who are looking to become real estate associates. This course prepares you for the license tests and certifications. In real estate, it’s all being able to not only sell yourself and the property but to put in the time and necessary paperwork to make sure the upkeep and financing is all documented and legalities are squared away.

7. CGS XX045 – Excel Level I

a screenshot of excel page

Windows Excel is a program used to input variables and get a specific output based on a formula. This course allows students who have very little experience with Excel to learn how to use it and improve their organizational skills. Excel is a perfect program to use when you are looking to plan out finances and revenue/expenses.

8. CGS X0301 – MS Office 2007

the different tools for microsoft office apps

Microsoft Office is a very fun course to take because it is so useful in anything you would ever need when it comes to document writing. MS Office has many different fonts as well as templates that help you create whatever document type you need. The course goes over the main tools you would need to learn as well as popular templates such as job resume or different writing styles such as Chicago.

9. MKA 2021 – Salesmanship

a sales person with an idea in a suit

Salesmanship is a course that goes over the various types of ways that a person can do well in the jobs of sales. The course goes over many factors that go into selling. A few examples of salesmanship are how your body language is, the way your words are strung together as well as the tone of your voice.

10. MKA 1151 – Advertising and Sales Promotion

the buying habits of customers illustrated in a cartoon image

Advertising and Sales Promotion is a fun course to take especially if you are looking to show your product/service to the public. In order for more people to see what you offer you need to promote it. This course gives helpful websites and tips on how to track your promotion progress and utilize websites such as salesforce and social media.

Edison State Community College is a smaller college that allows students to earn credits at a more affordable rate than regular state pricing. The courses are varied and allows you to learn anything under the sun. Just a few examples of industries you can be learn about go all the way from real estate to even learning to make your own jewelry.

10 Hardest Courses at Edison State Community College

Edison State Community College is a community college in Piqua, Ohio. There are around 3,000 students and tuition and fees in state is around $4,000 with out of state being $7,000. The school has a variety of classes that test your work ethic and skill in overall retention.While it is hard at first, it is teachable to the right people. Here are 10 of the hardest courses at Edison State Community.

1. ACG X1101 – Quick Books 2010

quickbooks software on phone and laptop

In this course you will learn how to use quick books. Quick Books is designed to be what you learn when you manually check account statements or bills in a book and it compiles all the information into a easy site. Managing and being able to use quick books is a skill that many accountants need and find helpful in their business ventures(as it handles billing and other accounting statements).

2. ACG 2005 – Government and Not For Profit

sign with non profit and for profit

When taking this course it is wise to assume most businesses whether they gain a profit or not still have to account for billing. This class helps you to understand accounting for these circumstances for government/not for profit. Due to being a government entity and not for profit the types of taxes and charges that a company would have is different than the typical which can make understanding the class harder.

3. FIN ROO14 – Lifetime Income Strategies

cartoon of hands counting money

This course teaches students skills in the financial world when it comes to retention. This means that the class is centered around being able to have a good income not only in the short term but thinking about the long term as well (which to some students can be hard). The mentality of good lifetime income is being able to invest in smart areas that give you the return on investment your looking for. This class teaches you how to better you and your finances.

4. FIN 2100 – Personal Finance

woman with calc and numbers sheet in hand

Personal Finance can be a harder class to take as it seems difficult to step back and look at all your expenses and even account for some that you didn’t think of. It is a great organizational class that helps to compile all your expenses into an easy list and keep track of purchase decisions. Once you take the class you’ll have a better understanding on how finance can benefit everyone.

5. COP 2800 – Java Programming

 Program code on a monitor

This course is designed to give a level of difficulty and challenge to the popular program that is javascript. The program is what many computer programmers use to code. Java has its own codes on how to perform certain tasks and can be a challenge to learn.

6. COP 1224 – Programming C++

c++ front image of program basics

Programming C++ is the main software system that you use for applications such as Adobe. This course is a challenging course because it deals with memorizing an array of different codes as well as being able to use the codes in such a way that it is able to design any task imaginable.

7. PHI 2600 – Ethics

a person deciding between ethical and legal

Ethics is a course that teaches students what is right and wrong when it comes to the human interaction. It is applicable to all areas of work as many people and businesses break ethics or in their code of ethics make it easy to ignore their own rules. Ethics is challenging to the fact that in stressful situations, being ethical is not always the choice that is seen as what people want to do.

8. PHIL 2010 – Introduction to Philosophy

signs that are part of philosophy

Philosophy is a course that teaches students to look at the language, reason, logic, and anything else that dives into the mind. It is a good course but can be seen as hard as it deals with not only how the mind perceives things but also how other people can be impacted by you. The course teaches you how to use logic and reason in arguments and to stray away from solely emotional based reasoning.

9. SBM 2000 – Small Business Management

small coffee shop looking on a computer

Small Business management is a course that allows students to learn how to organize themselves into successful business leaders. This course can be challenging as it touches on the different things a good leader does to get their business up and running. It will go down into things such as different supplies, labor costs, and time management.

10. REE004 – Online Real Estate Course

different houses and one lit up

One of the hardest things to sell to people is an item that they look at in the long term. This real estate course is designed to be taken so that you can take it at more so your pace, while you are in the process of obtaining your proper licences. This course is a great way to learn about what all goes into obtaining and maintaining happy customers.

Edison State Community College offers students an alternative to heavily priced classes while still offering knowledge that is competitive in the job industry. The courses are all meant to match the skills needed to do that job and are varied in different fields of business such as real estate, small business managing, and computer programming.

10 Easiest Classes at ESCC

With just two years to explore a career pathway before pursuing a profession or transferring to higher education, time spent at Edison State Community College can definitely feel like a breeze. But if you feel like your current course load is preventing you from chasing your dreams, consider taking some of these classes to help boost your GPA.

1. MTH 126S – Mathematical Foundations 1

As the first of a two course sequence designed for elementary education majors, the topics covered include math you would expect to learn in an elementary to early middle school setting; basic math principles, PEMDAS, and graphical notation, for example. For aspiring elementary school teachers, these topics are certainly worth exploring in detail. But for students just looking for an easy class, this will more than foot the bill – although you might understandably grow a bit bored listening to lectures on how to construct Venn Diagrams and find multiples and factors of numbers.Algebraic equations

2. COM 228S – Interpersonal Communication

Communicating effectively with other people in our personal lives is hard. A course that offers these opportunities in a structured setting is most likely going to be easier than your typical course in school. Goals include conducting an effective interview, analyzing interpersonal conflict, and diagnosing dysfunctional aspects of interpersonal communication. Even if the course does end up more difficult than expected, you’ll be walking away with stronger verbal communication skills.Graphic Featuring Two People in Dialogue

3. MTH 110S – Math in Society

Most of us are aware of the extensive role math plays in all aspects of our society. This course focuses particularly on voting theory, graph theory, and introductory probability and statistics, tying these theoretical concepts to real-life challenges such as effective voting and polling methods and mortgage refinance scenarios. While math is not a strong suit for most people, the real-world applications of this class makes it useful, if not easy.Data Visualization Charts Featuring Republican and Democratic States

4. CIT 110S – Computer Concepts and Applications

Although computer science classes are notoriously known for being difficult, you shouldn’t expect as much with a class that includes “computing” and “word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software” in the same sentence. Expect less a class about programming techniques and computer architecture, and more a class on proprietary word-editing software, spreadsheet and database systems, and a general overview of computer-related concepts.Desktop with Pseudo-3D Apps Popping Out from the Monitor


For most people, this class should be a slightly more in-depth version of their high school geology class. Goals include describing “Earth-Sun relationships and their connection to latitude and longitude” and comparing “general climate zones and soil profiles” among other introductory geographical and geological concepts. The content might be bone dry, but at least you have some background walking into the class!Scenery from Thailand


This course is unfortunately only 1 credit hour, but invites students to the Alexander Technique, a system that develops an actor’s kinesthetic awareness. While students should not expect a ballet class, they will walk away with a better understanding of habitual and breathing patterns that might be limiting their balance and freedom of movement and expression.Graphic Demonstrating Alexander Technique


This course touches upon the anatomy and physiology of human sexuality, and also how it has informed and been informed by personal values and society moral systems. Not unlike your high school health class, this course will also explore how various sexual dysfunctions are treated, alternative life styles to the (hetero)normative, discussions around sex education, and so on.Sex Signs Linked Together


If the HR department in the company you’ve previously worked at behooved you in any shape or form, be confused no longer! This course will guide you through the meaning of human relations, and along the way invite you to see most problems in the workforce and workplace as human relationship conflicts.You’ll learn to recognize the elements of morale and their affect in the office, differentiate the complexity of cultural issues companies face internally, and also how to turn disjointed groups into well-oiled work teams. If not, you’ll at least walk away with a better understanding of the otherwise nebulous department tucked away into the corner of your summer internship office!Stock Photos of Employees Gathered Around a Report


Navigating negotiations is often a difficult task for even the most trained of sales executives. Taking a course on the negotiation process may not accurately reflect real-world situations, but having a controlled environment to practice strategy and tactics is invaluable. Although the course itself might be slightly challenging, you’ll walk away with the feeling that life has gotten a bit easier, now that you can identify and classify steps taken during real-life persuasion processes.Two Businessmen in Suits Shouting at Each Other Through a Loudspeaker


This class is also just one credit hour, but to be fair, most students should already be aware of how to use MS Word and other word-editing applications. Any difficulty that arises from this class most likely will stem from less used tools, such as creating headers, footers, and page numbers, or using tabs.Word-Graphic Featuring "Word Processing"And there you have it! While it’s more likely the case that you’re rushing to piece all the classes you want to take into two semesters, if you do happen to have one or two open slots, consider a few classes from this list should something fall through with your main courses. It doesn’t hurt to have a good cushioning for your GPA, after all.