Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is a public university located in Richmond, Kentucky, USA. This campus is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The University has many branches, namely Corbin, Hazard, Lanchester, and Machester. There are more than 230 registered student organizations at this University. Today, there are the top 10 buildings you need to know at Eastern Kentucky University. See the list below.

1. Martin Hall

Newest Residence Building - Martin Hall.

First on our list of top 10 buildings is the Martin Hall. This building is the newest residence hall that holds approximately 600 students on the campus. Outside the Martin Hall, you’ll see a spacious garden. The Martin Hall offers a variety of amenities and is a 10-minute walk to classroom premises, making it an ideal place to stay.

2. Whitlock Building

The facade of the Whitlock Building at Eastern Kentucky University.

This building is like a one-stop-shop for all student’s needs. Whitlock building houses the Administrative office, Finance, Residential Life, and Student Affairs. If you’re going to apply for college at Eastern Kentucky University, this is where the application process happens.

3. Model Laboratory School

Signage of the Model Laboratory School at EKU.

The Model Laboratory School is one of the top 10 k-12 schools in the state. This building is named initially Eastern Kentucky State Teachers college. Teaching is the central part that attracts students to enter EKU.

4. Case Hall

The cozy Case Hall at EKU.

Hungry? Then this is the place you need to visit. Inside Case Hall is where the cafeteria is located. This cafeteria gives you numerous menu from international, vegan, grills, and commercialized food they have it all for you, till morning up to dinner.

5. Crabbe Library

The Crabbe Library front and wide stairs.

This is the oldest building at EKU, yet it still has a modernized touch. The Crabbe library is the home for nationally recognized honor programs. Inside the library, you’ll see the Noel studio. Noel studio is a place where they assist you in writing, communication, and class presentation.

6. Roark Building

Entrance to the Roark Building at EKU.

The sixth on our list of top 10 buildings you need to know at Eastern Kentucky University is the Roark Building. This is the second oldest academic building at Eastern Kentucky University. The building houses the College of Letters, Arts, and Social science. Roark building holds all the general subjects related to Education, Art, Psychology, Social Work, and others.

7. Coates Building

Beautiful in Autumn - Coates Building.

This is the main administration building in which the office of the president and vice-president for academic affairs do their work. Inside Coates building is an auditorium that can hold 1500 students. The name of the Auditorium is Brock. This auditorium is where students’ cultural and theatrical events take place throughout the year.

8. Foster Music Building

Main Music Building at EKU - Foster Music building.

The Foster music building is the home of the music department. This building houses a dozen rooms for students that study music. Classroom and practice spaces are available for individual students or groups of students who want to practice music recitals and other music events.

9. New Science Building

The Modernized New Science Building at EKU.

This building costs $130 million and is about 333,000 square feet wide. The New Science Building houses the department of Chemistry, Biology, Geoscience, Physics, and others related to STEM. State of the art classroom and laboratories are seen inside the building with complete laboratory tools and equipment for experiments.

10. Stratton Building

Stratton building facade at EKU.

The last but not the least on our list of top 10 buildings at EKU is the Stratton building. This building is the home for the EKUs’ Distinction program. This program is under the College of Justice and Safety. The School of Justice offers majors in Criminal Justice, Social Justice, Police Studies, and correction.

Eastern Kentuck University is a spacious public university that has multiple buildings. Their buildings are large to accommodate plenty of students. This University caters to all students’ needs and has a separate department building. It is a place where you can learn and have a recreational upliftment.

10 Coolest Courses at Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University, located in Richmond, Kentucky, is a regional university that offers many courses of study in diverse fields to its students. For many students going to college, it can become easy to get caught up in the drudgery of required major courses and general education requirements. Thankfully, EKU offers these 10 incredibly cool courses for students who want to shake it up a bit and try something new!

1. ARH 467 – U.S. Architectural History I

Classical architecture influences are apparent in many D.C. buildings.

From the picturesque Victorian-style homes of the eastern seaboard to the classical Greek and Roman hallmarks of the government buildings in Washington D.C., the United States has a unique and diverse architectural history to be explored. In this class, students will study the specialties of American architecture from early colonization to the late 1900s, focusing on regional differences.

2. ART 100 – Drawing I

drawing of human eye

Most of us probably don’t consider ourselves to be outstanding artists, and it’s totally okay if your idea of a self-portrait involves an elaborate stick figure drawing. But for anyone who wants to boost their skills, Drawing 1 introduces students to basic principles and techniques of drawing.

3. ART 280 – Photography I

Picture of camera looking towards landscape

Want to take your Instagram posts to the next level? Or perhaps you want to start a small side-hustle taking prom pics? Either way, Photography 1 is the perfect course to jump start a new hobby (or even a new career!). Students will learn how basic cameras operate and how to alter the settings of a camera to take the best pictures. They will also learn the basic artistic elements of capturing photos.

4. PSY 308 – Abnormal Psychology

Picture of question mark in person's profile

Many people who has suffered with mental illness have historically been treated unfairly, often times viewed as criminals. Thankfully, the days of horrific sanitariums and asylums are mostly history, and new understandings of psychology and neurology help people understand the reasons for much of this “abnormal” behavior. Abnormal Psychology teaches students the biology, causes, and treatment of many mental disorders.

5. BIO 303 – Human Heredity and Society

Picture of a family tree cartoon

Why do certain families and bloodlines seem “cursed” with rare diseases? Where do strange “superpower” like genetic mutations pop up from? How does society become shaped through heredity and pedigree? These questions and more will be explored in BIO 303, where students will learn how the inheritance of human traits influence population trends and societies throughout time.

6. ANT 311 – Anthropology of Religion

PIcture of witchcraft stuff

From the larger religions of Islam or Christianity, to tribal folklore and witchcraft, religion is an integral component of many societies, both throughout history and currently. Students will explore how religion intersects with economic, political, and gender structures in global societies, and come away with a worldly knowledge of religious and spiritual beliefs.

7. ANT 391 – Marriage & Family Cross-Culturally

Collage of different royal people's wedding day

While Hallmark might make it easy to believe that romance, love, and, eventually, marriage, were all just natural parts of society and life, this is far from the case in many societies. ANT 391 explores how ideas of marriage and family differ between different cultures and societies, throughout history and currently, and how that change is reflected in their societies.

8. ADM 310 – Historical Costume and the Social Order

Picture of historical costumes

How you dress has always been a status symbol – whether it’s the great pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the stuffy royals of pre-revolutionary France, or Regina George and her plastics’ so in designer clothes. ADM 310 explores how fashion and clothing, from ancient Egypt to the 20th century, are influenced by the social and political order.

9. BIO 310 – Biology of Aging

picture of the evolution of aging from baby to senior

It’s happening to you right at this moment – your cells are dividing, your telomeres are shrinking, and… is that a wrinkle? Before you scream and run to your nearest Botox clinic, BIO 310 is here to remind us all that aging is a perfectly natural process that happens to everyone. Students will explore how different parts of their bodies are affected by the aging process, and even learn how their current actions may affect them decades down the line.

10. ART 270 – Ceramics I

picture of person spinning a vase with clay

If digital or paper arts just don’t do it for you, consider working with your hands and making some beautiful pottery – art that can be both functional and aesthetic. ART 270 allows students to gain an introduction to the ancient craft of ceramics. It’s a skill that may take time to perfect, but could lead to a great hobby.

10 Hardest Courses at EKU

Eastern Kentucky University is one of the best regional university located in Richmond, Kentucky. They offer quite a number of amazing courses in both the undergraduate and graduate level. Although some of those courses are challenging, and give students a tough time. However, serious and intelligent students will always get high grades in most of these courses. Here are the top 10 hardest course at Eastern Kentucky University.

1. GLY 309 – Mineralogy

picture of rock minerals in geology

This is an advanced course that deals with the study of minerals commonly encountered in rocks and soils with minor emphasis on ore deposits. The topics treated in this course include mineral geochemistry, crystal structure, classification, physical properties, optical properties, and geologic environment. The laboratory part of this course develops the ability of students to identify minerals in hand specimens and thin sections.

2. BIO 271 – Advanced Human Anatomy

A full image of Human Anatomy

This course is an advanced study of human anatomy. Emphasis is placed on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and their anatomical and functional relationships. It a unit course and a prerequisite so many advanced courses. Therefore, students must endeavour to get good grades in this course at all cost.

3. AEM 320 – Warehousing and Material

A pictorial representation of Warehousing and Material

This course is a laboratory-oriented course that examines basic warehouse layout configurations, material flow, a critical evaluation of the application of computers to control material flow, plus the use of computer simulation to analyze various warehouse layout options for scheduling, picking and material tracking. Students have to be practically oriented before taking this course.

4. CHE 361 – Organic Chemistry I

Image of an organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry is the study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparation of carbon-containing compounds, which include not only hydrocarbons but also compounds with any number of other elements. Topics discussed in this course are aliphatic hydrocarbons, functional groups, stereochemistry, aromatic hydrocarbons, spectroscopy, and substitution and elimination reactions.

5. ECO 315 – Economic Policy Analysis

The graph of Economic Policy Analysis

Students will learn the foundations and rationale for the economic policy, including market failure and income inequality. Also discussed in this course are the objectives, evaluation and analysis of selected policies in areas such as international trade, environment, education, health care, welfare, social security, and economic development.

6. NSC 370 – Health Disparities

An image representing health disparities

This course explores the social, economic, political and historical context of health disparities experienced by groups with an emphasis on racial/ethnic, gender and socio-economic aggregates. It also explores contributing factors and potential solutions to domestic and global health disparities. It is the hardest and the most demanding course in the department of nursing.

7. CCT 550 – Integrated Corporate

The essentials of Integrated Corporate

This course examines effectively integrated communication skills to achieve organizational objectives. It also emphasizes analysis and application of communication process and strategies for managerial decision-making. Examines change process, corporate culture, and negotiation issues.

8. INF 321 – Computer Forensics I

An image of Computer Forensics

This is an introductory course on computer forensics. Topics treated in this course include computer forensics concept, digital evidence, law and regulations, computer forensics lab, computer forensic investigation, digital forensics report, court testimony, ethics and codes to the expert witness. Students will learn how to interpret and apply a set of data and information.

9. CMS 400 – Communication and Gender

a boy and a girl

This course focuses on relationships between communication and gender, race, and social class. Examines ways in which gender roles are created and recreated in society and in our personal and professional relationships. The course is very bulky, students are advised to attend all lectures and do all the assignments.

10. MAT 254 – Calculus III

The image of Calculus function

This is an advanced calculus course that requires an in-depth calculator and critical thinking on the part of the students. Topics discussed in this course include functions of several variables, limits and continuity, partial derivatives, multiple integrals, vector calculus including Green’s, Divergence, and Stoke’s theorems, and cylindrical and spherical coordinates.

Restaurants and Cafes for students at Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University is a regional comprehensive university in Richmond, Kentucky. EKU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. There are several places to eat while at the University and ranges from restaurants, cafes, fast foods, pubs, and food stores. The college has a wide range of restaurants and cafes; this makes it easy for the students to access whatever they crave for at their favorite spots. These caves and restaurant includes;

1. Casa Fiesta Mexican Grill

exterior of mexican restaurant

Do you love Mexican and Southwestern cuisine? At Casa Fiesta Mexican Grill they specializes in Mexican and Southwestern cooking, you don’t need to be there to get a place to have your meal with your friend make a reservation in advance and avoid last minutes frustration. Working days are Sunday to Saturday.

2. Don Senor Express

picture of exterior of Don Senor Express

In this restaurant, you are ever guaranteed to leave satisfied and full. No student leaves this place hungry! Their food ranges from seafood, all sorts of meat, and food for the vegetarians. The place is wheelchairs accessible so you can take that friend of yours there to enjoy a meal together

3. Sidelines

exterior of Sidelines restaurant

Located in about 0.4 miles from Eastern Kentucky University, best preferred by student with tight budget and tight class shifts. The café is best ideal for large groups and families with children.

4. Khin’s Sushi

picture of sushi rolls

This is the spot where your craving for vegetables Japanese, Sushi and Asian cuisines will be taken care of perfectly. They are so keen on food hygiene and their customer needs/tastes. Their employees are very friendly and the price is also pocketing friendly for any student.

5. Penn Station East Coast Subs

Penn Station East Coast Subs advertisement

Located just 0.5 miles from the University, the café is preferred by most students due to its nearness to the school and service are quick so the students are assured not to miss any class. It is wheelchair accessible.

6. King Buffet

picture of buffet food

Are you looking for Asian and Chinese food around the school? Look no further, King Buffet located in less than half a mile from the university is the place to go. The meals are cheap and tasty; the staffs are very friendly. They open Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to around 11:00 PM, so you have assured bite every single day.

7. Masala Fine Indian Cuisine

picture of masala and rice

This is the cafe to go to for the vegans for it has all the exclusive vegetarian meals on their menus. It open throughout the week from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Loved and frequented by many students due to its clean environment. It offers meals such as hearty entrée, sides, and smoothies. The place is ideal for families with children, large groups, and special occasion such birthday among other.

These restaurants and cafes have made it possible for all students at the University to have their meals at their convenient time without having to stress over the same. The numerous Restaurants and Cafes avail all food options. This means that all students from all walks of life are sorted out.

Jobs for College Students at EKU

Are you in search of a job? Many college students often have a part time job. These jobs are generally on or even off campus. Some require little to no experience, and many students often find themselves doing homework. Who doesn’t like to get paid just to study? Below are some of the jobs that you can find and apply for at Eastern Kentucky University.

1. Media Lab/Checkout Student Worker – Communications Department

A graphic of the different types of outlets for media

Students who apply and get this job will be asked to provide basic upkeep and maintenance of all computer labs. Students will be working and operating equipment at the checkout desk. Students will also work with the IT professionals to resolve any issues and to assist wherever needed.

2. Math and Statistics – Lab Assistant

A person that is holding a calculator

Are you good at math or statistics? This is for those who are already looking to learn and even work in the field of mathematics. Students will be required to attend training each semester that they are working for the math department. Training is usually held with other assistants. All lab assistants will assist the department of mathematics and statistics.

3. Art Foundation Assistant

A girl that is painting a wall

The Department of Art and Design wants a creative mind like yourself! This job requires studio assistants to work for at least four hours a week. All tasks will include (but of course is not limited to) the maintenance of various studio spaces, the organization of supplies, and keeping up with the inventory.

4. EKU Student Tutor/Mentor – General

A student that is being tutored

Tutor/Mentor for various courses. Student worker will provide tutoring and mentoring services at scheduled times. Student will also monitor/assist students in the resource center., B average

5. KY READY Corps Member

The symbol for KY Ready Corps

Are you ready to give back and get paid to do so? the Kentucky Students for Disaster and Readiness and Resiliency Corps is looking for you! Students will be assigned to various government agencies who specialize with disasters. Students will also be able to volunteer and provide and impact the outer campus community. They are a part of AmeriCorps.

6. Work for OneClass

The symbol for the OneClass Blog

Do you have notes that you have kept from previous semesters or are you good at taking notes? Want to get paid to do so? Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

7. Volunteer for Dominion Senior Living

A look at a doctor with the seniors

Do you want to give back to your community? The Dominion Senior Living Facility provides students the opportunity to work with the elderly. Students will be able to assist nurses, provide entertainment for those living the facility, and building a long-lasting relationship with others. Learn more on their website today!

8. EKU Office of Sustainability

The three major groups for sustainability

This office specializes in providing the campus with a greener experience. Students who want to volunteer can volunteer as assistants in the office or in other partnership programs. Volunteers can learn more information at fairs, emailing the office, or by stopping by the office to sign up for days and times that you are available to give back to your campus community. Let’s go green.

Top 10 Library Resources at EKU

Are you a student that is looking for resources to utilize on campus? You can do so in the library! The library holds the key to thousands of answers, guides, and more that will be able to help you throughout your time in college. There are plenty of resources at Eastern Kentucky University. Take a look below!

1. Databases

Words relating to databases

Databases are available to any faculty or student who is looking for information that goes beyond their textbook. These textbooks give students and staff access to thousands of journals, other resources, and more.

2. Research Guides

Research guides

Do you need help researching? Campus libraries has many research guides scattered throughout the building that are geared to help students who are researching for different projects and assignments.

3. Study Room

Study room

Study rooms are located in all libraries. Students will be able to reserve these rooms or walk in on a first come, first serve basis. These study rooms allow students to focus without the hustle and bustle throughout the library.

4. Laptop Checkout

Laptop checkout

Do you need a laptop? Did you forget yours at home? The library offers a laptop checkout for students, faculty, and staff. Here, you can checkout a laptop for a short period of time before having to return it.

5. Help Desk

Help desk

Do you need help with finding a book? The Help Desk is available during the times the library is open. Here, students will be able to get help they need whether it is a general question or something more.

6. Ask a Librarian

Ask a librarian

Are you uncertain about something? Ask a librarian! You can do this right online! All you have to do is go on the library website and click on the question mark that will direct you to a live chat with a librarian.

7. Inter-library Loan

Inter-library loan

Are you not finding something in the library that you need right away? The library also offers students the chance to checkout materials from libraries locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

8. Course Reserves

Course reserves

What are course reserves? Course reserves are materials that professors will leave at the library that will enhance the learning for students within their own classes.

9. WiFi

The word Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t like FREE Wi-Fi? The Wi-Fi allows students to get online and do assignments or to just search through the internet. The free Wi-Fi has secured and public access for people.

10. Library Tour

Library tour

Are you looking to take a tour of the library? The library gives students a chance to schedule tours to learn all about the resources that are available to them right at the foot of their doorstep.

Top Libraries at Eastern Kentucky University

1. John Grant Crabbe Library

John Grant Crabbe Library

Address: 583 University Dr, Richmond, KY 40475

This library is the main library on campus. It is home to many study rooms, books, computers, and more. Students will be able to also sit down and study whenever they would like to during the designated library hours if it not open for 24 hours on a specific day.

2. Business Library & Academic Commons

This is a business plan

Address: Richmond, KY 40475

This library opened in 2010. It is on campus to serve the students and staff in the School of Business. It’s also a place where any student can reserve study rooms, computers, and more. Check this library out while you are here!

3. Music Library

This is music notes

Address: Richmond, KY 40475

The Music Library is home to many musical resources on campus. Students can checkout books, scores, recordings, videos, and periodicals here. This library also has many MIDI workstations and computers for students to use at their own discretion.

4. Special Collections and Archives

This is special collections

Address: Richmond, KY 40475

Are you looking for something from a specific time period? The Special Collections and Archives is the key to many history books and artifacts that relate to the school and beyond. Students will be able to search through them here!

5. Law Library 

Inside of a law library

Address: Richmond, KY 40475

The Law Library is home to all things law! This library holds many legal documents, special court cases, public archives, and more for law and students within other disciplines to utilize.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at EKU

Whether you’re an incoming freshman looking to get involved, or a senior wanting to try something new, Eastern Kentucky University has over 270 organizations to explore. Keep reading to find out about some of the best clubs EKU has to offer!

1. Art Student Organization (ASA)


Trying to find your inner Picasso? Well, look no further. EKU’s Art Student Organization regularly hosts events for aspiring artists including a yearly student show, a visiting artist lecture, and a group trip.

2. Cynder’s Inn (The Inn)

person about to catch four dices

Do you enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons? Magic the Gathering? Pathfinder? Cynder’s Inn is a group dedicated to tabletops, anime, larping, and a number of other activities. They meet twice a week and are open to anybody looking to play a game or two.

3. Feminists for Change (FEMCHNG)

woman wearing purple boxing gloves

We all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Feminists for Change is an action-oriented club that works towards raising awareness, educating the public, and engaging in appropriate action for equality.

4. Green Crew (GREENC)

Hand holding a plant

Green Crew: A student group dedicated to raising awareness about ongoing environmental issues while creating beneficial change on campus, around the community, and in the world through community service and education.

5. Love Your Melon EKU Crew (LYM EKU Crew)

Baby wearing a striped hat

Love Your Melon Crew at EKU works to give hats to children in America battling cancer, help fund childhood cancer research, and provide support for children and their families through the sale of products.

6. Maroonettes (M.M.)

Girls standing in a line
Ready to show some spirit? The Maroonettes aren’t just a dance team. They build routines around music from EKU’s very own marching band to perform to at all the home games.

7. Philosophy and Debate Society (PDS)

analysis blackboard board bubble

Lightbulb in chalk thinking bubble

PDS is an organization that surrounds philosophy, while encouraging the engagement in debate. If you’re open to hearing some new viewpoints, this club consists of the discussion and presentation of a variety of philosophical topic.

8. The Weekenders (Weekenders)

4 people sitting in a circle

The Weekenders gives students the chance to work on their socializing skills as they meet new people. This club creates both small and large events for students to attend on the weekend, allowing them to create everlasting memories through their college years.

9. Toastmasters

Woman giving a presentation

Some of us have more trouble with public speaking than others. If you’re someone who wishes they can stand in front of a crowd with more confidence, this organization is exactly what you need. Toastmasters provides a supportive and positive environment as members work to develop communication and leadership skills.

10. Vets at EKU (VETSEKU)

American flag behind flowers

The goal of Vets at EKU is to assist Veterans as they assimilate into the campus community. This organization is open to Veterans, their family members, supporters, and the faculty and staff of EKU.


Top Events During the School Year at Eastern Kentucky University </ h2>

1. Homecoming 5k

woman in gray crew neck shirt running on brown soil during daytime

Do you enjoy running? One of EKU’s trademark events is their annual 5k during Homecoming weekend. Signups remain open until mid October, with the option to purchase a t-shirt to participate in.

2. Zips and Zombies

two person walking on pathway between plants

I hope the Walking Dead has taught you a thing or two about surviving a zombie attack. An annual Halloween event, Zips and Zombies consists of a free haunted trail and zip-line – trail open to all ages, zip-line open to ages 12 and up.

3. Winter Fest

two girls ice skating

Winterfest is a relatively new event at EKU, but it really gets students in the winter mood. Hot chocolate, cookies, ice-skating, and a petting zoo are just some of the things you’ll find at this event.

4. Climbing Trip

Guy standing on rock

Get out your hiking boots. This year, EKU campus recreation is taking their annual climbing trip to West Virginia this fall. The cost of the trip includes transportation, food, equipment, and any other requirements.

5. Beginner’s Climbing Trip

People climbing a trail

Do you enjoy hiking, but don’t have that much experience yet? Don’t worry, EKU’s Adventure Program offers a beginner’s climbing trip, which will take place in November this year to Muir Valley in Rogers, KY.

Top 10 Residences at Eastern Kentucky University

As a student about to dorm for the first time, you’ll have many questions about the residential buildings and what you should bring with you. Here’s a list of top residences at Eastern Kentucky University and a suggested list for items to bring:

1. Burnam Hall

Burnam Hall is located near the historic Ravine

Address: 437 University Drive Lbby, Richmond, KY 40475

Burnam Hall has the largest basement lounge found on campus. It has a ping pong table, pool table, laundry facilities, and a free kitchen. If you want to live in a location located near the historic Ravine and student dining hall in the Powell Student Center, living in Burnam Hall will be perfect for you!

2. Clay Hall

Clay Hall is the closest to the Student Health Services

Address: 4358 Kit Carson Drive Lbby, Richmond, KY 40475

Clay Hall was recently renovated and has a ten-story building for students at all undergraduate levels. Each room has a sink, built-in shelves, and movable beds. The building is ADA accessible and also has 2 laundry facilities, billiards lounge, and an outdoor patio. It’s near the Student Health Services and a small student parking lot.

3. Grand Campus

Grand Campus offers many apartments off campus

Address: 101 Barnes Mill Rd, Richmond, KY 40475  and 113 Barnes Mill Rd, Richmond, KY 40475

If you’re searching for off-campus housing, Grand Campus has more than 500 dorm rooms in this apartment complex. Any student above the first year level may live here. There are many amenities available that students living on campus may not have, such as a pool, fitness room and balcony/patio area.

4. Keene Hall

Keene Hall has many amenities available 

Address: 1005 Lancaster Road Lobby, Richmond, KY 40475

Keene Hall is a 16-story residence hall that has more amenities available than any other on-campus building. There’s a convenient store in the lobby, sand volleyball court, large patio space, and several ping pong tables. It’s located near the Business and Technology Center, the College of Justice and Safety Complex, and the EKU Center for the Arts. This building is perfect for you if you want to get involved in various activities right where you live.

5. Martin Hall

Martin Hall offer quicker access to academic buildings and dining facilities

Address: 209 Park Drive Lbby, Richmond, KY 40475

If you prefer to be located right in the middle of all the action, Martin Hall is the place for you. This building offers a quick access to academic buildings, dining facilities, Starbucks, the library, and the student center. For the over 600 residents that live in this building, you’ll always find something to do.

6. McGregor Hall

McGregor Hall is closest to the on-campus buildings 

Address: 221 Park Drive Lobby, Richmond, KY 40475

McGregor Hall was built in 1963 and named after Thomas B. McGregor, former Kentucky Attorney General. It’s steps away from the Weaver Gymnasium, Starbucks, the EKU Library, EKU Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and the Powell Student Center.

7. North Hall

North Hall is surrounded by many trees

Address: 4345 Kit Carson Drive Lobby, Richmond, KY 40475

North Hall is perfect for anyone who enjoys walking to class through a scenic route.walk to class along beautiful tree-lined streets. It houses over 480 students who will live in suite-style rooms. Each suite has two beds, two desks, and two closets. The “super suites” in the North Hall house four people who share two bathrooms and a kitchenette. Those have four beds, four desks, and an individual closet for each student.

8. South Hall

Address: 4351 Kit Carson Drive Lbby, Richmond, KY 40475

South Hall suite-style rooms are a little different. Recently built in 2013, over 250 residents live here and enjoy a suite-style living. Each suite has a kitchen, common area, a separate vanity area, and a bathroom. South Hall stays open during all breaks throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring months for students who need to take courses on campus.

9. Sullivan Hall

Sullivan Hall has a trendy front porch

Address: 433 University Drive Lbby, Richmond, KY 40475

Sullivan Hall has traditional style rooms where students can enjoy a trendy front porch with rocking chairs, which is a popular hangout location.  The kitchen and lounge in the basement have a pool table, vending machines, and foosball table. If you want to be directly across from the Ravine and near the EKU Barnes & Noble Bookstore, this is the place to live!

10. Palmer Hall

Palmer Hall is close to the Weaver Gymnasium and student center

Address: 232 Park Drive Lobby, Richmond, KY 40475

Palmer Hall provides resources and guidance from Resident Advisors and other staff to provide students with the tools they need to begin a successful college experience. They offer great programming and academic support to help you in college and in the future.

Here is Your Move-In Day Packing List at Eastern Kentucky University

1. Room Basics

Image result for dorm room
  • Pillow
  • Wall mirror
  • Bed linens for extra long twin-size bed
  • Rug
  • Decorations

2. Food & Snacks

Image result for snacks
  • Cookies
  • Chips
  • Ready-to-go snacks
  • Granola/protein bars
  • Fruits

3. Tech & Entertainment

Image result for technology
  • Television
  • Laptop
  • Alarm clock
  • Camera
  • Printer

4. School Supplies

Image result for school supplies
  • Calculator
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Backpack
  • Calendar

5. Cleaning & Organizing

Image result for bathroom supplies
  • Hand caddy
  • Paper towels
  • Clorox wipes
  • Broom
  • Trash bags

6. Campus Gear

Image result for jacket
  • Earphones
  • Jacket
  • Coat
  • Umbrella
  • Poncho

7. Items You Should Ask Before Bringing

Image result for ask
  • Extension cords
  • Blenders
  • Window fans
  • Heaters

10 of the Easiest Courses at EKU

Eastern Kentucky University (also known as EKU) was founded in 1874 and leads with their motto “Where Students and Learning Comes First”. They are prideful to offer students over 40 different online graduate and undergraduate major options. They are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and since 2012 have funded a campaign to highly renovate the campus’ layout and aesthetics. EKU has one dream, and it is to help their students succeed and meet their academic goals. If you want a school that is all about you, and equally modern, then look no further because EKU is perfect school for you.

1. MSL 303 – American Military History

American Military History gives students a brief introduction into what goes behind the scenes of the famous wars and battles the USA has fought. It helps show students a different perspective behind what we usually recognize in history and helps appreciate soldiers on a deeper level. Along with this, it is also an easy class to help students fulfill their history requirement!The picture above shows soldiers in different military outfits through the ages.

2. WGS 201 – Introduction to Women and Gender     Studies

In WGS 201, students will learn more about the difference between the genders on a chemical, physical and psychological level. It is an interesting course because it takes on different perspectives and different areas of science when comparing/differentiating the difference between genders. However, it is equally interesting as it is an easy A!The picture above shows a chalkboard drawing of the different types of hormones to demonstrate gender studies.

3. GER 101 – Conversational German 1

For those looking to fulfill their language, look no further, because Conversational German 1 is the perfect course for you. If Spanish and French didn’t interest you before, EKU has offered more languages for students to learn. For those who want a diverse option for learning a new language, then GER 101 is the perfect course for you.The picture above shows a parade of people holding the german flag.

4. ART 100 – Studio Art: Drawing

Looking to pass time between classes? Then you should look into taking Studio Art: Drawing. In this class, you will learn the basics of drawing along with professional tips on how to become a better artist. Professors don’t expect anyone to have any artistic background so you don’t need to worry about being unexperienced.The picture above shows a man drawing in the studio.

5. PSY 200 – Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Psychology is a great elective to take to fulfill GE’s. It is just as easy as it interesting. Professors at EKU want to ensure that students are taking a class that they enjoy so they try to incorporate as much hands-on experience as possible. So you should have no problem with taking PSY 200.The picture above shows different interpretations of the brain in vivid colors.

6. MUS 181 – Music Theory

Music theory is a great class for beginners to take. In all the art classes at EKU, professors create the curriculum in assumption that students have no art background. Here you will learn all about how to write music along with the history of music composers throughout history.

The picture above shows a paper with music notes on it.

7. GEO 110 – Environmental Science

If you are looking to fulfill that science requirement without the hassle, then GEO 110 should be your first choice. All teachers encourage students to create their own perspective and want to engage students in different ways such as lectures, videos and hands-on experience. Environmental Science will be your best bet in getting an A while also fulfilling your science requirement at EKU.The picture above shows a glass globe in the grass.

8. ART 200 – Art History

Art History is known as interesting class for those not interested in actually taking an art class. If you aren’t looking to do any art yourself, then Art 200 is perfect for you. In this course you will learn all about the history of art through the ages and how it affects people all over the world in different ways!The picture above shows different pictures of art in different countries.

9. INF 104 – Computer Science Principles

In the working world, having the skill of understanding computer science has basically become a standard. In Computer Science Principles, you will learn all the basics you need to know about CS without harsh grading. Professors expect beginners to technology in this class and encourage students to work together. In this class it is easy and when you get stuck you can just hit up another study buddy!The picture above shows a function of technology.

10. ENG 101 – English Literature and Composition

English Literature and Composition is your best bet at an A in an english course. This class allows students to write the least amount of essays and with the easiest grading rubric. In this class you will learn the different types of writing styles and how to incorporate them into everyday life. If English wasn’t your best subject in the past then you should definitely consider taking ENG 101.The picture above shows old literature books on a bookshelf.With a school dedicated to you, what else could you possibly ask for! EKU goes the extra mile to make sure that students have the education they deserve with a school that is as unique as each students that attends. If you have decided to attend EKU this upcoming year, or are currently attending let this be your guide to the top 10 easiest classes take to help boost your GPA!