10 Coolest Courses at Eastern Connecticut State University

At Eastern Connecticut State University, many students have the opportunity to enroll in exciting classes. The classes balance education and interest for each student’s liking. There are a bunch of class options that could fit into anyone’s schedule. There’s a wide range of topics where any student can find a class they are interested in. Here are 10 coolest courses to take at  Eastern Connecticut State University.

1. ASTR 111 – The Solar System

Orbitals of the solar system with the Sun as the center of the orbit.

This is a 4 credit class. It introduces students to a survey of the solar system, concentrating on the earth and other planets, comets, and meteors, and origins of the solar system itself. The course consists of lecture and lab. Topics include observing and CCD photography in the computerized observatory as well as work in the planetarium.

2. BIOL 206 – Ornithology

Two colorful birds on a tree branch close together.

This is a 4 credit course. The course introduced the biology and natural history of birds. There will be emphasis on field work as students recognize and observe local species. The course also includes multiple field trips. Lecture and lab are both included in the course.

3. CHEM 115 – Hands On Chemistry for Children

Chemistry beakers filled with different colored liquid.

This is a 3 credit course. This course is specifically designed for the education major or youth worker. The main goal is to develop and lead hands-on chemistry activities at the elementary school level. Students will learn concepts of understanding and communicating basic and practical chemical ideas within a constructivist approach. Students will also perform field work in under-served urban locations.

4. COMM 361 – Digital Media Production

Different forms of knowledge and pictures all leading to a cartoon of a laptop.

This is a 3 credit course. This course introduces students to the basic principles of photography, design, and film/video production techniques. Topics include principles of design and basics of cameras. Lenses, exposure, microphones, location sound, editing, and other post-production techniques with be strongly emphasized. Students will learn and master proper care and maintenance of equipment, use of editing and sound programs, and current digital production techniques.

5. DANC 232X – Practice in Jazz Dance

illustration of a saxophone surrounded by flying music notes.

This is a 1 credit course. The course teaches students the technical proficiency in jazz dance. There will be lessons on increasing practice in jazz dance styles and intricate combinations. Students will be able to enhance learning in technique within the appropriate historical and cultural contexts.

6. ENGL 329 – Nineteenth Century Literature

A stack of books lined up right next to each other on a bookshelf.

This is a 3 credit course. Students will examine the literature of the long 19th century. Topics to consider will be its relation to the tradition of British literature. Students will gain an understanding of the age and its relevance to the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. There will be strong emphasis on the novel and poetry literature.

7. GEOG 201 – World Geography

A view of the planet Earth from outer space.

This is a 3 credit course. This course introduces a survey of world geography. Topics include intensive studies of the relationship of humankind to their natural environment. There will be emphasis on climate, topography, and natural resources in various regions of the world. Students will observe these topics for their effect on the culture, economy, and welfare of the population.

8. HIST 480 – Civil War and Reconstruction

A representation of the Civil War battles between the North and the South.

This is a 3 credit course. The course introduces students to a range of the close of the Mexican War in 1848 to the end of Reconstruction in 1877. This course mainly focuses on the political crises leading up to the Civil War and the course of the war on the battlefields and among civilian populations. Topics include the internal social and political conflicts arising from the war in both the Union and the Confederacy with emphasis on the impact of Reconstruction on race relations in the South.

9. EXSC 200 – Health Promotion

Many written and visual options of promoting a healthy lifestyle for humans.

This is a 3 credit course. This course focuses on attitudes and lifestyle behaviors in relation to life-long health. Topics will include personal health issues, such as health habits, fitness, nutrition, safety, and emergency measures, heart health, mental health, sexuality, and family living. There will be emphasis on the concepts of preventative medicine, disease prevention, and health education. Students will learn through different mechanisms, such as oral presentations, bulletin board presentations, and informational newsletters.

10. SOWK 251 – Child Welfare

Silhouettes of paper children standing and holding hands.

This is a 3 credit course. This courses focuses on the study of problems experienced by families and children and the services designed to meet them. Emphasis will be given to traditional services dealing with problems such as child abuse and marital conflict. Topics will also include less traditional services dealing with problems, such as domestic violence, and addictions.

Jobs for College Students at ECSU

Are you a broke college student in need for an easy and convenient job? Look no further. At Eastern Connecticut State University (also known as EasternCT), they have provided a wide set of different work options on campus for students to take advantage of. This is a great way to earn extra cash in between campus and around your class schedule. Let this article be your guide to helping you find your next job! 

1. Research Assistant

This is a research assistant helping their advisor.

If you are in the STEM field, an amazing opportunity is being a research assistant to several different STEM related projects. This is a great way to also gain experience in the field. Along with this, this is an amazing position that will be a great benefit to you on your resume. 

2. Library Student Worker

Here is a student working with books in the library.

Another convenient location to work at on campus is the at the Library. Here you will get the opportunity to learn more about the functions of the library in an easy going setting. This is a great place to work with very flexible hours.

3. University Bookstore

This is an organized bookstore on campus.

Another place to gain retail experience is at the University Bookstore. Here you can learn more about customer service and get to work in a social setting. This is a great way to meet new people as well as earning extra cash. 

4. Dining Hall 

These are students eating on campus at the dining hall.

Students can also work at the Dining Hall. You will get to learn great skills such as time management and efficiency while working on the job. A majority of the staff is consisted with other students so you will also get to meet a lot of new people. 

5. Student Center Food Court 

Here is a food court on campus for students to go to.

If you do not want to work in the Dining Hall specifically, you can also choose to work at the Student Center Food Court. The Student Center Food Court has many different franchises that you can choose from. It is a fast paced environment, however time will go by quickly! 

6. The Women Center 

This is an image advocating for women empowerment.

You may also choose to work at the Women Center. The Women Center is dedicated to helping women on campus and providing them with the resources needed. This is a great way to help influence your community on campus. 

7. Intercultural Center

Here is a collaboration of different cultures together.

The Intercultural Center is also a great place to work. Here you will get to work with many different types of people and broaden your horizon on experiences. You can also learn many great skills working at the different positions offered here. 

8. Library Cafe

Here is a barista making coffee.

If you enjoy working in food, you can also have the opportunity to work in the Library Cafe. You can learn more about being a barista at the Library Cafe! It is a great place to work with great rewards.

9. Sports Center 

Here is an inside tennis court that students are using on campus.

If you love sports, working at the on campus Sports Center will be the place for you. Here, you can work with a variety of different people. It is a relax and social environment where you can gain a variety of different skills and experiences. 

10. OneClass Note Takers

This is the main image of OneClass’s website where you can write articles at your convenience.

Don’t be afraid to take the next step to finding a job today. There are many different opportunities for you to take advantage of on campus today! Here are many different ways for you to find a job that can suit your schedule. 

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

10 Hardest Courses at ECSU

Eastern Connecticut State University, often referred to by students, faculty, and alumni as Eastern or ECSU, is a public liberal arts university. It was founded in 1889, making it the third oldest public university in the state. This school is home to over five-thousand students. These students are trying to maintain a high GPA, retain the information learned within their classes, and financially prepare for their futures. This is why it is key for students to be aware of the most challenging courses at school, so that they can avoid them if needed and be prepared if possible!

1. ECO 350 – International Economics

This image exemplifies key aspects of international economics.

This course is really meant to unite the entire economics program, as it does heavily emphasize the complex international economies that dominate the world today. Within this class, students are given information on not only the larger world economy, but also on each country’s economy in and of itself. The sheer amount of work and information makes this course challenging.

2. hENGL 382 – Advanced Poetry Workshop

This is a metaphorical depiction of poetry.

The Creative Writing program focused on furthering the development of voice, knowledge of craft, and ability to read literary work from a writer’s perspective. In addition to working closely with Eastern’s published faculty, students will have access to frequent visiting writers of international acclaim. It is not necessarily the content that is challenging for students to grasp, rather it is the amount of work that must be put into the course.

3. PSY 430 – Human Neuropsychology

This image captures brain anatomy.

With a name that easily recognizable, this course promises a challenge unlike any other. This upper-level psychology course explores the inner workings of the human mind, which requires a strong scientific background. Such a background and knowledge base of information does not come naturally to many students, so they must work extremely hard to complete this class and master the material.

4. PSC 400 – Political Inquiry, Political Theory

This illustration portrays the fights that often occur due to politics.

This course provides students with an in-depth view of the political theory that guides the decisions of many figureheads and leaders. This theory is complex and often confusing, which is why it ranks among the list of most challenging courses. With rigorous material and intense professors, this class is sure to give even the most studious student a run for their money.

5. SPA 316 – Spanish Civilization

This image shows a replica of an Aztec city.

Learning a foreign language in college is a right of passage for many students–one that is not frequently enjoyed. This course combines the students’ knowledge of the language with the culture itself, leading to a course that explores the complexities of a culture in the native language.

6. CSC 305 – Data Mining and Applications

This graph outlines the basic structure of data mining.

Though courses within the computer sciences and applied technologies are quickly becoming more popular, that does not mean that the classes are becoming easier. In fact, many students report this computer science class to be on the hardest at the school. With intense coding and the creation of applications, this class requires a fair amount of time and effort outside of the classroom.

7. CHE 323 – Physical Biochemistry

These strands are something that a student may come across while studying biochemistry.

Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. This includes the study of various kinds of organisms, cells, and parts of cells. This course has a reputation for being extremely challenging at all schools, and it is no different at ECSU! 

8. CHE 425 – Chemical Instrumentation

This image shows a machine that may be present at a chemical instrumentation facility.

Instrumentation is the development or use of measurement tools for the observation, monitoring or control of chemical processes. Because this requires extreme focus and precision, this course is often regarded as one of the most challenging.

9. EES 336 – Applied Hydrogeochemistry

This landform is an example of what may have been created through geomorphology.

Geomorphology is the study of earth surface processes and landforms. Geomorphologists apply principles of physics, chemistry, hydrology and sedimentology to understand earth surface landscapes. They also use computer programs like geographic information systems to analyze, explain and evaluate the geologic nature of earth surface environments. So, this course really does cover everything, which is what makes it so overwhelming to undergraduate students.

10. SWK 320 – Generalist Practice with Individuals and Families

This image shows a social worker working with a new family.

ECSU ensure that students are ready to serve diverse client populations, especially those most vulnerable and oppressed. The social work program improves the lives of people of the region and state by increasing the number of social work practitioners who serve residents. However, this is an extraordinarily rigorous program, so students must be dedicated to their work.

Ultimately, ECSU provides students with an education that is meant to help them grow and develop as critical thinkers, which really is a great thing! However, it is also good to be aware of the most challenging courses, as a balance between school life and all other aspects of life is key!

Restaurants and Cafés for Students at ECSU

Eastern Connecticut State University is a public liberal arts university in Willimantic, Connecticut. While there are many restaurants and cafés inside and around the campus, not all will leave you with a spectacular experience. This list contains seven great restaurants and cafés around the campus of the university.

1. Pleasant Pizza

Veggies sandwich offered at Pleasant Pizza

Pleasant Pizza is a family owned and operated restaurant that has been serving residents of Willimantic with excellent meals and services. You can visit this restaurant every day for 10 days and not exhaust the meals and exciting combinations on the menu. With $10 you can get yourself a decent meal at Pleasant Pizza.

2. Olympic Restaurant

VIP Section in Olympic Restaurant

Olympic is one of the few restaurants around Willimantic where you can always go to get great meals. Just like Pleasant Pizza, it is a family owned and operated business. The restaurant offers a decent selection of quality Italian, American, Seafood, Chicken and Steak entrees. Every penny spent here is totally worth it.

3. The Breakfast Place

Potato omelet with grilled jalapeño bacon cornbread

The Breakfast place is famous for its homemade bread list. It also offers mouth-watering pancakes, French toast, home fries, and various eggs. Every week, The Breakfast Place comes up with amazing specials. They also offer free refills on coffee. The Breakfast Place has all it takes to leave you with a memorable experience.

4. Canggio Restaurant

Chefs working at Canggio Restaurant

The restaurant specializes in offering Peruvian cuisines. Canggio has some of the best services around and also serves fantastic food presented creatively. Empenadas, ceviche, and lomo salad are some of the favorite dishes served here. With $14 you can get Arroz Chaufa, a main course meal.

5. Jamaican Me Crazy

Pizza at Jamaican Me Crazy

Just as the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in serving Jamaican dishes, and that it does to perfection. This is a place to visit if you want to try out something new. With only $10, you can get the Curry Goat Dinner, Jerk Pork Dinner, or the Pepper Steak Dinner, all of which are remarkably favorite meals. The portions are also huge, just as you would like it to be.

6. Corleones Café

Night photograph of  Corleones Café

Corleones Café is one fantastic place hangout in Willimantic. The café has a great atmosphere, cool music, and very friendly, professional staffs. While it may Café attached to its name, Corleones has an impressive collection of beers, bourbons, and wines. It also features a pool table, trivia night, and the quite popular $2 night.

7. Cafemantic

Dinning hall of Cafemantic

Cafemantic is one of the gems in Willimantic. The restaurant has an excellent environment for lunch, a business date, or even a more romantic dinner. It also has a great menu which is enough to satisfy adventurous eaters who want something refreshing. Small plates which start around $10 are relatively large and creatively served.

Health and Wellness Services at Eastern Connecticut State University

Eastern Connecticut State University is a great college that is located right next to the University of Connecticut. College is the perfect time for students to explore new things, and have fun for the next four years. While it is supposed to be the best years of a student’s life, it can have some downfalls. There will come a time where students do not feel well, whether that be physically or mentally. Luckily, Eastern Connecticut State University offers really great Health and Wellness services. Here are the 5 health and wellness services atEastern Connecticut State University.

1. Infirmary

Woman getting medication at pharmacy

The first service on this list is Health Services building. This is also known to as the infirmary, and it is where the majority of ECSU students go when they are not feeling well. While it is not the best infirmary because the staff is still learning as well, however it is a good place to go when students are not feeling well. Students can go to this location not only if they are sick, but also for flu shots and even to get tested for STD’s. They also offer a Woman’s health service station as well.

2. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)


The second service on this list is the Counseling and Psychological Services. It is also known as the abbreviation, CAPS. This location is for students who are having a hard time mentally to seek counseling and therapy help. The staff is very welcoming and make sure that their patients feel comfortable in the therapy sessions. There are different forms of therapy such as one on one and group therapy, depending on what the students want.

3. Gym

woman doing yoga

The third service on this list is the gym. While the gym may not be the first option people think of as a health and wellness service, it actually hold different classes students can take to improve their wellness. There are athletic classes such as spinning and yoga. There are also wellness classes such as meditation and nutrition. It is also a great place for students to destress, and just think about working out with some music.

4. UCONN Health

View of UCONN health center

The fourth service on this list is UCONN Health. While this is called UCONN, it is owned by ESCU as well because they are all Connecticut schools. This service is actually a little drive to get to since it’s also the teaching school for many medical courses. This service is great for anyone seeking more in depth medical attention than the infirmary. There are certified doctors on staff, however the first people who usually meet with students are actually students training to become some sort of medical field. While it can be frustrating while your sick, it is nice to have a place nearby for medical help.

5. AccessAbility Services

All types of mental issues

The final service on this list is the AccessAbility Services. This is the best location for students to go to when they have some sort of disability that hinders their life at the university. It is a great resource for students who really need it because it can help them switch their food options to giving them more time on an exam.

Top 10 Library Resources at Eastern Connecticut State

Universities put a lot of effort to offering their students a large amount of resources at their school. Many students neglect or are unaware of all things available to them by their school. College can be expensive, and making sure that you get the most out of your tuition is important. Let this be your guide to helping you take advantage of all the library resources that the Eastern Connecticut State University has to offer to you today.

1. Ask a Librarian

This is a librarian putting books away.

If you are having any issues at the library, from finding a book to research projects, they have Ask a Librarian for your own resource. Here you can call or email a librarian asking for help. This service is available at all times when the library is open.

2. Library Orientation Videos

This is an image of videos on shelves at a library.

Also for classes or students who need help accessing library resources, they have Library Orientation Videos. These videos can help guide you through finding the best resources. They can also answer any questions you have about the library.

3. Research Award

This is the title image of the Research Award.

This Research Award is given to both undergraduate and graduate students at Eastern Connecticut State University. It was created to recognize student research on campus and give students appropriate resources they need to further their studies. It is also mainly focused on giving to students who show creative and effective use of library sources.

4. Course Reserves

These are books inside a library.

The library on campus also allows students to have access to amazing print readings for students. The library subscribes and collects many different readings for students to use and check out. It can be your greatest resource for reliable information in research projects.

5. Study Room Reservations

This is a study room.

If you are looking for a great place to study, reserve a study room. The library has created an online booking reserving system so that students can book a room ahead of time. This is a great way to collaboratively study with other peers.

6. Government Documents

This is a picture of the white house.

The library also has a collection of Government Documents. Here you can access Government Documents and look at copies of real information circulating in the white house right now. This is a great way to get reliable government information.

7. Citing Sources

This is a sign that says

Citing your sources can be extremely difficult if you never learned how. As a student, it is your job to ensure you are avoiding plagiarism at all costs. Use this resource to ensure you are correctly citing your sources!

8. Printing

This is a student printing in the library.

They also have printers at the library so you don’t have to purchase your own as a student. Use your quota or pay for extra, you will have access to printers if you are a student. This is a great resource many students like to take advantage of.

9. E-Journal Locator

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Online, there are an extreme amount of E-Journals and it can be confusing to find the exact one you need. This is where the E-Journal locator comes in to help. This resource can help narrow and find the perfect resource for your exact research project.

10. Suggestion Box

This is a person putting feedback into a suggestion box.

The library also loves to make updates and listen to their students. They have a suggestion box that they highly take into consideration. So if you have anything you would like to say, make sure that you make your voice heard because it could truly make a difference!

Top 5 Libraries at Eastern Connecticut State University

1. J Eugene Smith Library

This is the front of the J Eugene Smith Library.

The J Eugene Smith Library is the only library on campus at the Eastern Connecticut State University. They have different hours that are shown on their website. It is open to students and the public, however many resources are only available to students.

2. Willimantic Public Library

This is the street outside of the Willimantic Public Library.

The Willimantic Public LIbrary is a library available to everyone in the community. Here they have available resources to check out. They also hold many events, check out their Events & Calendar today.

3. Guilford Smith Memorial Library

This is the outside of the Guilford Memorial Library.

The Guilford Smith Memorial Library is a library and museum all in one. One area is dedicated to being a functional library, while the other half is used as a museum. This is a change in scenery and a great place to check out.

4. Fletcher Memorial Library

This is the front sign of the Fletcher Memorial Library.

The Fletcher Memorial Library is another museum and library all in one. They have a dedicated section for students and the public to use. They also hold many events in the memorial library that students should check out when they have the time.

5. Mansfield Library

This is the inside of the Mansfield Library.

The Mansfield Library is another public library that students can use. However, it is further from campus making it a greater resource for those students who live off campus and commute. Come to this library if you aren’t looking to drive back to campus to study!

It is important to get the most out of your tuition. The easiest way to do so is by taking advantage of all the resources that the university offers students every day. Let this be your first step to taking advantage of what your school has to offer today.

Top 10 Residences at Eastern Connecticut State University

Living conditions are an important part of the college experience, and this is true for the 5,000 or more students who attend ECSU as it is for students around the world. Students enrolled at ECSU have the benefit of being able to study and live in a vibrant and community-oriented environment where their ability to learn is fostered and developed. Academic success is what a good majority of the students who attend this university find, and this is in large part due to things that have to do with the campus’s location. If you’ve been looking for information regarding residence halls and off-campus living around ECSU, then you should read through the following list of residence descriptions.

1) Orchard Acres Apartments

This is the complex's grounds

Address: 17 Cheney Dr, Storrs, CT 06268

The peace and quiet necessary for intense studying is something you will always find if you live at Orchard Acres Apartments. Between neighborly curtesy and the units being a good distance apart, there’s little doubt you’ll always be able to find that unbroken silence you need to get your work done.

2) The Oaks on the Square

This is the area around the complex

Address: 12 Royce Cir, Storrs, CT 06268

Do you like stainless steel kitchen appliances and elegant hardwood flooring? Then you’ll love an apartment at The Oaks on the Square. Don’t waste your money on a shabby shoebox when you have the opportunity to live at a vibrant apartment community.

3) Wyndham Park Townhomes

A living room inside a unit here

Address: 140 Plains Rd, Windham, CT 06280

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and community-oriented place to live off campus, then you should consider looking into Wyndham Park Townhomes. Doesn’t jumping in to one of your complex’s two saltwater swimming pools sound great? After a long day of classes: you’ll need it.

4) Cedarwoods Apartments

The exterior of the complex

Address: 200 Cameo Dr, Willimantic, CT 06226

Don’t drop a dollar or a cent on some shoebox apartment you couldn’t have imagined in even your wildest of nightmares. Instead, elect to live at Cedarwoods. Comfort, luxury, and satisfaction are three qualities you’ll come to be real familiar with. You’ll never want to leave.

5) Brick Row Apartments

An apartment at Brick Row

Address: 25 Vermont Dr, Willimantic, CT 06226

Forget living on campus. When you go here, the real party is off campus! And when you sign a lease to live at Brick Row Apartments, you’ll know what college fun is all about from the moment you walk through the door of your very own apartment!

6) Village Heights Apartments

The complex's workout room

Address: 108B Cameo Dr, Willimantic, CT 06226

Ring for an attendant, for your satisfaction is the priority here! Do you like sophisticated living? What about all the amenities you can think of? If you want to really experience luxury, live here!

7) 560 On Main

This is a living room inside a unit

Address: N/A

There’s no place like home: that’s what you’ll say every day you come back from classes to your gorgeous apartment here. If you like hardwood floors and marble countertops, you’ll love your unit here! The complex is pet-friendly too!

8) Ivy Garden Apartments

The grounds of the complex

Address: 84 Ash St # 36, Willimantic, CT 06226

Part of what deters students from living at school is the fear that they’ll have to live in some barely-inhabitable shoebox somebody passed off as an apartment. Students who live at Ivy Garden Apartments will never have to worry about such a nightmare; the units here are exquisite!

9) Windham Heights

The exterior of the building

Address: 1855, 202 Scott Rd C, Willimantic, CT 06226

Looking for a fine piece of off-campus housing for you and a roommate? If luxury is a top priority, then look no further: Windham Heights is the place for you. Every day you wake up in an apartment here, you’ll believe you’re at a resort. The fitness center is pretty nice too!

10) Colonial Townhouse Apartments

A state-of-the-art kitchen

Address: 145 Foster Dr, Willimantic, CT 06226

Looking for a place that’s ideal for college students? Look no further than Colonial Townhouse Apartments. Elegance meets modernism at this beautiful complex, and you’ll come to realize what this means the second you walk through the door. As far as amenities go, you’ll have only the best of them here! Best of all: it’s so cheap!

Here’s Your Move-In Day Packing List at Eastern Connecticut State University

1) Room Basics

An empty dorm

– Toiletries
– Bedding
– Lamps
– Rugs
– Posters

2) Food and Snacks

An image of sweets

– Plastic wrap
– Paper bags
– Candy
– Cookies
– Plastic utensils

3) Tech and Entertainment

An image of someone fixing devices

– Keyboards
– Controllers
– Games
– Power strip
– Power cords

4) School Supplies

School supplies

– Binders
– Rulers
– Highlighters
– Writing utensils
– A Calculator

5) Cleaning and Organization

Cleaning supplies people use such as mops and sponges

– Trash bags
– Brushes
– Detergent
– Sponges
– Drier sheets

6) Campus Gear

These are excited fans

– Flipflops
– A Swimsuit
– T-shirts
– Hats
– Flags

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

These are lighters

– Fans
– Gasoline
– Pets
– Lighters
– Candles

With this list at your disposal, you should now be able to find the perfect residence for your time at Eastern Connecticut State University. College is a lot harder if you don’t have a comfortable place to come home to; find your dream living-space now!

Top 10 Clubs at Eastern Connecticut State University

Eastern Connecticut State University, the incredible liberal arts university, expectedly has so many clubs and events that you can join and attend. If you’re studying here, make sure you check out these cool clubs and events, that you’ll undoubtedly meet new people and experience amazing things at. Here they are.

1) The Comic Book Appreciation Club 

Comic book stacks with Batman. A collection of examples you could discuss whilst at the Comic Book Appreciation Club.

Do you love comic books? The Comic Book Appreciation Club aims to not only bring together all those comic books lovers together but to educate and inform members on all different forms. This club has regular Comic Book events and activities.

2) Doctor Who Club

The Doctor Who telephone box. A symbol of the popular British television show.

The Doctor Who Club is a really fun, interesting way to unite all the students who have an interest in Doctor Who, the British television show. You’ll be able to meet new people and attend great, creative events.

3) The Fashion Forward Club

Model walking the catwalk with high fashion clothes. The Fashion Forward Club will organise fashion show events.

Are you interested in a career in fashion or just simply love fashion? This will be the club for you. The Fashion Forward Club plans events and hosts trips to the most fashionable events, whilst also educating students about the latest fashion trends.

4) Modern Movement Club

Dancer over a modern background. The Modern Movement Club oozes with creativity and innovation.

The Modern Movement is the perfect symbol of the creativity at East Connecticut State University. This interesting club’s mission is to educate students on the modern dancing and musical movement. As you can imagine, they provide members with such incredible and exciting activities.

5) Love your Melon Club

The Love Your Melon logo, a national organisation which supports children battling cancer.
Credit: Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon Club is an admirable club which supports the Love Your Melon Foundation; a charity which gives a hat to every child battling cancer. They provide support to the children and families of those battling cancer, raising awareness, education and, of course, carrying out charitable work for the Love Your Melon organisation. This is definitely a club which you should consider joining.

6) Habitat for Humanity Club

Habitat for Humanity logo

Another charitable club, this time it supports the Habitat of Humanity organisation – aiming to provide habitat and homes for those in need. This club works cooperatively with the community and students to really make a difference.

7) Fusion Dance Club

Fusion Dance Club combines various different styles and genres of dancing to create a unique dance show.

Fusion Dance Club is perfect for any students who want to explore and combine different styles of dancing. By expressing your individuality through dance, you’ll never regret joining this club and the community which comes with it.

8) The Environmental Club

Earth picture over green leaves. The Environmental Club will help conserve the environment, promoting green, sustainable living.

The Environmental Club aims to highlight the impact that humans are having on the environment, whilst implementing ways to help the environment with inventive green events and socials. Anybody who is interested in sustainability should join this club.

9) The Badminton Club

Shuttlecock and badminton racket. The Badminton Club is for both beginners and advanced players.

The Eastern Connecticut State University has tonnes of clubs for various different sports;  including Badminton. This is a great club that encourages an active, healthy lifestyle for all skill-sets.

10) Vegans at Eastern Club

A healthy vegan meal. The Vegan Club will give you ideas on recipes and restaurants to visit whilst studying.

It can be hard to find vegan restaurants, vegan friends or vegan recipes at University; a club will make this so much easier. The Vegans of Eastern Club promotes plant-based diets in respectful, friendly ways. Join if you’re interested.

Top events during the school year at Eastern Connecticut State University

1) Together we can

African drums lined up. Witness the incredible African drum show for yourself in the Nutmeg Meeting Room.

Located in the Nutmeg Meeting Room, you can witness an incredible performance of West African Drum / Dance Ensemble. You can also learn so much about the African culture at this event.

2) Dance Team Bake Sale

Cakes on display for sale. The dance team will be selling cakes to support their Orlando trip.

The dance team will be selling cakes to raise money for a trip they’re taking to Orlando. This is super important for Eastern Connecticut State University because they’ll be representing the University at a national level. Go and support them!

3) Fashion Forward Gala

Model walking the walking. The gala is the biggest fashion event of the fall semester.

This Gala is the biggest fashion event of the fall semester. It is located in the North Campus and begins at 5pm on the 2nd November. It’s formal dress code so make sure you dress to impress.

4) Black Student Union: Poetry Slam

Microphone set up ready for a performance. Join the BSU at their poetry contest on the 13th November.

Join the BSU and their poetry contest, taking place on Tuesday 13th November. Local poets and students will share their work with all attendees and you can enjoy late night entertainment.

5) Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate Social

Hot chocolate with cream on top. Join the Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate social to ease the stress of finals.

During the stressful finals period, its crucial that you relax. The Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate social prepares you and makes you acknowledge that you’re not alone, through a difficult time.

10 Easiest Courses at ECSU

College classes can be extremely difficult, you can find easy, manageable  classes at every college! This is especially the case for Eastern Connecticut State University.  Located in Willimantic, CT this small university has a wide array of classes ranging from extremely difficult to super easy.  Today, this article will cover the top 10 easiest classes at ECSU  so that you can lessen your work load, but still enjoy your classes.

1. CSC100 – Computer Concepts

In this course, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of computers.  You will learn ideas, not so much skills.  Most of the time you don’t actually need to be in class.  Not saying you shouldn’t go, but if you miss it’s not a big deal.  Weekly quizzes that you do online and pretty easy too.  This class is boring, not gonna lie, but it will help boost your GPA and you can easily get an A!

A simple computer.


2. MAT216 – Statistical Data Analysis

Really easy to do well in this class, however the professor isn’t the most interesting person. Don’t get the book because you won’t use it and do well on the quizzes because those are pretty much your grade.  He will collect a lot of the work at the end.  Just stay on top of the work and you will be fine.

A simple bar graph showing statistics.


3. COM312 – Professional Presentations

This class will help you learn how to make business-looking presentations to impress clients and look like you actually know what you are talking about.  If you aren’t good at presenting or just don’t like it, don’t take this class.  Or if you want to take a risk go for it! Just saying, this class will require a lot of presentations, it is in title after all.  On a positive note, most of the classes get out early and you are mainly graded on attendance.

Man giving an excellent presentation


4. SWK344 – Substance Abuse

This class is basically what is written in the title.  You will learn the causes and treatment of substance abuse (drug and alcohol related).  The lecture-style of this class is amazing and the professor will help you so much on your papers.   She will even read it over before its due for more help.  The class is discussion based and mainly student led because students can bring new ides every week to class.  Even better, she brings in numerous speakers who are super interesting and really smart!

A bunch of drugs.


5. CHE216 – Organic Chemistry I with Lab

Yes, this class does have a lab that will cost you extra but it sure is worth it.  No busywork so that is a plus and the teacher is very helpful.  Know the basics and you can ace her tests.  Older teacher, but definitely knows her stuff. Very nice lady who will help you easily get that A!

An interesting chemistry experiment


6. EDU200 – Chld-Adoles Devlpmnt/Exceptnlt

This will provide you with an analysis of human development from early ages to older ages.  It will focus on the physical, linguistic, and emotional development over time.  Quizzes are given every class, but have no fear, the best 5 are the only ones recorded in the grade book.  You really don’t have to study (probably shouldn’t say that, but it’s true). Nice professor and super easy class.

Example of childhood development over time.


7. MUS117 – Introduction to Voice Studies

Talks about the basics of singing, solo and in a group.  Really funny professor who will go out of her way to help you whenever you need it. Some students think that all the material is basic, but she really doesn’t know her study.  Show up and do the work = A. Having the nicest teacher in the world will surely help you out too!

Cute pig singing and dancing.


8. BUS365 – Bus Rpt Wrtg w/Micro Applictn

You will learn the basics about communicating among businesses and also how to organize different useful and necessary papers.  The work will really help you out in the long run and lay the path for your business career. Teacher is really cool and class is good.  Plain and simple, this is a must take for business majors or anyone who has any interest in business.

A simple business meeting between coworkers.


9. ENG100 – College Writing

This course will teach you how to write in numerous situations.  You will also learn how to respond and analyze different texts and come up with unique responses.  The teacher is HILARIOUS! Great time in this class, while actually learning some useful information.  Come to class and hand in the assignments and you are set!

Someone in the process of writing a paper.


10. GEO110 – Urban Geography

A class focused on looking at urban areas and the problems we are having around the country dealing with censuses, maps, etc.  Be aware that there are a lot of notes in this class so you need to write fast, but you are always let out of class early.  She goes over important information and honestly nothing she teaches is boring or not useful.

Map representing the diverse cultures of the world.


Well that’s it! Hopefully this list of 10 easiest classes helped you pick out some of your courses for next semester.  Just to note, although this courses are “easy” it still is important to respect the teachers and show up to class as much as possible and always turn your work in on time.  Just because it’s “easy” doesn’t mean you won’t be required to try or put in any work