5 Things You Didn’t Know About ECU

ECU may have a bit of a reputation to be a party school, but if you were to actually attend it would most definitely surprise you. East Carolina University is a fantastic place to get an education and really cares for their students. Here are 5 things you most likely never new about East Carolina University and its campus!

1. It’s no more of a party school than anywhere else.

East Carolina University is often misjudged for being a laid back school with a lot more partying than other schools. This cannot be farther from the truth. ECU is a very well put together, rigorous school for serious students that has no more partying than any other university one can think of, whether it be UNC Chapel Hill or UNC Wilmington. The students are expected to preform just as well as other colleges and the professors, while being extremely helpful, do challenge their students. Don’t let the stigma around ECU’s name prohibit you from considering ECU as one of your top choices for school!


2. ECU has one of the best Nursing schools in the state.

As an attendee of East Carolina University, an often heard major from other students is nursing. Many students come to East Carolina University hoping to eventually getting into their nursing school. This nursing school is extremely competitive as well as prestigious. Many people that haven’t researched what schools have good nursing programs have no idea that East Carolina is so well known for its medical schooling.


3. ECU has 3 pools.

One of the best things about ECU is their student and recreational centers. Not only is this university challenging and helpful, but it has also been made fun and functional. One of the coolest characteristics of the Rec. Center is its huge, double sized pool as well as its outdoor pool. This is such an amazing addition to the campus as it is a fantastic place to hang out with friends and have fun when your trying to destress from classes. These pools are definitely shown off during touring season, and not wrongfully so as many students use them in the fall and spring when its very hot!

4. ECU‘s staff is incredibly welcoming and helpful.

One of the best qualities ECU has to offer is their staff. The first time you tour or visit ECU you will notice how friendly and welcoming the people on campus are. They make you feel like you belong at the school and that they want you to be here succeeding, whether it be an advisor, staff in the dining hall, RA’s, tour guides, or a janitor! This can make a huge difference when attending a school, especially when you realize that all universities don’t share this important characteristics. The campus is also extremely welcoming on its own as it is so pretty and fun!

5. ECU has a very prestigious Honors College.

Many students, when applying to colleges in their senior year of high school, tend to miss the fact that East Carolina has an Honors College. Through the Honors College at ECU one can get half of tuition to a full-ride paid for in scholarships. This is a fantastic opportunity through ECU that no one should ignore, as it allows scholastic student applicants to get perks such as early registration, living in an LLC on college hill, and much more!

You may have thought you knew all there is to know about what is in store when attending East Carolina University, but it might actually surprise you with what it offers. ECU supplies students with the best atmosphere possible for learning and that should definitely be recognized more often! Consider ECU when deciding where to apply!

5 Tips for Graduating Early at ECU

When it comes to going to college, the biggest part you have to give up is time and money. One of the best ways to shorten the amount of time and money you put into college is by graduating early, a feat that many wish they could do, but not all achieve. Here are some ways you can increase the likeliness of graduating early from ECU.

1. Take online college courses in High School.

The number one best way to get ahead in your college career at ECU is to come in with as many credits as possible for your first year. Most high schools offer the option of taking online college courses your senior year of high school for this exact reason, and better yet, these college courses could be free! You can save loads of time and money by going ahead and taking those awful general education courses online through a local community college before you actually get to the university. You could be even a year ahead of the rest of the people in your graduating class, and although this might not seem like much in high school, its incredibly advantageous when you get to college. You may want to take online classes that will be credit for your area of study when you go to college, as you wouldn’t want to take an online class that won’t count for your major. Here is a link to all of the plans for each major so that you can make sure to take the right online classes!

2. Take as many AP Exams as possible.

Another quick way to get credit for general education courses for college is to get good grades on AP Exams in high school. You may think that these tests might be too hard or that “if you don’t have to take them than why take them?”, but giving yourself the possibility to get a good enough grade on as many as possible for credits is extremely appreciated when you get to college. You may talk to other freshman at ECU and ask them if they are in your English 1000 class and they might reply, “oh no, I got a 3 on my AP test so I don’t have to take that class.” and this is when you will seriously regret not taking as many as you could. Give yourself a chance to get ahead! Here is a link to ECU‘s website showing all of the possible high school AP credits as well as others that can be transferred to ECU credits based on scores!

3. Talk to your advisor.

The first two points are extremely important for graduating early to really work out, but the next best thing you can do is consistently meet with your advisor. ECU‘s advisors are extremely helpful and the first thing they are meant  to do is get you through your four years of college in the most efficient and least expensive way possible. If they haven’t mentioned your possible ability to graduate early already it is a great question to ask during a meeting with them. If you express a good amount of interest in really wanting to graduate early they will do their very best to figure out a plan to help you do exactly that!

4. Take Summer Classes.

This is another 100% full proof way to make sure you can graduate early from ECU. Summer classes may seem like such a hassle, but they are actually even better and quicker than normal semester classes. There are two sessions during the summer that anyone can take that are each both about a month long (way shorter than a semester). This is a fantastic way to get a bunch of credits in between semesters and shorten the amount of time you will have to stay in college!

5. Get good grades!

The absolute most important thing to make sure you do in order to graduate early or at least on time is to get good grades in the classes you are already in. This may seem like common sense, but it’s often forgotten that this has to be done before any other classes can be taken. Having to drop classes and take them later or not getting the grade you want in a class can really inhibit one from trying to get as many classes done as possible. It’s extremely common to see people trying to graduate early but also see the same people drop classes or not focus on their grades. This has to be your main focus!

It may seem impossible to graduate earlier than four years, but it can actually quite easily be done with all that high schools and colleges offer! Advisors can make a huge difference in the amount of time and money you spend at a college but your grades are also the core difference when getting credits for classes as well as being able to move on to the next course. Graduating early can be a huge advantage, especially if you are trying to go to a grad school, so get to studying!

5 Reasons to Major in Health Fitness Specialist at East Carolina University

The degree in Health Fitness Specialist is an amazing degree at ECU, and it is a degree in the College of Health and Human Performance. It is a degree for passionate students, and ECU offers the best facilities and education possible to offer one of the most amazing Health Fitness Specialist degrees in the state of North Carolina. There are many reasons to major in this degree at ECU, and the top 5 reasons are as follows:

1. Clubs and Organizations


There are many clubs and organizations that ECU has that is associated with this degree. Students that major in this degree are very involved on campus. One of the more popular clubs that students involved in this degree join is the Kinesiology Majors’ Club. Although these students are not majoring in Kinesiology, the subject is closely associated with the degree. The club offers many opportunities, such as volunteer opportunities and opportunities to attend professional conferences. Majoring in this degree at ECU will give you a strong chance to be involved and grow as a person.

2. Passion about Future


This degree is definitely for students that are passionate and know that they want to major in this degree. Students that major in this degree typically picture themselves helping and motivating others to stay physically active and healthy. ECU shows these students what being physically active and healthy actually is so that they can one day aid many people in having healthy lifestyles. If you feel passionate about this idea, coming to ECU and majoring in this degree might be the right choice for you.

3. Endorsement and Intellect


This program is proudly endorsed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. This is great because it shows how great the degree looks to associations from the outside, and it also shows that the degree has been recognized for the exceptional education that it provides to students.

4. Internship


There are many unique aspects of this degree at ECU, but one of the most unique is the semester-long internship that all students are required to complete. Students can complete this internship anywhere in the United State, or they can even choose to complete it internationally. The interns at ECU compete nationally and are often placed in amazing facilities, such as USAA or Wake Med.

5. Unique Experiences


Students that major in this degree at ECU will assuredly have the time of their lives that they would have never thought possible. There are many courses in which students will get real-world experiences, and this allows them to work with diverse groups of people. There are after school programs that students can attend if they are passionate about helping overweight children and teens, and there are additional experiences that students can hold in their memories by the time they graduate.

The Health Fitness Specialist degree at ECU is an amazing degree that has been nationally recognized for the outstanding education it offers. The degree has allowed countless people to go on and be successful, which shows that you can major in this degree and do the same. Choose ECU, and major in this amazing degree if you are passionate about it.

5 Reasons to Major in Nutrition and Dietetics at ECU

ECU‘s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics is the best of its kind in the state of North Carolina, and the degree offers amazing opportunities that you would not get elsewhere. The degree is primarily completed in face-to-face courses at ECU, and this allows you to grow bonds with many different students and the faculty at ECU. The degree is outside and there are many reasons to major in the degree at ECU, but the top 5 reasons are as follows:

1. More Than 85 Percent

One of the interesting facts about the Nutrition and Dietetics program at ECU is that more than 85% of all registered dietitians in eastern North Carolina have been trained at ECU. This means that the majority of students that are majoring in this degree in North Carolina are coming to ECU. This shows how large the program is at ECU and how well the education that is offered truly is.

2. Accreditation

This program is the best in North Carolina for a variety of reasons, and one of these reasons is that it is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. This is an amazing feat for ECU and the program, as this accreditation is only given to the best of the best programs in the country. This program shows in many ways that it is the best in the state of North Carolina, but this fact assuredly proves that it is so.

3. Career Opportunities

Because of the preparation that the program offers, there are many career opportunities that students find after graduating from the program. Students go on to be very successful, and there is an internship that help lead students to the right direction for their future career. ECU also helps students to find a job within one of these opportunities.

4. Face-To-Face Learning

The courses that you will take will mostly be face-to-face. These courses are very interactive, and they require students to interact to undergraduate research and service learning. The classes through this program help lead students to be prepared for their future careers, and they ultimately lead into the internship that students are required to complete.

5. Internship

One of the reasons that so many students choose ECU to complete this program is that it prepares students for their future careers better than any other program of its kind. Students are required to complete an internship in order to earn the degree, and this internship show students how to succeed in the field and shows students what career they may be passionate about. Students can become registered dietitians after completing this internship, and they can go on to have successful careers.


There is not anything that shows that this is not the best program of its kind in North Carolina, and there is no reason why you should not come to ECU if you wish to major in this degree. There are many listed reasons why it is the best, and ECU will provide you with preparation for your future and will help you to succeed. The degree is amazing, so come to ECU and make the best choice of your life!

5 Reasons to Major in English and History Education at ECU

English Education and History Education are both very similar degrees at ECU, and they are arguably better than any of its kind in the state of North Carolina. Each of the degrees are fairly small at ECU, and it allows each student to get focused instruction by the faculty in the program. In addition to this, students graduate with two degrees, and they only go to college for four years. There are many reasons to major in both of these degrees at ECU, and the top five reasons are as follows:

1. Small Class Sizes


One of the benefits of getting a degree in one of these programs is the small class sizes that you will be in. You will be able to have many one-on-one questions for teachers, and the faculty will get to know you very well by the time you graduate. You will grow relationships with these faculty, and they will help to guide you in your future as a teacher after graduation.

2. Two Degrees!


One of the best parts about majoring in both of these degrees is that you will be getting an education degree and a degree in English/History. Therefore, if you decide that you do not want to teach after you graduate, you can find a career in strictly English/History. It is a wonderful opportunity to have two degrees, and it is a benefit of going to ECU.

3. Three Levels of Students in the Department


The first level are undergraduate English and History education majors pursuing a double major. The second level are licensure only students, who already hold an undergraduate degree, and they can earn a North Carolina license in Secondary English at ECU. The third and last level are graduate students that can simultaneously earn a Master of Arts degree and an NC license to teach high school English.

4. Benefits of Two Majors


There are many benefits to double majoring that do not include graduating with two different degrees. You will have two different advisors, through two different departments, and they will guide you through your college experience. Also, you will have the opportunity to take classes with faculty from two separate departments that students majoring in one degree would not have. These benefits are amazing, and students that major in these degrees are the only ones that gain these benefits.



ECU partners with NCTEACH to allow current teachers to clear their provisional license solely online. This means that teachers do not have to come back to ECU to complete this coursework, and it is a very flexible program. Teachers must have the program completed by the end of their third year teaching if they got licensure outside of North Carolina. ECU offering this program means that you can get licensure for a teaching degree in any state and come to North Carolina, take this program, and be able to teach in North Carolina.

The English and History education degrees are extremely unique at ECU, and you cannot find an opportunity for them at any other university. There are too many benefits that ECU offers through them that you should pass up, and it is an amazing experience. Come to ECU and major in one of these amazing degrees, and you will find yourself with two degrees and many jobs to pursue!

5 Reasons to Major in Elementary Education at East Carolina University

ECU’s Elementary Education degree is one of the most popular degrees on campus, and it is one of ECU’s most recognized degrees. Elementary schools around the state look to hire ECU graduates, as the program helps to create some of the best elementary school teachers. There are many reasons to come to ECU and major in elementary education, and the top 5 reasons are below.

1. Largest Education degree at ECU


ECU College of Education offers many different education degrees, but there are no degrees offered that are larger than the Elementary Education degree. Most students that come to ECU pursuing a degree in education have a passion to teach elementary school students, so ECU has large classrooms in this field. If you major in Elementary Education at ECU then you will have many different people to bond with and make friends with.

2. Scholarships!


Because it is the largest education degree offered, most of the scholarships that the College of Education offer are for Elementary Education students. This is huge, and it is an amazing bonus to students that major in and have a passion for Elementary Education. You could find your financial burden lifted by a little bit or a lot by getting scholarships by being a student majoring in Elementary Education at ECU.

3. Graduate Opportunities


While other education majors only offer one graduate degree, the
Elementary Education program offers two: Master of Arts in Teaching and Master of Arts in Education. This allows you to have more choice in how you want to pursue your career, and it also allows there to be more people accepted into a graduate program. This is great because it allows every student to have an amazing chance to pursue a graduate degree.

4. Distance Education


One of the most amazing parts about the elementary education program compared to other education programs at ECU is that you can complete the entire program online except for the required internship. This allows absolutely anyone to have a chance to become a teacher no matter the circumstances at home. Distance education is a wonderful opportunity, and ECU offers this outstanding opportunity for future elementary school teachers.

5. Partnership East

State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Partnership East is an ECU degree completion partnership with North Carolina community colleges. The College of Education partners with Partnership East to allow students graduate with a four-year degree in elementary education from East Carolina University. These students complete the first two years of the program at any partnering community colleges with ECU. Then, they go on to complete the rest of their ECU courses online. This is a wonderful opportunity to students that are unable to take classes at ECU for four straight years.


The Elementary Education program is definitely for passionate people, but it has also become a degree for those that need flexibility with their schedules. ECU strives to allow anyone to obtain this degree, and there are many different paths that one can take to earn the degree. The degree is amazing, and you would not regret majoring in Elementary Education at ECU!

5 Reasons to Major in Management at East Carolina University

East Carolina University offers an amazing degree in Management, and many people find it to be one of the best Management degrees in the state. The degree offers many different “pros” that other management programs do not offer, and ECU‘s program attracts many different people across the state and country. There are many different reasons why people are attracted to ECU‘s Management program, but the top 5 reasons are as follows:

1. Curriculum

Students in the Management program will definitely be taking management classes, but to add to their knowledge, students will also be taking business, accounting, and finance classes. These classes add to the student’s education, and they help to prepare students for anything that they may encounter in their careers after graduation. ECU really strives to prepare students, and the curriculum in the Management program does this perfectly.

2. Concentrations

One of the plusses of majoring in Management at ECU is that you can add on a concentration, and you can still graduate in four years. There are different concentrations you can add which include, but are not limited to, International Business and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Students can decide to add on a concentration to enhance their college experience and knowledge, and the concentrations can benefit students for their future careers.

3. Student Organizations

There are many different student organizations on campus who are connected with the management program at ECU. There is the Student Leadership Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Society for Human Resource Management, and Society for Advancement of Management. There are even more organizations, and students are involved with them. The organizations add to the program, and they go to show how passionate the students that come into the program are about the field of management.

4. Future

There are many different jobs that students can pursue with a management degree, especially one from ECU. East Carolina University‘s Management Program is widely known, and graduates do not have any difficulties finding jobs. The reputation of the program is strong, and students are prepared for any job that they could possibly find with their Management degree in the future.

5. Difficult Coursework

One of the many reasons ECU‘s Management program receives so much skepticism is that the coursework involved can be quite difficult for students. Although students can sometimes be stressed while in school, all students graduate prepared and go on to be very successful in the world and in their careers. A huge part of their success is a result of the difficult course work that they had in college. They learned from the work, and it helped them to prosper in the work force.


The Management Program at ECU is one of the best management programs in the country, and students who are a part of the program are proud to be a part of it. They are actively involved with organizations within the program, and they work as hard as they can to get through the curriculum no matter how difficult it is. ECU is an amazing university, and the Management program would not let you down!

5 Reasons to Major in Exercise Physiology at ECU

The College of Health and Human Performance offers an amazing degree in Exercise Physiology that many students major in. The degree is very competitive at ECU, but it is worth it to the students that succeed within the degree. Students become prepared for future programs, and it allows them to succeed in the field throughout their lives. There are many reasons to major in this degree at ECU, and the top 5 reasons are as follows:

1. Competitive Programs

The graduate school programs in this field are really competitive at ECU, and the Exercise Physiology degree helps to prepare students in the case that the students wish to pursue a graduate program. This is very helpful because it gives students the option of going for their master’s or doctorate, and it gives a sense of security for students. It shows students that ECU’s program is an amazing one, and it is as good as any Exercise Physiology program at any other university.

2. Preparation

Along with preparing students for graduate school programs, ECU‘s Exercise Physiology program prepares students for their future careers. Even if students do not wish to go into a graduate program, they will be prepared for the many different careers that they can pursue with their degree in Exercise Physiology. ECU strive to prepare students for their futures, and this program succeeds in doing just that.

3. Separation From Other Programs

There are many different ways that ECU‘s Exercise Physiology program is separated from any other Exercise Physiology program at any other university. ECU‘s program has hands-on opportunities that better prepare students for their future, and students get a first hand opportunity at what their future will look like. Students are also often offered jobs while still in school, so they are guaranteed a job when they graduate. The program at ECU is unique in that it allows students to prosper in a guaranteed fashion just by getting the degree at ECU.

4. Internship

The Exercise Physiology program requires students to take a semester-long internship, and it helps students to prepare them for their future. Every program does not have an internship at every university, but ECU‘s does because it is extremely helpful to prepare students for their careers. Students love the internship because it is what they are passionate about, and it is a great for a student to spend a semester in school.

5. Scholarships

There are many scholarships available to students at ECU to help students with their financial troubles. The alumni that have come to the ECU donate money to the school along with other people. The Exercise Physiology program has a few scholarships by itself that are only offered to students majoring in Exercise Physiology, and this is a unique opportunity. You could find yourself getting financial help by majoring in the degree that you wanted to all along.


The Exercise Physiology program at ECU is very unique, and many students come to ECU for the different benefits of the program that they would not get elsewhere. It is definitely one of the best programs in the country of its kind. If you come to ECU and major in Exercise Physiology, you would not be disappointed, and you would be making the best decision of your life.

5 Differences of being in the Honors College at ECU

When applying for colleges in senior year of high school, many do know think of applying to the Honors college of universities, including East Carolina. There are many advantages to being enrolled in the Honors College instead of attending as a regular student, but there are also some extra things required of you as an Honors student.

1. Early Registration

Arguably the best perk of becoming an Honors student at East Carolina University is most definitely the ability of Honors Students getting very first dibs on all of the classes available. Honors students get to register classes before all other students, including seniors! This allows you to avoid all the 8am classes and pick exactly when, where, and with exactly what professor you wish to take with each class. Maybe you don’t want any Friday classes or you want to finish all of your days early. You can easily do that as an honors student! The hardest classes to get into are easily at your fingertips. 

2. Honors Curriculum

One of the extra classes you have to take at any level of honors student is the Honors Curriculum course 2000 and 3000 required in your first year. These classes, with their teaching style most recently completely redone, is built around having Honors students finding a problem on campus at ECU and creating a group to assess, research, and attempt to solve the problem. These problems could have to do with sustainability, dining, or even health on campus, but have unlimited possibilities for topics. Groups are required to do many many interviews around campus with anyone associated with the problem in order to understand the problem and trouble shoot. The conclusions that students come up with are presented, criticized, and made better than ever before. This may seem like a little more work and effort than usual, but will make your first year experience very involved and is great to prepare you for your future. 

3. Scholarships

Along with entering the honors college comes with three levels of scholarships that you could receive. These include the centennial fellows scholarship, an award of $2500 a year, chancellor fellows scholarship, an award of full tuition, and EC Scholar, a full ride to ECU. All of those who are enrolled in the Honors College are the highest quality of hardworking students, but your involvement in your community and scholarly achievements will determine exactly which scholarship you will be rewarded. EC Scholars are required to do much more work, take specific and more classes, and have to go on certain trips to keep their scholarship. 

4. Gateway East

Ah yes, the Honors College dorms. All Honors College students are required to live in Gateway East Hall, the newest dorm building on campus. These dorms are located on College Hill of ECU and are at the very tippy top. The entire building, Gateway, is split into an East side (where the Honors students live) and West Side (other LLCs). Living with the Honors students specifically is a fantastic atmosphere for everyone to relate to one another, make friends with the same scholarly values, and focus on school work while also having fun! This building has a basketball and beach volleyball court next to it along with the Neighborhood Service Office where one can get loaner keys, print in a computer lab, and receive mail! 

5. Academic Requirements

The academic requirements to become and stay an Honors student may seem worrisome, but can easily be achieved! A 28 on the ACT or a 1310 (new) SAT score is required in order to be invited to apply for the Honors college as well as at least a 3.50 grade point average. Once in the Honors college a grade point average of at least 3.30 is required to stay in the college (for centennial fellows). It is also required of the EC Scholars to attend certain Honors classes as well as to take Honors versions of normal classes taken at ECU. The Honors College at ECU is a very prestigious program to be involved in and can bring many opportunities for students that apply and get into it! Many Honors students wonder why there isn’t more recognition for East Carolina and its Honors college as it makes many honorable achievements comparable to other schools such as UNC Chapel Hill and NC State.

5 Reasons to Major in Family and Community Services at East Carolina University

The degree in Family and Community Services at ECU is an amazing degree, and many other universities do not offer as great of a degree as ECU does. The degree prepares every student that majors in it for their future, and it makes a difference in the world through the alumni that graduated in the degree. There are many reasons to major in this degree at ECU, but the top 5 reasons are as follows:

1. Passion


People that major in this degree have to have a passion for it, as you will be making an impact in the community and world with the degree in the future. Graduates go on in careers that just anyone would not be able to succeed with, as these careers are for people that want to have in their lives. Having a passion to major in this degree is an amazing passion to have, and ECU strives to have passionate students to join the university.

2. Career


There are many different careers that graduates can embark on with this degree, including but not limited to: juvenile services, substance abuse treatment centers, domestic violence programs, adoption agencies, and programs serving the elderly. These different careers require much preparation during college, and ECU will prepare you for any of the listed careers, and will even prepare you for more plausible careers. ECU strives to give you the best education possible, and you would be proud to have this degree from ECU.

3. Alumni


The alumni from ECU that majored in Family and Community Services still work with ECU, and it allows current students to prosper in the program. Students can get insight from alumni, and it helps students to better succeed in classes. Along with this, alumni help students to be better prepared for their future careers, which allows students to make a bigger difference later in their careers.

4. Make a Difference!


This degree is centered around the idea that you are going to make a difference in the community that you work in, and ultimately make a difference in the world. While you work with children and families, you are going to have strong impacts on the lives of many different people, and these people are going to look up to you for your knowledge and expertise. Some of these people may not be in great places in their lives, and you could find yourself being the reason that another person’s life gets put back together and back on track.

5. Home


East Carolina University can easily become your home if you come here, and majoring in this degree could easily make this happen. Because everyone that majors in this degree is extremely passionate, you will be able to connect with everyone else majoring in the degree. You will easily make friends, and you will be able to connect with the university and one day call ECU your home.


The degree in Family and Community Services is a very unique degree, as it almost feels like your career will be volunteering for the rest of your life. You will be helping families and the community, and you will find yourself extremely prepared for this by going to ECU. ECU offers one of the best degrees of this kind, and you would be happy to have gotten your degree from this university.