15 Reasons why ECU is better than NCSU

1. Have a Medical School on Our Campus

2. Sup Dogs is 5 Minutes Away

3. Halloween at ECU is Legendary

4. It’s Only a One-Hour Drive to the Beach

5. Our Gym is Amazing

6. Tailgaiting. Need I Say More?

7. Cool Traditions like Polar Bear Plunge

8. You Can Walk Anywhere on Campus in 15 Minutes

9. Our Nursing Program is Ranked #1

10. We Have a Cheap Italy Study Abroad Program

11. Starbuck is Only 10 minutes Away Wherever You Are

12. Soon To Open Student Center Will Be Huge

13. We Are Known For Our Parties!

14. A Pirate is an Awesome Mascot

15. We Beat NCSU !


10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU

Bored of Campus food at ECU? Make sure to check out these 10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU!

1. Sup Dogs

Who can resist the great prices and wonderful food that is only a 10 minute walk from campus?

10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU

2. The Scullery

A wonderful restaurant located downtown that serves an array of food suitable for vegetarians and bacon-lovers.

10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU

3. Cook Out

Cook out is one of the best places to eat, no matter the time. Who doesn’t like a milkshake at 2 a.m.?


10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU

4. Krispy Kreme

Have a sweet tooth? Want to pick up a warm doughnut? Krispy Kreme is only a 15-minute walk from campus.

10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU


The late night destination for many friend groups where you can eat as much breakfast food as you want!

10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU

6. Basil’s Restaurant

A nice eatery that serves Italian, American, and Greek food. A wonderful place for a date.

10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU

7. Totopos Street Food and Tequila

This fun restaurant offers free tequila for a 21st birthday and wonderful meals for a fair price.

10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU

8. Cinnamon Indian Cuisine

This restaurant serves some of the best Indian food in Greenville and there is even a weekday lunch buffet.

10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU

9. Mellow Mushroom

This pizza chain has a groovy feel and wonderful food. A fun place to go with friends or family.

10. Chipotle

A staple for all college students, Chipotle is a fast Mexican eatery where all the ingredients are fresh and you design your own meal.

10 Best Places To Eat Around ECU

10 of the Easiest Classes at ECU

School got you stressed out? Need an easy class to boost your GPA? Here is a list of 10 of the Easiest Classes at ECU!

1. PSYCH 1000 – Introductory Psychology

This class comes straight out of the book so as long as you can read you can make an A.

2. KINE 1000 – Lifetime Physical Activity and Fitness Laboratory

This class is basically middle school PE on steroids. You have to take it to graduate, so it can’t be that hard, right?

3. HLTH 1000 – Health in Modern Society

If you know that you get rid of germs by washing your hands, you already basically have an A in this class.

4. MATH 1065 – College Algebra

This online-based class is fairly easy as long as you stay on top of your work.

5. EXSS 2278

Intro to scuba diving. Need I say more?

6. DNCE 1000 – Introduction to Dance

Learn to do all kinds of moves for beginners in this easy class that will also keep you active and boost your GPA.

7. CDFR 1103 – Marriage and Family Relations

Marriage and family relations. A very easy class. Over half of the people that take it get an A.

8. FORL 2680 – German Literature in Translation

Grimm’s fairy tales. Not your typical childhood stories but still and easy A.

9. FINA 1904 – Personal Finance

Personal finance is a class that is both important and easy. You have to know how to keep your money if you ever want to get out of the debt you take on for going to college!

10. COAD 1000 – Student Development and Learning in Higher Education

Student Development and Learning in Higher Education is an easy class that will also help you understand how best to develop your study skills in college.

Become a Notetaker at East Carolina University

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What do you get:

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10 Ways to Kick Butt at East Carolina University

The smell of the upcoming school year is a midst, and causing a lot of students to panic for the upcoming school year. Although school is known to be stressful, these 10 steps can really help the transition into the new year very simple, easy and stress free! Learn to start that new college school year off right!

1. Mentally Prepare Yourself

Don’t psyche yourself out now because of the slowly approaching school year, however, learn to train your brain into thinking and believing that everything is going to be alright, you got this, and it is all going to run as smoothly as possible. Making sure that you’re positive thinking, is extremely important in order for a new school year to run off on a good start. Beginning a new chapter in the College book can be very intimidating, stressful, and confusing to students (especially new ones). Although, all the bad stuff could immediately be avoided by just heading into the new year with your head up high and positive, healthy thinking. Learn to be open to new things and tell yourself that you got this!

2. Make checklists

Checklists are very important when it comes to keeping organized and maintaining a stress free environment. Making lists are helpful for almost everything, including your dorm room necessities, school supplies, new wardrobe, as well as other basic needs. Creating a checklist for the school year really helps with cutting out the things you don’t really need versus the important things a college student needs. Not only can you save a lot of money with making lists, you can also save a truckload of time, effort, and stress, because who wants all that when you’re starting a new year of school!

3. Be a Social Butterfly

Many people say that the first two to three weeks of the school year is the most important when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. It is essential for new students to be a social butterfly during the first transition into the school year, because it is prime time to not only meet those in your dorm, but also in your classes, cafeterias, or even new clubs. It is a great deal to make yourself known (of course, in a good way), so the transition into the new school year runs smoothly and easily. So do not be nervous to put yourself out there, to join clubs, intramural sports, or even talking to those around you!

4. Don’t be afraid to try new things

Of course everyone has their own comfort levels and zones, however college has countless opportunities for students to be apart of and be the best possible person that they could be! It is viable that you reach a little out of your comfort zone, in order to get the greatest college experience you could get. Joining new clubs, sports teams, intriguing classes, volunteering, or even sports events, are a great way to meet new people, make new friends, be apart of your school and showing spirit! Furthermore, it is also important that you maintain control over timeliness between the social atmosphere and school work!

5. Check your routes!

It is extremely essential for a student to get familiar with their campus and the prime locations where they will be spending most of their time throughout the school year. It is very important to learn and understand your routes from your dorm, to all your classes, the bookstore, teachers offices/ buildings, food locations (cafeterias, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, etc.), to the campus libraries, recreation centers, and etc. It is also important for students to understand and get familiar with the shuttle stops and routes around campus to not only make your traveling easy, but also stress free and quick. Another great tip is to learn the bus stops and routes around the city, to help you easily get around town.

6. Brush up on your intelligence

Ahh, sweet summer is quickly coming to an end, and so is the laziness as well as all the forgotten knowledge it brings. It is not required for you to brush up on your school knowledge (from the school year prior), however it is extremely recommended for a student to prepare themselves for the upcoming school year by reviewing what they previously learned the year before, in order to make the transition into the next year stress-free, easy, breezy and beautiful… student life. It is recommended not only by your teachers or administration to review your already attained knowledge, but also by other students. Walking into a new year, with knowledge completely forgotten from the past few months of not practicing or retaining the information, it could be very confusing and stressful for students in their continuing classes, and could also create a lot of students to not start of well. So, spend a few hours every few days, reviewing your past material from the last school year, in order for you to start the next school year right!

7. Take what you need/ Budgets!

It can not be said enough, it is most important for all students (especially in college) to learn about their budget for the upcoming school year, so that they don’t end up surviving on cup of noodles or ramen, easy mac and Dominos. Before the school year starts, learn about what you can do to save money, earn money, and how to use it during the year. For example, create different budgets regarding grocery money, basic necessities/ supplies, food, books, and etc. It is also important that you purchase and bring (from home or previous living space) things that you really need, and cut out unnecessary things.

8. Start looking for jobs (if interested)

If you are a returning college student, it may be in your preference to find a job and earn money to support yourself throughout the upcoming school year. Many colleges and universities have countless jobs on campus that they provide for students in order to make some money while they go to school! Before the school year starts, it could be extremely helpful to start looking and applying for on campus or nearby campus jobs now before the rush and high demand starts once school begins.

9. Eat well, Sleep well.. zzz…

Maintaining a great sleeping schedule and diet can be a great tip when it comes to starting off anything with a great boost. Create a diet and sleeping schedule to your preference and best ability so that you are more energetic and sharp minded throughout the day! Not only can this help you have a great start to the upcoming school year, it also prevents stress and creates a smooth, healthy transition for students.

10. Get excited!

Although summer is ending, and the school season is starting, that is no reason to be glum about returning to your beloved University. Not only will you see your returning friends (if you are returning as well), but you will also be given countless opportunities given to you by your own college to meet new people, discover things about yourself, and be the best you can be as a person mentally, morally, and with your growing intelligence!

10 of the Hardest Classes at ECU

Want to avoid death by homework? Trying to find a class to push back until senior year? Read this list and you will know the hardest classes here! Here I present you, 10 of the Hardest Classes at ECU!

1. CHEM 2750 – Organic Chemistry

Carbon containing compounds, properties, composition and reactions. Does any of this sound enjoyable?

2. CHEM 2770 – Biochemistry

You have to take it for medical school, but still gross.

3. PHYS 2350 – University Physics

The average GPA for this class is 1.67

4. PHYS 4416 – Modern Physics

Want to learn the ways scientists make physics even more complicated? Then this is the class for you!

5. MATH 1065 – Algebra

The subject isn’t hard, but keeping up with a whole class online and not fying of boredom is hard.

6. FINA 2244 – Legal Environment of Business

Trying to read the news is hard enough, but figuring out legality by yourself is just hard

7. POLS 1010 – National Government

Politics are uncomfortable and complex, but maybe this information will be useful someday

8. MATH 2119 – Elements of Calculus

Calculus seems harmless right? The GPA would say otherwise (1.60)

9. MATH 2151 – Engineering Calculus

Math, math, math. To be an engineer, this is a necessary evil.

10. ECON 3144 – Intermediate Microeconomics

The economy is complicated, but this class is even worse.