East Carolina University Online Tutoring Services

If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at East Carolina University, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in North Carolina. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at East Carolina University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around North Carolina.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

CHEM 0150Preparation for College Chemistry
CHEM 1020General Descriptive Chemistry
CHEM 1021General Descriptive Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 1120Introduction to Chemistry for the Allied Health Sciences
CHEM 1121Basic General, Organic, and Biochemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 1130Organic and Biochemistry for the Allied Health Sciences
CHEM 1131Basic General, Organic, and Biochemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 1150General Chemistry I
CHEM 1151General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 1160General Chemistry II
CHEM 1161General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 2650Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences
CHEM 2651Organic Chemistry Lab for the Life Sciences
CHEM 2750Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2753Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 2760Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 2763Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 2770 Biological Chemistry
CHEM 2771Biological Chemistry Laboratory
MATH 0001Intermediate Algebra-A
MATH 0045 Intermediate Algebra-B
MATH 1064Applied Mathematics for Business
MATH 1065 College Algebra
MATH 1074 Applied Trigonometry
MATH 1083 Introduction to Functions
MATH 1085 Pre-Calculus Mathematics

Health and Wellness Services at ECU

East Carolina University, or ECU, is located in Greenville, North Carolina. This institution is the third largest university in North Carolina. This is a public and doctoral and research university. Historically ECU was founded as a Teachers College, and since then, East Carolina University has grown from 43 acres to almost 1,600 acres. With such an increase in growth, it is no surprise that the institution has focused on health and wellness services that they can provide to students.

1. Student Health Services

This shows the entrance to Student Health Services.

East Carolina University Student Health Services only hires professionals who are capable of offering both basic and advanced healthcare services to enrolled students. Student Health Services specializes in the overall health and well-being of ECU students by offering affordable or low-cost services to ill students. Student Health Services is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Achieving accreditation by AAAHC is quite the feat, and it is rarely done for college campuses.

2. University Police Department

This image shows new officers getting sworn in on campus.

The East Carolina University Police Department is a professional police department capable of providing the same level of service offered by a municipal police department. In addition, the ECU Police Department offers services unique to an academic institution, such as escorts and patrols. The department is responsible for the well being of everyone at the University at all times, and this can include up to 40,000 including students, faculty, staff, and visitors per day. It should be noted that the department works closely with administrators, students, faculty, and staff to create and maintain a secure and safe environment for all.

3. Center for Counseling and Student Development

This is a mosaic is to advertise for the CCSD on campus.

Students in need are able to attend individual or group counseling sessions as often as necessary to improve their mental well-being. Individual Counseling is a confidential, and almost any personal issue can be addressed through individual counseling and treatment. At ECU, individual counseling is focused on helping the student to explore issues, learn new ways of coping, create change, and increase their quality of life. In contrast, Group Counseling provides a supportive and environment in which members can discuss a variety of concerns with professionals and peers.

4. Bridge to Balance Workshop

This image is used to advertise for all CCSD workshops offered.

Bridge to Balance is a 2 week psychoeducational workshop that is based on a  set curriculum. This workshop exists with the purpose to enhance mindfulness skills, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. As many college students may not want peers to know that he or she is struggling, these sessions are designed to ensure that students’ privacy is maintained.

5. Campus Recreation and Wellness

This image shows how wonderful and accessible the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is.

There are a variety of programs offered at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center aimed towards achieving the 8 forms of wellness. These programs include personal trainers, individual fitness lessons, group sessions, and so much more. On occasion, students can receive healthy lifestyle coaching, free Body Mass Index Assessments, and chair massages.

Ultimately, East Carolina University is an institution interested in rounding out the whole student. Students here can expect not only a great academic education, but also the chance to further their health and wellness needs.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at ECU

East Carolina University is a public doctoral/research university in Greenville, North Carolina. The school has over 21,000 students and one of their most notable alum was actress Sandra Bullock. Here are 10 cool clubs to visit at East Carolina University.

1. AMA

graphic illustration of marketing

AMA stands for American Marketing Association. The group is committed to gathering a community of students in the marketing or related field to come together to learn more about the field. The group holds events for professionals to come in and speak on their job advice.

2. Active Minds

 the logo for active minds

Active Minds allows students to truly be able to feel comfortable with talking about mental health. Mental health can be greatly effected in a negative way when you allow the stress of work and school and simply taking on too much to overtake you.

3. Black Student Union

 the country of africa in a fist

The black student union on campus is a resource for those who are of African American decent or even someone who support the movement to become a close knit community. The group has educational events to empower as well as rid of stereotypes.

4. Books for Better Outlooks

a stack of books

Books for Better Outlooks is a non profit that allows students to gather in the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy a book. Books are a center for knowledge as well as  a way for new ideas to come about. The books are donated and distributed to places such as schools and family shelters.

5. Circle K International

 the logo for circle k international

Circle K International services students within the world in campuses. The group is a branch of the Kiwanis group. Circle K allows students to gain powerful leadership skills by organizing and taking part in doing good for their community.

6. Colleges Against Cancer

 the logo for colleges against cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is a group on campus that allows students to be able to raise funds for cancer research or for patients who are struggling to pay their operational fees. The groups largest and most known event is the relay for life.

7. Delight Ministries

 a bible and a cup of coffee

Delight Ministries was founded on the idea that women want to find friendship while also being surrounded by other women who are in the path with the lord. This is a great group to socialize as well as attend mass and bible study with.

8. Disc Golf Club

 two people playing disc golf

Disc golf is a leisurely sport that allows students to experience the crisp outside air. The group enjoys giving tips on bettering your throw as well as can help even if you are a new comer to the overall game. Just come with a willingness to learn .

9. Eco-Pirates

 glass of rose gold metal straws

Eco-Pirates is a group on campus that allows students to be educated on how to be more sustainable as well as create a truly greener earth. The group shows you how to recycle your trash as well as alternatives for less waste such as metal straws.

10. Humane Society of Eastern Carolina

picture of a girl with her dog

The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina is a group on campus that is there to combat the costs that the humane society has with upkeep of neglected animals. The group holds a variety of fundraising events as well as will volunteer .

Top Events of the School Year at East Carolina University

1. Auditions – The Three Musketeers

 the book cover of the three musketeers

The school is putting on auditions for the play adaptation of The Three Musketeers. If you are looking to get involved in the theater community of the school this is your chance. Come eager and ready to perform your heart out.

2. POUND® Fitness at Health Science

 a woman doing a yoga pose

This event is completely free and allows students a fun way to burn off calories and work the muscles of the entire body. The event uses specially weighted drumsticks that allow your arms to do strength building while also the event has a good mix of cardio and yoga.

3. FYI Series: Unplugged Mindfulness

 a person who is truly at peace

This event will allow students to have the opportunity to learn about different methods of relieving stress and where the stress comes from. Mindfulness is being able to take the stress and not so much ignore it but be at peace with it.

4. Ladies Climb Night

 a woman climbing a wall

Ladies climb night allows specifically females to be able to enjoy each other’s company, as well as a great workout by doing rock climbing. Rock climbing is a great all over body workout because it causes your arms to support most of your body weight while your bottom half uses its stealth and balance.

5. Holiday Sidewalk Sale

Holiday Sidewalk Sale with santa and his bag

Located in the Brody Commons, the first floor the Health Sciences Bookstore has their annual holiday sale. The event allows students to shop up to 25%-50% on apparel as well as gift sets. This is a great time to see what the bookstore has to offer.

Top 10 Majors Offered at ECU

East Carolina University was founded back on March 8, 1907, as a training school for teachers before changing to a public university. The university is doctoral-granting/research institution which resembles a small college. It is located in Greenville, North Carolina. It lies on a land size of about 43 acres to almost 1,600 acres. Currently the university boasts of about 23,265 undergraduate students and 5,866 graduate students. The majors offered include:

1. Nursing

major in Nursing they are likely to work as the acute care agencies, school nurse

Any student who is planning to major in Nursing they are likely to work as the acute care agencies, school nurse, pediatrics, psychiatric mental health nurse more. Admission is very competitive with a minimum cut of 69 percent according to last year admission.

2. Health Professions 

hospitals, private practitioners, business people in the sector etcetera,

The College of Allied Health Sciences is the largest university-based allied health provider in the state, the university has highly motivated and knowledgeable tutors whom ensure the student get the best. Careers are available in hospitals, private practitioners, business people in the sector etcetera,

3. Accounting

The course deals with topics that any accounting officer

The degree is mainly for developing solutions to issues that exist in management accounting and assisting in handling of difficulties that face many of the firms as they deal with their in-house accounting. The course deals with topics that any accounting officer requires to work in the vast accounting environment. Admissions for this major do not require meeting requirements for professional certification as a CPA in North Carolina.

4. Education

business information systems, counseling, electronic media, and librarianship.

The College of Education offers 17 undergraduate degrees. These programs prepare professional educators and allied practitioners, including professionals in business information systems, counseling, electronic media, and librarianship.

5. Communication

interpersonal, organizational, cultural, and meditated.

Taking this major at East Carolina University will have covered a lot of course unlike other universities as here the major is a combination many courses. It has a focus on creating of messages and their interpretation in various settings which may include interpersonal, organizational, cultural, and meditated. Careers in this field include; journalists, news analysts, spokespeople, public relations specialists, and human resource professionals.

6. Computer Science

 involves study of mathematics, science, and all the basics of computer science

The course involves study of mathematics, science, and all the basics of computer science. Somebody would choose this university purely on the fact that the office is active in engaging with their industrial supporters even alumni. Majoring in this course, a person can work in different fields such as an IT consultant, database administrator, games developer and etcetera.

7. Engineering Technologies

 ECU ensure learning take place in both class rooms and labs. 

The graduates in this university take a common core of engineering courses that provide them with the breadth to be employed in a number of industries. To produce competent graduates ECU ensure learning take place in both class rooms and labs.

8. Biochemistry

health professionals, biotechnology scientists, pharmacists, researchers

The course is made for students who want to venture in the available careers as health professionals, biotechnology scientists, pharmacists, researchers and even as business people in this sector. The syllabus ECU covers areas chemistry, physics, calculus, and biology. The degree requirements in this university include an additional course work in molecular and cellular disciplines, which is combined with biochemistry sequence. On top of this, the students are highly motivated to take part in undergraduate research projects in biochemistry which earns them credit in the course.

9. Business


The university offers a strong curriculum that prepares todays’ students to become tomorrow’s leaders and solid preparation in valuable skills. With this major graduate can work in different fields  as finance officer, accountant, event planner and many more

10. Journalism

 content marketer, editor, reporter, grant writer and more.

Students taking this major at ECU are subjected through rigorous course study, professional training using the latest technology to ensure they are the best in the market. Some of the careers include content marketer, editor, reporter, grant writer and more.

The courses offered at East Carolina University are very competitive in the job market. This is due to the fact that, for somebody to be considered for admission, the minimum requirement is 69%.  Graduates from the university are highly sought by employers because of the high GPA attained at this university. For more information about the course offered visit the school website.


10 ECU Library Resources You Need to Know

The East Carolina University or ECU for short is a public doctoral/research university in Greenville, North Carolina. It was founded on March of 1907 as a teacher training school, and has grown from 43 acres to almost 1,600 acres. It has 9 undergraduate colleges, graduate school, and 4 professional schools, and also there are over 300 registered clubs on campus including fraternities and sororities. As its record says, ECU is all about its students and faculties. It takes the meaning of “teaching” to a hold new level as they use to train teachers. That’s why you have to check this list with the 10 East Carolina University library resources you need to know.

1) One Search

one search

One Search contains the physical collection of Joyner Library, e-books and all the libraries’ databases and journal packages. One Search simplifies the process of finding information in the Libraries by searching through a massive collection of books, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, e-books, dissertations, conference proceedings, and numerous academic databases.

2) Browzine


Browzine is an app that gives you mobile access to ECU Libraries’ electronic journals. BrowZine is a mobile app for tablets and smartphones, as well as for desktops and laptops that allows you to access and browse e-journals. It lets you read scholarly journals, create a personal bookshelf of favorite journals, be alerted when new issues of a journal are available, bookmark articles for reading later, and more.

3) Course-Adopted Textbook Program

adopt book

As is commonly known, textbook costs have risen dramatically in recent years. And as a solution to help alleviate that problem, the library, in conjunction with a grant from Library Services and Technology Act of the State of North Carolina, is providing some class adopted texts in a free electronic format for students to use to help with the expenses of being a student.

4) RefWorks


RefWorks is a Libraries’ online research management, writing, and collaboration tool that was designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store, and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies, which is a software that is available to all ECU affiliates.

5) Borrow Materials

borrow ECU

To be able to borrow the libraries’ materials you have to be an ECU-affiliated. Faculty members, Staff, Graduate & Undergraduate students are automatically registered. Others must register at a circulation desk and must present an ID, complete an Application and pay a fee. The time you can borrow the materials are limited by your status (staff, undergraduate…) but it can be from 3 days to 180 days. There is also to have into consideration the fees and fines for lost or damaged.

6) Borrow Equipment

borrow elect

All the ECU libraries have special equipment for the use of all the ECU community. That includes Laptops (Mac and Windows laptops), e-Readers (Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook devices), Digital Cameras (Canon DSLR and Sony point-and-shoot cameras), Cell Phone Lens Caps, Video Cameras, GoPros, Tripods, Cassette Recorder/Player, Calculators, Video Projectors & Screen, Monitor Display Adapters (HDMI adapters for use in Joyner Library study rooms), and much more.

7) Study Rooms and Study Carrel

 study rooms

At ECU Libraries you can reserve a study space or study room for quiet study sessions or for groups’ sessions. There are also the Study carrels that you can request or reserve. Library materials used in the study carrels must be checked out if the period of use is for more than one day.

8) Disability Services

disability services

At ECU libraries they provide assistance for people with disabilities which include a lot of amenities and services. Handicapped parking permits are available from the ECU Parking and Transportation Services. There are ramps and automatic doors at the entrances. Specifically in Joyner Library there’s an electric scooter available for people with mobility limitations. And also there are adjustable tables for patrons in wheelchairs.

9) Writing Center


At ECU there is The University Writing Center (UWC), which is open and available to students, faculty, and staff to work with undergraduate and graduate writing consultants on writing at any stage of the writing process on any type of writing in sessions of 45 minutes.

10) Get Help

get help

Inside the system of ECU libraries, here is a lot of different methods to get help in whatever you need and give you the answers you are looking for (research, study, and more). Include are: Ask a Librarian, Research Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, Library Tutorials, and much more.

Libraries at East Carolina University

1) Joyner Library

joyner lib

The Joyner Library is the intellectual heart of ECU. It holds nearly 1.9 million bound volumes, 2.1 million pieces of microform, 532,000 government documents, and more than 24,000 journal subscriptions. The library, which houses the East Carolina manuscript collection, also holds materials related to North Carolina, the tobacco industry, worldwide missionary activities, and American military history.

2) Laupus Health Sciences Library


The Laupus Health Sciences Library provides health sciences information, resources, and services for eastern North Carolina with a primary focus on colleges and schools within the Division of Health Sciences. It is the primary library for the Brody School of Medicine, the College of Nursing, the College of Allied Health Sciences, and the School of Dental Medicine. It holds approximately 160,000 volumes and 10,000 serial titles.

3) Music Library


The Music Library, started as a small library in 1958, is a branch of Joyner Library located on the first floor of A.J. Fletcher Music Center. It houses approximately 93,000 items, which includes its entire audio recording collection. This library satisfies all the needs of the music school and students of ECU and can be accessed by all the community.



Top 10 Professors at East Carolina University

East Carolina University is one of the largest schools in all of North Carolina. The odds are pretty good then that some fantastic teachers would belong to the institution. Here are the ten that students agreed were pretty exceptional:

1. Debra Tavasso

Professor of Health Science

Rating: 5.0
Department: Health Science

Courses Taught by Professor Tavasso:

HLTH2000 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Tavasso:

“Mrs. Tavasso is a great professor! She’s super sweet & funny at times. There’s no reason for anyone to not get an A in here.”

“She is such a caring professor and wants to help you make a good grade. If you do the online content and pay attention in class, the exams will be common sense for you.”

“Great Professor! She is willing to work with you and help you out in any way that she can. I would recommend her for HLTH 1000!”

2. Gerry MacLeod

Professor of Mathematics

Rating: 5.0
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor MacLeod

MAT2283 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor MacLeod

“Truly the best professor I have had in my 2 years at ECU so far. So caring and will go the extra mile to help you with whatever you need! Can be difficult if you don’t pay attention, but if you go to class, pay attention, and do your HW you will easily get an A! She is so nice and knows what she is talking about! 100% recommend.”

“PLEASE! Do yourself a favor and take Mrs. MacLeod. Not only is she super sweet, she does literally anything to help you out she can. She provides relevant examples and applies them to everyday life. She also provides you with multiple extra credit opportunities throughout the course.”

“She is the best math professor I have ever had. Usually I get math professors that are stuck up and do not know how to teach, but she was great at teaching and super caring. I barely had to do any self-teaching because she explains everything so well in her lectures. Lots of extra credit opportunities!”

3. Brian Cavanaugh

Professor of Health Science

Rating: 5.0
Department: Health Science

Courses Taught by Professor Cavanaugh

HLTH1000 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Cavanaugh

“Mr. Cav is an awesome professor. Not to mention: he’s smokin’ hot. I’m pretty sure everyone can agree with this! This class should be an easy A and quite honestly it’s little bit boring at times but Mr. Cavanaugh makes it worth it, not only with his looks but personality as well. TAKE HIM!”

“TAKE HIM!!!!! I actually looked forward to going to class bc he makes class super fun and he’s super hot so that’s obviously a plus! Class is just one day a week with an online assignment every week. Super easy. Do yourself a favor and TAKE HIS CLASS!”

“Get him!!! I came from Poland so first semester was really stressful but Brian made it easy, fun and enjoyable!”

4) Beth Ulffers

Professor of Music

Rating: 5.0
Department: Music

Courses Taught by Professor Ulffers

MUSC3018 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Ulffers

“She is the BEST teacher! I loved every minute of her class. She makes everything very simple and uses really interactive lessons as examples instead of just doing boring power points. She clearly cares about her students and makes sure that EVERYONE understands what we’re doing. This was my favorite class at ECU so far!”

“Mrs. Ulffers is the best teacher I have ever had at ECU! She is the sweetest person you will ever meet, and she truly cares about every one of her students. She makes sure that we all understand the information that we need to know, and she makes music fun! EVERYONE should take a class with her!!!”

“Beth Ulffers is simply incredible. I’ve never been good at music, & was terrified to take a music class, but she is so helpful, patient, and kind that this class became my favorite. She is the best! Always happy and energetic, even when she couldn’t speak due to surgery. She brings her all to class, and expects you to do the same. Take this class!”

5) Georgia Childs

staff helping out a patient

Rating: 5.0
Department: Health Science

Courses Taught by Professor Childs

HLTH2500 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Childs

“Mrs. Childs is a GREAT teacher. I learned a lot from her and had fun doing it! Even after you have had her class she will always help you with anything you need. Def a teacher to take!”

“Ms Childs is great…very fair, lots of fun, is there if you need her. She tries to make coming to class interesting. I’ve laughed a lot so far. I think she is genuinely a good person who loves what she does…a rarity! Plus, she bleeds purple and gold till death!!!”

“Easy easy class. Take for an A and a fun time. Topics are fun and interesting. I really have nothing negative to say about her or the class. There are 2 projects and 4 essay assignments. Couldn’t ask for a cooler professor.”

6) William Corbitt

Hola. Hello in Spanish. Word of colorful vector triangular letters

Rating: 5.0
Department: Spanish

Courses Taught by Professor Corbitt

SPAN1001 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Corbitt

“Probably the best teacher I’ve had in college so far. Extremely helpful and keeps you motivated!”

“Although I don’t particularly enjoy Spanish this class was bearable. He was extremely helpful and you knew exactly what he expected of you. If you can, take him.”

“LOVED PROFESSOR CORBITT. So helpful and would do anything for his students. He has a good sense of humor, too. Always makes the class interesting.”

7) Charles Bland

Professor of Biology

Rating: 5.0
Department: Biology

Courses Taught by Professor Bland

BIOL1030 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Bland

“Upbeat, funny, caring, interesting, charming- loved him!!! You cannot help but walk out of his class with a smile on your face. Honestly, you would have to work hard to get a bad grade in his class! Did I mention I loved him!”

“The most laid back professor you’ll ever have.”

“You get out of this course exactly what you put into it. There is no required text, the work load is minimal, and the test is as easy as he could make it. He is an excellent professor and will help you where you need it.”

8) Karen Kus

Professor of Counselor Education

Rating: 5.0
Department: Counselor Education

Courses Taught by Professor Kus

COAD1000 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Kus

“She is great. She really is there to help you and easy to talk to. Only a couple grades that are very easy. Open note midterm. 4 page paper about what you want to be when you grow up. Great great class.”

“Great teacher, class isn’t hard at all, our mid-term was take home and open book. She gives food to the class when its someones birthday, and she really helps people understand the basics of attending ECU.”

“She is great! She is very proficient and timely.”

9) Elizabeth Briggs

Professor of English

Rating: 5.0
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Briggs

LIBS3200 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Briggs

“She is the BEST! Very organized and cares about your success. She is prompt in answering emails/questions. Ms. Briggs provides you with comments/suggestions when she grades your work. I took it online and she allows you to work ahead which was nice for s summer class! Def take her class.”

“This was my second class with Ms. Briggs & she is still the best! The class was extremely easy if your willing to open up & try. She makes class fun!”

“Awesome teacher! You just read books you choose & have chapter quizzes. Answers are exactly like what the books says. She’s so nice too! I took it online and loved it! You can work ahead and be done quick!”

10) Kate Harcourt

Professor of Child Development

Rating: 5.0
Department: Child Development

Courses Taught by Professor Harcourt

CDFR2001 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Harcourt

“Very vibrant professor and passionate about what she teaches. Loved her!”

“I’m a senior and have had Dr. KT several times… she’s my go to professor! She’s smart and laid back – she’s the best!”

“KT is a great teacher. This class involves one midterm, a group project, service learning, and some homework assignments. She is great at explaining and emailing back. She always wants everyone to pass. I suggest you take her!”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at East Carolina

1) Marine Parasites by Christopher Moore

Graduate student prepares crab condo

Faculty: Coastal Research

Parasites are not the most helpful creatures in ecosystems and anyone could tell you that. However, they are critical indicators of the health of ecosystems and biodiversity. The award winning research of Christopher Moore delves deeper into this.

2) Fish Conservation by Rebecca Asch

ECU assistant professor Rebecca Asch and researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have found that climate change may affect the breeding habitats of the endangered Nassau grouper.

Faculty: Biology

To many, it might seem hard to believe that climate change can have as many negative effects as it does. And yet, the research of Professor Asch contributes to yet another negative effect of climate change. It has drastically decreased the ability for certain fish to procreate.

3) Respiratory Diseases in the LGBT Community by Kerry Sewell

Kerry Sewell, research librarian for Laupus Libraryâ??s Systematic Review Service

FacultyCollege of Health and Human Performance

Sewell partnered with Joseph Lee to attempt to explain why members of the LGBT community were more likely to develop respiratory diseases. They found, in the research, that it is because their environments are poorer. This could end up leading to better health education for LGBT people.

4) Cancer Treatment Bias by Abby Schwartz


Faculty: Social Work

Despite being a social work professor, Abby Schwartz decided to mix research of sociology with research of medicine in her new project. She wanted to understand why older Latino people had a harder time receiving cancer treatment. One of the primary reasons was actually that they had a harder time arranging transportation.

5) Disaster Prevention by Victor Oladokun

Victor Oladokun has been at ECU this semester through the Fulbright Scholar program. (Photos by Cliff Hollis)

Faculty: Industrial Engineering

Victor Oladokun’s research into disaster prevention is two-sided. In the one case, he wants to try to prevent disasters, obviously. However, he is also doing great research to help communities recover if disaster strikes anyway.

Though both North Carolina and South Carolina have great colleges, the former must love being home to East Carolina and all of their interesting research projects.

5 Peaceful Places to Sit and Study on ECU’s Campus

As a student in college, there are many instances when one needs to study for long periods of time. Sometimes when you need to study for an exam or do some homework, your dorm room isn’t the quietest place to get it done and focus. ECU‘s campus has many places that one can sit and relax and get whatever work or studying that they need to get done. Why not pick somewhere different and relaxing to make your studying experience more effective as well as fun!

1. Outdoor Area in Joyner Library.

Many people know that studying in Joyner Library at ECU is a great idea, buy many don’t know about the secret outdoor area in the middle of the library. There is a small garden with tables and chairs that is very peaceful and quiet that is perfect for studying. This area is right behind the front desk area when you walk into the library and there is easy access to it. If you haven’t tried this spot out for studying, what are you waiting for?

2. Study Rooms in Residence Halls.

One of the best places of all time to study when you don’t want to go too far from your room is a study room in your building. Many students utilize these rooms, and for good reason, as they are very quiet yet comfortable, and you can control the lighting as well as temperature of the room. You can also bring blankets, music, food, and whatever else you like to have while you study. They also usually have some of the most comfortable chairs to sit on in these rooms as well!

3. In an Eno Hammock in the Mall.

The Mall area of ECU‘s campus is a wonderful place to be when the weather is nice, especially for those with Enos who need to study. As the temperatures rise, more and more people in hammocks will appear in the mall of ECU. This is a fantastic and fun place to study as you can sit or lye comfortably while reading or writing a paper on your laptop while in nature! Even if you don’t have an Eno, many people bring blankets or sit on benches in the mall to sit and have a good study session!

4. Starbucks in Joyner Library.

One of the most common things used to help one study is caffeine in coffee or tea. Not only does this keep you focused and awake, but can also bring you to a great environment to study. The Starbucks in Joyner Library is one of the quietest yet most comfortable places to sit and study. The atmosphere of this area is very focused and will keep you studying so you can be prepared for that exam. What a better way to reward yourself for being a good student other than some delicious Starbucks!?

5. Mendenhall.

Not only is Mendenhall Student Center a great place to have a little fun with ping pong, pool, or bowling, but it also has a great sitting and relaxing area for peaceful studying. The sitting areas in the building have some of the most comfortable chairs as well as regular tables and chairs as well as a tv if you prefer to have noise in the background. There is also a Java City right beside the sitting area for easy access to a good coffee or snack! Not only is there a Java City in the building, but also right next door there is a Destination 360 where you can also find meals from Chick-fil-a, Grill Works, and Panda Express.

There are so many different places to check out on ECU‘s campus, but these places are some of the nicest places to study that you could find to study for exams or complete homework. ECU does a fantastic job at making the atmosphere for students tailored exactly for what they need at any given time, whether it be for some fun, some relaxation, or even some studying!

5 Spring Plunge into Purple Events at ECU

East Carolina University does a great job of involving their students and making sure there is plenty of entertainment on campus. Plunge into Purple is a series sponsored by the University with a mission to “welcome students into the excitement and traditions of ECU through education, socialization, and involvement.” Here are some of the most popular Plunge events that you must attend!

Polar Bear Plunge

What better way to plunge into campus life than by jumping into a pool filled with ice in January? This event is put on in the beginning of the spring semester and is a great way for students to mingle and step out of their comfort zone. The Polar Bear Plunge provides snacks, t-shirts, and towels to students who participate! It is commonly said that every student needs to take the Plunge at least once during their time at ECU!

MLK Day of Service

All ECU classes are cancelled on Martin Luther King Jr. day…and what better way to celebrate than by getting out in the community and serving others? Students can sign up to participate and can pick a location to go volunteer for a full day or a half day. Locations vary from the animal shelter to a local soup kitchen. This is a great opportunity to give back and make some new friends! Many majors and graduate schools often require service hours so this is also a great way to get ahead.

Pirate Read Author

Every year, freshman are assigned a book to read prior to coming to campus. These books are usually discussed in English and seminar courses. In the spring, the author of the book will come speak at the University. The books chosen usually relate to issues going on in the world, and the author will discuss his writing and facilitate a discussion amongst students. This event is highly recommended for freshman who read the novel. This year, author of Evicted Matthew Desmond will be presenting.

Winter Welcome Back

This event happens every winter on the first day classes begin. It is held in the student center and allows students to enjoy free movies, bowling, snacks, and a rock climbing wall. There are also cool craft vendors who come where students can make street signs and other novelties for free. This event is only for ECU students and participants must bring a valid ECU One Card.

SAB Winter Concert

This event is relatively new to Plunge into Purple. ECU always holds a concert in the fall during homecoming week, but the Student Activities Board has now added a concert to the Spring Semester. Tickets will either be free or reasonably priced, so students should definitely attend if concerts are something that they enjoy. The concert will be held in Wright Auditorium so there will be plenty of seating for students.

Overall, East Carolina University offers tons of events to encourage students to become involved in campus life. The Plunge into Purple calendar is located on the University website, and events are added very frequently. These events are a great way to take a break from studying and make some new friends, so it is a great idea to attend! There are also diverse events during the Fall semester so be sure to mark your calendars!

5 Off-Campus Restaurants to Try at ECU

If you attend ECU and are feeling a little lack-luster about the on-campus choices to choose from for a good meal or maybe a snack, there are awesome places to try off-campus! Some of these places are known for being amazing for the college students on campus, have amazing new things to try, and might even deliver to your dorm building! Try the following restaurants out for size next time you have a little cash to splurge!

1. Sup Dogs.

The number one restaurant any student will here about as a suggestion if they attend East Carolina University is without a doubt Sup Dogs. This food joint has some of the best hot-dogs, burgers, fries, onion rings, you name it off-campus! The food is satisfying and creative as they even have their very own fry sauce which is absolutely delicious. You can also even get bacon cheese fries on your burger! Sup Dogs is the best place to go on a weekend or before or after an ECU sports event! It’s also right downtown in walking distance of any dorm on campus!

2. Duck Donuts.

This donut shop in Greenville is without a doubt the best there is to offer. These donuts at Duck Donuts are not only the most delicious you will ever have, but also the most unique. At a college-student-level price of about one dollar per donut, you can get a bacon maple, blueberry waffle, or even key lime donut! You can also pick the kind of icing and toppings completely original to your own taste if you like. These donuts are no regular donuts, as they are also a unique, light, fluffy, and funnel cake-like consistency, and not a far drive from campus!

3. Insomnia Cookies.

Insomnia Cookie company is the holy grail of cookies when it comes to college students, or anyone. This cookie company not only has the absolute best cookies in the game, as they are extremely melty, gooey, and warm, but has also done what no other cookie company has, made them delivery. Not only does Insomnia deliver straight to you dorm, but does this until three in the morning, still warm and fresh! This cookie business is located right in downtown Greenville as well, so if you decide you’d like to get out of the dorm and avoid the delivery fee (even though it is considerably small) it is a simple walk. They offer the best classic cookies as well as new ideas such as confetti, double mint chocolate, and red velvet!

4. Chico’s.

Chico’s Mexican Restaurant in downtown Greenville may seem like an ordinary Mexican restaurant, but it is actually one of the best places to eat off campus. This Mexican restaurant is known for having some of the best salsa and quesadillas, but it is most known for serving the best fried ice cream there is to offer anywhere. The service and atmosphere at Chico’s is amazing as the decorations are fun and the service is amazing. If you are looking for some different as well as tasty cuisine this is absolutely a fantastic choice.

5. Jimmy Johns.

Jimmy Johns may not be somewhere you have not tried before, but it is definitely one of the best places to order from when attending ECU! Not only does Jimmy Johns have a great sandwich selection, but they also deliver right to any dorm on campus. This can save you time and energy when trying to decide what to eat, especially if you are on a tight schedule or don’t want to leave the building so that you can keep studying. It’s also a healthy alternative to ordering a pizza or giving into Chick-fil-A for the fourth time in one week!

Not only do these spots off-campus offer some of the most high-quality and most unique food items you could find, but they are also very affordable and convenient! Having the option of delivery while your in college is something that can make the difference when trying to finish a homework assignment, studying for a test, or writing the best essay you have ever written! Try these options to stay satisfied during your semester!

6 Best Off Campus Apartments in Greenville, North Carolina Near East Carolina University

When you first decide to move off campus, the thrill sets in. No more resident advisor, no more dining hall, and no more rules (at least monitored ones). However, once the reality of picking the right apartment complex sets in, things can get pretty stressful. Here is a list of some of the best off campus apartment options at East Carolina University.

Sunchase Apartments

Located approximately 7 minutes from campus (2.9 miles) Sunchase is a great option for students who want a nice and quiet place to live. The apartments have very spacious kitchens and living rooms that are ideal for cooking and entertaining. Each resident also has their own bathroom and bedroom. Sunchase also offers the option to have a “Split Apartment” where you do not have to share a wall with your roommate.

The Landing

Located approximately 8 minutes from campus (3.3 miles) The Landing is a very popular complex for students. The complex has three pools and a large gym, as well as study rooms in the main office. During the summer and spring months, there are commonly pool parties for students to attend. These apartments are also recent remodels that contain hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances.

The Province

Located less than a mile from campus, The Province is a great choice for you if you do not have a car and need to walk to class. This complex also has large pools and a spacious gym for resident use. However, if this is an option for you, this complex does charge overages for utilities while many others do not have a cap per unit. This is a large factor to consider if your roommates are not energy efficient.

University Suites

Located approximately 6 minutes from campus (1.9 miles) University Suites is a townhome option for ECU students. Three bedroom options include rooms on the main floor with the kitchen, a room on the second floor with the living area, and a loft bedroom on the third floor. Each room has a private bath. University Suites also provides a large flat screen television for its residents. This is a good option if you are choosing to live with random roommates since each resident has their own floor!

University Park

University Park is a new complex that is visible from campus. The complex is approximately a 5 minute walk to the heart of academic ECU. However, this complex only offers 2 bedroom units, so if you want to live with multiple people this may not be the best option for you. This complex is also close to the Tar River, so flooding is very common in that area of town.

The Boundary

The Boundary is also relatively new, and is less than a five minute walk to campus. This complex has pools, fitness classes, dog parks, and dining locations for its residents. The facility is located in Uptown Greenville, so it is very close to nightlife. This is the most expensive complex in Greenville, and residents have to pay an additional cost for parking. If money is not an object and you want to walk to campus, this could be the best fit for you.

Overall, there are TONS of apartment complexes in Greenville, NC. It is really important to research the benefits of each one and what fits your needs. ECU does offer bus services from every off campus apartment, so do not let distance be a deciding factor. All complexes also offer tours, so go check it out before you sign!