Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Duquesne University

Change is constant. Everything around us innovates and evolves, so do the buildings that are within universities and campuses. Today, you will learn about the 10 buildings at Duquesne University. If you’re new to the school and you want to have an idea where you will be studying the subjects of your degree, this post will definitely help you. Check out below the 10 Buildings you need to know at Duquesne University.

1. Duquesne Union

Facade of the famous Duquesne Union.

A low-rise building, located at 600 Forbes Avenue of the Duquesne University, is known as the Duquesne Union. This building offers student services, dining locations, commuter lounge, center for career development, and administrative offices. Today, the building is planning to have sixth-floor meeting rooms.

2. A.J. Palumbo Center

Palumbo Center - where action and events happen.

If you’re part of the basketball team, you will need to know about the A.J. Palumbo Center. This building is the home of the Duquesne Dukes basketball, wrestling, and volleyball team. The center hosts boxing, matriculation, commencement, and other large events as well. Commencement ceremonies, matriculation, large scale events, and concerts are also held in this building. The Palumbo center was named after its benefactor, Antonio J. Palumbo.

3. Assumption Hall

Assumption Hall - The oldest residential building at Duquesne University.

Third, on our list is the Assumption Hall. The Assumption Hall is one of the many residential buildings at Duquesne University. This establishment was built in the 1950s. The Assumption Hall is known as the first residential building on the Duquesne campus. It can house 300 residents. Also, the Assumption hall is the home of Honor’s College and non-Honors College students.

4. Brottier Hall

The Modern and Sophisticated Brottier Hall.

One of the top 10 buildings you need to know at Duquesne University is another residence hall, the Brottier. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere of this hall is excellent for law students and graduate students. The Brottier hall is conveniently located close to the Duquesne campus. It is a short walk away from classrooms, the library, and even downtown establishments.

5. Edward J. Hanley Hall

The School of Law building - Hanley Hall.

Edward J. Hanley Hall is at the 900 Locust Street of Duquesne campus. This building is among the top 10 buildings you need to know at Duquesne University if you’re a law student. Hanley Hall and its twin structure the Dr. John E. Murray Jr. Pavilion, occupy about 125,000 square feet. Also, the structure is the main house of the University School of Law.

6. Bayer Learning Center

The brown building of Bayer Learning Center.

The Bayer Learning Center of the “Home for Active Learning,” at 600 Forbes Avenue of the Duquesne University is the sixth on our list. It is one of the 10 buildings you need to know if you want to have an active pharmacy learning. Apart from being the center for active learning, Bayer center houses the new administrative, faculty, and student services offices.

7. Mary Pappert School of Music

Entrance to the Mary Pappert School of Music Building.

The Mary Pappert School of Music building offers a pleasing musical experience. This establishment is a 4-story building at the main campus of Duquesne University. The building is close to dining, dormitories, library, and parking facilities. The classrooms of this school have audio-visual systems and grand pianos.

8. Gumberg Library

Side structure of the Gumberg Library.

Our list of top 10 buildings at Duquesne University is incomplete without mentioning the Gumberg Library. This building is the favorite study place at Duquesne. Initially, the Gumberg Library was designed as a printing plant, but today, it houses many collections and print volumes of resources for learning.

9. Rockwell Hall

The Rockwell Hall at Duquesne University.

Rockwell Hall is an 11-story building, which is home to both graduate and undergraduate students of Duquesne University. The building comes from the name of Colonel Willard Rockwell, an alumnus of the campus and later established the Rockwell International. Rockwell Hall also houses the Duquesne University Small Business Development Center.

10. Duquesne Towers

The tall Duquesne tower building at Pittsburgh.

To complete our list of 10 buildings at Duquesne University that you need to know is the Duquesne Tower. The tower houses about 1,100 residents, from freshmen to seniors. There are lounges and laundry rooms on each wing of the building for all student residents. Furthermore, this building offers group housing, such as sororities and fraternities.

This list is just the beginning of the many establishments at Duquesne University. If you will be spending your college life at Duquesne, it’s better to know not only these 10 buildings but all the buildings of the campus. I hope that you find the information here relevant to your choice of degree.

Top 10 Coolest Courses at Duquesne University

Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit is a private Catholic university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. The school has around 6,000 students that attend. The school has an acceptance rate of 74%. Here are 10 of the coolest courses at Duquesne University.

1. POSC 245: International Relations

an arrangement of different country flags

International Relations is a course that allows students to know how to communicate with others in different countries. It gives you tips on how to look at different cultures social cues , as theirs are different. They also teach you to understand the rules of other countries as well.

2. POSC 290: American Political Thought

aspects of goverment and policy on a usa map

American Political thought is a great course to take as it provides the knowledge of the different political parties that exist in America. It gives insight on not only what makes the parties different, and what they stand for, but also what makes them all the same. If you are looking to study policy this is a fun course to take.

3. PSYC 328 W: Psychology of Personality

the puzzle pieces of the human mind

Psychology of Personality is a course that teaches students the interesting aspects of understanding how personality can define the human mind. Personality makes up a large area of how others perceive the person. If you are looking to have insight of what makes people tick then this is the course for you.

4. PSYC 340: Social Psychology

the mechanics of the brain

Social Psychology is a course that allows students to learn about how psychology is used in the social setting . It teaches students to learn how people are effected by the habits and mindsets/actions of others around them. It gives good information on why people think the way they do and intentions behind their actions.

5. MKTG 371: Introduction to Marketing

a professional on the computer designing her business

Introduction to marketing is the study of relationships of business’s to their customers. It is a course that teaches you how to build relationships through trust . The trust is built by a number of different ways such as charitable giving, mutual connections , great customer service, and value based pricing.

6. COMM 101C: Public Speaking

a microphone in front of people

Public Speaking is a cool class to take because you can utilize it in any course of study you decide to take. You will need to make public speeches in front of fellow business people or even just giving a proposal for funding on research.

7. COMM 103C: Exploring Interpersonal Communication

people communicating face to face through non verbal and verbal signs

Interpersonal communication is a course that teaches students the different ways that people conduct face to face communication. You can learn how social cues are read by others as well as what verbal and non verbal motions/phrases mean. It is a great way to be able to read what others are saying without needing to ask.

8. BLAW 251W: Business Law

golden gavel

Business Law is a course that is cool because it is one of the more interesting facets of law. This law teaches students about lawsuits when it comes to worker rights, business contracts and the sale of consumer good. Depending on the situation it can cause many businesses to be either sued or have a drastic change happen to the company.

9. BLAW 353: Contracts

contracts on a paper with pen

Business law in regards to contracts is a cool class to take as you are given the information on what it takes to get out of a contract or on how to hold someone to their word on a contract. Contracts are meant to be a document that both parties not only agree to but sign, as well as are aware of the consequences of the contract breaking. Contracts can be made for just about anyone such as , record labels for artists, casting agents, and modeling companies.

10. WSGS 285: Intro to Feminist Philosophy

gender equality

Intro to feminist philosophy is a fairly newer course that is interesting as it shows the historical journey that it has taken for women to attain rights. It also shows the beliefs and mindsets of those feminists who are looked at as leaders. You will learn about different political, social and ideals of celebrating women, really means.

Duquesne University is a smaller college that allows people to choose a variety of courses as well as learn about the faith that aligns with what is closest to them. The smaller enrollment size allows students to get the teacher attention they are looking for. The courses gives students plenty of different paths to success, whatever the career may be.

10 Hardest Courses at Duquesne University

Duquesne University provides a well-rounded education that challenges students academically while nourishing their spiritual and ethical development. At Duquesne University, students will learn from teacher-scholars who provide excellent classroom experience and also produce some of the most important research in their fields. In fact, almost half of all classes have 20 or fewer students, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities for direct interaction with your professors. Highlighted below are the hardest courses offered at Duquesne University.

1. ACCT 312 – Intermediate Accounting II

An Image of Intermediate Accounting

This course is an investigation and analysis of the accounting problems and practices of the corporation, with a detailed study of the component elements of the balance sheet and income statement. Basic topics include generally accepted accounting principles, financial statements, income determination, and presentation.

2. MATH 325W – Applied Statistics with Regression

A picture of Applied Statistics with Regression

Every student in the department of mathematics must offer this course. It deals more with the application of the mathematical principles to real life situation. This course emphasis on data collection methods, stating hypotheses, confidence intervals and bootstrapping methods for estimating parameters are introduced.

3. BIOL 316 – Comparative and Environmental Physiology

An image of Comparative and Environmental Physiology?

Comparative and Environmental Physiology is the course that focuses on the diversity of physiological mechanisms that different animals employ, including the high level of physiological and biochemical adaptation and specialization found in animals that live in diverse and challenging environments, or that possess other exceptional physiological abilities.

4. CHEM 340 – Instrumental Analysis

An image of modern Instrumental Analysis

This is one of the hardest courses in the department of chemistry. This course will introduce the students to modern instrumental methods of chemical analysis. These methods are used in the separation, identification, and quantification of the chemical components of material. Students must be ready to read their lecture notes over and over again so as to comprehend the course content.

5. COSC 305 – Digital Logic

Pictorial representation of Digital Logic

This is a highly technical course, therefore, students need to be prepared in order to take this course. Topics treated in this course include Boolean algebra and logic gates, combinational logic, decoders, encoders, multiplexers, registers, algorithm state machines, digital integrated circuits, and flip-flops.

6. AFST 209 – African Philosophy

The basics of African Philosophy

This course explores how philosophers in Africa examines religion, culture morality, wisdom, and social justice. It examines various kinds of sages and their views of God, culture, life and death, and humans and animals. This course uses philosophical texts, novels, visual arts and film. Students always find this course very difficult to pass.

7. HIST 115 – Great Discoveries in Archaeology

An image of Mesopotamian Archaeology

This course looks at the history of famous archaeological discoveries around the world and how those discoveries have helped us to understand our shared past and cultural heritage. The course presents the relevant archaeologists while addressing the role of nationalism, colonialism, and looting in archaeology’s history as a discipline.

8. PHIL 229 – Philosophical Anthropology

A picture showing Philosophical Anthropology

This course gives the historical account of different philosophical views of nature and value of the human person. It then presents the philosophical analysis of the different aspects of the person. This course end with the synthetic view of the unity and integration of the activities of personhood.

9. ECON 442 – International Economics

An image of several international flags

As the name implies, the course covers international trade theory and international monetary economics. Topics discussed in this course include the classical and neoclassical theory of comparative advantage, the balance of trade, the balance of payments, commercial policy, the theory of foreign exchange markets, customs union theory, and the history of the international monetary system.

10 MKTG 476 – Product Management

Several strategies of Product Management

This course examines methods and tools leading to successful product development and commercialization, as well as the maintenance of existing products and product lines, including product positioning, design, marketing mix, testing, forecasting and product lunch. The course is very bulky, as such, students are advised to start early preparation so as to get a good grade.

10 Library Resources at Duquesne University

The libraries at Duquesne University offer a wide range of resources to students, staff members and alumni students hence facilitating study, research, and information gain. Here are some of the library resources available at the institution.

1. Ask-A-Librarian

Ask a librarian logo

Students can ask for assistance at the desk located near the main entrance. Gumberg’s librarians provide research assistance from Monday through Friday.

2. Computers

computers in a library

There are over 90 computers available in Gumberg Library. Many times during the semester all library computers are in use. There are 25 desktop computers available during library hours lining the perimeter of the library’s 4th floor.

3. QuickSearch

QuickSearch Logo

QuickSearch includes a mix of the holdings from Gumberg Library, Duquesne Center for Legal Information, and the Allegheny County Law Library. In addition, QuickSearch includes records from millions of journal articles, popular journals, and other materials from Gumberg Library’s extensive electronic resources collections. QuickSearch provides a simple search interface powered by advanced search logic.

4. E-Journal Search

A graphical image of the world with the words "E JOURNALS"

E-Journal Search is a useful tool when  searching for an e-journal by journal title. Users may also use the CitationLinker Search to access full-text of a journal article if you have a specific citation.

5. A-Z Databases

A logical representation of a database

The various library databases are used to access  information from specific fields of study. Library databases also contain published works where facts are checked.

6. Course Reserves

Course Reserves logo

Course reserves are materials that professors make available at the library’s circulation desk or through the library’s website. They include Electronic Reserves (PDFs, eBooks, MP3s, Word files, or other digital materials available 24/7 through Gumberg Library’s Course Reserves site.) and Print Reserves (Books, DVDs, CDs, or kits available at the library’s Circulation Desk.)

7. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan logo

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a cooperative effort between libraries all over the world to allow users access to items not available at their home library. ILLiad is the name of the software we use to process Interlibrary Loan requests.

8. E-ZBorrow

E-ZBorrow logo

A quick way for you to borrow books from more than 50 academic libraries throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and West Virginia. The borrowing period is six weeks with one six-week renewal.

9. EndNote

EndNote Logo

EndNote is a desktop tool with a free web-based version for extended accessibility. EndNote can handle an unlimited amount of citations, library sharing and smart organization tools, and can automatically download full-text versions of references to store as PDFs in the library.

10. Zotero

Zotero is a free, easy-to-use citation management tool available to anyone. Users can set up Zotero to automatically download PDFs, share library and make it public to promote open access, and organize citations into small collections.

5 Libraries at Duquesne University

1. Gumberg Library

Gumberg Library

Gumberg Library empowers Duquesne’s pursuit of scholarly and creative achievement, intellectual exploration, and service to our community. Gumberg Library will elevate student, faculty and staff success and enhance the reputation of Duquesne University.

2. Center for Legal Information (Law Library)

Center for Legal Information (Law Library)

The Center provides and facilitates access to legal and law-related information resources to meet the teaching, research and study needs of the law faculty and students comprehensively and in the specialty areas, and in the areas of ethical, moral concerns and professional responsibility of the legal profession

3. Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL)

Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL)

The Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL) is a free, public law library open to legal professionals and the general public; however, a membership card is required to borrow library materials and to access some databases and other services may require an additional fee.

4. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-East Liberty

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-East Liberty

Renovated to include a 9,000-square-foot addition, this large, environmentally friendly space welcomes the East Liberty community through its collections, meeting rooms, children’s area and a dedicated teen space. It’s also home to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Heritage Collection

5. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Allegheny

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Allegheny

Named after Andrew Carnegie once referred to Allegheny City (now Pittsburgh’s North Side) as his Today Allegheny is home to a special collection of rare materials dedicated to the history of Allegheny City and the North Side. It also contains public computers, free Wi-Fi, wireless printing, copier, meeting rooms, air conditioning, and courtyard or outdoor space.

Top 10 Residences at Duquesne University

Living on campus is an exciting and challenging part of the college experience. At Duquesne University, about two-thirds of full-time undergraduate students live on campus in residence halls called Living Learning Centers. Below are the top rated residences within the institution.

1. Assumption Hall

Assumption Hall

Residence Address: 600 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15282, USA

Assumption Hall is the oldest residence within the institution with approximately 300 residents who live in single and double rooms. The hall is co-ed by floor and houses Honors College and non-Honors College students; freshmen through graduate. The building has study & social lounges and also laundry facilities located on each floor and others on the ground floor.

2. Brottier Hall

Brottier Hall

Residence Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15282, USA

Brottier Hall puts the advantages of apartment living right on campus. Ideal for graduate and law students, these apartments are also available to junior and senior students. You’ll have a quiet atmosphere for studying, just a short walk away from the library and classrooms. Brottier apartments include studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments (with private bath) are available and all are furnished.  All units have a full kitchen including refrigerator, electric stove and microwave. The two-bedroom apartments have own dishwasher and a second bathroom. All utilities, cable, internet, and laundry are included.

3. Des Places Hall

Des Places Hall

Residence Address: 1330 Locust St, Pittsburgh, PA 15282, USA

Opened in Fall 2012, Des Places Hall offers 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom suite-style living that house approximately 425 residents of sophomore status and above. The building has semi-private bathrooms, laundry room on each floor, a lounge on each floor, is co-ed by suite, and a storage area for bicycles.

4. St. Ann Hall

St. Ann Hall

Residence Address: 1381-1399 Vickroy St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

The hall houses approximately 600 freshmen students. The building is divided into two wings, St. Ann West and St. Ann East. St. Ann West houses female students while St. Ann East houses male students. There are laundry rooms on 1st Floor West and Ground Floor East. There is a recreation room connecting East and West wings, a spacious lobby for socializing with other residents, a study lounge, and a social lounge in each wing.

5. Martin Hall

Martin Hall

Residence Address: 1315 Bluff St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

Built in 1961, the Martin Hall is home to approximately 485 residents who are freshmen and about 20 upper-class students. The building has single and double rooms. Shared facilities include a laundry room on each floor, social and study lounge on each floor, exercise room, recreation room, and a computer and printing lab on the ground floor.

6. Duquesne Towers

Duquesne Towers

Residence Address: 1345 Vickroy St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

The Duquesne Towers houses approximately 1,100 residents from freshmen through seniors in double and triple rooms which are co-ed by wing. Each residential floor divided into wings A, B & C. The Rev. Sean Hogan Dining Center is located on the 2nd floor while the Spiritan Campus Ministry Center is located on the ground floor. There are large and small multipurpose rooms on the ground floor and lounges and laundry rooms on each wing.

7. Vickroy Hall

Vickroy Hall

Residence Address: 1345 Vickroy St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA

The Vickroy Hall houses approximately 300 upperclassmen students. The building is co-ed by suite and has one, two and three bedroom suites. There is a large common kitchen for resident use, a study lounge on each floor except the 5th floor, an exercise room on the 5th floor, a laundry room on each floor.

8. The Roosevelt Building

The Roosevelt Building

Residence Address: 607 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

The residence offer one-bedroom apartments for rent in downtown Pittsburgh’s cultural district. Surrounded by shops and restaurants, the building offers convenience to residents. There is on-site laundry facilities, 24-hour security, and maintenance. The apartments have a living room, a walk-in closet in some units, additional storage space, range/oven, refrigerator, air conditioning, and cable.

9. Carriage Park Apartments

Carriage Park Apartments

Residence Address: 300 Chatham Park Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Carriage Park is located in beautiful Scott Township. It has floor plans including quaint studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom townhouses. The kitchens have a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and garbage disposal. The building also has laundry facilities with washing machines. Shared amenities include a basketball court, clubhouse,elevator, emergency maintenance, extra storage, fitness center, and a tennis court.

10. Oak Hill Apartments

Oak Hill Apartments

Residence Address: 475 Garner Ct, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Oak Hill has a one, two or three bedroom homes that come in either a charming wood-framed townhouse, garden apartment, or mid-rise building on a tree-lined street. The building is steps away from Veterans Hospital, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, and Presbyterian Hospital. There is plenty of free on-site parking, and public transportation is available on nearly every corner.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Duquesne University  

1. Room Basics

A student Room

– Towel
– Wastebasket
– Closet organizer
– Shoe Rack
– Desk lamp
– Sheets, blankets, comforter and mattress pad
– Full-length mirror
– Posters
– Toiletries
– Hangers
– Plants

2. Food and Snacks

Food and Snacks

– Beverages (coffee, tea, Chocolate)
– Juice
– Biscuits
– East-to-cook food (pasta, spaghetti etc.)
– Fruits

3. Tech and Entertainment


–  Bluetooth speakers
– Laptop
– Game console
– Music player
– TV
– Headphones
– Radio

4. School Supplies


– Notebooks
– Exercise books
– Pens and Pencils
– Sticker notes
– Marker pens
– Paper clips

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

A lady cleaning a table

– Mop/Broom
– Hangers
– Storage containers
– Bucket
– Dustbin

6. Campus Gears

campus gear sweater

– Campus branded clothes (T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and jackets)
– Bag pack
– Umbrella
– Walking shoes
– Sunscreen

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

Ask first

– Pets
– Furniture
– Refrigerators
– Halogen lamps
– Hoverboard

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Duquesne University

If you are looking for a way to get involved at your university, joining a club is a great option. Clubs are a good way for students to meet peers who share similar interests.  Duquesne University has over 200 student clubs to choose from.  See below for a list of 10 interesting clubs at Duquesne University.

1. Red Masquers

Red Masquers

This group is the oldest amateur theatre company in Pittsburgh.  This organization has been known as the Red Masquers since 1914 but can trace its’ roots back to the 1800s.  The group provides a great platform for students looking to learn more about theatre.

2. Best Buddies

=Best Buddies Logo

Best Buddies is an international organization with chapters at various colleges.  The goal of best buddies is to pair students with individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities to create friendships.

3. Duquesne Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity build in 2017

The Duquesne chapter of Habitat for Humanity focuses on having an impact  on local sub-standardized housing.  The group participates in builds and helps out in the ReStore.  The club also teaches members about Habitat for Humanity services through educational meetings.

4. Duquesne Student Television

Student-run TV

This organization is a student-run and student-produced TV production club.  The club covers sports, entertainment, campus news, and other events.  If you have an interest in television production, then this is the club for you!

5. Outdoors Club

The Outdoors Club on a caving adventure

This club is designed for students who love going on outdoor adventures.  Club members go on exciting excursions including caving, horseback riding, kayaking, and more!

6. Quidditch Club

 Quidditch Club

If you thought quidditch was just a made up sport from Harry Potter, then you were wrong!  Quidditch is a mixture of rugby, dodgeball, and tag.  The club has regular practices and several games per season against other Pittsburgh area teams.

7. Student Wellbeing Club

A flier put out by the student wellbeing club

This inclusive club encourages students to have a better awareness of themselves.  Club members explore the mind, body, and spirit in order to be as happy as possible.  At meetings, club members will learn about different self-care techniques.  This club is perfect for the stressed out college student.

8. Ski and Snowboard Club

Ski and Snowboard Club

This club is open to any student who is interested in skiing or snowboarding.  The club aims to connect students who share a love for these sports.  The club also aims to organize a spring break ski trip to a main northern mountain such as Sugarloaf in Maine.

9. Strong Women, Strong Girls

 Strong Women, Strong Girls

This club draw upon strong women in history to encourage young girls to also become strong women.  The goal of the club is to promote a cycle of mutual empowerment for women and girls.  The Duquesne chapter supports third, fourth, and fifth grade girls.  The club provides girls with structured activities to support personal growth.

10. Tom’s Shoes at Duquesne University


If you love wearing TOMS shoes, then this is the club for you!  The Duquesne chapter works to expand the missions of TOMS Shoes which encourages community outreach and engagement.  The club has events and meetings to raise awareness.

Top Events During the School Year at Duquesne University

1. Homecoming Weekend

Duquesne Homecoming Flier

Homecoming is a great opportunity for both alumni and current students to celebrate Duquesne.  The weekend included activities such as reunions, a tailgate lunch, a football game, a farewell breakfast, and a ring blessing.  This year the event occurred from October 5th through October 7th.

2. Sporting Events

Duquesne Dukes

Come cheer on the Duquesne Dukes at various sporting events throughout the school year.  Duquesne has 6 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams to support at games and competitions.  Duquesne is a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference.

3. Family Weekend

Family Weekend

Family Weekend will occur on October 19th through 21st this year.  Weekend activities include sporting events, academic open houses, mass, brunch, a choir performance, and inflatable games.  This weekend is a perfect time for families (especially families of new freshman) to get a glimpse at Duquesne life.

4. Campus Trick or Treating

Halloween Pumpkins

Get in the Halloween spirit with this fun event!  At Campus Trick or Treat, students follow a map around campus in their costumes to receive various treats, candy, and giveaways.  If they get each spot on their map stamped, they are entered to win a one-year Amazon Prime account.  The event will take place on October 25th.

5. 38th Annual Christmas Ball

Students dressed up for the Christmas Ball

The Christmas Ball is a Duquesne tradition!  This semi-formal event will occur at the Omni William Penn hotel on December 7th.  Tickets include transportation, dinner, and dancing.  Seniors receive a free Christmas ornament.

10 Easiest Classes at Duquesne University

Looking for a GPA boost this semester? Want to take a load off from all your heavy classes at Duquesne? This list offers some great alternatives for those stressful classes that hurt your GPA!

1. Biblical & Historical Perspectives- UCOR 141

No surprise that a Catholic university like Duquesne would offer a range of religious classes. This course, however, is known for being an easy class with great ratings. Examining the historical, literary, and theological parts of key Bible texts, this class also is interested in the contemporary application of these texts and their respective messages, therefore giving students with modern interests a plus too.


2. Fundamentals of the Internet- COSC 130

Interested in teaching students technical and advanced Internet functions, this class teaches students HTML and web page design resources to ensure their future success in other classes and business/professional endeavors. Mostly taken to fulfill Research and Info Skills, this class is known for its simplicity. With most of the quizzes being counted as extra credit, students are guaranteed that this will be a GPA booster. 

3. Enjoyment of Music- MUNM 170

Designed to teach an understanding of basic musical elements, this class consists of lecture, as well as attending various musical performances. An easy A, and a quick way to meet the Arts elective, the class is basically graded off of 5-single page reviews and take-home midterm/final.


4. Arts and the Human Experience- ARHY 161

A lecture course designed to expose students to artistic expression, this course reminds students that as humans, we are never alone although it may sometimes feel that way. With tests that are known to be easy and professors that are passionate and interesting, this class is a must for many students looking for a GPA boost.


5. Psychology of Gender- PSYC 353

Known for having great professors, this class explores what it means to be a man, woman, or something else in today’s world. Encompassing things from biology, culture, race, mythology, and psychology, this course gives students a wide perspective to examine gender by their day-to-day life.


6. Research Methods in Psychology- PSYC 201

Designed to provide students with an introduction to psychological research, this course addresses qualitative and quantitative approaches to research to give students a broad understanding of research methods. Teaching writing style, ethical issues, and credible source-spotting, this course is great for students looking for an easy way to get involved in research.


7. Introduction to Archaeology- ARHY 214

Designed to give students an overview of archaeology as a discipline, the course offers the opportunity to learn the aims, history, theories, and methods of the subject.  Specifically focusing on modern practice and ethical concerns, the course is a great intro for students interested in archaeology professionally or just personally.


8. History of Things- ARHY 224

Thinking about what the objects that surround our daily lives truly mean, this course critically examines both every day and abnormal objects that influence human life. Designating its students as “object detectives”, this class lets students explore the meaning of the things in their lives and the things we, as a society, value as art, whatever that means.


9. Presentational Communication Skills- COMM 303

Providing students with an introduction to corporate presentation skills, this class prepares students for real-world presentations and meetings as well as builds student confidence in public speaking.


10.  Introduction to Peace and Justice- AFST 222

Designed to give students a basic understanding of the conceptual, spiritual, and practical aspects to peace and justice throughout the world, this class examines global conflict, interpersonal relationships, and other social/societal issues. Treating peace and justice as byproducts of society and human interaction, this course offers students a unique opportunity to examine intangible concepts that affect people globally and daily.