10 Coolest Courses At Drake University

Drake University, a midsized, private university in Des Moines, Iowa, offers courses that keep students interested in learning and reaching for their dreams. Their variety in programs included courses that can’t be found in other universities. Check out 10 of their coolest courses below:


Photographer photographing an owl

Do you enjoy photographing nature and all the incredible animals that roam the earth? Through BIO 061, you’ll be able to go off-campus and photograph landscapes, flora, and fauna with the class. The course focuses on the content, technique, and composition of your images. Students will use digital SLR cameras and lenses, digital sensors, exposure, and light composition. The best part is that no previous experience is needed, just an interest in learning.


a corner of the earth in space

Gender and space are seen in various novels and movies. One of the primary filters is gender, where ideas of space and the future are sifted and not completely visible. This Women’s Studies course will investigate visual and literary texts while discussing its relevance to various historical contexts, and how it relates to men and women.


drawing of salem witch trials occurring in a court room

The Salem Witch Trials are an important piece of history that isn’t usually taught through its course. Students will investigate the relationship between the practices and changes in social, political and economic settings since then. Specific topics throughout the semesters include “The Birth of Mass Cultural”. “The 1950’s: Televison Takes on the American Home”, and “The Salem Witch Trials”.


Handwritten board with the words "Small Business"

Many college students begin their own small businesses before they graduate. With a course like BUS 150, students can feel more secure taking control of their own ideas while understanding what it takes to run a successful business. This course emphasizes the managerial decisions required to start and maintain a business.


Alphabet letters in American Sign Language

Have you ever wanted to learn American Sign Language? ASL 070 examines its historical development, values, cultural identity, communication, and language of the deaf culture. You’ll also learn about specific members of the deaf community who have made significant societal contributions. The course will also draw comparisons and contrasts between the deaf culture and hearing culture.


Images printed on cardboard

Intaglio printmaking consists of creating visual images on a metal plate for press printing. You’ll see how original prints, from antique to contemporary, can be transformed into different visual images. It’s a new skill to learn or a way of enhancing your photography portfolio.


Gym teacher giving a lesson

Being a health and physical education teacher comes with many years of learning how the body responds to exercise and the importance of staying healthy. EDUC 002 studies the meaning, scope and historical foundation of health and physical education in schools. You’ll leave the semester with the knowledge and skills needed to create your own health and physical education programs.


Different parts of advertising

Advertisements are everywhere! Have you ever wondered where the ideas originated or how the idea became a full grown billboard in the middle of the street? Students will explore all forms of media, how people consume media, persuasion theories, writing and designing your ideas into advertisements. By the end of the semester, students will plan and execute an ad campaign.

9. LLAB 032 – Natural Hist: Field Arch

Waterfall in the middle of the woods

As part of the Natural History Workshops, these introductory courses are for anyone who is interested in learning more about nature. Students will take off-campus trips to visit parks, nearby mountains, and locations where there is so much to learn about nature.


Recycling sign

Have you ever seen art made out of things you would consider garbage? This really cool course turns discarded or obsolete materials and objects into sculptures. Repurposing traditional objects that many throws away can be a great way to express yourself through art or create a new masterpiece for your dorm room.

While following your specific major’s plan for graduation, try taking some courses that are for pure interest. Those may spark a new hobby or interest that can continue being a part of your life years after graduating. Good luck next semester!

10 Hardest Courses at Drake University

Drake University is one of the best colleges in Iowa.  It was founded in the year 1881, and since then it has offered students varieties of activities that keep them engaged and dedicated to learning. The school offers a lot of courses and organizes seminars, workshops and other events that do not only open opportunities that are beneficial to students but also prepare them for the future.

However, some of these courses are a hard nut to crack for students taking such courses at the college. You wouldn’t dispute that although every course has its specifications, some courses demand a more significant and conscious effort to paddle their canoe to the river bank. Here are the ten hardest courses at Drake University.

1. SCS 110 – Culture, Knowledge, Power

You have to be sharp and be able to think fast to do well in the course. Skills required for this course includes how to question things, read and write, and discuss themes about humanities and human social science in western scholarship. You would be expected to critically rethink your conventional understanding of culture, knowledge, and power. As if that isn’t enough, students taking this course has to be well versed in literary theories and criticisms to succeed.

Study of Culture & Society-SCS

2. SCSG 092 – Field Studies

SCSG 092 is one of the most demanding courses at Drake University, especially if you are taking geography courses. It requires a lot of time and energy because it is an off-campus field course. The students taking this course have to study the geographic and regional significance of the areas chosen by their instructor. SCSG 092 is a time-consuming course, and you might neglect other courses that you need to pass.


3. EDUC 264 – Perspectives in Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

EDUC 264 has a vast scope that entails knowing the historical, social, and cultural analysis of relationships among entities like class and ethnic groups. It also entails examining the social, individual and institutional construct of stereotype and prejudice among other important scopes you have to study.


4. PSY 011 – Introductory Statistics

Introductory statistics can be a thorn in the flesh, especially if you aren’t a mathematics guru! Having to spend four hours in class and two hours in the lab conducting theories and experiments with empirical researches on behavioral and life sciences isn’t easy. A student taking the course will have to study the theoretical and practical approaches to statistical analysis consciously.


5. PSY 123 – Biological Basis Of Behavior

Anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry are difficult on its own. A course where students have to have a great knowledge of these three subjects and its correlation with human behavior is definitely not going to be easy. Students taking this course are mostly found asleep in the laboratory after a long day study, or digging their noses in books.

Psychology course

6. HIST 060 – Africa In World History

While studying the history of a country is a thing on its own, studying the history of a continent, its effects, and how it is affected by the world’s history can be a harder nut to crack. Students studying history courses at Drake University have given kudos for taking this course because it has a heavy workload and requires more time to study.

History department

7. ENG 114 – Advanced Poetry Writing

Most students of literature see poetry as the most difficult genre of literature in the literary world. Students have to study, digest, cram, recite, memorize poetry lines and stanzas. ENG 114 doesn’t only require all the previously mentioned tasks from a student, it also demands that each student makes a critical analysis of a series of selected texts and poets.

English department

8.ASTR 185 – Introduction To Astrophysics I: Stars

Astronomy classes require a lot of critical thoughts and examinations, while physics requires a lot of in-depth knowledge of advanced mathematical calculations. If you aren’t good at mathematics, then studying physics and succeeding in it can be a real challenge. Now, imagine a course that combines these two heavy bodies as one. You would agree that students will find it difficult.

Astronomy department

9. BIO 095 – Medical Microbiology

At Drake University, you will likely find three out of five students of science department complaining bitterly about how difficult it is to study medical microbiology. Probably because it involves the structural and functional aspect of microorganisms and its emphasis on human pathogens.

Biology department

10. CS 139 – Theory Of Computation

Computer students of the college mostly complain about how wide and elaborate this course is. Eventually, you might have to agree with that submission when you walk in their shoes. It is not easy to navigate theoretical foundations in computing with an introduction to the grammars,  languages and automata theory at a time. Also, the course’s mathematical analysis is a mountain to climb on its own.

Computer Science department

Drake University is not referred to as one of the best colleges in the UK for fun. When you get to experience the drills and teachings the school offers to its students, you would instantly agree with our submission.

Job for College Students at Drake University

Located in Des Moines, Iowa, Drake University is a private university having a total enrollment of 3,269. According to the stats, the graduation rate of the University is 78%. Below you will find the jobs opportunities for the students of Drake University.

1. Teaching Associate

Law Interns Walking

Direct, conduct and administer the Drake Opera Theater program; teach Vocal Coaching. This is a full-time position and the selected candidate will need to do the duties for a period of 9 months.

2. Assistant Director Game Operations

Men's Basketball Adds Buchanan as Director of Basketball Operations

Administrative duties including budget preparation, reconciliation and develop event management manuals. Assign staff and establish game-day protocols. Staff ensures compliance with NCAA, MVC, PFL, MAAC, and Drake University rules and regulations. Schedule Drake University sports facilities. Coordinate event management, social media and web information.

3. Fellow in Drug Development

Modeling & Simulation for Drug Development & Formulation

Some activities of the fellowship will include didactic course work related to various aspects of drug development, interacting with drug companies, researchers, and governmental agencies, analysis of data from clinical trials, writing reports related to drug products being developed, and teaching pharmacy students.

4. Information Security Analyst

Digital Locks

Security Operations – Assist with the management and maintenance of a security operations program of people, processes, and technologies, including vulnerability management and remediation, logging and event correlation, anti-virus, and other sources, actively preventing and managing threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents across the university.

5. Student Account Consultant

Student Loan Application Form

Review daily refund report to verify amounts of proposed refunds. Resolve refund issues as necessary. Process refunds and prepare a refund journal entry. Maintain the financial integrity of student financial accounts by constant monitoring of student balances to identify errors; then initiate contact with other offices to instruct them on how to resolve the error.

6. Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant working in office

Reporting directly to the Executive Director on Online Learning, the Administrative Assistant will initiate, prepare, coordinate and perform a variety of administrative duties.

7. OneClass Note Taker

If you would like to have an online job, this is the opportunity for you! Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you are going to classes! When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during lectures for your own classes! Become a note taker today! It is one of the best jobs a student could ask for!

If you are looking to take admission at Drake University or currently a student there, then you can earn some extra bucks by working at on-campus and off-campus jobs mentioned above. 

Restaurants and Cafes at Drake University

Because of the significant number of students, there are several college cafes to offer dining services. They are well located so that students can access then with ease. Also, there are various restaurants near campus premises where students can get decent meals. They however, charge less so that students can dine without much strain. If you are new to Drake University, the following joints will provide you with various dining options.

1. University Library Cafe

Inside the University Cafe

This is one of the favorite joints because of its strategic position. Students can check in and out at their desired time. Local foods served here includes burritos, omelets, corned beef, nachos, and chicken. The price of a full meal is around $5-9. That is fair since it contains several toppings. Also, there are local bears that trade for a few bucks.

2. Mars Cafe

Mars Cafe is an ideal drinking joint

If there is a well themed cafe, then it should be Mars cafe. Students like this place since it has a cool environment perfect for dining. Also, there is great ambiance and a natural feeling. Its ideal for drinking because of the nature of drinks served there. They include; coffee, wine, beer, and tea. Besides, they treat customers with cool music.

3. Quad Creek Café

Students enjoying their meals at the Quad Cafe

Any Alumni will tell you that Quad cafe is the place to go if running out of finances. This is so because food and beverages are offered at a low cost compared to other joints in the university. Besides, they have a lot in their menu for students to choose. For example, cheese pizza costs $3. 99 while chicken caesar salad costs $5.49.

4. Hubbell Dining Hall

The Hubbell Hall is large enough to accommodate 400 students at a time

This hall is large enough to host as many students as possible. It offers grilled products, pizza, salads, international foods and many more. Meat is very popular here and trades at around $7.5. In addition, it has a sitting capacity of around 400 students at a time, as well as two serving points.

This hall is large enough to host as many students as possible. It offers grilled products, pizza, salads, international foods and many more. Meat is very popular here and trades at around $7.5. In addition, it has a sitting capacity of around 400 students at a time, as well as two serving points.

5. The Drake Diner

Inside the Drake Diner restaurant

Across the road is the Drake Diner restaurant that offers food at rather high prices. For instance, Chicken and Waffles costs $9.49 while a breakfast package trades at $5.45. Blackened salmon salad trades at $13.79. You will get grilled marinated chicken at $11.29. Although, these prices are high compared to other joints, they offer savory meals good enough for your guests.

6. Jethro’s BBQ

A meal served at Jethro BBQ

Get into the legendary Jethro BBQ restaurant and grab one of the most savory meals of all time. They are; pork, chicken, sausages, and beef (all smoked), omelets, and gravy. Smoked chicken nachos cost $1o.95 while 20 pieces of smoked wings go for $25.95. The dishes are pricy but legendary as well.

7. Gateway Market and Cafe

People dining at the Gateway Market & Cafe

This is a lovely meeting point for students. They are not only impressed by the natural foods but also free WiFi connection. A breakfast burrito costs around $9.99 while biscuit sandwich is $7.50. A french toast is $8.5 while ham and cheese omelet goes for $7.99.

To be sincere, it’s difficult for one to be bored with the presence of such great joints. There are so many such eateries where you and your friends can dine and have fun. Since you have enough options to choose from, do it wisely. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s the pocket that really matters.

10 Library Resources at Drake University

1. Article Databases

Article databases contain articles from scholarly journals, news sources or the popular press. Many articles are available full-text, but some databases provide only abstracts or citations.  Also included in this category are “reference databases” that provide factual information drawn from a variety of sources and may contain considerable original content.

2. Catalog (Books & E-Books)

LIbrary catalog logo

The library catalog is a database of physical items (books, print journals, videos, CDs, government documents, etc.) housed in both Cowles Library and the Law Library. In addition, you can find e-books, some full-text documents and images in the library catalog. To extend a search to journal articles and other Library-subscribed online content, students use SuperSearch.

3. E-Books

A tablet and a phone displaying an e-book

The library subscribes to or owns a number of e-book collections. The Find E-Books page provides the ability to search across nearly all of our e-book collections from a single search box. Students can also explore individual collections directly.

4. Find Journals

A laptop displaying words written "ONLINE JOURNALS"

Students use Find Journals if they know the title of the journal or publication they’re looking for, or if they want to conduct a search within a single journal. The results will indicate if the Library has online and/or print access to that journal, as well as the date range of any full-text coverage.

5. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service available to Drake students, faculty and staff.  ILL obtains articles and books that Cowles does not own from other libraries.

6. Research Guides

Research Guides Logo

Research Guides are subject- or course-specific guides prepared by Drake librarians and faculty to assist with research.

7. Reserves & E-Reserves

Course Reserves Logo

Reserves (print or online) are materials that instructors have reserved for student use in a specific class. Students will need to know the instructor’s name or the course number to locate these items.  For e-reserves, the instructors will provide the password that students will need to access the readings.

8. Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Professional librarians provide research guidance in person and by phone. Librarians can also suggest research sources, explain how to use these sources, and suggest additional research strategies.

9. Printing and Copying

A printer/copier

The Konica Minolta C454 devices have the capacity to print, copy, and scan in color or black and white. Students can also fax from these devices and select finishing options for their documents.

10. Room Reservations

Study room inside a library

Rooms may be reserved by law faculty, law staff, officially recognized law school student organizations, and law students who need a room either for a class assignment requiring them to create a video recording or for their work as a T.A. or writing fellow.

5 Libraries at Drake University

1. Cowles Library

Cowles Library

Cowles Library is the largest private academic library in Iowa. The purpose of the library is to support the educational goals of Drake University by providing services, collections, technology, and learning opportunities that make it possible for faculty and students to successfully access and use information.

2. Opperman Law Library

Opperman Law Library

The Drake University Law Library fosters research and learning by providing exceptional services, collections, and facilities that empower the Drake community to access, critically evaluate, and apply information.

3. East Side Library

East Side Library

The East Side Library is a welcoming space for youth, teens, families and individuals who want to pursue their interests and master new skills. Check out a free program, relax with a book or magazine, and use the computers and Wi-Fi.

4. Franklin Avenue Library

Franklin Avenue Library

The Franklin Avenue Library, on Des Moines’ west side, serves the needs, wants, and tastes of patrons with a collection of over 100,000 items. The many media formats include books, audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs, magazines, and electronic resources, as well as over 40 Internet stations for easy online access. The knowledgeable staff help users to find the items they are looking for, or recommend a title to try.

5. South Side Library

South Side Library

The South Side Library features a wide collection of materials and a large updated children’s area: Rosie’s Zoo. The teen loft hosts an extensive teen collection and comfortable seating, as well as a study area with tables containing built-in outlets. The South Side Library welcomes community groups to take advantage of the spacious meeting room.

Top 10 Majors at Drake University 

A great way to be at your best while at school is by picking the right major for you. This allows you to have a fun experience while at college. Here are the top 10 majors offered at Drake University.

1. Mathematics

The first great option for you to consider is mathematics. This is a pretty broad degree that you can take a few different ways. You can get a job such as being a banker, personal investor, or something else.

equations on a chalkboard

2. Physics

One of the most popular branches of science that you can study is physics. This is because this is a very comprehensive degree that covers a lot of information. You will also be able to make the necessary connections while at school to get a good job after graduation.

newton balls

3. Sociology

If you love to help other people, sociology may be a good program for you. The professors of this program are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best possible education. This will make getting a degree worth it in the end.

sociology terms

4. Astronomy

Another great branch of science that you can study is astronomy. In fact, this program is a mixture of physics and astrology. If you want to know more about our night skies, this is a program for you.

the night sky

5. Economics

One of the largest industries that you can get into is economics. That being said, there are a lot of students to go through this program every year. This means that the curriculum is up-to-date and good for you.

supply and demand signs

6. History

Another very broad degree that you can earn is history. After a little bit in the program, you will be able to pick a concentration to focus on. This one sure that you are an expert on the time period that you pick. 

history of the world

7. Graphic Design

If you are a very creative person, you should go into graphic design. You will be able to combine your art skills with your technology skills to make some great works of art. Companies are always on the lookout for the skilled individuals.

art and design graphic

8. Data Analytics

A very rapidly growing industry is data analytics. With the rise of technology on the forefront, the way we process our data is changing rapidly. That being said, it is important to have newly educated students in the field.

the world of data

9. Neuroscience

One of the toughest fields  that you can get into is neuroscience. This is the science of the brain. That being said, there are a few different careers can stem from this type of degree.

parts of the brain

10. Psychology

The final great option available to you is psychology. This is it cool program that is accepting of all students. This ensures that your degree will be worth it in the end.

terms relating to psychology

Top 10 Clubs at Drake University

Drake University is a private, co-educational university in Des Moines, Iowa, United States. It has a fairly decent acceptance rate of about 67% of students who apply. There is as of 2016 about 3,200 students that attend the school. Here are 10 cool clubs to visit at Drake University.

1. The Drake Relays

 use a high quality tv for the best school tv viewing experience

The Drake Relays is a TV show for students who are studying at Drake University. It is a great way for students to get introduced into the world of TV. It offers students experience in broadcast, news, current events, and even allows them to make their own shows.

2.94.1 The Dog

 radio stations use high end equipment such as laptops and sound booths

94.1 The Dog is the school’s radio station. If you are looking to request any songs or make requests on shows that should be made then you should contact this station. If you want radio experience in general you should go for this radio station.

3. Drake Magazine

 magazines are filled with glossy articles

Drake Magazine is a magazine that is great for those who are looking to get hands on experience in writing and multimedia journalism. This is an avenue for creativity as well as expression in the form of words and artistic photos.

4. Dance Team

 the dance team is a group that dresses up and dances for events

Dance Team is a group of students who gather together and learn different dance moves and routines. It allows students to meet in a team setting and perform their routines for a variety of different events. It is a great extracurricular that will keep you fit.

5. Alpha Delta Sigma

 alpha delta sigma is the greek words for advertising honors society

If you are a part of the advertising major, then this is the honors society to be in. Alpha Delta Sigma is the national honors society of ad students. If abbreviated it stands for ADS. You must have a fairly high GPA as well as be recommended by a faculty member.

6. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

 intervarsity christian fellowship is a non denominational christian school group

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a group on campus that is a nondenominational christian fellowship group. It allows students to be separated in small groups based on a category, which gives a more intimate setting for getting to know people, as well as meeting up in a large group in the same week.

7. TOMs Campus Club Program

 toms the shoe company made campus programs to make change in the world

The TOMS campus club program is meant to be a club that enacts positive social change. This is done though participating in special national events that the company TOMS backs such as :World Water Day,One Day Without Shoes,and World Sight Day.

8. Habitat for Humanity

 habitat for humanity is a group that builds homes

Habitat for Humanity is a campus initiative that supports the local Habitat for Humanity chains. The local one is always looking for financial support, which can be done by holding fundraisers or other creative ideas. Habitat also needs help in the restore as well as build days.

9. Best Buddies

the best buddies helps those with intellectual disabilites

Best Buddies is a group on campus that meets up to provide emotional and intellectual mentorship to those suffer from some sort of intellectual disability. This allows the person to feel loved and like they have a listening ear.

10. Colleges Against Cancer

 colleges against cancer raises funds for cancer research

Everyone would wish away cancer if they could. As of now there is no sure fired way to keep cancer permanently away. This is why schools need to keep the initiative going for cancer research as well as financial support for survivors.


Top Events of the School Year at Drake University

1. Stalnaker Halloween Dance

 the halloween dance is celebrated with halloween themed decor

This school tradition has been happening for quite some time. It has been an event that is loved by many as well as allows students to have an avenue of creativity. The dance is a fun way to get into the fall spirit as well as have a good time dancing.

2. Street Painting

 street art painting is creativity using the ground as the canvas

Street painting is an annual event where students paint over a large strip of pavement as well as sometimes on themselves. It allows their creative juices to flow and figure out how they want their art to be seen. It is a great event to go to with friends. 

3. Step Show

 step dancing is a mix of rhythm and body movement

The art of step has been dating back to years and years. It mostly has to do with the rhythm and step in a person. It is a mesmerizing event that is very calculated and not just cool to listen to, but also takes a lot of effort to properly learn the movements.

4. Comedy Shows

 comedy shows are filled with wit and laughter

Make yourself at ease with different events throughout the year that feature either a comedian or a hypnotists. You will be busting out in laughter and getting the well deserved break you need from the homework load that you have.

5. Homecoming Game

 football is the game of homecoming

This homecoming gave is a famous annual event. It is usually during the beginning of the year and is a way to kick it off. It is a fun event where you can attend the game with all your friends and family. There will be plenty of loud cheers and of course food and drinks.

Top 10 Dorms at Drake University

Picking a dorm while at school is a very important concept. This is because you will be directly affected by your surroundings. Here are the top 10 dorms at Drake University!

1. Stalnaker Hall

The first great option that you have is Stalnaker Hall. This is mostly where freshmen like to live. If you need some help getting used to college life, this is the place to live.

drake university stalnaker hall

Address: 1319 30th St.

2. Crawford Hall

Another great residence hall is Crawford Hall. There are always events going on here to help get you involved. This allows you to be the best student that you can be.

drake university crawford hall

Address: 1333 30th St.

3. Carpenter Hall

Carpenter Hall is a super popular spot to live. This is because of the building’s amazing location on campus. You can get to all of your classes very quickly.

drake university carpenter hall

Address: 2900 Forest Ave.

4. Herriott Hall

If you want a little more seclusion, you can stay in Herriott Hall. This building is located on the other side of campus. The area is much quieter in regards to the other halls.

drake university herriott hall

Address: 2842 Forest Ave.

5. Morehouse Hall

Another great location is Morehouse Hall. This is a fairly large hall that is open to all students. This is a coed dorm that offers single and double rooms for you to enjoy.

drake university morehouse hall

Address: 2803 University Ave.

6. Drake West Village

If you want a little more room, you can live in the Drake West Village. This is an apartment area that you can live in. The rooms are much better and there are fewer rules.

drake university drake west village

Address: 1315 31st St.

7. Vue

Vue is a super popular off-campus housing option that you can choose. There are tons of great amenities here such as laundry machines and computer to use.

drake university vue

Address: 900 8th St.

8. The Parker

Another great option that you have is the Parker. This is a great high-end apartment complex only about a mile away from campus. You can get to your class with ease if you live here.

drake university the parker apartment

Address: 615 Park St.

9. R&T Lofts

R&T Lofts is a great place to call home while at school. This is a super new building that has a lot to offer. You will be immersed in state of the art resources here.

drake university rt lofts

Address: 717 Locust St.

10. The Verve

One of the best places for the price is the Verve. If you live here, you will save a ton of money while still having access to the best amenities out there.

drake university the verve

Address: N/A

Here is your packing list for Drake University

Room Basics

a stack of sheets

– Garbage can
– area rug
– mattress topper
– sheets
– pillow

Food and Drinks

a cup of coffee

– Bottled water
– tea bags
– instant coffee
– microwavable meals
– plates

Tech and Entertainment

a black TV

– Cell phone
– computer
– adapters
– chargers
– TV

School Supplies

colorful pens

– Textbooks
– pencils
– pens
– folders
– binder

Cleaning and organization

wet wipes

– All-purpose cleaner
– paper towels
– wet wipes
– shoe rack
– hangers

Campus Gear

wooden hangers

– Backpack
– bike
– skateboard
– walking shoes
– water bottle

Things to Ask about before bringing

air conditioner unit

– Guests
– furniture
– printer
– air conditioner
– alcohol

10 of the Easiest Courses at Drake University

Drake University is known for rigorous programs and dedicated students. However, every student needs a GPA boost at some point in their academic career. Here are 10 of the easiest classes Drake offers to help get extracurricular credits in the simplest way possible!

1. ENG 041 – Intro to Film Study

This course is based around watching over a dozen films, documentaries, and short films and analyzing them. Film here is studied as both culturally significant as well as a modern art form! Nothing beats a class based on movie appreciation!

2. HSCI 103 – Narrative Healthcare

Healthcare classes aren’t known for being easy, but this one truly is. Students use stories written by patients, family members, healthcare providers, and other authors to encourage the development of empathy and understanding in preparation for working in a healthcare setting. It may be emotional at times, but this course consists of few outside assignments and mostly in class discussion.


3. MUS 010 – Jazz History

If you enjoy jazz music and are looking for a fun class, look no further! This course looks at jazz from the beginning of New Orleans style to contemporary artists. The main focus is listening to music with the intent to identify artists, periods, and styles. With few outside assignments, this course is sure to be a fun one!

4. THEA 114 – Classic American Films

This course is another based on watching movies. During this class, students will watch and discuss over nine quintessential American films and discuss key themes. It is the perfect way to catch up on some of the classics!

5. REL 132 – Apocalyptic America in Film and Culture

This course takes a look at many popular Sci-Fi themes such as climate change, viruses, pandemics, nuclear war, political disintegration, aliens, and zombies. There are only short assignments, and the professor has a lot of fun teaching the class! It is an interesting way to look at American culture and the popular stories that influence it.

6. LIBR 101 – Reflections on Video Games

This class is about the relationship between video games, gamers, and their communities. Students are expected to have basic understandings of video games and be able to make connections as to how games are shaped by culture. Nothing gets easier than a class on gaming!

7. LEAD 120 – Many Women, Many Leaders

This course looks at women as leaders throughout history and women’s challenges in these roles. It has few outside assignments and has a lot of discussions. It is an interesting and easy way to pad the GPA!

8. SCSR 106 – Aesthetics/Everyday Life

If you have an eye for aesthetic, this class is the perfect way to get an easy A! It examines the everyday life and what design elements went into it. The visual side of the world is examined and discussed with few assignments and easy tests!

9. THEA 032 – Stage Makeup

This course is all about makeup application and learning different stage techniques. There is no experience required, but basic makeup skills come in handy! Attendance is mandatory when practicing styles, but overall it is one of the easiest classes Drake offers. Does it get much better than practicing makeup styles?

10. LIBR 056 – Information Literacy and Walking Dead

This two-credit course is one of the more interesting courses Drake University offers. It fulfills information literacy requirements while being taught through the storyline of The Walking Dead. Students are expected to have a background of the show and will be required to watch most of the seasons. Binge watching for class? Yes, please!


College can be hard enough- taking extracurriculars that are fun, discussion-based, and less time consuming is the perfect way to boost your GPA! Signing up for one of these ten classes may just give you the motivation needed to get out of bed in the morning.