10 Buildings You Need to Know at Dominican University of California

Finding your way around any college campus is essential so that you don’t get lost. It can be easy, especially new students or visitors, to get lost on campus if they are not familiarized with some it already. One way to feel more comfortable and acquainted is by knowing the buildings on campus. Here are ten of the buildings that you need to know at Dominican University of California.

1. Bertrand Hall

Outside of the Bertrand Hall Building

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

This building is home to the Barowsky School of Business, Business Services, Counseling Services, the Financial Aid Office, Mail Services, Marketing, the Health Center, and the Teaching and Learning Center. It also features classrooms and study rooms.

2. Angelico Hall

The front of Angelico Hall

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

First built in 1922, this hall continues to be the home for two departments: The Suzuki School of Music and the School of Liberal Arts and Education. It features practice rooms, classrooms, rehearsal spaces, lecture hall spaces, lounge areas, and study rooms within its walls.

3. Anne Hathaway Cottage

Front of Anne Hathaway Cottage

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

This building didn’t earn its name from the famous actress we all know and love from the Princess Diaries, but it did earn its name in 1935 from Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway. It features the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute for those over 50 who want to continue their education.

4. Edgehill Mansion

Front view of Edgehill Mansion

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

Edgehill Mansion is home to a number of resources for students to utilize. This includes the campus Chapel, Alumni Relations for those who have or are graduating, Campus Ministry, Career Services, Financial Aid, and the Global Education Office.

5. Magnolia House

Outside view of Magnolia House

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

Have you recently applied to Dominican University of California and awaiting a letter to see if you were accepted? Do you have any questions about he admissions process? Well visit this building! The Magnolia House is home to the Office of Admissions.

6. Joseph R. Fink Science Center

The Joseph R. Fink Science Center

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

This building is home to the Joseph R. Fink Science Center. It is equipped with new and improved state of the art technology. It also features a number of labs for teaching and research, classrooms, study rooms, and a computer lab available for use.

7. Alemany Library

Outside of the Alemany Library

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

This building is home to the Alemany Library. It features the campus art gallery, computer labs, and study rooms. This library is also staffed with students and administrators who are there to upkeep and maintain the mission of the library.

8. Guzman Hall

Front view of Guzman Hall

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

Guzman Hall is one of the administration buildings on campus. It features the Advancement Office, the Academic Affairs Office, Institutional Advancement Office, the President and Vice President of Institutional Affairs Office, and the Guzman Lecture Hall.

9. Conlan Recreation Center

Front view of the Conlan Recreation Center

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

This building is your one stop to staying fit on campus. Here, you will find the campus fitness center and gymnasium. This gym features state-of-the-art equipment for exercise, weight rooms, locker rooms, a lounge area, and an information desk to use if you need any help.

10. Fanjeaux Student Union

Front of the Fanjeaux Student Union

Address: San Rafael, California, 94901

This building is the heart and home to campus life. It features an informal place where students can gather. It features a pool table, a large screen television, and a lounge area to socialize in. It also is home to the Office of Associated Students of Dominican.

Dominican University of California is a private university that has over 1700 students enrolled. It was first founded in 1890 and is located in San Rafael California. Hopefully this list has helped students who are looking to visit or who are new/returning.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Dominican University of California

The hardest courses at Dominican University of California allows students to work diligently and with dedication. It is not impossible to pass them when students know how they have to manage their study time. Once they align their skills to study, they will be able to ace the courses.


Picture of a microorganism

This course deals with biodiversity and covers the evolutionary history of animal and plant formation. The focus of course is over the functions of the organismal biology, which students will observe through microscopes. It requires extra effort for students to analyze and also pay close attention to get a good grade in this course.


Picture of a design with dimensions

Learning to draw is not an easy task as it involves the study of history, dimensions, techniques, and a lot of other things. Moreover, to be proficient in drawing, you have to practice a lot. This course covers the compositions and principles of value, line, texture, space and also figure drawing. It later reaches the model formation by the end, where evaluation of students is done.


Various research methods with icons representing differnt aspects

Students will be able to discover research methods in this course by looking out for the problem-solving techniques. They will use the available tools and apply them to the design of the research. Along with that, they will get exposure to real-time business problems which allows them to know how to deal with it. It includes topics such as developing hypothesis, data collection, central tendency, chi-square, dispersion, etc.

4. BUS 1903 – TEAM DEV & LEAD

Cartoon of Students Working as Team

This course deals with sharing responsibilities among team members. There are a lot of theories for students to remember, which makes it a tough course to cover. Students have to work within teams and develop trust/respect for each other. There are practical examples which are demonstrated in the classroom, such as work-style and what preferences to adopt. Students will also discover their skills and know how to use these to achieve common goals.


Chemical formulas and Compounds of chemistry

The focus of this course is to develop an understanding of chemistry concepts. There are multiple theories about chemical calculations which students need to memorize. It is a hard course for students as there are a lot of difficult lectures to attend. The principles and theories related to chemistry are difficult to manage along with remembering chemical formulas and reactions.


Photo of nurse on duty

This course deals with the development of skills and helps prepare students for clinical practice. Topics included in this course are related to ethical issues, legal issues, communication, cultural considerations, client education, care education and much more. As there are multiple facets of this course, it is hard to acquire all the information at once. Students will have to remember immense knowledge for their final exams along with practical examples.


Structure of atom

Physics class is always challenging for students as there are both practical and theoretical implications. Topics covered in this course are related to mechanics, electricity, thermodynamics, energy, light properties, wave properties etc. Along with that, there are major topics which are related to non-biological sciences for the students to evaluate and learn diligently.


An old compass on a map

This course covers African culture development and origins. There is a lot to remember for this course if the students want to get a good grade. The hardest part of the course includes challenging topics like the trading and diversity of African history. The topics are lengthy with sub-sections. It may be a boring course for students but once their interest is developed it becomes easy.


Picture of bar graph of for stats analysis

Real data is always hard to deal with especially when it requires analysis. This is a hard course to pass because of the graphs, tables and concepts analysis. It requires a complete study of statistics along with understanding the complex functions. Topics covered in this course are linear equation, modeling data, rational, and many others. There is a long mathematics exam at the end.


2 human brains showing cogs instead of brains

The focus of this course is to explain the concept of psychology to students. Students have to memorize and apply the theories in real-time situations in order to learn. It can be hectic for students to deal with unexpected situations. Topics covered in this course are related to perception, behaviors, social psychology, motivation, cognition and emotions. However, the hardest part of the course is when students have to work with patients and provide them with solutions.

These courses are difficult and make it hard to complete students’ degrees while maintaining good grades. However, if there is a consistent effort, students will be able to pass them easily.

Jobs for College Students at Dominican University of California

The Dominican University of California prides itself as one of the leading art and technology institutions in the United States. The institution has exciting urban environments, excellent dining, and entertainment opportunities, with incredible outdoor recreation also available. The Dominican University of California has student jobs available in numerous categories. The student jobs available differ regarding pay, benefits, leave, and other elements involved in employment. Here are some of the jobs available for students at the Dominican University of California.

1. Undergraduate admission student ambassador

A student ambassador smiling at the camera

This position requires students to assist the Office of Undergraduate Admission to provide prospective students with positive and accurate information about the college. The students hired for this position will work for the Office of Undergraduate Admission in a variety of ways, including conducting campus tours, assisting with on-campus visit programs, and hosting prospective students overnight in residence halls. The Student Ambassador Program serves as a leadership opportunity for Dominican University students. There are requirements to be met before students are given this job and work hours is around 5 hours a week.

2. Library Teaching Intern

An intern teaching fellow students

This position is open for any SOIS student with interest in academic libraries or teaching/presenting in any library setting. It is not necessary that candidates have prior teaching experience. The hired interns will observe and assist librarians teaching a variety of classes and either co-teach a “one-shot” class or develop an original workshop. They will also be tasked with developing webinars, tutorials, or creating other multi-media content, assessing student learning, and promotion and marketing. Students to be hired must have excellent communication skills, interest in instruction and emerging instructional technologies, and more.

3. Student Patrol

The campus safety team working

This job requires students to provide professional safety and security services through regular patrols. They will be asked to maintain visibility and projects good security image (uniform standard, neatness, etc.). Other functions include executing all policies as stated in department handbook and other functions required. Only students with high moral standards will be hired. Students that can write and read in English and have a clean disciplinary background will be given preference. The working hours are flexible to ensure the hired students put in the work and have enough time for their classes and other academic activities.

4. Office assistant at the Center for Global Peace through Commerce (CGPC)

A lady working on her desk

This job allows students to acquire work experience in diplomacy and philanthropy. The person selected may provide administrative support to the CGPC Office and works under the supervision of the Director. The hired student will have to show an interest in and respect for the unique multicultural objectives of the Center for Global Peace through Commerce. They must also possess knowledge of Microsoft Office tools (Excel, Word, PowerPoint); and knowledge of Google Docs/Drive (Sheets, Docs, Slides), have strong organization skills, have excellent written and oral communication skills and more.

5. Welcome and Information Desk Agent

Students working at the welcome information desk

The Welcome and Information Desk (WID) agent is viewed as the search engine for the campus community providing information, navigation, resources, and connection to services. Students hired for this position will also help to facilitate a welcoming, caring, healthy and safe environment, and promote an inclusive community. The agents will work at various front desk locations – Coughlin Commons, Lewis Hall, and the Priory East Entrance – assisting in administration, service, and campus safety. The desk agents are required to demonstrate professionalism and exemplary customer service at all times, while also responding quickly and effectively in emergencies and situations involving campus safety.

6. Note taker with OneClass

A student taking note

For students who wish to earn extra income, you can take notes with OneClass. Asides earning extra income, you can get better at studying and focusing during your lectures

Restaurants and Cafes at the Dominican University of California

Dominican University of California is a private, non profit university in San Rafael, California. It was originally founded in 1890 as Dominican College, making it one of the oldest universities in California. Here’s 7 of their restaurants and college cafes!

1. Chilly’s Cafe

inside of a cafe

Chilly’s Cafe is a great cafe on campus that offers fresh pastries, sandwiches, snacks, salads, smoothies and coffees/espressos. They allow students to use their dining hall money to purchase items here, making it very affordable!

2. Bagel Street Cafe

different types of bagels

Bagel Street Cafe is a popular local bagel shop that isn’t too far from campus. Students and locals love to come here for the fresh made bagels and bagel sandwiches, along with their baked goods. They have great prices, too!

3. Arizmendi Cafe

bread at a bakery

Arizmendi Cafe is a great place to go to for fresh breakfast and lunch foods like sandwiches, salads, and artisanal pizzas. They also make hot pies and pastries for dessert. Students love this place for its great food and prices!

4. Aroma Cafe

 aroma cafe san rafael

Aroma Cafe is a quaint coffee shop that is a short drive from campus. They have great study spaces for students to use while enjoying their artisanal coffees, espressos and teas all at affordable prices!

5. Sol Food

sol food san rafael

Sol Food is a local Puerto Rican eatery in downtown San Rafael, California. This restaurant has amazing authentic Puerto Rican dishes for lunch and dinner served in a contemporary environment. They have great prices too!

6. Crepevine

crepevine san rafael

Crepevine is a downtown restaurant that’s open from morning until late evening. They serve sweet and savory crepes, as well as small American dishes and appetizers to please all crowds. Students love their affordable pricing!

7. Thai Smile

thai smile san rafael

Thai Smile is another restaurant located in downtown San Rafael. Just a short drive from campus, this restaurant serves authentic Thai food that students love. They have very good prices.

Top 10 Coolest Classes at Dominican University of California


An inside look at a theater

This class is a practice-based workshop where students will be able to develop and hone in on different skills that are needed for creativity, teamwork, and creativity within the field of drama. Students will also gain experience on the stage.


A  group of people dancing

The purpose of this class is to allow students to develop and learn about different skills needed for dance. Students will also be able to learn about the development of dance throughout the 20th century that have impacted the dance world.


A look at watercolor paint

Are you creative? Students in this course will learn about techniques and methods needed for drawing and painting. Students will also learn about water-based media that is needed for both traditional and contemporary watercolor painting.


A graphic of the word non-fiction

This class will explore mentorship in the context of American creative nonfiction within the 21st century. Students will be able to participate in regular writing exercises that will help them to develop their own craft and generate new works.

5. PE 1215 ZUMBA

zumba class in session

Get ready to dance! This fitness class is geared towards allowing students the chance to participate in an exercise class. Students will also be able to learn about healthy lifestyles. This includes learning more about what it means to be physically and mentally healthy.


A person writing a song

This class will help students learn about editing, arranging, and creating songs. Students will learn about the basic principles of musical software and more. Students will also learn about Musical Instrument Digital Interface, audio, and more. 

7. PE 1209 FLOW YOGA

A person doing yoga on the beach

This class will focus on the techniques, processes, and methods of flow yoga. Students will learn about being physically and mentally fit by doing yoga on a regular basis. Yoga is way to de-stress and calm your mind. This is important as a college especially. 


The word musicianship written out

This class will focus on intervals, melodies, and rhythm skills needed for musicianship. Students will also learn about the different methods of sight-singing. This class will also focus on the basic skills needed to develop a sense of musicianship that relate to those above.


Tools and trends in the economy

This class will focus on economics that is used in business. Students will learn about the performance of national economics, domestic and international factors, and fiscal and monetary policies. Students will also learn about the trends in the economy.


A girl taking a photo

This class will focus on the basic concepts of digital photography. Students will learn about the variety of different digital camera, how to establish a photographic portfolio, and how to light and arrange a good shot that is needed for pictures.

Health and Wellness Resources at the Dominican University of California

The Dominican University of California is a private, not-for-profit, coeducational university located in San Rafael, California. The institution offers a variety of health and wellness resources to accommodate the medical needs of its over 1,000 undergraduates. This includes resources related to physical, mental, and sexual health. Here are five health and wellness resources at the Dominican University of California that all of its current and prospective students should know about

1. Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides free medical care and other health services to all currently registered Dominican University of California students regardless of their medical insurance plan. Services offered here include evaluation and treatment of acute illnesses and minor injuries, health education, evaluation of health concerns, pregnancy testing, birth control, STI and STD testing, reproductive counseling and services, nutrition counseling, smoking cessation counseling, stress management counseling, tuberculin skin testing, vaccinations for measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), HPV, meningitis, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (Tdap/Td) booster, flu shots, and more

Materials used to give vaccinations

2. University Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to those students who need them at the Dominican University of California. All students are eligible to use counseling services for free during their time at Dominican. Students may want to try counseling for a variety of reasons, for example, if they’re struggling with relationships, school, test anxiety, academic problems, suicidal thoughts, family conflicts, alcohol and drug use, stress, or other problems. Students need not have a specific concern to think that it would benefit them to speak with a counselor. Appointments are usually 50 minutes long and can be made by telephone or in person

A counselor writing down information during a session

3. Off-Campus Emergency Care

Students at Dominican University of California can receive emergency care off-campus at Marin General Hospital, Novato Community Hospital, or Kaiser Emergency Department/Hospital. These off-campus resources are available because the Dominican University of California does not enroll enough undergraduates to have all of these resources readily available on campus. Students and/or their insurance carriers will be responsible for billing for care at off-campus abilities

An ambulance used for emergency transportation

4. Crisis and Hotline Resource Numbers

Students can find a variety of crisis and hotline resource numbers on the Dominican University of California website, including the numbers to reach 
Apple Family Works, Bay Area Community Resources, Community Violence Solutions (Marin Rape Crisis Center), Grief Counseling Hotline, 
JED Foundation Crisis & Support Hotline, Marin Suicide Prevention Center, and the National Sexual Assault Hotline. Counselors are available to talk about a number of issues for those who do not have anybody else to talk to


A telephone that can be used to call a crisis hotline

5. Student Health Advisory Committee

This is a group of students at the Dominican University of California who provide a link between the Dominican University of California student body, the Student Health Center, and University Counseling Services. This committee is made up of students pursuing a variety of health professions (though there are also students not pursuing health professions who are on this committee) who give a voice to the health concerns of Dominican students. The committee also educates students about health issues and promotes health, medical, and counseling services available on campus.

A health committee hearing at the Dominican University of California.

Top 10 Majors at the Dominican University of California 

If you are going to continue your education at college, you need to pick a major. It is important to pick a major that is best fit for you. Here are the top 10 majors at Dominican University of California.

1. English

If you love to read and write, you should major in English. There are a lot of different ways that you can take your career with this degree. You can be a novelist, journalist, or poet.

an English graphic

2. History

A great way to learn about the people before you is by majoring in history. This degree will supply you with the knowledge of the past that will help you get through the future.

History of the World

3. Nursing

A pretty difficult path you can take is by majoring in nursing. Although the struggles might be real, you can make a lot of money when you get a job. This is one of the most popular degrees at this school.

A group of Nurses

4. Pre-Law

If you aspire to go to law school one day, you need to major in prelaw first. This is a program that specifically get you ready for law school. It may be a long journey but you will make a lot of money as a lawyer. 

Figures of criminal law

5. Psychology

Psychology is another good major that will supply you with the necessary skills to get a good job. You can be a social worker or many other things with this degree. This is a major almost anyone can take.

The sides of the brain

6. Political Science

In this day and age, politics is taking a forefront in the news. That being said, it will be a great idea for you to consider political science as your major. You can take advantage of this political interests and use it to your benefit.

Terms relating to political science

7. Music

If you have a strong passion for music, you should translate that passion into a vibrant career. You can do this by majoring in music at the school. There are great professors and musicians here to help you along.

Musical Notes

8. International Studies

A great way to learn more about cultures and other countries is by majoring in international studies. You’ll learn how to communicate with different people from around the world. This will open your eyes to different factions of the world.

Flags of different nations

9. Global Public Health

If you have a deep care about children and other people in other countries, global public health may be a good major for you. You will learn about what it takes to help people in need in other countries. There are a lot of careers that can stem from this degree.

A globe of the world

10. Health Science

The final great major to keep in mind is health science. You will learn about the human body and what keeps it healthy. This will benefit your life as well as the others around you.

Terms relating to health

10 Library Resources at Dominican University of California

Dominican University of California is an independent and liberal arts university founded in 1890. Students at this university are taken through professional education by a team of dedicated faculty members. The university prides itself for excelling in research, community outreach and scholarship. This is achieved through spending quality time to study and do research. There is no better place to study than in the library. Below are the top 10 library resources for Dominican University of California.

1. Printing

A printer with a document ready.

Students at Dominican University of California have the access to printing services at the Archbishop Alemany Library. They charge at student friendly rates and are more convenient as compared to purchasing a printer or a copier. Students are required to have a current Dominican Penguin Pass.

2. The Information Commons

A room full of computers. There are no computer users around.

The Information Commons is an open work area for students and researchers. It is located adjacent to the Reference desk in the Alemany Library. It was expanded and rebuilt in March of 2004. It is equipped with computers and is never used for classes. It is open during library hours.

3. Library’s Databases

A blue screen showing algorithms of a databases.

This is yet another important university resource available at Dominican University of California. It contains a collection of immense data organized in such a way that it is easy to access, manage and update. The information is arranged in alphabetical for easy use.

4. Research Guides

A Magnified research word cloud

The fourth resource gives the students a chance to enquire about their research and get assisted by the research services librarians. Students get guided at any level of research and directed on the appropriate citation styles and information to use.

5. Interlibrary Loans

A librarian stamping a book when a student is borrowing it.

This is a university resource that gives you the option of requesting journal articles or books that are not available in the library or the bookstore. Students request the items, keep track and once available they download them.

6. Course Reserves

Pile of books written Course Reserves

Next, is a resource that enables students to access reserved books and articles that have been placed at the Circulation Desk for everyone in the class to access. Students can access the materials online by just typing the instructors name or physically by visiting the Circulation Desk.

7. Library Workshops

Exhibits in the Library

This is a resource that gives students and other interested library users a chance to arrange for library workshops. At the workshops the attendants are taught about research, different citation styles, advance database searching among many other interesting topics as requested by the library users.

8. Ask the Library

A librarian keeping a record of issued books.

The eighth resource involves enquiring and finding answers to troubling questions with concerns to the library or academics. This can be in person, online or submission in writing. Students can contact the library at any time.

9. Copyright at Dominican

Scramble tiles forming the word Copyright

The ninth resource ensures that students and faculty uphold the United States copyright law. Students and other library users are taken through learning to ensure they use copyrighted material in the proper manner. This resource helps library users understand the basics of using copyrighted material.

10. Long-term Laptop Loan Program

A Computer with application icons

Last but not least, this resource enables students who are not able to afford their own computers get one for a period of one semester. The students are expected to return the computer with all its accessories at the end of the semester, though they are still eligible to reapply.

Library and Services of Dominican University of California

1. Archbishop Alemany Library

Froont view of the Archbishop Alemany Library

The Archbishop Alemany Library is the main library at Dominican University of California. It opened its doors in April 17, 1963. It is opened from 8am to 12am during weekdays.

2. Belvedere-Tiburon Library

Front view of Belvedere-Tiburon Library

The Belvedere-Tiburon Library is an off campus library where students can request and borrow library materials for study and research. The library offers a variety of resources to students including research guides and study spaces. It operates from 10am to 9pm on weekdays.

3. San Rafael Library

Front view of San Rafael library

The San Rafael Library is an off campus library providing library services to Dominican students. It has a wide collection of items for library users as well as library resources. It operates from 10am to 8pm on weekdays.

4. Corte Madera Library

Front view of Corte Madera library

The Corte Madera Library is another off campus library offering indirect services to students. It is located in Marine County and students can check out and renew books and journals from the library. It operates from 10am to 9pm on weekdays.

5. Larkspur Library

Front view of Larkspur library

The Larkspur library is an off campus from in Marin County where Dominican students and faculty can check out items for research and study. It has a collection of over 50000 items. It operates from 10am to 7pm on weekdays.

10 Coolest Clubs at Dominican University of California

Dominican University of California is a private, not-for-profit, coeducational university located in San Rafael, California. It is known to be one of the oldest universities in all of California, it opened its doors in 1890. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs that you need to check out.

1. Inter-Club Council

 the inter club council allocates a certain number of dollars to a club

This group of people meet up to talk about the dos and don’t on clubs. They provide funding as well as create a voice for different clubs to be heard. The council will go over social issues such as what events and trips should be covered and which ones should not.

2. Black Student Union

 black student union empowers african american students

This group is meant mainly as a support system for students who are African-American. It allows them to feel comfortable with each other and to help educate those who are not aware of the issues centering the black community.

3. Global Ambassadors

 global ambassadors is a celebration of the unity of people around the world

The global ambassadors initiative gathers students together to not only be in support for international students and their cultures, but also to celebrate the international relations of other countries in general. It is a great club to attend if you are looking to study abroad.


 intersectionality deals with topics such as race education and sexual orientation

PRIDE stands for People Respecting Intersectionality, Dignity & Equality) Club the group is meant to be a group that allows people of the LGBTQ community to be treated fairly as any other human would be. The group is open to all members and creates for a conversation and platform for those who do not get heard.

5. Campus Ministry Club

 campus ministry is a collection of people who are looking to worship the lord

The campus ministry club is representation of the faith within the school. It is open to all students and gives students a path to lead with christ throughout their journey through school. You can meet new people and friends along with learning more about the church.

6. Ripple Effect

 ripple effect gets its name by only needing one person to make a change and reach many other students through faith

Ripple Effect is a group on campus that is led by students and staff members that goes over a variety of religious topics. It goes through social justice issues as well as personal stories through a religious lens. It is a great way to be one with the holy spirit.

7. Barowsky Student Association (BSA)

 business starts with having a set goal in mind

The student association is meant for and completely open to any students who are studying any form of business degree. It allows students to meet with professionals in the business world for networking as well as learn tips and tricks to success.

8. Dominican Political Science Association (DPSA)

 political science covers many different subjects such as administration and public policy

The political science association is for all students who are studying political science. Political science is the study of policy making on a governmental scale. The group will give you access to different connections and internship opportunities.

9. Dominican Ignite Club

ignite gathers students who are women to meet and be empowered for political change

IGNITE is a women’s political empowerment non-profit organization. The group is meant for women in the college to learn about issues within the government and try to enact change within it. To this day there are still many rules and regulations that are not equal within the sexes, this group is meant to change that.

10. Kapamilya

 filipino culture uses many intricate masks and dress wear for festivals

The Kapamilya club is a club that is meant to be open for all students who are Filipino. It is open to all students but the club mainly talks about the culture of the Filipines. The culture dives into information about diets as well as living and music.

Top Events of the School Year at Dominican University of California

1. DU Rec Sports – Yoga

 yoga is a relaxing art of movement and deep breathing

Enjoy the art of meditation through yoga. Yoga is an activity that requires great patience and understanding as well as a want to be truly at peace with yourself. It is a great way to control posture as well as learn how to do deep breathing exercises.

2. Mass

 mass is a celebration and adoration of the lord

Mass is a ceremony /event that is used for students to be able to attend at the school. It allows the convenience of being located at St. Catherine Benincasa Chapel as well as gives fellow students a change to connect with each other.

3. Writing Workshop

 a writing workshop is about collaboration of ideas and learning new techniques

This event is meant for those students who are Poets, Fiction and Memoir Writers. The workshop will cover different writing techniques and will help you get your creative juices flowing. It will inspire you to feel comfortable using different styles of writing.

4. Alumni Book Club

 alumni gather to read and discuss a book a month

This alumni book club event is a great way to gather previous students to enjoy each other’s company over discussion of a great book. It fosters community and engagement by everyone reading the same thing. The event happens on a monthly basis.

5. Penguin Pantry

 a farmers market is filled with fresh fruits and veggies

Students of all kinds and backgrounds are open to visit this event, it is the on campus farmers market. Everyone is welcome that is in undergrad or graduate program. This event makes eating fresh produce both affordable as well as accessible.

Top 10 Dorms at Dominican University of California

If you want to be the best student that you can be, you need to stay in a good dorm. This allows you to be surrounded by the best resource as possible. Here are the top 10 dorms at Dominican university of California.

1. Fanjeaux

Fanjeaux is a very unique place to stay. This is an old hall covered with Ivy. This building definitely has a nostalgic and classic feel.

Dominican university of california fanjeaux


2. Edge Hill Village

Another great place on campus is edge Hill Village. In fact, this is the newest residence hall on campus. About 200 students of all ages and genders stay here every year.

Dominican university of california edgehill village

75 Magnola Dr

3. Pennafort Hall

The final on campus accommodation that you have is Pennafort Hall. About 200 students stay here as well. This building is comprised of single and double rooms.

Dominican university of california pennafort hall


4. The Cove

Located about 6 miles from campus is the cove. This is a very popular off-campus apartment complex. There are tons of great amenities that you can take advantage of here.

Dominican university of california the cove


5. Hillside Village

Hillside Village is one of the cheaper options that you have. Although it is located about 10 miles from campus, you will save a Ton of money.

Dominican university of california hillside village

50 Acacia Ace

6. Serenity

Serenity is a great location for you to stay. This is located only about 2 miles away from campus. This means that you’ll get to and from classes very easily.

Dominican university of california serenity building


7. MacArthur Commons

MacArthur Commons is another good location. Although it is about 10 miles from campus, it still has some of the best amenities that you can find. Some examples include laundry services and game rooms.

Dominican university of california macarthur commons

539 39th St

8. Civic Plaza

The Civic Plaza apartment complexes might be a good fit for you. This is because of the large size in great features. Although it is 10 miles from campus, you’ll have a fun time if you live here.

Dominican university of california civic plaza

50 Acacia Ave

9. Hollis Oak

One of the cheaper places to live is Hollis Oak. The location is not ideal, but the amenities are great. You will have so much freedom if you live here with your friends.

Dominican university of california hollis Oak


10. Fillmore Center

The final great place to live is the Fillmore center. You can get from studio up to three bedrooms in one unit. Although the cost may be a little higher, it is still cheaper than staying on campus. 

Dominican university of california fillmore center


Here’s your packing list for Dominican University of California

1.Room basics

an area rug

  • desk lamp
  • area rug
  • clothes
  • sheets
  • mattress topper

2. Food and drinks

a tea bag

  • bottled water
  • instant coffee
  • tea bags
  • microwavable meals
  • fruit snacks

3. Tech and entertainment

Hulu logo

  • TV
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • cell phone
  • chargers

4. School supplies

a graphing calculator

  • textbook
  • calculator
  • notecards
  • note pads
  • backpack

5. Cleaning and organization

a red vacuum

  • vacuum
  • broom
  • dustpan
  • paper towels
  • wet wipes

6. Campus gear

a rainbow umbrella

  • Bicycle
  • walking shoes
  • umbrella
  • swimsuit
  • rain jacket

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a space heater

  • pets
  • alcohol
  • guests
  • big furniture
  • space heater