10 Buildings You Need to Visit at Diablo Valley College

Diablo Valley College (DVC) is a community college with campuses in Pleasant Hill and San Ramon in Contra Costa County, California. The school has over 22,000 students that attend the college. Their school mascot is the Vikings. Here are 10 buildings you need to visit at Diablo Valley College.

1. Television Studio

television studio with tv moniters

The Television studio is where you will find the classes for the broadcast communication arts. The studio is a hands-on area that is used for getting real-world experience in the comfort and convenience of being right on campus. The studio shows the latest school news and allows you to show off student events and talent.

2. DVC Garden

students with a line of plants

The DVC Garden is where horticulture students go to get hands-on learning when it comes to plants and their surroundings. The garden also sells plants so they are able to afford the maintenance and upkeep. The garden holds plant sales frequently and is a great learning experience for those looking for volunteer hours or an internship.

3. Planetarium

front view of a planetarium

The planetarium is located near the physical science building. It is open to the public for people to observe their planets and is only a $2 charge. The planetarium is a great hands-on way for students studying astronomy to take their classes as well as have optimal observation time.

4. Hospitality Services and Food Court

the inside of the food court

This building was created so that students are able to have hands-on experience with a state-of-the-art kitchen for those taking culinary courses. The building has teaching classrooms as well as offices. The building also is the main place for students to grab a bite to eat, you will find a pastry shop, main street bistro, and express bar.

5. Kinesiology Building

workout equipment and free weights

The kinesiology building is noted for the classrooms and offices for those studying the human body and its movement. The building also has an impressive gym so that students are able to get in a workout with great equipment/weights. The gym makes it optimal for students to volunteer their time/do an internship so they are able to learn and teach others through hands-on training.

6. Arena Theater

students in theater chairs with a stage

Arena Theater is a theater for different stage performances such as fine arts/theater. The theater is a widely used space for students and their friends to have entertainment at an affordable and convenient (location-wise) price. The theater is used for all types of events such as plays, singing, and speeches.

7. Book Center

 front outside view of book center

The book center is where students go to for their textbook needs. The book center also has merchandise that all students can take advantage to wear school spirited gear. The book store is open usually from 8am-7pm, which makes it easy to pick up your textbooks without worrying about shipping.

8. Acorn Learning Center

front outside view of acorn learning center

The Acorn Learning Center is a great place for students to bring their young siblings or children while they are in class. It is conveniently located near the school so that students can check up on the kids in between classes or pick them up after a long day. The center allows students to be all that they can be by having fun at field trips, getting nutritional snacks, and having teachers that are experts in the subjects.

9. Advanced Technology Center

students  in front of computer  screens

The Advanced Technology Center is a building that was made for students who need to work on projects that require a higher-end computer and processor. Some programs such as Adobe need this higher computer technology. You have access to Macintosh computers in this center.

10. Diablo Valley Swimming Pool

 swimming pool outside view

The pool here was made for students who are doing swimming and diving as a college sport. It is also open to students who are interested in using it for a recreational reason but it is only open at a certain time. There are offices connected to the pool for coaches and areas for people to sit.

Diablo Valley College is a larger school that has a wide variety of different people and majors you can take. The school has plenty of different buildings to suit your needs. You can enjoy a night looking at the stars with the planetarium or even pick up some tasty grown plants in the garden.

10 Coolest Courses at Diablo Valley College

Are you already enrolled in the course you desire? or are you still in doubt where you want to belong and what you want to learn? Diablo Valley College is a community college with campuses in Pleasant Hill and San Ramon in Contra Costa County, California who offers numerous courses that you might like and here are the top 10 coolest courses in the college.


computer with glasses and notebook and cup

This is an introductory course that studies AutoCAD being applied in technical drawings. This is one of the coolest course because it lets you apply your architectural skills on the computer. It also enhances hands-on training and application of architectural drafting.


handyman tools laid out on the hardwood floor

This course is a hands-on based skill. A student in this course will be able to construct and build full –scales projects in wood, metal, and other materials. Other opportunities include being able to learn and explore drawings, modeling, fabrication, and assembling. The student will be involved in building something to enhance knowledge and skills.


astrology graph

Independent study course on Astrology is for those students who want to conduct and design additional research or learn activities in a specific discipline that do not wish to replace an existing course. This is one of the coolest courses because a student in this course will be able to explore and successfully achieve their study project.


man with a tent looking at the night sky

The universe for beginners is a course for students who want to learn how the universe function. They will explore everything on the galaxy and even on the methods astronomers use to arrive at their conclusions. This is one of the coolest course because you will explore everything about the sky and understand each of its physical phenomena.


industrial screws and turning wheels

This course emphasizes the study of the method of manufacturing steel, aluminum and plastic products. This is one of the coolest course because it involves blueprint reading, learning the types of machinery used in manufacturing and the methods of forming and forging of the materials.


architectural drawing with pen and ruler

Introduction to technical drawing studies the basic skill for drawing such as sketching and shaping description, dimensioning and geometric projection. This is one of the coolest courses because you will be able to develop his skill well and gain experience in using a computer as a flat form to perform drawing.


close up of writing on a lined paper with ink pen

Script analysis covers the topic of studying the script of a film or play. A student will be able to learn how the script is understood, its genre and form, the plot and linguistic analysis and identification. Students in this course will be able to experience handling the script and analyze it for further enhancement.


actors and actresses in a play

If you love drama, then enroll yourself in this course. This course studies the basic skill of the actor and how to develop yourself as the character you will be playing. A student in this course will be able to learn the necessary scene study and focus on the physical and vocal energy to develop the role of the character in you.


Person's hand filling out a survey with a pen

This course is for students who want their knowledge and skill in journalism improve. This course studies the basic journalism reporting and writing for print, online and broadcast media. This is one of the coolest courses because it includes generating ideas, online researches, developing broadcasts and interviewing.


female reporter in front of a camera

Mass media of communication is an introductory course to mass media. In this course, a student will be taught about the history of media and its journey towards today and the processes it undergoes. It also includes teaching the amendment rights and responsibilities, the roles of journalism during the war and the influence it has on the people via the internet.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Diablo Valley College

The hardest courses at Diablo Valley College become easy when the students are working efficiently. The content of courses is complex but if the students pay full attention and focus, they will be able to accomplish the grades they wish to achieve.

1. Chem 120 – General College Chemistry 1

Compounds mixture in lab

This course deals with chemistry fundamentals along with theories related to it. Topics covered in this course are chemical reactions, atomic theory, gases, redox, structure, bonding, and kinetics. It is hard for students to understand everything from scratch and may be difficult to pass the course at first since it is quite challenging.

2. Biosc 130 – Principles Of Cellular And Molecular Biology

structure of DNA and RNA

The formation of this course is around the processes of biology and life of organisms. The emphasis of this course is on the cellular level organizations. Students will be able to learn about biological sciences in depth. Moreover, it covers topics such as molecular genetics, enzymes, immunology, gene control, and many others. There are also lab hours for students which they must cover in order to pass the class.

3. Bus 109 – Introduction To Business

2 men discussing business graphs

Business studies requires a lot of effort. Even though the course sounds easy but the content is difficult to understand. There are a lot of dimensions of business which the students need to comprehend. They have to present real-life examples to pass with good grades. Along with that, there are other topics which include the functional area of business, such as the aspects of marketing, human resource, economics and finances.

4. Bus 105 – Business Etiquettes

2 men are shaking hands and 3 girls are clapping

Learning business etiquettes comes with theory and practice. There will be presentations and demonstrations from actual business situations. It will help students to learn how to deal with the real world. There will be various activities such as manners, conversational styles and shaking hands. Moreover, it will cover the dining etiquettes, business travel and much more. Thus, the course is interesting for personal grooming as well as hard to pass.

5. Art 101 – Introduction To Two Dimensional Design

2D drawing

The combination of application and theory is hard for students to manage. It can bring their grades down when they are required to focus on more than one thing. However, this course includes the study of visual arts, two-dimensional design, cultural and historical elements. Students will explore all the interesting topics in this subject.

6. Drama 112 – Introduction To Stage Makeup

Rehearsals at stage

This course deals with the materials, aesthetics and the stage makeup procedures. Students have to learn the details of makeup application, plays circumstances, techniques, corrective makeup and much more. Along with that, they have to read through the history to understand the dynamics of drama to perform efficiently.

7. Comsc 110 – Introduction To Programming

Different concepts of programming

Concepts of programming are interesting for those who have an idea about it. Students need to practice a lot to know about the modular design and the development of the program. If they want to get a good hold of the subject, it will require their dedication. The course focuses on coding style, testing, documentation and debugging. All the data and structures are used through the programming language. To pass the course, students have to memorize the codes efficiently.

8. Chem 109 – Introduction To Organic And Biochemistry

Chemical compounds

The focus of this course is on living things and their chemistry. There are chemical compounds which the students need to understand in order to pass this course. This course is hard to cover as it requires a deep understanding of biochemistry and the molecular structure. There are various functions discussed in the subject which require the students to pay attention all the time without missing even one lecture.

9. Geol 120 – Physical Geology

different levels of earth crust

This course deals with all the geology phases which makes it a lengthy course. Due to the extensive theories and concepts, it will be tough for the student to pass this course. Topics covered in this course are fundamental processes of earth’s crust. Moreover, it gets tough as it reaches the end due to the mathematical concepts to understand quantitative reasoning. Also, student will learn about the rocks, minerals and landscape of the earth.

10. Math 192 – Analytical Geometry And Calculus 1

Angles in geometry

Geometry and calculus are always challenging. Students will find it hard to work with algebraic functions and the complete application. They will have to work consistently with effort to understand the system of algebra. Along with that, there are graphing calculators which the students will use in order to get proper solutions for the problems.

Working hard always pay off and that is what the students need to do at Diablo Valley College. Without wasting any time, it is better to study with constant effort to get a passing grade in each subject.

10 Library Resources at Diablo Valley College

The Diablo Valley College Library provides a student-centered learning environment with quality library and information services and resources.  The Library supports academic excellence by providing intellectual, physical, and electronic access to information, ideas, and services for a diverse community.  The Library encourages and facilitates information competency, critical thinking, intellectual independence, and lifelong learning. Here are some of the resources offered at the library.

1. OneSearch

OneSearch Logo

OneSearch is an online research tool that “pulls together” almost all of our Library resources so that they can be explored using a single search box. Rather than searching the Library Catalog for books and a database such as Academic Search Complete for journal articles, one can do a OneSearch search and get results which include books, e-books, journal articles, and government documents in one list.

2. Make an Appointment

A marked calender date

Schedule a one-on-one research appointment to get help with research assignments. Students can get help with defining their topic, selecting the best resources for your assignment, accessing and navigating electronic resources, developing search strategies, evaluating sources, and siting sources.

3. NewsBank

NewsBank Logo

Find current, diverse global perspectives on topics related to controversial issues, the environment, health, education, science, the arts, literature, business, economics, criminal justice, and more from a variety of current and retrospective news media including newspapers, newswires, broadcast transcripts, blogs, periodicals, videos and web-only content.

4. Print from Your Laptop/Phone

A wireless printer

Welcome to our PrintSpot Printing service. Print virtually any document or web page from your Internet connected PC to one of our corporate printers. There is no additional software required

5. Research Tool Box

Research tools

Librarians are available to help with your research. Librarians help student find an evaluate appropriate resources and prepare citations for articles, books, websites, statistics, and more.

6. Study Room Reservations

A study room

Students can reserve study rooms online through the library’s website. They can reserver the day, time and place of study.

7. Library Liaison Services

Library Liaison Services

Faculty librarians work with classroom instructors to develop library collections and to provide research
workshops. Contact your liaison about library services or to suggest a purchase.

8. Library Instruction

Library Instruction logo

Library Instruction sessions are designed to develop research strategies and techniques. While meeting students at an appropriate academic level, the library emphasizes critical thinking and evaluation skills which are designed to build information literacy competencies that lead to student success as they prepare to live and work in the complex and rapidly changing physical, social and cultural settings of our society. DVC librarians value innovation and collaboration in our information literacy instruction programming.

9. Course Reserves

Course Reserves logo

You may put your own personal copies of printed materials or library books and e-books on Reserve for 3-hour, 1-day, 2-day or 1-week circulation

10. NoodleTools

NoodleTools logo

Use NoodleTools to create your citations and more. NoodleTools is a responsive, user-friendly research management platform with baked-in wisdom accumulated over years, and a proven track record across thousands of schools and universities.

5 Libraries at Diablo Valley College

1. Dougherty Station Library

Dougherty Station Library children section

Dougherty Station Library is a joint use facility funded and supported by Diablo Valley College, the Contra Costa County Library and the City of San Ramon. The library is located on the San Ramon Campus.

2. The Diablo Valley College Library

 The Diablo Valley College Library

The Diablo Valley College Library located on Pleasant Hill Campus provides a student-centered learning environment with quality library and information services and resources.  The Library supports academic excellence by providing intellectual, physical, and electronic access to information, ideas, and services for a diverse community.

3. The John F. Kennedy University Law Library

The John F. Kennedy University Law Library

The John F. Kennedy University Law Library houses a collection of over 24,000 volumes and more than 50 periodical titles. Primarily supporting students, alumni and faculty of the College of Law, the library is also available for a fee to the public.

4. Pleasant Hill Library

Pleasant Hill Library

The Pleasant Hill Library was built in 1961. The library’s collection of over 140,000 books, audiobooks, videos, DVDs, and CDs circulate nearly half a million times a year. The library offers free Internet access from 38 computers and wifi throughout the library. The Heritage Collection of genealogical materials, a vault of local history materials and historical maps, and an extensive newspaper and periodicals archive are invaluable to researchers.

5. San Ramon Library

San Ramon Library

The San Ramon Library is a vital center of community activity. The library is located in the Marketplace shopping center across the street from Central Park and the San Ramon Community Center. The library includes a large children’s area with a separate story room, teen area, public access computers and free wireless Internet access. Collections include materials in a variety of formats that support the educational and entertainment needs of the community. Programs for children, teens, and adults are provided with the support of San Ramon Library Foundation. San Ramon is particularly proud of the jazz collection and annual jazz concerts.

10 Coolest Clubs Diablo Valley College

Diablo Valley College is a community college . It has multiple campuses, one in Pleasant Hill and the other in San Ramon in Contra Costa County, California.  The average tuition price is about $1,200 for instate and $7,500 for out-of-state. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs on campus.

1. Phi Theta Kappa

 phi theta kappa is a two year honors society

Phi Theta Kappa is an international two-year college honors society. The group is meant for students who have a high GPA of at least a 3.5. The group does a number of service projects as well as social events for the college. It is a great way to get possible transfer scholarships as well.

2. Habitat for Humanity

 habitat for humanity is a group that helps to build house for people who need it

Habitat for Humanity is a club on campus that supports the local habitat for humanity in the area. The students raise funds to give to the group, which then uses it to help build houses for those in need. Students may also volunteer time at build sites as well as the restore.

3. Women in STEM

 the population of women in stem is ever expanding

Women in STEM is a group that empowers more women and women currently in STEM to pursue their dreams. STEM is stands for education in math, technology, science, and engineering. It is often women that are told that they should not pursue these career paths, which makes it even more important that groups support them.

4. Intervarsity

 intervarsity christian fellowship is a nondenominational group

Intervarsity is a nondenominational student group that meets up in order to learn about the word of God and apply it to everyday life and its tribulations. It is a great group to socialize in as well as have a more connected relationship with the lord.

5. Finance

 finance deals with trends and money allocation

Finance club is club that meets up on campus to bring finance students the resources they need to succeed in their jobs. The group goes to speaker series as well as holds different networking events, and even gives you chances to know about internships and jobs.

6. Tea Club

 drinking tea makes doing homework more bearable

Tea Club is a simplistic but relaxing club where students can come together to network or simply do their homework. The space is the ultimate game changer because the club offers a variety of different tea to both enjoy and try.

7. Bee Club

 bees are to be studied as well as understood

Bee Club is a club that gathers together to not only host different events to raise awareness for bees and their habitats, but they also are a club that educates. The group holds meetings both indoors and right where the bees come in order to have a full experience.


 trick or treat for unicef is a box meant for collecting donations

UNICEF is a club that is made up of students that care about the well-being of children. The group raises money by doing fundraising events as well as collections in order for change to happen. Their biggest and most known is called Trick or Treat for UNICEF.

9. College Democrats

 college democrats share their political and social issues on the democratic stance

The college democrats group come together to bring politics and social issues into light. The group tries to convert others into knowing about the hard pressing issues within the world. It looks at topics in the lens of the democratic viewpoint.

10. Red Cross Club

picture of person wearing red cross symbol on jacket
Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

Red Cross Club is a club on campus that helps to provide aid to Red Cross International. Red Cross International is an organization that provides supplies to those who are suffering in some sort of natural disaster. The club takes monetary donations or such things like: non perishable food, medical supplies, and toiletries.

Top 5 Events of the School Year at Diablo Valley College


 footloose was a film made in 2011

The much-loved movie Footloose will be performed in the version of a musical created and performed by the talented students of the school.The event is located at the performing arts center. This is a great way for students to have a relaxing evening of watching an old classic come to life.

2. Transfer Day

 transfer day is a day where recruiters scout out students for their school

Transfer day is the day that different colleges from around the area and even outside of it in different parts of the state gather to recruit new students. It is a great day to attend if you are looking to further your education.

3. Career Workshop: How Companies Hire Employees

career workshop give students tools of success

The Career Workshop is meant to be an event that allows you to visit with people in the industry who are going to give you tips and tricks on how to land a job and keep a job. The event will be taking place at the Hospitality Studies and Food Court .

4. DVC Plant Sale

a layout of the different plants one can purchase

Plants and gardening are a calming way to make sure that you get life within the place you live at. It gives students something to look after as well as depending on the plant can make for a great decor piece to put in a room or backyard.

5. Holiday Buffet Banquet

a holiday buffet showcases plenty of different food options

The culinary program of DVC is inviting you to a holiday banquet filled with delicious food and merriment for the night. The cost is $35 per person. The event will be held at Diablo Room (Pleasant Hill Campus). Make sure to get tickets in advance before they run out.

Top 10 Dorms at Diablo Valley College

A majority of students that attended Diablo Valley College live in an apartment on or near campus. That being said, there are a few options that you have. Here are the top 10 dorms at Diablo Valley College.

1. North Ridge Apartments

North Ridge Apartments is one of the most popular places to live. This is right on campus and has a lot to offer to you. You’ll be able to have a little more room to live your life here.

Diablo valley college north ridge apartments

235 Camelback Rd

2. Camelback North

Another great place to live is camelback north. This is a classical dorm on campus. A lot of first year students tend to live here.

Image result for diablo valley college north

321 Golf Clun

3. Camelback Court

Camelback court is right next to Camelback north. This is another residence hall that has some great amenities. Some examples include laundry facilities computer labs.

Diablo valley college camelback court

15 Camelback Court

4. Camelback South

The final Camelback location is camelback south. Like the other locations, this one is a great place to live. It’s location on campus allows you to get around very easily.

Diablo valley college camelback suth

2089 Camel Lane

5. Briarwood Apartments

The final location on campus are the Briarwood Apartments. If you want a little more room, this is where you need to live. You also have much more freedom here.

Diablo valley college briarwood apartments

141 Golf Club

6. Hillside Village

One of the cheapest places to stay is at hillside Village. Rent is very cheap here, in the building is great. This is a great place to live if you want some good free.

Diablo valley college hillside village

Address NA

7. Mira Vista Hills

Mira Vista Hills is another great place to live. Although it is about 10 miles from campus, it still is a great place to live if you want to save some money.

Diablo valley college mira vista hills

2201 San Jose Dr

8. The Retreat

One of the closer locations is known as the retreat. This area is a little more expensive but is only about 5 miles away from campus. This means that you can get to and from class for me.

Diablo valley college the retreat

9. Kirker Creek

Kirker creek is another great option that you have. This location is about 9 miles away from campus has a lot to offer to you. There is even a pool here that you can enjoy.

Diablo valley college kirker creek

10. Rose Garden Apartments

The final great place for you to live is Rose Garden Apartments. This is about 10 miles away from campus and is very new. You even have a full kitchen and every apartment unit.

Diablo valley college rose garden apa


Here is your packing list for Diablo Valley College

1. Room basics

white shoes

  • garbage can
  • desk lamp
  • area rug
  • clothes
  • shoes

2. Food and drinks

a bottle of water

  • coffee
  • bottled water
  • fruit snacks
  • granola bars
  • utensils

3. Tech and entertainment

a white cell phone

  • computer
  • cell phone
  • chargers
  • adapters
  • extension cord

4. School supplies

stack of textbooks

  • textbooks
  • calculator
  • note cards
  • looseleaf paper
  • pencils

5. Cleaning and organization

a doormat

  • desk organizer
  • doormat
  • shoe rack
  • vacuum
  • all purpose cleaner

6. Campus gear

an orange umbrella

  • backpack
  • bicycle
  • walking shoes
  • umbrella
  • water bottle

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a table of food

  • dogs
  • food
  • microwave
  • refrigerator
  • printer

10 Easiest Classes at Diablo Valley College

Ranked among the top 5 transfer colleges in California, Diablo Valley College offers a vast array of opportunities for you to flourish academically. Lucky for you, not all of these opportunities are challenging. If you want to effortlessly increase your GPA, here is a list of the top 10 easiest colleges at Diablo Valley College:

1.  ADS 102 – Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Skills

Given that ADS stands for “addiction studies,” you will be learning vital communication skills that will help you appropriately respond to patients undergoing drug or chemical dependencies. You will learn techniques that will help these individuals transform back into their healthy state, while also adapt communication skills that can help you motivate others in general. This class does not assign much homework, but rather focuses on class discussions and partner conversations instead. If you’re the student who gets in trouble for talking too much during class, this verbal-based class might be for you.Two people on a coffee date

2. ADJUS 120 – Introduction to the Administration of Justice

Most of us have taken a high school government class, so for many, a lot of the material discussed in this class will be a review. The American justice system and its branches will be reviewed, and there will also be a large emphasis on the criminal justice system. It is an online class, so you can work at your own pace. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you should be just fine.icra iflas piled book

3. ANTHR 125 – Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory

This course will introduce you to the basics of scientific inquiry, the history and nature of archaeological research, and dating techniques, among other topics. The teacher will discuss material in surface-level, so it should be relatively easy to understand. Not much work is given out, but you may want to use this extra time to supplement your notes with some textbook reading.ancient archaeology attraction clouds

4. ARCHI 120 – Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design

If you are interested in creating ambitious building designs in the future, this course will provide you with the foundation (perhaps literally) to build them. Although architecture is known to be an intensive major, this is by no means a time-consuming or work-heavy class. Students will learn about urban planning, as well as environmental and landscape design. This learning will largely be carried out by drawing shapes and creating basic models, which should not only be easy, but fun for the creatively-minded. For the graphic designers out there, models will also be computerized. Nevertheless, previous graphic design or computer science knowledge is not required.aerial view and grayscale photography of high rise buildings

5. ARTHS 193 History of Asian Art

If you enjoy (or tolerate) learning about history and love art, today might be your lucky day and ticket to that easy A. This course serves as an introduction to some of the most popular Asian art forms and traditions. While art and artists will be the primary focus, religion and culture will also be discussed. A lot of learning will come from both the lectures and the readings. It is an interesting class with minimal work, so add it your schedule if you need to balance out some of those more rigorous classes.hawa mahal palace

6. ASTRO-110 The Visible Universe

Astronomy is arguably one of the easiest science college classes you can take. This course will introduce you to fundamental astronomical concepts to help you understand the importance of celestial motions and coordinate systems. The math discussed in this course is very basic, which is why only MATH 090 is recommended. If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with our planet but not willing to put in much work for that A, take this class.sky space dark galaxy

7. BUS 109 – Introduction to Business

Business classes aren’t always just for business majors. Perhaps you just want to sell some clothing on the side, or live out your Food Network dreams and sell some cupcakes to your neighbors and classmates. Whatever your reason is, this basic business class might be for you. You will learn about decision-making, marketing, financing, and more. You will also learn about the roles of business in a market economy and evaluate the global and social conditions in which business operate. This course is meant to build your familiarity with the business sector, rather than to give you depth on it. If you want an easy, maybe even relevant, class to take next semester, consider this introductory course.people coffee meeting team

8. BUSMG 168 – Customer Service

Looking for that easy promotion at work? This customer service course might just do it for you. Not everyone is gifted with marketable social skills, but this class will help you develop the compassion, generosity, and trust with customers to improve. The relationship to customer service skills and career success will also be examined. As you can probably already guess, the material covered in this course is very easy. There is not much outside class work given, so if you just attend class and listen you should be set. That said, only 0.5 units are credited for this course.adult business commerce cook

9. BUSMG 161 – Leading Groups and Teams

Here’s another extremely easy 0.5 unit class that you can add to loosen up any dense schedule. As the name may already suggest, a lot of the work in this class will be done in groups. The aim of this class is to come up with practical methods to better manage group work to reach more efficient outcomes. Emphasis will be placed on organizational techniques that will guide the group toward productive outcomes. This is not meant to be a difficult class, and there are only 9 lecture hours per term in comparison to the 54 offered by 3 unit classes.group hand fist bump

10. CARER 100 – College and Career Readiness I

As with any college and career readiness course. this course is relatively easy considering that the focus is your life and your choices. You will be introduced to career exploration and learn about options for post-secondary decisions. Job search skills, self-exploration, and decision-making strategies will be emphasized. Since the course doesn’t demand much, it only offers 1.5 units.business college composition deskThese 10 classes are sure to increase your GPA at a very minimal cost. If your schedule already consists of too many units, consider adding an easy 0.5 or 1.5 unit class. If you’re looking to the flip side, however, and looking to add more units to your schedule, there are also plenty of 3-unit introductory classes on the list. Happy class registration!