10 Coolest Courses at CUNY Hunter College

Hunter College is one of the constituent colleges of the City University of New York, an American public university. The school has around 15,000 students and has an acceptance rate of 38%. Here are 1o of the coolest courses to take at CUNY Hunter College.

1. POLSC 23800 – The American Legal System

Cartoon picture of two people getting divorced and someone in chains to jail

This course is an interesting course to take as it goes into the different types of legal procedures done in America. It has a heavy emphasis on New York State Law (the state has plenty of their own changes in law) and law on the federal level. The law class goes over not only civil laws but also criminal.

2. POLSC 31000 – Comparative Legal Systems

two people going over a legal document

Comparative legal systems is a course that is within political science that is interesting as it dives into how different countries and cultures deal with legal matters. This can mean on the low level of handling the law on a state basis or taking their issues all the way to high court on a country basis. It gives great insight on how other countries handle similar situations.

3. HUM 20100 – Exploration in the Arts

a painting with love and money on it

This course is a continuation of the humanities courses within the major. It is an interesting course as it goes over humans and how art has drastically changed society as we know it. It gives a range of timelines and specific events that have made notable contributions to what art now is seen as.

4. HUM 11000 – Map of Knowledge

cartoon of a man on a stack of books

This is an introductory course to humanities. It gives students a look at the different roads one can take to the knowledges of the overall major. It goes over the methods as well as a round bases of the subject. It’s a great class if you want to know more about society and humans in general.

5. WGS 15000 – Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

the colors of the lgbtq flag

As the world evolves so do people, how we interact and how people are identified (or chosen not to). This course is a fun class to take as it grows your knowledge of people as a whole as well as further knowledge and research on the opinions and rights that LQBTQ are constantly going towards. It helps to allow you the knowledge to properly identify others by how they would like to be identified.

6. ARTH 24900 – Twentieth Century Art I

famous american gothic painting of couple with pitchfork

Art is throughout the lives of everyone as they are exposed to it all the time in their daily life. In order to see how art is ever evolving, you can take this interesting art course that goes over the early art techniques within the twentieth century. You can see how the techniques have evolved to their modern takes .

7. CSCI 12000 – Introduction to Computers

image of a rose gold laptop

Introduction to computers allows students who have an interest in programming get their feet wet. Whether you know you are majoring or just looking to improve your knowledge of the technology this class can help all people. As tech continues to grow, most people in society with jobs are in need of at least a basic understanding of computers.

8.CSCI 13300 – Programming for Everyone

a long string of code on a computr screen

This programming course is a useful course for all people as society as a whole goes more technology based. This course is interesting as you get a basis for how programming works. The course goes from not only the consumer perspective but on the back end as well.

9. MEDP 27500 – Desktop Publishing

different adobe programs on a desktop

Desktop Publishing is a course that teaches students the secrets to being a successful writer with the power of the computer. You can learn to make all your edits within just your computer and it can make the process of wanting work published quicker and easier. This is a great course if you have an interest in self published work.

10. MEDP 24000 – Effective Speechmaking

a microphone in front of people

Effective speechmaking is a course that is interesting in the fact that you get very different styles of speeches, made by not only what you are taught, but how different people go about their speech. Everyone makes speeches from a different personal way. This class teaches you what works for you to make what your saying resonate with others the most.

CUNY Hunter College is a school in New York that allows students to take cool and interesting courses is the city that never sleeps. New York is constantly changing and booming with new ventures. This is why taking courses that are not only varied but interesting will help you to jump start your career, and give you opportunities in the comfort of not having to leave.

10 Hardest Courses at CUNY Hunter College

CUNY Hunter College is a public university located in New York City in the Upper East Side. This school has a 39% acceptance rate and currently enrolls over 15,000 students. Here’s ten of their hardest college courses!

1. ASTRO 10000 – Basic Concepts in Astronomy

earths horizon in space

Astronomy is an interesting class, but it’s still difficult. Students in this class learn all about the principles and theories about the creation of the universe, the composition of the solar system and its planets, and more. There’s a lot of reading and testing.

2. BIOL 10500 – Intro to Genome Biology

people editing DNA

Genome Biology is all about the human genome, its evolution, DNA, genetics and more. This class is pretty difficult due to the hard concepts, reading, and difficult tests.

3. BIOL 27000 – Intro to Neuroscience

brain drawing on chalkboard

Another tough biology class is neuroscience. Students in this class learn all about the structure, function, chemistry and processes of the human brain. There’s a lot of homework and testing in this class.

4. CHEM 12000 – Essentials of Organic Chemistry

scientist organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry is usually a very difficult class on any college campus. This class is all about the importance of carbon in chemical processes. There is a lot of homework and tests are extremely difficult.

5. ECO 22100 – Economic Statistics

word web economics

Economic Statistics is an economics based math class about statistics in the economy. Students learn about statistical methods related to economics. There is a lot of testing and homework in this class.

6. PSYCH 22300 – Abnormal Psychology

brain psychology

Abnormal Psychology is a fun but hard psychology class. Students have to learn about all sorts of different psychological disorders and conditions. There is a lot of reading and memorization in this class.

7. PHYS 10000 – Basics of Physics

equations for physics

Physics is another class that’s usually really hard on any college campus. Students have to learn about all sorts of different physics concepts like thermodynamics, gravity equations, and more. Physics tests are notoriously difficult.

8. MATH 15000 – Calculus and Analytical Geometry

shapes in geometry

Calculus is another class that’s usually tough no matter where you go. Students in this class need to have a deep understanding of algebra, geometry and precalculus to be prepared for this class. Tests are usually pretty hard.

9. MATH 25500 – Vector Analyses

labeled vectors

Vector Analyses is another tough math class. This class is very specific and requires a lot of knowledge about calculus, especially about vectors. The entire class focuses on vectors and how to analyze them. Tests and homework are usually pretty hard.

10. ACC 28000 – Business Law

people in business

A tough Accounting class at CUNY Hunter is Business Law. This class teaches students about laws in the business world and how they apply to accounting. There’s a lot of reading and testing in this class.

10 Library Resources at CUNY Hunter College

The Hunter College Libraries (HCL) offer the College community access to a wide variety of services, collections, and spaces for research and teaching. The team of faculty, staff, and student workers is dedicated to the community. Here are some of the library resources found in the libraries.

1. OneSearch

OneSearch Logo

Hunter OneSearch lets you search in one place for: CUNY library catalog; a massive index of articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers; and unique digital content from the library.

2. Blackboard

Blackboard Logo

The Blackboard allows access to course online resources and allows students to collaborate with their classmates.

3. Data Management

Data Management Logo

Hunter College Libraries provide data management services to the Hunter College research community. These services include assistance with creating data management plans that meet the requirements of many research funders such as National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF), selecting an appropriate repository for data sharing and preservation purposes. Funding agencies such as NSF and journals such as PLOS and Nature require data archiving, and choosing appropriate data analysis tools and citing datasets.

4. Computers

Students using computers at a library

Each of the libraries at Hunter college have computers to be used for research and study. The computers are connected to the Internet to facilitate research and information search.

5. Request a Purchase

Purchase Request form

Students and staff members can request materials that are not already owned by Hunter College Libraries. The recommendations made will be forwarded to the appropriate bibliographer for consideration.

6. RefWorks

RefWorks Logo

The new RefWorks has full-text management and collaboration features with an improved user experience. RefWorks has dozens of bibliographic output formats aside from the standards APA and MLA. You can install custom output styles as well as create new bibliography items from scratch.

7. EndNote

EndNote Logo

Users can search several databases within EndNote. This tool is both an installable, desktop version as well as a companion web page.

8. Mendeley

Mendeley Logo

Mendeley provides a variety of features including the ability to read and annotate pdfs within software, collect and organize pdfs, share your papers’ notes, and discover new papers, people to collaborate with and groups.

9. Library Instruction

Library Instruction Logo

The Hunter College Libraries offers instruction options designed to support students and faculty at all Hunter locations. Selections include  visiting lectures, classes in our specially-equipped library classrooms, workshops, individual consultations and the one-credit course, Information Research (LIBR 100).

10. Copying and Printing

Copying and Printing Section

Current Hunter students, staff, and faculty now use their Hunter ID/OneCard to pay for printing and copying services. Patrons from other CUNY schools and visitors must purchase a GUEST card from an OneCard kiosk machine to print/copy. GUEST cards expire one year after purchase.

Top 5 Libraries at CUNY Hunter College

1. Leon & Toby Cooperman

Leon & Toby Cooperman Entrance

The entrance to the library is located on the third-floor walkway level of the East Building. The Cooperman Library has individual and group study rooms, special facilities for students with disabilities, networked computer classrooms and labs for word processing and internet access.

2. Health Professions Library

Health Professions Library

The Health Professions Library supports the curricular and research needs of students and faculty at the Brookdale Campus of Hunter College. This library serves the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, programs in Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology offered through the School of Health Professions, and the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences.

3. Social Work & Urban Public Health Library

Silberman Building that houses the library

Located on the main floor of the Silberman Building, The Social Work & Urban Public Health Library (SWUPHL) maintains a dynamic, comprehensive library serving the academic and research needs of the Silberman School of Social Work as well as Hunter’s Community Health Education and Nutrition programs. The onsite SWUPHL print collection includes 55,000 books and 80 journals. Silberman student also have remote access to the Hunter Libraries electronic collections which include 250,000 full-text eBooks, 100,000 eJournals, and over 300 electronic databases.

4. Zabar Art Library

Zabar Art Library Interior

The Judith and Stanley Zabar Art Library, dedicated in December 2008, was made possible through the generous support of Judith Zabar, a member of the Hunter College Class of 1954, and her husband Stanley Zabar.  Hunter College and the Department of Art & Art History are grateful to the Zabars for their visionary support of young artists and historians.

5. Archives & Special Collections

Archives & Special Collections

The Archives & Special Collections division at Hunter College was formally established in January 1966 under the direction of the archivist, Frederick W. Stewart. Originating as the Archives Centre, the repository collects books and unpublished materials of historical value including records, correspondence, papers and publications generated by the administration, academic departments, administrative offices, faculty, staff and student organizations since 1869. The repository’s archival holdings have been grouped under Hunter College Archives, Affiliated Organizations and Special Collections. These are located in a secure and climate controlled facility on the second floor of the Main Library at Hunter College.

Top 10 Residences at CUNY Hunter College

Looking for housing can be hectic, especially if you don’t know where to begin. That’s where we come in. Below we have listed some of the top residences that you can choose from at CUNY Hunter College. Hopefully you find one that best suits you!

1. 97th Street Residence

Triple occupancy empty dorm

Address: 1760 3rd Avenue at 97th Street, New York, NY 10029

Here, students will be able to find double and triple rooms. Students will live in fully furnished rooms that also comes with a mini-fridge. Students will also find private bathrooms on each floor.

2. Hunter’s Apartments at 79th Street

An apartment kitchen

Address: 334 E. 79th Street, New York, NY 10075

These apartments are located right on campus. Students living here will live with two or three other roommates. Students will also find lounge areas and study rooms around the complex.

3. Brookdale Campus Residence

A dorm lounge

Address: 425 East 25th Street, between First Avenue and the FDR Drive

This residence provides students with an enriching and fun learning experience. Students will live among students who share some of the same passions. Students will also find lounge areas and study rooms. All rooms are fully furnished.

4. 92nd Street Residence

A dorm room

Address: 1395 Lexington Ave (at 92nd Street), New York, NY 10128

This residence hall allows students to stay in fully furnished rooms. Students will also find vending machines, study rooms, lounge areas, and a 24-hour help desk.

5. Columbus Square

Columbus Square

Address: 808 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025

Students living here will be able to live in a one, two, or three bedroom apartment. This apartment complex offers an indoor pool, fitness center, and a help desk for the convenience of the residents.

6. Avalon Morningside Park

Avalon Morningside Park

Address: 1 Morningside Dr, New York, NY 1002

This apartment complex offers students the chance to live in a one, two, or three bedroom apartment. This complex also offers a fitness center, game-room, and playground.

7. AVA High Line

AVA High Line

Address: 525 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001

This apartment complex offers students the chance to live in a studio, one, or two bedroom apartment. Students who choose to live here will be able to also enjoy lounge areas and a fitness center.

8. 30 Lincoln Plaza

30 Lincoln Plaza

Address: 30 W 63rd St, New York, NY 10023

This apartment complex offers one, two, or three bedroom apartments. All apartments come with a common living space and a fully equipped kitchen. Students will also find a business center and rooftop lounge.

9. Normandie Court

Normandie Court

Address: 225 E 95th St, New York, NY 10128

This apartment complex offers residents the chance to choose from a studio, one, or two bedroom apartment. Students will also have access to an indoor pool, lounge areas, and a business center.

10. The Eugene

The Eugene

Address: 435 W 31st St, New York, NY 1000

This apartment complex offers students the chance to live in a studio, one, or two bedroom apartment that comes with a private bathroom and shared livng space. This apartment also offers a fitness center and is relatively close to many dining spaces.

Here is Your Move-In Day Packing List at Collin County Community College

1. Room Basics 

Lackhove dorm room

– Duvet Set
– Throw blanket
– Stuffed bear
– Decors
– Stuffed Animals
– Pillows
– Comforter Set
– Pillow Cases
– Decorative Pillow
– Rug

2. Food and Snacks


– Twix
– Crackers
– Milk
– Cereal
– Cheese
– Bread
– Ham or Turkey (whichever you prefer)

3. Tech & Entertainment

An image of an iPad

– Laptop
– Headphones
– Cell phone
– Kindle
– iPhone
– iPad

4. School Supplies

School supplies

– Calendar
– Sticky Notes, Pencils
– Push Pins/Thumbtacks
– Sticky Notes
– Pencil Sharpener
– College-Ruled Paper
– Dry Erase Markers
– Erasers
– Highlighters

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Organizing supplies

– Windex
– Clorox Wipes
– Washing Power
– Dish Detergent
– Stove Cleaner
– Sink Cleaner
– Dustpan
– Broom

6. Campus Gears

White earbuds

– Poncho
– Earphones
– Jacket
– Coat
– Poncho
– Key-chain

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

A mini fridge

– Microwave
– Mini-fridge
– Pots and pans
– Heater
– Fan
– Humidifier

Packing for college? Read on here on how to start packing and shop judiciously: Shopping & Packing List for College Dorm here.

You can also download the list below:

Top 10 Clubs at CUNY Hunter College

Getting involved on campus is exciting, however, the process of finding the best club for you is exhausting. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your search we are here to help you! Below we have listed some of the top clubs and organizations at CUNY Hunter College.

1. Anthropology Club

An image of dark figures with green letter of Anthropology across

This club is for those who are interested in studying anthropology. Students will be talking about archaeology, biology, physical, and linguistics in this club! So bring all of your knowledge!

2. Accounting Society

Three individuals looking through business charts

Are you good at counting your paper? This organization focuses on accounting. Students will learn to build the necessary professional skills needed to be an accountant.

3. DREAM Team

Dream big[/caption]

Are you a dreamer? Well then join the DREAM TEAM! This team works to provide a space for students who are immigrants or even undocumented immigrants.

4. Fashion Designing Club

4 Dresses of women wearing different dresses

Are you interested in designing? Are you interested in showing your own style through fashion? This club is designed for those who are interested in fashion and want to take their interest to the next level.

5. Anime Club

An image of japanese animated characters

Are you interested in anime? Well then this club is for you! This club focuses on anime and the Japanese culture. Students will have a chance to experience anime on a broader scale and even get to critique some.

6. Breakdance Club

A guy breakdancing

Are you a dancer? Are you breaking it down? Join the Breakdance CLub. This club will focus on hip hop and the are of breakdancing. Students will also have chances to perform on campus.

7. Fighting Games Association

Two people fighting

This organization will focus on competitive fighting games. This goes for any forms of media which includes competitive video games, movies, cartoons, news, podcasts, and blogs.

8. Pre-Business Society (PBS)

A person holding a cup of coffee and writing business plan

This organization allows students to get ready for the future as business leaders. Students will come up with ways to boost their own career paths and to be more business-oriented.

9. Argentine Tango Club

Two tango dancers

It takes two to tango but even more to start a club. This club focuses on tango from Argentina. Students will have a chance to even compete. All skill levels are welcomed.

10. J Street U

A guy holding a Palestine flag

This organization is dedicated to promoting advocacy and being the voice for Palestine and Israel students. Students will learn through educational events and by even calling representatives.

Top Events

1. Career Fair

Different terms related to career

Looking for a new job or for an internship? Stop by the Career Fair! This fair is held every semester. It’s a chance for students to really dive in and look for new initiatives and jobs they find most interesting.

2. Nutrition & Food Science Info Session

Different foods including avocadoes grains garlic and blueberry

This information session is your one stop shop for all things nutrition! Students will have a chance to learn about proper dieting and ways to eat based on their exercising habits and weight.

3. Organization Fair

An image with terms related to organization

Are you interested in joining a club or organization on campus so that you can become involved? This fair is held every semester. It’s a chance for students and faculty to connect get involved on campus.

4. Resume Rush

A sample of a resume

Are you trying to vamp up your resume? This Rush is intended for students to have professionals look over and critique their resumes. Students will also have a chance to network with business professionals.

5. Homecoming Week

Flags that says homecoming 2018

This week is held for every Football and Basketball season. Students will be able to go to events that are filled with free food, prizes, and information that will help them for the future!

10 of the Easiest Classes at CUNY Hunter College

If you need some “easy A” classes to boost your GPA, are looking for a fun and laid back class to fill up your schedule, or have some requirements you still need to fulfill, here are ten of the easiest classes to take at CUNY Hunter College:

1. GEOL101 – Introduction to Geology

Introduction to Geology is a fun, hands-on class where you learn about the study of science, scientific method, scientific language and thought regarding the earth, earth materials and the major geologic processes that continuously shape and reshape our dynamic planet surface. Take this class to fulfill the science GER requirement.


2. URBS101 – Urban Life: Personal and Observational View

Learn about the city around you in Urban Life: Personal and Observational View. This course serves as an introduction to urban studies, allowing students to translate personal knowledge and experience of New York City to more theoretical understanding of urbanism. The course includes four projects consisting of mapping, census data analysis, immigration, and other local developmental issues, however, students who have already taken the class say that the professor is a relatively easy one.

urban life

3. CLA101 – Classical Mythology

According to students who have already taken this class, it’s basically story time. This course considers Greek and Roman myth as represented in ancient art and literature, with emphasis on modern interpretations and theories. This course also fulfills the World Culture and Global Issues core requirement.


4. PHILO106 – Philosophy, Politics, & Society

In this class, students learn about how politics, society, and philosophy all intertwine. It is an interesting course to take, and it also goes toward your core curriculum credits. Students who have previously taken this class say that it takes very little effort or work to get an A in this class, and the usual professor is an aspiring philosopher himself, which makes for engaging discussions.


5. THEA161 – Acting I: Basic Acting Techniques

This theater course is for theater majors and non-theater majors alike. If you’re looking for a fun elective to fill up your schedule, look no further. This course explores the fundamentals of acting technique through exercises and improvisation. It’s a laid back class to take a break from a probably otherwise stressful course load.

acting 1

6. ENGL220 – Introduction to Writing about Literature

This course is a great way to enhance your writing skills while also diving into some interesting reading material. The class consists of analytical writing and close reading in British and American fiction, drama, poetry, and literary criticism, with an emphasis on further development of critical writing and research skills. Students in this class gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of literature as well as more extensive experience with academic writing. However, before you take this class you have to have had taken ENG120 as a prerequisite.


7. PSYCH230 – Abnormal Psychology

Dig deeper into the human mind in PSYCH230. This course dives into the consideration of psychological abnormalities; symptoms, etiology, diagnostic procedures and therapy. Although the class is writing intensive, the usual professor is a fair grader. As long as you take good notes and study, you should have no problems in this class. However, in order to take this class, you must take PSYCH101 and any other 3 credit psychology course as well as ENG120 as prerequisites.


8. MATH100 – Basic Structures of Mathematics

For those who are not the greatest at math, this math class may be the one for you. The course covers symbolic logic, sets, number systems, relations and operations and topics in probability and statistics. The usual professor goes over examples over and over again until the concepts are cemented in your brain.


9. BIO150 – CSI: Hunter

Do you love CSI, Criminal Minds, or any other cop drama? This may be the class for you. BIO150 is a lecture and lab course for non-biology majors. Students in this class will cover the techniques used by forensic scientists to analyze a crime scene, and the biological concepts behind them.


10. PSYCH160 – Evolution and Behavior

In this class, students will study aggression, sleep, learning, communication, emotion, motivation and social behavior in human and other species as well as underlying mechanisms, development, and evolutionary history. As long as you take notes, this class should be a breeze. However, before taking this class you need to take PSYCH100 as a prerequisite.

psych 2


The key with these classes is to take good notes and have fun! The majority of these classes don’t require much work outside of class, giving you more time to focus on your major classes or explore the city around you! If you take a few of these classes, your mental health and GPA will thank you.