10 Buildings You Need to Visit at Creighton University

Creighton University is a private, Jesuit university in Omaha, Nebraska. The school has an acceptance rate of around 71%. The school has around 4,000 students that attend. Here are 10 different buildings you need to visit at Creighton University.

1. Kiewit Fitness Center

 outside view of Kiewit Fitness Center

The Kiewit Fitness Center is a place where students go to when they are looking to get in a workout. The fitness center has an indoor track center that allows people to get in a brisk run. The center also has courts for playing sports and plenty of workout machines and weights.

2. Opus Hall

 outside of Opus Hall Apartments

Opus Hall is a residential area for students to live in that has options for two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom. The building has a community area, lofts, as well as rooms to hold events. The hall is a convenient way for students to live near their classes for optimal studying.

3. Ruth Scott Training Center

 inside gym of the training center

The Ruth Scott Training center is primarily for students to practice and play basketball and volleyball. The courts have impressive space so that students and family and friends are easily able to support the games. The center also has offices if you are on the team and need additional guidance.

4. Stuppy Greenhouse

 person in greenhouse with corn

The Stuppy Greenhouse is where students are able to see the growth process of different plants such as fruits and vegetables. The different types of plants can be researched and studied so that growing techniques and sustainable living has proven results to back it up. The greenhouse makes for a great place to visit to see nature.

5. Brandeis Dining Hall

 inside of brandeis dining hall with plates

Brandeis Dining hall is an all you care to eat building that allows students, athletes especially to take in the needed calories and amounts of food needed during the day. The menu changes so you will never have to be bored with the food. The place is also open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has choices such as a dessert area, grill station, and pizza.

6. Davis Square

Davis Square  outside building view

Davis Square is another residence hall that is specifically for sophomores and upperclassmen. The area has two-bedrooms, three-bedrooms, and four-bedrooms options. It is an apartment-style, meaning that you have access to your own sinks, kitchen, and bedroom. This makes it ideal for those looking for more privacy while also being close to their classes.

7. Ahmanson Law Center

 Ahmanson Law Center front outside view

This Law center was built so that students looking to learn law would have their own building for classrooms and offices. The building covers everything in law such as proper etiquette as well as loopholes and mannerisms.

8. The Championship Center

 creighton championship center outside view

The Championship center is for students looking to get in a good workout for conditioning. The center holds mostly men’s basketball offices. The court is large enough for students to go and support their fellow students and school.

9. Morrison Stadium

 players running on a field

Morrison Stadium is the large soccer stadium of the school. It is used by the soccer team for both practice and major home games. The stadium is a great place to get outside and support your fellow students in school spirited entertainment.

10. Mike and Josie Harper Center

Harper Center students in chairs talking

This building is important because it holds the office of admissions as well as the school of business. It is an important building to go to for the status of your admissions as well as questions of taking business classes. The center is where you will find office buildings for the business department as well.

Creighton University is a small school that allows students based on their size to meet new people without fear of the overwhelming population. The size makes it optimal to meet with professors as well as make friends. The school has plenty of buildings to visit for all your needs such as getting in a workout or visiting growing plants.

10 Coolest Classes at Creighton University

Creighton University is a private Jesuit University located in Omaha, Nebraska just outside of the financial district. It is home to over 8,000 students and offers degrees from 7 colleges. The largest college is Arts and Sciences with 28% of the students. Here are 10 of the coolest classes at Creighton University!

1. FAPP 444 – Rural Health Care

A sign pointing to a hospital in a rural town.

Rural healthcare often lags behind its urban counterparts so this course is all about making a difference! You will have the unique opportunity to work in a Native American clinic. If you’re worried about tribal medicine, it’s more about bringing healthcare to rural communities. If you want to make a difference in the lives of rural communities, here’s your chance!

2. IDC 222 – Physician Lifestyle Management

A team of doctors smiles at a group photo event.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a physician? Students taking this year-long course will learn about and practice lifestyle management skills useful to becoming a physician. These can include study skills, career development, leadership skills and professionalism. The course is focused on development in four key areas.

3. PHA 213 – Human Anatomy for Pre-Pharmacy Students

Human diagram of internal organs.

This course is an interesting look at the human body for those who wish to go on to pharmacy school. Students will learn about the various structures that include cellular, tissue and organ systems. It will prepare them for treating patients with different ailments. Maybe your next prescription will be filled by someone who was a graduate of the pharmacy program!

4. PHY 105 – Frontiers in Astronomy

A satellite image of the galaxy.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about astronomy but don’t want to go in too deep, you can take this course as an introduction. Students will learn about everything from the Big Bang to quasars, dark energy, and black holes. You will also learn about attempts to contact extraterrestrial life. Using the scientific method, you can explore the universe using the same tools as real astronomers.

5. EDP 461 – The Crucified People of Today

A citizen votes for a proposed poverty reduction plan.

If you want to explore poverty from a multi-disciplinary perspective, you can take this course! You will combine religious explanations for social injustice with economic considerations for ideas to eliminate poverty. While much of the course will be classroom based, you will also have a service component focused on poverty in the Dominican Republic. There will also be time to reflect on your experiences.

6. RSP 104 – Introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life

Picture of library view with students studying

You’re a freshman and you don’t know much about the campus you’ve landed yourself on. Have no fear, this class will save the day! It introduces freshman honors students in the College of Arts and Sciences to life at Creighton University. Students will learn study tips as well as plan for success in the arts and sciences.

7. JRM 327 – Social Media

Examples of social media apps on person's phone

Think you know how to navigate around social media? This class will teach you the history of social media and how to produce your own content on various platforms. It will explore how social media can be used with respect to news, advertising, and public relations. You will also learn about the legal and ethical aspects of social media.

8. BIO 492 – Seminar in Undergraduate Classroom Instruction

Picture of a person in class in front of a lecture hall

This course is required of all undergraduate TAs. Students will learn how to communicate course information, how to grade fairly, and how to keep course records. For biology, TAs will help proctor exams and labs. They may also hold office hours.

9. ILS 304 – Financial and Quantitative Dimensions of Leadership

A man looks at some statistical figures.

You may be ready for a job, but do you have the necessary skills? This class will ensure you have the quantitative and financial skill for any career. Students will utilize financial information to help corporate organizations and quantitative skills to help drive decisions. Examples will come from real-life in order to provide a realistic scenario.

10. PLS 316 – Government and Politics of the People’s Republic of China

A draft session of the National People's Congress in China.

China is a growing economic and political power and this course will explore China’s political environment. Learn about the distribution of power, key institutions, decision-making process, and political participation. The process isn’t as opaque as some people think it is! Also, learn about ongoing political reform.

Those were some of the coolest classes you’ll find at Creighton University! You can rest assured that if you take the financial and quantitative readiness class, you will be ready for any job involving numbers. Or if you decide you want to become a TA, you can practice the skills needed to lead your students to success. It’s all possible right here!

10 Hardest Courses at Creighton University

Creighton University is one of the best private university located in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. This university was founded as Creighton College on September 2, 1878, through a gift from Mary Lucretia Creighton. They offer a top-ranked education for people who want to contribute something meaningful to the world. Here, students learn to become leaders through service to others. Here are the top 10 hardest courses at Creighton University.

1. PHL 425 – Sciences, Ethics and Society

A logo of Sciences, Ethics and Society

This course examines how values enter into science at various stages of practice, from the selection of problems to investigate and the ways in which evidence is evaluated to the ways in which science influences public policy and the ways in which science affects technology and our daily practices.

2. COM 460 – Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Organizational Communication

pictorial representation of Organizational Communication

This course takes an advanced look at organizational communication by first covering the history and theoretical perspectives that underpin the study of organizations, and then by engaging significant areas of research in the field from a variety of methodological perspectives.

3. ANT 314 – Statistics for the Social Sciences

picture of Statistics for  Social Sciences

This is a broad introduction to the statistical techniques used by social scientists to analyze their data, including computer usage. Attention is directed to the basic procedures for organizing and describing data, for assessing relationships among social variables, and for using that information to make inferences about the population.

4. ECO 353 – Environmental Economics

An image of Environmental Economics

Environmental economics is the application of economic analysis to environmental issues. This course emphasis on global environmental problems and policies and environmental problems and policies that are common to all nations. The course content is very bulky, as such, students are advised to prepare ahead of the course.

5. GDE 424 – Typography and Advanced Projects

Image of Typography and Advanced Projects class

The course is an intense examination of the use of typography in both historical and modern contexts. Students will learn effective ways to utilize type in a variety of digital and print media, with lectures in aesthetic, strategic and technical use of final projects that will showcase the strategic use of appropriate custom digital and hand-rendered typography.

6. HIS 280 – Sport and Athletics in the Ancient Mediterranean

Sport and Athletics in the Ancient Mediterranean

This course explores the critical role of athletics and sport in the ancient Mediterranean. Sport was fundamentally linked to social and cultural identity and usually performed in public, often religious or funerary, celebration. The course will end with an overview of the legacy of ancient sport, especially the revival of the Olympic Games.

7. ENG 307 – Introduction to American Studies

The picture of American flag

This course provides an introduction to the field of American Studies, which seeks to understand the complex reality of the American experience in all its variety.  Topics include the history of American Studies as a discipline as well as its methodologies, central concepts, and emerging questions.  Students will examine a broad topic from multiple disciplinary perspectives, with an emphasis on developing and employing the methodological tools common to contemporary American Studies scholarship.

8. JRM 440 – Media Research

An image representing mass media

This course is designed to teach students to conduct or understand research methods that are often used in the mass communication industry. Discussion covers and applies mass communication theories, sampling methodologies, statistical analysis, and interpretation of data. The course also introduces students to qualitative research methods common in mass communication research.

9. BIO 362 – Cell Structure and Function

Image of a typical cell structure

This course emphasizes the fundamental importance and experimental underpinnings of knowledge in cell biology. The course consists of four segments which are 1)common techniques in cell biology research, 2) basic principles of cell structure and function including membranes, vesicular transport, protein sorting, and the cytoskeleton, 3) how cells multiply, assemble into tissues, and interact with their environment, and 4) cell motility, the immune response, and cancer.

10. MTH 350 – Applied Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

multiple planes and dimensions

This course is a survey of the techniques to solve the elementary differential equation and linear algebra problems. Topics include solving linear systems, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, exact equations, integrating factors, and constant coefficient systems of ODE. The class is computational in nature and is suitable for students in the applied sciences.

10 Library Resources at Creighton University

The three Creighton University Libraries provide expert staff, outstanding resources, and community spaces that together support the teaching and learning needs of everyone. Here are some of the resources found in these libraries.

1. RefWorks

RefWorks logo

RefWorks is a web-based personal bibliographic database manager. It is used to create bibliographic database, format bibliographies, and share references with colleagues or classmates.

2. Creighton Digital Repository (CDR)

Creighton Digital Repository (CDR) web page

The CDR is an open source solution for capturing, managing, promoting, sharing, and preserving digital collections in any format. It provides both open and secure access to collections or individual items within the repository. Open CDR collections are discoverable via all the major web search engines, which makes the CDR an invaluable tool for promoting and sharing your work with the world-wide scholarly community.

3. Computer Labs

Computer Labs

As you first come into the Health Sciences Library there are 8 computers available for searching the online resources or checking emails. There are five computers and a projector in the Reference Lab for hands on instruction with the Reference Staff.

4. JaySearch

About JaySearch

JaySearch is a discovery tool for finding books, articles, DVDs, and other resources available through the Creighton Libraries.

5. Nebraska Legal Databases

A Nebraska sign post

The Nebraska Legal Databases guide provides links and access to databases relating to all branches of Nebraska government. This includes links to the Nebraska Briefs collection, local municipal codes and Nebraska legal forms.

6. Case Law guide

Case Law book

The Case Law guide provides links to federal and state case law resources. This includes AudioCaseFiles, offering downloadable MP3 files of edited judicial opinions, along with full text of the edited opinion, a brief fact summary, and the rule of law.

7. Research Toolbox

Research Toolbox

The Reinert-Alumni Library’s Research Toolbox  is a collection of instructional materials designed to help students find, evaluate, and cite information sources. It provides how-to guides, online tutorials, and useful websites, including links to other libraries.

8. Research Assistance Program (RAP)

Research Assistance Program (RAP) Logo

The Research Center team can help students define and narrow their topic, choose the most appropriate database for their needs, identify “scholarly,” peer-reviewed articles, and  manage and cite sources correctly

9. Interlibrary loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service in which books and articles not available at Creighton can be obtained from another library. Students, faculty, and staff in Arts & Sciences, Business, and University College are eligible for ILL service from the Reinert-Alumni Library. Health Sciences and Law clientele should contact those libraries directly.

10. Course Reserves

Course Reserves logo

The Reinert-Alumni Library’s E-Reserves system includes course materials that have been uploaded or linked for you to read or view online. Students will need the password from their instructor to access library e-reserves.

5 Libraries at Creighton University

1. The Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library

We contribute to many of the goals the university is undertaking and strive to evaluate how effective our services, collections, and facilities are in supporting the University’s mission.

2. Klutznick Law Library

Located in the Ahmanson Law Center, the Klutznick Law Library / McGrath North Mullin & Kratz Legal Research Center serves as the primary source of legal information for Creighton law students and faculty, as well as for the entire Creighton University and area legal communities. The Law Library offers quiet space for study, research, and space for collaboration with classmates. Through a variety of available resources, the Law Library staff provides the necessary and meaningful access to information to be successful.

3. Reinert-Alumni Library

the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library at Creighton University

The Reinert-Alumni Library facility is located in the heart of the Creighton University campus and is open 103 hours per week for your convenience during the regular spring and fall semesters. It offers a variety of comfortable spaces for both individual and group study. The library also provides networked computing and printing technologies for student use.

4. W. Clarke Swanson Branch-Ohama Public Library

W. Clarke Swanson Branch-Ohama Public Library

Swanson Library was designed to serve a growing suburban area. The building was created to provide an open, inviting feeling by incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows and few walls. The space also included an auditorium and conference room. It became the busiest library in the system, breaking a single-day lending record in its first week of business. Today, Swanson Library continues to thrive and is treasured for its rare children’s collection and regular book sales by the Friends of Omaha Public Library.

5. Milton R. Abrahams Branch-Ohama Public Library

Abrahams Library was designed to look as little like a library as possible, with the desire to ensure a fresh and modern look well into the future. Its pyramid-like, skylit entrance was designed to showcase the “Sunburst” sculpture by artist Harry Bertoia, permanently on loan from the Joslyn Art Museum. The building underwent a renovation in 2011, and reopened in January 2012 with features to make the facility more user-friendly, spacious and energy efficient. Because it’s open seven days a week, planning a visit to Abrahams Library is simple and convenient.

Top 10 Clubs at Creighton University

Are you still trying to find the right club that is right for you? No worries! There are plenty of clubs and organizations that will surely fit your needs and interests. Below we have listed the top clubs and organizations at Creighton University.

1. Active Minds

Active Minds

This organization is dedicated to being a voice for students and for spreading and promoting mental health awareness. Students will have a chance to volunteer and participate in numerous events.

2. Peer to Peer

People huddled up

This organization aims to connect first year students with upperclassmen. This is to allow students to feel more at ease with coming to college and feeling acquainted.

3. Mock Trial Team

Mock Trial Team

Have you ever stood trial before? This club allows students to learn about what a real trial is like in court. Students will face a “judge” and set up a mock trial thereafter.

4. American Marketing Association

marketing strategies

There are so many ways you can market yourself. This club focuses on those who are interested in taking their skills a step further. Here, students can network and gain marketing experience from the experts.

5. American Medical Women’s Association

A nurse and doctor

Are you interested in working in the medical field? Are you a woman looking to empower other women? This organization is for you then! This organization is dedicated to being the voice of women who are pursuing science.

6. Young Life College

Young Life

Are you a firm believer and follower of Christ? Are you looking to grow your relationship with God? This group will host weekly events that is geared towards growing and learning more about the faith you walk in.

7. International Law Society

An image of law

Are you interested in pursuing law not only a national level, but on a international level? The International Law Society connects people who want to pursue law.

8. German American Club

The German flag

If you are interested in learning about another culture and country then look no further! This club strives to connect those who are from Germany with those who want to learn more about Germany and their culture!

9. Student Government

Student Government Association (SGA)

This is the governing body and voice of the student body population. Students who are elected into office will serve students and provoke a change when and where necessary.

10. Inter Residence Hall Association

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Students who are looking to provoke change in their own community can do so in the comfort of their very own dorm! This Resident Hall Association puts on activities for students on campus and is the voice for students living on campus as well.

Top 5 Events at Creighton University

1. Service Saturday

The word service

This event is held monthly. There are numerous service projects that are going on both on and off campus. Students can serve their community and make a real impact within it.

2. Student Organization Fair

Student organization fair

This fair is to connect new and incoming students and even returning students to organizations campus. Students will have the chance to connect with hundreds of organizations.

3. Women’s Bible Study

Women's Bible Study

This event is held monthly. It gives women a chance to connect with other women who are wanting to learn more about their faith. Students will learn more about the Bible here as well.

4. Trick or Treat with Alpha Phi 

An image of carved pumpkins

This event is held every Halloween. Here, students will have the chance to not only meet the members of Alpha Phi but socialize and get some FREE candy to take home with them as well.

5. Welcome Week

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is the week before classes. Students will have the chance to go to various events on and off campus that is hosted by a number of different organizations and clubs on campus.

Top 10 Dorms at Creighton University

In order to succeed while at college, you need to surround yourself with good vibes. By living in a good dorm, you can accomplish this. Here are the top 10 dorms at Creighton University.

1. Gallagher Hall

The first dorm is Gallagher Hall. This is a freshman dorm that is on campus. If you need help getting used to college life, this is the place to be.

Gallagher building

Address: N 27th Plaza

2. Kiewit Hall

Another great dorm is kiewit Hall. This is the main freshman dorm on campus. In fact, just under 500 freshmen live here every year.

Far shot of Kiewit Hall

Address: N 27th Plaza

3. Swanson Hall

If you are a freshman or a sophomore, you can live in Swanson hall. This is a coed dorm that is excepting of everyone. This building also offer single and double rooms.

Swanson hall building

Address: N/A

4. Deglman Hall

Deglman Hall is one of the smaller dorms on campus. Although the size is not big, there are still plenty of resources for you to use.

front of Deglman Hall

Address: N 24th St.

5. Heider Hall

Another coed space on campus is Heider hall. This is a dorm specifically designed for sophomore students. This building is made up of a tightknit community.

Heider building

Address: 302 N 22nd St.

6. Kenefick Hall

Kenefick Hall is a dorm that can provide a lot to you. There are amenities here that cannot be found at any other location. Some include computer labs and game rooms. 

Kenefick building

Address: 320 N 22nd St.

7. Davis Square Apartments 

If you want a little more freedom, you should stay at Davis Square Apartments. This complex houses hundreds of upper-class students every year. There are also less rules that you have to follow.

Davis square area

Address: 20th St.

8. Opus Hall Apartments

Another great apartment complex is opus Hall Apartments. This is the largest apartment complex on campus. You’ll have a great time if you choose to live here.

Opus hall area

Address: Florence Blvd.

9. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the most popular off-campus housing options that you have. If you choose to live here, you’re going to help build your credit and have much more freedom.

Capitol Hill building

Address: 320 N 22nd St.

10. ViewHouse Apartments

ViewHouse Apartments is a great place for you to live off of campus. This is located less than one mile away from campus. This allows you to get around with ease.

An apartment complex

Address: 1111 North 27th St.

Here is Your Packing Lost for Creighton University

1. Room Basics

an area rug

 comfy chair
– mattress topper
– desk lamp
– area rug
– garbage can 

2. Food and Drinks 

a pile of snacks

– bottled water
– instant coffee
– microwavable meals
– Ramen noodles
– fruit snacks 

3. Tech and Entertainment 

Doctor typing at their keyboard

– cell phone
– computer
– extension cords
– Netflix
– scanner 

4. School Supplies

a graphing calculator

– textbooks
– calculator
– backpack
– note cards
– pens
– pencils 

5. Cleaning and Organization

wet wipes

– wet wipes
– paper towels
– laundry detergent
– shoe rack
– doormat 

6. Campus Gear 

a black bike

– Spirit wear
– bicycle
– walking shoes
– water bottle
– umbrella

7. Things to Ask About Before Bringing

dog and cat

– pets
– guests
– hoverboards
– alcohol
– furniture

10 Easiest Classes at Creighton

If you want to find a way to have an easy college schedule and a higher GPA, look no further! By taking the easiest classes that you can, you will enjoy much more of your time on campus. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Creighton University!

1. THL 100- Christianity in Context

If you want to learn more about religions, you should consider taking Christianity in Context. You will learn about how Christianity plays a role in today’s society and how it is perceived in today’s time. This is an easy class because it is designed for students to study no matter what previous experience they have.Jesus Christ on the cross 

2. DAN 131- Jazz

A great way to stay fit on campus is by taking Jazz. This is an entry-level dance class that will focus on the main aspects of jazz dance. This is an easy class because students of any skill level can participate in this class with no problem.A couple dancing on stage 

3. ASN 300- Introduction to Asian Studies

Introduction to Asian Studies is a simple class that you can take to boost your knowledge about Asain culture. You will dive into the most basic aspects of the culture and life in Asia. You will learn a lot without being challenged much at all!A globe depicting Asia-04 

4. AMS 369- American Popular Music

An easy and interesting class you can take is American Popular Music. You will study trends in modern music and how it makes a cultural impact. Since you probably listen to some sort of modern music, this class will be a breeze for you!Headphones around a play button 

5. EXS 152- Intermediate Tennis

A great way to get an easy grade and stay in shape on campus is by taking Intermediate Tennis. You will learn the basic steps of playing tennis and how scoring works. Fortunately, this class is aimed to cater to players of all talents regardless of skill level.A tennis ball by a court 

6. PHL 420- Science and Religion

Science and Religion is a very interesting class that you can take. You will learn about how religion and science can coexist. This will give you another side of religious views. This is an easy class because it is designed for students of any faith or belief.The Holy Bible 

7. EVS 390- Environmental Science

A great way to get some more science credits under your belt is by taking Environmental Science. You will learn about all of the natural phenomena that happen in our world. Fortunately, this is all information that you have already learned in high school.A tree steming from a book 

8. CAN 630- Human Neuroanatomy

Human Neuroanatomy is a complex subject but is dumbed down a lot for this class. You will learn a lot about how the human brain functions and works correctly. You will be able to fly through this class stressfree.A human brain made up of gears 

9. ACC 201- Introduction to Financial Accounting

If you want to see if accounting is the right track for you, you should consider taking Introduction to Financial Accounting. This class will teach you about the very basics of this rather complex subject in a friendly and easy setting.Accounting numbers and graphs 

10. ORB 141- Physiology

Physiology is an introductory course that you can take to learn a little bit about this rather broad subject. Fortunately for you, this is a lectured course which means that there is not a lot of classwork required of you besides tests and quizzes.Terms relating to physiology By taking any of these classes at Creighton University, you will be able to have a higher GPA and a better time on campus!  

10 Ways to Kick Butt at Creighton University

The smell of the upcoming school year is a midst, and causing a lot of students to panic for the upcoming school year. Although school is known to be stressful, these 10 steps can really help the transition into the new year very simple, easy and stress free! Learn to start that new college school year off right!

1. Mentally Prepare Yourself

Don’t psyche yourself out now because of the slowly approaching school year, however, learn to train your brain into thinking and believing that everything is going to be alright, you got this, and it is all going to run as smoothly as possible. Making sure that you’re positive thinking, is extremely important in order for a new school year to run off on a good start. Beginning a new chapter in the College book can be very intimidating, stressful, and confusing to students (especially new ones). Although, all the bad stuff could immediately be avoided by just heading into the new year with your head up high and positive, healthy thinking. Learn to be open to new things and tell yourself that you got this!

Andrew Garfield Mentally Preparing Himself

2. Make checklists

Checklists are very important when it comes to keeping organized and maintaining a stress free environment. Making lists are helpful for almost everything, including your dorm room necessities, school supplies, new wardrobe, as well as other basic needs. Creating a checklist for the school year really helps with cutting out the things you don’t really need versus the important things a college student needs. Not only can you save a lot of money with making lists, you can also save a truckload of time, effort, and stress, because who wants all that when you’re starting a new year of school!

Make Blue Checklist

3. Be a Social Butterfly

Many people say that the first two to three weeks of the school year is the most important when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. It is essential for new students to be a social butterfly during the first transition into the school year, because it is prime time to not only meet those in your dorm, but also in your classes, cafeterias, or even new clubs. It is a great deal to make yourself known (of course, in a good way), so the transition into the new school year runs smoothly and easily. So do not be nervous to put yourself out there, to join clubs, intramural sports, or even talking to those around you!

Grey Dog Tells Student Needs Social Butterfly

4. Don’t be afraid to try new things

Of course everyone has their own comfort levels and zones, however college has countless opportunities for students to be apart of and be the best possible person that they could be! It is viable that you reach a little out of your comfort zone, in order to get the greatest college experience you could get. Joining new clubs, sports teams, intriguing classes, volunteering, or even sports events, are a great way to meet new people, make new friends, be apart of your school and showing spirit! Furthermore, it is also important that you maintain control over timeliness between the social atmosphere and school work!

5. Check your routes!

It is extremely essential for a student to get familiar with their campus and the prime locations where they will be spending most of their time throughout the school year. It is very important to learn and understand your routes from your dorm, to all your classes, the bookstore, teachers offices/ buildings, food locations (cafeterias, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, etc.), to the campus libraries, recreation centers, and etc. It is also important for students to understand and get familiar with the shuttle stops and routes around campus to not only make your traveling easy, but also stress free and quick. Another great tip is to learn the bus stops and routes around the city, to help you easily get around town.

Adventurous Student Struggle Finding School Route

6. Brush up on your intelligence

Ahh, sweet summer is quickly coming to an end, and so is the laziness as well as all the forgotten knowledge it brings. It is not required for you to brush up on your school knowledge (from the school year prior), however it is extremely recommended for a student to prepare themselves for the upcoming school year by reviewing what they previously learned the year before, in order to make the transition into the next year stress-free, easy, breezy and beautiful… student life. It is recommended not only by your teachers or administration to review your already attained knowledge, but also by other students. Walking into a new year, with knowledge completely forgotten from the past few months of not practicing or retaining the information, it could be very confusing and stressful for students in their continuing classes, and could also create a lot of students to not start of well. So, spend a few hours every few days, reviewing your past material from the last school year, in order for you to start the next school year right!

Hard Struggling Lazy Student Bacon

7. Take what you need/ Budgets!

It can not be said enough, it is most important for all students (especially in college) to learn about their budget for the upcoming school year, so that they don’t end up surviving on cup of noodles or ramen, easy mac and Dominos. Before the school year starts, learn about what you can do to save money, earn money, and how to use it during the year. For example, create different budgets regarding grocery money, basic necessities/ supplies, food, books, and etc. It is also important that you purchase and bring (from home or previous living space) things that you really need, and cut out unnecessary things.

8. Start looking for jobs (if interested)

If you are a returning college student, it may be in your preference to find a job and earn money to support yourself throughout the upcoming school year. Many colleges and universities have countless jobs on campus that they provide for students in order to make some money while they go to school! Before the school year starts, it could be extremely helpful to start looking and applying for on campus or nearby campus jobs now before the rush and high demand starts once school begins.

9. Eat well, Sleep well.. zzz…

Maintaining a great sleeping schedule and diet can be a great tip when it comes to starting off anything with a great boost. Create a diet and sleeping schedule to your preference and best ability so that you are more energetic and sharp minded throughout the day! Not only can this help you have a great start to the upcoming school year, it also prevents stress and creates a smooth, healthy transition for students.

Little Pink Girl Taking Nap at Campus Beach

10. Get excited!

Although summer is ending, and the school season is starting, that is no reason to be glum about returning to your beloved University. Not only will you see your returning friends (if you are returning as well), but you will also be given countless opportunities given to you by your own college to meet new people, discover things about yourself, and be the best you can be as a person mentally, morally, and with your growing intelligence!

Rihanna University Student Asking You Ready

Become a Notetaker at Creighton University

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Creighton University Note Taker for your school on OneClass.com. Since 2010, students have submitted their notes and study guides. OneClass is an online education platform serving hundreds of thousands of post-secondary students at your school. Every day, we help university students achieve their potential and excel in their scholastic careers by providing them with study resources they need to succeed. Thousands of Creighton University students have collectively saved countless hours in studying for exams

Who are we looking for:

We’re looking for top students with a knack for taking lecture notes and making quality study guides for midterms and exams. If you are looking for a job this semester while attending school, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.


Upload your lecture notes on a daily basis, as well as your past notes from courses completed in the last semester. Plain and simple! You are required to ensure top quality content and organization. You can upload typed or hand written notes.

What do you get:

-Help others and give back to the community
-Build your resume
-Receive a letter and certificate of recognition

You can apply to become 2 types of Note Takers:

1. Good Student Note Taker ($450/course)

2. Elite Note Taker (Pay Varies depending on course) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us here.

10 Reasons to Skip Class at Creighton University

Need to skip a class to study for another class? Well, that’s one of the excuses. Here are 10 more reasons to skip classes at Creighton University!

1. You need to rewatch the entire Game of Thrones series before Season 7 premieres.

Winter is here! Actually, this is something you can do while in class as well, just so you can say that you at least went.

2. Your hangover from the night before has taken over your day.

Let’s say it was caused by too much studying and not too much alcohol. It’s okay, you’ll never drink again after that hangover, right?

3. It’s a 4pm class or after.

Let’s face it- morning classes and evening classes are almost begging to be skipped.

4. There’s no IClickers involved.

While they may be the banes of our existence, IClickers do a good job of ensuring class attendance. No I Clicker? All lectures are now optional.

5. You need to spend this time working on stuff you didn’t finish.

School. Dance team. School. Research. School. Never Ending piles of shit to do.

6. You’ll fail anyway.

You might as well try to pass your other classes and cut your losses now. Should have trusted those BruinWalk reviews.

7. You’ll pass anyway.

You are the 1%- the 1% that can get away with not studying and have the Gods shine their luck upon them.

8. You need to sleep.

Remember? You can only have two of three things- sleep, social life, or good grades. This doesn’t mean that you will not exhaust yourself trying to achieve all three.

9. The walk.

Where are you going? The answer is always uphill. In the heat. With a heavy backpack. Screw that.

10. You don’t want to go.

College is about independence. This includes the ability to skip class without a single soul noticing.

Senior year: Barely graduates. 2.0 GPA. No prospects. Will mooch off parents.