10 Coolest Courses at County College of Morris

College can be one of the most formative and stressful time periods of a person’s life. Learning how to coordinate a personal schedule around hobbies, classes, and internships. Especially since college is expensive, it is imperative to take courses that are necessary for that degree but also peak our interest. Whether you are majoring in accounting or biology, there are interesting classes that you may not have thought of before. Before you register for your next semester, take a look below at the 10 coolest courses at County College of Morris.

1. DRA 110 – Acting I

Have you ever had a curiosity for theatre or acting, but never got the opportunity? Well, this class is perfect for you. This course reviews the basics of acting and involves active exercises in improvisation and mimes.

This image represents the basic symbol of theatre.

2. BIO 118 – Biomedical Ethics

Much of biology courses frequently include hard sciences, however, there is a crucial ethics component to the science. Whether you are going into the healthcare field or research field, this class may be for you. Students learn to identify ethical problems and the public policy that is involved.

Icon of a person holding balance. Shows how ethics is frequently about weighing the pros and cons between both sides.

3. SOC 222 – Deviant Behavior

This 3-credit course goes over a topic that is not frequently discussed: deviant behavior and non-conforming to social norms. The class reviews why people conform from a cross-cultural perspective. Furthermore, this class also instills an understanding of the dynamics of groups.

Clipart picture of business meeting

4. GRD 111 – Introduction to Computer Graphics

This course on graphic design is perfect for students who are beginners in graphic design. This class teaches students various graphic design softwares and tools to create a creative visual piece. Students will work on 2-D design projects.

Cartoon icon showing how art can be computerized through graphic design.

5. ISA 110 – Intercultural Communication

Have you ever wondered how countries and cultures communicate even amidst many differences in worldview and cultural values? This class is perfect for students who want to have a broader understanding of intercultural competence. Furthermore, this class may be valuable for any student looking to go into any career because it garners a greater understanding of various cultures.

picture of iconed people communicating through speech bubbles

6. HES 128 – Yoga

This one credit class is the perfect course for a relaxing exercise that will be a useful habit to acquire into your daily routine. This is an introductory course so no prior experience is required. Furthermore, this course will help release stress and improve fitness.

Artistic portrayal of yoga pose coloured in rainbow colours and with an artistic design

7. DAN 112 – Dance Appreciation

Dance has evolved over the years and this class is perfect for any student who is interested in learning about contemporary dance. Students will learn ballet and musical theatre. The course will also be taught via live concerts and videos.

Cartoon of two people enjoying the art of dance.

8. ENG 113 – Creative Writing

This class is perfect for any student who has secretly pining to become a writer. Students will be able to explore their talents in poetry, short fiction and drama. Furthermore, this class will involve discussions to improve writing skills.

icon cartoon of a large pencil writing on a paper

9. MUS 114 – American Music

This class is ideal for any student who is curious about the origins of American music and how it has evolved since the 19th century. The course will review music genres such as country, bluegrass, early R&B and rock and roll. This course will surely garner a greater appreciation for music.

Cartoon of shadow jazz musicians playing together, which is part of American musical history.

10. CJS 121 – Criminal Justice System

This class is perfect for students who are interested in true crime shows. Students will be able to learn about the causes of crime and the effect of crimes on society. You may grow to have a greater appreciation for the crime shows that have been all the rage lately.

Picture cartoon of a criminal behind bars.

Ever think about taking a class outside of your comfort zone in a field that intrigues you? Look no further because the classes offered at County College of Morris are diverse and limitless. Before solidifying your schedule for the next semester, make sure to check these courses out.

10 Hardest Courses at County College of Morris

County College of Morris is located on 222 acres of rolling terrain in Randolph, USA. They’ve been meeting the educational and training needs of residents and businesses in Morris County for 50 years. CCM is focused on excellence in teaching and lifelong learning through the delivery of exceptional programs and services that reflect a dedication to inclusiveness and diversity, educational advancement, cultural enrichment and workforce development. Highlighted below are the hardest courses at County College of Morris.

1. ACC 211 – Intermediate Accounting I

Picture closeup of charts on paper with coins and a calculator on top of it

This course emphasizes the complex aspect of financial accounting and reporting for persons outside the firm. The course includes the expanded treatment of generally accepted accounting principles underlying the preparation of financial statements and of cash and temporary investments, receivables, present value concepts, cash flow valuations of assets and inventories, methods of estimating the inventory depreciation and depletion.

2. ENG 234 – History of the Theatre II

black and white picture of the masks representing theatre and the word written on the foreground

English majors records the lowest grade in this course so far. This course presents a historical survey of the major developments in the theatre from the time of Shakespeare to the present day. Each historical period will also include the study of the major dramatists and their works.

3. BUS 242 – Customers Relations

The ingredient of Customers Relations, lined up to make the word Service vertically, circled in red marker

This course focuses on customer relations as the measure of present and future business success. It begins by describing how the business develops its business strategy on the identified customer base. A comprehensive customer relations process, customer relationship management is introduced and its role discussed in the electronic business age.

4. CHM 125: General Chemistry I

Picture of chemistry lab apparatus

A study of the fundamental principles of chemistry and their application to chemical reactions is the basis of this course. Topics include the structure of the atom, concepts of matter, mass relationships for pure substances and chemical reactions, solutions, electronic structure, the chemical bond, nuclear reactions and gases. All remedial courses must be completed prior to taking this course.

5. CMP 244 – Web Design II

Cartoon of several tools for Web Design

This course is a continuation of The Internet and Web Design with an emphasis on more advanced concepts and techniques. Topics include Cascading Style Sheets, forms, CGI, the DOM, JavaScript, and other DHTML methodologies. For their final project, students will build a website using these techniques.

6. DSN 160 – Fashion Construction Technology II AFA

Image of tools for fashion designing including a sketch, scissors, thread, buttons and fabric

This advanced course in fashion construction techniques will concentrate on the details that set couture sewing apart from ready wear and standard home sewing. The student will explore hand detailed sewing, speed techniques, and embellishment while improving their skills in construction. Basis sewing knowledge is a must for this class.

7. ELT 121 – Circuit Analysis

Image of electric parallel and series connection

This course introduces students to both DC and AC Circuit Theory. It includes Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s Laws for analysis of series and parallel circuits. Computer circuit simulation of series-parallel, ladder and bridge networks in both DC and AC are analyzed. Resonance and frequency response are included along with some discussion of AC power and transformers. The laboratory experiments are designed to support the theory and obtain measurement skills.

8. COM 120 – Broadcast Journalism

pictorial representation of Broadcast Journalism

This course deals with practice in news gathering, writing, editing, and production. Topics include broadcast writing techniques and style; copy preparation; newscast organization, production, and technology; and press law and ethics. This course is very voluminous, as such, students are advised to attend all lectures and do all assignments.

9. BIO 201 – Genetics

picture of three strands of DNA

This course provides students with a broad knowledge of genetics from the molecular to the organismal level. Topics covered in this course include the molecular and Mendelian concepts of heredity and their relationship to cell function, development, population changes and evolution, and biotechnology. This is a very challenging course, therefore, students need to prepare hard in order to pass.

10. ENR 232 – Materials Science

chemical atoms and bonds

This course covers the properties and structure of materials: Atomic bonding, molecular, crystalline, non-crystalline structures and crystalline imperfections. It also covers metallic phases, equilibrium and non-equilibrium reactions, processing and properties of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, polymers, ceramics and composites. In addition, the corrosion phenomenon is discussed.

Top 10 Library Resources at the County College of Morris

There are a lot of stresses in college. From financial toacademic stresses, you might feel overwhelmed by these experiences. But today,we’re going to show you how you can partly or even entirely remove the academicstress in college. Check out these 10 Library Resources at the County College of Morris and make your college life a hundred times easier!

1. Reference and Information Services

Students can get in-person assistance for any reference and information services on the CCM Library. Furthermore, students can also call or even email the library staffs for off-campus services.


2. Borrowing and Returning Materials

Residents at County College of Morris can borrow up to five items per subject using their CCM ID card. Check out their website for specific loan periods of each type of research material.

books in a shelf

3. Course Reserves

The items that are held by professors for a particular course are being kept behind the service desk. Students may photocopy or borrow these items.


4. Online Resources

Students can access the library database even off-campus. This service is also made available for faculty and staff as well as alumni.

book on top of a laptop

5. Archives

The CCM Archives holds all information about the history of the County College of Morris, its faculty and students as well as its entire staff. The archives are available for viewing through appointment basis.


6. Library Cards

All students are given library cards for the complete access of the CCM Library services. Alumni can present their alumni cards to be given an updated library card of their own.


7. Computer Services

The CCM Library provides free general use of their computers and laptops for a specific period of time. Students may access their service so long as the library is open.

laptop with ipad

8. Printers and Scanners

Students can avail for the CCM Library’s printers and scanners. Printing and copying is 10 cents per black and white page while colored pages are 25 cents.

man standing beside a printer

9. Study Rooms

Students in groups of two or more can avail for the CCMstudy rooms. This service is a first come first served. It’s worth noting that these rooms should only be used for study and research to academic.

study room

10. Collection Development Guidelines

The Collection of Development Guidelines helps faculties as well as working students to further their knowledge in teaching students in accordance with the mission of the County College of Morris.

book with italics

Top 5 Libraries at the County College of Morris

1. CCM Library

The CCM Library is the sole in-campus library at the CountyCollege of Morris. It provides all the necessary research materials and books for all residents of the college. The library is open from Mondays to Saturdays.

books on a shelf

2. Morris County Library

MCL was established in 1922, a year after Morris County residents had voted to build a public library. For over 84 years, the library has now grown to house not only books but also a collection of media and digital information.


3. Wharton Public Library

The Wharton Public Library was established way back in May of 1891. It initially contains a collection of 200 books. Today, the library has over 22,000 books, 50 magazines and newspapers, 3,000 audio materials as well as 1,200 sets of DVDs.

spiral books

4. Roxbury Public Library

The Roxbury Public Library opened on February 20, 1961. Since then, the library has now grown five times bigger. It is now filled with computers and books primarily about education, literature and cultural activities.

books with tv

5. Randolph Township Free Public Library

The Randolph Township Free Public Library focuses on providing learning materials for teenagers, children and young families. The library also hosts a number of programs and events to help and guide parents and their children to become better household.

two books with a pen

Top 10 Clubs at County College of Morris

Have you thought about getting more involved in school? What are your interests? These are determining factors that will help you to narrow down your search for the right clubs or organization on campus that is best for you. Luckily, we have listed some of the top clubs at County College of Morris so that you can get a feel for what is to come!

1. Ambassadors Club

An image with 3 colored figures with the word Ambassadors underneath

This club is geared towards students who will work with the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Management. Students will also work to build recruitment, community relations, and work on retention rates.

2. Art Club

A painting of a cat Are you artsy? This club is geared towards students who are interested in the world of art. Students will hear form numerous speakers, take field trips, and participate in activities.

3. Climbing Club

 Someone climbing a wall

Are you a tree climber or a rock climber? This club is geared towards students who are interested in climbing. Students will learn more about climbing, climbing safety, and fitness.

4. Fashion Club

7 models walking with different fashion items on

What is fashion? This club is designed for students who are interested in the fashion industry. Students will work with peers to create and even build events centered around fashion.

5. Black Student Union

The symbol for Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is a part of a much larger national organization. Here, students will engage in conversation on topics related to black culture and participate in numerous activities.

6. Music Club

The music score with white music notes

Are you a music head? This club is for all of those who enjoy music and theater. Students will have a chance to talk about music with their peers and go on music related field trips.

7. Campus Christian Fellowship

Someone holding a cross

This organization is striving to provide an atmosphere for students who believe in the Christian faith but who also want to give back. Students will be able to work on numerous amounts of community service projects.

8. Active Minds

Logo for active minds

This group is focused around raising mental health awareness. Students will have a chance to increase the awareness of the campus community and focus on issues that center around mental health.

9. Outdoors Club

An image of a hiker with the letters Outdoors Club

Are you an indoors or outdoors person? This is for the people who LOVE the outdoors. Students will have a chance to participate in outdoors sports and activities such as biking, white water rafting, and even hiking.

10. Biology and Chemistry Club

Word biology with bird, turtle, DNA and ant around it

Are you interested in working the field of chemistry or biology? This club is geared towards bringing science and non-science students together. Students will have a chance to learn more about scientific methods.

Top Events

1. Halloween Happenings

Halloween pumpkin and ghosts

This is Halloween! This event is geared towards providing spooky fun, arts and crafts, tricks, and treats for students. Come and see professional storytellers and artists who will get you into the spirit of Halloween.

2. Active Minds Painting Contest

Paint splattered on a white surface

Are you good at painting? Want to win FREE prizes? Join us for a night of painting and fun. This contest is held annually as a apart of homecoming week! Get your paint brushes ready!

3. CCM Bus Trip to Radio City Music Hall’s “Christmas Spectacular”

Christmas in NYC

Take a trip to Radio City Music Hall! Here, you will get to see the Christmas Spectacular that happens in New York City. Some of the world’s most popular artists will be attendance.

4. At Destress Fest Week

Destress for Success letters on a background with clouds

Are midterms kicking your butt? Come de-stress during Destress Week. This week is geared towards providing new techniques for students who want to relax after a long day.

5. Writing Center Workshop Series

Pen on a notebook with letters on it
Are you looking to improve your writing skills? This workshop is geared towards students who want to improve on their writing skills. It will allow students to hone in on problems they can fix and ways to improve.

10 Easiest Classes at the CCM

Whether it be your local county college or a large state school, each college has its tough and easier classes. The easier ones may benefit your GPA, and perhaps give you insight into the fundamentals of a major. These classes require less work as they generally cover the basics and while they are not as in depth, you do learn a great deal in these courses. They are certainly not a waste of credits, and the County College of Morris (CCM) provides a great deal of these kinds of courses.

1.CMP-101. Computer Information Literacy. 1 Credit.

Man in a grey sweater holding a laptop in front of leaves, via Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash
This course is one of the basics, if not the most basic course in the computer science major at CCM. It is a two-hour lab course, and goes over the fundamental concepts of computer science. While it is not specifically for students pursuing information technology, those going into computer science, whether for a major or a minor will find the course very informational. The course includes the fundamentals of Windows, as well as accessing the Internet and Microsoft Word, which most students nowadays are already well-versed in.

2. ART-122. Drawing I. 3 Credits.

Flowers drawn and painted paper on a white brick wall, via RawPixel on Unsplash
Even for those that may not be as equipped with a paintbrush, this course will give a great introduction into drawings. There is a 2 hour lecture and 3 hour labs, and although it is a bit of class time, it is a great way to learn the basics of drawing in many different styles. The course moves slowly, adding information to drawings slowly in order to “build competence and confidence.” As the course goes on, students create a portfolio and track their growth. New materials and drawing styles are slowly introduced as the course goes on, so it is well-paced for those beginning with drawing.

3. CSS-011. College Student Success. 0 Credits.

College students throw caps into the air at graduation, via Vasily Koloda on Unsplash
While this 2 hour course is no credits, it is required for students who test into ENG-025 with a liberal arts major. It is intended to help first-year students transition into college life. Not only does it help students focus on this transition, it also brings attention to future decisions, time management, and using resources on campus. The course also emphasizes leadership skills, and is crafted to help increase the likelihood of reaching one’s academic goals.

4. HED-115 Personal and Family Nutrition. 3 Credits.

Women holds multiple fresh carrots, via Rebecka Sendroiu on Unsplash
This heath education course is the second-most basic of the health and nutrition courses offered at CCM. If you have any sort of grasp towards relating food to the effects it has on your body, this course should not be difficult for you. This three hour lecture focuses on health, nutrition and how foods are composed. As well as this, it relates food and healthy eating to one’s diet in hopes of promoting a healthier lifestyle.

5. FST-101. Introduction to Fire Science. 3 Credits.

Firefighter putting out flames outside of a burning building with a hose, via Daniel Tausis on Unsplash
Ever been interested in Fire Science Technology? This course is the basis for the fire science major, which is vital for students involved in the fire department or hoping to make a career out of it. Students in this course learn about fire protection and how to conduct oneself in an emergency situation. This three-hour lecture also gives students an insight into training and the customer service involved in fire science.

6. MUS-011. Basic Musicianship I. 0 Credits.

Sheet music on red folders at a concert, via David Beale on Unsplash
If you’re interested in pursuing music, or you simply enjoy it, this course is a perfect step to understanding music at a more complex level. Though it is 0 credits, this 3-hour course is pre-music theory, and focuses solely on the basics. In this course, students learn to read music, sight sing and match pitch via ear-training. It is not a curriculum requirement for any major, but for those starting out, it is an irreplaceable foundation course.

7. MED-110. Multimedia I. 3 Credits.

Photography spread with a magazine, camera, laptop and glasses, via Anete Lusina on Unsplash
This introductory multimedia studies course focuses on the basics of media technology and distribution. The majority of this 3-hour course is done on the computer, as that is where multimedia is generally found. Students will learn about the usability, management and distribution of this genre of technology. They will also learn more about hardware and software trends, which can prove as a great aid in computer usage and technology. By the end of this foundation course, students will have a good understanding of the technology and concepts involved.

8. PBH-101. Principles of Public Health. 3 Credits.

A hospital drip with blurry background, via Marcelo Leal on Unsplash
This course is the only course offered in the Public Health major at CCM. It is a very broad course, and covers a wide range of public health ideas and protocol. Not only is the history behind public health discussed, but disease, emergency preparedness and aspects of health throughout life will be covered in the course. It also shows how public health infrastructure is distributed on the national, state and local levels.

9. PSY-113. General Psychology. 3 Credits.

Woman leans on a windowsill, via Maaike Neinhuis on Unsplash
This course provides an introduction to psychology at CCM. It focuses on human behavior, giving a broad introduction to several different topics. Development, motivation, personality and learning are some of the topics that are covered in this course. As well as this, abnormal and social behavior psychology are topics that are covered in this course. This introductory course is intended to give students who will further study psychology more in-depth a basis for their studies.

10. SOC-120. Principles of Sociology. 3 Credits.

Man taking photo of fire rescue, via Nick Cooper on Unsplash
While it is not the lowest level sociology course offered at CCM, it is solely focused on introducing the topic to students. It goes into the basics of sociological concepts, including norms, values, culture and social structure. As well as this, the course gives insight into the history of beginnings of sociology as well. It also focuses on training students to see the world and understand it through the perspective of sociologists.CCM is a two-year university, but provides a great deal of options when it comes to courses. The courses listed above are primarily introduction courses, and are therefore more broad and less specific then other courses. This arguably makes them easier than other courses, especially since prior knowledge is not expected and the fundamentals are taught here.