10 Buildings You Need to Know at the College of Staten Island

If you’re a new college student, you might be wondering about the campus that you’ll spend the next four years of your life on. Even if you’re returning, campus can change year around and you might not be familiar with some of the new and newly renovated buildings. Here are the buildings that you need to know at the College of Staten Island.

1. Campus Center

Outside of the Campus Center

Address: Staten Island, NY 10314

The Campus Center is the hub of campus life as it houses numerous resources to maintain it. Students will find a lounge area, numerous dining options, study rooms, team rooms, event spaces for student organizations and more.

2. Center for the Arts

Outside of the Center for the Arts

Address: Staten Island, NY 10314

The Center for the Arts is the home to the visual and performing arts. Here, students will be able to watch a number of events that pertain to music and dance. Students will also be able to see numerous art galleries here as well as it is home to a number of student works.

3. Marcus Hall

School of Nursing students practicing skills

Address: Staten Island, NY 10314

This building is home to the departments of health sciences and the School of Nursing. Here, students will find laboratories to conduct research, teaching laboratories, classrooms, study rooms, faculty offices, and team meeting rooms for students to use at their own discretion.

4. School of Business

Outside of the School of Business

Address: Staten Island, NY 10314

The Lucille and Jay Chazanoff School of Business is home to the future business leaders of tomorrow. Here, students will learn about innovation and shaping the future of the world. This building features classrooms, a computer lab, study areas, and faculty adjunct offices.

5. Astrophysical Observatory

Outside of the Astrophysical Observatory

Address: Staten Island, NY 10314

Let’s see the stars at the heart of campus! This building is home to the Astrophysical Observatory which is owned by the Physics and Astronomy department. It’s recognized as an official asteroid and comet station by IAU (International Astronomical Union) as well.

6. Campus Services and Central Plant

Campus Services and Central Plant

Address: Staten Island, NY 10314

This building is home to the Central Plant which is the home of operational management for facilities on campus. It is staffed by Steam Engineers who are available 24/7 for whatever your needs may be. They work to maintain and upkeep the already state-of-the-art campus.

7. Sports and Recreation Center

The Sports and Recreation Center

Address: Staten Island, NY 10314

The Sports and Recreation Center is home to the campus fitness center and many basketball games. Students will also find a swimming pool here for both the swim team/club and recreational swimming. Students will also be able to find numerous exercise equipment here.

8. Library

The outside of the library

The library is home to a number of books and and online databases. It is the center for learning and academics at CSI. Here, students will also find quiet spaces to study, study rooms, team meeting rooms, conference rooms, a media center, and a tutoring center.

9. School of Education

The inside of the School of Education

Address: Staten Island, NY 10314

Teaching is a vital and prominent part of our world. It allows the future leaders of the world to grow and learn. This building is home to the School of Education. It houses a number of classrooms, study rooms, teaching labs, and faculty offices.

10. Marchi Hall

Outside of the Marchi Hall buildng

Address: Staten Island, NY 10314

Marchi Hall is home to a number of departments on campus. These departments includes the departments for history, political science, economics, and philosophy. Students will also find a number of offices for these departments and classrooms.

The College of Staten Island us located in Staten Island, New York. It is a public college and is home to over 13,000 students. Students will be able to take courses that will help them develop necessary skills to obtain both an associates or a bachelor’s degree.

10 Hardest Courses at CSI

Being a college student comes with its challenges. Some students are up for the challenge, while others are not. Either way, students who challenge themselves find themselves going above and beyond what is expected of them in classes. Classwork, especially, is one of the hardest things to overcome. It’s way different from high school as it requires discipline to study and get down to business. If you are a student who is ready for a challenge, check out some of the hardest courses at the College of Staten Island that we have listed below!

1. AMS 224 – Religion in America

Symbols of different religions in America

America is known as a melting pot because of the wide-array of cultural differences. This class will introduce students to the different religions within America such as Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and more! This class requires students to take in a lot of information to be prepared to study. This course is considered hard because there is a lot of information to take in and study for upcoming tests.

2. AST 230 – Planetary Geology

Different planets in the Milky Way

Do you think you know geology? Well think again! This class will discuss the geology of not only planet Earth, but other planets in this universe as well. Students will learn about the celestial bodies of planets, their moons, comets, and meteorites. Students will also learn about the affects that surround geology as well. This class will challenge students to the core. Make sure to study before class and be prepared to ask any questions you may have.

3. CHM 370 – Biochemistry I

A look at strains used in chemistry and DNA

Chemistry and biology are two different parts of science. Have you ever thought about combining them? This class will discuss the dynamics and principles of biochemistry. Students will learn about bio-energy, enzyme mechanism, molecular components of cells and more. This class is very test heavy. Students in this class often have a hard time grasping the concepts. Have no fear! Go to your teacher for help!

4. BUS 238 – Ethical Issues in Business and Society

A person presenting a business plan

This class will discuss the ethical issues that surround businesses within society of today. Students will learn about the critical roles that businesses play within society and how businesses play a role in the society that we live in. Students will also learn how to evaluate businesses and their role as a whole as well. This class gives students an overview on finances so be prepared to conduct math problems.

5. BIO 205 – General Physiology

A look at a the physiology of humans

This class will talk about the general principles that surround physiology. students will learn about systematic physiology and how it relates to living and non-living organisms on Earth. Students will learn about cell physiology, which is the basis of all living things, and the control mechanisms in which surround them. This class has a lot of terms that students need to study so be prepared to study hard and smart!

6. ENG 170 – Literature and Society

Books stacked on a pile

This class will introduce students to literature and the role that it plays on society. Students will learn about social, cultural, and political debates
A foundational introduction to literature and its role in society. Focused on reading and in-class discussion, this course will present a variety of literary genres from different historical periods. The readings will be considered in terms of their capacity to both reflect and intervene in social, cultural, and political debates.

7. MDT 160 – Clinical Science

Tools used in the clinic

This class will focus on the clinical chemistry fundamentals as they relate to bodily fluid such as urine and spit. Students will learn about the manual and automated techniques of using laboratory technologies and instruments as well. This class will not only be within the text, but will also be very hands on so it is vital pay attention. Students in this class will be challenged not only with the terms they use, put the terms to apply in the real world.

8. ESC 302 – Hydrology

The cycle of hydrology in the environment

This class will discuss hydrology as it relates to environmental science. Students will also learn more about soil water and its processes, runoff and stream processes, and the practical exercises that it takes for conducting a report about the environment through hydrology. This class is difficult because the concepts that students need to apply are challenging and are not easy to grasp when it comes to science terms.

9. ENS 104 – Introduction to Digital Technology

A look at digital technology

In this class, students will get an overview on digital technology. Students will learn about social, economic, and environmental impacts on technology from the past and present as it relates to engineering. Students will also be asked to do math so be prepared! Students will need to study logic, and digital electronic arithmetic. This class will discuss technological methods that some students may find difficult if they are new to the computer world.

10. MTH 232 – Calculus II

Different equations that are used in calculus

If you are good at math, then this is the class for you. Students will learn about different topics in calculus. Students will learn more about curves, solids, revolution, and parametric representations of curves. Students will also learn about different ways to integrate calculus into everyday tasks and the role that it plays as well. Calculus is difficult for anyone because of the many formulas it uses. Be prepared to study and practice problems!

Jobs for College Students at the College of Staten Island

Students have the opportunity to experience new things in college because college is all about the experience. These experiences include jobs and volunteer opportunities that allow students to gain new skills to use throughout their academic career and in other jobs within their field as well. Below are some of the top jobs and volunteer opportunities that students can find at the College of Staten Island.

1. Welcome Desk – Campus Center

A look at a welcome desk

As a student worker in the Campus Center, you will be the face of the Campus Center. You will work to provide friendly support for students, faculty, and staff. You will also do basic data entry work while at the Welcome Desk as well.

2. Librarian Student Worker

Books on a shelf in a library

As a librarian, you will have the chance to work in numerous departments around the library. Many of your duties will include circulating and retrieving, doing check ins at desk stations, preparing materials for mailing and delivery, and more.

3. Office Assistant – Office of Academic Support

A assistant working on the phone

This position requires students to fulfill various administrative duties. These duties will include offering a variety of programs, welcoming in patrons, and helping others in school with their academic success. Students will also be running errands for the office itself.

4. Box Office Attendance – Center for the Arts

People at the Box Office

The Center for the Arts needs you! As a box office attendance, you will be sitting at the box office helping patrons buy or pickup tickets. Students will also be a direct resource guide for those who need help with getting to their seats or who are wanting general information about the Center for the Arts.

5. OneClass Notetaker

Someone taking their own notes

Do you take good notes during your classes? Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

6. Migration Resource Center Volunteer

The logo for volunteering hands

As a Immigration Assistant, you will be responsible for supporting the immigration case management. You will prepare various forms that include memos, letters, and records. You will also be communicating with other agencies and completing other tasks as needed.

7. Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

The symbol for volunteering a helping hand

As a Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, you will be conducting advocacy projects for your local chapter. Students will have a chance to build houses themselves and fundraise for families in need. Students will be the face and guide for those wanting more information on Habitat for Humanity.

Restaurant and Cafes for Students at College of Staten Island

College of Staten Island is a public college located in Staten Island, New York. With College of Staten Island, you don’t have any problem with where to get the best and delicious meal on Campus. There are several eateries located both inside and close to the campus. Here are the restaurants and cafes that students can explore in College of Staten Island.

1. The Park Café Restaurant

This is an Image of The Park Café Restaurant

Located on the first floor of the Campus Center adjacent to the Cafeteria. The Park Café is open for lunch Monday – Thursday during the Fall & Spring Semesters. The menu features fresh soups, salads, sandwiches, crepes, Paninis, quiche, seafood, and pasta. The restaurant also periodically offers theme and prix fixe buffets.

2. Chili’s Grill & Bar

The frontage of Chili's Grill & Bar

Their features include coffee Bar set in an attractive environment and nice customer service. The menu features lattes, flavoured coffee drinks, and cappuccino as well as a variety of salads, sandwiches, paninis, home-made soups, wraps, and fresh baked goods.

3. Dolphin Express

An example of food at Dolphin Express

Located in the Center for the Arts Atrium the Food Carte is centrally located between North and South Quads and the North and South Administration Buildings. The Dolphin Express serves hot and cold beverages, soups, salads, sandwiches and assorted deserts.

4. The Campus Center Cafeteria

The interior of The Campus Center Cafeteria

The Cafeteria is the main dining facility on campus and as such has something to satisfy everyone’s palate. The modified court features several service counters such as Deli-Board, Hot Stuff, Sizzles and Pies on Pizza. Each service area features standard menus and daily specials that include soups, hot entrees, hot and cold sandwiches, pizza by the slice and pizza rolls.

5. DaddyO’s BBQ and Sports Bar

Example of a food at DaddyO's BBQ and Sports Bar

This is one of the largest Sports bars on Staten Island that is available to both students and staffs. severing everything from Smoked Brisket, pulled pork, baby back ribs, st louie ribs, pastrami, burgers, Smoked Chicken Wings, Mac & Cheese, Bacon, Nachos, Chili, Beef short rib, fried chicken, chicken and waffles, Steaks and many more.

6. Mike’s Unicorn Diner

Picture of veggies at Mike's Unicorn Diner

This is yet another amazing restaurant for students that want quality and delicious food. They have big space with large door for proper ventilation. Their food is less expensive and they operate all day service.

7. Dunkin’ Donuts-Baskin Robbins

The building of Dunkin' Donuts-Baskin Robbins

If you’re looking for the best doughnut around then Dunkin’ Donuts-Baskin Robbins is the best place for you. The price of their product ranges from $10 to $20. This is also one of the best hangouts for students.

10 Coolest Courses at College of Staten Island

The College of Staten Island is a public college in Staten Island, New York.  The school accepts 98% of applicants and its more notable alumni have been the actor from the Big Bang Theory, Kevin Sussman. Here are 10 off the coolest courses to take.

1. ACC 235 – Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting

a x around a bag of money

This accounting class will teach you how to differentiate accounting techniques with the topics of governmental and not for profit. These balance sheets and liabilities/assets are done much differently than a regular business due to different tax write offs.

2. ACC 315 – Analysis of Financial Statements

a calculator and a pen

This class looks at the different financial statements that are in accounting and how to understand/read them. Examples of financial statements are : cash flows, assets, liabilities and net income. You will learn how to work with these as well as create your own documents for future endeavors.

3. AAD 202 – African American Drama

two masks that represent the theater

This class teaches students about the different forms of expression that African American culture has brought forth into the theater scene. It also goes over different strides that the people have made in representation in film.

4. ART 100 – Introduction to Visual Arts

a woman in a firefly dress

Introduction to visual arts is a class that allows students to get their feet wet in the career that is art. This is a great low-level class to learn about the different aspects of visual arts such as but not excluded to drawing, painting, film, and photography.

5. ART 125 – Portrait Drawing I

a realistic portrait of a woman

This class is one for those students who would like to learn more in depth how to create portraits. This includes self portraits as well as having live subjects or just visualizing the subject off hand. You will use different techniques such as painting and drawing to create these works of art.

6. BUS 135 – Introduction to Information Systems

the world in the palm of a hand/computer

The course that is information systems deals with learning to process information in an organized and timely manner. It is mostly secretarial in manner, you will learn to hone your craft in speed as well as navigation of certain management programs.

7. BUS 140 – Business Communications

a business man talking to his coworkers

Business communications are all about being able to properly communicate your ideas with others in the business setting. This can mean making presentations to talk to your higher ups or fellow workers, or even how to carry out a proposal to a major client.

8. DRA 362 – The Later Shakespeare

the play the tempest during a scene

This class dives into the later works of Shakespeare rather than the first pieces that made him famous. A few examples of what he has written have been : The Winter’s Tale, The Tempest, and the Two Noble Kinsmen.

9. SLS 325 – Social Thought

a chalk drawing of a person viewing the world

This course teaches students what it means to know social thought. In the age of the present often people think that their thoughts are all their own. But what many are not aware of is that how they perceive things (such as what is socially accepted) directly accounts for how they act/think.

10. DAN 111 – Choreography I

a person dancing on different instruments

Knowing how to dance is one thing but being able to structure it into a proper dance style based on the merging of the rhythm of the music and your steps is quite another. In this introductory course, you will learn to not only follow a choreographic dance but to create your own.

The College of Staten Island has everything from business to even a degree in Chinese language. You can find any class or degree that your heart desires and these 10 different cool classes is the perfect stepping stone to finding your passion.

Top 10 Library Resources at the College of Staten Island

College is about shaping your future. And what better way to create the perfect road than to excel? So today, we’re going to show you how you can shape your future and succeed in life. Here are the top 10 Library Resources at the College of State Island. Be sure to use them all!

1. Library Computing Services

Are you in need of internet access? Do you need to edit or update a presentation? Then fear no more! At CIS Library, you can use all of their computing services entirely for free!

female student using laptop

2. Photocopying and Scanning

Of course, photocopying research materials and other important documents is essential for any student. Luckily, the CIS Library provides general use of their photocopying machines and scanners to all residents of College of Staten Island.

photo of a printer

3. Course Reserves

Students can get textbooks and materials specifically reserved by professors at the CIS library. They can either borrow these materials or photocopy them.


4. Group Study Rooms

Do you want to collaborate with your classmates? If you need a place to share your intellectual ideas or even random thoughts, you can make a reservation to use one of the group study rooms at the campus library – entirely for free!

desks with upside down chairs

5. Off-Campus Access

Do you need to research a specific topic at the library but you’re away from the campus? Good news! You can access the library databaseusing the off-campus access online.

female student with laptop

6. Services for Persons with Disabilities

The College of Staten Island highly encourages the participation of students with disabilities on their library events and services. The CIS Library provides exclusive services for students with disabilities to help them on everything that they need.

elderly pushing a wheelchair

7. Interlibrary Loan

If you find the library missing a particular book, you can use the Interlibrary Loan to order books or materials from other neighboring libraries (off-campus).

ordered books

8. Materials Request Form

This service lets students to request the library to purchase books, journals and audio-visual materials to add on the current collection. You can also use this service to ask the library to purchase a required textbook material for your course.

notebook and pen

9. Research Consultations

Do you need help on your research? Then simply ask for research consultations to any available library staff. Finish your research projects with the help of a free tutor!


10. Archives and Special Collections

The Archives and Special Collections holds and preserves the documents pertaining the history of Staten Island as well as the College of Staten Island.


Top 5 Libraries at the College of Staten Island

1. CSI Library

The CSI Library was first established when former senator John J. Marchi donated his papers and documents about his half-century career to the College of Staten Island in 1999. Over time the library grew and now holds all research materials and documents needed by all residents of the College of Staten Island.


2. West New Brighton Library

The West New Brighton Library was established in 1913. Currently, the library holds a collection of 45,000 books, periodicals, CDs, and videos for adults, young adults and children.

books on shelves

3. Todt Hill-Westerleigh Library

The Todt Hill-Westerleigh Library opened to the public in April 18, 1991. The library is opened 7 days a week and is a walking distance from the College of Staten Island.

white books

4. Hormann Library

The Hormann Library provides all research materials for the residents of the Wagner College. It provides services similar to that of the CSI Library.

library ceiling

5. Mariners Harbor Library

The Mariners Harbor Library opened on December 16, 2013. It is a single-story library that serves roughly 30,000 people.

4 old books stacked

Top 10 Majors at College of Staten Island

College of Staten Island which is also known as CSI is a public institute which was founded in 1976. The current enrollment of the college is 12,509 and it is covering an area of 204 acres. The college is offering many undergraduate and doctoral programs. Below is the list of top 10 major at College of Staten Island.

1. Psychology

Psychology is a basic degree which is most popular in most of the parts of the world. Every institute is offering a bachelors degree in this field and so does College of Staten Island. Till now 268 students have taken a degree in Psychology from CSI.

2. Liberal Arts and Humanities

In the field of Liberal Arts and Humanities, CSI is offering a lot for the graduates. According to the stats, 528 students got this degree from CSI till now. If you are looking for a degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities, CSI might be a decent option for you.

3. Business

In the field of Business, Management & Marketing, CSI has a lot to offer. Currently, University has 2 distinct program enrolled in this field which are  Accounting, and General Business/Commerce. In 2016-17, there was a total of 225 graduates in this discipline.

4. Nursing

In the field of Nursing, CSI is working a lot better as compared to many other majors. In 2016-17, the college awarded the degree of Nursing to 225 graduates.

5. English Literature

Different books on English Literature

CSI is offering only one distinct program in the field of English Literature which is General English Literature. In this field, 97 students graduated in 2016-17.

6. Biology

Tools used in biology lab

There are plenty of options for the students of Biology in CSI as it is offering a couple of unique programs in the field of Biological & Biomedical Sciences including Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology, and General Biology. In 2016-17, CSI awarded Biomedical Sciences degree to 61 undergraduates.

7. Communications

Logos of different social media platforms

CSI offers 1 distinct programs in the field of Communication  which is Communication & Media Studies. There were 82 graduates in this field from CSI in 2016-17.

8. Elementary Education

Teacher teaching to the elementary school children

In the field of Education, CSI is offering  2 different programs of Education which includes Teacher Education Grade Specific, and Teacher Education Subject Specific. Till now, 65 students have been graduated in this discipline.

9. Sociology

Just like other majors, College of Staten Island is offering a bachelor degree in Sociology. It is offering one distinct program in this field which is Sociology & Anthropology. In 2016-17, 84 students got this degree from CSI.

10. Accounting

Accounting is also a major at College Staten Island as it is best valued in this major. According to the stats, 117 students got a degree in Accounting from CSI.

College of Staten Island a public college in New York with a graduation rate of 30%. The college is offering a wide range of majors and if you are interested in taking admission here, take a look at the majors mentioned above. For more about the college, you can also visit its official website.

10 Coolest Clubs at College of Staten Island

Attending CSI in the fall and becoming involved? Read this article to let you know the many clubs and activities that are part of CSI. Here are the top 10 coolest clubs and top 5 top events at CSI!

1) Finance Club

Join this academic club if you are hoping to build a relationship between your faculty and are planning to take the LSATS, GMAT, or GRE test. The club hope to increase student civic engagement and intellectual growth. This club will provide many opportunities that will help students after college.

 picture of finance objects

2) Center for Global Engagement

This organization hopes to raise the awareness of international understanding and the interdependence of nations, and the importance of diversity. Students will work in international projects and study abroad programs. If you are hoping to have an international career this is the club for you.

hands surrounding a world

3) Disney Club

For all you Disney lovers out there, join the Disney club! This is a space for those who can share their love and excitement for all Disney related topics. The club holds parties, watches Disney movies and discusses topics all related to Disney.

picture of disney characters

4) Painting Lounge Club

This is a stress-free environment where students are allowed to paint freely in a nurturing and relaxing space. The club also takes trip to art museums and galleries along with painting days. No need to be an artist to join this club!

painting of an elephant

5) New Student Programs

Interested in helping people adjust to their new life in college? Check out the New Student Programs. This program is dedicated to making the transition from high school to college a great experience. This club supports the new students along their journey in their new life.

students in a college campus

6) Serpentine/Artifacts Magazine

This publication focuses on the very idea of healing and self-improvement. So not only if you love to write, if you love the idea of writing about the ways students can self-improve through positive mindsets and physical/emotional/mental health then this is the perfect publication. Topics will help students overcome the many challenges that affect their health.

picture of a magazine

7) Student Government

Interested in getting more invested in the way your school works? Join student government. The office works to better the community through various sectors such as curriculum, finance, and academic committees. Find a committee you are most interested in improving and run for an election!

picture saying get involved

8) Sustainable Student Organization

For those hoping to create a more sustainable world, look into the Sustainable Student Organization.  The goals of the organization is to help make the college more environmentally conscience and implement sustainability initiatives. If this sounds interesting, sign up!

picture of sustainable initiatives

9) Garden Club

Along with SSO, the Garden Club hopes to also increase sustainability on campus and one of the initiatives is creating a community garden. Many of the produce comes from students from different school wide clubs and it is an entire volunteer network system . Along with SSO, the club hopes to reduce its carbon footprint.

picture of a sustainable garden

10)  A.L.P.H.A Club

Hoping to know more of your classmates outside of the classroom? The A.L.P.H.A club works to increase social engagement and equality amongst the students on campus. The club has different activity involvement, workshops, and social activities to create this engagement.

a picture representing social engagement

No matter what your interests are, whether art or science or civic engagement, there are many clubs at CSI that will serve your needs and help you serve others. Try joining other clubs you wouldn’t expect as well and you never know what other new interests you are good at. No matter what, joining any club is the best way to be involved in your school!

Top Events During School Year at CSI

1) How to Apply for a Job or Internship

Hoping to apply for a job soon? This workshop will teach students the ins and outs for how to stand out in an application. For an extra bonus, students will receive credit for attending.

a picture of the benefits of an internship

2) CAB Films

Hosted by the Student Activities Board, CAB films hosts weekly films for students to watch. The films are held on the weekend from various times in the morning to the evening. If you’re ever looking for something to do, kick back and watch a movie at the Bijou Lounge.

picture of a film production

3) Learn About the CUNY Service Corps: A Paid Internship Opportunity

For those looking to apply to internships, especially paid ones, come to this event and learn about CUNY Service Corps. Becoming part of this corps means working at non-profit companies and earning $13 an hour. It will help you determine possible career paths while opening up many opportunities.

a picture of the CSC logo

4) Ace the Interview 

This workshop will teach you the ins and outs of how employers base their candidates based on interviews and the interview methods. Students will learn about the “STAR” method which will guarantee getting the dream job. For those hoping to apply for jobs soon, this event will be highly beneficial

a picture of two people in an interview

5)  How to Work an On Campus Job/Career Fair

For those who plan to attend career fairs and meet with representatives, this event will teach you how to prepare to meet potential employers. The event will be reviewing resumes, how to dress properly, and how to nail that 20 second pitch. This is extremely beneficial if you’re hoping to get a job from representatives of corporate and non profit sectors.

picture of people at a career fair

10 of the Easiest Classes at CSI

The College of Staten Island is a public college in Staten Island, New York that is in the City University of New York system. CSI has programs in the liberal arts and sciences and professional studies and offers bachelor’s and associate degrees. CSI also awards master’s degrees in thirteen professional and liberal arts and sciences fields of study. There are approximately 13,800 students at CSI and the college has more than 80 science labs for research. Here are ten of the easiest classes offered at CSI!

1. ASL 112 Basic American Sign Language I

Sign language is fun to learn and you never know when your knowledge of it might come in handy. This is a beginning course for students with no previous knowledge of sign language. The class introduces the fundamentals of expression and communication.


2. LING 101 Linguistic Diversity

If difference languages and language barriers interest you, this is the class for you. The course gives an overview of linguistic diversity in the world today, and the factors that influence it. You’ll discuss and answer some questions such as: How do languages originate? How do social, cultural, and biological factors both contribute to and limit linguistic diversity? There will be emphasis on language endangerment and the parallels between linguistic diversity and biodiversity.

 world languages proportionate to their number of speakers

3. AMS 101 America: An Introduction

If you grew up in America, you may already have a decent amount of background knowledge for this class. The course gives an overview of abiding ideas, values, and myths that have shaped the nation’s arts, actions, and beliefs, drawing from painting, architecture, film, music, history, and literature. You’ll discuss things from 17th-century witchcraft to 20th-century witch hunts, from General Washington to (General Hospital), from the assembly line to assembler language, from Revere to Rambo.

The statue of liberty close up

4. ECO 101 Introduction to Economics

If you have a solid foundation in math and enjoy the humanities, economics is a good combination of the two. The course will examine the principles of economics in the context of the operation of the United States economy. Both microeconomic theory (behavior of firms and households) and macroeconomic theory (total output, inflation, employment and unemployment, economic growth) will be introduced. You’ll also discuss economic approaches to social problems.

 a table of stock chart numbers and trends

5. CIN 100 Introduction to Film

If you’ve always wondered how movies are made, this class will interest you. You’ll get an introduction to the terms and methods of film analysis. There will be emphasis on critical viewing and writing, with special attention to cinematography, editing, sound, narrative, authorship, genre, and ideology.

film set with cameras and workers

6. ART 100 Introduction to the Visual Arts

This light course will be a welcome break from your other lectures of the day. The course examines materials and forms of the visual arts to provide students with a critical and historical framework for evaluating visual experience. You will discuss painting, sculpture, and architecture, and there will be a number of museum and gallery visits.

oil pastels in rainbow order

7. GEG 100 Introduction to Geography

This course gives a basic overview to the field of geography. You’ll discuss central issues of the discipline through a systematic fashion, exploring the basics of several different themes. In particular, you’ll learn about physical geography, climate change, political geography, cultural geography, urban geography, economic geography, agriculture, globalization, and resources and development.

world map with flag pins

8. PHO 101 Introduction to Photography

If you like taking pictures, this class is for you. You’ll get an introduction to the practice of photography, photographic seeing and the visual grammar of photography. You’ll work on basic design problems, exercises in seeing elements of the medium, and learn about the history and development of photography. You’ll also learn about basic principles and techniques of camera, photographic materials, processes, and techniques for image processing and print production.

Holding a Full Frame Camera.

9. ACC 114 Introduction to Accounting I

This course gives an introduction to the concepts and principles of accounting. There will be emphasis on data accumulation technique and preparation and interpretation of financial statements. You’ll also discuss the accounting cycle, accounting for sole proprietorship, and introduction to partnership and corporate accounting.

spreadsheet and charts on laptop

10. ENS 100 Introduction to Engineering

If you’re considering an engineering major, this class will help you make a more informed decision. The course gives an introduction to engineering disciplines, organizations, and ethics. You’ll discuss basic engineering parameters, engineering standards and codes, data acquisition and presentations, effective experimentation, data analysis, and problem solving and case studies.

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CSI offers a huge variety of classes and programs, so you’re bound to find a major  that interests you. However, major courses are hard work. Keep this list in mind if you’re ever looking for some easier electives to balance out your schedule!


10 Easiest Classes at College of Staten Island

It’s always said that college is the best four years of your life. But while having fun and enjoying yourself is important, it’s also important to focus on your school work. One way to help you balance fun with responsibilities is by taking some easier courses. Use this guide to help you pick some of the easiest classes offered at College of Staten Island.

1. EDD 252- History of Education in the United States

This class provides its students with the history and social foundations of education in America. Students will learn about education throughout the development of the country. Topics covered include the historical development of public schools, race in schools, the expansion of higher education, and the difference between getting an education for knowledge versus social purposes.

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2. SOC 120- Social Problems

This class acts as an introduction to sociology where sociological perspectives are a main focus. Students will use their new knowledge to learn about social problems caused by sociocultural groups and/or institutions and potential solutions for them. These problems and solutions will relate to issues to modern metropolitan settings like mental health issues, poverty, prejudice, and discrimination.

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3. SWK 105- Introduction to Disability Studies

If you’re looking for a new field to study, this class is for you. Here, students are introduced to the emerging field of disability. Students will learn about the early history of disabilities, disability rights movements, eugenics, policy, and legal issues among other topics. This knowledge will be used to distinguish the difference between the social construction of disabilities and the medical model of disabilities.

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4. SPN 101- Spanish Conversation I

This class is perfect for people interesting in learning how to speak Spanish. It covers practical Spanish vocabulary for business, travel, and community relations. This class is also recommended for students who have no past experience with speaking Spanish.

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5. PSY 103- Stress Management

This is definitely a good class choice for college students. Topics covered include the physical, social, and psychological understanding of people’s response to stress. Students will learn practical stress management skill and beneficial techniques for relaxation.

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6. POL 100- American Government and Politics

Not only is this class easy, it’s also good to take in order to know more about the world we live in. Students will study how the U.S political system operates, the process of its evolution, as well as the philosophical principles that are the foundation of our government.

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7. PHL 100- Introduction to Logic and Science

Students who take this class will learn about the different types of reasoning such as deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning. They will then be able to identify and evaluate arguments and theories within the philosophy department. Students will learn by examining and discussing textbooks and examining philosophical works.

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8. PED 190- Fitness for Life

Who doesn’t want to learn about fitness?!  This course will inform students about issues as well as techniques in fitness and wellness. Students will use theory and practice physical activities in order to plan for a healthier future.

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9. LING 101- Linguistic Diversity

This class provides students with an overview of the linguistic diversity seen today and the factors that influence it. Students will think about and answer questions like: Where do languages come from? How are different languages related to one another? How do social, cultural, and biological factors impact linguistic diversity? The class’s main focus is language endangerment and the similarities shared between linguistic diversity and biodiversity.

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10. LIB 120- Beyond Google: Research for College Success

As mentioned in the title, this class is essential for college success, especially when your education has a lot of writing involved. Students will learn research skills that will help them succeed during their college years and beyond. They will also learn how to create strategies useful to them for researching topics and information while maintaining their academic integrity and ethical standards.

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Just because you have to take classes in college doesn’t mean you can’t take some easy ones! Use this guide to help you pick easy classes at College of Staten Island that are right for you.