10 Buildings at the College of DuPage You Need to Know

College can take you on a whirlwind and you can get lost easily if you don’t know where you’re going. New and even returning students should familiarize themselves with the campus as it is constantly changing. Below are the buildings that you need to know at the College of DuPage.

1. Rodney K. Berg Instructional Center

The Rodney K. Berg Instructional Center

Address: 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

The Rodney K. Berg Instructional Center was first constructed in 1974. Here, students will find a four-story building that features labs, workshops, faculty offices, and departmental offices. Students will also find conference areas and classrooms.

2. Culinary & Hospitality Center

Outside the Culinary and Hospitality Center

Address: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Do you love to cook? Well you can learn to do just that in the Culinary and Hospitality Center. Here, students will find a number of cooking labs, classrooms, and study areas to really hone in on their skills. Students will also be able to find departmental offices as well.

3. Robert J. Miller Homeland

Outside the Robert J. Miller Homeland

Address: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

The Homeland Security Education Center is home to the Fire Science Technology and Criminal Justice Programs, the COD Police Department, and the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy. It features a forensics and cyber-crime lab, an Internet crime lab, and numerous immersive training labs.

4. Student Resource Center

Outside the Student Resource Center

Address: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

This building houses a wide-array of resources for students. This includes the library, the campus bookstore, the Jack H. Turner Conference Center, Learning Commons, and the offices of the President, Human Resources, IT, and finance.

5. Homeland Security Training Center

The Homeland Security Training Center

Address: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

This facility is home to the Homeland Security Training Center. It features a state-of-the art indoor firing range, call center, a large multi-purpose room, and numerous classrooms. It also features departmental offices for faculty and advising.

6. Health and Science Center

The Health and Science Center

Address: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

This building was first renovated and constructed in the fall of 2010. It features various classrooms, study rooms, offices, and research labs for the Dental Hygiene, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Anatomy, and Surgical Technology departments as well.

7. Harold D. McAninch Arts Center

The Harold D. McAninch Arts Center

Address: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

This building is the center for the arts and the hub for campus entertainment for COD. Students will be able to find a recital stage for ensemble, solo, and dance performances. This building also features practice rooms, departmental offices, and classrooms.

8. Physical Education and Community Recreation Center

The Physical Education and Community Recreation Center

Address: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

The Physical Education and Community Recreation Center first opened its doors in 1983. It was later renovated in 2014 . It features a main arena, indoor track, racquetball courts, and a swimming pool. It also features exercise and weight equipment.

9. Seaton Computing Center

View of the Seaton Computing Center

Address: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

This building was first constructed and opened in 1990. It features computer-specific classrooms, a visual and simulation lab, networking hardware labs, and a development labs. Students will also be able to find faculty offices and study rooms here.

10. Student Services Center

Outside of the Student Services Center

Address: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

The Student Services Center features a number of services for students to utilize. This includes the Fianncial Aid Department, the Registrar’s Office, and the Bursar’s Office. Students will also be able to utilize lounge and study spaces within this building too.

College of DuPage is home to over 26,000 students. This is a public community college in Glen Ellyn, Illinous. This is the college where students will become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow so that they can one day change the world.

10 Hardest Courses at the College of DuPage

The College of DuPage is a community college in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. It has about 27,000 students currently, and it was established in 1967. Here’s ten of their hardest college courses!

1. ANAT 1551 – Human Anatomy and Physiology

human anatomy seen in three different figures of the human body

Anatomy and Physiology is one of the hardest courses throughout most campuses in the United States. Students in this class need to memorize all of the body’s systems, organs, muscles, tissues, bones, veins and more. Tests are super hard!

2. BIOLO 1130 – Fundamentals of Biotechnology

A close up look at DNA

Students in this class have to learn about the applications of living organisms in medicine, industry, physics and more. Principle of biology and chemistry are mixed in this class. This class is super heavy in reading and testing.

3. CHEMI 2252 – Organic Chemistry

organic chem digital art

Organic Chemistry is another class that’s difficult on most college campuses throughout the nation. Students learn about principles of bonding, stereochemistry, thermodynamics, synthesis and chem reactions, and more. Tests are very difficult.

4. EARTH 1115 – Severe and Unusual Weather

ocean hurricane bird's eye view

Though Severe and Unusual Weather is an interesting class, it’s still pretty difficult. Students have to learn about the causes and phenomena related to storms and odd weather. There’s a lot of reading and writing in this class.

5. EARTH 1112 – Astronomy: The Solar System

solar system astronomy

The Solar System is an earth sciences/astronomy class that teaches students about the creation of the universe and our solar system, planetary properties, formation theories, asteroids, meteors, comets and more. There’s a lot of reading and testing in this class.

6. HLTHS 1110 – Biomedical Terminology

dna and test tube

This class is clearly very heavy in vocabulary and memorization. Students have to learn the actual words, prefixes, suffixes, roots, and abbreviations. There’s a lot of hard tests in this class.

7. HUMNT 1120 – Intro to Medical Humanities

smiling doctor

Intro to Medical Humanities is a class that teaches students about why and how we frame medical practice based on the arts, philosophy, religion, sciences and more. There’s a lot of reading and writing in this class.

8. MATH 2231 – Calculus and Analytical Geometry

picture of person thinking about math, with sketches of math concepts on top of head

This math class is meant for math, technology, engineering and science majors. Calculus is a pretty tough math class. There’s a lot of testing and homework required.

9. PHILO 1120 – Logic

cartoon of back of person's head with lightbulb

Logic is an interesting but hard and abstract philosophy class. Students learn about the art of reasoning and arguing in this class. This class can get pretty hard due to the many principles and abstract concepts. There’s also a lot of reading and writing.

10. PHILO 1130 – Social and Political Philosophy

ancient statues

Social and Political Philosophy is another tough philosophy class at DuPage. This class has a lot of information that students need to learn about politics and society, and how we came up with them. This class is heavy in reading and writing.

Job for College Students at College of DuPage

College of DuPage is a community college in the United States. Located in Fawell Blvd, the total enrollment in this college is 26,209. The main campus of DuPage college is in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Below is the list of job opportunities available for the students of DuPage College.

1. Student Community Service Officer

Community Service Officer

Assist the college Police. Dispatch police, EMT, and fire personnel to emergencies. Answer telephones and monitor the walk-up window. View closed circuit TV system. Provide First Aid/CPR as needed (Training provided if desired).

2. Periodicals Assistant

Periodicals collection shelves

Assist the periodical department. Re-shelve and re-file all periodical department materials. Keep all periodical shelves and newspaper files in good order and repair materials. Clean shelves as needed. Pull newspapers from hanging files that have been replaced by microfilm. Assist in processing of periodicals.

3. MPTV Lab Aide

urban agriculture lab

Assist in the MPTV Lab. Check equipment in and out of lab. Clean and organize all classrooms and Lab. Assist students and teachers with hardware and software questions, when appropriate. Log in computers for classes.

4. Clerical Assistant

A woman working at a computer

Assist students, community members and staff with questions and concerns, both in person and phone. Schedule appointments for new and prospective students:  individual counseling appts. and new student advising sessions. Screen requests, ask pertinent questions, describe services, answer general questions.

5. Student Assistant-Police Service Desk

Former COD Student and Police Officer Recognized for his Service

Assist Students, Faculty and Staff answer questions and make referrals. Accept and Release found property. Process the campus keys. Direct Students, Faculty and Staff. Answer calls and do data entry in computer.

6. Courier TV Production Assistant

COD Television Production Student

Assist in the acquisition of audio and video for CNTV, The new Courier News TV network developed for on-campus television plus an online presence collaborated between the Courier newspaper and the Motion Picture Television department.

7. OneClass Note Taker

OneClass Notetaking Job logo

If you would like to have an online job, this is the opportunity for you! Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you are going to classes! When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during lectures for your own classes! Become a note taker today! It is one of the best jobs a student could ask for!

If you are looking to take admission at College of Dupage or currently a student there, then you can earn some extra bucks by working at on-campus and off-campus jobs mentioned above. 

Restaurants and Cafes at or near College of DuPage

The College of DuPage helps the students in exploring different places to have food. not only the college cafes on campus are there, but there are a lot of restaurants near campus as well. You can try any you like and have your favorite kind of meal every day. There are many places where you can enjoy with your friends and hang out with them over the weekend as well to stay relax and easy.

1. Fire + Wine

lasagna serving

You can find interesting food at this place along with a glass of wine. There is American and Italian food on the menu for you to pick your favorite food item. You can find pizza, pasta, lasagna and much more from the menu. The prices are reasonable, and most importantly you get to have a good time with your friends.

2. Ivy Restaurant

inside of Ivy Restaurant

A pure American restaurant for you to try when it’s the time of the long weekend. You can find special meals on the holiday season here. Get the best steak whether in chicken or meat along with the side dishes of fries or mash potatoes. You can also find nachos and other appetizers on the menu.

3. GIA MIA Pizza Bar

people enjoying at cafe

Craving for a good pizza? Walk a few steps over to this café, and you will get what you are looking for. The taste of pizza is exceptional at this café which you will surely love. So, pick your favorite type of pizza and crust to order. There is chicken, cheese, veggie, BBQ and other flavors of pizza which you can try.

4. Alfie’s Inn Incorporated

2 men and 1 woman enjoying at cafe

If you are missing out on the home food, then try this place. You can find perfect recipe of mashed potatoes along with chicken or beef. Along with that, there are beverages to try like cold coffee, margarita, pina colada and much more.

5. Egg Harbor Café

Food counter and sitting area of cafe

Finding a place to have a homemade type of breakfast? You can try this restaurant by walking a few steps from the campus. There are pancakes, omelets, bread, coffee and much more to try for the breakfast menu. Thus, you can kill your hunger completely after visiting this café.

6. Egg’lectic Café

interior of cafe and food counter

It is one of the popular places to have breakfast among the students. You can find delicious and full meal breakfast such as oatmeal with fruits, pancakes with Nutella, coffee, tea and much more. You will always feel happy after eating breakfast from this café because of the unique taste and environment.

7. Nothing Bundt Cakes

2 person cake serving in a plate

If you are missing out on delicious cakes, then prefer to go to this place once. You will be able to find tasty brownies, simple cakes, pastries, cream cakes, cheesecakes and much more. So, try the desserts, and you will fall in love with sweets all over again here.

Be consistent with having the right food when you are studying at the university. To keep the focus on the studies, you have to maintain healthy food habits. So, make sure that you visit various cafes to try new kinds of food.

10 Coolest Courses At College of DuPage

College of DuPage is a community college in the United States. Located in Fawell Blvd, the total enrollment in this college is 26,209. Main campus of DuPage college is in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Below is the list of top coolest courses of this college.

1. ARCH 101 – Basic Architectural Drafting

Basic House Sketch Architectural Drafting

Fundamentals of hand drafting and architectural conventions. Includes use of tools, lettering, dimensioning, drafting techniques, and frame construction vocabulary and technology. 

2. ABE 0710 – Basic English Skills I

Writing on a paper with pencil

Introduces basic English grammar and usage, spelling/vocabulary/dictionary use, capitalization, and punctuation. Mandatory testing. This course may be taken four times for credit; course does not count toward GPA/graduation and is non-transferable. 

3. LIBRA 1101 – Intro To Libraries And Information Age

the maze of information

Introduction to different types of libraries and the information industry. The role of the Library Technical Assistant (LTA) in all areas of the library profession is explored. 

4. CULIN 1103 – Fast Casual Dining Operations

Wood fire pizza Margharita

This course will teach students’ techniques in a fast-casual concept positioned between fast food and casual dining. Counter service will be emphasized through techniques: merchandising, up-selling and customer service. 

5. Music 1100 – Music Appreciation

Music - the voice of soul

A general introductory course designed to enhance listening enjoyment and ability. Emphasis on the elements of music, the characteristic styles of major historical periods, and the lives and works of key composers within the Western musical tradition. 

6. DEHYG 1105 – Dental Materials

An image showing tool of a dentist

Physical and chemical properties of dental materials, characteristics and manipulation of impression materials, gypsum products, investments, waxes, cements, resins, metallic and non-metallic restorative agents. 

7. OFTI 1105 – Speed Development Keyboarding

Hands on a keyboard

Keyboarding course designed for the student with some keyboarding experience. Includes touch system keyboard review of alphabetic, alphanumeric, symbol, and ten-keypad. Focus on speed, accuracy, and concentration development using diagnostic software. 

8. EARTH 1110 – Introduction To Meteorology

Image showing stormy weather

A first look at various aspects of meteorology, including solar radiation, global circulation, environmental issues, winds, stability, precipitation processes, weather systems and severe weather. 

9. PLGL 1150 – Drafting Legal Documents

a document in drafting process

Introduction to purposes and uses of various legal document drafting formats. Focus is on creation of basic legal documents that meet professional standards. 

10. GRDSN 1100 – Drawing For Design

Making a sketch with a pencil

Foundation of drawing illustrative matter for commercial applications using various materials and techniques appropriate to the field of graphic design and illustration. Emphasis on visualization and sketching of concepts. 

Just like any other top-ranked college/university, DuPage College is also offering a lot of cool courses for the students. If you are looking to take admission at DuPage College, have a look at the courses mentioned above.

Top 10 Majors at the College of DuPage

If you want to make the most of your time at school, you need to declare a major that is best fit for you. This will make your entire time at college much more enjoyable. Here are the top 10 majors offered at the College of DuPage.

1. Business

A very broad degree that you can get is in business. This is a general degree that you can take many different ways after graduation. You will be able to pick a concentration to ensure that you are an expert in your field.

Businessmen in a meeting

2. Construction Management

If you want to be the manager of a construction company, you could major in construction management. Most of the time, the managers and foremen are the ones who are doing the hard labor. You’ll be able to get paid the big bucks while not actually having to do construction.

two workers

3. Criminal Justice

If you want to get into law-enforcement, you should major in criminal justice. You’ll learn all the inns and outs of the justice system in America. This will give you a very good view of the field that you are about to go into.

crime scene tape

4. Fashion Studies

A super unique major offered to you is fashion studies. A great way to get into the fashion industry is by getting this degree. You even be able to work with real professionals to get a good view of what you will be doing. 

a fashion designer

5. Graphic Design

If you are a creative or artistic person, you should consider majoring in graphic design. Although you will have to use the computer as well, you are free to express yourself most of the time. This will ensure that you enjoy your time at school.

art and design graphic

6. Mass Communication

In this day and age, communicating over long distance is has never been easier. That being said, the field is always changing. If you get a degree in mass communication, you can help make these changes.

communication terms

7. Marketing

One of the largest industries in the world is marketing. This is because just about every company uses someone to market the products offered. The professors of this department make sure to give you the right connections to land a job after graduation.

terms of marketing

8. Philosophy

A very interesting path that you can take his philosophy. We will spend most of your time studying old thinkers and their thoughts on the world. Knowing that information, you will be able to make your own decisions.

Philosophy terms

9. Zoology

One of the most interesting programs offered is zoology. You will be able to work hands-on with animals on a day today basis. This will help you get professional experience while still in the classroom.

different animals

10. Real Estate

The final great option that you have is real estate. This is a huge industry that harbors billions of dollars every single year. You can become a very wealthy person if you do well in this industry.

Real estate graphic
Jenga game with a house model on top

Top 10 Libraries Resources at College of DuPage

Libraries, both on and off campus, are excellent resources for students. Not only is there a lot of scholarly research that can be used for projects, but students can also find textbooks at the library, saving money and resources. Below are ten library resources and five libraries at College of DuPage.

1 . Library Cards

A picture of a library card


Any student at College of DuPage is able to check books out from the Library. You can check out books with a Library card, a drivers license, or with a College of DuPage Student ID card. You can get a library card  by visiting the library website and filling out the Library Card Request Form.

2. I-Share

A picture of the I-Share webpage


I-share allows students to login online, see what items they have checked out, when those items are due, and renew items online. There are also other libraries connected to I-Share. Both students and faculty members are able to use the library materials at these locations as well.

3. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan logo


If the on campus library does not have the book that you need, you are able to access it through an ILL request form. An ILL request form allows you to get the book on loan from another library. You will be able to check the book out at your campus, and then they will return it to the library after your loan is up.

4. Citing Sources

A correction of a citation style

On the library website, there are resources for students about proper citation of sources. It includes links to examples of different styles of citations, as well as a general format to use. There will also be people in the library who will be able to help students navigate citation.

5. Source Evaluation

Different components of source evaluation including timeliness, authority accuracy reliability bias and validity

On the website as well, there is a guide to finding proper sources. Proper sources are crucial to success in college. Including incorrect information can be detrimental to your grades. Look online for a guide to proper citation.

6. Library Workshops

Reference collection help desk in the library with two librarians in front of the computers

The Library at College of DuPage offers workshops that are free and open to everyone. They are created to help students with proper research and to teach them how to find adequate resources. Check the calendar online to see what events are coming up!

7. Computing and Printing

College de DuPage computer labs

The library has computers that are free for student use. It also has laptops that students are able to use in the library. It also has printing for the students. The library has black and white printers, black and white copiers, and a color printer. Students have to pay for printing, but the price is low.

8. Equipment to be checked out

Video Equipment to be checked out

The library loans more that books to its students. Students are able to rent Audio Equipment, Computer Equipment, Video Equipment, and more. Students who are interested in this should visit the library to learn more about the loaning policy!

9. Databases

Databases online

Databases are a great resource for student research or for extending knowledge on a subject. The online databases have scholarly articles in nearly every subject that the students are able to explore. Go to the College of DuPage Library website to see what is offered.

10. Course Reserves

A picture of paper course reserves

Teachers often use course reserves to give resources to their students such as readings that would otherwise not be available. Each teacher decides if course reserves are a good option for their class. Usually, course reserves are PDF’s of otherwise expensive books or articles.

5 Libraries by College of DuPage

1. College of DuPage Library

The seats at the Student Resources centre at College de DuPage

The College of DuPage Library is on the college campus. It is open to all students, has books and resources, and offers a good study space for students. There is also a Starbucks close to the library, allowing students to grab a coffee to keep their energy up doing study sessions.

2. Glen Ellyn Public Library

Glen Ellyn Public Library

The Glen Ellyn Public Library is located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. It hosts book readings and other events for the community. Students can get a free library card to access the resources this library has to offer. This library can supplement the resources that are available to students at the COD library.

3. Glen Ellyn Digital Library

Glen Ellyn Digital Library

If you are unable to drive off campus, the Glen Ellyn Public Library offers an online library. You are able to check out books and other articles in the form of e-Books. Students can use their library card to access this resource as well.

4. Buswell Memorial Library

Buswell Memorial Library

The Buswell Memorial Library is located at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. Most days, the library is open from 7:30am to 12:00am. Students can get books from this location through book rental programs or by getting a library card.

5.  Naperville Public Library

A picture of Naperville Public Library

The Naperville Public Library has events every day for its community members. It has events for all ages, from kids to adults. It is open from 9am-9pm on weekdays, and closes at 5pm on weekends, though weekend hours sometimes vary. There are three locations in Naperville, IL.

Libraries on campus and near campus have infinite resources for students. Before buying expensive textbooks, check to see if they are offered at any of your local libraries. Using the free resources you have in college is a smart way to navigate college projects.

Top 10 Housing Options for College of DuPage

The College of DuPage is a two-year community college located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. There are approximately 31,600 students enrolled! DuPage offers Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science degree (A.S.), Associate in Engineering Science degree (A.E.S.), Associate in Applied Science degree (A.A.S.), Associate in General Studies degree (A.G.S.), Associate in Fine Arts degree in Art (A.F.A.), and Associate in Arts in Teaching Secondary Mathematics (A.A.T.) degrees. DuPage also has four other smaller campuses in Illinois: Westmont, Naperville, Addison, and Carol Stream. DuPage doesn’t offer on campus housing, but here are some off campus options!

1. Lakeside Apartments

The Lakeside Apartments

Address: 1750 22nd St, Wheaton, IL 60189

Lakeside Apartments has one, two, and three bedroom apartments with eight different styles to choose from. Each apartment has a gourmet kitchen, stainless-steel appliances, an electric range, and a dishwasher. You will also have a walk in closet and access to extra storage space and parking. Additionally, you will have a private balcony or patio!

2. The Retreat at Danada Farms

The Retreat at Danada Farms

Address: 22 Vivaldi Court, Wheaton, IL 60189

The Retreat at Danada Farms is a three level townhome that is close to the METRA and the airport. Each apartment has a kitchens, a gas burning fireplace, a washer and dryer, and walk in closet with storage. Additionally, you get a balcony and you can choose between an attached one car or two car garage. Residents also have access to a pool and fitness center, and pets are allowed!

3. Arboretum Village Apartments

Arboretum VIllage Apartments

Address: 2201 Dogwood Drive, Lisle, IL 60532

Arboretum Village has recently renovated rooms with air conditioning and heating systems with eight different styles of rooms. Each apartment includes a microwave, full bath, private patio and balcony, dishwasher, and closet space! You will also have access to parking, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and spa/hot tub. Additionally, the Rta commuter bus is available.

4. American Homestay Network

American Homestay Network

Address: dependent on the host chosen

The American Homestay Network is a large international network that facilitates exchanges between international students and host families. There is a large amount of flexibility in each homestay experience. You can choose between a B&B-styled stay or a room rental in one of our host homes. There is emphasis on cultural immersion and an authentic American experience. You will also be assigned a local homestay manager to help you throughout the year!

5. The Arbors of Glen Ellyn

The Arbors of Glen Ellyn

Address: 325 Ramblewood Drive, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

The Arbors of Glen Ellyn is located near the College of DuPage and the Metra train station, and has a wide variety of amenities in their community! Residents have access to a swimming pool, sand volleyball court, community room with fireplace and television-viewing areas, a fitness centre, a playground and picnic area and more! There are elevators, air conditioning, and laundry rooms in each building, as well as a gas range and walk in closets in each room.

6. Yorktown Apartment Houses

Yorktown Apartment Houses

Address: 2233 S Highland Ave, Lombard, IL 60148

Yorktown Apartment Houses offers one, two and three bedroom apartments, as well as studio style apartments! Residents also have access to all kinds of amenities. such as a fitness center, a rooftop swimming pool, an outdoor fireplace lounge, and a game room. Additionally, Yorktown is pet friendly and there are many public transportation options nearby!

7. Carol Stream Crossing Apartment Homes

Carol Stream Crossing Apartment Homes

Address: 535 Thornhill Dr, IL 60188

Carol Stream Crossing Apartment Homes offers a modern community with various amenities. There is a resident clubhouse, two fitness centers, two outdoor pools, a picnic area with BBQ grills, an outdoor playground, volleyball and tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields, and more! Additionally, most apartments have a built in microwave, walk in closets, and a private patio or balcony!

8. Preserve at Cantera

The Preserve at Cantera

Address: 30000 Village Green Boulevard, Warrenville, IL 60555

The Preserve at Cantera is a smoke-free living area with 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments. Every room has at least one full bath and newly renovated cabinets, and wood flooring. There is also an outdoor grilling area, pool, tennis courts, a fitness center, an outdoor fire pit, sundeck, and resident clubhouse available to all! You are also allowed up to two pets!

9. ReNew Wheaton Center

The ReNew Wheaton Center

Address: 2 Wheaton Center, Wheaton, IL 60187

The ReNew Wheaton Center offers one bed, two bed, and studio style apartments. There is a fitness center, bark park, storage rooms community room, pool, sundeck, spa, playground, tennis courts and more available in the Wheaton Center community. Each apartment has a refrigerator, range, air conditioning, dishwasher and microwave. Additionally, there is individual climate control and large closets!

10. Martin’s Point Apartment Homes

Martin's Point Apartment Homes

Address: 2101 S. Finley Road, Lombard, IL 60148

Martin’s Point Apartment Homes has one and two bedroom apartments! There is a pool, fitness center, game room, clubhouse, sundeck, and pond in the community area for all residents. Additionally, there are washer/dryer units, large closets, a dishwasher, a microwave, and a refrigerator in each apartment. You will also have a fireplace, your own thermostat, air conditioning, and a patio or balcony!

Here’s Your Packing List for College of DuPage

1) Room Basics

Blue and white themed bedroom

– Bedding and pillows
– Blankets
– Mirror
– Wall decorations
– Trash can
– Clothes hangers

2) Food and Snacks

different prepared dishes of food

– Silverware
– Bowls and plates
– Fruits and vegetables
– Coffee maker and coffee
– Frozen foods
– Snack foods

3) Tech and Entertainment

Living room set up with TV facing couches

– TV
– Headphones
– Laptop and cell phone and chargers
– Power strip
– Bluetooth speaker
– DVD player

4) School Supplies

School supplies particularly for math classes

– Desk organizer
– Folders and notebooks
– Writing utensils
– Calendar
– Stapler and tape
– Paper clips

5) Cleaning and Organization

Fancy hand soap in a glass dish

– Storage bins
– Clorox wipes
– Swiffer
– Laundry basket and detergent
– Windex
– Hand soap and dish soap

6) Campus Gear

Roomba vacuum on hard wood floor

– Flashlight
– DuPage merchandise
– First aid kit
– Batteries and battery pack
– Umbrella and rain boots

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

hand holding lighter with flame

– Pets
– Cooking appliances
– Illicit substances

Packing for college? Read on here on how to start packing and shop judiciously: Shopping & Packing List for College Dorm here.

You can also download the list below:

10 Coolest Clubs at College of DuPage

College of DuPage is a two-year community college in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. It is a fairly larger community college to attend to. It has over 26,000 students. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs that you should visit at the College of DuPage.

1. Japanese Culture Club

 dragon ball z is an anime, anime is part of japanese culture

Experience all that Japan has to offer in the comfort of this Japanese Culture club. The club will talk about many different avenues such as film and music as well as of course the delicious different types of food. The food or learning is match made in heaven.

2. Asia Club

 history of asia dates back to stone carving etched to represent the Assyrian warriors

The area of all of Asia is not only set of certain people. It is a broad and large bit of land. The Asia club will explore different parts of the culture in the fact that it goes into detail about the  history, art music, sports and food. Be prepared for the best food.

3. Courier Student Newspaper

 a newspaper allows students to write on events and political and social issues for an audience

Are you looking for a career in media? Are you wondering what it is like to have your name heard by thousands of people, on a stance or writing that truly resonated with you? Well you are in luck the student newspaper gets a 4,000 average circulation.

4. Third Watch

 a bible study gathers students to read the word of the lord

Third Watch is a group on campus that has weekly bible studies. The gist of the bible study is reflection from certain different scripture verse and then the bible study will use the verse on how to look at life. If you have any questions make sure to talk to the advisor Erich Hauenstein about it.

5. Campus Crusade for Christ

 cru stands for campus crusades of christ

The purpose of this group is to show the love and transformation that people have on the word of the lord. There are many strange things that happen that are glimpses of the lord working within your very eyes. This group will be your support system for God.

6. COD Jewelry & Metals Guild

 jewelry making usually uses beads and pliers

If you have experience in metalwork or jewelry this is the group for you.Outside of the group you can also be able to help. There is usually some sort of large sale that allows artists and their work(metal and jewelry), to be sold and appreciated.

7. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming Club & Cosplay Group

 people dressed as superwoman and robin at comic con

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming Club & Cosplay Group is a great club to be a part of that allows people to dress up as most of the tv characters they want to be. When someone wears a cosplay it means they want to act like and dress like the person/thing.

8. Autismerica

 many people with autism have social anxiety and do not know how to act round others

Autismerica is a group on campus that looks to let people know about autism as well as how to have it become more aware within the college community. Eventually the club wants to make it so there is no stereotypes about it.

9. Chess Club

 chess uses many different game pieces such as kings and knights

Do you enjoy the game that is all about twists and turns and figuring out what a person will do steps before it is supposed to happen. The chess club is for those enthusiasts that are looking for other fellow players to come in and enjoy the game.

10. Environmental Club

 make sure to put any plastic or cans in a proper recyling bin

The environmental club strives to teach students how to do different kind acts. The club does  a number of different service projects as well as allows for education on how to properly recycle as well as be a hub for info on all thing good for the environment.

Top Events of the School Year at College of DuPage

1. COD’s Food Truck Rally and Sunset 5K

 people coming out to high five the school mascot the bird

Enjoy the tastiness of the different varieties of food trunks. It can be a cheat day that is balanced out by doing a sunset 5k. The 5k is one of the starting race distances, it is a great way to see how endurance has increased in such a short time.

2. Veterans Day

 the icon for veterans is the flag

Veterans day is a special day that school is not in session. It is a day that meant to commemorate those who have been sacrificed only to be able to defend the land of the great. Veterans Day is a great day of celebration as well as remorse.

3. Transfer Fair

 transfer fair gathers students to see different 4 year colleges

Transfer fair is an event that allows students to visit different info booths to guage what kind of 4 year continuation they wish to attend next. It is a great way to get all your informational answers fullfilled while also being able to talk to recruiters.

4. Tall Paul: Hip-Hop Performance

 Tall Paul is an Anishinaabe and Oneida Hip-Hop artist performing a song

Tall Paul is an Anishinaabe and Oneida Hip-Hop artist. His performances are made up of his inner city root soul as well as his passion for music and performing. This is a great event to help unwind with music and the spirit of the person.

5. Spirit Week

 a man wearing protection after riding an electronic bull

Spirit week is an overall great way to show school spirit by attending small mini events, as well as giving you a much needed break from your constant homework and studying. There will free pizza as well as a chance to balance on a electric bull.

10 of the Easiest Classes at the College of DuPage

A variety of classes are offered at the College of DuPage. Most students try to find easy classes to take a load off during busy semesters. Below are just ten of the easiest classes reported by DuPage students, all of which are sure to boost your GPA.

1. BIOLO1110 – Environmental Biology

If you choose to take this course, you will be studying how nature works along with how things are interconnected. Various scientific perspectives are used to understand the relevance of the many topics covered within the course.Image result for environmental biology

2. HUMAN1100 – Introduction to Human Services

HUMAN1100 is very hands-on as students learn by exploring various facilities and touring different areas that apply to the material. The course requires twenty hours of service learning but has been highly reviewed by many DuPage students.Image result for human services

3. HISTO1130- History of the United States to 1865

American History from the Pre-Columbian era to the events coinciding with the Civil War is covered in HISTO1130. Topics such as the US Constitution are covered. The professor of the course works to make the course enjoyable.Image result for us history gif

4. SOCIO1100- Introduction to Sociology

This course covers the basic concepts of sociology necessary for students understanding of the subject. Various scale groups, race, social change, gender and other topics are covered throughout the course. This course prepares students for more in-depth learning of sociological concepts.Image result for sociology

5. HISTO2235- Twentieth Century World History

As the name states, HISTO2235 covers relevant events in the twentieth century.  Themes such as war, revolution, colonialism, globalization, and more are analyzed by the students in a unique manner.Image result for 20th century history gif

6. ECONO1110- Consumer Economics and Personal Finance

Students in this course learn about personal and family financial planning. They will learn topics such as financial recordkeeping, tax keeping, investments, and insurance. This course is not only easy but also contributes greatly to what life after college is like and the material students lack to learn in high school.Image result for economics gif

7. BUSI1100- Introduction to Business

This course is vital not only for business majors but many others looking to go into any related field. This course discusses business relationships in society, types of business, marketing, finance, and more. This course is not only easy but provides a lot of useful information for many majors.Image result for business

8. CRIMJ1135- Gangs in Society

Gangs have played a large role in American history and in this course students learn how it has affected society. Students will also explore theoretical explanations as to why gangs exist and how the criminal justice system is involved. This course is interesting and offers a lot of information.Image result for gangs in america

9. SPANI1101/1101- Elementary Spanish 1&2

Both Elementary Spanish 1 and 2 are said to be very easy and have a professor that truly cares about students and makes coursework easy. In these courses, the ability to speak Spanish is improved along with the ability to understand, read, and write the basics of the language.Image result for spanish gif

10. SOCIO2200- Introduction to Research Methods

In this course, students will examine a variety of social research methods from several points of views. Although the work may sometimes be difficult, the professor of the course has gotten high ratings from DuPage students for making an effort to make the material easy to understand.Image result for research gifOverall, the College of DuPage has many courses. Many of which students have reviewed for being easy or having great professors. Above are ten courses that not only are easy but also have great professors that make it easy to pass as long as you put in some effort.