10 Buildings You Need to Know at Colby College

Located in the beautiful town of Waterville, Maine, Colby College is home to approximately 1,800 students. It is a small liberal arts college that has maintained its status as one of the top colleges in the United States. Here are ten of the buildings that you need to know at Colby College!

1. Colby Museum of Art

The Colby Museum of Art exterior at night

Address: 5600 Mayflower Hill Dr, Waterville, ME 04901

First founded in 1959, this building is comprised of five wings which houses a number of collections and exhibitions. This includes collections that are built into the interior of the building, painting, works on paper from a number of countries, and student works as well.

2. Collins Observatory

Outside of the Collins Observatory

Address: Waterville, ME 04901

This building is home to a 12 foot Classical Cassegrain and Newtonian telescope. This North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club allows the general public to view from the telescope on a number of nights which is Mondays from 7 to 10pm on clear nights. It’s accessible from an elevator.

3. Bixler Art and Music Center

Bixler Art and Music Center exterior

Address: Waterville, ME 04901

This building is the home to the music and art departments. Here, students will be able to have access to a number of classrooms, art studios, and classrooms. It is also home to the department’s auditorium, electronic music recording studio, the Art and Music Library, and many of the faculty’s offices.

4. Miller Library

Outside of the Miller Library

Address: Waterville, ME 04901

First built in 1939, Miller Library has continued to be the main space for learning and studying for students. This building was later renovated in 2013 and 2014. It now houses study rooms, a thousand of databases, printing services, compute labs, classrooms, and digital media spaces.

5. Mudd Science Building

Seeley f. Mudd Science Building exterior

Address: Waterville, ME 04901

This building is home to the departments of Geology and Physics. It also houses the Science, Technology, and Society Program offices. Students will be able to find rock and fossil collections, X-ray machines, modern labratories, and classrooms.

6. Alfond Athletic Center

The front view of the Alfond Athletic Center

Address: Waterville, ME 04901

This building is home to the Athletics Department. Here, students will find a 2,500 seat Wadsworth Gymnasium, the Alfond Ice Rink, a batting cage, climbing wall, the field houses, tennis courts, swimming pools, therapy center, saunas, and studio spaces for group exercise classes.

7. Davis Science Center

The outside of the Davis Science Center

Address: Mayflower Hill Dr, Waterville, ME 04901

This building is home to the departments of Mathematics, Statistics, Psychology, and Computer Science. Here, students will find a robotics laboratory, behavioral neuroscience research suite, classrooms, and computer labs for students to use at their disposal.

8. Schair-Swenson-Watson Alumni Center

Schair-Swenson-Watson Alumni Center

Address: Waterville, ME 04901

This building first opened in 2005. It is home to the alumni center and is the main hub for alumni to go when they host campus events or small get-togethers. Students will be able to find offices for Advancement, the Alumni and Donor Relations, and Communications.

9. Diamond Building

The Colby College Diamond Building

Address: 4000 Mayflower Hill Dr, Waterville, ME 04901

The Diamond Building first opened in 2007. It is a three-story LEED-certified building that houses interdisciplinary studies and social sciences. This building is also home to administrative offices such as Public Affairs and the university Human Rights Center. The Ostrove Auditorium itself can seat 180 people.

10. Cotter Union

The Cotter Union Student Center exterior

Address: Waterville, ME 04901

This building is home to Cotton Union, the main hub for campus life. Students will find Page Commons, the Pugh Center, the bookstore, the student post office, and the Office of Campus Life here. Students will find social spaces in this building as well.

Are you feeling acquainted with Colby College, yet? Hopefully you are and this list has helped you to do so! Colby College is not a particularly big campus so getting around should be and feel easy once you know your way around the campus more!

10 Hardest Classes at Colby College

College is tough and classes are surely like not high school academia. Knowing which classes to steer clear of in at Colby College can help you as a student succeed and not panic about the hardest courses on campus. Here is a list of the toughest classes at CC. Let get’s started!

1. BI325f – Advanced Immunology

This course is the advanced level of immunology for students who are looking to dive into their majors. With a variety of topics covered and expected to be memorized, the exams are nearly impossible for most. Many students pull all nighters to complete each assignment.

What students look like when they have to sign up for this class.

2. BC362fs- Medical Biochemistry

This course covers common reaction pathways like mechanics and balancing chemical equations in problems.  It is an in depth expansion of the structural components of nature, which many kids have a difficult time grasping. This course is a three hour lecture, with a lab which students find hard to sit through.

Students after the first day in this class.

3. PS232f- Cognitive Psychology

This course describes and teaches in depth of how humans initiate, maintain and develop their thoughts. The class has many projects and includes teachings on therapy for psychological disorders too. Students are given many different topics to read, as well as look at statistical data.

Professor teaching students in class.

4. MA101- Calculus with Precalculus I

MA101 has an emphasis on modeling with linear, exponential, trigonometric, and logistic functions: curve fitting; discrete and continuous models and more. Many linear equations and functions taught as well, with introductions to calculus. The description even sounds horrid! With many complex ideas and problems, students have a hard time grasping the material in this course.

What goes on in the brain to pass this class.

5. PH143f – Honors Physics

PH143f is a conceptual based physics course and also teaches classical mechanics to students. Physics is a very hard topic, but the pace of the course is very hard for students to keep up with. Many students have decide to drop this course. This is a lecture based course offered at CC, and the tutor center frequently gets visits from students in this class.

Lots of reading the textbook to pass this class!

6. SO215f – Classical Sociology Theory

This class informs students about  historical characteristics of social relationships, their formation, stabilization, and modification. It also covers how urbanization develops, which can be a difficult process to discuss with such an evolving world from the past decades. This course has plenty of information which is why students find the material so hard to grasp.

Students discuss in small groups.

7. EC133fs – Principles of Microeconomics

Principles of microeconomics  is a intensive levelled course for students who are studying business or Econ. With this course however in a schedule, there is no such thing as an easy academic year. The exams are nearly impossible and there is an overwhelming amount of material.

No student feels this way when heading to class.

8. BC378s – Molecular Biology

BC378s is a course that many students struggle with because of the large quantities of work for both their lecture and lab experiments in this course. Students do not recommend taking this course to incoming students, especially in their senior year due to the many students who fail the course.

Students in this class will hit the library often!

9. EN120Af – Language, Thought, and Writing

EN120 is a course that analyzes books and writings with deep insight guided by professors. This course is hours of reading for students to be able to pass. Spark notes won’t able to help students in this class. Exams are in depth questions that only can be answered when reading the book thoroughly, and essays for this course can take weeks to complete.

Everyone says this in EN120.

10. CH217s – Environmental Chemistry

This course gives an introduction to microbial structure and function, the role of chemistry in the environment, and the use of microbes in molecular equations. It is 2 hours of lecture and three hours of lab, which is very demanding on students. This class is required for anyone pursuing a degree in natural sciences.

Student asking a question in class.

Overall, Colby College has many courses and overall great professors to teach them. Many experienced students say if you try and avoid these classes and can manage on graduating without them, your college career at MRU will be amazing!

10 Coolest Courses at Colby College

It is every student’s wish to have a fun and easy time while in college. Well, at Colby College this wish comes true. This is due to the variety of easy and fun classes that are offered here. These classes are interesting and promises you unique experience. This is your way to take a rest from those engaging and stressful classes in your schedule. By adding these classes in your schedule you are assured of a GPA boost as well as a worthwhile experience in college. Check out the list below with 10 coolest classes offered at Colby College.

1. AM117j – Fundamentals of Screenwriting

A book and a pen

The first class on the list is the AM117j. It is an introductory class to screenwriting where students learn the basics of screenwriting. Emphasis will be on the 3-act structure and screenplay format. Topics will include; scene construction, character development and dialogue.

2. AM228 – Nature and the Built Environment

Picture of nature and seats arranged along a path

The second cool class entails learning about the built environment. This includes nature and structures and how the Americans have been influenced by it. Topics include; green building, park design, environmental justice campaigns and suburban development.

3. AR228fs – Print and Digital Media I

Illustration showing the difference between print and digital media

This is an introductory class to print and digital media. In this class students will be introduced to different techniques, materials and concepts for printmaking. Students will also learn about digital image manipulation, paper handling, press printing, Photoshop and use of hand and power tools.

4. AS342s – Galaxies and Cosmology

A picture of stars and galaxies

This is another interesting and fun class where students get to learn about the galaxies and the cosmology. Students will attempt to answer the question about the existence of the universe. Topics include composition of the universe, dark energy, dark matter and the big bang theory.

5. BI271f – Introduction to Ecology

A green model of the earth

The BI271f class takes you through the basics of ecology. Students will explore the different interrelationships among organisms and their environment. Students will then develop experimental designs and analyze to ecological data.

6. CH217s – Environmental Chemistry

An industry emitting harmful gases to the environment

In this class students will learn about environmental chemistry. The different ways in which the components of the environment relate will be explored. Topics include global warming, acid deposition and loss of the atmospheric ozone layer.

7. CL138s – Heroes of the World

Colored drawing of modern heroes

Every community has a figure or figures who they refer to as heroes due to the deeds that they are said to have done. Well, in this class emphasis will be put in the Greeks, the Irish and the Romans. Their traits and experiences will be discussed.

8. CS325j – Web Programming

Closeup picture of a web programmer working on a website

Website programming is an important skill to learn especially if you want to develop industry standard website pages. Students will gain a lot of skills in programming and critical thinking. Topics will include HTML, CSS, the Internet and the HTTP/TCP/IP protocols.

9. EN174s – Public Speaking

Illustration of public speaking

Public speaking is another important skill for every student to possess. In EN174s you will learn about argument and counter argument, oral presentation, verbal and nonverbal skills. Speech writing and orally presenting it are some of the skills that you will learn.

10. MU254 – Music of Meditation

Silhouette of a person meditating while listening to music

Music is such an important art! In this interesting class students will focus on studying about the music of meditation. This will include study of music, rituals, meditation in Hinduism, Rinzai Zen Buddhism and monastic Roman Catholicism.

It goes without saying that you really need these classes in your schedule. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with only hard classes. Take this opportunity to squeeze some of these classes in order to spice up your experience in college. Enroll now at Colby College.

Top 10 Majors Offered at Colby College

Colby University or Colby College is a private liberal arts institution founded in 1813. Colby which has a 714-acre neo-Georgian campus is ranked as the 18th best liberal arts institution in the United States. Of the 54 majors offered at Colby University, the most popular 10 majors are;

1. Biology (B.S. & M.S.)


Colby University may be a liberal arts university, but it has a good background in sciences. Biology is the most popular science major at Colby. The department of biology at Colby University focuses on methods of scientific inquiry and research to teach students plants, animals, and microorganism from molecular to the ecosystem level.

2. Chemistry (B.S.)

Chemical compounds

Colby has a research grade facilities and laboratories, and students are concentrates on modern developments in chemistry. Students majoring in biology can concentrate on either biochemistry, cell and molecular biology/biochemistry, or environmental science.

3. Computer Science (B.S.)

Programming language

Colby University may be a liberal arts institute, but it offers great programs in computer science. At Colby University, the department of computer science utilizes an interdisciplinary approach, so students get to learn how computers are used in biology, environmental science, music, and in theater and dance.

4. Economics (B.A.)

A bar chart showing monthly growth

At Colby University, economics is the most desired major, and it graduates the most number of students annually. The department is structured to prepare students to analyze market behavior and the interactions between customers and firms.

5. Environmental Studies (B.S. & M.S.)

A tree growing out of a book

The department of environmental studies at Colby University is one of the oldest and most respected in the United States. Through project-based learning, students are taught extensively on natural resources, climate change, biodiversity, and the relationship between humans and nature.

6. Government (B.S.)

Government: The white house

Colby’s government department is ranked as one of the best in the United States. Students are taught extensively on the nuances of government by professors who handle real-world political affairs. The quality of Colby’s government program has earned it the title of ‘the’ flagship major of the school.

7. History (B.A.)


History is one of the flagship majors offered at Colby University. The history department of Colby University is intellectually rigorous, and students are taught to become critical and disciplined researchers.

8. International Studies (B.A.)

International flags landscape

At Colby University, one-half of the major students are required to study a course in international diversity and foreign language, and it is also one of the most popular majors at the school. Students are taught extensively on the interconnections that exist in the world.

9. Mathematics and Statistics (B.S.)

Mathematical equations

Colby University is a great institution to major in mathematics and mathematical sciences. Students who major in mathematics at Colby can pursue careers in pure and applied mathematics and statistics, engineering or other careers requiring a background in mathematics.

10. Psychology (B.S. & M.S.)


Colby University also gained a considerable amount of recognition for its psychology program. Colby has a great psychology department that utilizes scientific approaches (majorly applying research) to teach students the content, methods, and theories of human and nonhuman behavior.

Top 10 Library Resources at Colby College

In order to be the best student that you can be, you need to use the resources that are available to you. A lot of these resources can be found at the university library. Here are the top 10 library resources at Colby College.

1. Digital Newspapers

A cool perk of the library‘s website is the newspaper section that you can view. This is where you can view tons of digitized and archived newspapers. This is an easy way to keep up with the news.

A digital newspaper

2. Suggest a Purchase

If there is something not  in the library that you think the university needs, you can request a form to fill out to suggest a purchase. If it carries out, the library will purchase this resource for you to use.

Stacks of money

3. Academic Search Complete

Academic search complete is one of the best databases that you can use. This is because there are thousands of different resources in this one area. You can access journals, books, and much more here.

ASC logo

4. National Digital Archive

As a student, you have access to the national digital archive. This site has a ton of different magazines and newspapers within it. But visiting this site daily, you’ll be able to keep up with the news.

The logo

5. Maine Memory Network

The main memory network is a cool source that often goes unnoticed. That is because it is not well known but still has a lot to offer to you. For example, you can go here to get crucial information about the state.


6. Study Room

Another cool feature is that you have the ability to rent out a study room at the library. If you do this, you’ll have a quiet place to study and meet with a group to get work done.

a private room

7. Science Direct

Science direct is the best science database that you have access to. You have access to thousands of archived documents and studies. This will make your project much better.

Science Direct Logo

8. MyColby

MyColby is the system that runs your educational experience. That being said, you should know how to work the system. If you have any questions the library is the place to go to get answers.

Students of the college

9. Ask Us

If you have a quick question about the library, you can go to the ask us page on the website. This allows you to submit a question online. The best part is that you don’t even have to ask the person in person.

Ask Us graphic

10. Google Scholar

The final great resource that you should take advantage of his Google scholar. This is a site promoted by the library and gives you access to thousands upon thousands of journals. This will make the research process much easier.

Google Scholar logo

Libraries at Colby College

1. Miller Library

The main library on campus is the Miller library. This is a large facility that has a lot to offer to you as a student. This is a great place to go and hang out or get help with your homework.

colby college miller library

Address: 5100 Mayflower Hill Dr

2. Science Library

The science library is a smaller facility on campus. If you are majoring in a field relating to science, this will be your second home.

colby college science library Work area

Address: 5890 Mayflower Hill Dr

3. Bixler Art and Music Library

The Bixler art and science library is another niche library on campus. This is a great place to go to get help on your work. There are always friendly individuals here who are willing to help.

The opening doors

Address: N/A

4. Special Collections

There is also a special collections library at school. This is where you can find rare or interesting piece of work. This may make your research project that much better.

The working area

Address: N/A

5. Waterville Public Library

The final library in the region is the Waterville public library. If you want to avoid the rush of the on-campus libraries, this is the place to go. This library is only a couple of miles away from campus.

The library building

Address: N/A

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Colby College

Colby University has a wide variety of extracurriculars for students to get involved in. Students can become part of anything from sports to academic clubs to movie clubs! There is something for every individual. Below are the top ten clubs to join at Colby University to enhance your college experience!

1) Artists Society

Are you interested in art? If so, the artists society is for you! The group meets once a week to discuss current art events and movements. They also meet biweekly to create together with materials provided by the club. This is one of the only opportunities at Colby to take part in art outside of the classroom, so if you are a creative soul, you should take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Colorful paint palette of a Colby student.

2) Club Swimming

Club swimming is welcoming to all levels at Colby University! Some people join to continue a career of swimming, some join to stay in shape, and some join simply to become more comfortable in the water. Swimming is an amazing low impact workout, and joining the swim club is a super fun way to keep off that dreaded freshman fifteen!

A student practicing her swimming skills

3) Mock Trial

Are you interested in law school? Do you love to debate and think critically? If so, mock trial is for you! The mock trial club at Colby competes at the intercollegiate level in trial simulations on both the regional and national levels. Students are taught to challenge themselves outside of the classroom, while gaining experience that will benefit them in their professional lives as well!

A student beginning his trial with opening statements.

4) Quilting Club

Who doesn’t love to quilt with friends? Not only does this club provide a creative outlet, but all of the quilts made are donated to charity! Members can create beautiful quilts with supplies provided by the club, and these quilts are given to the families of premature babies. The meetings are every Monday night. What a great way to start the week!

An example of a quilt you could create in the quilting club

5) Student Health on Campus

SHOC is a student run organization that promotes healthy habits for fellow classmates. They host events year-round called Stressbusters that allow people to release some stress and meet some new friends. If you are passionate about meeting new people, helping your peers, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you should look into SHOC.

Mental health dogs are a favorite for students on campus.

6) Student Programming Board

This club is a great way to get involved with planning campus events! The Student Programming Board is in charge of planning both on and off campus events for students. If you  are a leader and love to plan, this club would be a great opportunity for you. It will also look great on a resume.

Colby College's picturesque campus

7) The Bridge

The Bridge is for the student who is passionate about social justice. This group works with both Colby University and the local community to allow students to begin to enter into the field of social justice. This club stimulates the minds of students, as well as bettering the community.

Joining together for social change with fellow students.

8) Volleyball Club

Who doesn’t love volleyball? Whether you have played volleyball all your life, or are just starting out, this club is an excellent way to get some exercise while developing your skills. Gather your friends and make a team, and compete in friendly games against other students on campus.

Students playing volleyball together.

9) Pottery Club

Pottery Club allows you to make bowls to eat your daily cereal out of for free! The club provides all supplies, as well as lessons and tutorials on how to perfect your pottery skills.

Practicing skills on the pottery wheel!

10) Photography Club

Become the designated Instagram photographer once you master your skills in photography club! Not only will you learn about how to make you pictures fabulous, but you will also learn how to develop film and edit on photoshop. The club provides film cameras and film.

A student mastering her photography skills.

These are just a few of the incredible clubs that Colby has to offer its students. If you attend this university or plan to attend in the future, check out the clubs listed above. If none of these are right up your alley, check out their club website! There is something at Colby University for everyone!

Colby University also hosts events throughout the year. Below are the top five events that all Colby students should attend at one point during their career.

5 Interesting Events at Colby College

1. Yoga

Colby offers different styles of yoga weekly. They have everything from gentle flow to power yoga. Yoga is an excellent way for students to be active and to work on their mental health.

Practicing a heart opener to

2. Politics and Pizza

Politics and pizza is open to all members of the Colby community. This is a great way to meet up with fellow classmates and professors and discuss current political events. You also get a free dinner. Score!

A delicious pizza pie!

3. Football Games

Football games are a staple to the college experience. What better way than to celebrate your school and your college experience than by gathering with your friends and cheering on your team!

Colby College's football team.

4. Lecture Series

There are a large variety of lecture series offered at Colby. Students can go to learn about topics they are already studying, or to discover a new interest! They offer everything from politics to environmental sciences.

A speaker sharing his passions with students.

5. Spanish Table

This event is offered monthly and is a great opportunity to strengthen conversational Spanish skills.

Conversational practice is a great way to master a language.

Top 10 Residences at Colby College

Are you interested in living on or close to campus? Well we have a few listed down below for you. We know how stressful looking for housing can be. We are here to help! Below we have listed the top ten residences at Colby College!

1. PE-WI


Address: Waterville, ME 04901

Students who are interested in living on campus can live in the Pe-WI. This community is built to help students develop a sense of community as well. Students will also find many lounges and other spaces here as well.


Mary Low

Address: Waterville, ME 04901

Students here will be able to find many rooms and amenities that will accommodate them while living on campus. Here, students will also find a coffee house as well.


Alfond apartmetns

Address: Waterville, ME 04901

These apartments are specifically reserved for seniors. Here, students will be able to live in a two to three bedroom apartment. Each apartment is also fully furnished.



Address: Waterville, ME 04901

This hall is made up of single, double, and triple rooms. It is also centrally located on campus so this makes it easier for students who live here to get around much quicker.



Address: Waterville, ME 04901

This building is made up of singles, doubles, and suites. Students can find many lounge areas, study rooms, and more. They can also enjoy a courtyard.



Address: Coburn, Waterville, ME 04901

This dorm is consisted of two buildings. Here, students can find a common area, a kitchen, and vending machines. There are also laundry facilities in the basement that students are free to use.



Address: Dana, Waterville, ME 04901

This building is one of the largest residence halls on campus. Students who are housed here can find many amenities. This includes a common area that is located on each floor and a community kitchen.



Address: Woodman, Waterville, ME 04901

This residence hall connects two buildings. Each floor has a common area in which students can hangout or even study. There are even study rooms located throughout the building as well.


Goddard Hodgkins

Address: Goddard Hodgkins, Waterville, ME 04901

This building consists of double, single, and triple rooms. Here, students can enjoy a number of amenities. This includes a common area, kitchen area, and more.

10. FOSS


Address: Foss, Waterville, ME 04901

This building consists of many rooms where students will call their next home for the next semester or two. Here, students can find a common area on each floor and a community kitchen.

Here’s Your Move-In Day Packing List at Colby College

1) Room Basics

Dorm essentials

– Toiletries
– Bed sheets
– Mini-fridge
– Snacks
– Posters

2) Food and Snacks

These are snacks

– Plastic wrap
– Paper Bags
– Water Bottles
– Soup
– Plastic Utensils

3) Tech and Entertainment

Different technology

– Gaming Console
– Headphones
– Laptop
– Power Strip
– Speakers

4) School Supplies

School supplies

– Binders
– Tab Dividers
– Glue
– Writing Utensils
– Daily planner

5) Cleaning and Organization

An image of cleaning supplies

– Trash Bags
– Laundry Baskets
– Detergent
– Surface Cleaner
– Drier Sheets

6) Campus Gear

An image of shower shoes

– Shower Shoes
– A Swimsuit
– Sweatshirts
– A Winter Coat
– A Backpack

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

An image of a fan

– Fans
– A Water Filter
– Cooking Spray
– Lighters
– Candles

10 of the Easiest Courses at Colby College

College life is hard, especially when taking tough classes. However, there are some classes that aren’t as hard as some. These courses will help any student achieve an A as long as they put a bit of effort into the work they do in class. Below is a list of 10 of the easiest courses at Colby College!

1. AM171fs – Introduction to American Studies

Known as a melting pot, the United States offers students an enriching history. In this course, student s will examine the past and present culture in america. Students will also explore major literature works, historical texts, philosophies, and religious ideas that have helped to shape America to what it is today.  This course will also have a primary focus on popular culture as well.Cartoon version of the Preamble of the American Constitution.

2. AY119j – The Anthropology of Utopias

Utopias are seen as a perfect place to live in, but have you ever wondered what ideas have helped to create such a place? This course will examine many utopia and dystopia philosophical ideas, art, film, major texts, and anthropology ideas. Students will learn how humans interact in a utopia-like world and how it compares to a dystopia. Topics to be discussed include citizenship, technology, government, politics, media, and family.Idea of a Utopia would look like in today's world.

3. AR127 – History of Architecture I: Pyramids to Cathedrals 

We have all heard about Cleopatra, the Queen of Eygpt, and how many of her workers built pyramids. We have also hear of many of the key cathedrals, that held power for political and religious purposes that are still around today, but have you ever wondered the stories behinds the great architecture built during those times? This course will examine pyramids and cathedrals as they relate to the environment we live in. Topics to be discussed include royal palaces, cathedrals, pyramids, the Gothic period, Roman military, and the Parthenon. Students will participate in class projects, discussions, and various field trips in this course.Picture of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

4. AS172s – Extraterrestrial Life 

Have you ever wondered if other organisms exist elsewhere in the universe? This course will examine the clues of finding out if they are and how scientists are developing technologies to help us explore space. Students will learn how many of our plants are formed, why planets are habitable or if they aren’t, and what other civilizations questioned whether or not extraterrestrial life exists in another world besides our own.A picture of E.T. from the movie E.T. Extra Terrestrial. 

5. CH115 – The Science of Crime

Science has changed to fit the needs of not only the broad field of science, but also the criminal justice system as well. In this course, students will examine how science relates to crimes and how crimes are investigated with the help of scientifical thinking.  Topics to be discussed include violent crime, trace evidence, forensics, DNA profiling, toxicology methods, and ethical reasoning in the laboratory.A meme about criminology majors.

6. CI280s – Topics in Global Cinema: The Global Western

Film offers audiences around the world a wide array of genres to watch and choose from. In this course, students will explore the western film genres as it relates to various global perspectives. Students will watch a series a film frm Latin america, Europe, East Asia, and Australia so that they can better understand why ideas that relate to space, crime, violence, and politics form based on opinions on a film. Students will also explore many other popular genres in the western world as well.A picture of a cinema.

7. GE151 – Introduction to Volcanoes and Volcanology 

Everyone has heard about the volcano oozing out lava in Hawaii or how if the super-volcano in Yellowstone National Park erupts, the world will begin another ice age.  In this course, students will learn about how volcanos have shaped the land masses millions live on today, how environments affect volcanoes, and how they will affect mankind in the future. Students will also learn about how scientists are constantly working to find out answers on the processes of various volcanoes and what causes them to erupt.A picture of a volcano erupting.

8. GS224 – Multimedia Storytelling in a Transnational World 

In this course, students will examine the various methods used to create a story with media through video and audio recording, filmmaking, photography, and more. Students will also have a chance to produce their own story through a series of projects given to them. This course is designed to enhance each student’s creativity and productivity. There will also be an emphasis on cultural and socioeconomic realms as it relates to multimedia as a whole.This depicts the many forms of multimedia.

9. MU111fs – Introduction to Music 

Music is something that every person can relate to and listen to. This course will introduce students to the world and art of listening to music. Students will have an opportunity to listen to a variety of styles from different eras, ranging from the Middle Ages to the present. There will be a special emphasis on how culture and history has helped to shape the music we listen to. Students will also have a brief introduction on how various musical genres are made around the world.A picture of Beyonce performing.

10. TD139fs – Stagecraft I

The stage is yours! This course will introduce students to the production of theatre. Students will learn about how scenes are constructed, lighting, equipment, the various techniques used throughout the show, prop-making, an theatrical rigging.  Students will also collaborate with one another to construct and design their own scene for a play. This course is very hands on and requires lots of creative thinking.A sign of the musical Hamilton.The courses listed are geared to help students be creative while giving their brain a break from the loads of rigorous coursework they are given in harder classes.  These courses are a great GPA booster for anyone.  As long as you participate in class, you’ll surely get an A in any you choose!