10 Different Buildings at Clark University

Clark University is a private research university in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The school has an enrollment size of around 2,200 students, with an acceptance rate of 55%. Here are 10 different buildings at Clark University.

1. Math/ Physics Building

 a math teacher showing an equation

Those majoring in political science, math, and physics attend this building for their courses. This building holds various classrooms as well as offices. The offices are great to use as they are optimal for private meetings as well as asking questions with the professors.

2. Gates House

Image result for clark university  gates house

The gates house holds the physical plant and the sustainability house. The sustainability house is used for research and ways for making the school more green. The sustainability house is used for events that are a teaching tool for students to practice recycling.

3. Shaich Family Alumni and Student Engagement Center

 the outside of the alumni center

The alumni and student engagement center is used for students to be able to communicate with alumni and the school to get donations. The building has staff that collaborates on various ideas for engagement. A few different ideas would be to have a fundraising dinner or a homecoming bash.

4. Goddard Library

 outside view of  goddard library

Goddard Library is the library that students go-to for research and project uses. The library has an IT help desk if you have questions using any computer equipment in the lab or have questions about your own laptop. There is also a place to visit with friends over food and drinks in the Jazzman’s Cafe.

5. Kneller Athletic Center

 front view of clark university kneller athletic center

The Kneller Athletic Center is where students go to if they are looking to get into shape and be active. The center holds a gym for being able to lift weights as well as use machines. The center also has courts perfect for getting in a game of basketball as well as an indoor swimming pool.

6. Little Center

a stage and chairs

The Little center is the main area that students go to for theatrical performances. The center is has a sculpture studio, as well as two theaters inside that, are used by the media and art departments. The center features student talent and showcases its students in mesmerizing performances.

7. Granger Field

 the granger field with school logo

Granger Field is a field that is used for the Dolan field house which supports the baseball team and the tennis courts. This field is a popular hotspot for students to show off their school spirit by wearing school colors. It is a great way to do an athletic sport while getting fresh air too.

8. John and Kay Bassett Admissions Center

 front view of John and Kay Bassett Admissions Center

The admissions center is where you will find a majority of the administrative offices on campus. The admissions center is where prospective students will go to if they are looking for a guided tour of the campus. The admissions center is also where you go for questions about the status of your applications.

9. Higgins University Center

inside view of a classroom with windows and chairs

The Higgins University center is used for many different purposes. You will find almost everything under the sun. There is a cafe, a bistro, a copy and print center, an info help desk, and so much more. The center is mainly used by students as a place to relax and get a bite to eat with friends.

10. Corner House

 front outside  view of corner house

Corner House supports the American sign language office as well as the dean and offices for international student programming. If you are looking as possibly studying abroad this is the place to go to. If you have questions about being an international student such as fellow students to meet then this is also where you will want to ask.

Clark University has a smaller size school that makes it optimal for being able to meet students and get help one on one with the teachers. The size makes it not overwhelming being in class. The campus is spread out and you are able to go to plenty of different buildings that service everything from eating food to catching an interesting theater performance.

10 Coolest Courses at Clark University

In college, many students are always fascinated with the idea of being on their own. However, once school is in session, the real work begins. College students are more than aware of the workload that college brings on. This is why they tend to want to balance their coursework with funner classes rather than them being all hard. If you are one of those students, take a look at the list we have compiled below of the 10 coolest courses at Clark University!

1. CJ 2250 – The Criminal Mind

The components of the criminal justice system

In this course, students will learn more about the behind the scenes of criminal minds. This includes learning more about charismatic killers versus those who kill for emotional reasons. Students will also learn more about the scenes of investigating a murderer, robber, and more.

2. CHEM 007 – Science of Weapons of Mass Destruction

A look at nuclear weapons

In this course, students will learn about the science behind weapons in mass destruction. Weapons are notorious for depleting a whole country. This course will focus on topics that relate to explosives, nerve agents, biological agents, and nuclear devices. Watch as this class blows your mind!

3. ASTR 001 – Exploring the Universe

The exploration of the universe and galaxy

What exactly is out in the stars? This class will discuss the various methods, concepts, and the different observations that surround astronomy. Students will learn more about the planets and the solar system. Students will also learn more about the structure of planets, stars, and space itself.

4. ARTH 109 – Greek Myth and the Classical Ideal in Art

A Greek Mythology painting

This class will discuss the myths behind Greek Mythology. Students will be able to obtain knowledge that relates to the “Classical Idea” that was established in the earlier periods of time. This idea roams around and has affected the generations that have come after it.

5. ART 1140 – Clay and Fiber

A look at clay structures

Students in this class will learn more about the ceramic and fiber of clay making. Students will also learn more about the techniques that relate the design and quality of design. This class will help students develop a better understanding of their own craftsmanship.

6. ART 1010 – Basic Drawing

A person drawing a leg

Have you always wanted to learn to draw? This class will allow students to learn more about the basic concepts of line drawing, volume, shape drawing, and perspectives of drawing. Students will also learn more about the drawing as well.

7. COMM 1230 – Motion Graphics

Motion graphics as it relates to the Adobe software

What is your favorite motion picture? This class will teach students about the purpose of a visual narrative, the technical implements for productions, as well as the visual concepts that go behind making a movie. Students will also work on their own projects as well.

8. PHIL 222 – Political Philosophy

The definition of political philosophy

Are you registered to vote? This class will take students through the legitimacy, political agency, and philosophy behind the purpose of politics. Students will learn the nature of the limits of a democracy, the challenges of militarism, and the domination of oppression, among other topics.

9. PSYC 156 – Cultural Psychology

The various components of the brain

Are you interested in learning to read the minds of others? This class will take students through the depths of cultural psychology. Students will learn more about different cultures around the world, how psychology plays a role in their daily lives, and the theoretical methods used to study cultures across the globe.

10. GERM 101 – Introductory German I

picture of a german flag

Are you interested in learning a new language? This class will establish students within the basics of the German language. This class will discuss the grammar, oral, and reading practices of German. Students will also have tests about the history and culture of the German people.

10 Hardest Courses at Clark University

Founded in 1887, Clark University is a private research university in Worcester, Massachusetts. Students of Clark University, like in other colleges, have to face cool, comfortable, fun courses along with the difficult ones. This list contains 10 of the hardest courses students offer at Clark University.

1. BCMB 228 – Molecular Genetics

An electron of DNA strands

This course explores the recent discoveries in the molecular genetics of prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Many of the topics are current and quite advanced which makes this course difficult for students. Some topics include; RNA transcription, gene regulation, RNA splicing, catalytic RNA and origins of living systems.

2. BCMB 244 – Bioanalytical Chemistry

Different methods for preparing DNA

Many Biochemistry majors consider this course incredibly difficult to understand and quite demanding. Students have to cope with considerable coursework and laboratory hours. Studies are in metabolomics, mass spectrometry, gas and liquid chromatography, protein chemistry, proteomics, enzyme kinetics among others.

3. BIOL 234 – Signal Transduction

Virtual representation of a human brain

Very few Biology courses are as complex as BIOL 234. This advanced course explores various molecular and biochemical pathways which cells use to communicate with themselves and the extracellular environment. BIOL 234 is a combination of complex new concepts and a bulky coursework.

4. CHEM 283 – Polymeric Biomaterials

A protein resistant polymeric biomaterial

This course assumes students have basic knowledge of organic chemistry, biology, thermodynamics, and biochemistry. It is designed to provide chemists with a basic understanding of polymer synthesis and structure-property relationships. It focuses on using synthetic strategies to control the structure and architecture of biomaterials.

5. CJ 2020 – A Study of Violent Crime

A sealed off crime scene

Studying the nature and scope of violent crimes requires a lot of mental energy. This course focuses on criminal behavior and its legal and sociological consequences. In this class, students will analyze the backgrounds and characteristics of many violent criminals.

6. CSCI 2080 – An Introduction to C++

A computer scientist writing a program

C++ is a low-level programming language, which is quite difficult to learn. Although an introductory course, students need to put in extra work hours to fully understand this language. Students who complete this course should be able to design, code, test and debug C++ language programs.

7. CYES 295 – Praxis Design

Students and Community Come Together to Help Hurricane Victims

This is one of the most tasking courses offered at Clark University. This is a long-term research project which is designed to prepare Community, Youth and Education Studies students to develop their portfolios. Along with the time spent on the field, they also have to complete long class hours and assignments.

8. MATH 216 – Functions of a Complex Variable

Cauchy's Integral Formula

In this class, students will be introduced to some of the most complex variables in mathematics. The topics include Cauchy’s theorem, power series, Laurent series, the residue theorem, harmonic functions and physical applications using two-dimensional flow.

9. PHIL 215 – Kant and the 19th Century

A portrait of Immanuel Kant

Even Philosophy majors consider the philosophical legacy of Immanuel Kant a difficult read.  This course teaches students to philosophize in the context of cosmic and cultural evolution as they were in the 19th century. The readings are selected from Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, Marx, and Peirce.

10. PHYS 160 – Classical Mechanics

Even at the intermediate level, many students consider classical physics and mechanics challenging to understand. This course focuses on particle and rigid body dynamics in inertial and non-inertial reference frames. There are also mathematical methods in this course which would be introduced and applied.

Top 10 Majors of Clark University

Clark University was founded in the late 19th century as a private research university in Worchester, Massachusetts. Some very notable names have been a part of this institutions. One of whom is Francis Sumner, the father of Black Psychology.

1. Psychology


With the university’s history in psychology, Clark University’s topmost major is Psychology itself. Aside from the eclectic education that an undergraduate can hope for in such a grand field, Clark University also excels in the history aspect of psychology.

2. Business Administration and  Management

Business Administration and  Management

Over eight percent of the entire population of undergraduates at Clark opt for the major, Business Administration and Management. This major trains its students to not only excel in the corporate world as employees but also trains the minds to be able to run their own businesses

3. Political Science

Political Science

The ever-changing field of political science is gaining popularity worldwide. Political scientists are in great demand as the politics grow intense. Clark University caters to this very need and produces and hones the minds of the future political scientists.

4. Economics


The major global issues involve income inequality, economic development, and poverty. It all goes back to money. To understand this flow of money, Clark University trains future economists to understand the economy and money at a more micro level to be able to tackle the global critical issues with a better understanding.

5. Biology


The study of life at all levels, major in biology at Clark’s enables its students to collaborate and research on areas as critical as cancer cells and epigenetics. The graduates could then get into diverse fields as ecologists, botanists, or cancer cell researchers.

6. Marketing


Branding, Consumer behaviour, product management. A major in marketing provides the students with a detailed training on how to survive and flourish in the corporate sector of the increasingly capitalised world.

7. English Language and Literature


Not just a budding love for the literature or an acute understanding of English language, the students are equipped with a skill far greater than that. The graduates of this program interact with English on a micro level. They become synchronised with the power of words and their contribution to the lifestyle of people using those words.

8. Environmental Science

Environmental Science

The changing climate, the depleting Ozone layer, loss of biodiversity beg more informed individuals to take foot in this field. Clark University trains its undergraduates to understand the environment more closely with the help of theories, practicals, and research projects, all for the betterment of the environment.

9. Geography


In this major, the students are taught to understand the difference between places and space and how the social and physical processes affect the geography around us. How we, and our ancestors, have affected the environment, and in turn how the environment has shaped the Earth’s geography.

10. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Understanding life at the cellular level is not only beautiful but it also puts the student of the track where they set out to discover new information about the building blocks of life.

Top 10 Library Resources at Clark University

There are many resources on campus that students can utilize. Students are given a wide array of resources so that they will have credible information to site when doing class assignments. Below we have listed some of the top library resources that you can use at Clark University. Hopefully you use a few of these during your time at the university!

1. Printing and Copying

A printer printing off images

Do you have a printer or copier that you can use? Students will be able to use printers and copiers for little to no cost. Students can print and copy in black and white or in color.

2. Study Rooms

A group of study rooms

Study rooms are located all throughout the library. Students will also be able to reserve these rooms or go in on a first come, first serve basis. Students will be able to go in as a group or as an individual.

3. Interlibrary Loan

The word loan pictured here

Did you know you can borrow materials from other libraries? If you aren’t finding what you need at the library you are in, you can ask the nearest staff member to help you with getting this from another library.

4. Meeting Rooms

A look inside a meeting room

There are various meeting rooms available throughout the library. Students will be able to utilize these meeting rooms to hold executive board meetings and general body meetings as well.

5. Electronic Checkout

A look inside electronic devices

Students can checkout electronic devices and accessories from the library. Students will be able to check these out for a short period of time depending on the device you checkout.

6. Game Consoles

A look at an Xbox

There are game consoles that students can utilize. Students will be able to checkout a PS4, Xbox, or Wii. Students will also be able to checkout games that go with it for a short period of time as well.

7. Wi-Fi

A graphic of a Wi-Fi symbol

Did you know you pay for the Wi-fi at your school too? Students will be able to utilize this Wi-Fi at their own discretion. Students will also be able to access a public or secured Wi-Fi connection in the library.

8. Ask a Librarian 

A look at a librarian chat

The Ask a Librarian feature is available on the library website. Students will be able to utilize this feature to ask questions from their mobile device or laptop. Either way, you will be able to get your questions answered!

9. Help Desk

A person helping another person

The help desk is available to anyone who needs help with getting more information about the library. The next available staff member will be able to help students who need it in the library.

10. Computer Labs

A look inside a computer lab

There is a computer lab located in the library. This computer lab will give students a chance to get on the internet and more. Students will also be able to print from these computers as well whenever they need to.

Top 5 Libraries at Clark University

1. Robert H. Goddard Library

A cartoon image of a library

Address: 950 Main St, Worcester, MA 01610

This library is the main library on campus. Students will be able to utilize campus resources and more here. You can come here to access study rooms, computer labs, meeting rooms, printers, copiers, and more.

2. Guy Burnham Map and Aerial Photography Library 

A look at books on a shelf

Address: Worcester, MA 01610

This library was first founded and established in 1932. It contains many journals, articles, databases, map references, tourist information, maps, globes, and atlases. Students will also be able to access online databases.

3. Carlson Science Library 

A look inside a group studying

Address: Worcester, MA 01610

What’s your next book move? This library is a branch of the Goddard Library. It generally serves biology, chemistry, and physics. Students will have access to a number of monographs, science journals, and subject-specific databases.

4 .Rose Library 

A look inside of a library

Address: Worcester, MA 01610

What will you read up on next? Students will be able to find a number of books here. This includes a New York financial consultant, journals, and books related to history, sociology, memoirs, psychology, religion, plays, poetry, and fiction.

5. Traina Center Resource Library

A table in a library

Address: Worcester, MA 01610

This library is your one stop shop for resources. Students will be able to checkout blu-ray films, DVDs, VHS, audio tapes, and more. Students will also have a chance to reserve a study room or a meeting room in the library as well.

Top 10 Dorms at Clark University

There are a lot of schools in Worcester, Massachusetts, which is quite understandable. But few are in as prime an area as Clark is. If you’re looking for somewhere to live near Clark, look no further than this list!

1. Bullock Hall

Bullock Hall

Address: 950 Main Street

There is no better place to live on campus at Clark than Bullock. Servicing first year students, it makes for a smooth transition for these students who might be nervous about attending college. Located in the center of campus, Bullock is the heart of a great university.

2. Dodd Hall

Dodd Hall

Address: 926 Main Street

Dodd Hall is one of the best dorms for the academically-focused students at Clark. Located close to the library, studying is made simple at the heart of Dodd. Additionally, it is an all-women’s dorm so it may not be an option for some Clark students.

3. Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall

Address: 74 Wheelock Street

Hughes Hall is another great academic option for students at Clark. Located near many of the math and science academic buildings, walks to class will be a breeze for those students majoring in the respective fields. Additionally, the dorm is not an exclusive one by any stretch, as people of all years are welcomed.

4. Maywood Street Hall

Maywood Hall

Address: 62 Maywood Street

Maywood Street Hall is the finest example of a classic dorm structure that Clark has to offer. Housing the most students, Maywood Street is traditional on the outside and suite style on the inside. You won’t have a hard time befriending your suite mates at Maywood Street!

5. Dana Hall

Dana Hall

Address: 903 Florence Street

Dana Hall is a little bit further than some other buildings in terms of academics. However, it makes up for it by being located right near some choice dining options. Those late night studying sessions at the library are made easier by a walk home that passes by some food.

6. Wright Hall

Wright Hal

Address: 10 Park Street

At first glance, Wright Hall might seem like it is an academic building rather than a residence hall. However, its sheer scope and size are just one of its perks. Thanks to it being the biggest dorm on campus, Wright Hall students will never lack for a fun, lively community to surround themselves with.

7. Blackstone Hall

Blackstone Hall

Address: 33 Beaver Street

Named for the Blackstone valley, which is near to Worcester, Blackstone Hall is a great transitional dorm. For students who are moving away from the underclassmen dorms, they can begin to get a taste for what life after college will be like. Thanks to the apartment style dorm rooms at Blackstone, preparation for adulthood becomes key.

8. Johnson Sanford Center

Johnson Stanford Center Hall

Address: 47 Florence Street

As one of the most recently renovated residence halls on the Clark campus, Johnson Sanford is a great place to live for students who want to live in a modern style residence. Close to the campus center, Johnson Sanford’s reputation mostly comes from its community. The community stems from the importance the hall places on co-ops and academic learning projects.

9. RLH Houses

rlh Houses

Address: 914 Main Street

For students who want to move away from the dorm style of living, Clark does offer some houses that students can live in. Some of the houses are actually structured like residence halls, but they still make for a good change of pace. There are also singles available for the more studying-oriented students among the RLH.

10. Wexford Village

Address: 29 Duncannon Ave

Wexford Village is the best option for Clark students who want to live off campus. With apartment style living, students who opt to live here will find the residential side of college to be a breeze. Located in the heart of Worcester, Wexford Village is the easiest decision off campus students will make all year.

One of the biggest cities in Massachusetts, Worcester boasts many great amenities. With Clark University as one of the city’s top schools, you’ll have great options for housing. In the city or on campus, Clark will make it work for you.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Clark

1. Room Basics


– Bedside table
– Power strip
– Extension cord
– Book light
– Pillowcases

2. Food and Snacks


– Bowls
– Pasta
– Egg cartons
– Napkins
– Crockpot

3. Tech and Entertainment

usb cables

– Netflix
– Printer ink
– Printer paper
– Electronics chargers
– USB cables

4. School Supplies


– Handheld chalkboard
– Flash drive
– Bulletin board
– Push pins
– Colored pencils

5. Cleaning and Organization

wash cloths

– Bleach
– Iron and ironing board
– Pressed sheets
– Fabric spray
– Wash cloths

6. Campus Gear

shoe insoles

– Seasonal clothing
– Shoe insoles
– Money for laundry machines
– Umbrella
– Hair ties

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

lava lamp

– Bookshelf
– Lava lamp
– Hot plate
– Decorative plants
– Air conditioner

10 of the Coolest Clubs at Clark University

If you are looking for a way to get involved at your university, joining a club is a great option. Clubs are a good way for students to meet peers who share similar interests.  Clark University has over 130 student clubs to choose from.  See below for a list of 10 interesting clubs at Clark University.

1.  All Kinds of Girls

All Kinds of Girls

This club is aimed at supporting girls ages 9-15.  The club is run by undergraduate women at Clark University and provides a safe place for these young girls to be creative and cultivate their self-esteem.  Every Saturday the girls participate in different events and activities such as Self-Esteem and Inner Beauty Day and Conflict Resolution Day.  At the end of the year, the girls write and perform skits.

2.  Clark Best Buddies

Best Buddies Logo

Best Buddies is an international organization that pairs student volunteers with individuals in local communities who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The idea is for friendships to form through activities.

3.  Clark Maker Club

Maker Club Logo

This clubs aims to connect students who are interested in making.  This could be anyone including artists, engineers, scientists or entrepreneurs.  As a club, members share ideas and resources to help each other develop prototypes and solve problems.  The club also has a goal to connect all the available creative spaces on campus.

4.  Clark University Sailing

Sailing Club

New England is the perfect place to go sailing!  The sailing club provides students with classes, boats, and a lake in an effort to help students improve their sailing skills and to enjoy the sport.  The club also hosts lessons for sailors of all levels.

5.  Clark Yoga

Yoga poses

If you are looking for a way to exercise and relieve stress without paying a lot of money, look no further! Clark yoga provides students with free 60 minute yoga classes almost every day of the week.  Come meet other students who are also interested in yoga and practice different styles including vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yin.

6.  CU Quidditch

Quidditch Team

If you thought Quidditch was just a made up sport in Harry Potter, then you were wrong!  Come join the campus Quidditch team to learn the rules and compete against other schools.  The team practices twice a week and attends tournaments throughout New England.

7.  Clarkies Against Cancer/Relay for Life

Relay for Life

This club supports the American Cancer Society.  The group aims to raise awareness about cancer and fundraise for the American Cancer Society.  This club is also responsible for putting on Clark’s Relay for Life.

8.  New England Excursions

New England in the fall

During your time at Clark University, make sure you spend time taking advantage of all the beauty and culture New England has to offer.  This club is hosting eight different New England trips this year.  The trips are affordable to students and a good way to see the region with a group of people.

9.  Outing Club

Club Logo

This club is perfect for adventurous students.  The club goes on outings almost every weekend.  These adventures include hiking, camping, backpacking, snowshoeing, cross-country or alpine skiing, snow tubing, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, zip lining, trail riding, navigating ropes courses, stargazing, picking apples and pumpkins, and wading into the sea.  The club also promotes outdoor education and gives members opportunities to share skills and network.

10.  Youth Outreach Worcester

YOW group

This group is perfect for students looking to get involved with the local youth.  The organization encourages acceptance tolerance, and non-violence of middle and high school-aged kids in Worcester.  Youth Outreach teaches workshops during middle and high school health classes where issues such as bullying, stereotyping, discrimination, prejudice, and violence are discussed.

Top Events During the School Year at Clark University

1.  Sporting Events


Come cheer on the Clark Cougars at various sporting events throughout the school year.  With 7 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams, there is always a sport or a competition to attend.  Clark University is a Division III school in the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference.

2.  Study Abroad 101

Study Abroad

This event is the perfect place to learn about the study abroad programs Clark University has to offer.  Students who have studied abroad before and program representatives will be at the event to answer questions.  This year the event occurred on October 17th.

3.  Haunted Jonas Clark

Haunted Jonas Clark

This is the perfect event to get you into the Halloween spirit.  This annual haunted house will be on October 18th from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Jonas Clark Hall.

4.  Pajama Party Ballroom Social

Pajama Clipart

You can leave the house in your pajamas for this event!  Come to this social for a night of pajamas, fuzzy blankets, cookies, and social dancing.  The student with the comfiest looking pajamas will win a prize.  This event will occur on Saturday December 1st.

5.  Clark Concert Band Winter Concert

Clark University Concert Band

Come support the Clark University Concert Band at their annual fall semester concert.  This year the event will be on Thursday, December 6th at 7:30 PM at Tilton Hall.  If you love listening to music, then this is the perfect event for you.

10 of the Easiest Classes at CU

Are you looking for courses at Clark University that will help boost your GPA? Look no further! Here is a list of 10 easy  classes suggested by other students that are helpful for raising one’s GPA with minimal effort at CU.

Clark University Campus during the fall semester. 

1. MSIT 3840- Project Management

This course gives students an overview of a career in the field of project management. The average professor ranking for this class is 5 stars, and this is a great step for deciding on a career if a student enjoys this class!

2. MSIT 3110- Data Security and Privacy

MSIT 3110 helps students enhance their knowledge on the world of cyber security and ways to keep confidential technology secure. This course has three professors who teach it, and each of them is ranked on average 5 out of 5 stars.

Small class of students being taught by a professor. 

3. EPP 255- United States Congress

If you are a student at CU who enjoys politics and current events, this is the course for you! It covers everything from presidential cabinetry to issues we face today in government. The average class rating is 5 stars, and there is only 1 professor who teaches this course.

Many courses help build to the knowledge of information learned in this class. 

4. TA 112-Creative Actor

This course is offered for students interested in theatre arts and drama. It covers everything from improv acting to vocal skills. Students who are interested in these areas of study will greatly benefit from this day, unique course!

Two students practicing improv during the class period.

5. ENG 133- Women Writers I

In this class, students will look at the many written works of famous female authors and poets. After reading the text, the class gives an opportunity to give your own analysis of the written works. This class is ranked five stars and is recommended for students who do not mind reading and writing!

Many books and analyses will be read and written during this class. 

6. HEBR 101- Elementary Hebrew I

This course is an introduction to the language of Hebrew. It also opens students up to the Hebrew culture and people through ancient traditions as well as current events in the culture. This class is ranked 5 stars and only has 1 professor who teaches it.

Professor teaching students the new language. 

7. GOVT 050- Intro to American Government

In this class students will be taught the history of our country’s government  and how it is run today. Also, students will be given the chance to debate and express their own political views on the stand amongst and along with their peers.

You will fail some tests that  you thought you did well on, it happens, and you will be ok!

8. MATH 1300- Linear Algebra

MATH 1300 is also about linear algebra and applied algebra to story problems. This course is a great base for many other required math classes for majors at CU. It is ranked 5 stars and has only 1 professor who teaches it.

But when you study and get a good grade, nothing beats that feeling!

9. PHYS 130- Waves and Optics

This is an introductory physics course and will gives students a chance to understand light ways and the spectrum as well as the processes of visual optics. This course is ranked 5 stars and is a wonderful basis to any physics courses a student plans on taking in the future.

 Professor teaching students the dynamics of physics. 

10. ECON 011- Principles of Economics

In this course, students will be given the chance to learn more about the economy and market of today’s society through real life examples and current events. Supply, demand, and stocks are also covered during this semester long class.

When finals are done, you will feel so good about yourself!

Overall, these are few of the courses offered at CU that students recommend their peers to take for GPA increasing credit. Working hard in these classes will still be necessary but not nearly as demanding as other courses offered at the university.

Clark University in the evening, how beautiful!